How To Connect Phone To TV Haier

Wireless connectivity options

Ways of setting up a connection between devices without using wires are the most convenient and popular. But in order to connect the Haier Titan T1 to a TV wirelessly, the latter must support Smart TV technology. Otherwise, you can only connect via cable.

What will connect the Haier Titan T1 to a TV?

Haier Titan T1 is a full-fledged multimedia device that does not require synchronization with home appliances in standard use cases. But sometimes a smartphone needs to be connected to a TV in order to access the following features:

  • viewing on a large screen;
  • listening to music through TV speakers;
  • gaming on the TV-receiver screen;
  • output of the smartphone desktop to TV;
  • wireless TV control.

The owner of the Haier Titan T1 can add to the list by showing his own imagination. But the fact remains that connecting a phone to a TV is a function that is incorporated by the developers into the Haier Titan T1.

You can use several synchronization methods to set up a connection between two devices. Both wired and wireless options are being considered. The choice of a particular method depends on various reasons, including the technical equipment of the house, as well as the functionality of the TV. Therefore, before connecting, it is recommended to consider all possible ways.

Wire connection options

Wired methods of connecting Haier Titan T1 to a TV are not the most convenient in view of the use of cables, but at the same time, such options do not require advanced technical equipment of a TV receiver.

How to connect Haier Titan T1 to TV

Modern technologies allow you to perform a variety of operations related to smartphones. Many of them greatly SIMplify the process of interacting with the device and expand its functionality. In particular, you can connect the Haier Titan T1 to your TV. Why is such a connection necessary, and how to make it?

Via Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct is a feature that is supported by most smart TV models. It allows you to display the image from the Haier Titan T1 screen on a TV receiver. To connect in this way, you must:

  • Activate Wi-Fi Direct in the “Network” section of the TV settings.
  • On the phone, open the settings and go to the Wi-Fi section.
  • Press the button with three dots and select Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Select your TV receiver from the menu of available devices.

After performing these manipulations, you will need to open a file manager or gallery, select the required file, click the “Share” button and select Wi-Fi Direct as the sending method.


This is the easiest way to connect your phone to your home screen. To implement it, the owner of the Haier Titan T1 will need a USB cable that comes with the device.

Next, you need to insert one part of the cable into the smartphone, and the other into the TV receiver. After that, it remains to open the TV menu using the remote control, and select the involved USB port in the connection menu.

At the same time, the exchange of data with the TV is confirmed on the smartphone itself, choosing the connection as a media device. If everything is done correctly, the TV receiver will recognize the Haier Titan T1 as an external storage, and using the remote control you will play the photo, audio and on the TV screen.


This method is more complex, but at the same time more functional. If, when connected via USB, a basic set of capabilities opens up to the owner of the devices that allow the Haier Titan T1 to be perceived as an external storage, then when pairing via HDMI, the smartphone’s desktop will be displayed on the receiver’s screen, and the actions performed on the phone will also be displayed. In particular, the launch of certain programs.

The connection will proceed as follows:

  • USB plug from MHL adapter or SlimPort plugs into smartphone.
  • An HDMI cable connects the same connectors of the adapter and receiver.
  • TV settings open, and then a list of available connections.
  • The used HDMI connector is selected.

If everything is done correctly, then the Haier Titan T1 desktop will be displayed on the TV receiver screen. After that, you can manipulate the smartphone, and the movements will be displayed on the TV receiver.

Via Miracast

Mirakast is another wireless connection technology that has broader functionality compared to Wi-Fi Direct. For example, on the TV screen, in this case, it is possible to display not only a separate file, but also all movements in the phone menu.

To set up a connection you need:

  • Activate Miracast in TV settings.
  • On the phone, go to the “Screen Mirroring”, “Screen Mirroring” or “Wireless Display” settings (the name may differ depending on the firmware).
  • Choose your TV from the available devices.

Then the image from the smartphone screen will be transferred to the TV receiver. Any movement of the user, including the launch of individual games or programs, will be reproduced on the large screen.

If you could not find the Mirakast function in the TV settings with Smart TV, then you should not despair. The technology is supported by all models with a built-in Wi-Fi module. You just need to connect your TV and smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network, and then activate wireless display in the Haier Titan T1 settings.

You can also use third-party applications from Google Play to perform the operation. For example, AirScreen or Screen Mirroring. There are a lot of SIMilar programs, so finding the right one is not difficult.

How to connect a smartphone to a TV

How To Connect Phone To TV Haier

  • How to connect a smartphone to a TV
  • How to connect your phone to your TV
  • Connecting your phone to your TV

There are a lot of possibilities to connect a smartphone to a TV. But, as a rule, only 3 main types of connection are used:

  • via HDMI;
  • via USB;
  • Using Wi-Fi.

How to connect your phone to a TV via HDMI

If your TV has an HDMI connector, you can connect your phone to the TV through it. It is ideal if the smartphone will support the HDMI interface, but its absence will not restrict the user in this connection. The only drawback of this type of connection is the need to purchase a special adapter or cable. But the undoubted advantages of this type of phone-to-TV connection are the absence of a delay in the transmission of information and the high quality of images and.

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In order to connect a smartphone to a TV via HDMI, you need to connect a cable to a mobile device. If there is no HDMI connector in your smartphone, you must additionally purchase an adapter and connect an HDMI cable via a USB connector. Most phones should start auto setup after they are connected. If this does not happen, then you can set up HDMI mirroring of images to the TV yourself. To do this, just select the HDMI signal source in the menu of the TV and smartphone. If the TV has several slots of the same type, then in addition, in the settings, you must select exactly the connector through which the connection is made.

If it is possible to purchase an HDMI cable, then it is better to use this particular method of connecting a smartphone to a TV.

How to connect a smartphone to a TV via USB

Connecting a TV to a phone via a USB cable is considered the most popular way. All you need is the cable itself. The disadvantage of this method is that the smartphone is used as a SIMple storage device. That is, it is impossible to duplicate images. You can only select files from the list and open them.

How to connect a smartphone to a TV via Wi-Fi

Now the market is covered by new types of TVs. They are called smart TV or Smart TV. They differ primarily in that they have a built-in Wi-Fi module and can play various applications, movies, photos and music from the Internet. In addition, you can easily connect your smartphone to such a TV in three ways.

The first method is only suitable for those who use the same brand of TV and phone. For example, samsung TVs and smartphones can be connected via the all share function. To transfer images, documents, and music from the phone, the All Share play function is used. Also, samsung offers its users the All Share control function, which allows you to control equipment from a mobile phone.

To use the All Share function, you must launch the application, register, agree to the terms of use and, having entered your data, click on the “Login” button.

To connect an LG smartphone to a TV of the same brand, you must use the Smart Share function.

How to connect your phone to a TV via Wi-Fi Direct

  • On the phone, in the settings item, you must find the “Wireless networks” section. In this section, you need to select the Wi-Fi Direct item and enable it. If there is no Wi-Fi Direct function in the settings, then this method of connecting the smartphone to the TV is not suitable for the user.
  • In the Smart TV menu, go to the “Network” tab and activate Wi-Fi Direct.
  • After Direct has been activated on two devices, you can select a smartphone to connect on the TV. After choosing your phone, you must confirm your actions. After confirmation, a picture from the phone will be generated on the TV screen.

How to connect your Honor 10 phone to a TV

You will find many descriptions on the Internet and how to connect your Honor 10 phone to a Samsung Smart, LG, Sony Bravia TV, haier via hdmi to watch a movie or wirelessly.

I must say right away without wires, most do not work, and if they work, then only for a specific smartphone and a specific TV.

For example, Samsung can be connected to a Samsung TV almost instantly, like other combinations of the same name.

Many people suggest installing the application from the Miracast market. There are dozens of them. I checked everything and saw nothing more than watching ads.

Manufacturers integrate synchronization tools into them. I want to show you a way how to connect Honor 10 quickly, without wires, and so that the contents of the phone are instantly displayed on the TV screen.

I will separately describe how to connect LG to a TV. it is he who is now standing in front of me.

Built-in tool to connect Honor 10 to TV

In theory, this option should work for all devices such as Samsung, LG, haier Sony bravia, and so on.

It is done using MirrorShare (screen mirroring) and allows our mobile content to be reflected on the TV screen.

To connect successfully, you need to open multi-screen rallying on your phone. This is not rocket science, so make it easy.

To do this, turn on the TV and go to the options, connect the TV to the Wi-Fi of your router.

Go to options, find the option “Screen reflection” “Multi-screen mode”. Connect your TV to a hotspot network.

Swipe down on the notification bar, then swipe left and tap the Mirror Share icon.

The search for the TV name will start. Click on the title. After selecting the TV title option, a message will appear on the screen. Click the Allow option.

When you connect successfully, a notification will appear. Open any image and it will be displayed on TV.

How to connect Honor 10 to LG TV

There are two prerequisites for watching everything you do on your Honor 10 on LG.

First, both devices must be connected to the same network (and one router). The second TV must be switched to Smart ball mode in the settings.

Now on Honor 10, pull the shutter down and click on “MirrorShare”. Wait until the phone finds LG. Found? Click on.

Now on the TV you will see the process of connecting to the phone.

You can play games, watch movies, browse websites. In a word, everything that you do not on your Honoré 10 will be instantly displayed on the TV screen.

If you rotate your smartphone, then auto-rotate will also appear on LG. I hope you succeed, and if not, I can help through the comments below. Success.

Via Wi-Fi

A prerequisite for connecting a smartphone using Wi-Fi is the Smart-TV function on the TV.
To connect:
1. Open TV settings, turn on the Wi-Fi function.
2.On the phone we find “Settings”. the tab “Wireless networks”. “Wi-Fi”. “Wi-Fi Direct”.
3.After scanning the available devices, select the required one and connect to it.

Mirror Share technology

Translated from English, the phrase Mirror Share means mirroring, that is, mirroring the smartphone screen on a TV or computer monitor.
This feature is available on almost all phones, starting with mid-range models, after the release of Android 4.4.2. But each manufacturer will call this function differently.
To check for Mirror your gadget:
lower the curtain on the phone screen with a swipe from top to bottom,
open the full menu,
find the “Wireless projection” icon and check all available menu items.

If there is no such function, then the broadcast cannot be installed.
Step-by-step instructions for connecting Honor or Huawei to TV via Mirror Share:
1.On the TV, open the menu.
2.Next, select the item “Broadcast”, “Image connection”, “Wireless connection of the device” (the name of the tabs may differ depending on the menu).
3.We activate the broadcasting process. Typically, this is toggle the slider from OFF to ON.
4.Connect TV and phone to a common network (for example Wi-Fi).
5.Open the settings.
6. Find the “Device Connection” tab and click on “Projection”, activate this function.
7. Start the search for the device and wait for the process to complete.

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Why connect a phone to a TV

After syncing your smartphone with TV, you can:
transfer YouTube clips to the TV screen, watch movies from any site in good quality. Today, when the picture quality of TV is as realistic as possible, it is much more interesting to watch your favorite movies or YouTube interviews on a wide screen;
watchs and photos taken on Android on the big screen. Even the smallest details can be seen on a large monitor and, importantly, in good resolution;
broadcast games. The most favorite item for real gamers is the ability to transfer the game from the small screen of your Huawei or Honor to the wide screen. This makes the details more visible, the effects and graphics look more realistic. In this case, the smartphone is used as a joystick or steering wheel, if today you are a racer in “Need For Speed”;
use a gadget instead of a PC. Such an opportunity is not provided in budget smartphones Honor or Huawei. But for owners of a mid-range phone and above, this function is available. Read the manual of your gadget to learn about additional options.

Via USB cable

The classic way that suits almost all types of gadgets. It is possible to connect an Honor or Huawei phone via a USB cable if the TV has a corresponding USB input. Most modern TVs, even inexpensive ones, have a USB input.
To connect you will need:
TV with USB input.
Android smartphone.
Type-C / USB or microUSB / USB cable
Attention! If your TV has an input for USB 2.0, then the cable must be appropriate. At the same time, the USB 3.0 input is more universal and is suitable for both the first cable and the second.

The device connection aLGorithm looks like this:
1.Connect the cable to the phone and to the USB input of the TV.
2.Click on the screen of the mobile phone in the window that appears, the item “Use as a memory storage device (as USB)”.
3. In the menu on the screen, we find the item “USB devices” (as a rule, this is the Source button) and in the drop-down menu we click on the phone model.
You can control the screen using the arrows on the remote.
Please note that the menu differs in different TV companies, so you will have to study the instructions or delve into the settings.

Telephone. TV remote control

Such a function on Android will allow you to forget about the problem of a lost remote control and replace it with a smartphone. You don’t need to download an additional application to switch TV channels. You just need to use the installed virtual remote control.
To activate the remote:
1. Launch the “Virtual Remote” application.
2. Click on the “” sign at the bottom of the screen.
3. Select the type of device you want to connect.
4. Find the TV brand (Samsung, Phillips, etc.).
5. After choosing a model, follow the further instructions of the application.
In the application, you can save all the settings and use the remote control at any time.

Ways to connect Honor and Huawei to TV

There are only 6 most common ways to synchronize a smartphone with a TV:
1. USB cable connection.
2.Using an HDMI cable.
3. Configure access via shared Wi-Fi, but this is only possible with SmartTV.
4. Option Mirror Share, which allows you to create a high-quality projection.
5.Chromecast for TV.
6.Smart TV Box.
The choice of connection method depends on the mobile phone model and the capabilities of the TV itself.

Chromecast (for TV without Wi-Fi)

This is a wireless connectivity technology from Google. To use it, you need a proprietary Chromecast set-top box.
Chromecast is a media player that connects to a monitor via HDMI and configures over Wi-Fi. Then it will be possible to view the photo gallery, hold presentations and even play.
How to connect:
1. We turn on the media player to the outlet and to the TV.
2. Download the Google Home application on Android.
3. Go to Google Home, and find the device you need there and connect to it.
4. Establish a connection by checking codes on two devices: Honor or Huawei and a TV.
detailed instructions on connecting Android via Chromecast can be found in the official Google Help.

With HDMI cable

This method of synchronizing the phone and the wide screen turns the smartphone-TV bundle into a single computer and allows you to view all the files from your phone on the TV screen. Some phone models have a mini-HDMI connector, but this is rare. If your phone does not have this, you will need an adapter: for example, a USB Type-C to HDMI cable for more expensive smartphones is suitable.
The very process of connecting the gadget to the monitor is SIMple. It is enough to connect the devices with a cable.

How to connect an Honor or Huawei phone to a TV

The question “How to connect a phone to a TV” arises when people want to use their smartphone not only for communication and social networks. Having made friends with the phone with TV, you will have the opportunity to broadcast movies on the big screen, hold work presentations, view photos from your vacation or SIMply recharge your device.
The process is SIMple and has several options. The article describes the most common ways to connect a smartphone to TV.

How to connect your phone to your TV


  • older TV and phone models do not have Wi-Fi Direct technology;
  • the smartphone battery can be quickly discharged.

In the case when the mobile is connected to TV via Wi-Fi, you can play content and open various applications. This is a great advantage.

The advantages of this method:

  • no need to pull a cable through the entire room;
  • no need to purchase a Wi-Fi router;
  • you can view media content in different formats;
  • there is a function for online surfing.

3 ways you can easily connect your phone to your LG TV

There are several methods to help you pair your cell phone and TV. Using some options, you can transform the phone into a smart set-top box, while others will broadcast media content that was saved on the smartphone.

Thanks to good connection instructions, each user will be able to choose the most convenient way to synchronize LG TV with a mobile device.


This is a modern data transmission standard, the meaning of which is the use of wireless channels. Provided that the TV supports this interface, you can play various content on the big screen and play games.

How is the connection

  • On your mobile device, select Wi-Fi Direct from the Wireless Connections category. In the case when this option is absent, select “Additional settings”.
  • Using the remote control, enter the “Network” category, which is in the main menu. Go to Wi-Fi Direct option.
  • Next, it will search for available devices to connect. To synchronize TV and phone, you need to select a smartphone model and confirm the connection request.
  • After a couple of seconds, the TV and phone will be synchronized.


  • versatility, since all any models of modern equipment have a USB interface;
  • no need to buy an additional cable, since the basic configuration of the smartphone already has it;
  • during operation of the device, it is automatically charged, thereby extending its service life.
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How to connect

  • Go to the Network category, which is located in the main TV menu.
  • Activate Miracast function.
  • On the smartphone, lower the curtain to start the broadcast. In the absence of this command, download the Miracast application from Google Play. Wi-Fi Display and activate it.
  • During the automatic search for an available device to connect, select your TV. Confirm the connection with the remote control. As a result, the transfer of images is activated.

When connecting your phone to a TV via USB, remember that it will act as a flash drive. That is, there will be no duplication to the screen. You can watch individual files, but you will not be able to play games and activate applications.

Wi-Fi Direct

This synchronization option is suitable for all modern TV models that have a Wi-Fi adapter and this option. In this case, you do not need to use a router. The connection is via Wi-Fi to a TV with Smart function. In addition, the smartphone must have an installed version of Android 4.0 or more.

Wi-Fi Direct

  • We go to the gadget settings. In the section “Wireless networks” we find the option “Wi-Fi Direct”, put a tick in front of it, then go to the settings of the TV transmitter.
  • In the TV parameters, we find the “Network” section. The path to this section may differ depending on your TV model. Choosing “Wi-fi Direct”.
  • In the open settings window for this function, put the slider in the “On” position, find our device, synchronize with the TV.
  • If you are going to control the TV, you will need to download the corresponding applications in the market, otherwise you can only view photos and listen to music, broadcast non-streaming.
  • How to connect a tablet to a TV wirelessly

    You will say that cords and wires are the last century, and you will be right. Already, wireless technology is helping us eliminate tons of unnecessary accessories while speeding up the setup process. In some TVs that have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, by default, the manufacturer has preinstalled special utilities that make it easier to connect the TV to any device. We will take a look at 2 of the most popular ones: Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi Miracast.

    How to connect a tablet to TV through a tulip

    If you are not a special fan of modern TV with a bunch of advertisements and your TV is old and Soviet, none of the above options will suit you. But certainly on any TV you can find an RCA interface, called “Tulip” in everyday life. To combine a tablet with such a TV, you will need not a SIMple adapter, but a converter adapter, which, unlike a modern adapter, is a little more difficult to find on the market.

    • You will not be able to control the old TV through a tablet, but you can use it as a screen, play music and watch movies, an identical scaled image is displayed
    • RCA adapter converts a higher order image (digital) into a signal for analog TV

    We need to connect the output device (in our case, a tablet with an HDMI connector) to the TV through the corresponding colors in the tulip connectors. and audio. In the TV settings, select the output device mode. If everything is done correctly, make sure that even an old TV can be connected to a modern device, although the signal quality will be lame, due to the fact that the analog signal precedes the digital one in hierarchy.

    Connecting your tablet to a TV using Wi-Fi and USB

    An ordinary modern tablet can be used not only as a compact media center for watching movies, listening to music and playing games, but also as an output device connected to a TV, allowing you to do all of the above on a large screen. How to connect a tablet to a TV, what wires are needed for this and what it will give us in the end. we will tell you about everything in this article.

    How to connect a tablet to a TV via HDMI

    • After we have connected both devices, the audio and signal settings will start automatically, if this has not happened, we need to automatically enter debug mode on the tablet and TV receiver and do the following: specify the input value for the HDMI port in the TV settings, and on the tablet designate this port for signal output.
    • In the event that the generations of HDMI ports on the TV differ, you may need HDMI adapters for Microusb, but in this case the quality of the signal transmitted through the cable will not be the best.
    • The latest HDMI 2.0 standard provides the best signal quality, supporting up to UltraHD, which will increase the bandwidth to 18.2 Gb / s. It is a pity that this standard was introduced quite recently, and has not yet become widespread on devices, while increasingly replacing the first generation.

    When the connection setup is completed, the image from the tablet is displayed on the TV, and the tablet becomes the control panel of the media system. Since the signal transmitted through the cable is digital, we can observe a high quality image without even resorting to the services of a Smart-set-top box. over, by activating the “display mirror” function, we get a replica of one image on the TV and the device. Instead of a bunch of wires. just one cord, but it is the cord that becomes a stumbling block for the widespread adoption of HDMI. so the tablet’s working space is occupied by an additional slot.

    How to connect a tablet to a TV via USB

    So, in order to use a tablet to connect to a TV via USB, we need an MHL standard for the tablet. Otherwise, the TV will not give the device control and will perceive it as an ordinary USB flash drive. MHL protocol combines HDMI and USB interface.

    Go to the tablet settings, turn on the MHL transfer, then connect the adapter via USB-HDMI to the appropriate ports and start diving. In this mode, we can communicate with our friends in messengers, including streaming services, run high resolution. Unfortunately, you cannot use the MHL interface for both HDMI and USB connections at the same time, so take care in advance if your phone is running low.

    Wi-Fi Miracast

    An absolutely innovative protocol that allows you to display live images from a tablet on a TV. It is just starting to appear on mobile devices, but deserves a mention. So far, additional testing is underway, but now you can find out if there is a function in your gadget. To do this, go to the tablet settings, in the “Screen” section, find the “Wireless projector” menu.

    Due to its still experimental distribution, the function can cause malfunctions of equipment or conflicts in software, and then you have no choice but to connect the tablet to the TV in a SIMpler way.