How To Connect Phone To iPhone TV

Instructions for connecting all iPhone models to any TV

How To Connect Phone To iPhone TV

By 2020, the level of communication between different gadgets has grown dramatically. For example, you can control a microwave oven remotely, via a smartphone, or start a wash at home while sitting in your office. However, for the iPhone, things are a little different. Apple has its own software framework (ecosystem) iOs, and it’s not easy to join. But there are ways how to connect iPhone to TV.

The manual is relevant for all models: 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max.

Alternative options

There are many ways to transfer content from your smartphone to your TV. In addition to direct transmission of what is happening on the iPhone display via cable, there are a lot of programs and services that interact with the iPhone in one way or another:

Displays the broadcast from the smartphone display to the TV screen. It requires a good Wi-Fi signal to work. The application works for free for a week. The licensed version for one device will cost the user 13.

The list doesn’t end there. IPhone content can be viewed through various TV boxes and game consoles:

  • Roku. This brand appeared thanks to the Netflix service, which, at one time, launched the production of TV-boxes. Today Roku is not only set-top boxes, but also smart TVs, to which you can connect your IOS smartphone via Wi-Fi. The product line is very wide. You can find SIMple stick-consoles for 25 or full-fledged TV boxes for 80.
  • Xbox One, Xbox 360. Game consoles from Sony are very popular all over the world. Modern models allow not only playing, but also connecting a smartphone on the IOS operating system via Wi-Fi.
  • Amazon Fire TV. A small remote stick with HDMI adapter that turns any TV into a Smart device. However, to show the display of your iPhone, you will need to install the additional paid application “Air Mirror for Amazon Fire TV”. The cost of the set-top box and software will cost about 45-50.

In addition to applications and additional TV boxes, the user can sync iPhone with almost any smart SmartTV. Different platforms for integrating a smartphone with a TV can be found in brands such as: Samsung, LG, Hitachi, Xiaomi, Philips, Dexp, Haier and others.

USB cable

The easiest and most reliable way to link TV and iOs is with a USB to Lightning cable. The switching scheme consists in connecting a 30-pin connector or Lightning plug on one side, and a USB tail on the TV side. Select a signal source, and see the image from the phone.

It is not possible to display the desktop image from the iPhone on the big screen. Through a USB lanyard, the smartphone is connected as a flash drive, you can play files and photos from the phone’s memory.

Unfortunately, this option has a lot of limitations:

  • you will not be able to play on a big screen via a USB cable;
  • watching movies is possible only if you saved them in advance;
  • you will not be able to repeat the screen and run the application on the big screen.

Analog VGA adapter

Consider the advantages of this method:

  • high-quality HD signal (1080p);
  • full transfer from smartphone display to TV screen.

The main disadvantage is the lack of an audio signal. VGA cable only supports.

Apple TV

For full-fledged work, you need to pair the set-top box and smartphone in the same Wi-Fi network. A prerequisite: you must have a fresh version of IOS, otherwise conflicts between hardware may appear. Also, this method will not work for iPhone owners below model 4. The advantages of this option are weight:

  • the work of two devices in one Apple ecosystem provides more opportunities;
  • it is much more convenient to control the action on the TV screen via Apple TV;
  • viewing content in high resolution up to 4K;
  • you can duplicate your phone’s display on the big screen;
  • paired devices maintain strong Wi-Fi signal strength.

The disadvantage is the purchase price of this device. However, do not forget that you get not only an “adapter” for TV, but also a whole set-top box for viewing unique content.

Wi-Fi connection

The wireless method is suitable only for those users who have a modern TV with a built-in Smart platform and a Wi-Fi chip. The principle of operation on the iPhone is implemented through the AirPlay function. It can be turned on in the iOS top curtain.

There are two ways to establish a connection to TV via Wi-Fi:

  • Switch your phone through your home router. In this case, Smart TV must also be connected to this network.
  • If there is no home network, you can use the Wi-Fi Direct function. However, not all TV models support this option. For some, you have to tinker with the settings.

Consider the advantages of this connection method:

  • it’s free;
  • don’t need any wires.

The biggest drawback is the lengthy setup of the Wi-Fi Direct function, if required. But this must be done once. Also, the method of signal transmission “over the air” is not very reliable.

Google chromecast

Basic ways

Connecting any smartphone to a TV should take into account three parameters:

  • The presence of the necessary connectors on the TV case.
  • Availability of the required software.
  • Wi-Fi module.

At least one of these points must be present so that we can talk about any kind of connection. It is also worth understanding that it is easier to connect to a modern LCD, LED or IPS screen than to an old lamp or tubular apparatus. The latter will be switched only through special adapters (adapters).

The easiest and most reliable way to display your iPhone screen on any TV is with a cable to HDMI. With this “connection”, the “projection” of the iOs interface of the device is introduced, it becomes available:

  • Play games from your mobile,
  • Stream movies to the big screen,
  • Watch YouTubes,
  • Listen to music from Yandex.Music, VK, and other streaming applications.
  • View pictures from internal memory.
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HDMI input can be found on many modern monitors. However, you cannot connect the cable directly. First, there is no “Lightning to HDMI” cable. Secondly, you need to convert the signal from the iPhone into an AV signal, and then run it via an HDMI cable.

Actually, to connect you will need:

The switching scheme is quite SIMple: connect the adapter or adapter to the phone. Connect the HDMI / VGA cable to it. The remaining HDMI “tail” plug into the connector on the TV case. Find the signal source you need through the “AV” button, and enjoy watching.

Here we can talk mainly only about the advantages:

  • relatively inexpensive way;
  • one of the most reliable.

As a minus. a connection through two wires. This is not the most successful and convenient solution.


It turns out that we can talk about several main ways to connect an iPhone to a TV:

  • Through a USB cable. like a USB flash drive, you can view only photos already saved in the memory and ,
  • Via Wi-Fi signal,
  • HDMI to Lightning adapter,
  • The first method of switching (wire) is more reliable, but often limited for one reason or another. The second option requires a smart TV with Wi-Fi function, which is very expensive. In addition, hardly anyone will change an old TV to a new one due to the connection of one smartphone. But there is a good alternative. this is the AppleTV box.
  • Applications and additional software should be considered as an extreme alternative, since they are often severely curtailed in functionality, or may freeze or “glitch”.

Unlike other Wi-Fi devices and TV-boxes, Apple TV shows the best results when working with an iPhone. Not surprisingly, both devices are in the same Apple ecosystem. In addition, the user gets access to unique content through the set-top box itself, as well as high-definition pictures (up to 4K) on the TV.

How to connect iPhone to TV using Wi-Fi

In order to connect the iPhone to the TV via Wi-Fi, first of all, you should make sure that the TV model has the ability to transfer data wirelessly, that is, a special module.

Using Apple TV

An equally convenient way to connect your phone to a TV is to use the Apple TV set-top box.

Also, please note that smartphones no older than 4S are suitable for synchronization.

  • Start the set-top box, turn on the TV and connect both devices wirelessly.
  • We synchronize the phone with the set-top box, and the same connection must be used.
  • Press the round iPhone button twice, turn on the volume and brightness menus and connect to AirPlay.
  • After that, a list of devices will open. select your.
  • Click on the set-top box button, activate AirPlay Mirroring and watch how the picture from the smartphone is transmitted to the TV.

HDMI cable to help

This cable is probably the most commonly used to connect TV to other electronic devices. And that’s all, because it has the ability to qualitatively transmit an image, and not only a picture, but also a high resolution, for example from a laptop. But you can connect it with an iPhone, though you have to tinker a little.

  • We connect the adapter to the phone, insert the cable into the connector, and connect its other part to the TV.
  • In the settings, activate the TV mode, indicate the name of the connector to which the cable was connected, since modern TV models have several.
  • After that, the screen should display the same as on the smartphone, but only if the device model is modern. From 4s and below, only startup shortcuts will be shown on the TV. But this does not mean at all that it is impossible to view the images. Just run them.

Usually, when connecting two devices with a cable, all settings are set in automatic mode, but if suddenly this does not happen, then you need to activate HDMI on both your smartphone and TV as the main signal source.

In the same way, synchronization occurs if you connect an adapter to a VGA cable to the iPhone.

How to connect iPhone to TV. 5 ways

Apple technology has long delighted users with a wide range of possibilities. And quite often a situation arises that requires transferring an image from a device to a large screen. There are several ways how to connect iPhone to TV.

Connecting iPhone to TV via USB cable

Connecting your smartphone via a USB cable is easy enough. No other devices or programs are required. And also during synchronization, the phone will not only broadcast the image, but also charge.

  • Please use the original cable. Connect it TV and smartphone.
  • Turn on the TV, and also start displaying images or files on the iPhone.

Through various applications

For some modern TVs, for example, for LG, special applications have been created that allow you to quickly connect devices and display an image from a smartphone on the screen.

Let’s see how it works using the example of Mirror for LG TV.

  • Downloading the application, most likely you will have to pay a little for it.
  • We launch it on the phone, wait for the available TVs to appear on the screen and select the desired.
  • After that, the program will offer to install the screen recording button, you must agree.
  • Skip the instructions, click on the button at the bottom of the screen and automatically go to YouTube for testing.
  • Open the control point on your phone, click on the screen recording button, select Mirror TV and turn on the display.

All that remains is to wait for the appearance on TV.

HDMI: Connect iPad to TV using a cable

Alternatively, you can connect your iPad to your TV directly with a cable. HDMI transmits both picture and sound. This only requires a suitable iPad adapter.

The newest iPad Pro now has a USB-C port. Apple offers a USB-C multiport digital AV adapter for £ 10. Alternatively, you can use a non-proprietary HDMI to USB-C cable, which will cost you about 50. If you have an older TV and it does not have an HDMI port, then in this case you will need a Lightning to VGA adapter.

After connecting, select the tablet as the source of the picture in the TV input settings. this is how the iPad screen will be duplicated on TV.

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How to connect iPad to TV: 3 ways

If you want to connect your iPad to your TV, you can do it in several ways. We will tell you about the most popular ones: via Smart TV or AirPlay, HDMI and Fire Stick.

Connecting iPad to TV via Apple TV or AirPlay

Apple’s small set-top box gives you the ability to use iTunes resources as well as other content on your TV. Besides working with applications, you can also transfer. music or duplicate your iPad’s entire screen to TV.

It uses Apple’s own AirPlay technology. If your Apple TV and iPad are on the same Wi-Fi network, you can connect directly using Screen Mirroring. With an HDMI cable, Apple TV sends all of your content straight to your TV. True, due to the price (over 10,000 rubles) of the latest model of the Apple TV 4K set-top box, this is not the cheapest way to transfer content from iPad to TV. True, you can find a lot of used devices or predecessor models at quite reasonable prices. They usually work just as well.

If your TV supports AirPlay, you won’t need an Apple TV. Many smart TVs work with the technology. for example, the latest models of LG on webOS and Samsung based on Tizen. You can also connect an iPhone or iPad to Android TV using a special application. for example, AllCast.

Connect iPad to TV via Fire TV (Stick)

Amazon’s set-top box isn’t as popular as it is overseas, but it also lets you connect your iPad to your TV. If you already own an Amazon Fire TV Stick, you don’t need any additional hardware to connect your iPad to your TV. With a little effort, AirPlay can be transferred from Apple TV to Fire TV. Just install a free app like AllCast for Fire TV on your TV and set it up. You can now transfer. photos and even the entire screen image on a TV screen.

Smooth playback can only be expected on the new Fire TV Stick. Older devices will lag somewhat in performance. If you are using one of the more expensive Fire TVs, the power will usually be sufficient.

By the way, iPad and iPhone can be connected to a TV using Google’s Chromecast. How to do this, we told in a recent article.

How to connect iPhone to TV via cable?

The easiest way to connect a gadget to a TV is a wired connection. To do this, you will need:

  • For iPhone 5 and higher: Lightning to TV adapter (Lightning Digital AV Adapter). sold in the Apple Store for about 4 thousand rubles.
  • For iPhone 4 and below: an adapter from the 30-pin Apple to TV connector (Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter). sold, for example, from Apple resellers for 1,500 rubles.
  • Any HDMI / VGA cable (depending on the connectors on your TV). The longer the better: If you want to sit far enough from the TV, choose a 4-5m cable.

The wiring diagram is very SIMple: plug one end of the HDMI / VGA cable into the TV and the other into the Apple device adapter, then plug the iPhone into the adapter. You can also connect a charger to the second Lightning connector so that the battery does not run out during operation.

Diagram of connecting an iPhone to a TV clearly.

After that, go to the settings of your TV and select the iPhone as the signal source. now everything that happens on the smartphone screen will be displayed on the TV.

How to connect iPhone to TV via AppleTV?

The second way is to use the AppleTV set-top box, which is sold in the Apple Store at a price of 13 thousand rubles. It has many possibilities besides SIMple playback: in particular, the Screen Mirroring function is available, thanks to which you can connect your iPhone to a TV and transmit everything that happens on the screen wirelessly via AirPlay.

iPhone connects to TV via Apple TV as follows:

  • Make sure Apple TV and iPhone are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Open Control Center on iPhone.
  • Click on the “Screen Repeat” button.
  • Select your Apple TV from the list of output devices.
  • Enter the four-digit code that appears on the TV screen on your iPhone. You only need to do this once to pair the devices.
  • To turn off Screen Mirroring, select Screen Mirroring again, then Stop Repeating, or press the Menu button on your Apple TV remote.

iPhone pairs with TV using Apple TV passcode.

Various iPhone applications can also stream images and sound to TV through the Apple set-top box. A dedicated AirPlay icon is available in these applications. Just click on it and select your set-top box, and the multimedia stream will go to the TV.

The AirPlay button is, for example, in the Photos app.

How to connect iPhone to TV?

We’ll show you several ways to connect your iPhone to your TV, from trivial cable to wireless streaming. You don’t even need Smart TV for this.

Despite the fact that the “apple” gadgets have amazing displays, it is more convenient to watch and examine photographs on a large screen. If you are looking for a way on how to connect iPhone to TV, read some tips in our article.

How to connect iPhone to TV without Apple accessories?

The third way to set up the connection between iPhone and TV is to use any third-party devices and accessories that support DLNA streaming. These are, for example, Chromecast devices, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Roku, as well as various Smart TV platforms.

To connect your iPhone to a TV using one of the third-party devices, you need to install an auxiliary application on your smartphone. For example, we recommend the AllCast app. It’s free, but buying a version for 300 rubles will forever save you from ads and pop-ups.

Install and run the application. AllCast automatically recognizes all active streaming devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone.

AllCast recognizes Apple, Google, Roku and many more devices.

To start broadcasting, click on the “Cast” button in the lower left corner, select the device to play, and then the content that you want to play on TV (for example, from an application or a photo).

How to connect iPhone to TV? All ways

New generation mobile phones are becoming more than just a phone for making calls every day. These devices are acquiring new opportunities, such as: the Internet, amazing games that can compete with specialized game consoles, convenient and useful applications, and this is not the whole list of today’s mobile phones. Companies producing these devices are trying to expand the capabilities of their offspring, providing the ability to connect phones with a computer, TV, and other devices. This allows you to easily and quickly play back and photo files on a wide monitor for easier viewing and sharing of other files.

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In everyday life, it often happens that the familiar, but small iPhone screen is not enough to show vacation photos to friends or colleagues. This connection has many advantages, but a natural question arises. how to connect an iPhone to a TV, and which of the possible options to choose? After all, there are several ways to do this, let’s figure it out.

Lighting HDMI adapter

This type of cable is distinguished by its qualities of portability and ultra-thin shape, which greatly facilitates work and saves space when connecting. Its peculiarity is its application “on the go”, for example, in a hotel or office. It easily connects to various devices and does not require any configuration. All you need to get started is just plug in the cable.

Due to the widespread use of the cable, it is often asked in search engines how to connect an iPhone to a TV via USB? It is worth answering that, unfortunately, you can connect an iPhone using USB, but it will be used as a storage device.

Connect iPhone with USB cable

Yes, there is no way to display graphic files on a TV monitor from an iPhone, but it can be used as a signal source. In this case, you will need to manage the content using the TV interface. New generation TVs are capable of displaying not only all modern and popular file formats, but also commonly used text document formats. This makes it possible to equip the TV into a full-fledged presentation board. Connecting your iPhone to your TV using a USB cable shouldn’t be a problem. Everything is quite SIMple, connect one end to the port on the iPhone, the other to the TV connector on the panel, signed with the appropriate initials, connection and settings. everything should happen automatically.

Connect via HDMI

This method is by far the most popular and it is not without reason. Connecting iPhone via HDMI adapter got its fame due to the high speed of data exchange between two devices in digital form. This connector can be found on most popular electronic devices. The cable provides exchange of files of various formats and this is its well-deserved advantage. In order to combine an iPhone with a TV, you need HDMI ports in devices, they are of two types. micro HDMI and mini HDMI. It is possible to determine whether a device has a corresponding port visually, the port is usually signed, or using the instructions.

You can create a connection between the TV and iPhone by following the following steps: both devices must be connected to the network, we connect them using an HDMI cable. If no errors occurred, in 99 cases out of 100, the connection of both devices should be configured automatically. Upon successful completion of this action, the mirroring function will start, which will display all the actions of the iPhone screen on the TV monitor.

If the automatic configuration did not work, in this case you will have to create it manually. You need to go to the settings of both devices, on the TV you need to select the signal source. HDMI. over, if there are several ports on the TV panel, then you need to look in the instructions for the number of the person involved and specify it in the settings. On iPhone, you need to set data transfer via HDMI in the settings. If everything is done correctly, you should see the active iPhone screen on your TV monitor. If the device does not have a micro-HDMI port, use a special micro-USB to HDMI adapter, which will allow you to connect via an inaccessible interface.

WI-FI connection

Another good question is is it possible to connect an iPhone to a TV wirelessly? If you plan to connect frequently at home, it is recommended to use a special device that expands the capabilities of all home devices. this is Apple TV. It will allow:

  • Apply a very convenient and new AirPlay function that will allow you to play. music, display photos and other graphic files without the need to copy them to the hard disk of a computer or other SIMilar devices;
  • Control TV functions without restricting the movement of cables;
  • Run.files that are on your computer, cloud storage or local file.

As for the question of how to connect an iPhone to a TV via Wi-Fi, there is a special Apple TV set-top box for this, which receives a signal from the AirPlay function, and is also a bridge for all devices from Apple and SIMple TVs. This device connects to the TV via an HDMI cable and connects to the existing WI-FI network. The first setting takes some time, but the subsequent ones take place in two movements.

To connect it you need:

  • Check the device connected to the Wi-Fi module, the set-top box and iPhone should be in the list;
  • Play any file. a photo on an “apple” smartphone. to see the display on the screen;
  • Swipe up from the bottom to open Control Center and press AirPlay with Apple TV.

Samsung offers iPhone users to connect quickly and easily with AllShare. Samsung TVs often already have a built-in Wi-Fi module, which makes it easier to connect devices to a network. You need to combine both devices in your home Wi-Fi network and connect the AllShare function.
It also happens that the TV does not have new functions and interfaces that are built into modern devices, such as HDMI, Wi-Fi, etc. In this case, the iPhone 5 can be connected using a cable to an analog connector, you need to choose the right cable for this. Component or composite AV cable is also suitable for iPhone 6 mobile device.

From the article, you learned how to connect iPhone to TV in various ways. Which one is right for your case is up to you.