How to connect Mi box s to a TV

Box control from a phone or tablet

Lost your remote?. No problem! Install one simple app on your Android phone and the problem is solved.

  • Android TV Remote Control by Google.
  • Mi Remote controller by Xiaomi.


Click on the blue microphone icon to type a request for Mi Box using your voice.

To forget about using a standard TV remote, go to Settings. HDML CEC and enable all three functions.

Main characteristics

Model Mi Box S
A type TV set-top box based on Android OS
OS version Android 8.1 Oreo (Android TV shell)
Cpu Amlogic S905X Quad Core Cortex-A53
GPU Mali-450
Built-in memory 8Gb
Support for video formats AVI, MKV, WMV, ISO, TS, RM, MOV, MP4, FLV, ASF, DAT, MPG, RMVB, VOB
Audio Format Support MP3, AAC, APE, FLAC, DTS
Support for photo formats JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF
HDR support there is
Decoding formats Yes, with 4K and HDR support
Reading file systems FAT16, FAT32, NTFS
Wireless connection Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz Broadcom BCM4345 with 801.11ac MIMO support 1 × 1 Bluetooth
Ports USB 2.0a, HDMI 2.0a, Audio, power port
Dimensions (edit) 96x17x95 mm
The weight 0.147 kg
average cost from 3.500 to 4.500 thousand rubles.

Xiaomi Mi box s: how to connect to a TV and set up?

How to remove an app from the home screen?

The main screen of Mi Box contains your favorite apps and channels. To free up space, you need to remove unused applications or channels.

To do this, go down to the very bottom of the screen and click on the Tune channels button.

First launch of Mi Box S

Connect the box to a power outlet and to the TV via HDMI connector. The STB will boot up and a welcome message will appear.

Keep the remote at a distance of 20 centimeters from the set-top box, following the recommendations of Xiaomi.

In the global (international) version of boxing, there are Russian and Ukrainian. Select the language you need and click OK.

Mi Box will prompt you to customize your TV using your Android device. There are two options:

  • Agree and launch Google on your phone, check the verification code, confirm copying the settings several times and connect to Wi-Fi automatically.
  • Refuse if there is no Android device and go through the usual setup. Sign in to your Google account, Wi-Fi network, etc. It will take a few minutes more.

Enter a name for your TV set-top box. There are several standard options to choose from.

If you previously had an Android set-top box, you can immediately install the necessary applications that you used before.

I will skip this installation in order to clearly show and tell why these programs are needed.

Plug in your USB stick. Plug the flash drive into the USB connector and click on one of the 3 items.

The first one is needed for those who plan to occasionally download movies to a USB flash drive and then watch on TV.

The second one is suitable for constant use: games, torrents, TV series, etc. You cannot extract it.

The prefix will offer to transfer photos, files and other content to the USB flash drive.

I do not recommend doing this now. You can transfer too large games or movies to the drive at any time.

Initial setup done!

Installation and launch

TV-Box is connected via HDMI cable and can be connected either to a projector or directly to a monitor or TV. When you turn it on for the first time, the set-top box will ask you to hold and hold two keys on the remote control for its subsequent synchronization with the device. After connecting the remote control, you must select the menu language from the proposed list (select Russian). Next, all that remains is to connect the set-top box to Wi-Fi and log into your Google account. By the way, the initial setup and connections can be made from usually a smartphone on Android OS, for you will need to go to the Google application when the set-top box asks for the notification “Install using an Android device”. After such a setting, the smartphone can be used as a remote control.

Answers to popular questions about Xiaomi Mi Box S

How to search the Internet and watch sites using the TV Bro browser?

Indeed, TV Bro turned out to be the most convenient and understandable browser. Let’s show you how you can use it to view sites through a Smart set-top box and how to use it. The home page displays links to popular sites and social networks. The sites you visited will also be displayed there.

To open the menu. you need to press the “Back” button on the remote control.

At the top is a panel with buttons “Close Browser”, “Head Search”, “History”, “Favorites”, “Downloads” and “Settings”. There is also a line for entering a site address or a search query and a tab. Below is a line with standard buttons: “Stop”, “Forward / Backward”, “Refresh the page”, zoom buttons and the “Home” button.

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This menu can be called up at any time. When browsing the site, for example.

Site navigation is carried out using the cursor, which can be moved using the buttons on the remote control.

One peculiarity: when you click on a link, it seems that nothing is happening. You need to wait a bit and everything will open. There is simply no loading indicator. Perhaps in the next versions this will be fixed.

In the TV Bro settings, you can change the search engine and User Agent of the browser. There you can also assign keyboard shortcuts and see the version of the installed browser.

Overall, TV Bro is a decent browser. I even tried to start watching the movie online on the site. And it even worked out. But probably the performance of Xiaomi Mi Box S is not enough. It slows down, crashes, it was not possible to make the full screen (but this is already a software problem).

You will hardly be able to watch online movies through a browser. And it’s not convenient. Better through dedicated apps.

How to connect?

Xiaomi Mi Box S connects to the TV using an HDMI cable. This means that the TV must have an HDMI input. It is even on relatively old TVs. All we need to do is connect the cable (included in the kit) to the HDMI output on the Mi Box and to the HDMI input on the TV. As a rule, if there are several inputs on the TV, then they are numbered. Remember the port number where you connected the cable. We also connect the power adapter to the set-top box and plug it into an outlet.

If necessary, the set-top box can be placed behind the TV. It is not necessary to leave it in a conspicuous place. Many people ask whether the remote control will work, if there is no line of sight, it will work. The remote control connects to the Xiaomi Mi Box S via Bluetooth.

If the image on the TV screen does not appear, then perhaps in the TV settings as a signal source, you need to select the HDMI input to which we connected our Xiaomi Smart set-top box. Usually this is done as follows: on the TV remote control, press the “INPUT” or “SOURCES” button. In the menu, select the HDMI port to which the set-top box is connected (I have this HDMI 4).

And if the set-top box is connected to power, then a window with the download of the set-top box should appear on the TV screen, or with a proposal to connect the remote control (if your Mi Box has not been configured yet).

How the “XiaomiApple” system works

On some firmware, Xiaomi TV Box cannot work with AirPlay. You can teach. just install AirPin (PRO). The application works great with all devices on iOS and macOS.

For those external devices without DLNA support, the multi-platform BubbleUPnP application is suitable. It does not add the necessary protocols, but creates its own server-client channel, which allows you to play content directly from a server device: a computer or tablet.

I had no problems with AirPlay. I turned on the TV, launched the AllCast application, got an image from the “iPhone” on the screen. Together with Time Mashine on the router (everything in the home network is automatically backed up) it turns out twice as cool.
Optionally, you can use Apple’s services available for Android TV or regular Android. I use Apple Music, which of course works flawlessly.

KODI helps to seriously expand the functionality of the gadget. it also has AirPlay support. Plus, this versatile media wrapper helps you create user-friendly directories that are lacking for desktops and NAS.

Xiaomi Mi box s: how to connect to a TV and set up?

How to install apps and games?

Almost all the applications you need are in Google Play.

Just launch Google Play, find the required application or game (by category, or through the search) and install it.

You can also download the.APK file with the application from the Internet, drop it onto a USB flash drive and install it on Xiaomi Mi Box 4. Since not all the necessary applications are in the market.


The set-top boxes have a minimalistic design and look like a small box that fits in the palm of your hand. The weight of each is 180-200 g, and the dimensions are 10x10x2 cm. The Mi Mini model is very different from the others: its dimensions are 4.5×3.8×3.8 cm, and its weight is 38 g.

The rounded corners give the attachment a streamlined shape. On the front side, closer to one of the edges, there are the Xiaomi logo and the power indicator. If you turn the attachment over, you can see a small rubber pedestal that provides stability to the device. Rear connectors for power, HDMI, USB and 3.5 mm audio output.

All models are made in a plastic case, the color of most of them is matt black.

The console is made of the same material and in a corresponding streamlined style. Its weight is 70 g, and its dimensions are 15x38x1.5 cm.The remote control fits well in the hand, does not slip.

There is a power button in the upper left corner of the remote control. Below the full width is a joystick in the shape of a circle with 4 direction buttons and a confirmation button in the center. Under the joystick there are Back, Home and Voice Input buttons. The volume control is located under the Home button.

Installing a browser from a USB flash drive via the APK file on the Xiaomi Mi Box S set-top box

Browsers that do not exist Google Play Store can be installed on a TV set-top box from a USB flash drive. By downloading the browser installation APK file from the Internet. As I wrote above, in this way you can even install Chrome, Yandex Browser, Opera, Firefox. But I do not advise you to do this, since they are not at all optimized for Android TV consoles and TVs. Just waste your time.

  • Download the installation.APK file of the TV Bro browser to your computer. I downloaded it in a few seconds. Search for “download TV Bro”.
  • Copy the downloaded.APK file from your computer to your USB stick.
  • Connect the USB flash drive to your Android TV set-top box or TV. I connected to my Xiaomi Mi Box S.
  • Open the Google Play Store on the set-top box, search through the search and install the File Commander application. You can also use X-plore, or another file manager.
  • We do not launch File Commander yet, but go to the STB settings. Open the section “Device Settings”. “Security and Restrictions”. “Unknown Sources”. And there we enable (enable) our File Commander. Or another file manager that you have installed. This allows us to install applications through this file manager.
  • Open the installed File Commander and open our USB flash drive in it.
  • Launch the.apk file with our TV Bro browser.
  • Click on the “Install” button and wait.
  • After installation, you can immediately launch the browser. Its icon will also appear in the list of installed applications on Xiaomi Mi Box S.
  • You can launch TV Bro browser at any time and use it to browse sites.
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Language selection

To set the interface language, on the desktop, you need to click on the “Settings” shortcut. The next necessary item is called “Settings”. After that, the advanced settings of the equipment are opened before the user. Pull the window down a little and find the “Language input” section. The desired mode is “Language”. Click on it and select the desired language.

Note: some TV set-top boxes are already sold with a Russian interface. Also, when changing the language, some labels and commands may remain in English.

All about setting up a TV Box

From the moment smart TV set-top boxes appeared on the digital market, they began to rapidly gain popularity. Compact devices successfully combine versatility, simple operation and affordable cost.

Almost all owners of these devices at first ask themselves a question regarding setup and use. Despite the fact that the gadget can perform many tasks at the same time, using it is very simple and straightforward.

How does it work?

Other possibilities of “smart” equipment:

  • use of various programs;
  • visits to sites;
  • playback of music, video and other files in digital media;
  • downloading films from the World Wide Web;
  • access to online cinemas.

A TV box is a miniature computer. Under the body of the set-top box there is a video card, hard drive, RAM slots, processor and other “hardware” necessary for work.

To fully use IPTV, the user will need the following:

  • an attachment of any model, regardless of configuration and technical characteristics;
  • special application (you need to install it on the gadget);
  • playlist with a list of channels (they must be transferred to the program).

After synchronizing the device with the TV, the set-top box performs the tasks of the computer system unit, and the TV. the monitor.

How to set the date and time?

As a rule, there is a separate item for these settings. Find the appropriate section in the box settings and set the options you want. Enable the option titled “Use network date and time.” Also select the “24 hours” format.

If the date or time is incorrect, the equipment may malfunction. This will lead to errors when visiting the World Wide Web.

Malfunctions will affect the functioning of some programs.

How to connect to TV?

To watch TV channels of various subjects, the box must be connected to a set-top box. It is strongly recommended to use the original power supply during operation. As a rule, it comes with a smart device. In this case, the service life of the equipment increases.

The step-by-step connection instructions are as follows.

First you need to connect the box to the prefix using a cable. An AV and HDMI cord is being used. The first option is used when you need to synchronize with an outdated TV. The second method is most often chosen for modern models. Using the HDMI connector has a lot of advantages compared to the option described above. due to the transmission of high-quality picture and sound.

It is worth noting that the cables that come with the kit cannot boast of excellent performance. To maximize the capabilities of the equipment, it is recommended to purchase the gold-plated version.

After the physical connection is made, the equipment used is turned on. Then the user needs to select certain parameters and perform a specific action.

If you use a receiver, it is advisable to use the following scheme to pair it.

  • The multimedia player is connected to the receiver, and it, in turn, to the TV. An HDMI cable is used for work.
  • If you use an air mouse to control the device, a special USB sensor must be inserted into the corresponding connector on the set-top box.

Internet connection

Setting up a TV Box from scratch involves connecting the set-top box to the World Wide Web. The pairing process is as follows.

  • Go to the section responsible for Wi-Fi settings. In the list that appears, find the name of the router you are using (section “Available networks”).
  • Select your network and enter the password if required.
  • If the process was completed successfully, a message will appear on the screen notifying the user. As a rule, this is a small window labeled “Connected”.
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Note: Sometimes it is necessary to perform additional settings of the router. This is necessary when the TV box cannot be connected to the Internet.

If you cannot connect, you need to do the following.

  • Open the settings of your router. The desired section. “W-Fi”.
  • Press “Next”. The required section is “Basic settings”. In the window that appears, set the 13th or 9th channel, if the “Auto” mode is selected.
  • It is desirable to set the maximum number of clients 3 or more.

The hardware must be restarted for the settings to take effect. It is also recommended to reconnect the equipment.

Installing Applications

Most modern TV boxes run on the Android operating system. This version of the OS is familiar to many users. Many different programs have been developed for this platform, available for download at any time.

There are many options for installing programs. You can download software from a USB flash drive or any other digital media. To do this, the installation file must be downloaded to a memory medium, connected to the set-top box and downloaded.

Another option is to use a third party APK installer. The process will look like this.

  • Transfer the program to a USB flash drive or memory card. Connect the carrier to the box.
  • Run the APK installer. In the menu that opens, use the checkmarks to mark the programs you need.
  • To start the installation, select the “install” command.
  • The installation process runs automatically, without user intervention. As soon as the work is completed, the program will notify about the end.

Also, applications can be said through a special Google Play service. It is the platform on which all existing applications developed for the Android operating system are collected. To access the service you need an internet connection.

How to set up a TV Box, see step by step instructions.

How to set up the Xiaomi Mi Box 3

The creators equip digital TV gadgets with all the necessary options for intuitive and easy control. Most often, users just need to perform an automatic setup in order to connect the TV to the set-top box.

Mi Box 3 connection instructions:

  • Connect the device to a power source. Then connect the set-top box to the TV using an HDMI cable.
  • Open channel setup and select HDMI option.
  • When the download of the STB interface is finished: it will be possible to continue the setup process. To do this, press the central button “OK” on the TV control panel and select the mode of connecting the remote control to the gadget.
  • When the remote control is connected to the device, you need to press and hold the “OK” button again. The search for wireless networks will start.
  • Using the remote control, select the desired device from the list, enter the password and wait for the connection to be established.
  • If the connection is successful, the Xiaomi start-up interface will appear on the TV screen.

Instructions on how to connect the Xiaomi TV Box 3

  • Study the instructions for Xiaomi Mi Box 3 in order to avoid problems with equipment during connection and operation.
  • You need to make sure that the set-top box has the ability to connect to equipment using a wireless connection. And check the stability of the router for Wi-Fi.
  • For ease of connection and optimization, you may also need a computer mouse and keyboard.

How to change the language of the prefix?

If the set-top box launcher issues functionality in English or Chinese, then this item can be changed only through the connection of the gadget to the computer.

You can fix the Chinese language of the interface to English in this way:

  • From an external medium, in the form of a computer or laptop, you need to download the “Safa Market” application. To do this, you need to: enter the “Remoot Install” service, select the option to connect external devices and enter the IP address of the set-top box in the computer browser.
  • If the previous step is successful, a new file download window will appear on the monitor screen. You need to open it and wait for the complete installation.
  • After the installation is complete, you need to open the application and find the settings section or Settings there.
  • You need to scroll down the open working window and select English from all the proposed options.

You can install other applications and configure them on the set-top box as follows:

For more convenient use of the gadget, you can connect a computer mouse and keyboard to it. This is done through the wireless service. Connection starts if you hold down the “OK” button.

To install third-party applications, you need to remove the ban on unknown sources. The IP player is installed after the set-top box is paired with external devices. After that, the system warns that it is forbidden to install applications from third-party sources. In the window that appears on the screen, you need to select the “Settings” option. A new tab will appear, there you need to scroll down and find the “Unknown sourses” option. Next, you need to find the “Allow” item and change it by clicking the “OK” button.

Next, the system will display a set of prompts with which you need to reinstall the IP-TV player.

When the ban on installing programs from third-party sources is lifted, it will be possible for applications from GooglePlay and other services.