How to connect LG Smart TV to the Internet

How to connect Smart TV to the Internet

Feature of “smart” (Smart TV) TVs is the ability to access the Internet. By connecting to network resources, the TV gets additional features: weather forecast, You Tube, Skype, browser for surfing. To activate these features, the TV needs to be set up. Let’s consider how to connect Smart TV to the Internet.

How to connect Smart TV to the Internet via USB modem

A modem is a device that transmits information. Works through the network of a mobile operator. It fits a SIM card. The device is used where there is cellular network coverage.

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Smart TVs contain a USB connector. The TV software uses this input to use the device connected to it as a USB flash drive. Therefore, receiving a signal from a mobile network when connecting a modem to TV is not provided. The modem connects to the router.

Devices from different manufacturers do not always work together. Therefore, when buying, check this point with the seller.

Connection methods

There are two ways to activate your Smart TV internet connection. Through:

What you need to connect

In addition to TV, to connect to the network, you will need:

  • router;
  • cable for connection if the TV does not have a Wi-Fi receiver;
  • TV user manual.

How to connect Smart TV to the Internet via cable

Use the method if there is no wireless module in the TV, or to get the maximum data transfer rate. You will need an RJ45 network cable. If this is the first time you are installing the router, configure it. Connect to it via PC.
In the browser, write:
Connect the cable TV and router:
Turn on TV, go to settings. To do this, use the appropriate button on the remote.

TV setup

When the Internet appears on the PC, configure the wireless network settings on the TV:

  • Go to settings;
  • In the “Network” section go to “Wireless connection”;
  • Enter the name of the network;
  • Write down a password.

Is it necessary

Internet access with TV opens up the following additional opportunities for the user:

  • Online viewing of multimedia files;
  • Opening Internet portals;
  • Skype communication;
  • Games;
  • Watching sports broadcasts online.


Installation and configuration

  • Take the set-top box and place it near the TV. If you connect it to the router via cable, then we insert one end into the set-top box, and the other into the yellow connector on the router.
  • Next, select the type of connection via AVI or HDMI cable. Insert one end into the set-top box and the other into the TV.
  • Turn on the prefix.
  • Turn on the TV and on the remote control (from the TV) press the connection selection button. The desired type will be highlighted immediately. Just choose it.
  • Now you will see the main menu of the STB’s operating system. We take PU from the console.
  • In the settings, immediately select the language. We go to “Settings” and then “Language”. Find the Russian language in the list.
  • Now let’s connect it to the local network. Go to settings.
  • You will see 3 types of connection:
  • Wi-Fi. just click on it, select our grid and enter the password. In addition to direct connection, there will be: WPS and the “Add network” button (for hidden Wi-Fi).
  • Ethernet. will be with the line “Connected” if you connected the cable.
  • WPS. if the Internet wire goes directly from the provider to the set-top box.
  • Once connected, go to Google Chrome or the App Store and check the connection.
  • No connection. problem solving

    The most common problem is incorrect network settings on the TV. That is, the IP address that is registered on the TV is in a different subnet. You can fix this problem manually. Do not be afraid. it is very easy to do.

    • First, we need to find out the IP address of the router. If you haven’t changed it, then the standard one is under the router on a piece of paper. Also in Windows, right-click on the connection and select “Network and Sharing Center”. In the menu that opens, click “Local Area Connection”. We press “Information”.
    • In the “IPv4 default gateway” tab there will be the IP of our router. In my case, I have 3 digit will be our subgrid.
    • Now we run to the TV and carry out all those manipulations with the Internet settings that were described in the chapters on LG, Samsung, Sony. But at the stage of searching for a network, you need to drive in the settings manually. Each model will have its own button, but I think you will find it.
    • It is necessary to enter the IP in such a way that everywhere the 3rd digit (except for the mask) is the same as the IP of your router. For example, if you have a Xiaomi router model, then the standard IP will be The settings should be as follows:
    • IP address. 192.168.30. (Any number from 2 to 254).
    • Mask. (Low for any mesh).
    • Gateway. (Gateway is our router).
    • DNS service. (but you can also enter or
  • We save the settings.
  • If the connection goes through a cable, then you can check its integrity. On the router, look at the port number in which the wire is located. On the front panel, the indicator with the same number should be blinking or lit. That is, if the wire is in the 1st LAN port, then the 1st connection light will blink.

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    If this does not help, then most likely the set-top box or TV set operates at a frequency of 2.5 GHz, and your router is set in the settings at 5 GHz. This is often done by gamers to improve connection quality and reduce ping.

    • We go to the admin panel of the router. To do this, it is enough to drive the IP router into any browser. Computer, laptop or smartphone must be connected via WI-FI or cable.
    • Enter the username and password from the admin panel.
    • We go to the wireless network settings. The menu name may vary depending on the model and firmware. Just looking for the names “WI-Fi”, “SSID” or “wireless network”.
    • We set the operating frequency to 2.4 GHz. Save and apply settings.

    NOTE! In the case of a network connection and no internet connection, there may be two problems. One refers to breakdowns at providers. The second is with the Internet settings on the router. How to set up the Internet for your router model. you can look for instructions on our website. Just enter the model name in the search line.

    If there is no connection, or there are problems with the TV or set-top box, then call the technical support of the company that released the TV.

    Lg Russian Federation 8-8002007676
    Belarus 8 820 00711111
    Samsung Russia 8 800 5555555
    Azerbaijan 088 5555555
    Armenia 0 800 05555
    Belarus 8 10800 50055500
    Georgia 0 800 555555
    Kazakhstan 7799 (for subscribers of cellular communication Activ, Beeline, Dalaco, Kcell, Neo), 8 10800 500 55500

    How to install and configure

    • We turn on the magic box to the electrical network. And we connect the HDMI cable to the TV. Please use HDMI 2.0 or higher cable. Otherwise, nothing will work.
    • You can connect a cable from a router or provider directly to the appropriate connector.
    • On the TV remote control, press the link selection button and select HDMI. We confirm the action, and you will be taken to the apple box menu.
    • Now take the remote and click on the Touch top to sync the remote and the set-top box. If it does not work, then bring the remote control to a distance of 10 cm from the attachment and simultaneously hold down the “” and “MENU”.
    • Next, select the language.
    • We read the privacy policy and click “Next”.
    • You now have the choice of automatic tuning or manual mode.
    • When manually configured, the device will immediately offer to connect to Wi-Fi or say about a direct connection via the wire. When connected to Wi-Fi. select our network and enter the password.
    • Enter your Apple ID account. But you can skip it if it is not there or if you want to configure it later.
    • Next, it remains to perform a couple of simple actions, which will be written in detail on the screen and after that you will be taken to the gadget menu.

    By WI-FI

    • We also go to the settings, then “Network” and “Network Settings”.
    • Select the type “Wireless”.
    • Then the device will start looking for connections. Click “Select network SSID”, enter the password and click “Finish”.
    • If you cannot see your home grid, then it may be hidden. To do this, click “Add network” and enter the name manually. The name can be viewed on the smartphone if you have forgotten it.
    • Press the “Home” button on the remote control.
    • In the settings, go along the path: Settings. Network. Network setup.
    • Now we just select one of the connection types:
    • Wireless Setup. that is, over a Wi-Fi network.
    • Network connection (Setupnetworkconnection). when the cable goes directly
  • By choosing the second option, the search and network configuration will be offline, but you can also enter all the data manually. There are several options for wireless connection:
  • WPS (PIN). if you do not remember the password, then just press the WPS button on the router and select this option. PIN. located on a label under the router.
  • WPS (button) (WPS (PushButton)). also press the UPU button on the router. We select this connection and click on the button again.
  • Scan is a normal Wi-Fi connection. After scanning the wireless network, select our SSID and enter the password to access.
  • How to connect the Internet to a TV via Wi-Fi and cable?

    From about 2000 to 2010, computer technology began to develop actively. PCs, laptops have become more affordable, which has pushed the old TVs into the background. In addition, the Internet has come to every home and family. It was then that the companies that produce TVs started up and began to actively produce boxes that are capable of going out into the open spaces of the Internet.

    It is very convenient to sit and watch movies, read articles, watch YouTube on the big screen. Yes, of course you can use a laptop or PC. But the whole family is not comfortable watching from it. Today we will analyze all the methods. how to connect a TV to the Internet.

    • Choosing a connection type
    • Lg
    • By wire
    • Wi-Fi
    • Registering in the LG app
    • Samsung
    • By wire
    • By WI-FI
    • Sony
    • Xiaomi
    • If TV without Smart TV
    • External Wi-Fi adapters
    • Lg
    • Sony
    • Samsung
    • Smart TV set-top box
    • X96 MAX
    • Beelink GT1 mini
    • Magicsee N5
    • Installation and configuration
    • Apple TV
    • Pros and Benefits
    • How to install and configure
    • How to access the Internet from TV?
    • No connection. problem solving
    • Manuals or technical manual

    By wire

    • Telik will start frantically searching for all air networks. To select your Wi-Fi, click on the “List of networks”. But we are not interested in any wifa, and we choose “Wired Network”.
    • Select “IP Auto Settings” for the TV to catch the address from your router. Now we press “Exit”.

    Philips TV WI-FI connection

    If you have a built-in wireless network transmitter or an external set-top box, you can connect the device to the Internet. A wide variety of applications require the Internet to run. On a Philips TV, it is carried out according to the classic scheme, but before setting up you need to make sure of the following:

    • Router must be turned on.
    • The TV software has been updated to the latest version.
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    You can check the software version through the settings menu, which has an OS update section.

    LG with Smart TV support

    New LG models are built on the webOS operating system. The network is configured as follows:

    • A key with a gear image is pressed on the remote control. Similarly, quick access to the settings menu is carried out.
    • The last item from the list is selected, which is called “Advanced settings”.
    • The section has “Network” and “Connecting to a Wi-Fi network”.
    • The desired access point is selected from the drop-down list, a field for entering a password opens.

    Instructions on how to connect YouTube to a TV are simple, since after connecting to a wireless network, you just need to go to the list of applications and launch YouTube. When a problem appears, there is a high probability that the router is configured incorrectly.

    Philips with Smart TV support

    The built-in Smart TV function simplifies the procedure for connecting to the Internet. Sequencing:

    • On the remote control, the “Settings” key is pressed.
    • The section “All settings” is selected.
    • The drop-down list opens the “Wired and Wireless” section.
    • Requires Wi-Fi wireless mode.
    • Opens a line for entering a password and connecting to the network.

    The WPS protocol can be used. To do this, press the corresponding button on the router. This mode provides a high degree of protection for the created connection.

    Philips without Smart TV

    It is possible to connect to the Internet and Philips TVs that do not have a built-in Smart TV function. An external attachment is often used for this. Its synchronization is performed as follows:

    • The device is connected to the TV.
    • The settings menu opens and the menu for connecting external devices is selected.
    • The attachment is selected and the type of cable used for connection.
    • In the menu that opens, select a wireless protocol, an access point and enter a password to enter.

    There are many different set-top boxes on sale, but in most cases the procedure for connecting them to a TV and Wi-Fi is identical.

    Connecting to WI-FI LG TV

    LG-branded TVs can also be connected to wireless WI-FI. You can connect to the network as follows:

    • Select the “Network” section and the “Network Connection” item.
    • There are two options to choose from: wired and wireless.
    • After opening the wireless connection section, a drop-down list is displayed, which contains all available connection points.
    • When you click on one of the networks, a virtual keyboard opens for entering a password.

    After entering the password, the device will connect to the Internet. This instruction on how to connect your LG TV to the Internet applies to models running on old software.

    How to find out if the TV supports WI-FI?

    The instructions also indicate a recommendation for connecting to the Internet. When buying a product, you should:

    • Ask if the model has a WI-FI connection function.
    • Read the instructions for use.
    • If the exact name of the TV is known, the information required can be found on the Internet.

    The algorithm for connecting to the Internet is identical for almost all models of Haier, Samsung, LG. To search for the function of connecting to WI-FI, you can go to the “Settings” section, in the menu that appears there should be a corresponding section “Network”. In the absence of a subsection, it can be concluded that the device does not have the function of connecting to WI-FI (an exception may be a case associated with an error in the software). By the way, you can distribute the Internet to the TV through the phone.

    Connecting to WI-FI Samsung TV

    Various connection methods are provided to owners of Samsung equipment. To access the Internet, you need to know the name of the network and the password to it. It is not recommended to connect to an unfamiliar access point, as further difficulties may arise. Step-by-step actions:

    • You need to enter the menu. Depending on the selected TV model, for this you need to press the “Menu” or “Keypad” key on the remote control.
    • In the selected section, go to the “Network” item.
    • Connection is possible only if the TV is set up accordingly. To do this, go to the settings section.
    • In the drop-down list, select the wireless section.
    • An own access point is selected from the drop-down list. To connect, you need to know its name and password.
    • When you select an access point, a virtual keyboard opens that allows you to enter a password.
      It takes a few seconds to sync. Instructions on how to connect a Samsung TV may differ slightly depending on the model.

    Sony without Smart TV

    There are budget models that do not have a built-in Smart TV function. Connecting an external set-top box is as follows:

    • Connects the cable.
    • A manager is selected on the TV, a list of devices opens, among which the prefix is ​​marked.
    • An additional menu for wireless settings opens.

    How to connect a Samsung TV

    Manufacturers design the interface based on their own ideas of usability. Samsung is no exception. A direct connection from your ISP will not work. And through a router or modem, the connection is made for any type of connection. Check that the equipment is working properly before setting up.

    To make a wired or wireless connection, you need to go to the settings menu. R, N, M, Q, LS and K series settings can be accessed using buttons on the remote.

    • Look for the house icon or Home (Menu).
    • In the window that opens, you need to go to the “Settings” item in the lower left corner of the screen. In the J, H, F and E series, access is via buttons on the remote control (Menu and Menu / 123).
    • Go to the “General” tab and open “Network”.

    Wi-Fi connection: setting parameters

    To connect wirelessly, you need to know the network name and password.

    • In the menu, open the “Network” tab and proceed to setting up the connection. All possible traffic sources will be displayed in the list.
    • Choose the name of the desired network.
    • Now you need to enter the security key (password). Use the onscreen keyboard and remote.
    • When the password is entered, click “OK”.
    • In a new window, we confirm the completion of the installation by clicking the “Finish” button.
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    In cases with a static IP address, you can enter the necessary data in the same way as for a LAN connection.

    • Select the item “Manual Settings”.
    • Entering IP, MAC, DNS data.
    • Click “Ok”.
    • Then “Done” and start surfing.

    On TVs with WebOS Wi-Fi connection is a separate menu item. They are presented in the “Advanced settings” tab of the main TV menu, in the “Network” item. The main menu can be accessed by pressing the gear button.

    You can check the established connection by opening the SmartTV applications. YouTube, browser, etc.). Trying to launch a video or page. If everything was done correctly, the connection setup was completed successfully. If not, it is worth revising the entered data.

    What to do if there is no Wi-Fi module

    TVs of the middle and expensive segment already have modules for wireless connection on board. But budget TVs or older TVs may be deprived of these privileges. Some models are equipped with only LAN output and USB connectors. For some reason, manufacturers did not provide the ability to establish a Wi-Fi connection. Others do not even have such opportunities. However, almost any TV model can be connected to the network. High-tech gadgets will come to the rescue. adapters and TV set-top boxes.

    Internet connection to old TVs

    Legacy TVs can also be made smart. Prefixes and AV output will help with this. With the help of a tulip cable, the media player is connected to the TV through three multi-colored outputs. red, white and yellow.

    TV Box has its own remote controls that connect to the Internet via a cable or Wi-Fi.

    • Processor controlled.
    • Equipped with RAM and built-in memory.
    • They are controlled by the Android operating system. Easy to set up and easy to operate.
    • Provide the user with access to all the benefits of SmartTV.

    A relative disadvantage is the low screen resolution of the old TV.

    • can read information from flash cards;
    • display streaming video, movies;
    • allows you to view pages;
    • and follow the news on social networks.

    You can choose a set-top box according to your own budget and preferences. The price of the device will depend on components, memory size and feature set.

    External Wi-Fi adapters

    Through such devices, TVs are connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi access points. USB or HDMI connectors to help. They are suitable for TVs with Smart function, which are not equipped with built-in wireless modules.

    Samsung, Sony, LG, Toshiba release fully compatible adapters with their devices. The importance of this fact is that when choosing a receiver, it is worth considering the power, range, data transmission standards, network frequency. These indicators affect the quality of signal reception and stability.

    But branded products always exceed the price tags of the universal options. You can find suitable receivers for any TV model on the Internet or on the manufacturers’ official websites. The technical documentation of the TV and the installed router will help to find the necessary parameters. And to set up access. instruction manual.

    How to connect an LG TV

    LG’s Smart function is very popular. It opens access to applications, browser, YouTube, video in. and to other content.

    It is important that the connection is high-speed. Otherwise, it will be difficult to experience the benefits of freedom from a conventional TV. over, LG devices require a stable stream. Different firmware versions have a different interface, so the menu items go under different names. But the logic and connection procedure for all TVs is the same. Let’s consider two options. wired and wireless access.

    Wired LAN connection

    Service providers can provide Internet access in several ways:

    • some require the use of specialized equipment. modems, routers, and others;
    • others can be used directly.

    In any case, you need a cable (twisted pair) of sufficient length and a connector on the TV case. You can verify this possibility in the technical documentation. The connector is called RG45, on the TV the input is signed as LAN.

    One end of the wire connects to the TV, the other to the modem or router. When the cable is installed correctly, you can hear a characteristic click. The next step is to do this:

    • from the remote control, open the settings menu. You can access the desired tab in the SmartTV panel or in the TV settings menu;
    • we find the “Networks” tab and get access to the network connection management menu. We pass to the item “Settings”;
    • move the arrow of the remote control to the network that appears in the list, click “OK”;

    Such actions are sufficient if the Internet is connected from a modem (router) with a dynamic IP. The TV will default to the settings from the service provider and automatically set the IP, MAC and DNS.

    Difficulties can arise if the connection requires specifying clear parameters. The same static IP, for example.

    • Then you need to open the “Advanced settings” tab and manually register the data for the connection.
    • After entering the required values, click the “Ok” button, in the next window. “Finish”.

    Before confirming, carefully check the entered data. If mistakes are made, the connection will fail.

    In models with firmware on webOS, these items should be looked for in the main TV settings menu in the “Network” tab. The algorithm of actions is the same. If the network is stable, all equipment is working and the cable is not damaged, you can start surfing the Internet. Otherwise, check the functionality of the equipment and cable for damage. Or ask for help from specialists.