How To Connect LG Smart TV To Phone


After the Internet connection is established, you need to go through the SIMplest registration, which will take only a few minutes of your time. Enter your existing data, especially for your email address, as it will receive a confirmation email from the service. During the registration process, do not forget to accept the terms of the user agreement, as this is a mandatory paragraph.

As soon as you click on the link in the letter, all the features of Smart TV will become available to you, or more precisely, the installation of existing applications and widgets, which will give you much more opportunities in terms of the functionality of technology.

How to set up Smart TV on LG TV

What apps are there on LG Smart TV?

Those with an LG Smart TV can download the Web OS widgets. They are divided into global widgets used all over the world and local programs, which are designed, for example, only for Russian users.

The following applications are also offered to users:

  • Search and display services. requested by the user, e.g. IVI.
  • Add-ons for games.
  • Skype and telephony.
  • Programs for accessing various records.
  • IP television.
  • Information service system. navigator, weather forecast and so on.
  • Various networks, for example.
  • Educational sites.
  • Add-ons for watchings.

Installing add-ons is very SIMple. after downloading add-ons, download them to the TV, after checking if the selected widget is suitable for the operating system.

To do this, go to the settings and select the required item.

How To Connect LG Smart TV To Phone

Smart TV offers users various offers

Wire connection

If the wire to connect to the Internet is already in use, you will need a special splitter. a switch. After purchasing the switch, you need to connect the main wire to it. Connect the LAN1 output to the connector in the computer or laptop, and LAN2 to the TV. Turn on the TV and set up Smart TV according to the instructions.

Setting up your TV is quite SIMple:

  • Select main menu.
  • Open the home panel (Home button).
  • Click on “networks”.
  • Select “network connection”.
  • A menu will open showing 2 ways to connect LG Smart TV.
  • Click on “customize”.
  • Select “list of networks”.
  • Click the “wired network” button.
  • Update everything.
  • Wait a few minutes. A board will appear notifying you that an Internet connection has occurred.

In the event that a password for access to the main settings is set in the TV, you must enter it before updating the settings.

The instructions for connecting via Wi-Fi are almost completely identical to the above.

  • Open the main menu.
  • Open the main panel (Home button).
  • Select the “networks” tab.
  • Select “network connection”.
  • You will be asked to choose one of two ways to connect Smart TV to ldzhi.
  • Click on “customize”.
  • Click on “list of networks”.
  • Select the “wireless network” button.
  • Click on the “update” button.
  • Wait a few minutes. An inscription appears stating that the connection was successful.

Restart your computer and TV, this will ensure perfect system performance without crashing.

What is the Internet on Smart TV LG?

A useful feature from Smart TV is the Internet. To use it, go to the main page and launch your browser.

After that, you can enter the address of the desired site in the address bar. To confirm the transition to the selected address, click Go.

Next, the user will see the site or search results. He can view them or follow the link. The principle of working with them as on a regular computer.

Then the subscriber will see the Mini TV option, which SIMplifies the SIMultaneous viewing of sites.

If the window is not needed, close it by hovering the cursor or clicking the cross. To return the option, click on the TV image.

Important! To open multiple tabs at once, click the cross. In the tab that appears, the user will see a panel with page thumbnails.

You can access the Internet through a browser Enter the address of the desired site

What you need to do to start using Smart TV?

  • The first thing to do is connect the equipment to the Internet;
  • After that, you need to open the menu by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control;
  • Next, go through the menu sections in the following order: settings. network. the name of your connection. update;

In fact, the answer to the main question, how to set up Smart TV on a TV on LG, has been received, there are only a few SIMple manipulations that are available all from the same remote control.

  • Register;
  • Install the necessary programs and widgets;
  • Enjoy watching;

Now we will consider each stage in more detail and thoroughly in order to avoid possible errors in the process of configuration and connection.

SmartShare function on LG TV

You can collect all the devices on your TV using a very convenient feature called SmartShare. precisely, this is software that will allow you to view and listen to files in any format, and they can be installed on any electronic device, provided that it is also connected to a wireless network. It was even difficult to imagine such technologies before, but now it is a reality available to everyone.

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LG TV, how to set up smart TV? Connecting LG to Smart TV and using it

To connect via cable, enter the data manually. When the connection is tied to a specific address, it can be found in the instructions for the TV model.

Next, report it to your provider. Also, to find the correct address, go to Support and select the desired model information.

When the user has done everything correctly, a large message “connection establishment completed” will appear.

If you need to enter the IP manually, do it using the remote.

When you need to manually enter other data, click “home page”. “installation”, “Internet”. “make a connection”.

A password is required to connect to Smart TV. When you forget it, you can use WPS technology.

It is very SIMple to do this. go to the menu with a list of networks available to the user and click “connect using WPS”.

Important! Next, press the UPU button on the router for several minutes. After that, the user will see a check mark. this means that he is connected to the network.

To connect to Smart TV, select “connect to network”

Smart watch and ANDROID smartphone: step by step instructions

Since Wear OS by Google is one of the most popular apps, let’s take a step-by-step pairing process using this example. The interface of all other programs is almost identical, so all the necessary actions will be almost the same.

  • Install a suitable application on your smartphone.
  • We turn on the clock. Turn on Bluetooth on both devices. We place the watch as close to the phone as possible. Important! You don’t need to connect a wrist gadget via Bluetooth via the phone settings! The connection comes exclusively from the application. If you pair the watch through the settings, most likely the application will SIMply not see it.
  • We open the application on the phone. To enter some applications, account registration or authorization is required.
  • In different applications, the connection button is located in different places in the application and can be named differently. This is usually the Add Device button, just Add, Start Configuring, or “”. In the image below you can see the location of the button in some applications.
  • Following the instructions on the watch screen, select the language and accept the “Terms of Use”.
  • We are waiting for the application to detect the device.
  • Click on the name of the watch. If you don’t see the name, check if Bluetooth is turned on and then search again. We also recommend activating GPS in your phone.
  • PIN codes may appear on your phone and watch. If the codes match, click “Connect” on the phone.
  • After the connection is completed, which may take several minutes, the application will display the “Connected” status. In some cases, you may need to confirm pairing on your watch by tapping the icon on its screen.

After pairing, time and date are automatically synchronized. Also, the watch interface will automatically be translated into English or the language of the phone, if supported.

Why connect Smartwatch to your phone?

And why bother to connect a smart watch to a phone, are they already “smart”? Most watches without connecting to a smartphone are, in fact, just a fashion accessory that does not even show the time. There are, of course, some models with a SIM card that can be used completely independently of the smartphone, but there are much fewer of them than the “classic” Smart-watches.

After connecting to a smartphone, many useful functions open, for example:

  • Call and message notifications from phone to watch.
  • Reject or mute the volume on a call.
  • Controlling your phone’s music player.
  • Remote camera control.
  • Phone search.
  • Detailed statistics on various activity parameters (sleep duration, number of steps taken, calories burned, etc.).
  • Tracking the location of the watch (especially useful if the watch is worn by a child or elderly person).

Connection app

Regardless of the watch or phone model, before connecting, you need to perform actions common to all devices: read the instructions supplied with the device, check the charge level of both devices and, if necessary, charge the equipment.

The next step is to download the application to your smartphone. Information about which application is being used can be found in the instructions. Also, usually, the instructions contain a QR code for downloading the required application. Depending on the operating system of the smartphone, the application is downloaded from the Play Market (for smartphones running ANDROID) or from the App Store (for iPhone).

The most commonly used applications by manufacturer can be seen in the table:

Manufacturer Application Name
Xiaomi MiFit
Amazfit Amazfit
Huawei Huawei Health
Samsung Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Galaxy Watch)
Garmin Garmin Connect
Fitbit Fitbit
Fossil, Mobvoi, Disel, etc. Wear OS by Google
Kids smart watch SeTracker, SeTracker 2, SeTracker 3

Connecting to iPhone

Apple Watch and iPhone owners usually have no pairing issues at all. You don’t need to download any applications to connect them. Apple took care of its customers and posted detailed illustrated instructions on how to set up and connect a wearable gadget on the tech support forum. You can go to it by this link.

The process of connecting a watch from another manufacturer to an iPhone is practically the same as connecting to ANDROID-based smartphones, which we described above. Unless applications are downloaded from the App Store, and not from the Play Store.

The connection steps are as follows:

  • Turn on the Apple Watch and put it on your hand. To turn on, you need to press and hold the button on the right side of the case until the company logo appears on the screen.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on both devices.
  • We bring the watch to the phone. The message “Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch” should appear on the screen. Click “Continue”. If this message does not appear, you need to open the Apple Watch program and select the “Create a pair” item.
  • We point the phone camera at the watch screen and wait for a message about a successful connection.
  • Register a wrist device via Apple ID.
  • If your watch is not up to date with the latest software, you will be prompted to update watchOS. There will also be a proposal to create a password for Apple Pay. But, this step is optional and you can skip it.
  • Setting up Apple Watch following the prompts.
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How to connect a smartwatch to a phone: instructions for Android and iOS

Since you have already started reading this article, it is probably not worth explaining what a Smart watch is, what it is for and how it works. Most likely, you have already become the proud owner of a smart gadget and now want to connect it to your phone. How to do it? We will try to explain in detail and step by step how to connect a Smartwatch to a phone based on Android and iOS.

How to connect children’s smart watch to the phone

Most models of children’s watches have a SIM card slot. It is needed to monitor the location of the child and for constant communication with him. Therefore, manipulations with the SIM card will be added to all standard actions.

First of all, it is worth checking the operation of the card on the phone, and only then installing it in the watch. It is also recommended to turn off the PIN check and make sure that it has a positive balance. Now let’s move on to the connection:

  • Insert a SIM card into the watch.
  • Turn on the clock.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on both devices.
  • Download and install the required application on the phone. Most manufacturers recommend SeTracker, SeTracker 2 or SeTracker 3. It is desirable to make the first connection through the “native” program, and only then you can install any other, for example, “Where are my children”, “KidsControl”, etc.
  • We launch the application and go through the registration. To do this, step by step indicate the license code (located on the back of the watch), login, child’s name, phone number for password recovery, password and password confirmation.
  • We set up the clock following our instructions.

Find more detailed manuals for specific watch models in the “Instructions” section.

How to connect smartphone to LG smart TV

There are several ways to connect your smartphone to your LG Smart TV. The article details two of the most common. Other methods are either no longer available or are used very rarely.

Connecting your phone to a TV via USB

To connect via the USB port on your TV, you need a cable that you usually use to charge your smartphone. In general, it connects in the same way as you connect to a computer in order to drop the necessary media files there.

One end of the wire should have a USB 2.0 Type-A plug, and the other end of the wire should have a plug that fits into your phone. It can be microUSB or miniUSB or whatever, depending on your brand and phone model.

Insert one end of the wire into the phone and the other into the TV through the usb connector. If the connection is valid, the device is connected appears on the TV. In turn, a pop-up window with connection options will appear on your phone. For charging, for example, or for transferring files and images. Choose the second option.

Now, using the Photos app from the bottom row of the app on your Smart TV screen, you can view your phone’s content. Please note this type of connection is intended only for playing media content from a smartphone to a TV.

How to connect phone to LG Smart TV via HDMI

This connection is used very rarely, but we must touch on it. It uses a special cable and possibly an additional adapter. One end of the cable uses an HDMI plug that plugs into a SIMilar jack on your TV, and the other end of the cable uses a plug from your port on your phone. As a rule, this wire is difficult to find, so let’s move on to the most common type of connection. via Wi-Fi

Connecting smartphone to LG Smart TV via Wi-Fi Direct

To play content from a smartphone on a TV, you can use the built-in TV functionality. connecting the device to a TV via Wi-fi direct. This technology allows you to connect other devices via a wireless communication channel without using a router.

  • Check if the Wi-Fi direct function is available on the smartphone
  • Enable this function in the smartphone setup menu
  • Go to the settings in the “Network” section and then to the Wi-Fi direct section
  • Turn on content sharing

Wi-Fi direct is not an application, but a feature in modern mobile phones. If your smartphone does not support this function, then it is not possible to use it. The connection speed matches the normal Wi-Fi connection.

Once connected, you can view content from devices using the Photos and or Music applications on your TV.

How to connect phone to TV via Wi-Fi LG smart TV

This is the most popular and SIMplest connection, and through it you can do the following.

  • Play content from a smartphone on a TV
  • Display the smartphone screen on the Smart TV screen or otherwise. screen sharing
  • Control your TV using it as a remote control

details about each method of connecting your phone to your LG Smart TV via Wi-Fi can be found in the “Connection Manager”, which is located in the bottom row of applications on the main screen of Smart TV.

The official LG TV Remove app is used to watch content from a smartphone on the TV. Once connected, you can view content such as pictures or music from Smart devices on your TV. How to download and install it, you can read the article “How to control LG smart TV from your phone”

Once connected, an icon with the device name will appear on the Smart TV home screen on the right side of the screen. If you make it active using the remote control and pressing “OK”, the link “Content sharing” will appear. By clicking on it, a screen with the contents of the phone will open. Images and other media content will be presented. You can close this screen using the cross in the right corner of the screen.

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The link will appear if your smartphone is active. If the phone goes into sleep mode. a splash screen appears, the link will not appear.

Also in the LG TV Remove application itself in the menu you can find the item “Content on the mobile” By going to it, all media files, distributed by sections, will open. By selecting the desired image or you can display it for playback on the TV screen.

Via bluetooth

Often modern TV models are equipped with Bluetooth. With this function, you can make a wireless connection between the devices.

You can connect acoustics via Bluetooth if the speakers also have such an option. In the TV menu, you need to find this function and activate the device search. Then select the desired item, and the sound will go to the speaker.

Connection methods

There are several ways to connect speakers to a TV device. Each option is suitable for a specific type of speaker system. The method varies depending on the model and TV. Next, we will consider possible options for connecting acoustics. Note that for maximum sound effect, you have to figure out the acoustics settings. This type of equipment offers quite wide functionality to users.

Types of inputs and connectors on LG TVs

Initially, you need to understand what outputs are present on the TV. Only then can the acoustics be connected.

In the production of modern TVs, types of audio and TV connectors are used, due to which you can connect different acoustics for watching television:

  • tulip (RCA);
  • line-out;
  • headset or headphone jack.
  • HDMI ARC port.

The first option is used to connect active speakers that have a built-in amplifier. Variants # 2-3 are used if the device does not have special connectors. That is, the speakers are connected to the built-in amplifier in the TV.

The HDMI ARC application is ideal for newer technology. For example, a home cinema audio system with high quality sound.

RCA connector

Tulips are considered the most popular TV connectors, regardless of manufacturer. South Korean brand LG is no exception. Using this port, you can also connect speakers. There are several options.

If there is no RCA output on the speaker, most likely there is a 3.5 mm jack. Then you need a cord: RCA-TRS 3.5 mm. You can find such a cord without problems.

Now for the question of how to connect a subwoofer to an LG TV. It should be noted here that there are several types of subwoofers:

  • Active. The set includes a built-in amplifier with a power that allows you to remove the output load in the case of playing low-frequency sounds.
  • Passive. In this case, the emitter does not have a personal amplifier, which affects the load of the output stereo channels. Therefore, the sound volume is often reduced and the quality deteriorates. There is no panel with settings, which significantly complicates the process of placing the subwoofer.

The active buffer is connected as follows:

  • A place for the device is selected.
  • Tulips are connected in accordance with the connectors on the TV case.
  • Setting up via the TV menu.

LG releases TV models with built-in automatic settings for syncing with different devices.

Connecting such a device has a convenient and intuitive interface. Even those who have not previously dealt with connecting a subwoofer should quickly figure out this process.

Whoever purchased a passive device can synchronize using a home theater or receiver. The characteristic features of this option are: labor intensity and low sound quality. The reason for the low quality is that it is not possible to correctly position the subwoofer near the TV. Observe polarity when connecting for high quality performance.

HDMI cable

Considering the question of high-quality sound and connecting acoustics, you need to consider the method with the HDMI ARC connector.

HDMI cable for TV is considered the most ideal option that can really preserve sound quality.
This method requires the TV to have a dedicated HDMI ARC output.

This connection method is suitable for complex equipment, modern home cinemas, professional receivers. The result is high quality sound with preserved volume and effects. This is only provided that the speakers of the system will meet the specified requirements.

Line Inputs

When your TV model is equipped with line outputs for connecting speakers, you can use the usual contacts: and. This option is suitable for computer speakers or home theater.

It is required to carefully examine the back of the device, if there are two holes with terminals (red and black) on it. these are the line outputs.

You only need to connect the wires according to the colors:

  • . red.
  • Is black.

The sound will appear immediately if everything is connected correctly.

How to properly connect speakers with a subwoofer to your LG TV

Modern technology, regardless of direction, is distinguished by expanded functionality. As practice shows, HD technologies are produced with primitive speakers, as a result of which even owners of expensive TV models cannot enjoy the sound effects as much as possible.

This sound is enough for watching entertainment programs, movies and news. When it comes to surround sound, you need to additionally connect speakers to the TV. As a result, you can get a really high-quality result.

Next, let’s take a look at how to connect speakers to your LG TV. There are several options, and it is important to choose the best TV device for your model.


Of course, many do not connect speakers to TV if they are satisfied with the sound. If you like surround sound when watching thrillers, action movies, then choose the most suitable option for yourself.