How To Connect Laptop To TV Via Wire

Via VGA connector

Connectivity in this way is available for many laptops. However, on TVs it is found on the contrary, very rarely.

Look at the back of your TV. If there is a vga connector, then in this case you can connect using the SIMplest cable that connects to the TV screen from a personal computer.

If you find that, unfortunately, there is no such connector, then in this case you will need to use special adapters to connect to the TV. Among them are VGA HDMI or VGA scart. Also, there are other varieties that you will acquire, focusing on your own preferences.

There is one more essential feature of such a connection. It lies in the fact that the connectors provide only signal transmission. At the same time, in order to transfer sound from your laptop to the speakers built into the TV, you will need to purchase a special additional cable.

How To Connect Laptop To TV Via Wire

This connection is used to view photos on a large screen, as well as presentations without sound. At the same time, the resolution here is not the most tempting, only 1600 by 1200.

At the same time, such a resolution will be ideal for pastime in games. After all, here you can play the game with headphones, which means that the need to install an additional cable is eliminated.

SIMilar connectors are found not only in laptops, but also in many TVs. And in order to enjoy your favorite movie, peering into the small screen, connect the device to the TV using VGA.

The advantages of this method include high resolution, ease of connection, as well as the presence of an interface in many laptop models.

The main disadvantage is that you need additional wires to transmit sound.

Another drawback is associated with the fact that not all TVs are equipped with such a connector.

However, despite all of the above, this is the optimal solution that can compete with HDMI in its practicality.

Ways to set up your TV and laptop

It is very important to make all the necessary settings so that the TV and computer work as one whole, a single organism. At the same time, the setup process may differ slightly, depending on which models are specifically in question.

  • First, we will carry out the program setting of the TV.
  • To do this, you need to open the TV menu using the remote control.
  • You need to select the input through which the laptop was connected.
  • Some TV models immediately show you the name of the input on the screen, while others, you need to choose it yourself.
  • Activate the input, after which you will be taken directly to the desktop of your laptop, which will now be displayed on the TV screen.
  • If, for some reason, you have to adjust the connection manually, you must resort to a different aLGorithm. You need to select the VGA interface, go to the menu and check the box where there are functions of a personal computer.

Setting up the laptop is carried out immediately after connecting the cable.

  • On the keyboard, you need to press the combination win p.
  • This will open a menu that will show the possibility of an active connection.
  • You need to select the required option, after which all changes will already take effect.
  • At the same time, there are 4 modes of software settings for all connected devices.

Choose the one that you think is optimal for yourself.

DVI adapter

This cable is also not much different from hdmi. The DVI interface is a modern digital connector that also provides good audio and quality. However, there are problems with this method. Unfortunately, not every TV, and also not every laptop has a corresponding connector. Therefore, it is likely that you will have to purchase a special adapter adapter.

The advantage of this method is the SIMplest possible connection.

Full HD image viewing capability.

The disadvantage is the connector rarely found on laptops.

When a laptop is connected, the user can watch content, the resolution of which will be Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels.

In this case, the specifics of the connection will not change depending on the manufacturer of the equipment. This means that you can easily synchronize a laptop, for example, from Toshiba, and a TV, for example, from samsung.

It should be noted that some modern devices are equipped with a special digital interface, which is very different from the existing standard cable connectors and has an increased screen resolution of 2560 by 1600.

Important! However, despite this nuance, the sound will have to be connected separately.

Features of connecting a laptop to TV

Why is it necessary to connect a laptop to a TV? There are many reasons for this.

  • Now you can display images and files on a large screen.
  • It is necessary to connect a laptop to a TV to organize a presentation.
  • For communication via Skype, as well as other communication services.
  • Most often, a TV is required in order to reproduce from a laptop on a large screen and with a good resolution. This makes watching movies a real pleasure.

But how do you sync your laptop with a large screen? Is it possible to just buy a TV equipped with Smart TV right away? Or purchase a special android set-top box that will broadcast the materials you need?

In fact, all these methods are fundamental, and if you need to connect two devices here and now, there are only a few ways. Despite the complexity of the technological process, it is quite SIMple to make the connection, however, it is necessary to assess in advance what interfaces and functionality of the devices are available to you.

Other ways

Another way is to use a wireless monitor. This opportunity is intended for Internet surfing, viewing photos. listening to music. If we talk about active games, then the delay will be noticeable to the naked eye, after which minor lags will be noticeable.

Most often, this opportunity is realized thanks to the Micro Card system. At the same time, the laptop must run on the latest generation intel platform. Unfortunately, no other platforms are currently supported.

Also, it remains possible to connect two devices via bluetooth, but only on condition that the devices are equipped with such technology. You can learn more about this function in the instructions for the devices.

HDMI connection

Connecting to a TV using an HDMI cable is the easiest and most convenient way. The vast majority of TVs are equipped with a connector for an HDMI cable. The main snag is the presence of the wire itself, which, unfortunately, does not go in the basic configuration to either a TV or a laptop.

The main advantage of the HDMI connection method is not only because of the SIMplicity of the process. This method also allows you to transfer the image to the TV screen in its maximum resolution, so projecting on the screen in this way is not only easy, but also pleasant, as you will get real pleasure from viewing.

What are the advantages of this method?

  • Every laptop and every TV has an HDMI connector.
  • Connection is as SIMple as possible.
  • The cable is absolutely available for everyone to purchase.
  • You will not have a question how to connect sound, because the cord transmits it too.
  • You can view files in Full HD resolution.

There is only one drawback of this method. Very often, the cord spoils the aesthetic appearance, but there is no getting away from it.

So, look for the HDMI cable connector on the back of your TV. If it suddenly happens that there is no such connector (this only happens if you are trying to use a very old technique), you will have to purchase an additional adapter.

On the other hand, the cable is inserted into a special connector on the laptop.

Next, you need to properly configure the connection. You must connect via a laptop. To do this, select the “screen resolution” context menu button by SIMply clicking on the desktop. Open a special window in which you need to choose an acceptable way for you to use an additional monitor in the form of a TV. Several options will appear in front of you.

  • For example, use two screens at once as the only space.
  • The TV will act as a second monitor, which means that you can work and watch a movie at the same time.
  • You will be offered to clone or duplicate a picture, which means that on the TV screen you will receive exactly the same image as on the monitor screen.
  • Also, perhaps your laptop will offer additional options.
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Select the resolution that will be broadcast on the screen. Maximum 1920 x 1080 pixels

Setting up the TV is also carried out according to a certain aLGorithm. You need to open the software menu and there already put a checkmark in front of the required signal source. You need to select the HDMI connector to which your cable was connected. This completes the preparatory steps and you can enjoy watching TV.


An adapter is required, as laptops, unfortunately, are not equipped with such a connector.

Also, it is possible to connect to a laptop using VGA and SCART at the same time. It should be remembered that SCART will be used for old TV models, therefore, for new models it is preferable to give the choice of hdmi.

All ways to connect a laptop to a TV

We are witnesses of how computer technology is developing rapidly and purposefully. There are more and more new devices that make it easier for us to obtain information, as well as improve the quality of its presentation and processing.

If we look at a modern laptop, we will be surprised how many functions this device combines. In addition, it has a sufficient number of connectors, which means it can easily integrate with other devices. How to connect laptop to TV? This question is asked by many people who want to display media files from a laptop to a TV. In this article we will try to answer this question.


One of the main advantages of the digital interface is its absolute versatility. Fortunately, the SCART connector is found on older TVs and laptops as well as brand new formats. The output will provide not only high-quality image transmission, but also sound. However, in order to use this type of connection, you will need a special adapter cable, as laptops will not be equipped with such a connector.

  • These include versatility.
  • At the same time, the audio cord will be included in the basic package.

How to connect a computer to a TV via USB?

There are situations when the computer does not have an HDMI audio output. Or do you have an Apple laptop from one of the previous generations? Also, this problem is inherent in monoblock type PCs, where a SIMple interface for a TV or a second monitor, alas, is often absent. This is where USB comes in. universal computer interface, which any PC is endowed with in abundance. You can connect to it like mice, flash drives, printers, cameras and other peripherals, and TVs, projectors, monitors, which, in fact, will be discussed below.

Advice: if your computer or mobile device has no free or no ports for connecting the screen, and there is no USB. it doesn’t matter, you can “enter” through the “back door”.

Let’s make a reservation right away that the article is designed for the most common USB standard today. 2.0, in turn, this will work for USB3.0 as well, but will not work for USB version 1. Here are the connectors that should be on a candy bar or laptop to connect the screen via USB:

Let’s consider two possible solutions: wired and wireless. both work according to the same principle: a program is installed in the system that creates a virtual card and a sound card, and then output with sound from these devices is made through the universal USB bus to a device that can decode these signals.

Wired solutions

A wired solution is a module that connects with a wire to a computer and, on the other hand, connects to a TV, projector or monitor, as well as audio speakers or headphones. Windows, Mac, Linux and even some Android systems automatically recognize the device and install drivers on it. You can also force the driver to be installed from the manufacturer’s website, such as DisplayLink. You can view and select a suitable adapter here.

If you are a fan of gadgets and are ready to transfer to TV only files that it can play on its own from a USB flash drive connected to it, then we cannot fail to mention the exotic solution, a USB-USB cable with a special controller. It SIMulates a USB flash drive for TV on the one hand, on the other hand, it is connected to a computer and “set” on the folder with media files of your choice. Thus, the TV “sees” these files as if on a connected USB flash drive, although in reality this is not the case. The decision is rather controversial, especially in the list of supported operating systems at the moment only Windows, and then, the “shaggy” version. If you are interested in such a “miracle of technology”, write in the comments, we have it.

Wireless solutions

Wireless solutions use a unique wireless USB standard, a broadband radio interface that is completely transparent to the computer. Here our exclusive product U-140A takes a monopoly position.
Compact, easy to install and fast-acting kit, its tiny transmitter connects to your computer and is virtually invisible in it:

Both desktops, laptops and mobile devices are supported! The receiving part is connected to a monitor, TV or projector in any way, via HDMI and / or VGA, the sound is output both to HDMI and to the minijack speaker / headphone jack.
This is wireless mode. But the device can also work in wired mode. Just connect the receiver to your computer directly and WOOA-LA! A kind of universal harvester for all types of connection:

The performance of the device is at the level: excellent “pulls” the FullHD resolution, works without delays, is resistant to interference.

The assembly is carried out in South Korea, so you can rest assured about the quality. information about the U-140A can be found on its page and also from the review:

Through the “tulips”

When it comes to connecting through “tulips”, you need to understand that this means RCA and S-interfaces, which today are found only on old equipment. over, laptops with this connectivity have practically gone out of circulation, so special converters and adapters are indispensable. It is also necessary to understand that outdated technology of a high-quality picture will not give.

RCA has three connectors: yellow for signal, and white and red for two-channel stereo. The easiest way in this case is to use a VGA adapter capable of connecting to a laptop.

Having connected the switched off devices to each other, you need to turn on the devices and select the signal playback via RCA / S-using the TV remote control. At this time on the laptop, the screen resolution is set to not exceeding 640×480, after which it is better to restart the device.

Why do you need?

Most often, a laptop is connected to a TV to display a photo or image on a large screen. For example, this can be useful for collective viewing of photos or holding a home cinema marathon. The connection between TV and laptop is also created for organizing presentations and conferences, as well as communication in programs such as Skype. Of course, avid gamblers will like to do what they love on the big screen.

Connection methods

The ability to connect a laptop to a TV in several ways allows you to successfully solve the problem with minimal costs. The most common is the connection using an HDMI cable. This interface has the ability to transfer digital data with high quality HD resolution and higher, as well as multi-stream copy-protected audio signals. over, today the HDMI connector is present in almost all TVs and laptops. from 15-inch to 100-inch screens. A regular HDMI cable has SIMilar connectors on both sides.

You can buy a cable with a length of less than a meter, a meter, a length of 1.5 meters, 2 meters, 2.5 meters, 3, 5 and 10 meters. You can connect a TV and a laptop with each other only when both devices are off. Lack of power at this point saves HDMI connectors from burning. By inserting both ends of the cable into the corresponding jacks, you can turn on the TV and use the remote to select HDMI as the playback channel.

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The next step is to connect the laptop. When the operating system is loaded, the TV screen will display the current state of the computer screen. By right-clicking on a blank section of the desktop, you will need to select the “Display Settings” section, and then go to the “Multiple Displays” tab.

Another fairly common way is to connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. that is, create a wired or wireless Internet connection. When choosing Wi-Fi, the user does not even have to deal with additional cords. In both cases, the image will have the highest quality, it will be possible to SIMultaneously transmit both sound and. in addition, it will be possible to work with files stored on a laptop directly from the TV.

The essence of the connection is that both the TV and the laptop are SIMultaneously connected to the router, after which the control is carried out using a regular remote control. The TV can be connected to the router using a cable or via Wi-Fi, the same can be said about a laptop.


Despite the fact that many modern TV models have a USB input, it is not suitable for direct connection of a laptop. However, the same connector on the laptop can solve the problem. It is impossible to connect the USB port to the USB port, but you can do this using a special external USB card that can convert the signal coming from the computer to HDMI or VGA. Instead of a converter, you can also use a device called Q-Waves Wireless USB AV and is used for wireless signal transmission.

Both devices can only be used if the laptop has a USB 3.0 port.

To create a connection, the USB cable is connected to the laptop on one side and to the converter on the other side. Next, a double HDMI cable is attached to the same gadget, the other end of which is already connected to the TV.

To configure, you will need to turn on the TV, press the button on the remote called “Input” or “Source”, and then, in the menu that opens, assign the HDMI port as a signal source. On a laptop, in the meantime, you can change the resolution and adjust the display mode.


It is possible to connect a laptop to the TV via a DVI cable, but only if the personal device has an appropriate connector. Usually the required output is available on stationary computers, but laptops are far from always equipped with it. However, to connect two devices via a DVI cable, you can use a special adapter DVI-VGA or HDMI-DVI.

The specificity of the connection does not change depending on the brands of equipment used. The disadvantage is just the rarity of using the connector on laptops, as well as the impossibility of sound transmission.

The length of the connecting cable is not limited by anything, but it should be remembered that a DVI cable less than 10.5 meters is capable of transmitting digital data at a resolution of 1920×1200, while a length of more than 15 meters ensures normal transmission of only 1280×1024 pixel images.

Some modern models go on sale with a Dual Link DVI-I interface. It allows you to watch at 2560×1600 pixels, but requires a separate audio connection. It should also be remembered that the DVI-A specification is only responsible for analog transmission, DVI-I handles analog and digital transmission, while DVI-D is only capable of handling digital signal.

DVI-D to DVI-D will work either way, and DVI-I to DVI-D only works through a cable connection with DVI-D connectors. You can connect DVI-D and DVI-I with a DVI-D cable. DVI-A with DVI-D likely won’t work at all.

In general, any connection is carried out as follows: the equipment is turned off and connected to each other using a cable. Then, using the remote control, the used connection channel is selected, and after that the laptop turns on. If the image is not displayed on the screen, then you need to go to the “Screen settings” menu, then select the “Detect” function.

How to connect laptop to TV via cable?

Displaying an image from a laptop on a large TV screen greatly SIMplifies many tasks. The implementation of this procedure is possible in several ways.


In the event that the TV is equipped with a VGA output, you just need to purchase the most common cable and connect both devices. In a situation where the required connector is missing, you will need to purchase an adapter. It is accepted to use VGA-HDMI or VGA-Scart. Since VGA is only responsible for signal transmission, you will have to purchase an additional cable to transmit sound.

In principle, this cable is more recommended for viewing photographic images or general presentations on a large LCD screen. The maximum resolution in this case is 1600×1200 pixels. It will also be convenient to play games with headphones.

An unambiguous advantage of connecting with a VGA cable is a fairly wide resolution, SIMple operation and the presence of this interface on many laptops. The disadvantages, as mentioned above, include the need for an additional cable for sound and the likelihood of the lack of an interface on the TV.

Typical problems

When viewing recordings on a large screen, many users are faced with the fact that there is an image, but there is no sound. Most often, this is solved only by purchasing and connecting an additional cable for transmitting an audio signal, since the cable used does not have the ability to transmit sound.

However, the HDMI cable should do this, so the lack of sound should be eliminated quickly and easily. Start by right-clicking on the sound icon located on the notification bar and selecting the “Playback devices” section. Next, the required TV is found in the list, right-clicked on it and the “Use as default” item is activated.

In the case when the TV does not see, and therefore does not display data from the laptop, you can “dig” into the settings of the latter. Having found the “Display Settings”, you need to designate the additional monitor in them, and then use the “Expand” function. Also, it will be possible to set the supported resolution of the second monitor.

In the next, you can watch the process of connecting a laptop to a TV using a VGA cable.

How can I connect a laptop to a TV using a DisplayPort cable

DisplayPort technology can be said to be the newest, only a very small number of devices have such inputs so far. it is a competitor to HDMI technology, although it was developed to replace DVI.

If you find a DisplayPort input in your laptop or TV, then feel free to take up this connection. the signal quality is excellent. DisplayPort looks like this:

How to connect a laptop to a TV

With a large TV and laptop with a small screen, many people want to connect them.

Before moving on to the description of how to connect a laptop to a TV, a little theory that will definitely benefit you.

Connecting a TV to a laptop is absolutely independent of the models. It can be like LG, Samsung TV. PanaSonyk (regular, analog, old) and a laptop from Sony, Acer, Samsung, HP or Asus. the technologies are the same.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the inputs and outputs on the TV and laptop. this is the most important stage.

If you even have a Smart TV with Wi-Fi support, you can only connect the Internet without a cable.

You won’t be able to play games, and the standard Smart TV browser itself is poor, and writing from the remote is inconvenient.

So, we look at the inputs and outputs. The best are HDMI and DisplayPort. they are the same “new” and accept, transmit the highest quality image and sound, and only one such cable is enough.

The dimensions of the HDMI cable for connecting a TV to a laptop are different: from 1 meter to 30. This is an important point, because if the TV screen is large, then sitting close, you will not see anything.

Also note that if there is no input or output you need in a laptop or TV to connect, you can always do it by using an adapter or combo cable: HDMI. DVI, DVI. VGA, mini HDMI. HDMI, DisplayPort. DVI, DisplayPort. HDMI and so on.

How to connect laptop to TV via vga cable

Old TV can be connected to laptop via VGA cable, this technology is not very good quality.

You can of course use an adapter, but this will not improve the quality. The vga input is used for analog (conventional) signals.

Only when you connect a laptop to a TV via a vga cable, there is one thing. you will not have sound, you will need another cable. sound, as in the picture below.

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VDI technology behaves much better. it is a digital option. Please note that if the vga input is not available on both devices (laptop and TV), then you can use a combined cable or adapter to connect.

How can I connect a laptop to a TV using a DVI cable

DVI technology is of higher quality than VGA, it is digital. Today there are a large number of combo cables and adapters having one end with a vdi head.

Therefore, if you have, for example, a TV with a dvi input, and a laptop with hdmi, then you can safely use such a connection by using a combined cable or adapter (some modern TVs are sold with an HDMI cable, for example Samsung. in LG no).

To see if you have a dvi input, see below what it looks like.

How to set up your laptop and TV to connect

As soon as you connect the TV to the laptop with a cable, first make the settings on the TV, namely: tell him which connection to use.

In old TVs, there is no such function, only in new ones. For example, in LG it looks like this:

Now let’s set up the laptop. Click on any free space on the laptop desktop with the right mouse button or touchpad.

A menu will appear. Click on the line “screen resolution”. In theory, if there is a physical connection between the TV and the laptop, then you should immediately see the second monitor, if it is not there, then click “find”.

When it appears (second monitor), select one of two options: “duplicate these screens” (the image will be on the laptop and TV) and “display only desktop 2” (only TV will work).

Also, opposite the line “screen” specify the parameter you need. That’s not all. there may be no sound on the TV.

Then right-click on the “speaker” icon on the taskbar and click on the line “playback devices”.

A window will appear in which you should see your “box”. Select it, click “apply” and “OK” at the bottom (you can turn off other speakers).

That’s all. This description can be said to be universal, so it is possible that you have problems during the connection process. there are enough nuances.

Sometimes you might need to customize the map. To do this, be sure to download the latest version of the card driver and, opening it, make the required changes in the section Installing multiple displays.

How this is done in NVidia, see the picture above. I have one laptop without changes in the manual mode of the card settings to TV did not connect.

Today, there are thousands of different models of TV and laptop computers on sale (you can also connect a tablet, a smartphone).

Therefore, the standard connection option sometimes may not work. you have to experiment, especially with old models.

Nevertheless, the problem can always be solved. Problems will arise. write in the comments. here answers usually appear quickly, sometimes instantly. Success.

How can I connect a laptop to a TV using an HDMI cable

Every modern laptop and TV has an HDMI output for transmitting high-definition and high-quality digital signals including sound.

This means that using an HDMI cable, you can connect a TV and a laptop. What is his view, see the picture below.

HDMI inputs in TV and laptop look like this (see below):

Some modern TVs immediately come with an HDMI cable (they are not cheap), and how to set up a laptop will be described at the end of the post.

  • You can find out about the for adapters and cables by clicking here.

Once connected, the image and sound of the laptop will be output to the TV. The picture of the image will be clear, and the sound without distortion.


Hello. Tell me how to change the size of the TV screen.

Not all the same, but something like this: enter the menu and go to the screen mode tab, then select the desired one (4: 3,! 6: 9, etc.). On modern TVs, the screen size can be set to any height and width.

Good afternoon! Tell me if you can do this: so that, for example, after connecting a TV cable with a laptop, turn on cartoons and they are displayed on only TV. and on a laptop at this time, for example, play or do other things.

No, you can’t do this, the TV can only act as an understudy.

I want to connect my HP Compaq 7900SFF E8400 to my LG 32lh2010 TV. The computer has an Intel GMA X4500 card. True Displayport only output.
I tried to connect. True, for some reason it did not work out right away. I tried to connect Apacer first, then again. Everything worked out. When connected, there is an image, there is no sound. There is only on the computer itself. There is a TV in the computer settings, though only as a monitor. As an audio device, no. Only computer speakers. I reinstalled the drivers several times. Everything was downloaded from the home site of the Intel card. No use.
I’m trying to connect a 3.5mm stereo jack to a 3.5mm stereo jack via sound. Does not help. The sound disappears on the computer, as expected, but not on the TV. I haven’t tried the speakers, but I hope there shouldn’t be any problems. But I would like the sound on TV.
Can someone help solve the problem. I don’t even know what is the reason.
1 Cable. The cable is old. But how to check.
2. Displayport adapter. He’s new. In addition, the image is.
3.The card itself.
Don’t know how to try to fix:
1. Can try to connect via DVI adapter. Will there be any sense from this, except where on the computer to include. As I understand it through the VGA monitor connector. Hopefully right. Will only help.
2. Change the card. But will it make sense. Output is only Displayport.
If anyone had SIMilar problems, write. Thanks in advance.

After connecting the cable, you need a TV, set the default device in the sound settings and according to the instructions everything should work.
If everything is connected, but there is no sound, then the problem may be with the cable or adapter (it worked once for me when the HDMI cable outputs were swapped).
You have no choice but to experiment. The problem will be solved much easier if you are 100% sure that everything is OK with the cable and adapter.

I connected the laptop to the TV via an HDMI cable, the laptop screen went out, but the picture was not transmitted to the TV. I disconnect the cable from the laptop but the screen does not light up. You have to force restart your laptop. Tell me what the problem is

Try to swap the cable entries. If after disconnecting the cable, the screen is black, try the keyboard shortcut: Windows (Image of the logo key) P.

Hello. on laptop vga input. HDMI input on the TV.

In this case, you can connect the TV to a laptop via an HDMI to VGA adapter.

In the HP G7000 laptop there is only a VGA and USB port on an LG 580 TV, the same VGA port does not see the beech when connecting the telly, although it indicates that the port is active, I tried to change the purity on the beech, everything is useless; the cord is good, what is the reason, tell me

The drivers on the card of the latest version are?

Not in the know, maybe not, the beech was inherited, so to speak, but what is necessary for the latest version? And where to get them?

In my version of Windows xp, after all the manipulations, something does not come out of the graph of the installation manager and no where I can not find it

I do not remember. With XP I don’t have a single computer. I can’t see it. Was on one laptop, but recently stopped the top ten. Can someone else give advice.

Okay, I’ll think to look for something

Hello, tell me if you wrote, your computer cannot transfer an image to another screen. Try reinstalling the driver or using a different adapter. What to do?

Try to update the card driver, or rather download and install the latest version from the card manufacturer’s website. There are two of them; Nvidia and Radeon.