How to connect IPTV to Smart TV

Preparatory stage

  • An agreement with the operator on connecting the service (it is not free, but available at a cost). By the way, after his conclusion, you will be able to access free content.
  • A special application for watching IP TV channels. Installed in the TV. Most of these programs do not require payment.

On the first point, I think, no explanations are needed, but with one of the popular and freely distributed IPTV programs. Simple Smart IPTV (or SS IPTV), let’s get to know better. Using her example, we will master the installation of IP-television.

How to install IPTV on LG and Samsung smart TVs

Each TV box has its own nuances and tricks. Today we’ll talk about how to install IPTV on Smart TVs of the most common brands. LG and Samsung, and how to load playlists into it.


  • Open the main TV menu and go to the “Smart Features”.
  • In the right half of the window, select the option “Samsung Account”.

Next, you need to set a password. This is where the first differences appear:

  • For E Series devices, enter any 6 characters in this field.
  • On H and F series TVs, leave it blank.

After confirming the registration, return to the “Smart Features” menu and click “Open Smart Hub”.

  • At the bottom of the application window, click “Advanced. applications “.
  • On the next screen, open “Options” and select “IP setting”.
  • In the window that appears, type in the server IP address Use the numeric keypad to enter (the screen does not work here).
  • Next, enter the “Options” menu again and click “Synchronize user applications” (on models of some series, the option is called so, on others. “StartAppSync”).
  • After synchronization, the SS-IPTV icon will appear in the “Additional Applications” section.

To watch IP TV, simply launch the program, find your provider in the list of service providers and download a playlist. By the way, in addition to the preset playlists, you can use your own.

Install Simple Smart IPTV

  • Open LG Smart World in a computer browser and download the program archive, then unpack and save it to a flash drive.
  • Connect the USB flash drive to TV.
  • Open the Smart feed (by clicking “Home”) and go to “My Apps”.
  • Click on the USB icon, that is, select the USB flash drive as the source for installing programs.
  • After opening the folder, click on the Simple Smart IPTV icon. The application will be installed in the TV memory.

Loading playlists

S imple Smart IPTV gives users the ability to download playlists both from the program’s website (internal) and from any other sources (external). You can have as many second ones as you like and do whatever you want with them. edit, transfer to friends, put them in free access, etc.

Custom playlists are stored in the Settings section and are displayed as tiles on the screen. When you click on the tile at the bottom of the screen, a list of its TV channels opens.

To download external (third-party) playlists, go to the “Content” section and open the sub-heading of the same name. To download a selection to your TV, select it in the list and click “Add”. Give your sheet a meaningful name and click Save.

To load an internal playlist, open the General section in Settings and click the Get Code button. The application will generate a one-time password, which you will have to enter when downloading. It remains relevant for 1 day after generation.

Next, go to the SS IPTV website, open the “Playlist Editor” section, enter the code in the specified form and click “Add device”.

Next, open and save the document. After saving, a new tile with the name “My Playlist” will appear in the “Settings” section. This is what you just downloaded.

Using SS-IPTV as an example, it is easy to install other IPTV applications. The only differences will be in the address of the download server (on Samsung) and other minor details that you can easily figure out on your own.

Setting up IPTV on Android TV Box. step by step instructions

In recent years, TV Boxes running on the Android operating system have been rapidly gaining popularity. Their cost varies in a wide range, depending on the manufacturer and modification. Difficulties in settings rarely arise even for novice users, deep knowledge in the field of programming is not needed.

Which IPTV player is better to choose

The best programs for IPTV on an Android set-top box that can be downloaded on the Plat Market platform:

  • IPTV;
  • Lazy IPTV;
  • Kodi.

According to most people, the IPTV program is the most stable in work and causes the least difficulty in setting up.

It is also worth noting that the method of setting up an IPTV list for different providers may differ slightly. For some, the file is downloaded directly through the program, and in the second case, the sheet is installed using the input of a URL link. In the implementation of the second method, the user may have difficulties.

What is Android TV Boxing

Android TV Box is a TV set-top box that has access to the Internet, television, and you can also make calls from it. What options does the prefix give to its user:

  • watch almost all TV programs online without restrictions;
  • install various applications through the Play Market;
  • watch various media content (photo, video, audio);
  • perform any actions on the Internet, as from a regular computer;
  • make calls via Viber or Skype;
  • the ability to listen to radio and your favorite music in real time;
  • use office programs without having to turn on the PC.

The functionality of the console is quite extensive, provided that the cost for them is more than acceptable.

How to connect Android TV Box to TV

There are three ways to connect the set-top box to a Smart TV:

Setup Smart IPTV app on your smart tv less than 1 min unlock hidden channels SIPTV

  • using an adapter. HDMI converter;
  • via an ordinary HDMI cable;
  • via AV-cable (tulips).

Each connection method has its own characteristics.

Connecting via an ordinary HDMI cable is the simplest. The user needs to use a cable to connect the set-top box to the TV by inserting the cord into the appropriate connectors. After that, it is important not to forget to change the signal source in the TV settings. This can be done using the “Source” or “Input” buttons on the TV remote.

There are cases when the TV does not see the set-top box. It is recommended to try connecting the device to another TV to make sure it works. It is possible that the set-top box and the TV are simply incompatible.

Connecting Android set-top boxes to TV via HDMI cable

How IPTV works on Android TV Box

Many owners of newfangled devices are wondering how to watch IPTV on an Android set-top box. First, you need to study the issue of what is necessary for its correct operation. A novice user already has a TV set-top box on the Android operating system, its modifications do not matter.

To work IPTV for Android TV you will need:

  • A software component, that is, an application that needs to be installed on a set-top box to play channels.
  • Playlist with selected TV channels, which will need to be imported into the application, which was mentioned a little earlier.

You don’t have to purchase a playlist from your provider, you can find one of the free ones on the Internet. In essence, a playlist is a text document with a list of links where the TV channel is broadcasting online.

Important! Playlists must be downloaded to the internal memory of the set-top box, if you save a file to an external drive, the file will not be recognized by the device.

Installing an IPTV player on a set-top box with Android and on a Smart TV on Android

Since there are several player programs, there should also be several instructions for installing them. Each instruction should be considered in more detail.

First of all, you need to install the application on your TVBox through the Play market. Further, the step-by-step algorithm is shown as follows:

  • Launch the application on your TV, after which the “Add playlist” button is displayed on the screen, and you need to click on it.
  • Next, you need to select the used method of importing the playlist.
  • The address where the file is located can be entered manually, but it is very inconvenient to do this through the remote control. It is also worth mentioning the advantage of this method. the ability from the servers to update the file, therefore, the playlist.
  • Another way is to pre-download the file to the built-in memory storage and select from it. Additionally, the user must agree to access the program to the folders of the IPTV set-top box for Smart TV Android.
  • As soon as the file is loaded, a list of TV channels will be displayed on the TV screen, which are grouped by subject.
  • To make sure that the device can already be used, you need to play any channel.
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Setting up television channels in the IPTV program

From the player’s menu, while watching channels, you can call up the TV program guide, where you can study detailed information about a particular movie, program, etc. Information about the beginning and the end of the program is also displayed here.

To avoid unforeseen difficulties during the configuration process, you need to remove the old version of the program installed by the manufacturer. Then, from the Play Market using the internet, they download the Kodi application.

After downloading and installing, the application is launched. Further, a step-by-step instruction on how to set up IPTV on an Android set-top box looks like this:

  • The main screen of the program displays three large buttons, of which you need to click on “System”, then go to “Add-ons”.
  • In this section you need to go through the path: “Add-ons”. “My add-ons”. “PVR Clients”.
  • In the drop-down context menu, tap on the line “PVR IPTV Simple Client”, then “Configure”.
  • In the item “Location” you need to make active “Internet network (Remote path)” and enter the address of the file location where the playlist is stored.
  • The add-on is activated, the device needs to be rebooted to save all changes.

Kodi TV channels setup complete.


In this case, you also need to remove the factory program and install the Lazy IPTV application from the Play Store. After installation, the program is launched and a new sheet with TV channels is added. To do this, you need to click on the “” located in the upper corner on the right side.

The next step is for the user to select a method for adding an IPTV list (in this case, the method through the link will be considered). In the appropriate form, you must enter the link and click “Save” for the changes to take effect.

The setup is complete, through the set-top box you can display any TV channels on the TV screen.

Instructions for using the Lazy IPTV app

Setting up IPTV on an Android TV Box should not cause any difficulties for either ordinary or novice users. The instructions are as simple and straightforward as possible, the main thing is to follow all the above recommendations. It is also worth noting about the existence of a large number of different playlists, you should not download the first one that comes across.

Using Vintera TV

Another alternative application that allows you to watch IPTV on your LG TV. The multiscreen platform is designed for broadcasting and watching TV channels both for a fee and for free. You need to register on the official website, and you will get access to the full list of TV channels. A prerequisite is only the availability of high-speed Internet. Playlists can be independently added, removed and updated.

Review and configuration of applications for IPTV on LG Smart TV

The next step in the development of television was IPTV. in other words, interactive television. Today, IPTV accounts for only 12% of connections, but the direction is developing successfully, offering users more and more opportunities. Sticks from the antennas have practically disappeared from the roofs of houses, and soon satellite dishes will no longer be needed, because television will not control people, but a person will conquer it. Many well-known manufacturers produce TVs that support the new technology without any problems. For example, LG Smart TV for IPTV is great and establishes a stable connection for broadcasting TV programs in HD quality.

Setting up IPTV on LG Smart TV using applications

In order to use all IP-TV channels, you need to download and install a special application. However, before that, make sure that the TV-panel is connected to the Internet, and the owner is authorized under the LG account. Registration with LG Smart World is also required. Once set up, you will have access to the entire channel list. You can choose any of the applications below:

  • Simple Smart IPTV;
  • OTT Player;
  • Vintera TV;
  • Peers tv.

List of LG Models Supported IPTV

LG is one of the few leaders in the production of home appliances, keeping up with the times. The installation of LG Smart TV technology on the TV has become a new step in the development of TV-panels. With the help of a special operating system, the Internet has become more accessible and much brighter, richer and more detailed than on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. Thanks to Smart technology, a conventional TV has become a multifunctional device that provides not only entertainment, but also useful content. And most importantly, with the help of Smart technology, which is installed on all modern models of LG TVs, IPTV television has become more accessible.

With OTT Player

If you decide to use the OTT player to watch IPTV on Smart TV, then first you need to download and install it. After that, execute:

  • Register on the developer’s website
  • Download your favorite playlists and upload on your account page.
  • You can add, delete and update playlists on your account.
  • After all the manipulations, update the application and you can watch.

Using Simple Smart IPTV

Simple Smart IPTV application is one of the most popular because it has a user-friendly interface, fast installation and stable operation. The player differs from others in a set of functions. First, download the app and install it on your TV. It’s okay if you don’t know how to install the program. Smart technology will do everything on its own. Next, to start watching IPTV on LG TV, you need to:

  • Turn on the installed program and go to “Settings”.
  • Where the “General” tab is, in the “Connection code” point, click “Get code”. Be sure to write down the code that appears after that on the screen.
  • In the browser on TV, go to the site
  • Go to the “Users” section and then to the “Playlist Editor” item.
  • In an empty line, type the recorded code and click on “Add device”.

With the help of these manipulations, the TV registered on the site. Now you can download playlists that will immediately appear in the downloaded application on the TV panel. To make it easier to get to the channel list, the “My Playlist” folder will appear on the main screen. After each adding a new playlist, the application must be updated.

There is another option for adding a playlist (using a direct link):

  • Save the link to the playlist you like and go to the player’s website.
  • In the “External playlists” section in the “Source” field, enter the saved link.
  • Click “OK” and “Save”.
  • After that, go back to the application and update it.

What is IPTV

Interactive television is the broadcast of programs, broadcasts, shows, films and other things over the Internet. The only prerequisite for effective work is the availability of high-speed Internet. It is in this case that users will receive high-quality video in high definition. IPTV capabilities are not limited to video content broadcasting. With the help of the set-top box, you can record video to watch it later, rewind, pause and start the program again. In addition, you will not miss the next episode of your favorite series, as providers provide access to archived content that stores programs for the last 3-4 days.

It is most convenient to connect IPTV to LG Smart TV or TV from another manufacturer, but with Smart technology. In real time, you can participate in polls, sing karaoke, post messages on social networks and talk on video chat. An additional advantage is the availability of a detailed TV program guide, as well as descriptions for each program or show. Having connected to IPTV, it is not necessary to use it from the TV screen, although this is the most convenient option. You can watch videos on any gadget in the house.

Internet connection for IPTV on LG Smart TV

To connect IPTV to LG Smart TV you need internet. Many users get lost if they do not know how to connect the Internet on a TV panel. But there is nothing difficult here, and you can connect in two ways:

  • wireless;
  • by cable.

Both methods are efficient and reliable. For a wireless Internet connection, you will need to configure an access point:

  • Select “Network settings”, connection type “Wireless”.
  • A window will appear in which you need to select your home network. If a password is set, then enter it.
  • After a couple of seconds, the TV will connect to the Internet.

If you chose a wired connection, then you need to do the following:

How to use IPTV with Smart TV [Bestbuyiptv]

connect, iptv, smart
  • Connect the cable via the LAN port to the TV and router.
  • Press “Home” on the remote and enter the item “Installation”.
  • Go to the “Network” section and select “Network settings”, type “Wired”.
  • In most cases, the settings are set automatically, but if you need to register the IP address and DNS manually, then select the “Manual” setting mode.
  • Press the “OK” button and wait for the connection check.
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Available channels

The standard TNT Premier package includes TV channels:

  • TNT;
  • TNT4;
  • 2×2;
  • TV3;
  • Super;
  • Match TV;
  • Match. Premier.

Service subscribers will be able to watch TNT Premier channels online, as well as in recording. Users gain access to the library. If you are 10-15 minutes late, you can watch the football match of your favorite team from the very beginning. The administration of the media center informs if you have problems with viewing, you need to contact Customer Support. Contact e-mail.

Service benefits

To watch TNT Premier, you need to pay a symbolic amount, but many users doubt whether it is worth it? For an objective assessment of the feasibility of subscribing, consider the main advantages of the media center:

  • pause and rewind functions are available;
  • you don’t have to pay for each movie or series separately, everything is included in the subscription;
  • access to exclusive cinematic novelties;
  • relatively low cost of subscribing;
  • a three-day free period to evaluate the service;
  • TV broadcasting and broadcasting of content is carried out in high quality;
  • up to 5 different devices can be connected to a personal account.

There are no objective flaws. This service was launched relatively recently, so the of the basic packages are very loyal.

check in

  • We open the portal and on the main page we click on the button “Login”.
  • We select “Registration”, and then fill out the most ordinary online form.
  • Read the terms of the user agreement carefully, and then accept them.
  • Pass the test “I am not a robot” by selecting the corresponding images.
  • Click on the “Register” button to create a personal account.

How to install TNT Premier on Smart TV or smartphone? The registration algorithm is no different, except that the user must first download the branded application of the service.

The account has been created. You can log in to your personal account from absolutely any device. To do this, you need to enter your username and password correctly. However, playback of media content is still unavailable, since you need to subscribe.

What to do if Smart TV is old model

Launch TNT Premier on your old Smart TV in test mode. Problems with content playback are solved as follows:

  • Try to connect an IPTV set-top box to an old Sony, Samsung or LG TV, if it is not there, then use an alternative way to solve the problem.
  • Connect your TV to your computer using an HDMI cable. The TV screen will act as a second monitor, go to your personal account via PC and enjoy watching.
  • Download on your smartphone or tablet a special application for broadcasting images to the TV screen. The content will be launched on a mobile device and broadcast on a TV screen.

If you previously used the services of the Tricolor TV receiver, then it can also be used to set up an Internet connection on the TV.

Problems viewing TNT Premier on Smart TV

Difficulties with playing media content arise due to incorrect TV settings. The Smart TV platform is still a novelty for users, not everyone knows how to properly activate this or that function. Incorrect parameters can provoke malfunctions of TNT Premier on Smart TV Samsung.

User reviews also indicate that errors in the service are due to outdated firmware. Therefore, make sure that software updates are carried out in a timely manner. The terms of the user agreement say that the media center works only on the latest firmware versions.

Slow loading, delays in the process of viewing high quality content. all these are signs of a low-speed Internet connection. Call your provider to find out what the problem is. It is possible that these are temporary problems. In some situations, problems with downloading content arise due to mechanical damage to the Ethernet cable.

If the equipment is configured correctly and the Internet is working correctly, and the problems with content playback persist, contact TNT Premier Customer Support for help.

Personal account and settings

We figured out how to connect TNT Premier to Smart TV. Let’s consider the main sections of the personal account so that users do not have any problems while using the service:

  • “Browsing history”. from the name it is clear that content that was played by the user earlier is displayed here;
  • “Favorites”. films, series, programs selected by the subscriber will be displayed here, for this you need to click on the corresponding button;
  • “My subscriptions”. this tab displays the content available to the user under the terms of the tariff plan;
  • “Activate promo code”. the service regularly holds all kinds of promotions, during which you can win a discount, in this section it is activated;
  • “My devices”. the checksums of the devices from which the authorization was carried out in the personal account are displayed here;
  • “Social networks”. the name makes it clear that this section is intended for linking an account to social networks. networks for simplified authorization.
  • “Settings”. this menu displays tools for changing the login, password recovery, you can also select an avatar.

Additional configuration of a personal account is not a prerequisite.

How to refuse TNT Premier

Let’s assume that due to certain circumstances you need to unsubscribe from an active subscription. Log in to your personal account, and then go to the “My subscriptions” section. Click on the “Unsubscribe” button, which is located opposite your package. The main thing is to do this no later than 24 hours before the monthly fee is charged.

Download and install IPTV player

Before you start talking about looking for channels, you should download a player that can show them. Otherwise, this whole procedure will not make sense. The application in question is located at the link This is the official site because there are no unnecessary ads, viruses and other garbage that you would not want to admit to your Smart TV.

By the way, downloading can be used not only on the TV, but also on the computer, if you have problems with the Internet, and you are afraid that the TV will simply freeze during the download process. Then you can first “dump” the file to your computer, and then use a formatted flash drive to transfer it to the TV and install it on it. It is much more convenient.

Get over 200 IPTV channels in Full HD quality from 4.5 per month. Including sports 50fps and strawberry. Connect!

  • After downloading the installer for the IPTV player “IpTVPlayer-setup” Ustanovshchik IPTV Pleer, you need to run it. It’s simple, because the program gives good instructions on how to finish the installation process efficiently, quickly and conveniently.
  • The user will see the so-called “IPTV Player Installation Wizard”. To make it work according to the rules, the user should check the box next to the “Select parameters and installation folder” line. This will open several useful functions at once, which are:
  • In the choice of the direct place where the IPTV player will be installed;
  • In creating a shortcut on the screen;
  • In granting permission to all users to use the device.

Observing how the playlist is installed in IPTV on the TV, you will notice that there is a sub-item “UDP-to-HTTP Proxy” on the panel. Opposite it, you should tick the box that will allow you to transfer files over the local network.

  • When finished with this, the parameters will be automatically configured. If you do not need this, then when the “Parameter settings” menu opens, in front of all the items that are in doubt, you should uncheck the box, and leave them in front of those that are needed;
  • You will be additionally offered to download a special set of programs to improve your work on the Internet. If they are not needed, then do not press confirmation;
  • If everything suits you, then click “Install”.

A couple of seconds and the program is already at your complete disposal. But before you act, understand the window “Completing the IPTV Player Installation Wizard”. Now you can definitely start searching for channels.

Setting the channel list for IPTV

Even if you already have a player and it works, this still does not make it possible to use this television format on your TV. To make a playlist, it is imperative that they have the m3u format. This is what allows you to view your favorite programs. But even if there is a list, this does not mean that it will work without interruption. In fact, problems turn out to be so complex that there is no way to watch the TV program for which this business was started.

But there is a way out. In particular, it consists in using other channels that are available on the Internet. All that is needed from the user is to download and install them using the instructions.

There are several options for how you can do this:

  • Download playlists from open sources, which offer a fairly extensive list of applications for almost free. There are many such sources on the Internet, therefore most users choose the option under consideration;
  • Download a playlist from an official source, of course, by paying for it to the provider who connects the service in question. As a rule, this option is more reliable, the provider works officially, therefore there should be no problems with this connection.

But let the subscription fee be minimal, but our people do not get tired of looking for freebies and continue to give preference to free lists. In principle, there are quite decent ones among them, but the signals often disappear or the picture does not come of the highest quality, although it is stated that this is an HD channel. But otherwise, users are a sin to complain.

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Installing a playlist for IPTV on a TV

You don’t even need a TV to watch modern TV. But we are used to the fact that it is in every home and everyone should use it, so we do not deviate from traditions. Nevertheless, the 21st century is on the street and it is high time to forget about prejudices. Here, for example, how far technology has gone. viewing programs is possible even without a satellite dish or a conventional antenna. This technology is called IPTV. That is, a television tied to the device’s IP address.

To watch it, you need an IPTV Player. By the way, an IPTV player is a TV broadcast player that was created taking the VLC player as a prototype. But the IPTV player is specially “sharpened” for watching IP-TV. Here are the main features of the player:

  • Background recording of a huge number of channels (hundreds and more);
  • It is possible to record streaming video and audio;
  • Supported programs in JTV and LUA script;
  • You can watch unencrypted streams http, Librtmp, rtmp, udp-multicast;
  • Can find multicast channels.

How to connect the list of m3u channels for free

If this is the first acquaintance of a person with the advantages of IPTV, then, naturally, he does not want to pay yet, since he does not know what he will get in the end. But still it is worth remembering that the work of television for free, without connecting the service with the provider is fraught with various troubles, from poor quality channels to a black screen on the entire list.

To prevent this from happening, download the sheets only on proven resources, albeit free. In addition, providers regularly close more and more loopholes, so it becomes more difficult to watch TV for free. Here’s how to download it:

  • We work with the installed IPTV program by finding “Add playlist”. “Add URL” in its settings;
  • Select the m3u sheet and take its URL;
  • We press the confirmation of the procedure and get acquainted with the list of TV channels that will henceforth be available on your device.

But users may be in for an unpleasant surprise. to view channels, you will need to install an additional program. To do this, you just need to follow the instructions. The download will take place automatically, and if not, then you need to go to the Smart TV menu and select the desired program manually. But it is important that it reads the m3u format, otherwise the procedure will be meaningless.

Cable connection (LAN connection)

    Connect one end of the cable to the LAN port of the router, the other to the LAN port of the TV, usually located on the back of the TV.

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control.
  • Select the “Settings” section.
  • Go to the “General” item, then to the “Network”.
  • Select “Network Setting” and “Cable”.
  • Click “OK”.
  • The TV will automatically connect to the Internet. The sequence of operations and the names of sections may differ slightly from model to model.

    Wi-Fi connection

    To establish a Wi-Fi connection, you must:

    • Turn on the router and make sure on other gadgets that Wi-Fi distribution of Internet traffic is carried out.
    • Press the “Home” button on the remote control.
    • Sequentially select the TV menu items “Settings”, “General”, “Network”, “Network settings”, “Wireless”.
  • In the list of networks that appears, select the one to which you want to connect.
  • Enter the network password in the window and click “OK”.
  • Some TV models do not have a Wi-Fi module installed. In this case, you need to purchase an external USB adapter and install it in the device. Better to put a Samsung device, since only in this case the manufacturer guarantees a stable wireless connection.

    If your router and TV support Wi-Fi Protected Setup, Wi-Fi connection is even easier. It is necessary to select the WPS item in the TV network menu and press the WPS button on the router for a few seconds. The connection will happen automatically.

    Another way to connect to Wi-Fi is to use the PlugAccess feature of some router models. To do this, you need to insert a formatted USB flash drive into the router and wait until the signal lamp of the Internet dispenser stops flashing. Then insert the flash drive into the USB port of the TV. After a while, the connection setup will be completed automatically.

    If you are using a Samsung router, you can use One Foot Connection, another quick method of establishing a wireless connection. In the TV network settings, you must select the specified item and activate it. After that, the setting will happen automatically. The end will be indicated by the appearance of the network settings window.

    Applications for viewing IPTV TV channels

    After connecting to the Internet, to watch the channels, you need to install the appropriate IPTV software for the Samsung Smart TV receiver. Such applications are called IPTV players. They connect by IP address to a website that is hosting a television broadcast, and display the resulting image on the TV screen.

    Playlists can be downloaded from many sites. They contain links to several dozen or even hundreds of television channels broadcasting for free and in good quality. Links periodically become unusable, so playlists need to be updated regularly.

    There are several IPTV players that are steadily popular with Samsung TV owners: Ottplayer, Peers TV, Lazy IPTV.

    IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

    After setting up TV channels over IP protocol on a Samsung TV, many new opportunities open up to the viewer compared to the usual television:

    • Watching dozens and hundreds of channels of various directions and genres, many of which are unique and are not broadcast in other formats. Most channels are free.
    • High quality image. and more IP channels are broadcast in HD resolution and even in 4K resolution.
    • TV broadcasts are accompanied by high-quality soundtracks in stereo, Dolby Surround, 5.1. You can also choose the dubbing language when watching movies.
    • Viewing control. the consumer, if desired, pauses the video content, speeds up or slows down the image for a while, can watch programs from the beginning, from the middle or from the end, record it, etc.

    To watch IPTV channels on a Samsung Smart TV, it is necessary that the Tizen operating system be installed, there is an Ethernet (LAN) input for a wired Internet connection or a Wi-Fi module for a wireless connection, software that allows you to work with an IP video stream. Such a TV without connecting to a computer or Android TV set-top box receives, processes and reproduces an IPTV TV signal.

    To find out whether the receiver reproduces TV channels in IPTV format Samsung Smart TV, you need to specify the year of its release and the model series. All Samsung devices released after 2010, 5 series and above, support TV broadcasting over IP protocol.

    Sometimes it is difficult to determine the year of manufacture and the series of the device: the documentation is lost or unusable, there is no information in Russian, etc. In this case, you need to look at the marking code located on the information panel, usually fixed on the back cover of the Smart TV.

    • The first character is the type of matrix: U. LED, L. LCD, Q. screen on “quantum” dots.
    • The second is the region for which the device was released (E. Europe).
    • The next number is the diagonal of the screen in inches.
    • K. year of issue. The letter designation of the year was introduced by Samsung since 2008, which was assigned the first letter of the English alphabet. A. The next year is the next letter. C. 2010, K. 2016, etc.
    • The letter S indicates 4K screen resolution. Other models may not have.
    • The next digit is the series number. Series 5 and higher are required for IPTV.

    Subsequent symbols indicate the sub-series and design of the model. In the example given, the TV series 7 was released in 2010.

    Peers tv

    The main feature of the application is that it is extremely easy to install and operate. It is suitable for a user who does not want to dive into the intricacies of setting up an application, but wants to watch TV channels right away. In this case, Peers TV is a good choice, since right after installation, the viewer has access to about 180 TV channels, including in HD quality. There is a weekly archiving of channels, which allows you to view programs for a specified period from anywhere and an unlimited number of times. It is possible to download your own playlists, which will significantly increase the number of TV channels. In this case, the player is distributed free of charge.

    What is IPTV-player on Smart TV Samsung?

    IPTV television is developing rapidly, crowding competitors: cable television networks, terrestrial and satellite television. This is not surprising, since with this technology, television becomes interactive, giving the consumer the opportunity to customize video content in accordance with their needs.

    IPTV television is distributed over the Internet. Even 10 years ago, in order to watch it, in addition to a TV, a computer was needed. With the advent of “smart” TV sets, it became possible to configure viewing of IPTV broadcasts directly on the Samsung Smart TV. With this article you will be able to connect IPTV to Smart TV Samsung.

    How to set up IPTV, detailed instructions

    Since the IPTV signal is distributed over the Internet, a reliable and fast network connection for the TV is required. For this, a wired connection or a wireless Wi-Fi network is used.