How To Connect iPhone To TV Via USB

Wi-Fi connection

Modern TV models are equipped with a Smart platform, so they are able to connect to the Internet without additional devices either by cable or via Wi-Fi, which can be used to play media content from a smartphone on TV.

It should be noted that this method remains one of the most practical, since you can do without connecting wires. Also, there is no need to use additional devices.

How To Connect iPhone To TV Via USB

Connect iPhone to TV as follows:

  • There is already a router and a Wi-Fi network, then we just connect the smartphone and TV to the home network.
  • If there is no home Wi-Fi network, you can use the Wi-Fi Direct function. It allows you to connect devices via Wi-Fi without a router. True, not all TV models support it. Activation is done differently depending on the TV model. Often you need to go to the “Applications” section and activate the “Wi-Fi Direct” mode. The TV will show the name of the Wi-Fi network to which you need to connect your iPhone and the password to connect.

When the preparatory work is done, you can connect your iPhone to your TV:

  • On the iPhone, we launch the application for playing media content on TV. For example, you can use the following programs: iMediaShare, Belkin MediaPlay. You can download the software from the Apple Store.
  • Managing the software is much easier than it might seem at first glance. You just need to select a file for subsequent broadcast on the big screen. Intuitive application interface is a guarantee that you will not have any difficulties.

If you can’t connect your mobile phone to TV equipment via Wi-Fi, use the Google Chromecast device. this is a compact adapter that visually resembles a USB flash drive that must be inserted into the HDMI connector. With its help, you can significantly SIMplify the setup of a wireless connection with various models of TVs.

Connect with Apple TV

This is another way to wirelessly synchronize a smartphone and a TV device, however, it will only be possible to implement it if you have previously purchased an Apple TV set-top box.

You can pair devices if you use an Apple smartphone no older than the fourth generation. Be sure to install the latest iOS operating system updates before syncing, otherwise you may experience connection problems.

The iPhone is connected to the TV according to the following aLGorithm:

  • We launch the set-top box and connect the TV to it using an HDMI cable.
  • Connecting iPhone to Apple TV. To do this, connect the devices to the same wireless network or turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and bring it closer to the set-top box. Connection prompts should appear on both screens.
  • Double-click the Home button on your iPhone, then select the Volume and Brightness controls section. Or take a long swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose “AirPlay” or “Screen Repeat”, and then from the list you should select Apple TV.
  • When you click on the set-top box, the “AirPlay Mirroring” switch will open, activate it and wait until the smartphone’s desktop image appears on the TV screen.

This option is not relevant for Smart TV.

5 Ways to Connect iPhone to TV

The popularity of TVs without Smart features is dropping extremely quickly. It is not surprising, because every user wants to watch movies online and, if necessary, go to their favorite sites. However, this does not mean that you need to run to an electronics supermarket and buy expensive “smart” equipment.

First, learn how to connect your iPhone to your TV. Such synchronization will significantly improve the functionality of the most ordinary TV:

  • Internet surfing;
  • online playback of media content;
  • calls via Skype and other SIMilar programs;
  • making presentations on the big screen.

This is just a short list of the possibilities that will open after connecting a TV device to a mobile phone. There are several popular ways to achieve this goal. Let’s consider each of them to determine the most effective.

Using HDMI cable

The most popular today is the digital HDMI interface, which allows you to synchronize various devices. The advantage of this cable is that it can carry the highest quality digital signal. Therefore, if you plan to view in Full HD, then connect your TV via HDMI.

It will be somewhat problematic to connect an iPhone to a TV using this principle, since Apple’s gadgets are equipped with a proprietary Lightning interface. However, all this can be easily solved by purchasing a Digital AV or MiraScreen adapter.

How to connect iPhone to TV via HDMI? To set up your media content to play on a large screen, follow these SIMple step-by-step instructions:

  • We connect a previously purchased adapter to the smartphone.
  • Insert one end of the HDMI cable into the adapter.
  • The other end of the cord must be connected to the TV by inserting the wire into the appropriate connector. Absolutely all modern models are equipped with this interface, regardless of the manufacturer.
  • Now you need to select a signal source. To do this, go to the menu and select the appropriate settings section. This parameter can also be started by pressing the button on the remote control (usually Source). Be careful, many TVs are equipped with multiple HDMI connectors. Next to the connector itself, its number is usually indicated in small print. select it in the TV menu.
  • After the performed actions, the connection will be completed. If you have an iPhone 4 or older model, then only playback shortcuts will be displayed instead of the display. audio and photo. However, this will not prevent you from watching your favorite movie or listening to music.

Setting up a smartphone connection to a TV via HDMI is extremely easy, since you only need to plug the cord into the appropriate connectors, subsequent synchronization is carried out automatically. If for some reason information is not displayed on the screen, then be sure to go to the TV settings and select HDMI as the main signal source.

USB connection

Without a doubt, the USB cable remains the most versatile solution that allows you to synchronize your phone and TV equipment. The main advantage of this interface is its popularity; such a connector is available on all devices. Therefore, you can easily connect your iPhone to your TV using a USB cable.

Follow the step by step instructions:

  • We connect via micro USB cable (30-pin or Lightning. it all depends on the smartphone model) to the TV. Typically the ports are located on the back or side.
  • Turn on the TV and go to the settings to select the USB port as the main signal source.

Wait a few seconds for syncing to complete. How to watch iPhone on TV? Unfortunately, this is not possible, to duplicate the image on a large screen, use HDMI. As for the USB interface, it allows you to use your mobile phone as a memory storage device. Therefore, this type of connection is suitable for those who have downloaded media content to their smartphone in advance. Launching an application or game will also fail.

Other options

You can also synchronize television equipment and a mobile phone in other ways, for example, with tulips, a composite cable that was actively used in the early 2000s. Using this wire, you can connect your iPhone to your TV today. However, you need to understand that you will not be able to view high-resolution photos either.

You can connect from a smartphone to a TV using a composite cable using several types of adapters at once. Which adapter should you give preference to? It’s up to you to decide. Much depends on the iPhone model.

  • Composite AV cable. 3 plugs (tulips) and one USB input. Suitable for iPhone 4s and older versions of smartphones from Apple.x
  • A component AV cable is somewhat SIMilar to a composite cable. The main difference lies in the presence of connectors for synchronizing the image and improving the quality of the transmitted picture. Also suitable for iPhone 3, 4, 4s.
  • Lightning VGA adapter. used to connect new models. 5, 5s. The main feature is the presence of a 15-pin analog VGA connector.

Connecting an iPhone to a TV is a SIMple procedure that every user can handle. It is enough to SIMply connect the connectors using a cable; in some situations, additional adapters are used that function as adapters. No special software required to connect iPhone.

Additional software adjustment is also not performed. You just need to open the main menu on the TV and select the signal source.

USB connection

The process is intuitive and does not require the purchase of additional accessories or installation of programs.

AV cable connection

If it is not possible to use the first 2 methods, an analog cable comes to the rescue. True, the image quality may be slightly lower than when synchronizing TV and phone via HDMI or USB.

Nevertheless, the method is working and for its implementation in practice you will need the following cables (one of 3):

  • Composite. insert the cable plugs into the RCA TV connector (“tulips” are multi-colored, so it is unrealistic to get confused when connecting), connect the other end of the cable to the iPhone via the Composite AV Cable adapter. Then go to “Settings”: for TV. activate AV, for phone. enable the option “Mirroring”.
  • Component. useful for owners of Apple smart from version 4 and higher. The synchronization process is identical to item # 1.
  • VGA. suitable for 5th generation iPhones and newer, allows you to view content on a large screen in HD resolution (up to 1080 p.). Additionally, you need a Lightning to VGA adapter. You need to connect it to the light connector of the phone, then connect to the TV via the VGA cable. In this case, to output sound, you will need a separate channel, for example, a mini jack.
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How to connect

How to connect iPhone (MRY42FS / A for example) to Samsung TV:

  • take the wire from the phone delivery kit;
  • connect one end of the cord to the phone;
  • the second. into the USB-TV socket (see the instructions for where it is located).

Synchronization of 2 gadgets occurs automatically. In addition, Smart will also recharge during such a connection.

Nuance: iPhone acts as a flash drive, i.e. viewing of online content is not possible. But all the pictures stored in the memory of the gadget can be displayed on the television screen without any problems.

How to connect

The catch is that Apple’s mobi gadgets do not have an HDMI connector. The problem is solved by purchasing a special adapter for devices:

  • 4th generation. Digital AV Adapter;
  • 5, 5S, 6S and newer. AV-Adapter “Lighting”.

Now it’s easy to connect an iPhone like the XR to a Samsung TV: there is a Lightning cable (plug into the phone) on one side of the device and an HDMI port (plug into a TV) on the other. All. The synchronization process will happen automatically.

Tip: If you have problems with the connection, you can go to TV settings and select HDMI as the signal source.

With this connection option, the so-called. mirroring. that is, everything that is shown by the smartphone’s display is duplicated on a large TV screen.

HDMI connection

The method is suitable if the TV from Samsung TV has at least 1 required connector (for example, 43NU7090 has 2 Eichdiemay ports at once). Where it is exactly located, you can find out by looking in the instructions for the technique or in reviews dedicated to a specific television model.

Instructions on how to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV: 4 proven ways

Content from a 4.7, 5.8, 6.5-inch or other iPhone can easily be viewed on a large 32-82 ″ TV screen from Samsung. You just need to properly connect your iPhone to your TV. How to do it? Do you need additional accessories? The article discusses the main ways to sync TV from Samsung and an Apple phone.

Apple TV

This is a small console console. With its help, you can quickly display pictures in high quality. games and so on from smart, world wide web or iTunes to a large TV screen (in some countries, the system supports the voice control option).

How to connect iPhone to TV using Apple:

1.Provide a stable internet connection.

2.Update Apple to the latest iOS version.

Tip: you can control the set-top box using any Apple mobi gadgets, having previously installed the TV Remote program on them.

The advantages of this method are as follows:

  • even an ordinary TV model in tandem with an Apple set-top box turns into “smart” technology with smart functions;
  • you can play any content from the iPhone memory or iTunes library on the big screen from Samsung;
  • it is convenient to play games using the remote control (any programs can be installed from the App Store and display the picture on the TV screen).


  • Apple TV is not a cheap purchase, and you can’t do without a set-top box;
  • requires iPhone 4 or newer.

This was the final trick for pairing iPhone TVs. You can choose and try any of them, not forgetting about the “equipment”: wires, adapters, Apple TV.

Let’s use Apple TV

By the way, there is another possibility to create a wireless connection between the iPhone and TV. True, for this you have to use the Apple TV media player.

You will also need an HDMI cable. You also need an iPhone no older than the fourth generation. What are the requirements for a branded Apple TV? 2G, 3G or 4G. However, both gadgets must be updated to the latest iOS version. Otherwise, errors may appear when connecting.

When all of the above is at your fingertips, then you can proceed:

  • Turn on Apple TV. We connect a TV to this device. This is done using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • We sync iPhone with Apple TV. And do not forget, if you use Wi-Fi, then both TV and the “apple” gadget must work within the same network.
  • On the iPhone, press the Home button twice. Then we tap on “Volume control, brightness”.
  • Choosing AirPlay.
  • Further in the list of devices, we are looking for the option we need.
  • After you tap on the set-top box, the AirPlay Mirroring switch will appear. We activate it and wait for the iPhone desktop image to be broadcast on the TV screen.

Connect iPhone to TV via USB

A USB cable is a universal solution if you need to synchronize two devices with each other. Including when it comes to connecting an iPhone to a TV. So you can safely use this interface. For this:

  • Turn off the TV.
  • Connect your iPhone to your TV using a micro USB cable (30-pin or Lightning. depending on model). Typically the USB port is on the back or side.
  • Turn on your TV. In the device settings, set the display of the picture from USB.

That’s all! It remains to wait for the synchronization process to complete.

HDMI to the rescue

The HDMI interface is also quite popular today, which is used when connecting various electronic devices to each other. Its advantage is that it can transmit a high-precision digital signal. That is, it is ideal if you decide to view high definition.

However, connecting an iPhone to a TV in this way is a little complicated by the fact that all Apple devices use their own proprietary Lightning connectors. But this problem is solved by purchasing a special adapter. Digital AV Adapter, Lightning to HDMI “MiraScreen”, etc., equipped with an HDMI interface.

How to organize a broadcast from iPhone to TV? You will need to do the following:

  • We insert the adapter into the iPhone.
  • We connect one end of the HDMI wire to the adapter.
  • We stick the other end of the cable into the TV. We use the HDMI connector, which is available on all modern TVs, and any manufacturer. Sony, Samsung, Lji, Philips, etc.
  • In the TV settings, select the mode in which the image will be displayed from the corresponding port. In our case, this is HDMI. Just be careful. modern TVs have multiple HDMI ports. So indicate the one to which you connected the device from Apple.
  • After these manipulations, the iPhone display will be displayed on your TV screen. But this is if you have a modern model of an “apple” smartphone. 5, 5s, 6, 7, etc. On the same 4s (and below), instead of the display, only shortcuts for launch will be visible. audio and image gallery viewing. However, this fact will not prevent you from watching your favorite movie or listening to a couple of music tracks.

How to connect an iPhone to a TV: instructions and recommendations

Is it possible to connect an iPhone to a TV? Sure. Ask, why do you need such a synchronization of a gadget with a TV device? For example, to watch a movie or display photos on the big screen. Agree that this is very convenient? It remains only to find out how such a connection can be made and what is needed for this.

We use the possibilities of Wi-Fi

Today, a huge number of TV models (Samsung, Sony Bravia, LG, Philips, etc.) connect to Wi-Fi without any problems. Naturally, such a wireless connection can be safely used in order to broadcast content from a smartphone.

over, this method of synchronization is one of the most convenient. After all, it allows you to do without wires. And no additional devices are required either.

How to connect a gadget to a TV via Wi-Fi? First you need:

  • Create a network or organize an existing one.
  • Make sure the TV has a Wi-Fi module and turn it on. This is done in different ways. Usually through the built-in application: for LG, this is the Smart Share software product, for Samsung, AllShare. On many TVs, you can establish a connection with a smartphone in the “Applications” section, activating Wi-Fi Direct Mode there.

Then you can start syncing your iPhone and TV:

  • First of all, we connect both devices to the existing Wi-Fi network.
  • We launch an application on the iPhone for displaying other content on TV. For example, Twonky Beam, Smart View (Samsung only) or iMediaShare. All of them are available for download in the App Store.
  • It is not difficult to use such software. You just need to specify the file that you want to broadcast on the TV screen, and then select the device itself. We will not dwell on this in more detail. We are sure you will figure it out along the way.

Can I connect my iPhone to a TV using an analog cable?

You can also connect the iPhone to the TV with the popular “tulip”. Yes, this is the same composite cable from the distant 1990-2000s. As you remember in those days, this standard was widely used in audio and technology.

So today you can use it to connect your iPhone to a TV device. The only caveat is that you won’t be able to view high-definition recordings.

At the same time, you can create an analog connection between the iPhone and the TV using several types of adapters at once. Which one to use. be guided by the model of your “apple” smartphone:

  • Apple Composite AV Cable. Has 3 standard cinch plugs and one USB. Suitable for 4s and older iPhones.
  • Apple Component AV Cable. Reminiscent of the first option. It differs in that it contains additional connectors for synchronizing the image and improving the quality of the transmitted picture. Also for iPhone 3G, 4 and 4s.
  • Apple Lightning VGA adapter. It is used to connect to the TV of the new generation models. iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, etc. It has a 15-pin analog connector for VGA cable.

It doesn’t matter which option you use, the connection procedure itself is as SIMple as possible. It consists in the standard connection of wires and corresponding connectors on both devices. As for the TV, in its settings menu, it remains only to select the image output mode through the AV-input.

How to connect iPhone to TV

A device like the iPhone is becoming more popular every year. That is why the developers are doing everything to ensure that the device meets the expectations of buyers. Mobile device owners sometimes wonder how to connect an iPhone to a TV. In fact, there are several ways to connect:

  • Using wireless communication;
  • Via HDMI cable;
  • Through an analog cable;
  • Using additional devices;
  • Via USB cable.
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It should be noted that each method is unique and has its own capabilities. Connection with some cables only allows you to transfer photos. Other methods allow you to watch movies and run games.

HDMI connection

Is it possible to display an image on a TV using an HDMI cable? In fact, you can make such a connection, but there are some difficulties. The problem is that any Apple device has a proprietary Lightning connector.

To solve this problem, you need to additionally purchase an Apple Digital AV Adapter. This adapter has an HDMI connector. When you have all the components in your hands, you can connect them to your phone and TV.

First you need to turn off your iPhone and also your TV. Now you can connect the wire. One end plugs into the TV (the connector is located on the side or back). The other end connects to the adapter, which in turn needs to be connected to Lightning.

When the wire is connected to both devices, you can turn on the TV and iPhone. In most cases, devices are detected and configured automatically. After finding the TV, the “Mirroring” option is activated. Thanks to this function, the image is transmitted to the TV screen.

Sometimes there are cases when the connection cannot be configured in automatic mode. If this happens, you need to do everything manually:

  • The iPhone needs to enable data transfer via HDMI. The parameter is enabled in the settings;
  • On the TV, you need to turn on the signal source. HDMI;
  • Wait 10-15 seconds.

After that, the image will be transferred to the TV screen. It should be noted that this type of connection allows you to transfer not only the image, but also the sound to the display TV.

Wi-Fi connection

Before you start synchronizing your mobile device and TV, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the capabilities of TV. It doesn’t matter which device is used, Samsung or LG, the main thing is that it can connect to a Wi-Fi network.

If your TV supports wireless, you need to set it up. To do this, just go to the settings, and then turn on Wi-Fi. As soon as it is possible to organize the connection of the TV with a local network, you can proceed to the next step.

Users need to connect iPhone to the same local network. To do this, you need to select the appropriate connection in the settings. It is worth considering that a password may be required.

The next step is to launch an application such as Twonky Beam on your smartphone. The program can be downloaded from the Apple Store. When the application is installed and launched, you need to check the box next to the “Show or hide the visual.”.

When iPhone setup is complete, you need to select. to be transferred to the TV screen. Now it remains only in the additional menu to select the TV to which the connection will be made. After the inscription “Beaming.” appears, the broadcast will begin.

How to transfer an image via USB

It should be noted that you will not be able to duplicate the contents of the screen of a mobile device to the TV if you synchronize them via the USB interface. The Iphone will act as a storage medium. To connect iPhone to TV via usb, you need to use the appropriate cable. It is best to perform the entire procedure sequentially:

  • Disable TV and iPhone;
  • Connect the cable to both devices;
  • Turn on the TV and then the mobile device.

How to display TV if devices are synchronized via USB interface? To do this, you will need to use the TV settings. First, go to connected devices and then select a mode. It is important to note that modern TVs are capable of reproducing almost any popular formats.

As you can see from the instructions, connecting an iPhone of any version to a TV via a usb cable is not difficult at all. It should be noted that it is also better to disconnect the wire after disconnecting the devices.

How can you connect an iPhone to an LED TV

Mobile developers are constantly working on their products. The same goes for the iPhone. Modern models have excellent screen resolutions. In this regard, users get the opportunity to view not only photos, but also movies in high quality. Despite the functionality of the iPhone, sometimes it becomes necessary to connect a mobile device to a TV.

instructions for connecting iPhone to TV. Connection via additional devices

You can use additional devices to link iPhone to TV. Most often used:

  • Google Chromecast;
  • Apple TV.

Google Chromecast allows you to connect a TV and an iOS device. Externally, the device resembles a USB flash drive. The Chromecast is connected to a mobile device via a cable, and to a TV via an HDMI port. Thanks to Chromcast, you can watch movies, run games, and surf the Internet. No special knowledge of setting up the device is required.

Apple TV is a multimedia player. To configure the device, you must sequentially perform the following steps:

  • Turn on your TV and Apple TV receiver;
  • Switch TV to signal input;
  • The device interface will appear on the screen. It is recommended to recheck the settings;
  • Connect iPhone to your home network wirelessly.

After that, all devices will be synced. It remains only to transfer any files or graphic images to the TV.

Broadcast via analog cable

You can display the image from the iPhone on the TV screen using an analog cable. Such a wire is popularly known as the “Tulip”. The disadvantage of this connection method is that it is impossible to transmit with high resolution through an analog cable.

You can connect to TV using one of the following wires:

  • Composite;
  • Component;
  • VGA cable.

So how do you connect your iPhone to your TV via composite wire? It’s SIMple, the “bells” are inserted into the TV, and the remaining end of the wire into the mobile device. With such a connection, you don’t need to set up the TV, just turn on AV, and you need to turn on “Mirroring” in the phone. The function can be found in the settings.

With iPhone version 4 and above, the picture can be transferred to the TV using the component cable. The connection principle does not differ from the composite one. One end is inserted into a mobile device and the other into a TV.

The VGA cable is more complicated. To connect such a wire to a mobile device, you need to purchase an Apple Lightning VGA Adapter. Please note that in this way you can connect iPhones version 5 and higher.

Connecting modern mobile devices does not require special knowledge of IT technologies. The main thing is to follow SIMple instructions, and then the connection will not cause errors. It is best to use a Wi-Fi connection, as this is the best option. At the same time, it will be possible to move around the apartment with a mobile device.

VGA and TV

The possible scenarios for the development of events do not end there. If you’re wondering how to connect your iPhone to your TV, you can use a VGA cable. As practice shows, such a solution is not in great demand. However, it must be taken into account.

In general, the instructions for connecting Apple devices to the TV through the VGA-wire will be SIMilar to those with AshDiEmay. One end of the wire connects to the iPhone, the other. to TV. After that, the corresponding settings are set on the last device. Done! The image from the “apple” phone will be transmitted directly to the TV!

It is best to connect your iPhone to your computer or projector via VGA. Otherwise, it is recommended to use USB or HDMI cables.

HDMI to the rescue

The next trick also works with almost all devices. It’s about connecting a phone using an HDMI cable. The advantage of this technique is its versatility. Users who have ever connected a computer to a TV via HDMI will easily cope with the task.

What needs to be done? How to connect iPhone to “Samsung” TV and beyond using HDMI?

You will need to do the following:

  • Insert lighting digital adapter into iPhone.
  • Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the adapter.
  • Insert the second part of the cable into the TV. HDMI jacks are available on all TVs.
  • Select in the TV settings to display the picture from the corresponding port.
  • Go to a particular menu on the iPhone.

If everything was done correctly, then when opening the picture or. a SIMilar action will occur on the TV. Nothing else is needed.

Features of wireless connection

It is worth paying attention to two nuances of Wi-Fi connection. First, the TV must support a wireless network. If there is no Wi-Fi function, you can forget about the reception. But there are universal solutions to the task set before us. And the owner of the “apple” phone will still be able to connect it to the computer.

Secondly, you will have to carefully choose the Wi-Fi to which the smartphone is connected. It should match the one to which the TV was connected. Otherwise, the wireless network will not work, the image from the iPhone will not be transferred.

One-stop solution

Let’s start with the SIMplest approach. It’s about using a USB cable to bring your idea to life. With it, you can connect any device to TVs and computers. And “apple” devices are no exception.

How to connect iPhone to TV via USB? Required:

  • Buy a TV with a USB connector. Almost all modern TVs have a corresponding socket.
  • Plug one end of the cable into the iPhone and the other. in TV.
  • Wait a while.

As a rule, now all that remains is to set the display of the picture from the USB port in the TV settings. And this is where all the manipulations stop. Thus, it can be answered how to connect iPhone to LG TV or to any other TV.

Ways to solve the problem

It all depends on the situation. Modern phones from Apple are equipped with different functions. And today’s TVs are also very functional. There are models that connect to Wi-Fi without any problems. Therefore, the connection method depends on the desire of the person and on the capabilities of TV.

What are the options for the development of events? How to connect iPhone to TV? You can use the following methods:

  • via USB;
  • using a special AppleTV set-top box;
  • by working with HDMI;
  • via VGA cable;
  • using “Wi-Fi”.
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Next, we will consider all of these techniques in more detail. Even a schoolboy can figure out how to connect an iPhone to a TV.


We’ve figured out how to connect iPhone to TV. As practice shows, some users are trying to implement the idea using Bluetooth.

A SIMilar solution also takes place in practice. Usually, all actions come down to the following steps:

  • Connecting a Bluetooth receiver to a TV.
  • Establishing a connection between the TV and the adapter.
  • Enabling Bluetooth on iPhone.
  • Search for TV (adapter) on your phone.
  • Establishing synchronization.

Done! A couple of minutes. and it’s done. According to users, this technique is not very popular.

Preparing for wireless connection

There is another rather interesting, but not so SIMple scenario. How to connect iPhone to TV? “Smart Share”. here is an app to help you bring your idea to life. It works on LG TVs. Samsung offers Smart TV program.

Before connecting the iPhone to the TV wirelessly, you need to install the corresponding application on the latter. Otherwise, it will not work to bring the idea to life. It is advisable to invite the wizard to initialize the program. Often, software is already included in the assembly of the TV. It remains only to use it for its intended purpose.

In addition, you will have to download certain programs to your phone. They can be found in the AppStore. For example, Samsung Smart TV Now. They will allow you to display photos on the TV screen and.

How to connect iPhone to TV via USB?

Products from Apple every year more and more pleases people around the world. Smartphones from this manufacturer are in great demand. They are full of different interesting features. For example, you can connect your phone to a TV and watchs on the big screen with it. This opportunity is used by many. But how do you connect your iPhone to your TV? What does that require?

Wi-Fi Connection Guide

Now you can start taking decisive action. How to connect iPhone to TV over Wi-Fi? Once the programs listed above are installed, you will need:

  • Turn on Smart TV on TV.
  • Connect TV to Wi-Fi.
  • Launch the corresponding software on the iPhone.
  • Connect from an “apple” device to the Internet.
  • Go to the settings of the iPhone application and select the TV model.

Perhaps that’s all. If the user acted correctly, an image from the “apple” device will appear on the TV display. All of the above tricks work with both iPhone and iPad, making life much easier.

How to connect iPhone to TV via Wi-Fi and USB cable and more. all connection methods

Smartphones that have entered our lives quite recently, constantly improving, today offer users an impressive arsenal of possibilities. High-speed Internet access, a variety of applications and programs, communication on social networks, 3D games. this and much more has long become the norm for owners of “smart” gadgets.

Along with this, wanting to push the existing boundaries, users often wonder how to connect an iPhone to a TV via Wi-Fi and a USB cable.

Speaking about the latest models of Apple devices, it should be noted that the excellent resolution of the iPade or iPhone display really allows you to watch. stored in the device’s memory, play any games, chat on Skype or view photos in full format on the TV screen. Now we will tell you about the ways in which such a connection can be made.

Connecting iPhone to TV using the analog jack

We will need an adapter that matches your device model (see above). For iPhone, iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4 and any iPod with color screen, we need to purchase USB AV composite cable from Apple:

We insert this cable into the 30-pin connector of our mobile device, and the other end into the composite (RCA) input of the TV. Each plug has a matching jack of the same color (yellow, red and white).

For iPhone 4 / 4S, iPad 1/2 / New, iPod and Touch / iPad, you need an AV Component HDTV Audio Cable from Apple:

One end will also be inserted into the 30-pin connector of the smartphone, and the other, respectively, into the AV component connector on the TV receiver. Each cable plug (yellow, red, white, green and blue) must be inserted into the corresponding socket on the TV. This connection can provide better picture quality than a composite cable, but the required connector is not present on all TV models.

Apple’s Lightning VGA Adapter is designed for the fifth iPhone, iPad with Retina display, and others:

This cable has screws on the sides (like an old monitor cable).

So, to connect the iPhone to a TV receiver using the analog jack, both devices must be turned off. Now we connect one of the above adapters (depending on the model of your device) to the iPhone on one side and to the TV on the other (the VGA cable is inserted only one side, therefore, without exerting effort, we insert and securely fix it with the side screws).

If using composite or component cables, make sure all plugs are plugged into their respective jacks. If the connection is via a VGA cable, then the sound must be connected separately (you can use an audio cable from the speaker system, or use the second Lightning connector to connect to a home theater).

Now we start the phone (tablet), and after turning on the TV, we switch it to the used input signal. After connecting the 3G and 4 models, the smartphone’s display will not be displayed on the TV screen, but instead will display programs playing music or pictures. But the 4s and all 5 models will display what we see on the display of our iPhone.

Composite and component cables have a USB plug, which you will need to charge the gadget while streaming. And you can connect your device to charge the battery to the VGA adapter through the second Lightning connector on it.

How to connect iPhone to TV via Wi-Fi

and SmartView for iPad (for use as PU):

Another wireless connection option is the Apple TV multimedia player, which will provide playback of the image on the TV, which is transmitted using the AirPlay technology from the mobile device:

Connection in this way is possible if your devices are compatible, i.e. Apple TV is no older than 2nd generation, and iPhone is at least 4th (or later) model. For the best possible playback quality, both gadgets should be updated to the latest iOS version.

  • Turn on the TV and Apple TV.
  • Switch the TV (if not switched) to the input signal corresponding to the Apple TV connection.
  • In the Apple TV interface that appears on the screen, check the settings menu.
  • We connect iPhone to home network, which should be the same for Apple TV and iPhone.

The third option is a small Google Chromecast device that resembles a USB flash drive. It connects to the HDMI connector on the TV and transmits the stream within the home Wi-Fi network:

Using Wi-Fi Direct technology

The main thing here is that this technology is supported by a TV and a smartphone.

Launch Wi-Fi Direct on your phone:

Settings menu. tab “Wireless networks and connections”. Wi-Fi Direct. “OK” (or “Activate”). We are waiting for information about a successfully launched function to appear.

  • Through the menu, open the “Network” tab (there may be a special button on the remote control).
  • Activating the Wi-Fi Direct connection method.
  • Choosing a device to connect (our smartphone).
  • We send a request to connect.

After a couple of seconds, the iPhone will catch the request and the offer to complete the connection setup, click “Yes”.

Connecting using an HDMI cable

We need the actual HDMI cable:

We create a connection: turn off our device and the TV receiver and connect one end of the HDMI cable via the HDMI connector (located on the back or on the side panel) to the TV:

and the other end into the connector on the AV adapter:

Next, connect the free end of the adapter via a 30-pin or Lightning connector to the phone. If your phone does not have a micro-HDMI connector (usually located next to the USB connector), use a micro-USB to HDMI converter, which converts the signal for transmission to a TV.

Now turn on both gadgets. As a rule, after switching on, the necessary connection should be automatically configured, as a result of which the “mirrorring” function will become active, and the image from the smartphone display to the TV screen will begin to be broadcast:

If the automatic setting did not work, then we perform it manually. To do this, on the mobile device, we need to activate the signal transmission via HDMI through the settings, and on the TV in the menu we select “HDMI” as the signal source, and if there are several of them on the TV panel, we indicate the number of the one that we used.

The following method is used in the case when the TV receiver does not have an HDMI connector.

How to connect iPhone to TV via USB cable

Anyone who wants to connect in this way should know that a USB connection excludes the possibility of broadcasting an image from the display of a mobile device to a TV screen. But you will have a great opportunity to use your smartphone as a USB storage device as a signal source. In this case, we will manage the data through the TV interface. It should be noted that modern television receivers are able to “read” most of the audio and formats, and in addition, the commonly used formats for presentations and text documents.

You can use this feature, for example, to showcase your favorite photos as a slideshow or as an advanced presentation board.

The connection is extremely SIMple:

  • Turn off both devices first.
  • Take a micro USB cable (30-pin or Lightning. depending on the iPhone model)
  • We connect one end to the USB port located on the back or side of the TV receiver, and the other to the corresponding connector on the smartphone.

Now you can turn on both devices and start using.

We hope now the question of how to connect an iPhone to a TV via Wi-Fi and USB cable is closed.