How to connect iPhone to Smart TV

USB connection

Without a doubt, the USB cable remains the most versatile solution that allows you to synchronize your phone and TV equipment. The main advantage of this interface is its popularity; such a connector is available on all devices. Therefore, you can easily connect your iPhone to a TV using a USB cable.

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Follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • We connect via a micro USB cable (30-pin or Lightning. it all depends on the smartphone model) to the TV. Typically the ports are located on the rear or side panel.
  • Turn on the TV and go to the settings to select the USB port as the main signal source.

Wait a few seconds for syncing to complete. How to watch iPhone on TV? Unfortunately, this is not possible, to duplicate the image on a large screen, use HDMI. As for the USB interface, it allows you to use your mobile phone as a memory storage device. Therefore, this type of connection is suitable for those who have downloaded media content to their smartphone in advance. You will not be able to launch an application or video game either.

Using an HDMI cable

The most popular digital interface today is HDMI, which allows you to synchronize various devices. The advantage of this cable is that it can carry the highest quality digital signal. Therefore, if you plan to watch Full HD video, then connect your TV via HDMI.

It will be somewhat problematic to connect an iPhone to a TV according to this principle, since Apple gadgets are equipped with a proprietary Lightning interface. However, all this can be easily solved by purchasing a Digital AV or MiraScreen adapter.

How to connect iPhone to TV via HDMI? To set up your media content to play on the big screen, follow these simple step-by-step instructions:

  • We connect a previously purchased adapter to the smartphone.
  • Insert one end of the HDMI cable into the adapter.
  • The other end of the cord must be connected to the TV by inserting the wire into the appropriate connector. Absolutely all modern models are equipped with such an interface, regardless of the manufacturer.
  • Now you need to select a signal source. To do this, go to the menu and select the appropriate section of the settings. Also this parameter can be started by pressing the button of the remote control (usually Source). Be careful, many TVs are equipped with multiple HDMI connectors. Next to the connector itself, its number is usually indicated in small print. select it in the TV menu.
  • After the performed actions, the connection will be completed. If you have an iPhone 4 or older model, then instead of the display, only shortcuts for video, audio and photo playback will be displayed. However, this will not prevent you from watching your favorite movie or listening to musical compositions.

Setting up a smartphone connection to a TV via HDMI is extremely easy, since you only need to plug the cord into the appropriate connectors, the subsequent synchronization is carried out automatically. If for some reason information is not displayed on the screen, then be sure to go to the TV settings and select HDMI as the main signal source.

Wi-Fi connection

Modern TV models are equipped with a Smart platform, so they are able to connect to the Internet without additional devices either via cable or via Wi-Fi, which can be used to play media content from a smartphone on TV.

It is worth noting that this method remains one of the most practical, since you can do without connecting wires. Also, there is no need to use additional devices.

Connect iPhone to TV as follows:

  • There is already a router and a Wi-Fi network, then we just connect the smartphone and TV to the home network.
  • If there is no home Wi-Fi network, you can use the Wi-Fi Direct function. It allows you to connect devices via Wi-Fi without a router. True, not all TV models support it. Activation is done differently depending on the TV model. Often you need to go to the “Applications” section and activate the “Wi-Fi Direct” mode. The TV will show the name of the Wi-Fi network to which you need to connect your iPhone and the password to connect.

When the preparatory work is done, you can connect your iPhone to your TV:

  • On the iPhone, we launch the application for playing media content on TV. For example, you can use the following programs: iMediaShare, Belkin MediaPlay. You can download the software from the Apple Store.
  • Managing the software is much easier than it might seem at first glance. You just need to select a file for subsequent broadcast on the big screen. Intuitive application interface is a guarantee that you will not have any difficulties.

If you can’t connect your mobile phone to TV equipment via Wi-Fi, use the Google Chromecast device. this is a compact adapter that visually resembles a USB flash drive that must be inserted into the HDMI connector. With its help, you can significantly simplify the setup of a wireless connection with various models of TVs.

ways to connect iPhone to TV

The popularity of TVs without Smart features is dropping extremely quickly. It is not surprising, because every user wants to watch movies online and, if necessary, go to their favorite sites. However, this does not mean that you need to run to an electronics supermarket and buy expensive “smart” equipment.

First, learn how to connect your iPhone to your TV. Such synchronization will significantly improve the functionality of the most ordinary TV:

  • Internet surfing;
  • online playback of media content;
  • video calls via Skype and other similar programs;
  • making presentations on the big screen.

This is just a short list of the possibilities that will open after connecting a TV-device to a mobile phone. There are several popular ways to achieve this goal. Let’s consider each of them to determine the most effective.

Connect with Apple TV

This is another way to wirelessly sync a smartphone and a TV device, however, it will only be possible to implement it if you previously purchased an Apple TV set-top box.

Pairing devices will work if you use an Apple smartphone not older than the fourth generation. Be sure to install the latest iOS operating system updates before syncing, otherwise you may experience connection problems.

The iPhone is connected to the TV according to the following algorithm:

  • We launch the set-top box and connect the TV to it using an HDMI cable.
  • We connect iPhone to Apple TV. To do this, connect the devices to the same wireless network or turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and bring it closer to the set-top box. Connection prompts should appear on both screens.
  • Double-click the Home button on your iPhone, then select the Volume and Brightness controls section. Or take a long swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose “AirPlay” or “Screen Repeat”, and then from the list you should select Apple TV.
  • When you click on the set-top box, the “AirPlay Mirroring” switch will open, activate it and wait until the smartphone’s desktop image appears on the TV screen.
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Other options

You can also synchronize television equipment and a mobile phone in other ways, for example, with tulips. a composite cable that was actively used in the early 2000s. Using this wire today, you can connect an iPhone to a TV. However, you need to understand that you will not be able to view high-resolution videos and photos.

You can connect from a smartphone to a TV using a composite cable using several types of adapters at once. Which adapter should you give preference to? It’s up to you to decide. Much depends on the iPhone model.

  • Composite AV cable. 3 plugs (tulips) and one USB input. Suitable for iPhone 4s and older versions of smartphones from Apple.x
  • A component AV cable is somewhat similar to a composite cable. The main difference lies in the presence of connectors for synchronizing the image and improving the quality of the transmitted picture. Also suitable for iPhone 3, 4, 4s.
  • Lightning VGA adapter. used to connect new models. 5, 5s. The main feature is the presence of a 15-pin analog VGA connector.

Connecting iPhone to TV is a simple procedure that every user can handle. It is enough to simply connect the connectors using a cable; in some situations, additional adapters are used that function as adapters. No special software required to connect iPhone.

Additional software configuration is also not carried out. You just need to open the main menu on the TV and select the signal source.

Samsung Smart View

This utility is used to display video from iPhone on all Samsung models. In addition, there is no need to buy additional plugs or cables.

  • Connect your gadget and TV to your home internet. Launch the “Settings” folder and go to the “General” section. Then click on “Network” and select “Internet network settings”. Activate in the system.
  • Download the Samsung Smart Vive program to your mobile phone. Run the widget.
  • Turn on search engine for Samsung.
  • Click and sync it to your TV.
  • Confirm the operation and enter the code.

How to Connect iPhone to Samsung TV via USB?

Connecting a TV with Apple flagship gadgets via USB is a common method. In addition to playback, after switching on the mobile will begin to receive a charge. It should be noted that regardless of the device model, with such a connection, the iPhone acts as an external data carrier. Based on the technical characteristics of the gadget, an individual wire is used. This method is popular for slideshows, images, or photographs. The option with the use of the Apple TV set-top box is also in demand. It is activated both wirelessly and with a cable.

How to connect iPhone to Samsung Smart TV via Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI, programs

Faced the question of how to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV? Despite the size of mobile screens, watching movies and TV shows on gadgets is inconvenient. Modern gadgets are connected to TV players. They play any files on the screen. This option shows slides with photos, interesting videos and episodes of your favorite TV series. In the article we will tell you how to connect a mobile phone to a TV, turn on a video. Follow Basic Tips for Getting Results.

Screen Mirror for Samsung

The utility of the same name is needed for all Apple devices. The software is paid and costs 5. Install using this method:

  • download the widget for iOS equipment;
  • then enable the “screen recording” option in the “Settings”;
  • select the program “Mirror” on the screen;
  • go to sync and confirm activation;
  • files from the internal memory of the smartphone will appear on the screen.

Is it possible to mirror the screen via Bluetooth?

The smartphone allows screen mirroring via Bluetooth. The user will need to open the App Store and download the desired application. After opening, go to sync.

AirPay (screen replay)

Use the built-in functionality of your mobile phone. Unlock your smartphone and swipe down from the top of the screen. In the quick menu, click on the key. Wait for connection.

How to connect iPhone to Samsung TV via WI-FI?

Most TVs use the Wi-Fi connection option. The connection is needed to display video from a smartphone on the “big screen”. The method is easy to use. There is no need for additional cables, plugs. Brief instruction:

Another way is to purchase an adapter from Google. It plugs into a separate slot, allows you to change parameters with a wireless connection.

Connection features

Device owners connect gadgets to a monitor. With this, it is easy to play any video content on the big screen. When connected, users also play games and use social media. Functions are available depending on activation. The USB connection does not allow watching clips from the Internet. Mobile like a regular flash drive. Based on this, a popular method is a standard HDMI connection.

How to connect an iPhone to a TV and display an image

Few people know, but, in addition to the standard Smart TV interface, you can access the Internet through a TV using a standard smartphone. Apple Gadget also includes this feature. Below is how to connect your iPhone to your TV and enjoy surfing the internet on the big screen.

How to connect iPhone to TV via USB

In the absence of an HDMI port (which is strange), an adapter, Wi-Fi Direct, support for proprietary applications, and other things, a standard USB connection will come to the rescue. Every iPhone owner has the right cable, just disconnect the charger.

As with HDMI, the link will be established automatically. Users will have access to the same functions as on a standard flash drive. You will not be able to transfer files either.

How to connect iPhone to TV via HDMI

Repetition of a picture via an HDMI cable is now popular due to its simplicity and the absence of unnecessary problems, but in the case of the iPhone, they will. Unlike a regular laptop, you can’t find a connector for connecting a wire on a smartphone case, you need an adapter or adapter.

This connection is possible with most TVs and home theaters

How To Screen Mirroring Share iPhone With Smart TV

By connecting the iPhone via HDMI, the connection is automatic. But the gadget will be available only as an external drive, so you won’t be able to transfer files to TV. However, you can view photos, videos from the camera or play music without problems.

Important! For iPhone 4S and below, you need to look for a Digital AV Adapter, for the fifth generation and newer. AV Adapter Lightning.

How to Connect iPhone to Sony Bravia TV

As for Sony with their Bravia Smart-line, they can only be linked to iPhones using Wi-Fi Direct technology. Also below will be considered bundles through adapters that are suitable for all smart diagonals.

How to Repeat iPhone Screen on Windows

Nowadays, many computer monitors are used in part for watching television. You can also project the image from the iPhone screen onto them.

Since there shouldn’t be any problems with connecting via AirPlay with MAC X OS, it’s better to figure out how to do this on a Windows PC. You will need a special program that works with the AirPlay signal, for example, ApowerMirror, AirServer or Reflector.

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Note! You won’t be able to access the iPhone’s file system this way. These are Apple’s security terms.

The functionality and connection method are the same for all programs, so the instructions are universal:

  • Connect smartphone and PC to Wi-Fi.
  • Download, install and run the utility on your computer.
  • Turn on AirPlay on iPhone.
  • Find a computer in the search (signal from the program) and connect.

Screen mirroring can be enabled on any Windows computer

After that, the image of the smartphone screen will become available on the computer monitor.

Image output via HDMI

This method requires a cable. Be sure to make sure you have an HDMI connector in your TV beforehand. If your TV does not have an HDMI connector, you will have to purchase an appropriate adapter.

Turn off all equipment, connect the wires. Turn on everything, and turn on the search for the smartphone. When TV “sees” the phone, the “Mirroring” option is activated. Due to what the picture enters the TV screen.

If the action fails automatically:

  • on iPhone, turn on data transfer using an HDMI cable;
  • wait up to 15 seconds.

Analog cable connection

This option affects the quality of the picture, it will be slightly lower than when connected through other options. You will have to use one of the cables: composite, component, VGA. There are no particularly complex requirements here. just debug, and include.

Video TV Cast Samsung TV

Google Cast for TV is a technology that allows you to transfer video content, graphics, audio and other information from smartphones, computers and tablets, naturally, if Android is installed on them, without the help of aids. In order for the transfer process to take place, it is advisable to have a device that supports the Google Cast application and can wirelessly connect to an Android TV.

If Smart TV works on a different system, this does not mean that the application cannot be connected. It just takes more effort and money to find and buy a Chromecast adapter. In addition, the connection will be impossible without Internet access, preferably via a Wi-Fi network.

Screen Mirror for Samsung

Screen Mirroring mirrors the screen of your Samsung smartphone or tablet to your Samsung TV wirelessly. Everything you do on your smartphone or tablet will be displayed on your TV. Supports this utility Samsung N, M, Q, LS, K, J, F-series.

Samsung Smart View

Samsung Smart View is a system enhancement utility. You can download the current version of Samsung Galaxy Eps, Google Play, Epp Store and Windows. To establish a contact, you need to download specialized software on both gadgets, and then connect them to the general Wi-Fi and confirm the pairing with a code. All the functionality of the program is completely free.

AirPay (screen replay)

Another method that will help you duplicate the iPhone screen on your Samsung Smart TV is using AirPay. For streaming content or sharing visual content, it is sufficient to adhere to this guide:

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

  • make sure both devices support AirPay technology;
  • connect to one access point, and make sure that the Internet is stable;
  • find and open the recording you want to play via AirPay;
  • click on the TV icon;
  • select a device;
  • confirm action.


With the Chromecast set-top box, you can easily connect your smartphone and TV via wireless interfaces. In this case, there are no special requirements for the TV, since the main work will be done by the Chromecast itself.

The set-top box is connected to the TV via an HDMI cable and becomes its “brain”. The set-top box has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, which can be comfortably used to synchronize digital devices.

  • the Google Chromecast set-top box connects to the TV;
  • connected to a Wi-Fi network;
  • the Google Home program is installed on the mobile device;
  • an account is created and the software is pre-configured.

Now when you press the broadcast key, the entire image from the smartphone screen will be transferred to the TV screen.

Lightning for iPhone

You can connect iPhone to Smart TV using the included Lightning cable, which has a USB output for TV.

  • TV and smartphone are connected via cable;
  • in the settings you need to specify the smartphone as a signal source.

The process is very similar to a standard USB cable connection. And the result is the same. The phone does not broadcast an image to a large screen, but will function like a regular flash drive.

A dedicated HDMI cable is better for transferring images directly from iPhone to TV.

MHL systems have been specifically designed to combine HDMI and micro-USB functionality. This approach made it possible to transfer not only the image, but also high-quality sound from mobile devices to the TV. With this connection, the smartphone is also charged.

It is the simultaneous transmission of video and sound that distinguishes MHL from traditional HDMI interfaces. However, there are also disadvantages, the main of which can be considered the impossibility of simultaneously connecting an external drive to the gadget.

Connecting via MHL is not much different from a regular USB connection. Here it is enough just to connect the wire and select the device as the main signal source.


Image transmission from mobile devices from Apple is possible using the AirPlay system. The most important condition for using this option is the presence of an Apple TV set-top box. It is small in size and significantly expands the functionality.

The set-top box connects to the router via a wireless connection. And the same network is used by the iPhone.

To transfer an image on a smartphone, you need to find the AirPlay button in the main menu. A list of devices that can receive information will open. The Apple TV you are using is selected from this list. When you click the “Video Replay” icon, all actions on the smartphone screen will be broadcasted to the TV.

Video or music playback is controlled by the phone, which in this case seems to be an excellent replacement for the traditional remote.

Features of connection and settings

Depending on the TV model, the process of connecting a smartphone and subsequent setup may differ.


TVs from LG provide for connection to a smartphone via USB cable or Wi-fi Direct. But if the brands of the TV and the smartphone match, the Smart Share function will be available to directly transfer the image to the screen. Connecting your phone to your LG Smart TV via WI-FI won’t be a problem.

The latest Smart TV models run on the webOS operating system. The capabilities of this firmware are enough for comfortable broadcasting of images from the phone. Separately, it is worth highlighting the ability to play audio through the TV even when the screen is off.

How to connect your phone to your Smart TV

There are several ways to connect your phone to your Smart TV. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages that determine its use.

The USB connection does not directly transfer the image to the screen. In this case, we are talking about using a smartphone as an external storage device. Opportunities for the transfer and playback of specific files will open, but it will not be possible to use mobile applications.

Almost all smartphones connect as follows:

  • using a standard USB cable, the jack in the phone is connected to the corresponding jack on the TV;
  • USB input is selected on the TV in the list of signal sources.

If your TV has multiple USB ports, you may need to specify the corresponding number.

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After connecting from the TV, you can open the directories of the smartphone and play or move any files from there.

This connection method assumes that the TV has a Wi-Fi adapter. Not all models are equipped with this component, so it’s best to find out in advance. Wi-Fi connection additionally requires a smartphone with Android operating system at least version 4.

The process boils down to a few simple steps:

  • in the settings section on the smartphone, you need to select the “Wi-Fi Direct” item and enable this function;
  • the device will automatically start searching for available networks and display them on the screen;
  • at this time on the TV, you also need to enable the “Wi-Fi Direct” function, which is most often located in the “Network” settings section;
  • a list of devices available for connection will appear on the screen, among which you need to find a smartphone and connect to it.

When connected, the TV will send a request to the phone to confirm the operation, after which the signal from the smartphone will be broadcast on the screen along with sound.

DLNA is a set of digital standards that open up vast possibilities for creating a home network. Any devices that support this standard can be combined. At the same time, any media files can be easily transmitted in high quality.

Making a connection may seem a little more complicated than using other methods:

  • you will need to provide a common Wi-Fi network and connect all devices to it;
  • a special application is installed on the smartphone to create a server for the exchange of information (for Android systems, this is the BubbleUPnP program).

This technology allows you to transfer audio, video and photos to your TV. However, there may be problems with the direct transmission of the image to the screen, since such an opportunity is not provided here.

How to Mirror iPhone Screen on Any Smart TV (Easy 100% Works)

How to Connect Your Phone to a Smart TV: The 8 Best Ways

Owners of TVs with Smart TV support are thinking about the possibility of connecting a smartphone to it. After all, it is so convenient sometimes to display the image directly from the phone without having to look for something separately on TV. And the transfer of data in this case will be greatly simplified. There are many ways to combine two devices.

Proprietary AirPlay streaming video technology

Smart TV manufacturers take into account the desire of mobile device owners to watch streaming video. Models from brands such as Samsung and Philips are equipped with AirPlay support directly from the factory via built-in software: MirrorCast and AirScreen, respectively. This approach determines the stable operation of the communication channel and the optimal stream transmission speed. To use AirPlay technology on Smart-TVs of other brands, you need to look for suitable third-party software

Important! To connect the iPhone to the TV “over the air”, it is necessary that the devices work in the same Wi-Fi network.

  • Launch the desired application on the TV. If the program provides a synchronization option, activate the mode.
  • On the iPhone, enter the Home app, and wait for the gadget to detect TV as an external display.
  • Register the found device in the app.

The AirPlay pairing protocol provides the following:

  • high quality streaming video transmission;
  • duplicating iPhone images on the TV screen;
  • desktop extension.

Using other connectors

How to connect iPhone to TV if the latter does not have HDMI port? In such a situation, you can use the composite input, but since a direct connection is not possible, you will need the same Digital AV Adapter. over, through the adapter it is possible to synchronize equipment even using a VGA cable, but the sound will need to be output separately.

In general, it can be easily connected using a variety of wires and special adapters. Apple’s “USB AV” composite cable is suitable for 3G / 3GS / 4 series phones and plugs into the RCA jack. All plugs are color coded to eliminate confusion during the connection process.

For iPhones 4 / 4S, you will need to purchase an Apple HDTV Component AV Cable AV Cable. 5th generation devices are connected via VGA Lightning adapter.

How to connect iPhone to TV using AV cable:

  • disable the connected equipment;
  • connect each plug to its corresponding output;
  • when switching via a vga cable, output the audio separately with a cable for acoustics or through a lightning connector;
  • 5 or 4s series phones duplicate content on the display, but 3g or 4 display programs;
  • USB connector is used to charge iPhone during playback.

HDMI connection

You can also connect an Apple gadget to the panel through a multi-component high-definition interface: in modern TV models, there is at least one such connector. HDMI. To connect the plug to your smartphone, you need a special adapter from Apple.

For 4 series phones, this is a Digital AV Adapter, and for 5, 5s / c devices, a digital AV-Adapter Lightning.

Further, the synchronization process is quite simple: devices are turned off, cables are connected to the TV panel and to the phone via the Lightning connector. If the phone does not have a micro-HDMI jack, it is permissible to use a micro-USB-HDMI signal converter. After turning on the devices, the necessary settings are made automatically, but in case of an error, this will have to be done manually. To do this, activate “HDMI” as a signal source on each device. If the synchronization is successful, the picture from the smartphone will be displayed on the TV screen.

Using the DNLA protocol

After installation, the user needs to start the streaming mode in the application and send a test video. When launched, the program will start looking for compatible devices. If the “Network” mode is activated on the TV in the corresponding DNLA-client, then the devices will see each other, and the TV-screen will start playing the video sent from the iPhone.

In the established connection, reverse data exchange is also possible. Through the application on the TV, the user can access the information stored in the memory of the mobile phone, access to which is appropriately configured in the AllCast program on the iPhone.

WI-FI capabilities

The WI-FI module built into the Smart TV will allow you to connect without using wires and additional devices. This is by far the most convenient method of syncing and transferring information from one device to another.

Connection via AppleTV set-top box

The branded Smart-set-top box AppleTV will allow you to connect your iPhone wirelessly to a regular TV. The device takes on the role of an intermediary, as it is equipped with support for the proprietary data exchange protocol “over the air” AirPlay. In such a wireless pairing, the set-top box receives video streams from the iPhone, and it redirects the broadcast to the TV connected to it via the cable interface.

For the first pairing of an iPhone with a TV in tandem with an AppleTV, the following manipulations are required.

  • The AppleTV set-top box must be physically connected to the TV with the appropriate interface.
  • The iPhone must have the STB management utility installed.
  • To set up pairing, the application starts the “Screen Repeat” mode.
  • The smartphone starts looking for a set-top box working in the home Wi-Fi network.
  • When the device is found, you should click on the name and in the opened connection confirmation window enter the code displayed on the TV-screen.

Important! In further communication sessions, device synchronization will be established automatically.