How to Connect iPhone to Samsung Smart TV

Wi-Fi Direct.

This method is suitable for connecting all smartphones that support Wi-Fi Direct technology to TV. Of course, it should also be on TV.
Its plus is that there is no need to connect to a Wi-Fi router.
To connect via Wi-Fi Direct:
on your phone, go to the “Wireless & networks” section, find there and activate the Wi-Fi Direct function. on the TV, open the “Network” section of the menu and, among the connection methods, select and activate Wi-Fi Direct. after activation, the name of your smartphone should appear in the list of available devices. Click on it to send a connection request. confirm the connection of devices by pressing “Yes” on the phone.

Connecting as a media device (to listen to music)

Such a connection is possible if the device has an HDMI connector and supports this mode of operation.
An HDMI cable is connected to the TV. The second cable connector is connected to the smartphone. The TV turns on. The phone selects the mode of operation as a media device. Select HDMI output in the TV settings.

Control the display of the image on the TV screen using the smartphone software.
Connecting a phone to a TV using a Wi-Fi interface.
The easiest way to connect your smartphone to your TV using Wi-Fi is to purchase a special xBounds adapter. The device connects to the USB or HDMI port of the TV and allows, after installing special programs on the smartphone, to display the image without using wires.

Connecting to a Sony TV

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Pick up the remote control, find the HOME button on it and click on it. Note! Some users are faced with the fact that after performing this action, the TV freezes and nothing happens. In this case, you must perform a power reset or reboot and then try again. If that doesn’t work, try disconnecting all devices from the TV and performing a factory reset. Next, you need to go to the Advanced settings interface. To do this, follow this path: Settings. NETWORKACCESSORIES. NETWORK. Advanced settings. On the Built-in.WI-FI tab, check the On box. Also set the On in the Wi-Fi.Direct box. Many users are also interested in how to find out the password for WI-FI Direct on a Sony Bravia TV. This can be done in the same menu in the Show Network (SSID) / Password dialog. When pressed, a window with the name of the network and the secret code will be displayed on the TV screen. These data are subsequently entered manually in the Wi-Fi debugs of the connected mobile device. If the connection was established successfully, a notification about this will appear on the TV-receiver monitor.

Now you know how to connect Wi-Fi to your Sony Bravia TV. Immediately after carrying out the above actions, TV goes into synchronization mode and waits for binding. Here you can also set the confirmation of synchronization when trying to communicate with an unfamiliar device: on the remote control, click on the “Options” button and enable the item “Registration notification”.

How to connect iPhone to Sony Bravia TV via Wi-Fi.
Activate Wi-Fi Direct on TV using the instructions above. Go to iPhone settings and select Wi.Fi, then Dir-ect-xx-BRAVIA. In the window that opens, enter the WPA key displayed on the display of the TV receiver, click on Join. Wait while the pairing is established between the devices. This may take a few minutes. After that, the setup window will be displayed. If there is a label for the SSID on the side of the iPhone, and a dash on the side of the Sony Bravia, it means that the docking is established.

USB cable

When you connect your phone to TV via USB interface, the mobile device will be used as a flash drive. That is, all actions performed on the smartphone will not be duplicated on the screen (as in the case of connecting via HDMI), but it will be possible to launch and play individual media files.

For Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI shell.

We go into the settings of the smartphone system and select the item “Additional functions”. In the window that opens, select the item “Wireless display”.
We activate the “Wireless Display” function and wait for the smartphone to find an available monitor.
All that remains is to click on it and wait for the connection.
For smartphones on “pure” Android (Xiaomi Mi A1)
On Xiaomi Mi A1, the process of connecting a wireless screen is slightly different. We go into the smartphone settings, select the “Screen” section, where at the very bottom we click on the “Broadcast” item.

Next, click on the ellipsis and activate the “Enable” item. After that, the screen will display a list of devices available for connection from which we select the required.
If the connection is successful, a duplicate image from the smartphone will be displayed on the TV screen and you can enjoy the contents of your mobile device on the big screen.

How to connect iPhone to Pan’s TV?

How to connect iPhone to TV via AppleTV?

  • Make sure Apple TV and iPhone are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Open Control Center on iPhone.
  • Click on the “Screen Repeat” button.
  • Select your Apple TV from the list of output devices.
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How to duplicate iPhone screen to MacBook?

On your iPhone, open Control Center and turn on Screen Repeat. Select the device named after your Mac. A code will appear on the Mac OS screen, enter it on the iPhone. Immediately after that, the image from the iPhone screen will begin to transfer to the computer screen or Mac laptop.

How to output image from iPhone to TV via USB?

Can I connect my iPhone to a TV via USB? Perhaps the easiest way to get your iPhone to TV is to use a Lightning to HDMI adapter. It is inappropriate to use a USB adapter to pair your smartphone with a TV, since May 29, 2017.

How to Display iPhone Screen on LG TV?

  • Install the free LG Smart Share app on your TV.
  • Install the Twonky Beam app on your iOS device.
  • Check the box “show or hide the visual indicators at the edge of the screen”.
  • Select the video file you want to output from your smartphone to the big screen of your LG TV.

How to connect iPhone to TV via USB cable?

  • Insert the micro USB connector into the phone connector, its specific configuration depends on the smartphone model.
  • Connect the USB connector to the TV port.
  • Turn on the TV and go to the main settings menu.
  • Wait for the sync to complete, then you can start using the device.

How to turn on Air Play?

To do this, go to Kodi Settings (gear icon) and open Services. In the submenu on the left, you will find the AirPlay tab, select it. Move the slider to the right of the “Enable AirPlay support” line.

How to connect iPhone to TV via Wi-Fi?

  • Leave the TV on the screen showing the WPA key (password) to be entered into the iPhone.
  • Select Wi-Fi in iPhone Settings to enable Wi-Fi function.
  • On the iPhone screen, tap Direct-xx-BRAVIA to access the password entry screen.

How to Mirror Phone Screen to LG TV?

Connecting your mobile device to your LG TV is easy:

How to Connect iPhone to Samsung Smart TV (Wireless)

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control.
  • Launch the “Screen Share” application.
  • Turn on Miracast or AllShare Cast on your phone.
  • Select your TV in the device list.

How to connect iPhone to Samsung Smart TV: Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI, programs

How to connect iPhone to Samsung TV? Regardless of what screen your mobile has, its diagonal will clearly not surpass the TV. On TV, it is more convenient to watch TV shows, films, use the 3D option, and so on. For owners of modern phones of an American company, several channels of contact with technology are available: Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI, third-party programs.

Image output via HDMI

This method requires a cable. Be sure to make sure you have an HDMI connector in your TV beforehand. If your TV does not have an HDMI connector, you will have to purchase an appropriate adapter.

Turn off all equipment, connect the wires. Turn on everything and turn on the search for the smartphone. When TV “sees” the phone, the “Mirroring” option is activated. Due to what the picture enters the TV screen.

If the action fails automatically:

  • on iPhone, turn on data transfer using an HDMI cable;
  • wait up to 15 seconds.

Connection features

Synchronization of devices opens up certain opportunities for the user:

  • expansion of the usual functionality;
  • online content playback;
  • setting the quality of the clips being played;
  • games on the big screen with good graphics;
  • calls via Skype, Viber, Zoom, etc.
  • listening to audio compositions;
  • viewing photos and any components of the explorer.

Samsung Smart View

Samsung Smart View is a system enhancement utility. You can download the current version of Samsung Galaxy Eps, Google Play, Epp Store and Windows. To establish a contact, you need to download specialized software on both gadgets, and then connect them to the general Wi-Fi and confirm the pairing with a code. All the functionality of the program is completely free.

AirPay (screen replay)

Another method that will help you duplicate the iPhone screen on your Samsung Smart TV is using AirPay. For streaming content or sharing visual content, it is sufficient to adhere to this guide:

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • make sure both devices support AirPay technology;
  • connect to one access point, and make sure that the Internet is stable;
  • find and open the recording you want to play via AirPay;
  • click on the TV icon;
  • select a device;
  • confirm action.

Special programs for connecting iPhone to Samsung TV

If the built-in capabilities are not enough for debugging, then you can use third-party programs. They also effectively cope with the task of connecting the device and transferring content to the big screen.

How to Connect iPhone to Samsung TV via USB

There is a USB cable in almost every home, and today almost all modern TVs are produced with such a connector. Therefore, just connect them together, and select the playback format on the phone.

As a final point, we note that the choice of the screen mirroring method depends on a number of TV parameters, as well as personal capabilities.

The table contains all the information on the above methods.

Based on the analysis of the table, we conclude that the most relevant methods are Connect using Apple TV, HDMI and direct WI-FI connection with work through a pre-installed application.

USB connection

The method is used only for viewing some files from the phone, such as photos, documents or videos. The USB connector connected to the device does not support video transmission and flash playback in online streaming mode.

For connection use USB complete with lightning or 30-pin digital AV Adapter (Apple). After establishing the connection, go to the “Files” folder and select the desired file. If none of the connection types work (if any), go to other methods.

Apple TV box

Apple TV is a piece of hardware for iOS devices that streams 4K to TV screens. Has built-in Screen Mirroring function. Connects to the monitor using an HDMI cable with a lightning port (auto charging).

Before connecting to a smartphone, the set-top box is configured according to the instructions. The kit already contains a remote control and a cable. No additional sync apps required.

  • Connect Apple TV and Samsung with a cable;
  • Download AirPlay to the phone to connect directly to the controls;
  • Connect the set-top box and phone to Wi-Fi;
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone (iOS 11.0) screen to load the control point menu. For all other iPhone versions, enable the AirPlay app to mirror your screen and view any files;
  • Select the “Screen Repeat” button;
  • From the list of devices, click on the prefix (model name);
  • A code (4 digits) appears on the display screen. It is entered into the field that opens on the iPhone. The devices are paired once (before the settings are reset);
  • To exit the full-length broadcast, they ask for the “Control Center” on the smartphone and turn off the repeat.
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This method allows you to perform any actions on a smartphone with full display on an external monitor (browser, applications, gallery).

If Apple equipment cannot be purchased, they use the second option. The main task is to set up Wi-Fi transfer from Samsung to iPhone. This requires a specific TV model or a universal adapter that adjusts Wi-Fi connection for any Samsung models.

  • Connect the TV to the adapter cable or set the access point to TV (with Miracast);
  • Connect the iPhone to the created access point that distributes Wi-Fi;
  • Pull the screen curtain down, click on the screen repeat. The wireless display starts broadcasting to the TV;
  • Download the EZMira application, which adjusts the individual parameters of playback and picture quality.

An overview of the possibilities is given in the following

Important! You don’t need to have a Samsung Smart TV to connect any iPhone to a Samsung TV. Miracast adapter (with AirPlay) duplicates the screen to a large monitor. Everything that happens on the iPhone is visible on Samsung. DLNA adapters only support the transfer (playback) of files from the gallery, because not designed to work with AirPlay.

Ways to Connect iPhone to Samsung TV Wirelessly

Apple device owners are increasingly interested in how to connect their iPhone to a Samsung TV. There are two such methods in total. wireless and cable. Let’s describe what is required for this, as well as what advantages and disadvantages each of the synchronization methods has.

Additional options

Analog cables are the most affordable alternative for iPhone users. High quality cannot be achieved without an adapter. he is the cheapest.

  • Composite (bells). One end is pulled to the TV, the other to the smartphone. On TV, they include reception via AV, on the iPhone. mirroring (settings);
  • Component (tulips). Used for iPhone versions above the fourth. The essence of the connection is identical;
  • VGA. VGA Lightning adapter (Apple) required. Suitable for models not lower than 5 iOS.

Important! The longer the cable, the more convenient the mirroring option is. Check availability (4-5 m) before buying. After connecting to the TV, they put the signal source. from the iPhone. Additionally connect the lightning charger to the adapter or phone.

HDMI cable connection

To connect to a TV, you need an Apple Digital AV Adapter (with HDMI port). the phone connector is manufactured by Lightning. One end of the HDMI cable connects to the TV, the other to the mobile phone (via an adapter).

  • Synchronize devices by selecting a signal source on TV;
  • The connection is established automatically and the picture is displayed on the screen (15-30 sec.);
  • If the process does not work, the cable is reinserted, and then the settings are made manually (data transfer from HDMI is turned on on the phone).

Important! When trying to use Chinese copies of the cable, the phone displays a warning restricting the use of non-patented technologies.

Using Wi-Fi

Experienced users know that the iphone is connected to a modern Samsung TV via the AirPlay service protocol and does not require additional software. However, in the absence of an Apple set-top box or modest TV functionality (the wrong model), the owners of iOS devices have to resort to other “assistants”. special applications that duplicate the screen, as well as buy adapters or Wi-Fi adapters.

Mirroring iPhone screen to TV via Wi-Fi is the easiest way to sync devices. This method allows you not only to broadcast online content from your phone wirelessly, but also to view any files from the device’s memory.

If Wi-Fi is connected to Smart TV (built-in), videos are viewed on the TV using the YouTube app. To do this, connect the iPhone and TV to the same network, press the play button from the phone. Next, they click on the AirPlay icon built into YouTube (the combined image icon with Wi-Fi). The broadcast is automatically duplicated on the TV screen. Those. additional settings are not required for online demonstration of videos from a smartphone.

Consider the cases when the user needs to show photo, video, audio files, watch movies or play games. Any Smart TV (with the Internet) is suitable for this, as well as models from budget lines. The difference in connection lies in the equipment used (adapter, set-top box), which is responsible for synchronizing the picture.

AirPlay technology

This protocol was developed by Apple and serves as an interface for transferring files from iphone to TV (AirPlay Mirroring). With the help of the technology, the user receives an exact copy of the smartphone screen on Samsung TV of any diagonal without third-party software.

To sync a picture, you need:

  • Apple TV or Samsung branded set-top box supporting AirPlay2 protocol (option 1);
  • TV with DLNA or Miracast support (option 2).

Important! If Samsung does not support these technologies, use wi-fi adapters. For example, universal MiraScreen, Miracast or Google Chromecast, which provide mirroring. They are connected via the supplied HDMI cable and USB charger.

The synchronization process begins with direct configuration of the equipment. connect external wires and establish a Wi-Fi connection from one source (router, iPhone).

  • If a set-top box is used, you need to connect it to the iPhone for synchronization;
  • Select the signal source (HDMI) on the TV;
  • Activate the desired type of communication on the phone, as well as the set-top box / adapter / TV. On the iPhone, go to the network settings, and on other devices, select the Network option. The connection type for smartphone and TV must match;
  • Click on AirPlay Display Underscan section, turn on AirPlay Mirroring;
  • Find a file to play from a gallery or file manager;
  • Click on the “TV” icon. In the pop-up window, select the TV connected to the network. After synchronization, every action performed with the smartphone is duplicated on the TV screen;
  • Stop streaming by clicking on the same icon and select iPhone.
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Let’s take a closer look at how to connect an iphone to a TV through a set-top box and an adapter (in two ways). In the second case, the installation of additional applications is required. screen mirroring is done through them.

Four Ways to Connect IPhone to TV

Smartphones are no longer a luxury, but an essential attribute for both students and employees of various companies. New generation phones have excellent technical characteristics: large memory capacity, wide multimedia capabilities, high screen resolution. One of the notable features is the synchronization of gadgets with TVs, which allows you to display various files on a wide screen, for example, videos from the Iphone. Let’s consider the main ways of connecting an “apple” smartphone. iPhone. to a TV.

HDMI connection

You can also connect an Apple gadget to the panel through a multi-component high-definition interface: in modern TV models, there is at least one such connector. HDMI. To connect the plug to your smartphone, you need a special adapter from Apple.

For 4 series phones, this is a Digital AV Adapter, and for 5, 5s / c devices, a digital AV-Adapter Lightning.

Further, the synchronization process is quite simple: the devices are turned off, cables are connected to the TV-panel and to the phone via the Lightning connector. If the phone does not have a micro-HDMI jack, it is permissible to use a micro-USB-HDMI signal converter. After turning on the devices, the necessary settings are made automatically, but in case of an error, this will have to be done manually. To do this, activate “HDMI” as a signal source on each device. If the synchronization is successful, the picture from the smartphone will be displayed on the TV screen.

Proprietary AirPlay streaming video technology

Smart TV manufacturers take into account the desire of mobile device owners to watch streaming video. Models from brands such as Samsung and Philips are equipped with AirPlay support directly from the factory via built-in software: MirrorCast and AirScreen, respectively. This approach determines the stable operation of the communication channel and the optimal stream transmission speed. To use AirPlay technology on Smart-TVs of other brands, you need to look for suitable third-party software

Important! To connect iPhone to TV “over the air”, it is necessary that the devices work in the same Wi-Fi network.

  • Launch the desired application on the TV. If the program provides a synchronization option, activate the mode.
  • On the iPhone, enter the Home app, and wait for the gadget to detect TV as an external display.
  • Register the found device in the app.

The AirPlay pairing protocol provides the following:

  • high quality streaming video transmission;
  • duplicating iPhone images on the TV screen;
  • desktop extension.

Features of pairing iPhone with TVs of various brands

Companies use a variety of technologies to communicate wirelessly with other devices in the manufacture of televisions. Some manufacturers can provide their models with proprietary software solutions, like the aforementioned Samsung and Philips for using AirPlay. LG TVs come with Smart Share app for DLNA networks.

Smart Share app for LG TVs

Other brands may not offer proprietary software. For Smart TV, the iPhone owner will have to select the right third-party product.

Advice! For smart TVs running Android OS, you can try BubblePnP utility with DNLA pairing support.

Conventional TVs supporting DNLA standard can be connected to iPhone via AppleTV set-top box.

Using other connectors

How to connect an iPhone to a TV if the latter does not have an HDMI jack? In such a situation, you can use the composite input, but since a direct connection is not possible, you will need the same Digital AV Adapter. over, through the adapter it is possible to synchronize equipment even using a VGA cable, but the sound will need to be output separately.

In general, it is easy to connect using a variety of wires and special adapters. Apple’s “USB AV” composite cable is suitable for 3G / 3GS / 4 series phones and plugs into the RCA jack. All plugs are color-coded to eliminate confusion during connection.

IPhone 4 / 4S requires purchase of Apple’s Component HDTV AV Cable AV Cable. 5th generation devices are connected via VGA Lightning adapter.

How to connect iphone to TV using AV cable:

  • disable the connected equipment;
  • connect each plug to its corresponding output;
  • when switching via a vga cable, output the audio separately with a cable for acoustics or through a lightning connector;
  • 5 or 4s series phones duplicate content on the display, but 3g or 4 display programs;
  • USB connector is used to charge iPhone during playback.

Connection via AppleTV set-top box

The branded Smart-set-top box AppleTV will allow you to connect your iPhone wirelessly to a regular TV. The device takes on the role of an intermediary, as it is equipped with support for the proprietary data exchange protocol “over the air” AirPlay. In such a wireless pairing, the set-top box receives video streams from the iPhone, and it redirects the broadcast to the TV connected to it via the cable interface.

For the first pairing of an iPhone with a TV in tandem with an AppleTV, the following manipulations are required.

  • The AppleTV set-top box must be physically connected to the TV with the appropriate interface.
  • The iPhone must have the STB management utility installed.
  • To set up pairing, the application starts the “Screen Repeat” mode.
  • The smartphone starts looking for a set-top box working in the home Wi-Fi network.
  • When the device is found, you should click on the name and in the opened connection confirmation window enter the code displayed on the TV-screen.

Important! In further communication sessions, device synchronization will be established automatically.

WI-FI capabilities

The WI-FI module built into the Smart TV will allow you to connect without using wires and additional devices. This is by far the most convenient method of syncing and transferring information from one device to another.