How to connect iPhone to LG TV


The easiest way how to play video from iPhone to TV is by using a USB cable. The principle is simple, you just need to connect one side to the TV, and the other to the smartphone. However, a special Lightning to USB adapter is needed. It is much easier to find it than HDMI-Lightning. Most likely on the TV you still need to select the appropriate signal source.

The method is good because it allows you to simultaneously transfer data and recharge the device. The charge replenishment rate is slow, but it is still better than the power consumption in the case of HDMI and other methods. The downside is that the iPhone starts up in USB mass storage mode. Synchronization is not available, it is only possible to read a file from memory.

How to connect Apple TV to TV?

The next way how to connect iPhone to TV for watching video content is intended for owners of older devices, 4S and older. The Apple TV set-top box will allow you to watch video from the Internet or broadcast data from your smartphone on any TV. The main disadvantage of the solution is the high cost of the TV box. about 13,000 rubles.

How to connect iPhone to LG Smart TV:

Controlling Apple TV from iPhone shouldn’t be a problem, because all procedures are intuitive. With subsequent connections, everything will happen almost automatically.

Via Wi-Fi network

Synchronization with iPhone 6 or other smartphone via Wi-Fi is possible only with Smart TVs. In conventional devices, there is no Wi-Fi module, which is a mandatory component for the procedure. Wireless connection is the most practical way to mirror iPhone screen to TV. We are absolutely not limited in movement (within the radius of the coverage area of ​​the access point), and connection takes a couple of minutes the first time, and then. a matter of seconds.

How to stream video from iPhone to TV:

  • Turn on the TV and install the Smart Share application on it.
  • We take a smartphone in our hands and install iMedia it. Belkin MediaPlay or similar app.
  • Launch the iPhone 8 program and select content for broadcast.
  • We confirm the connection of TV and smartphone on both devices.

Important! There is an alternative way to connect iPhone to TV. use Wi-Fi Direct technology. It works by analogy with the standard wireless method, but does not require a connection to a router. Data exchange will take place directly between TV and smartphone. If your TV supports this technology, you should open its settings, select “Network” and click on the “Wi-Fi Direct” option. It remains only to choose a device to connect.

Can iPhone connect to TV?

Almost all iOS devices can actually be connected to a TV. The operating system, although it is distinguished by the closed nature of its ecosystem, does not limit the user in the ability to synchronize with other devices. At the same time, the list of methods available for use is off the charts. We’ve covered 5 good ways to watch iPhone movies on TV.

Connection is needed not only to watch videos, but also:

  • creating video conferencing;
  • more comfortable viewing of content on a large screen;
  • video calls via Skype and other messengers;
  • Internet access;
  • detailed review of photos, etc.

Using HDMI

Among the cable methods on how to display an image from an iPhone to a TV, the best is the one in which we use an HDMI cable. This is a high-speed digital interface that allows you to transfer both picture and video without delays and out of sync.

How to connect iPhone to TV via HDMI:

  • We buy or find a special HDMI-Lightning adapter.
  • We connect the cable with the larger side to the TV, and with the proprietary Lightning connector to the smartphone.
  • Select the signal source on TV. HDMI.

How to Connect iPhone to LG Smart TV?

Smart TVs have become much more affordable, but still not everyone can afford them. A worthy alternative to buying a new TV would be to connect a smart gadget to an old device. However, the combination of iPhone and TV will be useful even if there is an operating system in both devices. Today our review is devoted to how to connect an iPhone to an LG Smart TV using different methods: cable, Wi-Fi, etc. This will allow you to watch movies from your phone memory or open a video on the Internet on both smart and regular TV.

How to connect iPhone to TV:

It doesn’t matter which smartphone is used, both iPhone 5 and iPhone 11 will do. In each case, we can display films or series on the TV display. over, the user is free to choose the methods of broadcasting. We offer a choice of as many as 5 options for solving the problem.

Via analog cable

The last, least attractive method of connection involves the use of tulips. To implement it, you need to prepare an adapter from Lightning or USB to RCA. We can only recommend this method for those who have an old TV set from the 90s or early 2000s. The setup procedure is elementary and comes down to connecting the plugs to the appropriate connectors.

The disadvantages of this method include the complexity of the selection of cables. Often you have to buy several adapters at once. Another disadvantage. the quality of the picture will be low, so it is unlikely that you will be able to enjoy viewing.

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Here are all the ways to connect iPhone to LG Smart TV. There are really a lot of them, there is plenty to choose from. In most cases, we recommend looking at the wireless sync option. If this is not possible, methods with HDMI or USB will also help to achieve decent picture quality. The options with a set-top box and an analog cable are intended for those who have older TVs that are not capable of working with more advanced connection options.

How to connect wirelessly?

If you have a Smart TV, then you can try to make the connection over the air, without using any wires or cables at all.

Why is it necessary?

Why bother trying to set up a smartphone to connect to a Korean brand’s TV? Such synchronization will be of interest only to those users who have ordinary TVs without Smart functions. Among the main possibilities of such a connection are the following.

  • View multimedia files, including movies and TV shows in real time.
  • Conducting presentations and multimedia presentations.
  • Listening to music, communication via social networks.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should connect your smartphone to your TV.

For synchronization, you will need to select the type of connection, since not all TVs provide this opportunity. That is why you should pay close attention at this point when trying to synchronize.

How to connect iPhone to LG TV?

In recent years, mobile technology has been developing at a fairly rapid pace. Many gadgets have not only become affordable, but also boast a large number of technical capabilities. Of course, the sales leader is Apple, which offers its customers sophisticated smartphones. One of the advantages of the devices of the American company is the ability to easily and quickly synchronize with other devices. For example, a user can easily set up a connection between a phone and a set-top box or TV. Many people wonder if it is possible to connect an iPhone to a TV, for example, of the popular LG brand.?


The AirPlay protocol is a proprietary development of the apple company and provides the ability to directly connect a smartphone to a TV. To do this, you need to go to the appropriate settings, then select the appropriate device in the list and synchronize.

It should be noted that not all TVs from the Korean company can boast of the presence of a module for wireless connection. Such devices are available only in Smart models. They allow you to access the global network without first connecting a cable or any other equipment. That is why Wi-Fi connection is considered the most comfortable and practical way.

Before you can fully synchronize the Apple smartphone and the TV, you need to install a special application. LG has developed an app to solve this problem called Smart Share.

For a smartphone, you will also need to install a special program. There are a huge number of them today, and the most popular and easy to use is the Twonky Beam.

To configure and connect, you need to adhere to the following recommendations.

  • Open the program and check the box in the menu, this allows you to display the image on the screen.
  • Select the media file you want to play on the screen, and then find the available devices in the list. Here you need to select the TV to which you want to display images and videos.
  • To start playback, click on “Bearning”.

This method of air connection is not the only one. Recently, the iMediaShare application has been popular, in which synchronization is carried out practically on the same principle. The only difference is that the user will need to enter the password for the wireless network. The Korean company makes some TVs that are equipped with Wi-Fi Direct. A distinctive feature of the function is that it makes it possible to connect without using a router. However, for use, you must first configure the system in the “Network” section. There you can select the iPhone, after which both devices are immediately synchronized.

How To Mirror Your iPhone to a LG TV

One of the most popular and fastest growing technologies in the world today is Google Chromecast, which is also used to wirelessly connect iPhones. The main feature of the device is that it should be inserted into the HDMI connector, after which it acts as a router. Usually, users resort to using such a module in cases where their TV is not equipped with a Wi-Fi module.

Wired ways

By far the most reliable way to connect an iPhone to an LG TV is wired. It provides a stable connection that does not drop and is characterized by high speed.

This method of synchronization is one of the simplest and most accessible for most users. The main advantage of the method is that immediately after connection, the smartphone can be charged, which is extremely convenient. In addition, this interface is present in almost any modern technology. However, there are some disadvantages of such a connection. After syncing, the iPhone screen will no longer be able to play any files, as the smartphone will be used as a storage device.

The connection cable will need to be selected depending on which smartphone model is used.

You can also connect an American smartphone to a Korean TV using the digital HDMI interface. It should be noted that mobile phones, including iPhones, are usually not equipped with such connectors, so a special adapter will need to be used. Today on the market there are a huge number of such adapters, which greatly simplify the connection process. When choosing a cable, it is imperative to take into account the smartphone model, since it is of decisive importance in this matter.

One of the advantages of HDMI connection is that all parameters are automatically adjusted.

If an error pops up, then it will be necessary to carry out some program manipulations in order to achieve a positive result. First of all, you need to make sure that the appropriate interface is activated on the TV. In addition, you will need to select it as the main source for the signal. Only then will the image appear on the big screen. Thus, connecting via HDMI requires minimal manipulation, which makes this method one of the most optimal.

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You can also connect an iPhone to an LG TV using an analog cable, also referred to as AV or tulip. Usually, this method is used in cases where the TV model is outdated, and there are no modern interfaces in it. The use of adapters and an analog cable makes it possible to carry out synchronization. The main disadvantage is that the output image cannot boast of high quality, since the analog cable does not allow viewing media files in modern formats.

Several types of cables can be used for connection.

  • Composite, the distinctive feature of which is the presence of 3 plugs and one USB output. This cable can be used by owners of iPhone 4s and earlier models of the company.
  • Component, which in its appearance is quite similar to the first option. A distinctive feature in the presence of additional plugs, which are needed in order to broadcast the image with maximum quality.
  • VGA. used to sync TV and modern iPhone versions.

Apple TV

Apple TV is a multimedia set-top box that allows you to synchronize your smartphone and TV. The connection process is carried out thanks to the Wi-Fi protocol. There are no requirements for the set-top box itself, but the smartphone should be no older than 4th generation.

Before starting synchronization, it is imperative to update the OS on all devices, since otherwise a connection error will be issued.

The process of connecting an iPhone to a TV from a Korean brand includes the following steps.

  • Launch of the set-top box, after which it will be necessary to attach it to a TV from a Korean brand.
  • We make sure that the smartphone and the set-top box from the “apple company” are connected to the same local network.
  • We select the AirPlay menu and find the device we need in the list to pair the smartphone with the TV.

Thus, connecting your iPhone to a Korean TV allows you to watch TV, play videos, or control multimedia content. With screen mirroring or screen replaying, you can link both devices and view all your media on the big screen.

For information on how to connect iPhone to LG TV, see the video below.

USB connection

Sometimes the question arises, how to connect iPhone 6 to LG TV via USB cable, if such a connector is present on the TV case. This connection option remains one of the simplest: you just need to connect the devices with a cord through the appropriate connectors. The USB input is usually located on the side or on the back of the TV case. Synchronization usually runs automatically without errors. In the TV settings menu, you need to select USB as the main way of transferring information to the screen.

However, there is one important point: this connection method does not allow you to broadcast video from the iPhone or iPad screen directly online. You have to use your smartphone as a storage device: it plays the role of a large-volume flash drive, onto which you need to download video files or other information in advance.

This connection option allows you to view photos taken on walks and on trips, watch captured video on a large screen with good playback quality. If you want to use an online connection, you need to use an HDMI cable.

Basic options for connecting a smartphone to a TV

When choosing the appropriate method for connection, you need to decide on the capabilities of the TV. modern LG models are equipped with a WI-FI module. this allows you to use the TV to wirelessly connect to the Internet and synchronize it with other devices. If such a module is not provided in the design, the only possible option is to connect through a wire, which creates some inconvenience.

Before connecting the iPhone to an LG TV, the user can purchase a special set-top box, such as an Apple TV. It is specially designed for connection to a TV and allows you to significantly expand its functionality. Let’s consider this and another way of connecting devices in more detail.

Analog Cord Connection

If your TV model is very old, then you can try an analog cord with a tulip connector for connection. Such connectors were widespread on TVs that were produced in the early 2000s. An analog cable is connected through a special adapter, this makes it possible to watch files stored in the phone’s memory.

However, such a connection has a serious drawback. the picture quality drops sharply, it will not meet modern standards. Difficulties with video playback in various modern formats are also possible. For connection, you can use various types of analog cables, depending on the available connectors. these are composite, component cables and VGA.

How to connect your iPhone to an LG TV

HDMI cable connection

The easiest and most widespread way for owners of older TVs is to use an HDMI cable to display the image from the smartphone display on the TV screen. The main advantage is accessibility: the connector is present on almost all TV models of this manufacturer. Mobile phones do not have such an output, therefore, to connect a TV to them via a cable, you will need to purchase a special adapter adapter. Its type depends on the smartphone model:

  • The earliest common 4 / 4s models use a Digital AV adapter.
  • Lighting adapter is used for Apple smartphone versions 5 / 5s and later.

There are usually no problems connecting devices to each other. It is enough to insert the cable into the corresponding socket on the TV and smartphone, then the setup and synchronization will start in automatic mode. After its completion, you need to go to the TV settings menu and specify the cable as the main signal source. After that, the image from the smartphone will be transmitted to the TV screen.

Almost the only drawback of this method is the limited length of the cord, due to which you have to limit your movement around the room. If a long cable is used, interference may occur when the signal is transmitted over a long distance.

Connecting via Wi-Fi using a dedicated app

If the device is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, there is no need to worry about wiring and signal loss. A router is installed in the room to unite all devices into a home network, new TVs can also be connected via the modern Wi-Fi Direct protocol.

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How to Connect iPhone to LG Smart TV?

To do this, you need to follow simple instructions:

  • Make sure both TV and smartphone are connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Launch the app on your TV and smartphone.
  • Select the media content to play. This can be a YouTube video, a downloaded movie, and more.
  • To start broadcasting the picture, press the “Bearning” button.

Thanks to wireless communication, the user is not limited in movement. It can be located in any part of the room where there is a connection to the router. This makes it much more convenient to use your synced devices.

Connection via a special attachment

Owners of iPhones no older than the fourth generation should buy a set-top box, Apple TV will make it possible to turn the TV into a full-fledged tool for playing any video content from the Internet. Buying a set-top box will cost the user a lot: it usually takes at least 13 thousand rubles to purchase it. This is a good option for those who do not want to spend a larger amount on the purchase of a new TV, since there is an opportunity to upgrade a device that has already been purchased for a long time.

It is usually possible to connect a set-top box to a TV and a smartphone without the help of a specialist; it makes it possible to access the network and play various files. To connect, follow the simple instructions:

  • Connect the set-top box to the TV according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Connect the set-top box and smartphone via your home Internet network.
  • Double click on the “Home” button on your smartphone and go to the settings section.
  • A list of available devices will open, among which you will need to select “AirPlay”.
  • Select a set-top box from the available list that opens and start the synchronization procedure.

As a result, the set-top box will be connected to the TV and smartphone to use the full functionality. When reconnecting, the entered settings are saved, you do not have to configure and synchronize devices again.

Smart-TV capabilities are still not available to everyone, replacing a TV with a new model with perfect functionality will require considerable costs. However, there is another way to provide the ability to access the network and play video files from the Internet. you can connect your iPhone to an LG TV via WI-FI or use other connection methods. A smart smartphone from Apple plays the role of an adapter with which you can access the Internet, while the image is broadcast on a large screen with excellent playback quality.

It is no coincidence that Apple mobiles continue to be in demand, despite the high cost. They provide an opportunity to use a wide range of functionality and can be synchronized with almost every model of modern LG TV.

How to connect iPhone to LG TV via Wi-Fi?

The device for wireless connection to the network is built into the Smart TV. Thus, the user can spend time on the Internet without using a cable or additional devices. It should be noted that syncing via Wi-Fi is the most convenient way. In any case, you need to download the additional Smart Share software. To connect to an LG TV with an IPhone using Wi-Fi, follow these steps:

  • run the program and in the “Main Menu” check the box next to “show or hide the visual indicators at the edge of the screen”;
  • define the file to be shown on the big screen, then the receiver and TV;
  • click on the “Bearning” button to start.

If your TV has built-in Wi-Fi, then you can connect without a router. To do this, on TV, launch the “Main Menu”, then select the “Settings” item, then click on “Network”.

AirPay (screen replay)

Smart device creators provide the ability to watch streaming videos directly from your TV. LG owners have built-in AirPlay. The software allows you to organize fast channel operation and display speed. The connection algorithm is as follows:

  • connect two devices to one internet network;
  • find on the mobile “Control Menu” and click on the line “Screen Repeat”;
  • in the list that opens, select Smart TV;
  • enter the password on the smartphone, after which the equipment is synchronized.

You can stop playback by clicking on “Pause”.

Connection features

Regardless of the model, it is easy to repeat the Iphone screen on your LG Smart TV. To do this, use wireless and wired connection methods. The first method involves the use of additional adapters and wires. For the second, you need a stable Internet connection.

Is it possible to duplicate the screen via Bluetooth?

You won’t be able to connect video via Bluetooth. Alas, the gadgets of the same name are not equipped for this option.

How to connect iPhone to LG TV via USB

Every user has a USB cable. In addition to the connection, the gadget will be charged in parallel. Most often, such a cable is used for viewing presentations or photographs. Standard 30-pin cable, micro USB or Lighting can be used.

Apple TV

To create a wireless connection between the IPhone and TV, you need to use the Apple TV player. To do this, take a special cable and a smartphone model of at least version 4. In this case, the device must be updated. Further instructions:

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • start Apple TV, connect to TV using Bluetooth or WI-FI;
  • connect iPhone to Apple TV via the same Wai-Fay;
  • on your smartphone, click on the “Home” button, then click on “Volume control”;
  • select AirPlay;
  • select the option you want from the list;
  • wait for the Air Play Mirroring button to light up on the screen.
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After a few seconds, the image from the smartphone will be displayed on the large TV screen.

Connect iPhone to LG Smart TV. Airplay (2021)