How to connect honor 9 to a TV

Using a standard USB port

This method also enjoys a certain popularity, primarily due to its availability. All you need to use the method is to have a USB cable (even suitable from a charger). The procedure is as follows:

connect, honor

  • Find suitable ports on both devices.
  • Connect them with a cable.
  • Enable devices.

As a rule, you do not need to configure anything. The system will automatically adjust everything. In some cases, you may need to select USB on TV.

It should be noted that the method has certain disadvantages:

  • In this case, the phone is used as a storage device, not a projector. That is, there is no usual mirroring, the user independently opens the necessary folders and files using the TV remote control.
  • Since the mirroring function does not work in this mode, the user will not be able to play games, browse the web, or create any text or visual files (although it is possible to view their contents).
  • The list of files supported by TVs is limited. It directly depends on the specific device and can be quite broad, but there are still limitations.

Meanwhile, if the user wants, for example, to watch a movie or photo stored on the phone, this method will be much more convenient, since there is no need to buy additional equipment.

Features of connecting models 7a, 7c, 8x, 9/10 Lite

It should be understood that there are several devices in the Honor line of phones. They differ from each other in the set of built-in functions. In this regard, not all of the methods described above can be used on different models of smartphones. Consideration should be given to the following restrictions:

  • Models “7a” and “7c” can only be connected using the USB port. Accordingly, their functionality is limited. However, the 7c model can be used as a full-fledged remote control. To do this, you can use the built-in application or a program from a third-party developer.
  • The “8x” model can only be connected to TVs of the “Smart” category. For this, the built-in Wi-Fi module is used.
  • The “9 Lite” model has a built-in “Multi-screen” function. The image can be transferred not only to TVs, but also to PCs, projectors. However, this option will only work on devices with Miracast support.
  • If the model supports the MHL function (adapter from micro-USB or type-C to HDMI connector) or there is a mini-HDMI connector, then it is best to connect using the HDMI port. This method will provide the best picture quality displayed on the TV monitor.

In any case, all new smartphones can be connected to TVs equipped with Wi-Fi modules or special portals. Which method to use should be decided by the user, based on his own preferences.

Using your Honor smartphone as a TV remote control

The phone can be used not only as a projector, but also as a regular remote control. Once connected, they will be able to switch channels, add and decrease sound, navigate the TV menu. In general, after certain manipulations, the smartphone can completely replace the standard remote control.

In order to activate the function, you must do the following:

  • Open the “Virtual Remote” application on your phone (automatically installed on all smartphones that support this function).
  • Add a new device (click on the plus at the bottom of the app).
  • Select TV brand.
  • Start the connection procedure (for this you have to run a few simple commands).

After successful completion of the configuration, the created profile will be saved. All you need to do is activate it. After that, the phone can be used as a full-fledged remote control.

Frequently asked questions / problems

As with any technology, users have questions about how they work. Below are the answers to the queries that are most often of interest to citizens:

  • “Honor” cannot connect to TV, what should I do? First you need to make sure your TV supports this feature. Next, you need to try all the available methods. If all else fails, you can try restarting your devices. If the situation has not changed, it is recommended to contact the service center.
  • Can I always use my phone as a remote control? As mentioned above, the application on the phone remembers the created profile. There are no restrictions in this case, including the duration of using the program. The only problem a user may have is a faster battery drain.
  • Which of the described connection methods is better? It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to this question in view of the variety of devices. For some models, it will be preferable to use the HDMI port, for others, use Wi-Fi. It should be noted that the second method allows you to use the option at a greater distance, which is explained by the lack of a wired connection.
  • There is no Wireless Projection item in the Quick Access Toolbar. Another problem faced by users. If the function is provided, it is necessary to enter the word “Projection” in the search, which is in the Settings. If this function is available, the required section will be found.
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It is also recommended to check the official TV and phone user guides. These documents contain a lot of useful information and can provide answers to questions of interest to users.

Using HDMI

The most popular method of all, which will be described below. The popularity is driven by two main factors. First, the quality of the transmitted image is not lost (which cannot be said about other methods). Secondly, it is extremely easy to connect, it is enough to have the necessary equipment.

To connect, your TV and phone must have HDMI ports. Their availability directly depends on the specific TV, but usually modern devices are equipped with suitable technologies. If there is no connector on the phone, you can solve the problem by purchasing a USB adapter.

The procedure for connecting is as follows:

  • Find suitable ports on both devices.
  • Connect the cable by connecting the phone and TV.
  • Enable both devices.

After switching on, automatic setup will be carried out, after which the image will begin to be transmitted to the TV monitor. If this does not happen, you will need to select the HDMI item in the smartphone and TV settings.

Using Mirror Share

This method is essentially a kind of analogue of the previous one, however, it involves the use of special software from the developers of the phone. Mirror Share lets you literally turn your phone into a projector. To do this, you first need to connect both devices to a shared Wi-Fi network.

The further procedure is as follows:

  • Open the full menu of the notification curtain on the phone.
  • Select the item “Mirror Share” (this section can also be translated as “Wireless projection”).
  • Activate option.
  • On the TV, select the “Broadcast” item in the menu (depending on the specific device, there may be different names).
  • Activate broadcast.

Via Wi-Fi

Many modern TVs are equipped with Wi-Fi modules. Thanks to them, you can not only connect to the Internet, but also connect mobile phones to devices, broadcasting what is shown on the monitors of the latter. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the settings on the phone and select the “Wireless networks” section;
  • Open the list of available networks by clicking on the “Wi-Fi” button;
  • After going to the drop-down menu, select the “Wi-Fi Direct” section;
  • Open settings on TV;
  • Enter the “Network” item (this name is usually used, although other options are possible);
  • Select the “Wi-Fi Direct” section;
  • In the menu that opens, select the previously configured phone.

When using this method, the content is fully broadcast from the smartphone monitor to the TV screen.

There are only two negative aspects in this case. Firstly, if the previous methods provided for charging the mobile from the TV, then in this case it will not be possible, which can lead to a quick discharge of the smartphone. Secondly, slower data transfer is possible than when using standard cables.

How to connect via Wi-Fi?

A Wi-Fi connection has several advantages:

  • No need to use any wires.
  • TV will act as a monitor.
  • The user can “go out” to the Internet.

The disadvantages are the lack of a Wi-Fi module in some TV models. The connected gadget does not charge from the TV, so the battery runs out quickly.

The connection procedure is as follows:

  • On Honor, go to Settings.
  • Find the item “Wireless networks”.
  • Click on “Wi-Fi”. After that, a list of available networks will open.
  • Go to dropdown menu.
  • Select the “Wi-fi Direct” section. Wait for the list with available devices to open.

On TV:

  • Open settings.
  • Select the “Network” section.
  • Click on “Wi-fi Direct”. A list with available devices will open.
  • Select a line with the name of your phone.
  • Confirm request.
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This will start pairing the devices. Image and sound will be broadcast from the phone.

HDMI connection

This method of connecting a phone and a TV is at the top of the list for a reason. Nowadays, it is considered the most common way to pair a mobile device and TV. Such a connector is being implemented on many modern devices.

Connecting in this way has many advantages, the most important of which are the following:

  • high-quality transfer of pictures from a mobile device to TV;
  • fast file transfer;
  • convenience and ease of use.

The connection diagram of a mobile device and TV is as follows:

  • you need to turn off the phone and TV;
  • connect smartphone and TV with HDMI cable;
  • turn on devices;
  • when the devices turn on, the setting will be made automatically, the “mirroring” mode will start.

The image from the phone will be transferred to the screen.

But automatic tuning does not always work. If it was not there, then you can perform all the actions manually:

  • Go to settings from the phone and from the TV.
  • In the TV settings, the user needs to select the HDMI type. A number of models have several similar connectors (HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3). In this case, you need to select the connector number.
  • In the phone settings, you should select transmission via HDMI.

So it’s pretty easy to connect your phone and TV via HDMI. The most important thing is to connect the connector correctly.

If your smartphone does not have a suitable HDMI connector, then you can purchase a special micro-USB to HDMI adapter.

Is it possible to transfer an image from a smartphone, why is it necessary?

Not every person is comfortable watching movies or reading information of interest on a miniature screen. If you connect your cell phone to a TV, you can get a widescreen screen and enjoy a better picture. The smartphone, in turn, plays the role of a projector.

The connection procedure is necessary in the following cases:

  • while watching pictures, clips or films;
  • launching applications, programs or games;
  • “Surfing” the Internet;
  • creation and demonstration of various presentations.

Sometimes the phone can act as a remote control. If you additionally connect a mouse, keyboard or joystick, then the possibilities for using conventional technology will be expanded.

Features for 7a, 7c, 8x (x), 9 lite and 10 Lite models

Each smartphone model is unique. Therefore, the type of connection to the TV will differ. But the connection procedure is identical with the above methods.

  • 7a. The Honor 7A can only be connected to a TV via a micro-USB cable. Carry out the activities described above. After automatic setup of devices, the necessary information will be available on the TV screen.
  • 7c. The connection is via a USB port. Here you need to launch a special application that allows you to use your mobile phone as a TV remote control. By following the prompts, you can quickly and easily pair your devices. If the application does not work, then it is recommended to download a similar third-party application from Google Play.
  • 8x. A mobile device can only be connected to a Smart TV that has a built-in Wi-Fi module. The connection procedure is described above.
  • 9 lite (9 Lite). The smartphone supports the “Multi-screen” function. She is responsible for transferring data from the phone to various devices. TV, projector, and so on. In this case, the TV must be equipped with Miracast technology. If it is absent, then you need to purchase a special Android set-top box. It is enough to go to the phone settings, click on the Miracast item, select the TV name.
  • 10 lite. Here, a simple and affordable way will be to connect via HDMI. Follow the instructions above. Auto setup will start Mirroring mode.

Wi-Fi connection

This method of connecting a smartphone to a TV can only be carried out if the TV has a built-in Wi-Fi module (Smart TV with Android OS version 4 or higher).

The algorithm for connecting two devices is performed in the following sequence:

  • On the Honor smartphone, the user needs to open the phone settings.
  • Then go to the section “Wireless networks”.
  • Click on the line “Wi-Fi”. A list of available Wi-Fi networks will open.
  • From the top right, click on the three vertical dots, a drop-down menu will open.
  • Select “Wi-Fi Direct”. The search for available devices starts.
  • Also go to settings.
  • Select “Network”, open. A list of available device connection methods will be displayed.
  • Open “Wi-Fi Direct”.
  • A search for available devices will be performed.
  • Select the line with the name of the smartphone.
  • Make a request, confirm your choice.

After completing these steps, the phone will be paired with the TV. When this method is selected, the image is duplicated on the TV screen, and sound is also played.

  • there are no wires;
  • the TV can be used as a monitor;
  • there is an opportunity to “surf” the Internet.
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But there are also disadvantages of this method of connecting two devices. For example, not every TV has a built-in Wi-Fi module. In addition, when using this method, the charge on the Honor smartphone quickly runs out, but since the connectors are free, you can safely put it on charging.:

Modern technologies never cease to amaze people. For example, today it is possible to connect an Honor smartphone with the Andro operating system.

USB connection

When using this method, the image is not always duplicated from the mobile device to the TV. This fact depends on the smartphone model. If the picture is not duplicated, then the user will see only a black screen on the phone. But in this case there is a merit. the phone is used as a USB storage device transmitting a signal.

The user can control the smartphone only through the TV menu, using the remote control. On most models of modern TVs, you can watch not only videos or photos, but also open text files and view presentations. Thus, you can make a board out of a TV, where a slideshow or any presentation will be displayed.

The connection setup algorithm is as follows:

  • turn off your smartphone and TV;
  • connect the phone and TV with a mini-USB or micro-USB cable (depending on which of these connectors is on the mobile device);
  • turn on the phone and TV.

After completing these steps, automatic configuration will start.

  • support for all devices;
  • no need to purchase additional wires, etc.;
  • when two devices are connected, the phone is automatically charged from the TV.

There are also disadvantages. For example, not all files can be opened, but only those that are supported by this TV model. A complete list of such files can be found in the instructions for the TV. In addition, when you select this connection method, you cannot start programs or applications, including any games. Also there is no internet connection.

In the modern world, this method is already considered outdated.


You can connect your smartphone to the TV with an HDMI cable if you have an adapter or HDMI / microUSB or USB Type-C cable. The adapter can be used from any company.

To pair your smartphone and TV you will need:

  • OTG microUSB / HDMI cable or USB Type-C / HDMI depending on the phone model;
  • HDMI / HDMI cable;
  • USB Type-C (microUSB) / HDMI cable.

A USB Type-C (microUSB) / HDMI cable is quite rare, and with an output to Type-C it is also very expensive. The most cost-effective way to connect the device is via an adapter. But, if you have the appropriate cable, then you just need to connect it to the TV and the screen will be duplicated.

In the modern world, no one can be surprised by the fact that with the help of a mobile device you can watch videos, search for information on the Internet, check mail, take pictures, etc., etc. The times when the phone was only a means of communication are long gone Now smartphone users are expanding the functionality of devices even more, connecting the phone even to a TV. Thus, you can watch movies, pictures, and also listen to music not on a 5-6-inch display, but on a large TV screen.

There are several popular methods for connecting a mobile device and a TV. With the help of some methods, you can even make a real Smart set-top box out of a smartphone, and with the help of others, you can view files.

Why connect your phone to your TV?

Sometimes it is not convenient for everyone to use the small screen of a smartphone. If you connect your mobile device to a TV screen, you will be able to take advantage of a large screen. In this case, the phone will act as a projector.

When connecting a mobile device to a TV, the user will be able to:

  • watch movies, videos, clips and photos on the big TV screen;
  • run various games, programs and applications, if the selected connection method allows it;
  • Surf the Internet;
  • create and demonstrate presentations.

For maximum user comfort and convenience, a wireless mouse, keyboard or joystick can be connected.

On some Smart TV models, you can use your phone as a remote control. This is very convenient when the remote control is lost or out of order.