How To Connect Dvd To TV Through Tulips

4 Ways to Connect DVD to TV

DVD players are common enough to expand the entertainment world significantly. Their cost is low, so anyone can buy such a device. There are many ways to connect a DVD player to a TV, and all have their own characteristics, but are not complicated. After setup, you can watch movies as many times as you like and countless times.

How To Connect Dvd To TV Through Tulips

Component cable connection

The component cord contains five plugs that you need to connect to your DVD player. You need to be guided by the color coding and Output labels. The audio ports are red and white, and the other red, green and blue are the audio ports. In order not to get confused in the red “tulips”, lay them out on the table and make sure they are in the correct position: green, blue, red for the picture and white, red for audio.

Sometimes component cables are only tricolor. green, blue and red. and are intended for the transmission of content. Therefore, using such a cord, you will have to use an additional red and white cable for transmitting sound.

The other end of the cable is connected to the outputs of the corresponding color and the inscriptions Input on the TV. Before switching on, make sure that all plugs are firmly seated in the connectors. Turn on the TV using the required datsource.

HDMI connection

The HDMI port is considered optimal when connecting a dvd player to a TV, because it provides the ability to transfer to the screen without loss of quality. Outwardly, it is somewhat SIMilar to a USB connector, but only thinner and longer. Experts say that in this way it is best to connect the divide-player to the plasma. It is advisable to use cable models 2.0 and higher, which are marked “High speed with Ethernet” and only from leading manufacturers. If you have no idea how to connect correctly, then check the inscriptions on the connectors.

Scart connection

A not very popular method of connecting a DVD to a plasma TV is to use the Scrat connector. The transmission of sound and images is carried out as well as when using HDMI. But the problem is that this port is quite rare on modern devices. To connect the player and TV, you will need to purchase a special Scrat-RCA cord, where one end is inserted into the player, and the other (where there are “tulips”) into the TV.

Available connectors

Before connecting a DVD player, you need to familiarize yourself with the ports on your TV. As a rule, manufacturers equip equipment with the maximum number of connectors to make it easier for the user to connect various devices. The most popular are HDMI and Tulips. But also Scart and S-ports are used.

Ways to connect DVD to TV

If you have no idea how to connect a DVD yourself, then you do not need to immediately call the wizard. To enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows, you need to get connected properly. Before connecting the dvd to the TV, it is necessary to read the instructions and check which ports on the TV are available.

Among the popular connection methods, the following are known:

  • using HDMI cable;
  • using an RCA cord;
  • Scart connection;
  • method using S-ports.

Connecting using RCA

The so-called tulips have been the most popular method of connecting any television device for many years. The RCA connector has three colors: red and white for sound reproduction, and yellow for images. Such connectors can be either on one side of the wire or on both sides. In order not to make a mistake and correctly connect the dividend to the TV, it is necessary to combine the plugs with connectors of the same color.

Possible problems and how to solve them

If during testing it was found that there is no sound, and only a picture is displayed, this means that the cable is not connected correctly. Check that all color marks match. To connect the DVD to the Samsung TV, you need to use a cable, and connect the player to the outlet. After turning on the TV-panel, select exactly the mode to which you connected the DVD.

If the TV does not see the DVD, then replace the cables. Over time, the cord could be damaged, and the connectors lose their tightness. High humidity could affect the connector. When buying, try to choose a well-known manufacturer to be sure of the quality of the wire. After connection, the cable itself should not be stretched, but it is desirable that it sag a little. Pulling too tight may distort the image.


Modern models of DVD-players are less and less equipped with such a connector. This option provides optimal picture and sound quality, second only to HDMI. You need a SCART-RCA cable to pair your equipment.

The next type of connectors is actively used from year to year and, despite the appearance of improved options, remains relevant. RCA ports are used to connect equipment through tulips. This is a set of connectors of three colors: red and white for audio signal transmission; yellow. for.


To connect a DVD player to the TV, you need to choose one of the available methods, prepare the required cable and, following an understandable diagram, do the job. Following SIMple steps, it will not be difficult to correctly connect the player to the TV.

After completing the work, the technician should be turned on and check the functionality.

Connection via the HDMI port and cable can only be carried out using modern technology. This is a SIMple and easy way to synchronize with high signal quality.

Pairing is pretty easy.

  • First you need to find the right connector on your TV. usually, it is on the back panel. There may be an HDMI In label next to the port.
  • Find the jack on the turntable. Manufacturers refer to it as HDMI Out.
  • Connect the equipment with a cable. Make sure the plug is firmly seated in the connector. If the wires were not included, you need to purchase one.
  • Turn on the TV, open the settings window. Set to receive. and audio signal through HDMI input.
  • Turn on the player and check the connection.
  • Insert a disc or flash drive into the player, turn on and check the performance of the equipment.

A distinctive feature of this cable is its large size. As in the above case, only one cord is needed for synchronization. The connection process is very SIMple. It is enough to take the cord and connect it to the corresponding ports on the DVD player and TV signal receiver.

Depending on the TV model, there may be multiple SCART ports on it. In this case, you need to select the one next to which there is a designation “In”.

The next option is most often used when working with outdated equipment. Many users have long been familiar with this type of port and cable. To connect the equipment, it is enough to plug the “tulips” (a cord with three colored plugs at both ends) into the connectors of the corresponding color: red, white and yellow. Despite the easy and understandable operation, this method has a significant drawback. a reduced picture quality compared to the above connection methods.

To connect the player to the TV via the S-output, you need to purchase a special cable. The port name indicates that this channel is only suitable for image transmission. To transmit the sound signal, you need to use another cable (“bells” or “tulips”).

No additional settings are required to connect. You just need to connect the cable to the equipment, turn it on and enjoy the movie.

Using a component cable

On some DVD-players you can find standard colored tulip ports, but only in the amount of not three, but 5 pieces. This is an improved version, providing a higher quality signal transmission. Despite the increased number of ports, the connection process is the same as using a standard RCA cable. The connection takes place exactly by color. Then we check for successful signal transmission.

How to connect a DVD player to a TV?

Although many users use a computer for viewing, DVD players are still in use. Modern models differ from those previously released in compact size, functionality and a wide range of connectors. Digital equipment manufacturers have thought of several connection methods, allowing each user to choose the best option.

Additional recommendations

In the process of connecting equipment, it is important to observe its correct location. Experts do not recommend putting the player on top of a TV. During operation, the temperature of the equipment rises, and with this arrangement, the technicians will heat each other. This violation during operation can lead to damage.

Many users make the mistake of placing their TV on top of the player. This is not recommended, even if the TV receiver is small. Not all players can boast of a robust case. It is best to use a special TV cabinet with a special shelf for a DVD player.

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High temperature especially affects the HDMI cable. If the wires are under strong tension, they may be loose in the sockets.

Connector types

Before starting the connection procedure, you need to carefully examine the player and TV for available ports.

Older TV sets and DVD players differ significantly from newer ones. Let’s take a look at the most widely used connectors.

This option is considered to be optimal for synchronization with plasma. The HDMI cable provides maximum audio and signal transmission. In order for the picture to be colorful and the sound to be clear, it is necessary to use a high-quality connecting wire. Experts recommend choosing a cable marked High speed with Ethernet.


It is recommended to choose the S-port connection method only if other options are not possible. Only an image can be transmitted through this port; a special adapter cable is required for sound. In the event that the player does not have a designated connector, and the TV is equipped with a conventional antenna input, use an S-Video-RF adapter.

Modern manufacturers offer customers several available options for synchronizing equipment. the user only has to choose the most suitable one.

Possible problems and their elimination

The equipment synchronization process is SIMple, but in this case, you can face various problems.

  • If the technician refuses to work, you need to check the power supply. The problem may be with the outlet or wiring. Connect any other device to the network and check its functionality. If the problem lies in the wiring, it is best to seek professional help. And also carefully inspect the wire for damage.
  • If there is no sound or image, you need to check the integrity of the cable used for synchronization. If severe defects are found, it must be replaced. Do not skimp on the quality of the wire. the transmission of image and sound depends on it. Remember to tune your TV after connecting the player. In the corresponding menu, you need to select a new source of signal reception.
  • If the TV is receiving a signal from the player but the quality is very poor, you may need to check the connection. The plug should fit snugly in the connector. If the socket starts to play, the equipment must be returned for repair.
  • The lack of signal or its poor quality may be due to the fact that a foreign object has got into the connector. Check ports before pairing and periodically clean them of dust and other debris.
  • If you are connecting a turntable or TV for the first time, you may be dealing with defective equipment. If possible, use other hardware to find the source of the problem. Until the warranty period has come to an end, the equipment can be handed over to a service center for free repair or replacement.

How to connect a DVD player to your TV can be found in below.

What adapters, wires may be needed

An RF block can also come in handy. It comes with old consoles. Therefore, if an old Sega or Dendy is lying around at home, the block can be taken from them.

Connection diagram

First of all, we inspect the box set. Usually, DVD comes with an RCA cable or as it is also called “bells”. The cord has three branches of red, white and yellow (the first two are responsible for sound, the last for the image).

We find the connectors on the TV. Now you need to insert the plugs by color into the TV and DVD. The device is ready, you can turn on your favorite movie on discs, and enjoy a pleasant viewing.

How to connect DVD to TV

It’s easy to connect your new DVD to your TV. To get started, read in detail the instructions that come with the device. Then you should study the components. Usually the box contains 1-2 types of cables for connection. Explore the available connectors on your TV and DVD. Then follow the instructions below:

  • Turn off all devices from the network.
  • Remove the RCA, HDMI or SCART wire from the box (depending on which one comes with the kit).
  • Connect one part of the cable to the TV, and the other to the DVD.
  • Turn on the TV, and then the second device.
  • In the settings select the DVD playback format.
  • Everything is ready.

Then you can safely insert discs into the player and enjoy watching movies.

Inspection of connectors and wires, comparison

To understand how to connect one device to another, you need to study the available connectors in detail. In modern models, there are the following types:

  • HDMI. Available only in modern models, an excellent option for watching content in good quality. The connector allows you to transmit sound to the big screen.
  • RCA. The most common variant found in both old and modern models. Such a connector is also called a tulip, since it consists of three-colored sockets, each of which is responsible for the transmission of sound and.
  • SCART. Rarely found in modern DVD models. Connects only with a special adapter.
  • S-video. It is used extremely rarely, unless the above options for some reason do not work. This connector allows only an image to be displayed. Additional speaker output required to play sound.

How to connect a DVD to an old TV

To connect a DVD to an old TV, you need a special cable and adapter. The aLGorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Examine the boxes. See which wire is included.
  • If there is a SCART wire with wide connectors. Then you can safely use it.
  • It is necessary to insert one plug into the TV, and the second into the DVD into the corresponding socket.
  • You can turn on equipment for watching movies.

Sometimes it happens that the TV and the player do not have the same connectors. In this case, you need an adapter. There are different types of conductor wires. Here you need to take into account the available connectors on the TV and DVD.

How to connect DVD to TV

Often when buying a DVD, there are problems with connecting the device to a TV. Experts recommend that when buying equipment, pay attention to the methods of connecting it to TV, since some models do not fit all types of TVs, and need special connectors and adapters for connection. How to properly connect DVD to TV?

Types of old TV connectors, what you need to connect

Older TV models have fewer connectors. They usually have two types of connection:

  • A / V for 3-color jacks.
  • Component with five color plugs.

Usually, modern DVD models can be connected to an old TV only with an adapter cable. After all, modern options are equipped with an HDMI connector, which is easy to connect.

Connecting one technique to another is easy. The main thing is to follow the instructions and insert the plugs correctly. Remember that all wires should only be inserted into connectors of the same color or the same parameters. DVD player allows you to watch your favorite movies on the big screen and enjoy surround sound, good quality.

What a connector. “tulip”?

This type of connector is also called composite, or RCA, CINCH / AV connector, etc. People call this connector “tulip” or “bell”. This type of connector is widely used for audio and equipment: tape recorder, DVD player, game console and other devices.

Coaxial cable, SCART cable and others can also be used for connection. But it is worth noting that this type of device connection, such as tulip, or RCA, provides the best picture and sound quality.

A standard color scheme is used to determine the type of signal flowing through the cable, in which each of the plug colors corresponds to a specific signal. The most common types of signals and their colors can be seen in the table below.

How to connect tulips to your TV?

Modern audio and technology is connected to the network using a variety of connectors and cables. All of these cables have specific names and types, as well as special color markings. Let’s take a look at the most commonly used tulip connector and see how to connect tulips to a TV.

How to connect a tulip to a TV

Today, every TV is equipped with a dedicated composite tulip connector.

Basic color signals:

  • yellow. for signal,
  • white. for left audio signal or mono signal,
  • red. for signal transmission, respectively, for the right channel.

Connecting a tulip to a TV is a fairly SIMple procedure in itself. To do this, SIMply plug all the tulip plugs, which are marked with flowers, into the corresponding inputs on the TV.

It happens that the TV has many inputs with the same colors. In this case, follow the instructions below.

So, to connect an RCA cable, or a tulip:

  • we find on the bundle of wires a group that is designated by the word IN (translated from English. “in”), this group of cables can also be designated by a symbol (two arrows);
  • we find the same group on the TV. It will be labeled AV2. We connect the bundle to the TV;
  • at the TV input, we see that each of the connectors is also signed:
  • the letter “V” stands for connection (ie, image);
  • L stands for left audio input;
  • letter R. right audio input.

We connect the corresponding wires to the inputs.

If you see three standard plugs on a tulip. yellow, white and red, then on the TV there can be only two inputs. for a signal (yellow), and only one sound one. In this case, this means that the TV does not support stereo sound, but mono sound. Then you need to connect the first two cables, and just leave the red unconnected.

For other connections, see the articles in the Technique section. For example, if you purchased a PlayStation Portable game console but don’t know how to start the game, read How to connect your PSP to your TV,

If you have a DVD player and do not know what to do with it, refer to the article How to connect a DVD to your TV.

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Instructions for connecting the jack to TV

The process of introducing connectors is called analog composite connection. A 3xRCA cable is used, which is a combination of 3 interchangeable wires. But if the device has outputs suitable for HDMI connection, it is better to connect with an HDMI cable.

Modern TV models have special, composite inputs for tulips. They are colored to match their connectors:

  • Red (provides signal transmission. Designed for the right channel).
  • Yellow (activates the signal).
  • White (provides audio or mono left channel).

The aLGorithm of actions is not particularly difficult, the plugs are inserted into the appropriate inputs, marked with the corresponding color.

Connecting tulips to a TV can be done like that. There are models in which all inputs have the same color. Then the following steps should be taken:

  • find a group of “tulips” with an “IN” sign or two arrows;
  • find the corresponding group on the device itself, with the “AV2” sign and attach the beam;
  • determine the purpose of the connectors on the TV by the following characters: “V”. “L” (input on the left for sound), “R” (input on the right for sound).

How to properly connect tulips to your TV? Models with 2 connectors only support mono sound function. Here yellow and white are connected. Red remains unattached.

It should be noted that the screens should have a small diagonal size when connecting tulips. Otherwise, the image will blur, show an indistinct picture.

To configure and connect an external device, you should:

  • Connect the wires to an external device (player, set-top box): yellow to the output, others to the audio output.
  • Connect wires to TV: yellow V-connector (“Y”). White and red in the AUDIO connector (“L” and “R”).
  • Find the designation “AB” (on the remote control you need to press SOURCE. In the appearing symbols, click on “AB”).
  • Check the power supply of the connected device (it should be turned on).
  • Wait for a signal to appear on the TV screen.
  • Use the remote control of the connected device to control.
  • If there is no picture or sound, you should double-check all the steps to find the error.

The inputs may be in different locations on different models. Some models can only be connected using an adapter.

How to connect tulips to your TV

Many TVs come with a cable with tulips at the ends. They are designed to connect external devices. How to properly connect such a cable to a TV?

What is a “tulip

This is the kind of connector that is located at the end of the cable. It also plays the role of a marker, since it is painted in any color. Usually these are: red, yellow and white. It is by color that the “jacks” for connection are found. You can hear another name: “bells”. They are used to connect various devices to the TV:

  • audio and technology;
  • consoles for games;
  • DVD-player;
  • tape recorder.

For other connection methods, a SCART or coaxial cable is used.

Problems that may arise during work

How to connect tulips to your TV? Sometimes, after connecting, problems may arise. They start to appear immediately. Among the most common are:

  • disconnecting the cable (the plug came out of the hole);
  • burnt-out electronics (to avoid such a nuisance, the connection is made with the TV off);
  • no image (the connector was inserted in the wrong place);
  • there is no yellow connector on the TV (there may be blue, white, green, two red. In this case, when connecting a digital set-top box, you should go to its settings and mark the color system “PAL” or “SECAM”);
  • the device has no inputs and outputs for tulips (an adapter can be purchased);
  • when connecting to a tape recorder, there are no colors corresponding to the “tulips” on the TV (you should take the “OUT” signal from the connected device. On the TV, find a group of “tulips” responsible for “IN”. Before connecting, press “AV” in the TV menu);
  • if you start the connection not from “ground”, but from the signal wires, then due to the potential difference between the “grounds” you can destroy the interface.

If you are careful, observe safety precautions, then many troubles can be avoided. The best option would be to invite a specialist who will professionally and quickly solve the problem.

Connecting DVD

How to connect a DVD to a Samsung TV. consider all the methods, note the settings that need to be done. TV and DVD must not be connected to the mains while connecting.

A SIMilar connector is present exclusively on modern device models. To complete the connection, you will need to do the following:

  • on the back of the TV we find the required port, it can be signed HDMI In. On the DVD we find an identical connector labeled HDMI Out;
  • we connect using an HDMI cable. It does not come with the player, you need to purchase it;
  • in the TV settings, you need to set the signal reception from the HDMI port;
  • turn on the equipment and check if the connection is correct.

Now you can start a disc with your favorite movie and watch it in excellent quality.

How to independently connect a DVD player to a TV

After buying a DVD player, a logical question arises of how to connect a DVD to the TV. It may seem to many that there is nothing complicated here. However, as practice shows, connection problems often arise. As a result, the process of setting up the player takes a whole day.

Possible problems during DVD connection

Even having figured out how to connect a new DVD to an LG TV, it is quite possible that in the future you will have to face certain problems.

  • Power check. If a separate socket is provided for the player, make sure there is voltage in it. Be sure to check the extension cord if it is used during the connection process. We inspect the plug and the wire going to the device.
  • We decide on the channel. If the image does not appear on the screen, check all available channels and additional ones. We study the settings, it is quite possible that the desired signal reception mode is not turned on. By the way, you can look at the TV manual, there will definitely be the necessary tips.
  • Cable. We check how correctly everything is connected, whether the color of the plug matches the connector. Also, the wire should not be taut. Even if it is installed correctly, the picture may not be displayed correctly. If there is another adapter cable, we try to connect it. It is possible that the plug has become unusable or the wire is defective.

If after all the manipulations, the image on the TV screen still does not appear, it means that there are technical problems with the DVD player. You need to visit the service center, where specialists will carry out diagnostics and, if necessary, repairs.

If after the diagnostics it turns out that the DVD is in perfect order, but it cannot be connected, then it is advisable to involve specialists. Although this happens very rarely.


Rarely, but it happens with the player comes with a SCART cable. You cannot confuse it with another, since the plugs are quite impressive in size. Nothing else is required to connect. We find the corresponding connectors on both devices and use the wire to make the connection.

Please note that some TV models may have multiple SCART connectors. You need to select the option that is signed “In”.

With an RCA cable, it is a “tulip” is extremely SIMple, everything matches its colors, nothing needs to be invented and reinvented. First, we connect the wire to the connectors on the DVD, and then we connect the TV identically. The only drawback of this method is not the highest image quality. If you have a good modern TV at home, it is better to consider the methods presented above.

Determining the available connectors

To understand how to connect a DVD to your TV, you need to examine both devices for available connectors. Much depends on the age of the technology, so the connectors may differ significantly. Let’s consider the most popular options:

    Ideal solution, especially if you have plasma. Provides the best possible picture and sound quality. When choosing this method, be sure to look for a quality patch cable. The priority is cable models 2.0 and higher, marked “High speed with Ethernet” and preferably branded products.

This is what an HDMI cable looks like
For many years it has been the most demanded connector for connecting multimedia equipment. For many, RCA is tulips, and the connector has three jacks. red and white for sound, and yellow for transmission.

This is what an RCA cable looks like
A rare guest on modern DVD players. In terms of picture and sound transmission quality it is second only to the first option. To make the connection, you will need to purchase a special SCART-RCA adapter cable.

SCART-RCA adapter cable
How to connect a DVD player to your TV via S-should be considered only if the previous options are not available for some reason. Only a picture is transmitted through this connector; for sound, you will need to additionally use an adapter cord with tulips or use a 3.5 mm jack. So, if the player has a SIMilar connector, and the TV has a standard antenna input, you can use an S-video-RF adapter.

S-— RCA adapter

It should be noted that all kinds of adapter cables are now available, so there are no hopeless situations. It remains only to choose the most convenient way for yourself.

Component cable

In some modern DVD models, you can see not three standard RCA connectors, but as many as five. This combination provides better sound quality and a clearer picture. The connection is carried out strictly according to the colors. After installing the connecting cable between the TV and the player, be sure to check. If an image appears after installing the disc, then everything was done correctly.

In conclusion

You can connect the DVD player to the TV yourself. The procedure is quite SIMple, which even an inexperienced person can handle. The devices are disconnected from the power supply, connected with a special adapter cable, all that remains is to select the signal source on the TV and start the disc on the player. If all equipment is serviceable, then the connection process will take five minutes of your personal time.

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Connecting DVD to TV

Before opting for the final DVD player, it’s worth looking at the user manual or looking at the available connectors on the TV panel before buying. The player comes with a TV cable. A common case is the purchase of equipment from different manufacturers, and the types of connectors may differ. In this case, the question may arise, how to connect the dvd to the TV, if the devices are of different generations.

Connection methods

Despite the fact that many modern TVs can directly connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi, playing files via DVD is still very common entertainment. The scheme of its connection to the TV display is not the same. The peculiarity of connecting hardware elements is associated with different connectors, their configuration and number. Depending on the outputs for the wires, their comparability in technology, the most optimal method is selected, in which high-quality signal reproduction can be ensured. So, let’s look at the methods to connect a dvd player.

  • One such method is using an A / V cable. It is a cord with three ends of different colors, which are each inserted into a specific DVD and TV socket with the same color. The red and white plug is responsible for transmitting the audio signal, the yellow one for transmitting. This connector is also called “tulip”, and the method of connecting it is the most common.
  • Using an HDMI cable capable of transmission. high quality audio signals. This connector is very SIMilar to USB, but it is much thinner and has a longer cord, which provides more options for placing equipment. This method of connecting DVD to TV is the most modern.
  • You can connect digital equipment via SCART wire. This is the easiest way to connect. The cable has single lugs with contacts in two rows. On one side, the connector is marked with a down arrow, which means signal reception, on the other, an outward arrow, which means outgoing signal. SCART collects less noise than any other type of wire.
  • Composite connection allows you to get a better signal than A / V cable, but worse than HDMI connection. the DVD player transmits the signal through the S- output, and the sound through the tulip connection. How to connect a DVD to play the recording in this way? It is necessary to make a cable connection, consisting of five connectors: green, blue, red is responsible for. the rest for audio.

Device collaboration rules

The connected DVD player should be in close proximity to the TV, but you should not put the equipment on top of each other to prevent overheating. If the wire that is included in the kit cannot be connected to the screen due to the mismatch of the connectors, you can take a photo of the output of digital devices to purchase a suitable tool for connecting them.

To connect a dividend to a samsung TV, you can use both an HDMI cable and an RCA wire, it all depends on the novelty of the technology model. For modern plasma or LED TVs, modern cables are used that transmit the highest quality image and sound. Older models, even a brand like Samsung, can use the usual tulips.

It is convenient to launch a DVD with a TV using a remote control. For these purposes, on 2 remotes, you must press or TV / AV. After the static menu appears, select the required action in the player and start playback. If you want to be able to control both devices from one remote control. purchase and configure a universal remote control.

You need good sound to watch DVD movies with quality. If your TV does not have very powerful speakers, then this issue can be completely solved by connecting various speaker systems. In particular, the TV soundbar will be an excellent choice: this compact device will significantly expand the sound possibilities and allow you to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your favorite films.

What to do if all colors are the same

A situation may arise when the TV receiver has several inputs of the same color. In this case, to connect the RCA cable, do the following:.

  • Detect “IN” sign or image in the form of two arrows on connectors.
  • Find a SIMilar group on TV with the abbreviation AV It will be seen that each of the inputs is signed with the letters V (Y), L, R.
  • V means. accordingly, the yellow connector is connected there, L is the left audio channel, i.e. place to connect the white tulip element. Finally, R is the right audio channel, specifically for the red connector.

Connecting tulips to your TV

Almost any modern TV has several connectors for connecting various external devices. These are USB, HDMI, VGA, and a number of others. However, the old, time-tested RCA, colloquially called “tulip” or “bells”, is still relevant and in demand. It is he who serves as the main channel for transmitting an analog signal for most modern devices, for which a connection to a TV is required. How to properly connect tulips to the TV in order for the equipment to work reliably and stably. we will consider in the article below.

How to connect tulips

Connecting tulips to a TV is a SIMple procedure. In most cases, modern models are equipped with special composite inputs for these connectors. The color of the tulips corresponds to the colors of these inputs: that is, the yellow tulip must be connected to the yellow input, the rest are the same. In rare cases, you can see the inputs in blue and green. They are required to transfer the corresponding color streams to. It happens that the TV (mostly older models) lacks an input for the red connector. This means that this TV model does not support stereo sound. Connecting to an old TV will differ in that the red tulip SIMply remains out of work. If you correctly connect tulips to the TV, then it will immediately start displaying audio from a working external device.

What is a tulip

The cable itself is used to connect home theaters, soundbars, DVD players and game consoles to TV. What does he look like? One part of it is a forward-extended contact pin, which can be 3.2 or 3.18 mm in diameter. External length. 9 mm. This is the open part. Closed inner length. 6 mm. This pin is located inside a cylindrical contact with an internal diameter of 8 mm. The outer diameter of the bezel depends on its thickness and does not have a specific standard. In slang, this part of the cable is called “dad”. There are three colored connectors on the other side of the cable. Their colors are standard and are necessary in order to determine exactly which connector each of these connectors should be inserted into. The scheme is as follows:

  • yellow is used for signal transmission;
  • white transmits mono signal or left audio channel;
  • red is responsible for the transmission of the right audio channel.

Connecting to a Samsung TV

First you need to connect the RCA cable to the switched off TV in accordance with the instructions above. Turn on the TV, press the SOURCE button on the remote control. A list of possible external sources will be displayed on the screen. In this list, select “AV” and press the ENTER button. If an external device is turned on, its signal will be displayed on the TV screen.

Potential problems and solutions

If something went wrong during the connection, the problem will be visible immediately. Outwardly, it will manifest itself in the absence of an image on the TV screen, sound, or both at the same time. The most common reasons for this are listed below.

  • Bad contact of the plug with the connector. You need to check the connection again, if necessary, disconnect and then reconnect the RCA cable.
  • Faulty cable or connector. The inputs on the TV can SIMply burn out, and the cable or the connectors themselves can be mechanically damaged. In this case, there is only one solution. replacing the cable or connectors.
  • If there is no image, you need to check the correct connection of the yellow tulip element, “responsible” for the signal. It must be in the yellow connector or, if the connectors are single-color, in the input marked with the letters V or Y. In this case, the connection must be made to the input group marked as “IN” or “INPUT”.
  • In the absence of tulip connectors, an adapter is required. Thanks to various types of adapters, you can connect an RCA cable to any TV.
  • In a situation where everything is connected correctly, the equipment is working properly, but the signal from the receiver or other SIMilar equipment is still absent, you should refer to the settings of this source using the remote control from it or the buttons on the case.

For a very long time, tulips remained the main and most popular way to connect external media to TV. For a while, it was generally the only option to connect a tape recorder or DVD player to television sets. Despite its versatility and popularity, it should be noted that it is not entirely rational to connect external devices with a tulip to modern TVs that support 4K format, since RCA cannot provide a resolution higher than Full HD, i.e. 1920: 1080. Most often now with the help of “bells” connect TV-receivers or game consoles. However, despite the fact that this type of connection is becoming less relevant than, for example, USB or HDMI, it will remain in demand for a long time, and in some cases it is absolutely irreplaceable.