How to Connect Dandy to Samsung TV

Connecting with an antenna cable

Not all Dandy set-top boxes can be connected to modern TVs using an AV cable. In such cases, a regular antenna cord should be used. This method has a number of disadvantages that must be taken into account. Among them, experts distinguish the following:

  • poor quality of the image displayed on the screen;
  • difficulties in setting up a TV, regardless of whether it is old or modern.

Connecting and configuring Dandy using an antenna cord occurs according to a certain algorithm of actions. It involves the following steps:

  • Connect the two devices with an antenna cable.
  • Turn on the set-top box and install the cartridge in its place in the slot.
  • Turn on the TV and adjust its settings by searching for new channels.

If all the above steps are performed in the correct sequence, a corresponding connection is formed between the Dandy set-top box and the TV. Then you can enjoy the installed game.

You should also pay attention to some of the nuances that Honor needs:

  • When performing any manipulations with the antenna cable, you should make sure that all devices. both the set-top box and the TV. are disconnected from the mains.
  • If during the implementation of the setting, the game image periodically disappears on the screen, you should check the cable connection.
  • In the absence of color rendition, be sure to once again make sure that the cord is connected securely or repeat the settings made earlier.

Thus, if everything is done in accordance with the instructions, connecting Dandy to the most modern TV is not at all difficult.

Setting up your TV

If you managed to connect Dandy to your Samsung or LG TV, you need to configure them. This can be done as follows:

  • turn on two devices at the same time;
  • use the remote control to switch the TV to the “Video” mode (AV / AV1).

It is worth paying additional attention to the fact that the transition to the desired mode on different models is carried out using different buttons. On some TVs, it is enough to press the “Input” key, on others, you first need to press “Source”, and then. “Input”. It depends on the individual characteristics of different TV systems.

Instructions for connecting Dandy to modern TVs

Games have long been an integral part of the lives of many people, both children and adolescents and adults. A significant transformation with them took place in the 90s of the twentieth century. This was facilitated by the emergence of mass access to a variety of consoles. One of the most popular among them was Dandy. Due to the fact that this console is more than 20 years old, its connection to modern televisions causes certain difficulties. Before starting this process, you should first understand about all the problems that you will have to face. This is what will be discussed later in this article.

Using an adapter

If the interface of a modern TV is in the form of a comb, you will need to use a special adapter. On the one hand, it consists of a cord with 3 wires, on the other. a SCART connector.

connect, dandy, samsung

You can connect the adapter with 3RCA and SCART connector to your TV and set-top box in just 1 minute. After that, it will take no more than 2-3 minutes to complete the rest of the tasks required before starting the game process.

Connecting to an old TV

In order to understand what are the features of connecting Dandy to old TVs of different models, you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Samsung. Many users have difficulty connecting the console to this particular TV model. This is due to the fact that on some of them, instead of the standard yellow and green inputs, you need to use white and yellow. To connect to them, you just need an adapter with 3RCA. Without it, in some cases, it is not possible to connect the set-top box.
  • LG. The video cable should be connected to the TV of this manufacturer with an A / V to HDMI converter. Thus, you can connect and configure Dandy on an LG TV without any difficulties and problems. It should be noted that such a connection allows you to achieve a high-quality picture on the screen.
  • Philips. The TVs of this brand compare favorably with many others. This is due to the fact that they have standard inputs. white and yellow. The configuration of these devices is carried out using the remote control. To do this, you need to press the “Input” button.

It is even easier to connect the Dandy set-top box to an old TV than to a new one. This process takes no more than a few minutes of free time.

Installation and connection to modern TVs

Despite the fact that today almost everyone has their own personal computer and currently popular emulators, nevertheless, sometimes many have nostalgia for consoles from the 90s. This also applies to Dandy.

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In order for the connection of the set-top box to be successful, you must first prepare several devices, such as:

  • Power Supply;
  • joysticks for one or more people;
  • AV cable (so-called tulip);
  • special adapter.

It only takes a few minutes of free time to connect the gaming console directly to the receiver itself. In this case, the installation scheme can be varied. It directly depends on what type of cable is used. It can be as follows:

  • AV cable;
  • satellite antenna cable.

Since a large number of Dandy models were produced, their kits could be different. In some, a connection cable was present, in others, it had to be purchased additionally.

How to connect

The catch is that Apple’s mobi gadgets do not have an HDMI connector. The problem is solved by purchasing a special adapter for devices:

  • 4th generation. Digital AV Adapter;
  • 5, 5S, 6S and newer. AV-Adapter “Lighting”.

Now it’s easy to connect an iPhone like the XR to a Samsung TV: there is a Lightning cable (plug into the phone) on one side of the device, and an HDMI port (plug into a TV) on the other. All. The synchronization process will happen automatically.

Tip: If you have problems with the connection, you can go to TV settings and select HDMI as the signal source.

With this connection option, the so-called. mirroring. that is, everything that shows the smartphone display is duplicated on a large television screen.

Instructions on how to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV: 4 proven ways

Content from a 4.7, 5.8, 6.5-inch or other iPhone can easily be viewed on a large 32-82 ″ TV screen from the Samsung brand. You just need to properly connect your iPhone to your TV. How to do it? Do you need additional accessories? The article covers the main ways to sync TV from Samsung and an Apple phone.

How to connect

How to connect iPhone (MRY42FS / A for example) to Samsung TV:

  • take the wire from the delivery set of the phone;
  • connect one end of the cord to the phone;
  • the second. into the USB-connector of the TV (see the instructions where it is located).

Synchronization of 2 gadgets occurs automatically. In addition, Smart will also be recharged during such a connection.

Nuance: the iPhone acts as a flash drive, i.e. viewing of online content is not possible. But all the pictures and videos stored in the memory of the gadget can be displayed on the TV screen without any problems.

HDMI connection

The method is suitable if the TV from Samsung TV has at least 1 required connector (for example, the 43NU7090 has 2 Eichdiemay ports at once). Where he is exactly located, you can find out by looking in the instructions for the technique or in video reviews dedicated to a specific television model.

USB connection

The process is intuitive and does not require the purchase of additional accessories or installation of programs.

AV cable connection

If it is not possible to use the first 2 methods, an analog cable comes to the rescue. True, the image quality may be slightly lower than when synchronizing TV and phone via HDMI or USB.

Nevertheless, the method is working and for its implementation in practice you will need the following cables (one of 3):

  • Composite. insert the cable plugs into the RCA TV connector (the “tulips” are multi-colored, so it is unrealistic to get confused when connecting), connect the other end of the cable to the iPhone via the Composite AV Cable adapter. Then go to “Settings”: for TV. activate AV, for phone. enable the option “Mirroring”.
  • Component. useful for owners of Apple smart from version 4 and higher. The synchronization process is identical to n.
  • VGA. suitable for 5th generation iPhones and newer, allows you to view content on a large screen in HD resolution (up to 1080 p.). Additionally, you need a Lightning to VGA adapter. You need to connect it to the light connector of your phone, then connect to TV via VGA cable. In this case, to output sound, you will need a separate channel, for example, a mini jack.

Apple TV

This is a small console console. With its help, you can quickly, in high quality, display pictures, videos, games, etc. from a smart, the World Wide Web or iTunes to a large TV screen (in some countries, the system supports the voice control option).

How to connect iPhone to TV using Apple set-top box:

Tip: you can control the set-top box using any Apple mobi gadgets, having previously installed the TV Remote program on them.

The advantages of this method are as follows:

  • even an ordinary TV model in tandem with an Apple set-top box turns into “smart” appliances with Smart-functions;
  • you can play any content from the iPhone memory or iTunes library on the big screen from Samsung;
  • it is convenient to play games using the remote control (any programs can be installed from the App Store and display the picture on the TV screen).
  • Apple TV is not a cheap purchase, and you can’t do without a set-top box;
  • requires iPhone 4 or newer.

This was the final trick for pairing iPhone TVs. You can choose and try any of them, not forgetting about the “equipment”: wires, adapters, Apple TV.

How to connect Dandy to a modern TV

We all loved to play video games in childhood, and every teenager knows the names of the Sega, Playstation 3, 4 and its predecessors. We exchanged Sega cartridges and discs with friends, argued for the possession of the main joystick, and these consoles will forever remain in our memory.

But before their appearance, there was the prefix Dandy Junior, which has truly become legendary. It released such cult games as Mario, Mortal Combat, Contra and many others.

Children of the 90s spent hundreds of hours in front of TV screens, over and over again passing the levels of their favorite games. Therefore, for those who in childhood were lucky enough to become the owner of the Dandy prefix, it evokes vivid nostalgic emotions.

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Arrow. You are connected. What now?

QLED TV not only makes it easy to connect with Invisible Connection and One Connect Box, it also features auto-sensing, which means whatever you plug in will automatically appear on your TV screen. No more guesswork or looping through every HDMI port to find what you are looking for. Just select it from the menu, because QLED TV tells you what’s where. Not to mention, Invisible Connection only allows one Samsung Smart Remote to control each device. that’s why we call it One Remote Control. ‖ No more button presses and no more reaction, because this is the wrong remote. QLED TV makes it easy to set up your TV and jump straight to your entertainment.!

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USB to TV: Connection as Mass Storage

While screen mirroring is the most common option for connecting your phone to a TV via USB, there is another option: Instead of screen mirroring, you can also simply view files, such as pictures, on the TV.

However, this requires a compatible monitor, TV, or projector. Most modern displays should accept USB sticks.

Of the various USB to TV connectivity options, this is the easiest, and since it only requires a phone, USB cable and USB TV, it’s easy to set up. Which cable you need depends on your phone.

On iPhone or iPad, use a Lightning cable (or 30-pin for older devices); alternatively, Android users will need a micro-USB or USB-C cable. The USB cable that came with your phone or tablet should work fine.

Why use USB to connect phones, tablets and TVs?

With the simplicity and prevalence of broadcasting to wirelessly mirror your phone screen, you might be curious as to why you should use a USB TV connection for your phone.

If you connect your phone to your TV via a wired connection, you get a low latency signal. For example, if you plan on mirroring your phone to your TV for gaming, you will need a USB connection rather than a wireless configuration. This greatly reduces latency.

Plus: In situations where you have no Wi-Fi or a weak wireless signal, you will need a wired connection.

To connect your phone or tablet to your TV, you can use one of the following methods:

Start by connecting the SlimPort adapter to your phone, then connect the SlimPort adapter to the display using a suitable cable. You will then be able to view your phone screen on your TV. Like MHL, it’s plug-and-play.

How to connect any phone or tablet to your TV using USB

Connecting your phone to your TV is not as easy as you might think. Whether you want to enjoy Netflix, share photos, or use it to work at home, connecting a cable between your phone and TV can be tricky.

But this is not impossible. it’s all about choosing the right cable.

Here’s what you need to know about how to connect your Android or iOS phone or tablet to your TV using a USB cable.

Wait What is One Connect Box?

Have you met yet? Let me introduce you to your new best connection friend. Pick up an invisible connection and follow it to the end. There is no pot of gold, but QLED TV does have a One Connect Box, a small box of ports that sits at the end of an invisible connection. § This is what allows you to move devices out of sight. Let’s see what else you can connect to One Connect Box.

How to connect Dandy to a modern TV

We all loved to play video games in childhood, and every teenager knows the names of the Sega, Playstation 3, 4 and its predecessors. We exchanged Sega cartridges and disks with friends, argued over the possession of the main joystick, and these consoles will forever remain in our memory.

But before their appearance, there was the prefix Dandy Junior, which has truly become legendary. It released such cult games as Mario, Mortal Combat, Contra and many others.

Children of the 90s spent hundreds of hours in front of TV screens, over and over again passing the levels of their favorite games. Therefore, for those who in childhood were lucky enough to become the owner of the Dandy prefix, it evokes vivid nostalgic emotions.

How to Connect Samsung Smart TV to Alexa

If you have an older Samsung Smart TV from 2019 or 2018 but want to add a smart speaker Amazon Alexa. to get Alexa based voice control on your Samsung Smart TV, connect the TV to your smart speaker. this is not true. t difficult! With just a couple of apps, you can set up an Amazon Echo or similar Alexa-powered device to offer voice control on your Samsung Smart TV.

If you have a Samsung TV model 2020 similar to the one we saw in our review Samsung Q60t QLED TV. you’re even more fortunate because modern Samsung Smart TVs have Amazon Alexa built in! Not only can you use voice control through the paired smart speaker, but you can also use the microphone on the remote for all the same Alexa and voice interaction skills.

The 2018 models shown here have only the most basic voice control options, although the 2019 Samsung models are more convenient for voice control. And if you want more advanced controls, you need to use the Bixby voice assistant built into the TV using the microphone on the TV remote.

If you want to add Alexa functionality to your Samsung Smart TV, here’s how to do it:

How to connect Dandy to TV

Above, the process of setting up equipment with televisions of past generations was described. Modern manufacturers such as LG are increasingly eliminating A / V output from their latest models.

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Therefore, owners of plasma TVs may face the problem of connecting a dandy. Do not despair, because after the release of a special adapter from HDMI to A / V, this problem was eliminated.

LG keeps up with the times, but does not forget about old technologies. In order to enjoy games on a dandy, you need a video cable, connected to the console itself on one side, and to an A / V to HDMI converter on the other.

This device will amplify the video signal of the game and make it recognizable for a modern TV.

Just plug and play for video consoles

When you’ve gotten the latest game console or new media player, you’re in for the fun right away. Well, QLED TV is about to change your life. Here’s how to connect your DVD player to your TV (or Blu-ray!) Connect its HDMI cable to the One Connect Box. This is it. Or, if you’re wondering how to connect your gaming devices to your TV, it’s the same thing. Plug in the One Connect Box and get ready to win. It’s that simple!

Easier than sending text: connecting mobile devices to QLED TV

Connecting the phone to the TV. a good way to show content on a big screen for more people to see! If you find a funny video on the Internet that the whole room should see, or if you’ve just returned from a trip and want to show off your photos by sending it to the TV, it will be easier for your audience to see it! Plus, you can impress them by showing off your technical skills, right? Except it really doesn’t require any special skills, it’s incredibly easy. How? Well, with QLED TV, all you need is the Smart View app to connect your device. † You can then send videos, photos and streaming content to your TV with one touch. No, seriously, that’s all. But we will keep your secret.

Sound card configuration

Your new TV should start working immediately after installing the software. But there can be some problems and you can dig a little in Windows to get it working.

For Windows 7 users, sound may not be output immediately. To enable sound, follow these steps.

  • Click the Start button Control Panel Hardware and Sound.
  • Under Sound, select Manage audio devices.
  • You will see a window similar to the one below.

When the hardware and software installation and configuration is complete, you can watch streaming video on your monitor.

All you have to do is find the application on Desktop or in Program Files.

Double click or select the app, it should open.

You should see something similar to the image below.

Your TV is now on and working.

Search and tune available channels

Having connected the set-top box, we start the search for TV broadcasts:

  • Go to the tuner menu.
  • Select the “Search for Channels” tab.
  • Click on automatic search.
  • Wait for the system to complete the operation.

Check the detected channels, if their list matches the one declared by the provider, then the autosearch was completed successfully. If there are not enough channels, then use the manual search, additionally change the location of the antenna.

Indoor antenna

Many models of indoor antennas are supplied with an amplifier included in the kit. This is due to the fact that the presented devices do not differ in high amplification rates.

How to Connect a Digital TV Receiver to a Samsung TV

The procedure for connecting a set-top box depends on the available inputs on the TV and on the tuner itself. Below we will study in detail how to connect a digital TV set-top box to a Samsung TV using different connectors.

Connecting a digital set-top box to a Samsung TV via tulips (RCA)

Connecting through tulips is the most affordable option. RCA outputs are available on all device models. Connect the cables by color. red to red, white to white, etc. If an image is transmitted through the yellow wire, then the other two are responsible for sound transmission.

How to connect a digital TV box to a Samsung TV

How to connect a digital set-top box to a Samsung TV. this question arises for many who have recently started using digital TV. Some TV models do not support this format, but this problem is solved by the receiver. In the article we will consider which TVs need a set-top box, how to choose an antenna and the connection procedure.

Most common connection problems

Common problems include the following problems:

  • The image is rippled or you see squares on the screen. The reason lies in poor signal reception. Check cable for damage and correct connection.
  • The image is black and white. You probably plugged the cable into a different connector. Also go to the receiver parameters and in the “Image” section set the automatic setting.

Outdoor antenna

When choosing an outdoor antenna, consider the recommendations:

  • Choose a device without an amplifier. Outdoor antennas do not need similar equipment.
  • Give preference to directional antenna types.
  • If you plan to set up digital TV in a country house, where there are rather difficult conditions for signal reception, then purchase wide-angle antennas.
  • For more difficult conditions, choose with a preamplifier.

Receiver selection

You will find many receivers in the digital market. The main difference lies in the functionality, which determines the cost of the set-top box.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

It makes no sense to give specific recommendations on the choice of a set-top box. Choose a device according to your preferences, taking into account the financial component. But, do not buy a receiver that is too cheap.