How To Connect Dandy To Modern TV

AV cable

In order to connect the set-top box to the TV, you need to figure out which cable you need to use. To do this, inspect the rear panel of the device. If it has 3 round red, yellow and white inputs, use an AV cable. It is often called a tulip due to the appearance of this cord. Structurally, such a cable consists of three branches. They are for transmission and audio.

Despite the fact that almost every old TV was equipped with AV cable inputs, many modern models also retain this feature. In order to connect the set-top box, you need to follow the following procedure:

  • connect the RSA Jack cable to the TV and set-top box;
  • insert the game cartridge into the console;
  • connect the power supply to the mains;
  • start the selected game;
  • switch channel to AV.

How To Connect Dandy To Modern TV

After completing all the above actions, the logo of the game itself or the company that is its manufacturer should appear on the TV screen.

A distinctive feature of the AV cable is that it allows you to clearly transfer the picture to the TV screen. Antenna cables sometimes do not cope with this task at the proper level. In addition, setting up a set-top box using an AV cable is much easier and faster.

Using an adapter

If the interface of a modern TV is in the form of a comb, you will need to use a special adapter. On the one hand, it consists of a cord with 3 wires, on the other. a SCART connector.

It is imperative to pay attention to the fact that the signal transmission of the IN type must be set on the adapter. Otherwise, the device may not transmit the game image you need to the TV screen.

You can connect the adapter with 3RCA and SCART connector to your TV and set-top box in just 1 minute. After that, it will take no more than 2-3 minutes to complete the remaining tasks required before starting the game process.


If you can’t connect to a modern TV, don’t be discouraged. In order to clearly understand how this process takes place, you should review. below.

Installation and connection to modern TVs

Despite the fact that at the moment almost everyone has their own personal computer and emulators that are currently popular, nevertheless, sometimes many have nostaLGia for consoles from the 90s. This also applies to Dandy.

In order for the connection of the set-top box to be successful, you must first prepare several devices, such as:

  • Power Supply;
  • joysticks for one or more people;
  • AV cable (so called tulip);
  • special adapter.

It only takes a few minutes of free time to connect the gaming console directly to the receiver itself. In this case, the installation scheme can be varied. It directly depends on what type of cable is used. It can be as follows:

  • AV cable;
  • satellite dish cable.

Since a large number of Dandy models were produced, their kits could be different. In some, the connection cable was present, in others, it had to be purchased additionally.

Connecting to an old TV

In order to understand what are the features of connecting Dandy to old TVs of different models, you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Samsung. Many users have difficulties connecting the console to the TV of this model. This is due to the fact that on some of them, instead of the standard yellow and green inputs, you need to use white and yellow. To connect to them, you just need an adapter with 3RCA. Without it, in some cases, it is not possible to connect the set-top box.
  • LG. the cable should be connected to the TV of this manufacturer with an A / V to HDMI converter. Thus, you can connect and configure Dandy on LG TV without any difficulties and problems. It should be noted that such a connection allows you to achieve a high-quality picture on the screen.
  • Philips. The TVs of this brand compare favorably with many others. This is due to the fact that they have standard inputs. white and yellow. The configuration of these devices is carried out using the remote control. To do this, you need to press the “Input” button.

It is even easier to connect the Dandy set-top box to an old TV than to a new one. This process takes no more than a few minutes of free time.

Antenna cable connection

Not all Dandy set-top boxes can be connected to modern TVs using an AV cable. In such cases, a regular antenna cord should be used. This method has a number of disadvantages that must be taken into account. Among them, experts distinguish the following:

  • poor quality of the displayed image;
  • difficulties in setting up a TV, regardless of whether it is old or modern.

Connecting and configuring Dandy using an antenna cord follows a certain aLGorithm of actions. It involves the following steps:

  • Connect two devices with an antenna cable.
  • Turn on the set-top box and install the cartridge in its place in the slot.
  • Turn on the TV and adjust its settings by searching for new channels.

If all the above steps are performed in the correct sequence, a corresponding connection is formed between the Dandy prefix and the TV. Then you can enjoy the installed game.

It is also worth paying attention to some of the nuances that need to be considered:

  • When performing any manipulations with the antenna cable, you should make sure that all devices. both the set-top box and the TV. are disconnected from the mains.
  • If, during the setting, the screen periodically disappears from the game image, you should check the strength of the cable connection.
  • In the absence of color rendition, be sure to once again make sure that the cord is connected securely or repeat the settings previously made.

Thus, if everything is done in accordance with the instructions, connecting Dandy to the most modern TV is not at all difficult.

Instructions for connecting Dandy to modern TVs

For a long period of time, games are an integral part of the lives of many people, both children and adolescents and adults. A significant transformation took place with them in the 90s of the twentieth century. This was facilitated by the emergence of mass access to a variety of consoles. One of the most popular among them was Dandy. Due to the fact that this console is more than 20 years old, its connection to modern televisions causes certain difficulties. Before starting this process, you should first understand about all the problems that you will have to face. This is what will be discussed later in this article.

Setting up your TV

If you managed to connect Dandy to your Samsung or LG TV, you need to configure them. This can be done as follows:

  • turn on two devices at the same time;
  • using the remote control switch the TV to the “” mode (AV / AV1).

It is possible to play games from old consoles even with new modern TVs. The main thing is to have at hand all the necessary devices for this and clearly follow the instructions from the specialists. If connected and configured correctly, within a relatively short period of time you can start enjoying the insane world of Super Mario, Tanchiki and many other popular childhood games!

How to play Dendy on a modern TV. connection and setup

The Dendy game console is a clone of the Japanese Famicom console, produced from 1983 to 1995 (in America it was called the NES). This set-top box was designed for use with CRT TVs, which were common in the 80s and early 90s. There were no HDMI, VGA, DVI ports at that time. Therefore, it is not so easy to connect Dandy to a modern TV.

How to connect Dandy to an old TV

Most older TVs have an AV output, so you only need a compatible AV cable to connect. Before connecting the dandy to an old TV, you must switch it to the appropriate input (usually using the INPUT or Source button on the remote control).

If there is no AV, then an RF cable is used, which is connected to the TV antenna input. Then you need to turn on a free channel and search for a signal. This option is suitable even for old black and white TVs, but the picture quality will be lower than with an AV connection (lower sharpness, the picture is a little blurry).

Installation and connection to modern TVs

In the Dandy set-top box, which were supplied to the territory of the USSR by Steepler, there were only two options for displaying the image:

  • via AV-out (popularly known as “tulips”);
  • via the RF port (antenna cable, after such a connection it was still necessary to search for the signal on the TV itself).

The RF signal is not recognized by modern televisions at all, since television has been broadcast in digital format for more than 5 years. Therefore, figuring out how to connect the old Dandy to a modern TV, it remains to consider the option using an AV signal.

REFERENCE! Antenna cable connection is allowed via an external signal converter. They can be T2 set-top boxes. After connecting Dandy to the receiver, the latter needs to search for a signal. But the final image quality will be lower than when using AV.

The AV standard is considered obsolete, but it is still found in some modern TVs, for example, Samsung, LG, Philips, DEXP, released before 2017. A feature of the standard is an analog signal. The image is now displayed in “digital”, so a compatible TV must have a digital-to-analog converter (DAC), which manufacturers massively refuse (this makes production cheaper).

So, the easiest way to connect Dendy to a new TV is via an AV cable. The game console has 2 ports for this. and AUDIO. If the cable used has 3 “tulips”, then only 2 of them are connected: yellow (responsible for) and white or red (stereo sound is transmitted through them, but Dendy only supports mono sound, so there is only one audio input). In the settings of the TV itself, it is recommended to also enable audio output in mono format (otherwise only one speaker plays).

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If the new TV does not have an AV input, then the problem can be solved by the following methods:

  • Using an adapter. You will need one with an AV input and an output for any compatible port. It can be SCART or RCA-composite (visually. the same tulips, but there are 3 inputs for the signal).
  • Using an external converter. Their input is AV, and the output is HDMI, VGA, DVI or DP (DisplayPort). Such devices have a built-in signal converter from analog to digital and they are quite expensive (from 500 rubles on average).

IMPORTANT! Before connecting the Dendy via HDMI to both the TV, the set-top box and the converter itself, you should completely disconnect from the power supply. Otherwise, you can damage the TV GPU.

One more nuance: Dendy is designed to output images in 4: 3 format, while new TVs are produced in 16: 9 format. This may cause the picture to be stretched horizontally on the TV screen. You can get rid of this by setting the signal output to 4: 3 in the TV settings (there will be black stripes on the sides of the picture, but the gameplay elements themselves are not curved).

Now on the same Aliexpress, Dendy of modern production is actively sold. They are originally designed to work with new TV and LCD monitors, so they integrate HDMI or DVI output (the converter is inside). When connecting such set-top boxes in the Smart TV settings, you just need to select the correct scanning frequency (1080 p 50 Hz or 720 p 50 Hz). Samsung TV can also enable progressive scan. this will slightly improve the image and reduce pixelation.

How to connect Dandy to a computer monitor

All monitors are designed to work with digital images. They only output analog via VGA or DVI output (corresponding to specification). Therefore, a converter is indispensable. The first step is to clarify what inputs are available in the monitor. It is recommended to use HDMI, if not, VGA. Next. purchase a compatible signal converter (from AV to HDMI or VGA).

After connecting Dandy to the monitor, you need to manually change the display resolution (through the settings of the monitor itself). It is recommended to select the lowest value, the frequency is 50 or 60 Hz. The game console itself outputs a signal at a resolution of 256×224 (for the early 90s, this was considered acceptable).

So, it is quite possible to connect Dendy to modern TV, but you may need to use a converter or adapter. Seasoned gamers, however, claim that the best option is to buy an old TV with AV-input, they now cost up to 1000 rubles. There are no problems connecting to them, well, and the very process of the game it gives a certain authenticity. If you have experience with connecting Dendy or SIMilar set-top boxes to new TV, share this experience in the comments. Retro gaming is trending right now, so there should be a lot of connoisseurs of old school games.

How to connect via antenna cable

Even if there is no AV cable, you can find other ways to connect. It is enough to act according to the following scheme:

  • Find audio and audio outputs on the Sega case.
  • Insert the supplied modulator into it, from which the coaxial cable departs.
  • Pull the antenna wire from the Sega to the TV, insert it into the corresponding socket.
  • Turn on the console, insert the cartridge into it.

On the TV, you need to go to the auto program search mode. In manual mode, you can find the desired frequencies between the terrestrial channels TNT and STS. If you find the one on which the signal from the Sega is broadcast, you can start the game.

This method looks SIMpler. It is SIMilar to the one that was used when working with analog TVs of the CRT type.

Features of synchronization with modern TVs

Connecting Sega to a new Smart TV or even an inexpensive LED model will not work without additional tweaks. Support for such devices is SIMply not provided here, since they work through an analog connection, while television equipment uses a digital signal. Of course, you can turn on the set-top box using an old CRT TV, but there are much more interesting ways to solve the problem.

Among the main features of connecting a modern digital TV receiver with Sega are the following important points:

  • Low picture resolution. After connecting, complete frustration can ensue. It should be taken into account that a 320 × 224 picture will be broadcast in its natural quality, on TV with UHD, Full HD, this will be especially noticeable. The picture will be very pixelated and indistinct, this feature will not be so noticeable on CRT devices. The problem can be corrected by setting the minimum screen resolution in the TV settings.
  • The light gun will not work. Shooting games, so beloved by fans of 8-bit consoles, will have to be put aside. This is due to the fact that the LCD screen does not give a sharp change in dark and light spots, respectively, the sensitivity of the photocell in the pistol is not enough. In addition, the picture in digital TV has a certain signal delay, which is absent in CRT models.
  • When connected via component input, the image is black and white. The problem is solved by switching the equipment to an analog signal. This is done from the remote control, in a few touches. After that, the picture will be in color, not black and white.
  • AV connection through white and yellow outputs does not work on Samsung TVs. The connection is made here through the yellow-green connectors, with the additional installation of an adapter on the SCART.
  • LG TVs have AV connection problems. But here there is the possibility of using a signal amplifier.

These are the main features to consider when syncing a signal from a 16-bit Sega console to a digital-receiving TV or plasma display.

AV port connection

Even a TV that is designed to receive a digital signal has analog connectors in its configuration. In addition to the set-top box, in turn, there is an AV wire with cinch plugs for transmitting an audio signal and broadcasting a picture from the set-top box. An AV-input may be present in the TV case. it is located on the side or on the back of the case, it is designated INPUT. Such a block looks like a row of colored connectors, among which there are white and yellow. It is on this basis that the plugs are connected in the future. it is quite difficult to confuse them.

The procedure for connecting via an AV cable looks like this:

  • The power supply unit of the Sega console is inserted into the network, the wire from it with the plug must be connected to the connector on the console. It is located on the back of the case. Before connecting to the network, make sure that the power button is not pressed, is in the off position.
  • Connect the AV cable to the connectors, first on the set-top box, then on the TV. To broadcast sound in mono mode, you only need a white plug, yellow is responsible for transmitting a picture over the channel.
  • Turn on the game console and TV, you need to wait for the devices to load and make sure the game cartridge is inserted correctly.
  • On the remote control, you should enable the AV / AV1 signal reception mode. Modern TVs allow you to do it in 1 touch.
  • A joystick with a Start button can be connected to the left output of the console. It is the main one, used to make a choice by menu items.
  • Start the game, you should make sure that the sound and picture are transmitted correctly. If there is no picture, you can try to search the channels to find out what is receiving the signal from the Sega console.

Such a module has 5 or more connectors in series. Here you need to find a jack marked Y, where the yellow plug is inserted for signal transmission, and L for sound transmission from the set-top box. On the Sega case, the cable connects to SIMilar connectors. White in audio, yellow in input.

SCART is a contact group that already contains all the components for receiving audio or a signal. You can also connect a Sega console to it, but you need an adapter. It is inserted directly into the SCART connector and used as a splitter to connect an external analog device. Look for the right socket on the back of the TV panel.

Determining which scheme will succeed in making an AV cable connection is only possible by trial and error. Manufacturers of various brands of modern television equipment do not seek to make life easier for users. The aLGorithms they use for switching between inputs may differ noticeably; it is unlikely that it will be possible to determine the appropriate option right away.

How to connect Sega to a modern TV?

Ways to connect Sega to a new TV are of interest to many fans of 16-bit games who do not want to part with their favorite heroes of the past decades. True gamers today are ready to fight dragons and beat enemies in space on a console that they bought in their youth, but flat LED screens are not much like classic CRT models.

How to connect your Sega to a new TV, set it up for work. worth talking in more detail.

Precautionary measures

When using the SEGA console to play with the broadcast of a picture to a modern digital TV, certain precautions should be taken:

  • Avoid switching cords or replacing the cartridge without disconnecting the mains power. Before any manipulation with it, the game console must be de-energized.
  • At the end of the game process, do not leave the cartridge in the slot. Carelessness in this matter can lead to failure of structural elements of equipment.
  • Take good care of cables and wires. This is the weakest point of Sega game consoles. Finding an authentic joystick or power supply unit, especially for older consoles from 30 years ago, can be very difficult.
  • Eliminate negative thermal and mechanical effects. The attachment should be installed so that it is not near the radiator or in direct sunlight, protected from water.

If the 16-bit gaming console has not been used for a long time, dusting on the shelf, in order to avoid a short circuit, it is recommended to thoroughly clean it from dust inside the case. If the wires and accessory cables are damaged, they must be replaced. It is optimal if, to run games, not rare equipment of the early 90s of the XX century will be used, but its more modern versions.

In more detail one of the above methods of connecting Sega to a modern TV is considered in the following.

Connection methods

The instruction manual for the equipment should list all methods of connecting the recorder to the TV. If it has not survived, then you should carefully examine the equipment for the presence of interfaces.

You can connect a tape recorder by:

  • RCA interface (“tulips”);
  • SCART ports;
  • coaxial cable.

The final choice depends on the technique itself. You can easily connect to an old TV, while modern devices are equipped with only HDMI-interfaces, which allow you to display both picture and sound in high quality.

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But on sale you can find models with an analog set of outputs. For example, Samsung has almost completely abandoned the RCA interface, while LG TVs can be easily connected to old technology using tulips.

If the required port is not on the device, then you will have to additionally purchase a special adapter. adapter. The benefit of the latter on the TV market is more than enough. In this case, you can connect to both Samsung models and other modern equipment. Let’s consider each option in more detail.

The interface is not the oldest and is quite common. It includes three plugs. One is responsible for. and the other two are for audio (left and right speakers). The first is indicated in yellow, and the last in red and white. The interfaces on the equipment have the same marking.

Connecting TV to a tape recorder through a “tulip”:

  • On the device, connect the yellow plug to the Out port.
  • On TV, connect a SIMilar cable to the In (Input) connector. It is sometimes called
  • We connect audio cords in the same way.
  • We turn on the tape recorder and start some cassette for playback.
  • Open the settings using the control panel and select the signal source: AV, RCA or

If everything is done correctly, and the cassette recorder is working, then an image should appear on the TV.

How to connect a tape recorder to a TV

To play multimedia content on modern TV technology, just plug a USB flash drive into the USB port or use a Smart set-top box, which significantly expands the capabilities of an ordinary TV. Therefore, old tape recorders have long been resting in rarities. Nevertheless, fans of vintage technology are happy to use outdated equipment. In addition, many users have significant life events captured on VHS tapes. So the question of how to connect a tape recorder to a modern TV is still relevant. But not everyone is able to figure out the interfaces, cords and settings. Consider possible options for connecting equipment, related problems and ways to solve them.

Coaxial cable

There shouldn’t be any problems here. In this case, adapters are not used, there is only one plug, and it will not work to connect it to another port. Here we have a specific wire with a resistance of 75 Ohm, which is used for laying wired Internet, organizing TV broadcasting, ACS and other.

How to connect a tape recorder to a TV using a coaxial cable:

  • On TV, connect the plug to RF / COAX In.
  • On the tape recorder, connect the cable to RF / COAX Out.
  • We play any cassette on the device.
  • Through the settings, turn on the channel search and wait until the picture from the tape recorder appears on TV.
  • If necessary, we perform fine adjustment of the image, removing noise and other interference.


The SCART interface allows you to display a picture and sound of quite decent quality, but just like the RCA port, it is morally outdated and can be found on modern TV equipment only with rare exceptions. As for the adapter, you can find adapters on sale that work via USB or RCA.

How to connect a recorder to a TV via a SCART interface:

  • We connect the SCART cable to the connectors on the TV and tape recorder.
  • If an adapter is used, then on the TV side we connect “tulips” or USB to the corresponding ports.
  • Turn on the cassette on the tape recorder.
  • In the TV settings, indicate the signal source (SCART, RCA or USB).

Possible problems

The most common and obvious problem is no signal. If, after connecting devices, ripples or a black screen appears on the TV, replaced by a flickering picture, then the cable or plug is most likely damaged.

You should also inspect the adapter, because at first new adapters do not always correctly clamp the conductors on the connectors. Here it is necessary to insert the plug into the port several times and remove it, thereby developing a little. But without fanaticism: cables dangling on interfaces can also cause ripples and “snow”.

Be sure to check if the output on the TV is set correctly. To do this, go to the TV settings and select the desired interface in the “Signal Source” section: RCA, SCART, or USB with HDMI, if adapters are used. If the settings are incorrect, then the TV will display the inscription NoSignal.

It happens that the image is broadcast at the proper level, while the sound is phonetically or overlaid from TV channels. This may be due to the antenna. It, like a tape recorder, transmits a signal at low frequencies. Helps to remove the TV antenna plug.

How to connect dandy to Samsung TV

To connect “Dandy” to TV, just connect the a \ v plugs of the set-top box, TV, then you can start looking for the channel.

Important: On the official website of the manufacturer “Samsung” you can find out more detailed information on how to configure the TV of this model to receive a signal from an outdated console. To do this, you can use yellow-green inputs instead of white, yellow. For these purposes, an adapter with 3RCA, SCART is required.

How is the connection to LG models

How to connect dandy to TV?

Then, using a cable, connect the set-top box to the converter. Also, the converter can be connected to TV using. HDMI. After that, you can:

  • insert a cartridge with a game into the console;
  • connect to the electrical network;
  • turn on the game.

In order to find the right game, you may need to search for channels to find the right wave. LG provides an opportunity for all players of older consoles to play on them using this TV model. To connect the device, you will need a cable that, on the one hand, will be connected to the console itself, and on the other, to the A / V to HDMI converter.

How to connect a dandy to a modern TV

The game is an integral part of many people and teenagers, children. It has been about 20 years since the first variants of game consoles appeared. Today the Dandy consoles remain in demand both for children and for many adults.

Features of connecting dandy to modern TV

Compared to the old model of the device, the modern game console is a high-performance computer. The latest consoles for games are offered on the modern market:

  • with the most realistic graphics;
  • with believable characters;
  • with incredible music.

Today’s gamers have a huge selection for games. “Dandy” can be attributed to the outdated model, which is still in demand today. The set-top box, joysticks were not of particular interest without the presence of cartridges, which served as information carriers. The most popular options were those in which there were from 3-10 different games. Teenagers and children often exchanged, bought, sold cartridges among themselves. The devices could easily be connected to old TVs. In past years, all TV models did not have the necessary connectors to connect a device.

Modern TV options differ from outdated options not only:

  • appearance;
  • design;
  • but also the design.

Therefore, many people ask themselves the question of how to connect the “Dandy” to a TV of a new model of a modern manufacturer that supports HDMI. It is quite difficult to get out of this situation, but this issue can be solved.

How to connect a dandy to a modern TV? If you need to connect the Dandy device to a modern TV, then this can be done quickly and easily. Despite the fact that “Dandy” is one of the outdated versions of the game console, some people prefer to play on such consoles. Due to the large assortment of high-quality, interesting games, these devices are still in demand and are of interest to many children and adults.

How to connect to Philips TV

Philips TVs have standard white and yellow outputs, so it won’t be difficult to connect a TV. If you press the “input” key, you can make your TV set to AV mode on the remote control. TV models have a “Sours” button, then “Input”.

Game consoles “Dandy” are still very popular with many players. The following games: “Mortal Kombat”, “Super Mario”, “Pakman”, “Tanks”, “Adventure Island”, as well as others, are popular to this day. They are interesting and original, despite the outdated model of the console.

Connecting Sega to a modern TV

Sometimes, looking at the same type of modern computer games, there is an irresistible desire to get the SEGA console and try something new, or rather, remember the old one. Only if you try to connect to a modern TV, then be prepared for disappointment. plasmas, LCDs, LEDs are not designed for old Sega, Dandy and Play Station.

Now all television equipment works with a digital signal, and the main working connectors have the appropriate appearance and purpose. At the same time, on old consoles, such as the SEGA Mega Drive 2, there is no digital connection type. They provide wires and connectors for analog connection only. Therefore, in order to remember the past and plunge into the worlds of Super Mario, Mortal Combat and other classic games, you need to act according to proven methods.

How to connect a shoga to a TV

The development of computer technologies affected not only the technical parameters of the “hardware”, the software has undergone significant changes. Compared to what was on the SEGA, Dandy game consoles at the end of the last and the beginning of this century, now completely different pictures have appeared on the screens. The evolution of software has radically changed the external and internal world of computer games. improved graphics, increased functionality, increased productivity. But real gamers know how it all began, and those clumsy, at first glance, a modern user toys evoke more emotions than the most advanced gaming software.

Antenna cable connection

Do not despair if the AV wire is out of order or lost. In this case, the set-top box can be connected to the TV using an antenna cable. This requires a modulator plug into the AV output located on the SEGA. Then connect the modulator to the TV using an antenna cable, as in diagram 1.

After connecting all the wires in places, you need to turn on the set-top box and start auto search on the TV to find the channel that is broadcasting from SEGA. After completing the setup, start playing.

Connecting with an AV cable

All modern TVs have analog connectors, you just need to know where to look and how to connect. Also included in the SEGA Mega Drive 2 set-top box is a wire called “tulips”, with which the connection is made. There are several options:

  • AV input. There are no problems here. Usually this type of connection is located on the side of the TV, but it can be located at the back and is indicated by INPUT. In any case, it can be recognized by 3 characteristic connectors. yellow, red, white, as in Figure 1. You need to connect based on the color and purpose of the connectors. the yellow contacts are for signal transmission, and white for the audio signal in mono mode. It is possible to turn on stereo sound, but for this you need another plug, which is inserted into the red jack and is responsible for the right stereo channel, in which case the white contact group acts as the left channel.
  • Component TV input. Many TVs have home theater connectors called AV IN / CPONENT IN. There are usually 5 of them, as in Figure 2, but in some cases, a larger number is provided, depending on the TV modification. You don’t need to understand the nuances of each component. To connect Sega, it is enough to find the input marked as “Y”. a yellow plug is inserted into it, and an audio input L for a white plug.
  • SCART input. This convenient contact group combines all audio inputs and outputs in one connector, but for such a connection you need an adapter, as in Figure 3. It connects to SEGA according to the same principle as in the case of the AV input. The adapter is SIMply inserted into the SCART connector, which is usually located on the back of the TV;
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We connect Sega to a computer monitor

To enjoy the good old games, it is not necessary to connect the set-top box to the TV, you can use a monitor for this purpose. To bring this idea to life, you need an adapter or TV tuner. You can use the built-in device integrated into the computer, but it is better portable, which transmits the signal through the HDMI jack.

To start new equipment, you need to install drivers and configure new computer software. For the convenience of using the set-top box through a TV tuner, it is recommended to install a special AverTV program. After completing all the settings, connect the SEGA tuner or adapter according to the same principle as described in the subsection “Connecting with an AV cable”, and start your favorite games.

How to connect a tape recorder to a PC

the player is connected to a computer to digitize recordings from old VHS tapes. This will avoid a situation in which the film becomes unusable, or there is no device to view it. It is no secret that floppy disks are stored several times longer than tape cassettes, so it is worth protecting yourself and digitizing old family archives or films.

Audio overlay

Sometimes there are situations in which the image from the player arrives without interruptions, but along with the audio from the tape recorder, the sound series of TV channels comes. Most often, the reason is in the position of the antenna. the signal from the player is at low frequencies, and the antenna may interfere with it. It is enough to turn it a little, and the sound will come only from the tape recorder.

Card connection

There are several ways to connect your old turntable to your computer. One of them is through the PC card. To do this, the system unit must be inspected for the available connectors. The easiest way is to connect with tulips (RCA), subject to availability.

However, this connector is a rare guest in computers, and instead of it you can find an S-input on the back of the case. It transmits only a signal, but the sound can be broadcast through 3.5. In this case, you need to use a mini-jack. 2RCA cable, a single plug is inserted into the audio jack of the computer, and the white and red plugs on the other side of the cord into the SIMilarly colored audio out outputs on the player.

Mini-jack cable. 2RCA

There is no signal on the TV

If, after connecting, the TV does not receive a signal from the player, then the complexity may be caused by incorrect settings, damaged cables, plugs or connectors.

In the first case, it is recommended to re-configure the equipment and make sure that the signal source on the TV is set to the jack where the tape recorder is connected. If re-setting did not help, then it is worth checking the second option. for this, a new cord and other connectors are used, if they are provided in the devices.

Elimination of possible problems

Connecting the tape recorder to the TV is sometimes accompanied by failures. Most often, users observe audio overlap when viewing channels or no signal. Occasionally difficulties arise due to the lack of connectors necessary for connection.


Better picture quality can be achieved by connecting the tape recorder via a SCART cable. If the SCART connector is not provided on the radio, you can use SCART-RCA. In this case, the cable connects the SCART output of the TV to the RCA jack of the tape recorder. When transmitting a signal only via S-Video, a SCART-S-Video-RCA cable is used, which has 2 tulip plugs.

Connection via TV tuner

Another way to synchronize is through a TV tuner. Set-top boxes are used to watch TV channels on a computer, but among other things, they have outputs for connecting a player. The tuner itself can be connected via a USB connector, or it can be made in the format of a separate board.


The aLGorithm for connecting devices in each method consists of sequential actions. Mindfulness plays an important role. Incorrect connection of even one plug will prevent the system from starting. To connect in the first way, using a coaxial cable, you must:

  • connect the cable to the output of the tape recorder RF / COAX Out and the TV RF / COAX / ANT In;
  • turn on the radio, set the number of a TV channel through which the recording will be played.

Connecting the tape recorder in the second way, via an RCA cable to the TV, should be carried out with the equipment turned off from the mains. This is a safety precaution not to damage the contacts on the device. So, you can connect the recorder to the screen as follows.

  • Take a cable with a yellow plug, connect the out output of the radio tape recorder to the TV1 or IN socket. For convenience and the ability to quickly understand the circuit, manufacturers make the color of the connector shell identical to the required plug, but it is better to navigate by the inscriptions near the socket, since sometimes there are discrepancies.
  • In the same way, the white and red plugs are connected to the audio output of the tape recorder. as well as the 1 / Audio IN jack on the TV.
  • Connect the radio tape recorder to the power supply, then turn on the equipment using the “Start” / “Start” button.
  • Set the required operating mode on the TV set. It can be Input 1 or 1.
  • If the actions are performed correctly, you can start playing the recording.

Connecting with an AV cable

To connect Dandy you need suitable cables. To understand which ones, they carefully look at the rear panel of the console. If there are 3 round sockets there, red, yellow and white, then the correct cable is AV. Its other name, folk. tulip, which is explained by the color SIMilarity. In terms of design, this cord includes 3 branches through which. and an audio signal is transmitted.

Older TVs had AV cable inputs on almost every model. They are also found in current TVs, but less often, since they have been replaced with more technological connectors.

How to connect the Dandy set-top box to a modern TV if it has AV outputs:

  • An RCA jack cable (tulip) is connected to the console itself and to the TV.
  • Insert cartridge.
  • Connect the power supply to the network.
  • Switch the TV channel to AV. This is the regime. which is selected by a separate button on the remote control.

The advantage of the AV cable is the clear image transmission to the TV panel. Another method of connection is with an antenna cable, but with the accuracy of image transmission, things are worse. Yes, and setting up Dandy on the TV, if it was connected through tulips, is many times easier.

Ways to connect the Dandy set-top box to a modern TV

Many kids and teens who grew up in the 90s loved to play games and knew consoles such as Sega, Sony Playstation and their predecessors. In those days, friends constantly exchanged cartridges with each other, arguing over who would get the main joystick. The times about consoles linger for a long time.

The legendary console that popularized games was Dendy Junior. It was on it that the first games Mario, Ninja Turtles, “tanks”, Contra, Mortal Combat and others appeared. Now this console is more than 20 years old, and many are interested in how to connect Dandy to a modern TV. Before starting the process, you need to figure out what is needed for this and what difficulties you can face.

  • Training
  • Connecting with an AV cable
  • Antenna cable
  • Adapter


The image from the set-top box can be displayed on any TV. A portable monitor will be enough, but with analog audio and inputs. As for modern TVs, they have a composite or VGA input.

What you need to get started:

  • Connect the joystick to the console (in older versions of the console it is soldered).
  • Insert cartridge.
  • Connect power supply 7, 5, 9 or 12 V.

Antenna cable

If you need to connect Dandy to a new TV, for example, LG or Samsung, you need to understand that not all models of the latter have connectors for tulips. In such a situation, a regular antenna cord is useful. However, this connection method has a number of drawbacks that are worth mentioning right away:

  • poor image quality;
  • TV setup is required, which is not always easy.

How to connect a game console to a TV using an antenna cable:

  • Cord connects two devices.
  • Insert the cartridge, turn on the prefix.
  • Turn on the TV, go to the settings and search for channels until a suitable one is found.

With this connection method, a number of points must be considered:

  • working with an antenna cable, you should disconnect the set-top box and the TV from the network in advance;
  • the desired channel is found, but the image sometimes disappears, the color rendition disappears. they are looking for the problem in the cable itself, it may be damaged.

If you follow the instructions, then connecting Dandy to an LCD TV is SIMple, no matter how modern it is.


How to connect Dandy to a Samsung, LG, Philips TV of the latest model, where the interface looks like a comb. using a special adapter. On one side of it there are 3 inputs for an AV cable, on the other. a connector called SCART.

Before inserting the adapter into the TV, you need to set the signal transmission INPUT (IN) on it, otherwise the image will not be transmitted to the screen.

In this case, a SCART adapter is needed. For LG TV panels, in which there is neither RCA nor SCART, use AV-HDMI adapters.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to connect a game console to a TV. Analog TV broadcasting is slowly fading away, along with it. the antenna input. But analog communication is still relevant, which allows you to enjoy retro consoles. There is also a way out for the owners of new TV panels. the use of special adapters.