How to connect dandy to LG TV

AV cable

In order to connect the set-top box to the TV, you need to figure out which cable you need to use. To do this, you need to inspect the rear panel of the device. If it has 3 round red, yellow and white inputs, use an AV cable. It is often called a tulip due to the appearance of this cord. Structurally, such a cable consists of three branches. They are designed to transmit video and audio.

Despite the fact that almost every old TV was equipped with AV cable inputs, many modern models also retain this feature. In order to connect the set-top box, you need to follow the following procedure:

  • connect the RSA Jack cable to your TV and set-top box;
  • insert the game cartridge into the console;
  • connect the power supply to the mains;
  • start the selected game;
  • switch channel to AV.

connect, dandy

After completing all the above actions, the logo of the game itself or the company that is its manufacturer should appear on the TV screen.

A distinctive feature of the AV cable is that it allows you to clearly transfer the picture to the TV screen. Antenna cables sometimes do not cope with this task at the proper level. In addition, setting up a set-top box using an AV cable is much easier and faster.

Setting up your TV

If you managed to connect Dandy to your Samsung or LG TV, you need to configure them. This can be done as follows:

  • turn on two devices at the same time;
  • use the remote control to switch the TV to the “Video” mode (AV / AV1).

It is worth paying additional attention to the fact that the transition to the desired mode on different models is carried out using different buttons. On some TVs, it is enough to press the “Input” key, while on others, you first need to press “Source”, and then. “Input”. It depends on the individual characteristics of different TV systems.

Using an adapter

If the interface of a modern TV is in the form of a comb, you will need to use a special adapter. On the one hand, it consists of a cord with 3 wires, on the other. a SCART connector.

It is imperative to pay attention to the fact that the signal transmission of the IN type must be set on the adapter. Otherwise, the device may not transmit the game image you need to the TV screen.

You can connect the adapter with 3RCA and SCART connector to your TV and set-top box in just 1 minute. After that, it will take no more than 2-3 minutes to complete the remaining tasks required before starting the game process.

Instructions for connecting Dandy to modern TVs

Games have long been an integral part of the lives of many people, both children and adolescents and adults. A significant transformation with them took place in the 90s of the twentieth century. This was facilitated by the emergence of mass access to a variety of consoles. One of the most popular among them was Dandy. Due to the fact that this console is more than 20 years old, its connection to modern televisions causes certain difficulties. Before starting this process, you should first understand about all the problems that you will have to face. This is what will be discussed later in this article.

Antenna cable connection

Not all Dandy set-top boxes can be connected to modern TVs using an AV cable. In such cases, a normal antenna cord should be used. This method has a number of disadvantages that must be taken into account. Among them, experts distinguish the following:

  • poor quality of the displayed image;
  • difficulties in setting up a TV, regardless of whether it is old or modern.

Connecting and configuring Dandy using an antenna cord occurs according to a certain algorithm of actions. It involves the following steps:

  • Connect the two devices with an antenna cable.
  • Turn on the set-top box and install the cartridge in its place in the slot.
  • Turn on the TV and adjust its settings by searching for new channels.

If all the above steps are performed in the correct sequence, a corresponding connection is formed between the Dandy set-top box and the TV. Then you can enjoy the installed game.

It is also worth paying attention to some of the nuances that Honor needs:

  • When performing any manipulations with the antenna cable, you should make sure that all devices. both the set-top box and the TV. are disconnected from the mains.
  • If during the implementation of the setting, the game image periodically disappears on the screen, you should check the cable connection.
  • In the absence of color rendition, be sure to once again make sure that the cord is connected securely or repeat the settings made earlier.

Thus, if everything is done in accordance with the instructions, connecting Dandy to the most modern TV is not at all difficult.

Connecting to an old TV

In order to understand what are the features of connecting Dandy to old TVs of different models, you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Samsung. Many users have difficulty connecting the console to this particular TV model. This is due to the fact that on some of them, instead of the standard yellow and green inputs, you need to use white and yellow. To connect to them, you just need an adapter with 3RCA. Without it, in some cases, it is not possible to connect the set-top box.
  • LG. The video cable should be connected to the TV of this manufacturer with an A / V to HDMI converter. Thus, you can connect and configure Dandy on an LG TV without any difficulties and problems. It should be noted that such a connection allows you to achieve a high-quality picture on the screen.
  • Philips. The TVs of this brand compare favorably with many others. This is due to the fact that they have standard inputs. white and yellow. The configuration of these devices is carried out using the remote control. To do this, you need to press the “Input” button.
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It is even easier to connect the Dandy set-top box to an old TV than to a new one. This process takes no more than a few minutes of free time.

Installation and connection to modern TVs

Despite the fact that at the moment almost everyone has their own personal computer and emulators that are currently popular, nevertheless, sometimes many have nostalgia for consoles from the 90s. This also applies to Dandy.

In order for the connection of the set-top box to be successful, you must first prepare several devices, such as:

  • Power Supply;
  • joysticks for one or more people;
  • AV cable (so-called tulip);
  • special adapter.

It only takes a few minutes of free time to connect the gaming console directly to the receiver itself. In this case, the installation scheme can be varied. It directly depends on what type of cable is used. It can be as follows:

  • AV cable;
  • satellite antenna cable.

Since a large number of Dandy models were produced, their kits could be different. In some, a connection cable was present, in others, it had to be purchased additionally.

Cable connection

This option will take longer. over, from the conductor from which the connection to the Internet is supplied, it is possible to connect to only one device. If you have a laptop or computer, then you will have to choose one device on which the Internet will be stable. If you connect a TV via a cable, you will have to make an access point out of it.

If you still chose this method, then the connection instructions are as follows:

  • The LAN wire connects to the router on one side and to the TV on the other.
  • After that, a connection notification window will appear on the screen.
  • Go to the settings in the “Network” section and select “Wired Ethernet connection”.
  • Now your device goes online.

Basic information

Smart TV is the integration of the Internet into a device such as a TV. With this function, you have ample opportunities to use various resources. For example, watching movies, surfing the Internet, accessing social networks, applications and much more.

So, what is needed to connect our LG TV with Smart TV to the Internet:

  • TV with built-in Smart TV option. It is desirable that the device has a WI-FI module.
  • Branded receiver (you will need it if the TV is not equipped with a network adapter).
  • WI-FI router (this is a device through which you can connect multiple devices to a wireless network).

Wireless connection if the TV does not have a WI-FI module

If your device does not have a built-in module, then buy a special adapter. It costs about 2,000 rubles. You need to buy an adapter suitable for your model.

To set up a network connection on your LG device, you need to:

  • Turn on the router that distributes the Internet.
  • Connect the WI-FI adapter to the back of the TV.
  • A connection notification window will appear on the TV screen.
  • Go to the settings in the “Network”. “Wireless connection”.
  • As in the first method, find the name of your network and connect to it.

How to connect via a router?

This is the most optimal way of all. New modern LG TVs with Smart TVs usually have a built-in Wi-Fi module. The main advantage of this option is the wireless connection. It is done through a Wi-Fi router.

Here is the sequential procedure for setting up a network connection:

  • Turn on the router.
  • Turn on your LG TV and go to settings.
  • Open the “Network Connection” section.
  • Select your wireless connection type.
  • Find your hotspot, enter the password and save the settings.

The routers also have a WPS button. Its work is similar to the action of a key from an intercom. By pressing this button on the gadget to be connected to the network, and then on the same button on the router, within 15 seconds, the connection to Wi-Fi will occur automatically.

Tips & Tricks


  • When setting up the Internet, there is a step where you need to enter certain data for your server. If automatic configuration (default setting) is available to you, good. But it happens that you have to enter the IP address, mask, etc. manually. These numbers are indicated when concluding an agreement on establishing an Internet access point for you. That is, you will need to find this document and enter the necessary data from there. The filling of this window is mainly required for cable connections.

How to Use Apply AirPlay on LG TV

  • The Internet must provide a speed of 50 Mbps / sec for high quality network operation, watching movies in high definition and just for quick transition from one page to another.
  • The LAN cable method is less reliable and convenient. On devices, the port for this connection is often intended for other purposes.
  • If you wanted to work in a browser, then using the remote control for typing is not very convenient. You will be helped by a wireless keyboard and mouse that can be connected via a USB port.

If anyone needs it, the video provides instructions on how to connect to the LG Internet with webOS:

Internet connection methods

There are several ways to connect the TV to the network, for example, via a Wi-Fi router, using a special adapter or via a cable. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s consider each of them in detail.

You can also watch the video for instructions for the most popular TV brands:

How to connect Wi-Fi on LG TV: 3 ways, instructions

Greetings to our regular readers and visitors of the portal! In the age of high technologies, human life becomes more comfortable with each new invention. Electronics manufacturers are increasingly coming up with smart features and integrating them into devices. One of the well-known and popular options is Smart TV. Let’s figure out what Smart TV is and how to connect an LG TV to the Internet. Go!

The Internet on TV is not yet a common feature among users. Not everyone knows what is possible, and how convenient and interesting it is. There are many advantages of this service. And if you have the opportunity to purchase a TV with Smart TV function, then do it and you will not regret!

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How to connect dandy to Samsung TV

To connectDandy” to TV, just connect the a \ v plugs of the set-top box, TV, then you can start looking for the channel.

Important: On the official website of the manufacturer “Samsung” you can find out more detailed information on how to configure the TV of this model to receive a signal from an outdated console. To do this, you can use yellow-green inputs instead of white, yellow. For these purposes, an adapter with 3RCA, SCART is required.

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How is the connection to LG models

How to connect a dandy to a TV?

Important: If you want to connect this device to LG models, then first, you need to make sure that the set-top box is disconnected from the power supply.

Then, using a cable, connect the set-top box to the converter. Also, the converter can be connected to TV using. HDMI. After that, you can:

  • insert a cartridge with a game into the console;
  • connect to the electrical network;
  • turn on the game.

In order to find the right game, you may need to search for channels to find the right wave. LG provides an opportunity for all players of older consoles to play them using this TV model. To connect the device, you will need a video cable, which, on the one hand, will be connected to the console itself, and on the other, to the A / V to HDMI converter.

How to connect a dandy to a modern TV

The game is an integral part of many people and teenagers, children. About 20 years have passed since the first variants of game consoles appeared. To date, the Dandy consoles remain in demand both for children and for many adults.

Features of connecting a dandy to modern TV

Compared to the old model of the device, the modern game console is a high-performance computer. The latest consoles for games are offered on the modern market:

  • with the most realistic graphics;
  • with believable characters;
  • with incredible musical accompaniment.

Today’s gamers have a huge selection for games. “Dandy” can be attributed to the outdated model, which is still in demand today. The set-top box, joysticks were not of particular interest without the presence of cartridges, which served as information carriers. The most popular variants were those in which there were from 3-10 different games. Teenagers and children often exchanged, bought, sold cartridges among themselves. The devices could easily be connected to old TVs. In past years, all TV models did not have the necessary connectors to connect a device.

Modern TV options differ from outdated options not only:

  • appearance;
  • design;
  • but also the design.

Therefore, many people ask themselves the question of how to connect “Dandy” to a TV of a new model of a modern manufacturer that supports HDMI. It is quite difficult to get out of this situation, but this issue can be solved.

How to connect a dandy to a modern TV? If you need to connect the Dandy device to a modern TV, then this can be done quickly and easily. Despite the fact that “Dandy” is one of the outdated versions of the game console, some people prefer to play on such consoles. Due to the presence of a large assortment of high-quality, interesting games, these devices are still in demand and are of interest to many children and adults.

Reference: Currently, modern manufacturers most often produce TV models that do not have special connectors, because modern devices are equipped with a high-definition interface.

How to connect to Philips TV

Philips TVs have standard white and yellow outputs, so it won’t be difficult to connect a TV. If you press the “input” key, you can make your TV set to AV mode on the remote control. TV models have a “Sours” button, then “Input”.

Game consoles “Dandy” are still very popular with many players. The following games: “Mortal Kombat”, “Super Mario”, “Pakman”, “Tanks”, “Adventure Island”, as well as others, are popular to this day. They are interesting and original, despite the outdated model of the console.

Connector types

Before connecting your speakers, you need to figure out what audio jacks your TV has. Most modern models have one of three types of electrical connectors.

  • Special acoustic connectors. These include inputs such as SCART or RCA. Connecting through this type of connection is similar to connecting computer speakers over USB. It is usually used for systems without a built-in amplifier. But be sure to make sure that the power of your acoustics does not exceed the permissible level, otherwise you can burn not only the connector, but also the equipment.
  • Line-in or MiniJack. Such connectors usually have a separate headset output. Just like the first option, they are not suitable for high-power systems with built-in amplifiers. It is likely that you will need a special tulip adapter to connect through this port.
  • Digital HDMI connector. Such outputs are equipped with ultra-modern models of such large companies as LG or Samsung. Only powerful music centers are connected through it. Usually such connectors can be found in home theaters, where sound quality is as important as picture quality.

How do you determine which connector is on your TV? Take a look at its back panel. The SCART connector looks like an oblong line with two rows of holes.

CRA. three round connectors for plugs, usually colored yellow, white and red. MiniJack inputs are somewhat similar to CRAs. They are also round, but noticeably smaller and painted in different colors. The standard is green, black and pink. The HDMI connector is about 1.7 cm long and 0.5 cm high. In its recess there is a small plate with contacts, with the help of which information is transmitted.

How to connect speakers to your LG TV?

Modern TVs have achieved incredible heights in the quality of the broadcast image, in ergonomics and space saving. However, in all these widescreen innovations, there is absolutely nowhere to install high-quality speakers that would provide good sound. to match the image. Therefore, sooner or later, any user thinks about connecting an external speaker system.

Active type systems

Such acoustics have a built-in amplifier. It does not need any additional devices or connections, because it is powered directly from the electrical network. Sometimes such systems are also found in speakers from a computer.

Which speakers are right?

Large home loudspeakers are active and passive. Their connection and features are slightly different.

Passive acoustics

This type of system cannot be connected directly to the TV. You will need to purchase an additional amplifier for the speakers to work. And from the amplifier already pull the wire to the TV. When connecting them, you will have to take into account a number of features.

  • When choosing an amplifier, pay attention to the fact that its power does not exceed the power of the speakers themselves by more than 30%.
  • The thicker the wire between the system and the TV, the more reliable the connections will be. It is not recommended to take wires thinner than 0.2 cm in cross-section.
  • Amplifier and speaker impedances must be equal.
  • Pay attention to the polarity. Connect the left speaker to the left channel, and the right speaker to the right. If you do otherwise, it can have an extremely negative effect on the quality of sound perception.
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Of course, you can connect any speakers to modern TVs, whether they are from a computer, from a music center or professional acoustics.

Many models with Smart TVs now even have Bluetooth, thanks to which you can use not only wired speakers, but also portable ones, for example JBL.

Pairing with wireless speakers is no longer a problem for modern smart TVs from LG. Connecting them via Bluetooth is as simple as possible:

  • turn on the TV and find the “Bluetooth” tab in the main menu;
  • now turn on the column and, if necessary, activate the device search function;
  • in the list of available devices on the TV screen, find your headset and select it.

Now it remains only to wait a little while the pairing is established, and you can use the system.

Connecting speakers with wires differs depending on the type of connection. Plug the Cinch, HDMI or MiniJack into the corresponding port on the back of your TV, and plug in the plug and the system is ready to use. If you are taking small computer speakers, the power of which is relatively low, then they can use the USB connector as a power source. Fortunately, TVs usually have 2 or 3 of these.

Connecting speakers to your LG TV is easy, whatever they are. The main thing you need to know for this is the type of their connection and the type of TV connector. You can even use speakers from the music center, but do not forget that, most likely, they are of the passive type and require an additional amplifier.

How to connect speakers and headphones to a TV via HDMI ARC, see below.

How to properly connect speakers with a subwoofer to your LG TV

Modern technology, regardless of direction, is distinguished by expanded functionality. As practice shows, HD technologies are produced with primitive speakers, as a result of which even owners of expensive TV models cannot enjoy the sound effects as much as possible.

This sound is enough for watching entertainment programs, movies and news. When it comes to surround sound, you need to additionally connect speakers to the TV. As a result, you can get a really high-quality result.

Next, let’s take a look at how to connect speakers to your LG TV. There are several options, and it is important to choose the best TV device for your model.

RCA connector

Tulips are considered the most popular TV connectors, regardless of the manufacturer. South Korean brand LG is no exception. Using this port, you can also connect speakers. There are several options.

In the absence of an RCA output on the speaker, most likely there is a 3.5 mm jack. Then you need a cable: RCA-TRS 3.5 mm. You can find such a cord without any problems.

Now for the question of how to connect a subwoofer to an LG TV. It should be noted here that there are several types of subwoofers:

  • Active. The set includes a built-in amplifier with a power that allows you to remove the output load in the case of playing low-frequency sounds.
  • Passive. In this case, the emitter does not have a personal amplifier, which affects the load of the output stereo channels. Therefore, the sound volume is often reduced and the quality deteriorates. There is no panel with settings, which significantly complicates the process of placing the subwoofer.

The active buffer is connected as follows:

  • A place is selected for the device.
  • Tulips are connected in accordance with the connectors on the TV case.
  • Setting up via the TV menu.

LG releases TV models with built-in automatic settings for syncing with different devices.

Connecting such a device has a convenient and intuitive interface. Even those who have not previously dealt with connecting a subwoofer should quickly figure out this process.

Anyone who purchased a passive device can synchronize using a home theater or receiver. The characteristic features of this option are: labor intensity and low sound quality. The reason for the low quality is that it is not possible to properly position the subwoofer near the TV. Observe polarity when connecting for high quality performance.

Types of inputs and connectors on LG TVs

Initially, you need to understand what outputs are present on the TV. Only then can the acoustics be connected.

In the production of modern TVs, types of audio and TV connectors are used, due to which you can connect different acoustics for watching television:

  • tulip (RCA);
  • line-out;
  • headset or headphone jack.
  • HDMI ARC port.

The first option is used to connect active speakers that have a built-in amplifier. Options.3 are used if the device does not have special connectors. That is, the speakers are connected to the built-in amplifier in the TV.

HDMI ARC is ideal for newer technology. For example, a home cinema audio system that delivers high-quality sound.

HDMI cable

Considering the question of high-quality sound and connecting acoustics, you need to consider the method with the HDMI ARC connector.

HDMI cable for TV is considered the most ideal option that can really preserve sound quality.
This method requires the TV to have a dedicated HDMI ARC output.

Via bluetooth

Often modern TV models are equipped with Bluetooth. With this function, you can make a wireless connection between the devices.

You can connect acoustics via Bluetooth if the speakers also have such an option. In the TV menu, you need to find this function and activate the device search. Then select the desired item, and the sound will go to the speaker.

Line Inputs

When the TV model for connecting speakers is equipped with line outputs, you can use the usual contacts: and This option is suitable for computer speakers or from a home theater.

It is required to carefully examine the back of the device, if there are two holes with terminals (red and black) on it. these are the line outputs.

All you need to do is connect the wires according to the colors:

The sound will appear immediately if everything is connected correctly.

Connection methods

There are several ways to connect speakers to a TV device. Each option is suitable for a specific type of speaker system. The method varies depending on the model and TV. Next, we will consider the possible options for connecting acoustics. Note that for maximum sound effect, you have to figure out the acoustics settings. This type of equipment offers quite wide functionality to users.