How To Connect Cable To Sony TV

HDMI connection

The third generation game console from Sony is capable of running on TVs from various companies. However, in order to achieve high-quality images with the maximum resolution, it is better to connect the PlayStation 3 to TVs Samsung, Sony, LV of the latest model range.

First you need to check if your TV supports HDMI. All the information you need can be found in the user manual. This connector is mainly located on the side or rear panel. The base package of the latest versions of the PS3 game console includes an HDMI cable. Therefore, you do not have to buy it additionally.

Why is connecting the console to a TV via HDMI considered the best option? Firstly, this cable is capable of broadcasting HD quality images on a large screen. Second, the cord provides SIMultaneous transmission of audio and signal.

How To Connect Cable To Sony TV

Instructions for connecting PS3 console to TV via HDMI:

  • Plug in the game console power cord. When everything is done, the red indicator will light up.
  • One plug of the HDMI cable must be inserted into the corresponding connector on the console, which is located next to the network jack. Insert it until you hear a characteristic click.
  • The second plug is inserted into the TV’s HDMI interface. The location of this entrance depends on the TV model in question.

The connection is set up, which means the console is ready to use. Turn on the TV and change the signal source. Instead of digital or analog signal, you need to select “HDMI”.


An outdated format that produces a low-resolution picture. Therefore, the image quality is poor. Lack of proper clarity will be noticeable to the naked eye. However, if you want to set up a connection between a Sony PlayStation 3 and an old TV, then the S-interface is suitable for this task.

The cable is not included in the basic configuration of the TV and console. Therefore, the cord must be purchased separately. On the one hand, the cable is equipped with two audio inputs. They are marked accordingly. L and R. At the other end you will find a standard plug that fits into the connector of the set-top box.

All entrances have a different color. Therefore, focus on this aspect in order to connect the connectors and avoid mistakes. When everything is connected, restart the box, and then turn on the TV. When a new device is detected, change the signal source. That’s all. Console is ready to use.

RCA connector

An option that suits owners of the oldest TVs. The advantage is that an RCA cable is included as standard with the game console. Therefore, the user does not have to spend on the purchase of a cable. You should not expect a high-quality image. The only positive thing about RCA is the fact that almost all TVs support this interface.

It is possible that your TV is equipped with a SCART connector instead of the standard RCA. In such situations, you need to buy an adapter. AV-SCART. In the process of connecting a game console, you will have to experiment. Since older TV models do not have color-coded connectors.

4 Ways to Connect Sony PlayStation 3 to TV

Connecting the game console to the TV will allow the gamer to enjoy the highest quality picture. Especially if you use modern technology from leading brands: Sony, Samsung, LG, etc. Many users have problems in the process of synchronizing devices. Now let’s look at how to connect a Sony PlayStation 3 to a TV.

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It is possible that the user correctly connected the connectors with the appropriate cable. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, there is no sound, the image is only displayed on half of the screen, or some other problem has occurred. Let’s analyze the difficulties that users most often face.

Tulip connection

How to connect PS3 to CRT TV? Obsolete technology is not equipped with HDMI. Therefore, users have to resort to using other connectors. Mostly the device connection is configured via tulips. Experts point out that the tulip is a loose concept. AV, S-Video, RCA connectors are all tulips. Just different modifications.

Which of these cords should you use? A very difficult answer. To answer objectively, let’s carefully analyze each of these options.

AV connector

If we evaluate all the available interfaces for connecting the PS3 in terms of the quality of the transmitted image, then the undisputed leader is HDMI. In second place is the AV cable. This wire has 5 inputs that you can use to connect the game console to your TV. At the second end there is a special plug that is inserted into the corresponding socket on the back of the set-top box.

Standard cable for PS3. HDMI. Therefore, the AV cord will have to be purchased separately. First, read the instructions for whether the TV supports the ability to connect additional devices via the AV interface.

Connection setup is carried out according to the standard scheme. One end of the cable plugs into the TV jack and the other into the jack on the game console. The plug is inserted into the input that is labeled Multi Out. All 5 inputs have the corresponding color, so there should be no problems with connection.

Frequent problems

In some cases, when connecting the PS3 via HDMI cable, the sound in the menu is present, but after starting the game it disappears. Mostly this problem arises due to the fact that for a long time the user was connected to one TV, but then a new device was purchased. The problem becomes special if you buy equipment from another manufacturer.

Troubleshooting is as SIMple as possible. Turn off the game console, and then turn on by holding the Power button for a long time. Hold the button until you hear a second beep. The screen will ask for permission to output audio through HDMI, you need to give your permission. What exactly is causing the PS3 not to connect via HDMI after changing TV? It’s all about the conflict of audio formats played by TVs.

What if there is still no sound? Try a different HDMI cable. It cannot be ruled out that the problem lies with him. If problem persists, output audio with tulip or digital input.

We figured out the sound, but quite often there are problems with the broadcast of the image. There is no picture, only a black screen is visible. There are several reasons for this problem:

  • until recently, the game console was connected to the TV using a different cord. The TV SIMply failed to identify the new type of connection. To fix the problem, reset the PS3 base settings. To restore the settings to their default values, press the Power button and hold it for 10 seconds until you hear 2 beeps;
  • damaged cable. Checking the cord for fractures and other mechanical damage is carried out using special equipment. You can also try a different cable;
  • the final transition to connection mode has not been made. If, after turning on the console, the channel is displayed on the TV screen, and not the set-top box download, then you need to change the signal source. The signal source is determined according to the cable used: HDMI, AV, RCA, S-Video. Mode change is carried out using the remote control.
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The process of connecting a game console is as SIMple as possible. Absolutely any user can set up a connection. In total, all actions will take no more than five minutes. The main thing is to decide on the type of connection.

Through the headphone jack

For connection, the TV can only have a headphone jack. In this situation, a mini-jack 3.5. 2 RCA cable will come to the rescue. One side looks like a standard headphone plug, and the other looks like tulips without a yellow plug.

Mini-jack cable 3.5. 2 RCA

  • Find the 3.5 jack on the TV. Sometimes this is difficult, as manufacturers can place it anywhere, even on the front panel, hiding under the cover.
  • If the socket is standard, then the cable is immediately inserted into it. Sometimes 6.5 is used instead of 3.5. Visually they are the same, but the second option is larger. In this case, an adapter from 6.5 to 3.5 is required.
  • The second side of the cable is connected to the music center as described above. observing the colors.
  • On the music player, it remains to enable sound reception from LineIN.
  • The TV usually does not need additional settings.

Via line connectors

This type of communication is the most common in audio and technology. This requires an RCA-RCA cable (tulips on both sides).

Synchronization is performed according to the aLGorithm.

  • Find tulip jacks signed by AUDIOOUT on the TV.
  • To connect, you need to take an RCA-RCA cord.
  • One end of the cable connects to the TV. you must take into account the colors of the plugs and connectors.
  • The other end connects to a SIMilar output in the music device, the colors must match again, the yellow plug is not connected (it transmits).
  • The acoustics must be switched to receive sound from the line-in.

Connection to TV by cable

Some call cable connection an outdated technology, but arguing that it’s much easier than syncing something wirelessly is hard.

Via optical connector

Unlike the options listed above, this connector implies digital audio input, which, in contrast to an analog connection, allows you to get better quality without signal loss. The latter is especially noticeable if analog transmission is used with wires longer than 1 meter.

Optical jack on TV

  • You should find S / PDIF on the TV. it looks like a square with a round hole in which a laser shines.
  • The S / PDIF cable is reversible, so either side connects to both devices.
  • After that, you need to switch to S / PDIF on both devices. How to do this is best read in the instructions.

Connection via receiver

In this case, the receiver acts as an intermediate link: it is connected to the TV, and the music center to it. This helps in situations where the equipment does not have the same connectors, or they do not work. In addition, receivers often help to connect not only the center, but also additional acoustics, for example, low-frequency speakers or a subwoofer. Thus, you can assemble a 5: 1 system, which will provide surround and high-quality sound. The receiver connects to a TV with any of the above connectors, HDMI is also suitable.

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After that, it remains only to switch the player and TV to feed the signal through the outputs and inputs selected for synchronization.

Wireless connection

Another way to pair your TV and music center is wirelessly. Among the existing options. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC. only the first is applicable to TV and a player.

Searching for Bluetooth devices on the TV

You can make the commutation as follows.

  • Bluetooth search must be activated in the audio system. For this, a separate button can be provided, or the function can be combined with the choice of sound sources. How this is done is written in the instructions.
  • In the TV settings, go to the “wireless connection” section and select Bluetooth. A list of all devices that can be connected will open. Find an audio system and pair it.
  • After the devices are synchronized, it remains only to start. the sound will be automatically distributed from the speakers of the connected music center.

Via composite connector

If the TV is not equipped with tulips, then it may have a SCART. This is a rather massive connector that is capable of transmitting both sound and picture. In this case, an adapter from SCART to RCA will be required, since the music centers are not equipped with the first interface. Having an adapter and a cable or RCA-SCART cable, the configuration is carried out according to the scheme.

  • On the back of the TV, you need to find the SCART connector. It is the largest and looks like a rectangle with many smaller holes.
  • Adapter or cable with SCART side connects to TV.
  • The second part is connected to the center with a white and red plug. Yellow stays free.
  • In TV, the signal feed is switched to SCART, and in the center to the LINE input. Sometimes these settings are not required. the sound comes straight from the player’s speakers.

Connecting the music center to a TV

A rare modern TV is equipped with loud and high-quality speakers. This happens for a number of reasons, the main ones being a decrease in the thickness of the case, which excludes the possibility of installing high-quality equipment for sound. Many manufacturers are engaged not only in the production of TV, but also related equipment. home theaters and soundbars. Obviously, demand will be higher if you create not only supply, but also need. In addition, most companies recommend using their own technology as an external sound, but this is an obvious trick, since the sound is influenced not by the brand of the product, but by its filling. For this reason, if you have a stereo at home, then it may well be a good option for playing audio from TV. How to properly connect the music center to the TV is described below.

If you have a music center at home, then connecting it to your TV will be very practical. You will be able to use the musical device for its intended purpose, besides, it will improve the sound of the TV and make it possible not only to listen to music, but also to watch clips of your favorite songs with high quality sound.