How to connect an old Samsung TV

Setting up your Samsung TV

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How to tune channels without a remote control on an old Samsung TV?

Turn on the TV, make sure that the antenna (set top box) is correctly connected to the dedicated socket on the back of the TV. After that, go to the TV channel setting.

Press the “menu” button on the remote control. If the menu is presented in English (Spanish, German, etc.), wander around the settings a little and switch to Russian. A menu will open in front of you with the ability to change any settings of the built-in firmware. Select the “search / tuning channels” option.

Samsung TV will allow you to select the type of connection (digital or analog) and the type of channel search (manual or automatic). Decide on the above things and start searching.

Tuning the channels of a Samsung TV does not differ dramatically from a similar procedure on TVs of other brands. The Samsung TV series is also not of fundamental importance, since the channel search algorithm on all models is similar.

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Turn on the TV, make sure that the antenna (set top box) is correctly connected to the dedicated socket on the back of the TV. After that, go to the TV channel setting.

Press the “menu” button on the remote.

Samsung TV series 6 manual

Antenna connection for terrestrial or cable signal is made by connecting an antenna cable with a resistance of 75 ohms to the jack on the Samsung TV ‘Ant.’
HDMI connection. For the best digital picture quality, as instructed by your Samsung TV, we recommend.

To set up something on a Samsung TV. find channels, change the picture resolution or sound quality, you need to enter the “Service Menu”, which can be called up by pressing the Menu button on the remote control.

When using the TV for the first time, all the text in the service menu, by default, will be written in English, therefore, for your own convenience, before you start setting up the TV, you should change the language to the one that is more familiar to you.
It is quite simple to do this:

It is necessary to press the Menu button on the remote control. The same service menu will appear on the screen.
2. Use the up-down cursor arrows to select SetUP
3. After that, press the Enter button on the remote control? This will enter the settings mode.
4. Using the cursor up and down again, select the Language tab.
5. Go there and choose Russian.
That’s all, as you can see, nothing complicated, and the service menu has become much.

Setting up a Samsung TV is not as difficult as it might seem at first. You can do it yourself without any problems. over, the menu of this manufacturer is distinguished by a high degree of unification, and this allows you to do this operation with a minimum amount of time. It consists of the following steps: connecting, searching for channels and adjusting the image and sound.

Setting up a Samsung TV begins with commutation, as mentioned earlier. At the first stage, a wire from the local TV antenna is installed. Further, if necessary, a CAM module must be inserted into a special slot. This will allow you to watch scrambled channels in digital quality. Additionally, you can connect a satellite receiver via RCA, SCART or HDMI interfaces. A digital tuner can be connected in the same way. If the TV is equipped with an RJ 45 socket, then you can connect a twisted pair cable from a laptop, stationary PC or router to it. At the final.

Tuning channels on Samsung TVs

Let’s start by setting up channels on your Samsung TV. Switch to TV mode through the menu. To do this, switch the playback source option to the required state. This is usually done by pressing the Source key on the control panel or the desired one is selected from the menu. Examples of values:

As soon as the TV is switched to the desired TV mode, go to the main menu. Find the sub-item Channel and.

Samsung Smart TV. 2017 and up models. (Includes 4K, OLED, Q series, Quantom Dot TVs)

Select “Home” on the remote control. (The “menu” button looks like a small house)

Standard remote for new Samsung Smart TVs. Your remote may have more or fewer buttons, but the general layout of the Home button and menu navigation buttons is the same for most models.

Select the “Settings” menu. (It’s the little gear icon in the very bottom left corner of the menu)

The main menu on most Samsung Smart TVs is a setting option. it is a small gear in the left corner.

Select “Broadcast” in the “Settings” menu, then “Auto Tuning”.

Menu on Samsung Smart TV

You should receive the prompt “Press Start to search and save channels” and a warning that the search will erase your current channel list. Click “Start” (Note: the purpose of the scan is to erase the current list, but replace it with an updated one)

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You may be prompted to scan for “Both, Air, or Cable.” Either Air or Both will scan the antenna channels.

How to Delete a Channel on Samsung

If during the operation of the TV there are any problems (for example, channels are not switched using the control panel), then experts advise reprogramming the device. In this case, all current settings will be reset to factory settings and you will have to re-scan the frequencies.

As a result of these actions, a large number of unnecessary channels will appear that are poorly shown or simply not popular with family members.

To understand how to delete unnecessary channels on a Samsung TV or block access to them, you need to study the following procedure in detail:

  • Press the “Menu” key on the remote control.
  • In the list that appears on the screen, look for the “Broadcast” section.
  • It opens the item “Channel change”.
  • A list of all TV channels will open, in which they are looking for the one that they want to delete or block.
  • Use the “OK” button to put a check mark in front of the extra TV channel.
  • After that, click on the “Delete” or “Block” button. In the second case, the system will ask you to enter the unlock code.

Sources of receiving channels

Before you can search for channels on a new or old Samsung TV, you need to determine the signal source. Nowadays, there are 4 options that allow you to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows for free.

Key sources for Samsung Smart TV:

  • Analog. It is considered to be of the least quality, therefore it is suitable only for old TV sets. In this case, the picture turns out to be indistinct and no setting of TV channels on the Samsung TV will help to change this situation.
  • Digital. This option has a large number of advantages compared to analog, therefore, it gradually replaces the outdated signal transmission method. At the same time, users often have problems with programming the TV and sorting channels.
  • Satellite. This method of signal reception is considered the most popular. Its main advantage is high image quality and ease of setup. Among the shortcomings, they highlight the inability to watch encoded channels for free.
  • IPTV. The most modern option that allows you to watch your favorite programs via wired Internet or WI-FI. It can be implemented on any Smart TVs or using a special set-top box. In this case, the most complex setting is provided, which not every person can correctly perform.

Samsung Smart TV. models 2014-2017.

These instructions are similar to the ones above, but with a big difference.

Remotes for TVs Samsung Smart TV 2016, 2015 and 2014. The Settings or Menu button is marked in red.

Select “Broadcast” from the menu (2014 TVs may show “Channel” instead)

Once the setup is done, you’re done.!

Samsung Non-Smart TVs (All Models)

These are all Samsung TVs that are not connected to the Internet and includes most models released prior to 2014. There are many models of non-Smart TVs from Samsung, too many to have specific model instructions. The instructions below should work with most Samsung TVs, but there may be slight differences depending on the device.

Press the “Menu” button on the remote control. (Many remote controls will say “Menu” and three fields below it “)

Select “Channel” from the menu. (Some newer models may have “Broadcast” instead)

Select “Automatic program” “or” Auto tuning “

Your TV may ask whether to program “air” or “cable”. If yes, select “Air”. This will tell your TV that you are looking for antenna channels.

You can also find additional instructions for your specific TV model on the Samsung support page.

How to save channels on an old Samsung TV


Automatic scanning does not always see a weak signal, so it ignores it and switches to a new frequency. To eliminate this error, you need to perform a manual adjustment.

How to Set Up a Wired Connection with Samsung LED TV

  • Press the “Menu” button on the remote control.
  • In the window that appears, look for the item “Antenna”.
  • After the transition, select “Manual Setting”.
  • On the next page, set the scan parameters. Experts recommend setting the search mode to “Full” and the frequency of 170,000 kHz. In addition, enter the value 128 QAM in the “Module” field, and 6900 KS / s in the “Transmission”.
  • Click on the “Create” icon.
  • After completing the search, click “OK”.
  • Similarly, scan for other frequencies, gradually adding to the initial 170,000 kHz by 8000 kHz.

Automatic search

Even a beginner can automatically re-tune TV channels. To do this, you will need to perform several standard actions, which are described in detail in the instruction manual. If everything is done correctly, then you can watch channels on Smart TV and sort them according to your preferences.

Before auto-tuning your Samsung TV, you need to check if it is properly connected to the signal source.

After that, you should perform the following actions:

connect, samsung
  • Enter the menu by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control.
  • Go to the “Broadcast” section and look for the item “Antenna”.
  • From the proposed options, select the one that corresponds to the signal source used.
  • In the same section, select “Auto tuning”.
  • A new window will appear in which the word “Full” should be in front of the phrase “Search mode”. If any other option is indicated, then you need to replace it.
  • Go down and press the Scan button.
  • Wait a few minutes for the TV receiver to finish searching.
  • After that, a list of found channels will appear.

Wired connection (LAN)

Connect the LAN port on the back of the TV to an external modem using an Ethernet network cable.

Connect the LAN port on the back of the TV to an IP sharer connected to an external modem.

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Depending on the settings, the TV can be connected directly to a wall outlet using a network cable.

If your home network is dynamic, you need to use some kind of xDSL modem or router. If the connecting device supports DHCP, the IP address, gateway, subnet mask, and DNS servers will be set automatically.

If the network uses a static IP address, it and other connection parameters must be entered manually. In this case, you can also use xDSL modems with DHCP support.

Automatic configuration (with DHCP support)

  • Go to Network Settings; → Cable;

The network check screen appears. this completes the network setup.

Setting to not is supported on networks with access speeds below 10 Mbps. If you cannot find the values ​​of the network connection settings or if you need to perform manual configuration, select the Manual item;.

Manual configuration (when using a static IP address)

  • Go to Network Settings; → Cable;
  • Select the IP Setting item; on the network check screen.
  • Set the IP Mode parameter; value Manual;

Use the arrows to navigate through the connection parameters (IP address ;, Subnet mask ;, Gateway; and DNS server;) and enter them manually. 5. When finished, click OK. The network check screen appears. this completes the network setup.

Wireless connection (WI-FI)

To connect wirelessly to the network, you will need a wireless modem or router, and for Samsung LED TVs. Samsung WI-FI adapter (WIS09ABGN, WIS09ABGN2, WIS10ABGN), which must be connected to the USB port on the back of the TV. The adapter supports IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n communication protocols. Samsung recommends using the IEEE 802.11n protocol.

Samsung PDP PDP TVs have a built-in WI-FI adapter and no separate external USB adapter is required.

  • If High-throughput (Greenfield) 802.11n pure mode is selected and WEP, TKIP or TKIP AES (WPS2Mixed) is selected as the encryption type for the access point, Samsung TVs will not support connection according to the new WI-FI certificate specifications.
  • If your wireless router supports WPS (WI-FI Protected Setup), you can connect to the network by pushing a button (PBC) or using a PIN code. WPS will automatically configure SSID and WPA key for each mode.

When connecting the Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter, turn off the TV, reconnect the adapter, then turn on the TV again. The picture may be distorted on some channels if the TV is connected to the Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter. In such cases, establish a connection using one of the following methods, or connect the Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter with a USB cable in a location free of radio interference. connection using a rectangular USB adapter.

  • Connect the USB Right Angle Adapter to the Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter.
  • Connect the other end of the rectangular adapter to the USB port.

connection via extension cable.

  • Connect the extension cable to the USB port.
  • Connect the extension cable to the Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter.
  • Attach the Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter to the back of the TV at the top of the TV using double-sided adhesive tape. The Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter must be installed away from the TV sockets to avoid interference between the adapter and the tuner.

Most wireless networks are protected by an additional security system that requires connecting devices to provide an encrypted security code called an access code or security key. It. a passphrase, usually a word or sequence of letters and numbers of a certain length, that the user must enter when setting up the security of a wireless network.

If you select this method for setting up a wireless network connection, and if you have a wireless security key during the setup procedure, you must enter a passphrase. Wireless connection of Samsung TV to the network is possible in several ways:

  • Auto (using automatic network search function)
  • Go to the Network Settings screen; → Wireless;
  • Function Network; searches for available wireless networks. When the search is complete, a list of available networks will be displayed.
  • Select a network from the list of networks, then press ENTER.
  • The network check screen appears. this completes the network setup.

If the hidden (invisible) mode is selected for the wireless router, you must select the Add network option; and enter the appropriate values ​​for Network Name (SSID) and Security Key to establish a connection. If the Security; pop-up window appears, specify the security key (Security; or PIN;) and select Next ;. When entering the security key, use the arrow buttons on the remote control to select numbers or letters.

  • Manual
  • Go to the Network Settings screen; → Wireless;
  • Function Network; searches for available wireless networks. When the search is complete, a list of available networks will be displayed.
  • From the list of networks, use the arrow buttons to select a network, then press ENTER ;. The network check screen appears.
  • Select IP Settings; on the network check screen.
  • Set the IP Mode parameter; value Manual;
  • Use the arrows and number buttons on the remote control to enter values ​​for the IP address ;, Subnet mask ;, Gateway; and DNS Server;. After completing the configuration, click OK;
  • The network check screen appears. this completes the network setup.
  • WPS (PBC)
  • Go to the Network Settings screen; → WPS (PBC);
  • Press the WPS (PBC) button; on the router and hold for 2 minutes. The TV will automatically receive all the necessary parameter values ​​that are required to connect to the network.
  • The network check screen appears. this completes the network setup.
  • Ad hoc
  • One Foot Connection (Your WI-FI router must support this function)
  • Go to the Network Settings screen; → One Foot Connection;
  • Install the WI-FI router in parallel with the Samsung WI-FI adapter at a distance of no more than 25 cm.
  • Wait for the automatic connection.
  • The network check screen appears. this completes the network setup.

If the settings of the wireless router have been changed or a new access point has been installed, repeat the above connection procedure using One Foot Connection.

  • Plug Access (Your WI-FI router must support this function)
  • Insert the USB storage device into your Samsung wireless router and check the status of the access point indicator (blinking → on).
  • Remove USB device and insert into Samsung TV.
  • Wait for the automatic connection.
  • The network check screen appears. this completes the network setup.
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If the settings of the wireless router have been changed or a new wireless router has been installed, repeat the above connection procedure using the Plug Access function.


The TV is installed, the antenna cable, the cable of the provider or satellite dish are connected. The device is connected to the Internet. Next, you need to install the necessary applications and set up television channels.

  • find it on the remote control and press the “Settings” button;
  • select the line “All settings” on the screen, click “OK”;
  • after the appearance of a new menu, press the line “Channels”;
  • start automatic search;
  • we save the list of found channels, if necessary, you can select the sub-item “sorting channels” and edit the list in accordance with your preferences.

The channels are installed, you can start choosing widgets. To do this, go to the “Samsung Application Store” by selecting the appropriate section in the main menu of the TV. After the necessary registration, we get access to the list of applications. Next, the required applications are selected and the “Install” button is pressed. The new program will appear in the main menu.

Important! Samsung has limited the ability to install third-party applications on its TVs.

After that, you can enjoy the new capabilities of your Smart-TV.

the Internet

Smart-TVs differ from conventional TVs by the presence of a built-in processor. In Samsung’s case, it’s a Tizen processor. In fact, this is no longer quite a TV-receiver; in terms of functionality, the device is much closer to a computer. This is noted by most users. This allows the TV to use the capabilities of the Internet, but for this, you need to connect the device to the Network. There is a wired and wireless connection.

A wired connection allows you to use the Internet at high speed and with a stable signal, it is easy to tune your TV. The downside of this connection is the abundance of wires and the need to purchase an external modem (splitter) that allows you to use a wired connection for various home devices. There is a possibility of direct connection via cable or connection using a router.

In the first case, the provider’s cable is connected directly to the TV connector, the screen displays the inscription “Network cable is connected”. Then “Start” is pressed and “OK” is selected.

In this video, you will learn how to connect your TV to the Internet:

When connected through a router, one end of the cable connects to the router, the other to the TV device. A DHCP server must be enabled in the router. In this case, the router will independently make network settings.

Most Samsung Smart TVs come with a built-in Wi-Fi router for wireless connectivity. For this:

  • On the remote control, the “Setting” button is pressed.
  • Opens “Network”, then the tab “Network Settings”.
  • “Start”, in the proposed list of methods select “Wireless”.
  • In the proposed list, your own router is selected and a password is entered. The TV then automatically configures.
  • Wait until the end of the process and save the parameters.

Everything, the TV is connected to the Network, you can use the abundance of the presented possibilities.

Connecting Samsung Smart-TV to the Internet via WI-FI

There is a TV set in almost every home today. The function of a modern Smart TV receiver is not limited to broadcasting TV channels only. Such a device is a complete home multimedia center that can be used for games, communication in social networks and many other needs. Samsung Smart TVs are very popular with buyers. They allow the owner to use the broad capabilities of the Internet; a huge number of third-party devices can be connected to such a TV, significantly expanding its capabilities. How to do it right in order to enjoy the benefits of a modern TV, a question that interests users.


How is the keyboard connected? It is connected in the same way as a mouse. Wired connection is possible via USB port, wireless. via adapter. After connecting the mouse, you can use the on-screen keyboard, in some cases it is more convenient for the user.

Connecting to a Samsung TV

Let’s take a look at what is required to take full advantage of the functions of a Smart TV receiver. Ways to connect the Internet, Smart applications and third-party technology necessary for a modern person.

It’s easy to connect your Samsung TV to the Internet


A smartphone can be connected to a Smart TV in several ways.

When connected via a USB cable, you do not need to purchase expensive accessories or install additional applications. The TV will launch the file manager and display all the folders on the smartphone.

Connection using HDMI cable. In addition to it, you will need to purchase a special adapter. After that, the HDMI signal source is selected in the TV settings. Connect your smartphone to the TV using an adapter and cable. In the Screen Mirroring settings of your smartphone, set the optimal resolution of the broadcast image (this can happen automatically).

Wireless connection can be used. To do this, you will need to install special software (utilities) on your smartphone and TV. The TV uses the All Share application, which is standard for Samsung Smart TVs. The smartphone uses a free Google Play application. Samsung Smart View. After that, the devices connect to the same Wi-Fi network and start using the Smart View program.


The device can be connected to a TV using an adapter and HDMI cable via the TV’s USB port. When you connect the iPad wirelessly, you need to install special applications. They can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.