How to connect an honor phone to a Samsung TV

PC connection

We take the cable and connect it with one side to the smartphone, and the other to the USB port of your computer (laptop). It is assumed that you have already installed a more or less modern version of the operating system (Windows 10 or 7) and you will not have to manually install additional drivers.

Unlock the phone and in the notification curtain, click on the appeared USB charging notification.

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A list of possible connection options will open, in which, to work with the file system of the smartphone, select the “File transfer” item and proceed to work on the computer (in this case, the smartphone can be locked).

How to Connect Honor Phone to Samsung TV

From time to time there is a need to “reset” data from a smartphone to a computer (and vice versa). Well, if the volumes are small, then they can be safely transferred, for example, via e-mail, file exchanger or the cloud. But this is completely unacceptable when you need to download an archive of photos, a collection of music or an entire season of a series. How to connect Honor to a computer and quickly “transfer” the necessary information?

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The fastest way to transfer data is via the USB cable that comes with your smartphone. Of course, you can use cables from other devices (for example, cameras, players, etc.), but some of them sometimes have a different pinout, which is suitable only for charging the phone and nothing more.

Working with smartphone files on PC

On the desktop of the computer or in the quick launch panel of the “Start” menu, click on the icon “My Computer” or “Explorer” and in the section “This computer” we are looking for a new device, the name of which usually corresponds to the name of the connected smartphone.

Click on it and go to the conditional list of disks that the mobile device contains. In the event that a microSD is installed in the smartphone, in addition to the “Internal memory” (device memory), there will also be an SD card (external memory).

Depending on your needs, we click on the required disk and work with it in the same way as with ordinary files and folders on a smartphone (copying, cutting, deleting files, creating folders).

For example, to upload photos from an Honor smartphone to a computer, you need to go to “Internal memory” (if you have not selected recording photos to a microSD card in the camera settings), go to the DCIM folder, select the Camera folder in it, and all photos and videos are already there. filmed by smartphone.

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Select all (or only the necessary files) and copy them to your computer, after the files are copied to the PC. they can be deleted from the smartphone.

After the work with the file system of the smartphone is over, it can be disconnected from the computer without any additional actions. While connected to a PC, the mobile device will continue to receive calls, messages and other information, that is, the connection will not affect the phone’s operation in any way.

How to connect your phone to a Samsung TV over Wi-Fi?

I offer you general instructions for displaying a smartphone screen on a TV:

  • Open “Settings” or “Options” (depending on the model)
  • Select network connection options
  • Click on “Wi-Fi Direct”
  • Select the TV name on your mobile device
  • Establish a wireless connection
  • Confirm connection

How to view a photo on a computer from a phone?

  • Turn on your phone and unlock it. Your computer will not be able to detect your device if it is locked.
  • On your computer, click the Start button. and then select Photos. to open the Photos app.
  • Select Import From USB Device and follow the instructions.

Can I control Smart TV from my phone?

A modern Smart TV can be controlled not only by a remote control, but also by a smartphone. For this, manufacturers have developed special applications that need to be installed on the phone and synchronized with TV.

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How to view photos from your phone on TV?

Open your smartphone settings (for example, Samsung Galaxy S 4) and go to the Connections section, select Other networks, and then Screen Mirroring. In the TV menu, select Miracast, MirrorLink, Screen Mirroring.

How to use Wi-Fi Direct on a Samsung TV?

How to use the Wi-Fi Direct function on this TV?

  • Press the HOME button on the TV remote control to display the Home Menu, then select Applications.
  • Select Wi-Fi Direct Mode using the arrows on the remote control.
  • Make settings on your Wi-Fi Direct / Wi-Fi. compatible device for connecting to a TV.

How to Connect Honor Phone to Samsung TV?

On your TV, open the Sources menu and go to the Screen Mirroring tile to enable the mobile data function. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet, swipe down from the top of the screen and turn on Smart View or Screen Mirroring from the menu.