How to connect an erisson TV to your phone


Instructions for this technology are available in video format:

How to Connect Android Phone to Smart TV | Screen Mirroring | Wireless Display

This is an interface that allows you to exchange data between devices wirelessly. You can connect Android to TV using Miracast as follows:

  • turn on TV and enter the device menu;
  • redirected to the “Network” section;
  • click on the Miracast label.
  • they lower the wings of the device and are redirected to the “Broadcast” section;
  • the search for devices for signal reception starts;
  • when a new model is found, click on its name;
  • using the remote control, confirm the connection on the TV;
  • when the procedure is completed, the corresponding image will appear, and the receiver will have access to all the data of the smartphone.

Using a router

The router will also help you connect your phone to your TV. To use the router as a device for connection, perform the following procedure:

  • enter the TV menu;
  • redirected to the “Network” section and go to the “Network settings” subsection;
  • choose the type “Wireless network”.

They select their wireless network by name, click on it and enter the security code from Wi-Fi. After that, connect the smartphone to the home network.

You can download an application that allows you to access your phone data from the TV. Most often they use DLNA or UPnP.


How to connect a smartphone to a TV via WI-FI: working methods

Hello everyone! Now almost every family has a modern TV with Smart TV function. With it, you can go online and view the contents of your phone folders on the big screen. But for this, the device needs to be connected. This can be done with a cable and without wires.

Probably everyone already knows how to connect your phone to a TV via WI-FI. For those who do not know or have recently acquired a new TV, consider this topic. Begin!

Wi-Fi Direct

This method helps to connect devices, but it can only be used to view the data stored in the gadget. Going online won’t work like that.

To connect a smartphone to a TV, you first configure the gadget. This requires the following actions:

  • enter the Wi-Fi menu;
  • redirected to the additional settings subsection;

Thanks to such actions, the technology is launched. After that, enter the TV menu.

  • press the “Home” button;
  • redirected to the “Settings” settings;
  • select the section “WI-FI Direct”.

After that, using the remote control, go to the “Parameters”. Then select the sub-item “Guide”. Click on the inscription “Other methods”. Here you can find information about SSID and WPA. This data is recorded on a piece of paper, since they are needed to make a connection with a smartphone.

How to connect your phone to your LG TV:

  • enter the main menu;
  • redirected to the “Network” tab;
  • select Wi-Fi Direct and the LG TV starts searching for the phone.

To connect to a Samsung TV:

  • on the remote control press the “Menu” button;
  • redirected to the “Network” subsection;
  • click on the inscription “Prog. AP “and enable the option.

When these steps are completed, take the phone and select an access point. To do this, enter the “Available connections” section. If required, enter identification information.

To open any file from a smartphone on a TV, select the desired folder on the phone and click on the “Share” button. After that, the name of the receiver is selected in the menu. No more action is required.

Why do you need a connection?

When an Android phone is connected to a TV, the gadget in such a bundle acts as a projector that transmits images to a large screen. This allows:

  • view images stored in the smartphone’s memory;
  • run various applications;
  • play phone games;
  • watch video;
  • go to sites and flip through pages on the Internet;
  • make presentations;
  • the smartphone can be a remote control to control the TV.

There are several ways to connect your phone to your TV. This allows users to choose the most appropriate option.

Via YouTube

This is a popular program that allows you not only to watch interesting videos, films and cartoons, but also offers various services for connecting devices.

To connect the receiver and transmitter, proceed as follows:

DLNA Server

In this method, we will use a third-party application with Google Play DLNA Server. To connect a smartphone to a Smart TV receiver, you need both devices to be in the same home Wi-Fi network.

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If the conditions are met, the required application is installed, we do the following:

  • open the software, make a new DLNA server and assign it any name;
  • enter SSID. the name of your Wi-Fi network;
  • go to the Root section, select and mark the folder that you need to view;
  • return to the main menu, select the created server and turn it on with the “Start” button;
  • in the settings section on TV we are looking for the item “Video”, there we find our server, select it and see the folder that we marked earlier. In it, select any file and open.

Another application can be used. BubbleUPnP. See instructions here:

Slimport to HDMI adapters

As for the Slimport adapters, such an adapter looks like an MHL adapter. It connects to your phone’s micro-USB port. And allows you to output the image through the HDMI-out of the TV. There are various variations of Slimport adapters. For example, the LG G Flex 2 adapter makes it possible to connect to a TV even if the latter does not have an HDMI port. There are also adapters that do not need an autonomous power supply.

You can find MHL and Slimport adapters in the price range from 1000 to 1500 rubles. The problem with both of these standards is their support, which varies greatly from vendor to vendor. Be sure to research what wired options are available for your specific device before purchasing a similar adapter.

Connecting phone to TV using micro (mini) HDMI

Not so long ago, many Android phones included an HDMI port in their functionality. This is not a full-size connector that can be found on TVs and laptops, but a mini or micro HDMI port.

All that remains is to launch your favorite application (photo, video) and enjoy its display on the big screen.

If the image is not displayed, or is displayed incorrectly, then in early TV models it is worth setting the appropriate image settings.

What is HD Multimedia Interface on TV?

The abbreviation “HDMI” is an abbreviation for “High Definition Multimedia Interface”, which translates as “high definition multimedia interface”. It is a compact audio and video interface system that allows data transmission in digital format. Using an HDMI cable, you can send image, sound, video and other types of files from various sources (Blu-ray, audio box, DVD, game console, phone, and others) to your TV.

The format is currently being implemented as a high-bandwidth cable for high-speed data transmission.

HDMI simplifies cabling by combining red, blue, green, yellow, and white cables into one single piece. The high capacity of such a cable allows you to send command codes along with the image and sound.

What to do if you need to connect your phone via USB-C to HDMI

If your gadget has a USB-C connector. then you can use a special cable or USB-C to HDMI adapter to connect the TV to it.

One end connects to the USB-C connector of the smartphone, and the other to the HMDI connector on the TV. This will allow you to easily pair your devices. Very comfortably.

Features of USB connection via full-size HDMI connector

In a much larger number of cases, your phone is only equipped with a micro-USB port, which we use as an output. Therefore, you will need to purchase a special microUSB to HDMI converter. converts the signal from your phone to the signal type supported by your TV.

Converters are available in two versions:

Adapter types: Explanation:
Mobile High-Definition Link (abbreviated. MHL) Earlier standard, usually found on older TVs.
Slimport A modern analogue, available in almost all modern TVs.

MHL converter for transferring data from smartphone to TV

MHL adapters and cables are available in two main types. active and passive.

Passive cables do not convert the signal by themselves, as they are designed for use with MHL TVs. If you are wondering if your TV supports this format, then look for “MHL” next to the HDMI port.

You can also search for your model in the list of MHL supported TVs on

If your TV does not support MHL, you will need an active cable or adapter (adapter).

Such a device performs the corresponding signal conversion from the phone. And it can be used with any modern TV. An MHL adapter usually needs its own power supply. It connects to your smartphone’s microUSB port, to your TV’s HDMI port, and to the USB port from which it draws power. Connecting a mobile device to TV via HDMI will be carried out.

How to connect a TV to a phone via HDMI

Everyone loves big screens. It is convenient to watch new films, play games, view photos or videos we have taken on them. Having filmed another video on our smartphone, we may want to watch it on our TV by connecting to it. Is it possible? Of course yes! Below we will analyze in what ways you can connect the TV to your mobile phone via the HDMI connector. And also what tools will help us with this.

Above, we have listed several ways to connect your TV to your mobile phone using an HDMI cable. Since most modern phones do not have micro (mini) connectors, a good connection option would be to purchase a special adapter cable (usually USB-C or MHL). The latter will allow pairing without any problems.

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Via HDMI interface

A number of smartphones and tablets have Micro HDMI ports (see photo below). If your device is also equipped with such a port, then the connection is quite simple using a regular HDMI cable.!

How to connect your phone to your TV using HDMI

Why is there no sound through HDMI on TV, external monitor, set-top box. problem solution

Using a Wi-Fi network

In general, using Wi-Fi, you can connect your phone to TV in different ways:

  • via a local connection: i.e. both devices connect to a Wi-Fi network from a router (for example) and “find themselves” in the same local network. Next, DLNA / UPnP are used (in my opinion, this is not so convenient and easy, besides, not everyone has a router, etc., etc.);
  • Wi-Fi Direct (Wi-Fi Miracast): Directly connect two devices via Wi-Fi. It is very fast and easy, and no extras are required. the cost of adapters and cables (that’s why I’ll consider this option ).

First you need to open the phone settings, go to the Wi-Fi section and activate the “Wi-Fi Direct” function (usually, it is in the additional menu, to open which you need to click on the “three dots”, see example below ;).

Next, on the TV, you need to go to the “Network” tab, and also turn on Wi-Fi Direct: usually the devices will immediately find each other. You will only have to confirm the pairing of devices and wait for the operation to complete.

After that, everything that will be on your phone screen will automatically begin to be broadcast on the TV screen. Conveniently?!

Of course, if you want to fully use the paired devices, it is highly advisable to add extra to the phone connect a joystick or keyboard (links below for help).

2) How to connect a wireless keyboard to a computer and phone (including Bluetooth version).

How to connect your phone to your TV: 3 easy ways

Good day!

No matter how fancy your phone is. it has one significant drawback: its screen is small enough (especially for a number of tasks). And in some cases, it becomes necessary to connect it to TV, for example, for:

  • viewing photos or videos on the big screen;
  • the ability to work with web pages on the Internet (with their full versions, not “compressed” for mobile devices);
  • play various new games in the game industry (you can also add a joystick to this);
  • viewing the phone’s memory, copying some files from it, etc.

In this post I will offer some of the simplest ways to pair TV and phone, to implement the above ☝ (of course, we will talk about modern devices.).

How to broadcast the phone screen (Android) to a laptop or computer via Wi-Fi.

Ways to connect your phone to TV

Without adapter

In this case, the phone will be used as a flash drive (i.e. on TV it will be possible to view the phone’s memory and open the necessary photos, videos, files.).

The whole connection process is quite simple. First you need to connect the TV and the phone with a regular USB cable (this one comes with any phone, it is used for charging).

Further, in the phone settings, you need to give permission to view files in its memory (usually, this menu, as in the screenshot below, pops up automatically when the device is connected via USB).

After that, in the TV settings, open the “input” tab and select USB. See example below.

connect, phone

If the connection was successful, you will be able to work with the phone’s memory. However, I can not help but note that some devices do not want to be paired in any way and under no pretext. ☝

Select the desired file from the drive / TV Menu

With Micro USB to HDMI adapter

True, it should be noted that for most of these adapters, the phone (tablet) must support MHL technology.

MHL. Mobile High Definition Link (mobile audio-video interface). This technology combines two interfaces at once: HDMI and Micro USB. It is used to connect mobile gadgets to TVs and monitors of high resolution Full HD (and higher). Of course, not all devices support it.

You can find out if there is support for your MHL phone using the special. applications. MHL Checker (link to Google Play). After launching it, it will automatically test the device and show you the result on the screen (on my screen below, the phone does not support MHL connection).

If you have something to add, just drop a few words in the comments.

connect, phone

How to connect a smartphone to a TV via HDMI

The above method does not allow displaying an image from a smartphone to a TV display, and therefore, for many, the option with USB is completely inappropriate. Fortunately, there are other ways to connect the gadget to the TV, which include the ability to duplicate the picture. If you want to know how to connect your phone to a TV in order to duplicate an image in high quality, then the best solution for you would be to use the HDMI interface.

If you have a modern TV, then it will probably have an HDMI connector. As for the presence of an HDMI interface in the phone, then this can be difficult. Unfortunately, not all smartphones have an HDMI interface. However, the lack of a corresponding connector in your gadget does not mean that you will not be able to connect your phone to a TV via HDMI. To solve this problem, you need to purchase a suitable adapter or adapter.

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HDMI guarantees high quality and data transfer rate in digital format, and therefore, if you need to duplicate the image from your smartphone to your TV, we recommend using this method. Unlike the wireless connection, which we will discuss below, the HDMI interface guarantees a high-quality picture without delay. The disadvantage of this method is the need to buy additional equipment, since most smartphones do not have HDMI.

To connect your smartphone to a TV via HDMI, follow these steps:

  • Connect your smartphone and TV with an HDMI cable (if your phone does not have an HDMI connector, use a special micro-USB to HDMI converter);
  • Wait until the end of the automatic setup of image duplication (if automatic setup did not happen, you can do it manually: in the menu of the phone and TV, select the signal source “HDMI”);
  • Turn on the HDMI mode on the TV (if the TV has several HDMI connectors, look at the number of the one through which the connection is made and select it on the TV).

Depending on the model of your gadget and TV, enabling HDMI mode may differ slightly, but the meaning remains the same. In fact, everything here is extremely simple and understandable, so no questions should arise. The main thing is to connect the phone and TV with a suitable wire.

How to connect a phone to a TV

The need to connect your phone to a TV can arise for a variety of reasons. It really doesn’t matter what exactly prompted you to think about how to connect your phone to your TV. The main thing is that this feature is supported by your phone and TV. Today, there are several ways to display a picture from a smartphone on a TV, and in this review we will consider the most effective.

You can connect your phone to the TV:

There are other ways to connect a gadget to a TV, but it doesn’t make sense to list them all. We will tell you how to connect a smartphone to a TV using the most common methods, and you will choose the option that suits you best.

How to connect your phone to a TV via USB

Let’s start with the most common way to connect a phone to a TV. USB connectivity is popular due to its affordability. A USB interface is found on every smartphone and on most modern TVs. The disadvantage of this method is that it does not allow you to display the picture from the phone to the TV. That is, you can use the gadget as a USB storage device, watch files stored on the device’s memory from TV. If you need to duplicate the picture, then go straight to the next method.

Connecting your phone to a TV via USB is straightforward and you hardly need a step-by-step guide. All you need is a USB cable. Plug one end into the appropriate jack on your phone and the other into one of the USB ports on your TV. If your smartphone prompts you to select a connection mode, select as USB storage. Now select the USB mode on the TV and you will access the gadget files.

Connecting your phone to a TV via Wi-Fi

If your TV has a built-in Wi-Fi module, then you can duplicate the image from your phone to TV via a wireless connection. You can connect your phone to a TV via Wi-Fi through a router (router), or using Wi-Fi Direct technology. The second option is more common.

If you have an LG or Samsung TV, and you have a smartphone from the same manufacturer, then you can connect your phone to the TV using special software from the manufacturer. LG TVs offer connectivity via Smart Share, while Samsung has AllShare. How exactly these functions work can be found in the documentation that came with your TV.

Particular attention should be paid to Wi-Fi Direct technology, which is universal and does not require the use of a router. If your smartphone and TV support Wi-Fi Direct technology, then you can duplicate the image from the gadget on the TV in a few steps.

To connect your phone to a TV via Wi-Fi Direct, follow these steps:

  • Launch Wi-Fi Direct on your smartphone. To do this, in the device settings, open the “Wireless networks and connections” tab, find there an item called Wi-Fi Direct and activate it. If there is no tab with this name, then your device does not support Wi-Fi Direct technology and this method will not work for you.
  • Go to the TV menu and select the “Network” tab. Activate the “Wi-Fi Direct” connection method.
  • After turning on the Wi-Fi Direct technology on both devices, the TV will be able to select a smartphone to connect. Select your phone and confirm the connection setting by pressing the “yes” button. After that, the image from the phone will appear on the TV.

We have listed the most common ways to connect your phone to your TV. Which one to choose is up to you. If you still have any questions, ask them in the comments.