How to connect a wireless keyboard to a TV

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The keyboard from Samsung is suitable not only for the receiver of this brand, but also for other “smart” TVs. The main advantage of the model is the built-in touchpad. This allows you to use the device without a mouse.

  • the device combines a keyboard, mouse, remote control in one device;
  • Supports universal electronic Bluetooth device;
  • availability of “hot” buttons for quick access to control of receiver settings;
  • stylish design.

The LG keyboard has the following characteristics:

  • the ability to adjust the sound;
  • comfortable use of the cursor;
  • the ability to switch channels without using the remote control;
  • convenience of working on the Internet.

Wireless keyboard to control Smart TVs

Modern TVs are multifunctional devices to which additional devices can be connected. One such device is a wireless keyboard. It allows you to surf the Internet and chat with friends. Below we will discuss how to connect a wireless keyboard to a TV.

connect, wireless, keyboard

  • Why do you need a wireless keyboard
  • Device compatibility
  • Smart TV device
  • Connecting the device to the receiver
  • With adapter
  • Via bluetooth
  • Popular brands
  • Samsung
  • Lg
  • Logitech
  • Jet
  • Vontar
  • Viboton I 8
  • Rii mini I 25
  • Why errors occur when connecting the keyboard and how to fix them
  • Firmware update via internet
  • Updating the firmware using a USB flash drive

Smart TV device

Features of the keyboard for “smart” TV:

  • the device makes it easier to enter text and send messages;
  • allows you to comfortably use social networks;
  • has a modern, attractive design.

Viboton I 8

This model is angular. Due to this, the keys are arranged a little differently here. This should be considered when buying a model.

Popular brands

It is best to use a keyboard of the same brand as your TV. The most popular models will be discussed below.

Device compatibility

Before you start connecting the device to the receiver, you need to find out the compatibility of the devices in order to avoid connection problems. In this case, everything depends on the manufacturer. Some brands do not support third-party models. For this reason, it is recommended that you purchase a keyboard from the same manufacturer as your TV.

You can also use devices from trusted brands, as they are compatible with devices from any brand.

However, some TVs are compatible with all keyboards. These include a Sony receiver. Information on device compatibility can be found on the official website of the brand.

With adapter

An adapter is required to connect the keyboard to the TV. This element is installed in the corresponding socket on the TV. After that, the system will automatically connect.

If everything went well, a message about the discovery of a new device will appear on the monitor. After that, the keyboard can be used for its intended purpose.

If the device settings need to be changed, then perform the following manipulations:

  • enter the TV menu;
  • redirected to the “System” section;
  • go to the sub-item “Device Manager”.

After that, you can start configuring the keyboard for ease of use. So, if you go to the section on device parameters, you can set the desired key combination to change the key language.

Via bluetooth

If the keyboard supports Bluetooth, then it can be used to connect to a TV.

To use this universal electronic device, proceed as follows:

  • enter the TV menu;
  • redirected to the “System” section;
  • go to the sub-item “Device Manager”;
  • in the parameters, click on the inscription “Add Bluetooth keyboard”.

After performing these manipulations, the system will start searching for the device in automatic mode. When the device is found, the screen will ask you to establish a connection with the keyboard. After this discovery, the element can be used for its intended purpose.

How to connect a mouse to a TV

A mouse for Smart TV is connected in the same way as a keyboard. If you are using a wireless mouse, then plug the adapter into the USB connector. The connection of wired devices is carried out in the same way.

If the user did everything correctly, a notification will appear on the TV screen that the new device is connected correctly and ready to use. You can scroll through web pages or TV menus with the wheel. Launching applications and playing files is carried out by clicking the left mouse button for the TV.

How to connect an Air mouse? First, let’s figure out what it is. Air mice allow you to change the position of the cursor by moving your hand. However, you only need to move the hand, not the entire arm. Response to user commands is carried out by reading information from the built-in gyroscopic sensor. Air Mouse is ideal for TV control.

There are two modes of air mouse operation speed. There is a keyboard on the back of such a device. The power source is two AAA batteries. In order to save power, the air mouse turns off automatically after 15 seconds of inactivity. Connection is carried out according to the same principle as connecting a conventional computer mouse.

The process of connecting the keyboard to the TV

How do I set up a wireless keyboard? There are no fundamental differences from connecting wired devices. For peripheral devices to function correctly, you do not need to install additional drivers or any other software. To connect the keyboard to your LG Smart TV, you need to follow a simple step-by-step instruction, which we will now consider.

Algorithm for turning on the Bluetooth keyboard on the TV:

  • Insert the keyboard adapter into the USB connector. The interface is on the side or back of the TV.
  • Activate your peripheral and then turn on Bluetooth to start syncing.
  • A notification will appear on the TV screen that a new device has been detected. Wait until the connection is complete.

What if the keyboard doesn’t appear? Some TV models require a few additional steps to complete the sync process. Open Device Manager and then select the keyboard. After that, a dialog box with the name of your device will appear on the screen.

Take the remote control and click on the “OK” button in the “Manager” window. As a result, the inscription “Needs pairing” will disappear, and a new status will appear instead. “Connected”. If you have a Russian-language interface, the message “Connection established” will appear.

The procedure for connecting a keyboard is carried out in just a few steps. Therefore, there should be no problems with synchronization. If the proposed instruction did not help, then there are problems with the compatibility of the peripheral device with the TV.

Instructions for connecting a keyboard and mouse to the TV

The remote control is not multifunctional. Owners of modern TVs solve this problem by connecting peripheral devices. However, few people know how to connect a keyboard to a TV so that the device identifies the connected device.

To begin with, the synchronization of wireless computer mice, keyboards and TVs is relevant if your device supports Smart TV. To control an ordinary TV, the remote control included in the basic package is quite enough. What is it for, and how to set up the connection? These are the questions we will answer now.

What is it for

To answer this question, you need to remember the main advantages of TVs with support for the Smart TV platform:

  • watching movies and TV series online;
  • Internet surfing;
  • playback of content from streaming services;
  • listening to music;
  • viewing clips.

It is not very convenient to enter queries into the Google or Yandex search engine using the remote control. Not to mention the fact that it takes up a lot of nerves and forces. It is much easier to connect the keyboard to a Smart TV, which will allow you to quickly type text.

If you do not plan to browse sites too often, and you will play movies and music through special applications, then you should connect the mouse to the TV. The presence of this device will make working with all applications more convenient and comfortable. The remote control is more for channel switching and volume control. It’s better to connect a mouse and keyboard to Smart TV.

To fully use all the functionality of Smart TV technology, you need to connect to the Internet. This is very easy to do. It is enough to go to the settings, and then select one of the proposed connection methods. an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.

Possible connection problems

Compatibility issues are the main reason why the TV cannot see the connected device. To avoid such problems, select the appropriate peripheral manufacturer. For example, if you use a TV from LG, then it is more advisable to buy additional gadgets from this manufacturer. However, practice shows that compatibility problems are extremely rare.

What should I do if the keyboard is connected to the Samsung Smart TV correctly, and I am using a device of the correct brand, but the synchronization still fails? Such problems are solved by updating the firmware. Download the latest updates from the manufacturer’s official website. The operating system is updated via a USB flash drive or over the Internet.

How to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to a computer in 1 minute

There are two common types of wireless keyboard: Bluetooth connected or USB Wi-Fi transmitter. As part of the publication, you will learn how to connect a wireless keyboard of the first and second type.


The connection is done in a similar way:

  • Power on the peripherals and provide the included module on it.
  • In the smartphone, swipe down to lower the notification curtain and hold down the “Bluetooth” icon.
  • Click “Search” and in the list of found devices, select the desired.
  • Done. In the settings, you can activate input from the desired device.
  • It is located in the section “System”. “Language and input”. “Physical keyboard”.

Connecting Wi-Fi keys

Wireless peripherals connected via Wi-Fi or similar communication channels are equipped with a special USB transmitter that can be connected to a computer, TV and any supported Android gadget.

It is not universal and works in conjunction with the keyboard with which it is sold in the kit.

To connect a wireless keyboard, proceed as follows:

  • Such a transmitter is inserted into the USB port of the computer.
  • The input device is equipped with AA or AAA batteries (usually two).
  • Activated by activation button.
  • The computer recognizes the device and immediately provides the opportunity to enter commands from it.
  • Sometimes peripherals need drivers that systems such as Windows can easily install on their own if connected to the Internet.
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Modern TVs are equipped with USB ports, so connect wireless peripherals to it like a computer.

The same goes for smartphones equipped with a MicroUSB port. Using a special adapter MicroUSB. USB-port, you can connect a wireless keyboard to a smartphone.

It doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing, but it works. So that you can write text from the input device, if suddenly the smartphone does not immediately start up for control:

  • Open the settings.
  • Move to the section “System”. “Language and input”.
  • Select “Physical keyboard” and activate it.

Here you can also see the keys for navigating the Android menu (especially important if the screen is broken, and the data needs to be saved). In order not to occupy the USB port, it is recommended to use a device with a Bluetooth module on board.

Windows 10

How to enable and connect the wireless keyboard:

  • Activate the Bluetooth function on your computer in the notification area.
  • Install the batteries and turn on the “keyboard” by activating the module with special buttons (on top or on the side of the case).
  • In Windows 10, click WinI and go to the “Devices” section.
  • In the attachment “Bluetooth and other devices” select “Add”.
  • Wait for the computer to detect the Bluetooth peripheral.
  • Make pairing by selecting from the list of found devices what you want to pair.
  • Done.

If necessary, Windows connected to the Internet will find and install drivers for the correct operation of the wireless input device. If there is no connection, a CD with drivers is supplied in the kit for dummies.

Bluetooth key connection

You can watch a video on the topic of the section:

To connect the keyboard to a computer via Bluetooth, you need it to be equipped with a special module. The same applies to other devices with which you need to connect the keyboard.

Next, you should put the devices into pairing mode and establish a connection between them. Subsequent connections will be made automatically as soon as Bluetooth is activated.

Connecting wireless peripherals is easy. Install the batteries, turn on with the toggle switch and connect to the master device using a USB transmitter or via Bluetooth pairing. It is recommended to connect at a short distance up to 6-10 meters, otherwise the signal may be weak.

If the error “Reconnect the device” occurs

This error usually occurs in the following cases:

  • you entered the wrong PIN code displayed in the Windows window (for example, you did it from a digital block);
  • entered the PIN code for too long (try to keep within 10 seconds after the information window appears);
  • the keyboard is too far from the computer;
  • the batteries are dead and the device cannot work correctly;
  • there are problems with bluetooth drivers.

If there was an error. reconnect your device

To fix the error, I would recommend trying: turn off the keyboard and restart the computer. Next, in the list of connected Bluetooth devices, delete everything unknown (and keyboards, if any). Then start over the pairing procedure.

How to connect a wireless keyboard to a computer and phone (including Bluetooth version)

Good day!

The wireless keyboard, I must tell you, is an extremely convenient thing.!

Firstly, you are not constrained in the location, you can always move it to the side or remove it from the table if you need space.

Secondly, with it you can “sit out” away from the PC and use it as a remote control (for example, it is very convenient in various games).

Thirdly, this thing is universal, and it can be connected to a classic PC, and to a laptop, and to a mobile device for Android. Agree, not very bad ?! ☝

In this post I will give some examples of connecting a wireless (RF and Bluetooth versions) keyboard to a Windows computer and an Android phone. This will be a kind of instruction.

RF model with adapter (for Windows PC)

The most common version of the keyboard. Ideal for classic computers. This version of the keyboard comes with a small adapter (looks like a mini-flash drive) that connects to a USB port. Note that setting up the RF keyboard. the most simple in comparison with all other types.

Typical RF keyboard with adapter

1) And so, the first step: connect the adapter to the USB port of the computer (laptop) and install the battery in the keyboard.

2) We carefully examine the keyboard case. most models have specials. switch: it must be switched to “ON” mode (that is, “on”). See the example below on the screenshot.

We turn the switch to ON

4) Open some editor (Word, for example) and try to press a few keys. In the vast majority of cases, Windows automatically recognizes the keyboard and you can already work with it.

5) If you have an unusual keyboard (for example, with special keys for gamers), you may need to update the driver. It is best to use the version of the driver that came with the keyboard for this. However, you can update with the help of specials. utilities.

Bluetooth version (to Windows computer)

These keyboards come without specials. adapter. As a rule, they cost a little more than radio frequency ones, but they can be connected to devices that do not even have a USB port (which is very convenient in some cases).

Perhaps the only problem with them is the more complicated pairing of devices with each other (in some cases you have to tinker with this Bluetooth connection).

By the way, if you pair your keyboard with a classic PC. you may need a Bluetooth adapter (not all PCs have a built-in version). details here =

1) First you need to click on the Bluetooth icon in the tray (next to the clock) and select the “Add device” option.

To help! The Bluetooth icon is gone: how to add it to the tray next to the clock [instructions].

By the way, if you have Windows 10, you can go to the options in the “Devices” section and start pairing from there (see two screenshots below).

2) Next, install the batteries in the keyboard and turn it on (by switching the switch mode to “ON”). Then click on the “Connect” button (this is necessary so that the keyboard can be found by the computer).

Turn on and press the connection button on the keyboard

3) In the pop-up Windows window, select the type of connected device. “mice, keyboards, pens, etc.”.

Selecting the type of device. keyboard or mouse

4) If everything is in order with the keyboard, the list of found devices should display “Bluetooth Keyboard” (or just the model of the device). To pair with it. just click on it with LMB.

5) Next, you need to enter the PIN code on the keyboard and press Enter. The numbers you need to enter are those that are located above the letters (not from the digital block on the right).

Enter the following numbers on the keyboard and press Enter

6) If everything went well, Windows will inform you that the device is ready for use (example in the screenshots below).

Your device is ready to use!

Connecting the keyboard: step by step

Bluetooth version (for Android phone)

1) The first action is standard: install the batteries in the keyboard, turn it on and press the “Connect” button (start pairing).

Turn on and press the connection button on the keyboard

2) Next, open the Android settings, go to the “Device / Bluetooth connection” section.

Open the Bluetooth settings on the phone

3) Turn on Bluetooth and wait for the phone to find the keyboard. Please note that if you have a special keyboard on your keyboard. operating modes (for example, for Windows, Android, etc.). at this moment it is worth clicking on the special. combination (in my example it is FnW, see screenshots below).

4) Next, a special code will appear on the screen, which you need to enter on the keyboard and press Enter (by the way, the numbers you need to use are those above the letters, since the number block on the keyboard often does not work when pairing).

5) If the pairing was successful, Android will inform you that the keyboard is connected and will offer to choose a layout. In my example, by the way, I used Google Docs. the keyboard works, you can quickly type texts even on your phone!

How to connect a wireless keyboard to a computer

Currently, the market provides a huge number of various devices for a computer. headphones, keyboards or mice. Wireless models are especially widespread, and this is not surprising, because the absence of unnecessary cables allows not only to avoid problems associated with their mechanical damage, but also to be more mobile when using the device. But how do such keyboards get connected? What difficulties can arise during connection establishment and what is required for this? You will learn about all this in this article.

How to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to a computer without a receiver

But what if the computer does not have a special Bluetooth receiver? How to establish a connection in this case. Do not rush to get upset and think that you made a vain purchase. The device can be connected in another way, which was already mentioned above. To do this, you need a special adapter that comes with the keyboard.

Its principle of operation is identical to the Bluetooth system. In other words, we can say that it performs its function on the computer in the absence of such a utility.

The connection process will take very little time, and the number of actions that need to be performed is minimal.

  • The first step is to install all the necessary drivers in the same way using the disk or the manufacturer’s official website.
  • After that, insert the batteries into the new keyboard. the power supply is a direct factor in its performance.
  • Then insert the adapter into the required port. in most cases this is a universal USB input, the name of which speaks for itself. the first word in the abbreviation translates as “universal”.
  • In some models, the adapter has an LED that simplifies the connection. if the connection is successful, the diode will start blinking in one color or another. Usually it is blue or red, rarely green or yellow.
  • Then turn on the keyboard. To do this, move the button closer to the inscription “On”.

Now check if the device started working. If everything is in order, then you can start using it.

How to connect a wireless keyboard to a PC

There is nothing complicated in the connection process. this does not require special skills or deep knowledge in the field of technology, so even a beginner can cope with the task. It is important to understand the principle of connection, as well as to read in advance about the possible difficulties that occasionally arise for inexperienced users. Knowing how to fix this or that problem, you can easily connect a brand new wireless keyboard to your PC.

IMPORTANT. Pay attention also to what exactly is included with the purchased device. There must be a disc with drivers, as well as a special adapter with which the keyboard will be connected if you do not have Bluetooth function or for some reason it will not work correctly.

The wireless keyboard can also be accompanied by a mouse. Also pay attention to the keyboard model. It will not be superfluous to read on the Internet about the principle of operation of such devices and about how we can currently do without wires. this way you can quickly determine the problem if something suddenly goes wrong.

Before installation, you must insert the existing disc and first of all install the necessary drivers. Without them, the keyboard is unlikely to work. If the disc is not included in the kit or you have lost it, you should not worry. all the necessary files can be easily found on the official website of the manufacturer. Please note that drivers for different computer models, as well as operating system versions, may differ significantly, so you should choose exactly what suits you.

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After installation, you can start connecting the keyboard. To do this, you will need to open the Bluetooth application, which is available on almost every computer or laptop model of the last decade.

IMPORTANT. In the same way, you can connect the device to another device, for example, a TV. This will greatly simplify and speed up the process of using Smat TV or other useful functions.

  • After activating Bluetooth on the computer, turn on the keyboard.
  • Then find a special button on it, next to the button there will be a similar icon adopted for denoting Bluetooth. Click on the button. After that, the search for available devices on the computer will begin. In some cases, it must be started manually by clicking on the “Start Search” button.
  • In the list that opens, find your keyboard. In most cases, the device is named in Honor of the manufacturer and model.
  • Click on the “Pairing” button. After that, the connection will be established, and you can safely start using the keyboard.

Possible connection difficulties

During the connection process, certain difficulties may arise. For example, the computer will not see the keyboard.

One of the reasons this can happen is because of the wrong drivers. They may be out of date or mis-selected. Also, check your Windows settings. In the Control Panel, you can find many different parameters that will make the use of the device the most comfortable.

In case something doesn’t work, try entering BIOS as well. To do this, you need to press one or another button several times. it has its own for each computer model, but it is easy to find it on the Internet or instructions for the device. But keep in mind that older motherboards cannot function with modern wireless keyboards. In this case, you will have to return to the traditional method of connecting through a special port.

Now you know how to properly connect a wireless keyboard to a computer or even a laptop if the built-in one does not suit you. It will take a few minutes to establish a connection, and a positive result is guaranteed after the first use. You will be insured against any problems related to wire breakage, erasure and other similar things, and you will also be able to install the keyboard where it will be most convenient, without worrying that the cable may not be enough.

How to connect a wireless keyboard to Smart TV

When connecting a wireless device to Smart TV, you do not need to specially install programs or drivers. It is enough to perform a number of actions:

  • Include a transceiver in the USB connector, which is included in the kit when purchasing a wireless keyboard.
  • On the keypad, press the ON button, and then Connect.
  • A message about the connection of this device will pop up on the TV screen and a cursor will appear, which will indicate the start of work.

If this connection does not occur, then you should: select the “Keyboard” item in the “Device Manager” and in the window that opens when the keyboard name pops up, you will need to agree to the request. As a result, the message “Connection established” will appear.

How to connect a wireless keyboard to TV

Let’s consider several options for connecting a wireless keypad to a TV:

  • In order to connect it, you need to do the following: go to the Settings Menu, select System and go to the Device Manager, and then select the Keyboard item. But this connection will be possible only if the TV supports this function.

Important! Before connecting a wireless keyboard, you first need to study the instructions and find out which device will correspond to this TV model.

  • If the TV has such a function as Bluetooth, the connection is made by enabling it through the Menu and Device Manager. After running this command, the TV will start searching for the keypad, if it is found, it will ask you to connect, which you should agree to.

How to connect a wireless keyboard to a TV

Modern technology is designed in such a way that you can attach a mouse, keyboard, etc. to it. With their help, you can use applications in different directions through the TV.

What problems can arise and how to fix them

Problems may occur when connecting a wireless device to the TV. To eliminate them, you should:

  • Read the TV manual to find out which device models are suitable for this device. If nothing about this is indicated in it, then use the Internet to search for this information.

Important! In most cases, they should have a common manufacturer.

You can reflash your TV using the Internet: in the Menu, select “Support”, and then “Software Update”. Click on “Update now”, TV will find the new firmware and the prompt “Install” will immediately appear on the screen, to which you must answer with consent. After automatic installation, the TV will turn off and on by itself, only after that you can start watching. After this step, try to reconnect the keyboard.

Firmware TV using a flash card: using the World Wide Web on the manufacturer’s website, download the latest firmware for your TV model. Format the USB flash drive in FAT32 format, copy the firmware to it and open this file. The app will automatically launch and install. Insert the flash card into the USB-connector of the TV, go to the Menu and select “Software update”, and then “Update now”. TV will find the firmware on the flash card and install it.

How to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to your Samsung Smart TV?

The procedure is quite simple, and does not require special knowledge in the field of technology. First, inspect your TV case to make sure there is a USB input. If you plan to connect both add-ons at the same time, then you will need two such connectors.

How to connect a keyboard and mouse to Samsung Smart TV: methods, instructions

How to connect wireless keyboard and mouse to Samsung Smart TV? Owners often use a remote control to administer settings and menu options on a TV. However, it does not always meet expectations for multifunctionality. Even the universal remote control is not as comfortable as the portable mouse and keys that we are used to using for PCs and laptops. Modern Smart TVs allow you to use these gadgets to improve your work, but not everyone knows how to do it. We will tell you more in our instructions.

How to get the keyboard back on a Samsung TV if it’s missing

If your equipment has ceased to “see” the connected devices, then first try to restart it. If this measure did not help, then you should check the ports for operability. To do this, connect other devices through them. If they are not visible either, then it is worth contacting the repairman.

Connect the mouse

Here the connection method depends on what kind of hardware you are using. If it is wired, then simply plug it into the appropriate port. If this is a Bluetooth device, then turn on the power on it, insert the radio sensor into the port and use.

Determine connectivity

First you need to make sure the hardware is compatible with each other. We emphasize that not every technique will interact perfectly, so be sure to test the connection before buying. Among the mice and keyboards that will definitely match Samsung:

  • Logitech;
  • A4tech;
  • Genius;
  • CBR;
  • Apple;
  • Samsung;
  • Gembird and some other Chinese products.

We connect the keyboard

Insert the plug from the mouse or keys into the USB connector of the TV. If the connection is successful, the TV will emit a characteristic sound of detecting a new device. A system notification will appear on the screen in the corner stating that not all applications support the new connected device.

If you want to make a setting, then go to “Menu”. “System”. “Device Manager”. This section has all the tools to help you set up input devices to work with TV.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • changing button commands;
  • manual debugging;
  • pointer size;
  • pointer speed.

But there is also an alternative connection method. via Bluetooth. It will be needed for those users who have wireless technology. In this case, turn on this module on Smart TB, and insert the radio sensor into the USB slot.

Wait for a sound confirmation and start using.

Possible problems and solutions

One of the most common problems is the incompatibility of equipment with each other. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, be sure to check the pairing option before buying.

Connect the mouse

The mouse connection process is the same. Just plug the adapter into the USB port. At the end, an inscription will appear that the device is connected correctly and can be freely operated. Next, scroll through the pages by simply scrolling the wheel. And select the desired program by clicking the left mouse button.

An interesting new device called Air Mouse. Outwardly it looks like a remote control. But inside the device is a built-in three-axis gyroscope that reads movements in the air. The controls are as simple as a mouse. There are buttons that execute specific commands. Connects to Smart TV just like a regular mouse.

How to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to your Samsung Smart TV?

It won’t take long to connect. It is noteworthy that even if the selected keyboard or mouse does not fit the TV model, the user will also be notified about this. The information will be displayed on the screen. The connection algorithm is described in detail below.

Choosing a keyboard

Additional accessories will improve the quality of using Smart TV. The remote control is not the most convenient way to operate a smart TV. For this, a special keypad is produced. The keyboard allows you to quickly enter text, chat on social networks, use familiar applications. As a result, it simplifies the use of the Internet on TV. Agree that the name of the movie or the name of your favorite actor is easier to enter by clicking on the buttons. If you know the hotkeys, you can do without a mouse altogether. There are also models with a touchpad.

It is noteworthy that the luxury models are equipped with wireless mice in the form of a small remote control. At the time of choosing wireless devices, this device perfectly fulfills the tasks of searching and entering information. Their lineup is extensive. There is a keyboard with cursor control, which allows you not to buy a mouse, but this model costs more. But there will be a voice command option. A large assortment will also allow you to choose a model that will emphasize the design of the room, will look great in a set with TV.

Determine connectivity

Please note that both wired and wireless keyboard and mouse are connected to the Samsung Smart TV. Wireless work on the basis of Bluetooth or USB. Bluetooth connection is available if this function is provided by the developers. And wireless devices with USB do not need Bluetooth. Keep in mind that according to the assurances of Samsung experts, not all wireless models work on their Smart TVs. But they assure that you can easily connect Logitech, A4tech, Genius, CBR, Apple and, of course, models produced by the company itself. But only on condition that the TV is modern. released after 2012.

The developers have made this task easier as well. They suggest to clarify the information in the settings in the “Devices” section.

We connect the keyboard

There is no need to install drivers or other special programs. Follow the simple instructions.

  • Insert the adapter into the USB port.
  • Turn on Bluetooth.

The TV will indicate that a new device is launched. Wait for the process to complete. If the keyboard does not appear, you need to perform special steps that differ depending on the model. Go to “Device Manager”, click on the name of the purchased device. Press “OK” on the remote control in the “Manager” window. The success of the task is confirmed by the appearance of “Connected”.

How to connect keyboard and mouse to Samsung Smart TV: instruction

“How do I connect a wireless keyboard and mouse to my Samsung Smart TV?”. a serious question for owners of a complete set of comfortable TV viewing. We talk about connection methods in detail in this article.

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How to get the keyboard back on a Samsung TV if it’s missing

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Different models

The first and most important point. this is the definition of the type of keyboard that will be connected. Today there are several models of these devices. The type of component selected will determine how to connect the keyboard to the computer.

You can find the following connection connectors for keyboards:

  • PS / 2;
  • USB;
  • Bluetooth.

So how to act in this or that case? What connection features each user should know about?

Connecting old keyboards

How do I connect a keyboard to my computer? PS / 2 for example? Such keyboards are considered to be old. And therefore, some modern users do not know how to proceed.

To connect a PS / 2 keyboard to your computer, you need:

  • Find the PS / 2 connector on the back of your computer. It presents a round hole with 6 legs and a lock.
  • Insert the keyboard wire into the appropriate connector.
  • Turn on the computer or wait until the device is detected by the operating system.

It’s important to Honor that the PS / 2 mouse and keyboard connectors look the same. Their only difference from each other. different color of sockets. Therefore, it is important to correctly connect the input devices. Most often, there is a miniature of the keyboard near the corresponding socket. You can connect with the system unit turned on or off.


The most popular and widespread type of keyboards. it’s USB. It is with such devices that users work most often. How do I connect a keyboard to my computer? It’s not that hard to do.

To use the USB connection, the user must:

  • Find a USB connector on your computer or laptop. This is a rectangular socket on the panel. Each computer has several of them.
  • Plug the device connection cable into any of the USB connectors.
  • Turn on or restart your computer.

Then you will have to wait for the drivers to be installed. If the automatic installation did not occur, you must install the appropriate software yourself. It is either downloaded from the official website of the keyboard manufacturer, or is attached as a kit to the connected device. Driver installation takes only a few minutes and is similar to initializing a regular PC application.

No wires

So how do you connect a wireless keyboard to your computer? To do this, the user must:

  • Insert the battery into the keyboard and switch the device state to On.
  • Plug a special USB receiver into the USB connector.
  • Install drivers for the connected equipment. You can implement this venture later. CD with software is included with the keyboard.
  • Synchronize your device with your computer. To do this, go to the program installed with the drivers, and then select the appropriate equipment from the list that appears.

It’s all. In fact, the connection is not that difficult. In some cases, simply inserting the rechargeable battery or batteries into the keyboard is enough, then plugging into the USB receiver and restarting the computer. But there is another option for the development of events.

How to connect a keyboard to a computer: step by step instructions

A computer. complex machine. Many additional devices can be connected to it. For example, a mouse or keyboard. These are extremely important components that allow you to comfortably work with the operating system. The following will describe how to connect a keyboard to a computer. In fact, figuring out this is not as difficult as it seems. But users should be aware of some features of the process, since it is not always possible to connect the keyboard to a stationary computer or laptop without problems. So what to look for?

Not always possible

For example, sometimes it turns out that this or that keyboard model cannot be connected to the computer. This usually refers to the PS / 2 connector. Why?

The thing is that the corresponding socket for connection is available only on stationary computers. Netbooks, notebooks and ultrabooks lack these connectors. Therefore, it will not work to connect the appropriate keyboard. Although there are some techniques that can help resolve the situation.

However, the user should take into account that not always and not all keyboard models are connected to computers. Sometimes the reason for the failure of the corresponding component from work is the non-compliance with the system requirements. You will have to pay attention to them before purchasing an I / O device.

Through adapter

How do I connect a keyboard to my computer? You can also connect a PS / 2 to the USB connector, but you have to try to do this. Many users see no point in this. The fact is that for the successful implementation of an idea in life, you need to purchase a special adapter. There will be a PS / 2 socket on one end and a PS / 2 socket on the other. USB. This is the only way to do what you have planned.

How do I connect a keyboard to my computer? If you want to connect a PS / 2 model via USB, you need:

  • Buy a special PS / 2-USB adapter.
  • Slide the adapter onto the PS / 2 connector.
  • Find a USB socket on the computer and plug the keyboard with an adapter into it.
  • Turn on or restart the operating system.

There is nothing difficult or special. After connecting the keyboard, you will have to wait a bit. The device may not start working immediately, but after a few minutes. This is normal. During this period, there is a search and installation of keyboard drivers. As soon as the appropriate software is installed, you can use the input device.

Samsung Smart TV keyboard: what to choose and how to connect

The range of modern Samsung TVs allows you to choose the right option for even the most demanding customers. Additional accessories will help improve the quality and comfort of working with the selected equipment. Samsung Smart TV Keyboard is one of the most practical options for controlling smart TVs.

There are many different brands that specialize in the production of Smart-TV. The well-known company Samsung is no exception. Such models of television devices expand the possibilities for their users. Now access to the Internet, games is opened, it becomes possible to view information from different media.

The remote control is not the most comfortable option for switching, setting and generally using Smart-TV. Therefore, the manufacturers of this technology, especially for TVs with the Smart-TV function, began to produce a wireless keypad.

Do I need a keyboard for Smart TV

To make it easier to control Samsung Smart TVs, the company has released special devices. Mainly a mouse is used to control television equipment.

Keyboard for Smart TV is used if the user needs to enter text, chat on social networks and work with other applications where text input is often required. then you need to purchase a keyboard. over, if you know certain key combinations, you can do without a mouse.

How do I use a wireless keyboard on my TV? on this later. But before considering the features of the setting, let’s study the nuances of choosing a device.

Possible connection problems

It often happens that after connecting to the port, the device is not found by the system. In this case, you need to study the instructions for the TV set in detail. It says which brands of keyboards are suitable for a given TV. Then you have to purchase a panel for input from the required company.

Perhaps the most common cause of connection problems is software glitches. For example, the user updated the firmware, after which the TV stopped detecting the device. It is possible that over time, the developers will prepare an update package, the installation of which will eliminate the difficulties encountered.

Special attention should be paid to the drivers. it is possible that the failure appeared precisely because of this. Hardware damage should also not be ruled out, be sure to check the connectors, perhaps the problem lies in them. Try to connect using a different port.

How to connect a keyboard to a Smart TV

Now we proceed to consider the question of what is required to connect a Smart TV keyboard to a Samsung TV.

The whole process is simple. Certain difficulties should not arise. So, you need to take a cable with a USB plug from the input device. When connecting the device, you will need to insert it into the USB connector of the TV.

If everything is done correctly, the system will instantly notify you. The user will be able to see on the screen a message that a new device is connected to the TV, after which the keypad will be ready to work.

You may receive a notification that the new item does not support all applications if you purchased a device not from Samsung.

Next, go to the “Menu”, where we select “System”. “Device Manager”. In this section, you can make changes to the menu settings options. There is no wide range of options here, but this is enough to customize the device as much as possible for yourself.

For example, in Input Panel Options, the user can change keyboard shortcuts to switch input languages. Mouse options let you notice the base button, pointer size and speed.

To configure the wireless keyboard to work with TV, you need to go to the “Device Manager” section and select the necessary settings. In the parameters, select the “Add Bluetooth keyboard” command. The TV will automatically search for a new device. When the TV finds the device, it will notify you that you need to establish a relationship between the devices.

Next, you need to press the enter button on the remote control and confirm the action to pair the devices by pressing the “Enter” button a second time and click on the “Connect” button on the connected device. After that, synchronization will be carried out between the devices.

As you can see, connecting the keyboard to the TV is much easier than it might seem at first glance.

How to choose a keyboard for Samsung Smart TV

Which wireless keyboard is right for my TV? The user must start from personal requirements and the level of functionality of the TV itself.

The key task of the device in question is to optimize the process of navigating through the pages and managing the TV menu. The range of this technique is quite extensive. There is a keyboard that controls the cursor, which means there is no need to buy a wireless mouse. If you focus on expensive options, there will be an option for voice commands, etc.

How to choose a keyboard for your TV and not be mistaken, you know. Consider the advantages of Samsung devices:

  • Replaces the mouse.
  • Ability to work without problems with text documents.
  • Easy access to browse social networks.
  • Performs its function anywhere in the room.
  • Stylish design.

Using your phone instead of a keyboard

Alternatively, you can use your smartphone as an input panel in smart TV models. This method is available for most Smart TV owners, since everyone has a smartphone.

The first step is to download a special application called “Smart TV Remote” (for Android, for Apple). After completing the installation of the program on the mobile, you have to make sure that the TV and cell phone work in the same home network. In the parameters, you will need to find the “Search” tab. Then the screen will ask you to install a new item, you need to confirm it.

  • Possibility to customize the order of TV channels. Here the user independently sets the sequence of the necessary TV channels at his discretion.
  • Multitouch.
  • Voice message input.

The main disadvantage of the application is that there is no on / off option. TV devices. For these tasks, you need to use remote control.