How to connect a TV set-top box to an old TV

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how to connect hd set top box to crt tv? 3.5jack to AV connect

How to connect an Android TV set-top box to a modern TV?

We start with the easiest and simplest task, which will only take a few seconds. The market offers customers a huge range of modern televisions. In the article, under this designation, we mean the presence of an HDMI interface. First you need to find a connector on the TV with this designation. It is placed on the side or back.

On all TV set-top boxes, regardless of the model, it is located at the back. You cannot do without an HDMI cable, you will find it in the kit. Connect the cable between the two devices and connect the power adapter to the box.

Didn’t notice the image on the screen? Don’t worry right away. For the picture to appear, you must select the display mode in the TV settings. If there are several ports, you must select the one to which the box is connected. Now you can pick up the remote control and control the device remotely.

How to connect an Android TV set-top box to a TV or monitor

You bought an Android TV box and want to connect and test it as soon as possible. Before proceeding directly to this lesson, it is necessary to study the apparatus in more detail. Next, let’s take a closer look at the standard connectors that the devices are equipped with.

How to connect a TV set-top box to an old TV

Some users use a set-top box to get the most out of their old TV, extending its lifespan.

The question arises: how to properly connect these devices to each other?

Old TVs do not have HDMI output, so you need to choose a TV set-top box with analog outputs: white and red jacks. audio; yellow. video signal. The TV must have the correct connectors. For the image, you need tulip cords, at the end of each there are three plugs.

A variety of signal converters are available commercially. The widespread model is HDMI2AV. It is connected to it by a box using an HDMI cable and a TV set by means of a 3RCA-3RCA cable. Based on the above information, the choice of connections is huge.

Are you sure you did everything correctly, but the image did not appear? The problem may lie in the malfunction of equipment, cables, adapter or adapters. If the warranty is not baked, the gadget will be replaced or repaired free of charge. Repairs must be carried out by a qualified technician. Without proper knowledge and skills, you cannot repair the device.

Connectors and ports of TV set-top boxes

Analog (sound and video). Such exits are very rare. They are being superseded by HDMI. They are useful for connecting the device to an old model that does not have a digital interface. To set up the connection, use tulip cables (wires with RCA connectors).

USB. It is known to many users. All modern telephones are equipped with it. It can be found on players, cameras and other gadgets. There are several USB options. The most popular version is USB 3.0. Compared to its predecessor USB 2.0, it transmits signals faster and better.

Audio outputs. As mentioned in the article above, HDMI is capable of transmitting both audio and video sequences. That’s all you need to use your TV box. But manufacturers still equip models with audio outputs, optical or coaxial. Sometimes both are found. They are referred to as Optical or SPDIF. If we are talking about a coaxial output, then Coaxial.

LAN. It is used to enable the user to connect the set-top box to the worldwide network using a wire. This option is more reliable than a wireless connection. The signal is clearer and smoother. The RJ-45 type is often found on TV boxes.

Card reader. Special slot for reading SD and SDHC cards. There is a card next to it, so it’s easy to find it on the device.

Food. The port is required for all STBs, regardless of the model. The power adapter is connected to it. It has a round shape, and therefore it is difficult to confuse it with others. On the market, you can find options that receive electricity using the USB port: mini-USB or micro-USB.

Now you know more about modern Android TV boxes and what they are for. In addition to what is mentioned in the article, the devices are equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless interfaces. Do not forget to read the instructions in detail after purchase.

How to connect a TV set-top box to a monitor

Initially, when specialists were developing Android TV boxes, they were created specifically for TVs. Over time, taking into account consumer demand and the development of technology, devices began to actively connect to monitors. If you are using a monitor model with an HDMI connector, then there should be no problem. The procedure is the same as for TV.

If the monitor is far from new, then the situation becomes more complicated. You will need the following connectors: VGA and DVI. Just plugging in the cable and getting an image won’t work. work needs to be done.

A special adapter is needed to achieve the expected result. The more common types are HDMI-DVI and HDMI-VGA. On one side of the adapter is an electrical connector HDMI, on the other VGA or DVI. Depending on what you need. One end attaches to the set-top box and the other to the monitor.

If you did everything correctly, it is not a fact that an image will appear. Poor quality wire or copy protection problem may be the problem. HDCP.

These are not all connection methods, but almost all involve the use of a converter. Before starting, check the condition of the connectors and cables, as well as the equipment used.

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How to connect Selenga to an old TV

Anyone can connect a Selenga digital set-top box to an old model TV. The procedure is the same as described above. Only when connected, you will not be able to use the HDMI cable due to the lack of the required input on the TV. Use a set of RCA tulips by connecting them by color.

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Basic operations

The main settings are the main tabs in the menu:

  • Program manager.
  • Picture.
  • Search TV channels.
  • Time.
  • System parameters.
  • USB.

Channel search

  • Autosearch. Click the “OK” button to run.
  • Manual search. Use the keys to adjust the frequency.
  • Choice of country of residence.
  • Antenna power supply. When using an active antenna together with the power supply of the amplifier via cable, then activate the option.

Initial settings

When you have connected all the necessary cables, turn on the TV and select the connection type “HDMI” or “VIDEO”. A menu will be displayed on the screen, use the buttons to specify the initial parameters:

  • Choose language.
  • Enter your country.
  • In the “Search Type” tab, select “Open Channels”.
  • Search range. DVB-T / T
  • Then click “Auto Search”.

Time setting

  • Set the time.
  • Change region.
  • Specify time zone.
  • Activate the automatic shutdown function of the device.
  • Set a timer.

Selenga prefix does not find channels

An outdated software update may be the cause. To solve the problem, go to the options and in the “System” tab, check for updates. But also the malfunction may lie in the antenna used, it probably does not support the DVB-T2 standard. You will have to purchase a new one that will be able to receive the required type of signal.

Connecting the device

First, let’s take a look at the available connectors in Selenga consoles. The manufacturer has provided for:

  • HDMI.
  • RSA inputs.
  • Antenna connector.
  • Power supply input.
  • First of all, you need to insert the antenna cable into the corresponding connector, next to it you will notice the inscription “RF IN”.
  • Connect the receiver to power.
  • Then connect the last cable. HDMI. If it is absent, use RSA tulips, connecting them by color.

How to connect a digital set-top box Selenga and set up channels

It is not difficult to connect the Selenga digital set-top box to the TV. Everyone can cope with the procedure, this does not require experience, it is enough to follow simple instructions.

First, you should familiarize yourself with the designation of the keys on the remote control. In the future, the setup and control of the set-top box will be carried out with its help.

How to connect a digital TV set-top box to a Samsung TV: step-by-step instructions

Today, televisions have ceased to be popular, because the Internet has replaced television, where users can easily find any movie or information. Despite this aspect, the TV set can still be found in any home. Recently, the government approved a bill under which the entire population should switch to digital broadcasting. Then many may have a question related to setting up and connecting. Let’s consider how to connect a digital set-top box to a Samsung TV.

Which Samsung TVs need a set-top box

It is worth noting that not all TVs require a receiver to operate digital TV. In some models, this function is built-in, so they do not need to connect additional equipment. These devices include TVs with Smart TVs, which require Wi-Fi to function properly and to provide advanced features.

The receiver with DVB-T2 is found in many models since 2012. You will find them in the LS, M, Q, H, J, K, F, E series. To enjoy digital broadcasting, simply connect the antenna and start the initial setup with the remote. You will need to indicate the country of location, set the current time, search for channels (the system will perform the procedure automatically, just click on the “Ok” button).

If you are not sure if your model of device requires a receiver, then check its part number. Look at the batch number. For example, the attached screenshot shows that this model belongs to the “F” edition.

How to connect Samsung TV to digital TV without a set-top box

If you are using a non-old Samsung TV, you can use your digital TV without a receiver. The activation process itself does not require a lot of experience. Any user can customize the number, the main thing is to follow the instructions:

  • Launch the main menu and go to the “Broadcast” tab.
  • Click on the item “Auto-tuning”.
  • Next, you will need to indicate the source. Select the antenna or connector you are using from the list.
  • On the opposite type of broadcast, select “Digital broadcasting”.
  • Put “Full” next to the search mode.
  • Start Scan.
  • The system will start detecting broadcasts by adding the channel names to the list.
  • You don’t need to save anything manually, it happens automatically.
  • Wait for the search to complete and click “Next”.
connect, set-top

If the automatic search ended due to an error, or you noticed that it found far from all TV channels, then you can conduct a manual search. For this you need:

  • Go to the parameters and select the “Channel” tab.
  • Specify the country by location.
  • Select frequencies. 298000-362000 kHz.
  • In the next line, enter “Digital”.
  • In the search type select “Network”.

We connect to the old TV

To connect the set-top box to an outdated Samsung TV, you will need to use SCART or RCA connectors. If the receiver does not have the required port, then you will have to buy an adapter. This happens quite often, for example, when a user has purchased a new set-top box for an old generation TV set.


The SCART input is available only in old TVs, it is no longer found in new models. Therefore, when using this connector, you will have to take care of the presence of an adapter.

HDMI is used in all modern devices. It provides the best picture and sound quality. Just connect the cable to the receiver and TV.

RF, like SCART, is found only in older TV models. The receiver will have two connectors. IN, intended for receiving the encoded signal, and OUT, responsible for connecting.

Search and tune available channels

When you have connected the set-top box to the TV, launch the tuner menu and:

  • Find the tab that allows you to start the channel search. She is at the top of the list.
  • Scan by clicking on auto search.
  • Wait for the procedure to complete.

Indoor antenna

Indoor antennas are compact. When choosing, rely on the presence of an amplifier, because such devices have insufficient gain. Although, for an apartment, this will be an excellent option.

Connection types

The connection principle largely depends on the available connectors, both on the tuner and on the TV. Now let’s decide how to connect a TV set-top box to your TV through the main connectors:

The simplest and most affordable connection option. If the diagonal of the TV is not too large, the picture will be of decent quality. During the connection process, you will need to insert tulips into the ports of the corresponding color. So, video is fed through the yellow wire, red and white are responsible for the sound.

It looks like an RCA cable or “tulip”

We connect to the old TV

Many people ask the question of how to connect an old TV to a new digital set-top box. Not all houses have TVs of the latest generation, which was taken into account by the manufacturers of set-top boxes. Such devices are equipped with additional connectors that allow you to connect even very old TVs. There are several ways available to users:

  • using the SCART port, having previously purchased a tuner with a similar connector;
  • the oldest TVs are connected via a standard antenna connector;
  • with RCA-RCA cable.

Accordingly, having studied your TV, choose the appropriate connection principle.

Most common connection problems

If the video is interrupted or squares appear, then this is not a problem with the set-top box, but a rather weak incoming signal, which can be solved by changing the position of the antenna. You should also try to apply the echo signal. This problem may be due to a problem with the cable or connector. Be sure to check the integrity of the wire, as well as the correct installation of the connectors.

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Another common connection error is black and white. Most often, a similar defect occurs if the cable is installed in the wrong connector. Be sure to check the image settings in the receiver’s menu, set the AUTO mode. In rare cases, the attachment itself may be broken.

How to choose the right antenna

We will consider how to connect a digital television set-top box to a TV a little later. The first step is to choose a good antenna that will provide a strong signal. It is of two types. indoor and outdoor. The final choice depends on the distance of the TV tower. If the distance does not exceed 15 km, then the indoor model is suitable, if more, the outdoor model.

Is it possible to connect two TVs to the set-top box

If you have several TVs at home, you will need to use two receivers to provide access to different channels. When connecting several TVs to one set-top box, they will work synchronously, repeating the image. If you are satisfied with this option, you will need a splitter or standard cable splitter to connect. With their help, you can split the antenna signal into several TVs.

We connect the receiver to a new TV

Now let’s take a closer look at how to set up a digital set-top box to a Samsung TV with Smart TV (this setting will work with other TV models with Smart TV technology as well). The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • all work must be carried out with the TV off, it will be possible to start it only after everything is completed.
  • using a cable, we connect the antenna to the receiver using the appropriate input;
  • using a cable with HDMI connectors, we connect the receiver to the TV;
  • we connect the power;
  • an assistant will appear on the TV screen to help you make all the settings correctly.

You will immediately need to choose a convenient language, country and image format. After that, you can start searching for available channels.


Such an interface is not a frequent visitor on modern consoles. Found only on older models. To connect to the TV, you need a SCART to RCA adapter cable.

This is what a SCART to RCA adapter looks like

The latest technology available only on modern TVs. If the devices allow, then it is best to use this connector. It is through it that the highest quality signal is broadcast, which will allow you to enjoy the perfect image.

This is what an HDMI cable looks like

All users are familiar with these connectors. There are two of them on the set-top box, RF IN is used to receive an encoded signal, and a connection to a TV is organized through RF OUT. This option may become relevant if the TV is very old.

This is how the antenna cable RF IN. RF OUT looks like RF IN. RF OUT connector on the set-top box

System settings

The system parameters tab contains a whole list of options, including:

  • Parental controls to block certain broadcasts or applications. To start the function, you need to enter the password. 000000.
  • Resetting parameters.
  • Software Update.
  • Ability to view data on firmware and TV model.

Doesn’t respond to remote control or button doesn’t work

If the receiver does not respond to remote control commands, then initially make sure that the batteries are not dead. The second reason has to do with the distance at which you are trying to use the device. You are probably using the remote control far from the set-top box.

Channel search

The “Search for channels” tab is located at the beginning of the menu and is considered one of the main options. Here you can:

  • Start auto search. It is enough to press the “OK” button on the remote control.
  • Manual search. Use the arrows on the remote control to select the frequency. When you find a channel, click “OK”.

DEXP prefix does not find channels

Basically, the reason lies in a software failure. Make sure the software does not need updating. Go to system settings and in the corresponding tab click on the check for updates button.

The error has not disappeared, and the set-top box still does not detect channels? Then reset the parameters. To do this, in the “System” section, click on “Reset settings”. Confirm the action. Wait for the system to finish the procedure and perform the initial setup.

Poor image quality

The main cause is an antenna or a damaged cable. Move the antenna to a different location and check the cable for continuity. If you are using an older model TV, where the connection was made via SCART, then you should not expect a high-quality picture on the screen.

No signal

A damaged cable is often the cause. Make sure the wires and connectors are working properly. Also, the fault may be on the side of the service provider. Several times a year, providers carry out maintenance work, you are probably trying to use the TV at the very moment when maintenance work is underway. Call the technical service and clarify the question.

Program manager

This includes two sections. editor and sort. The first one allows:

  • Add broadcast to favorites list by pressing FAV button. Press EXIT to leave the category. Use the FAV button to open the favorites list again.
  • Block the channel or delete it. Before the operation, the system will ask for a password, enter six zeros. To block, click on the blue key, and to delete, click on the yellow.
  • Move the channel to another position. To do this, select the broadcast, click on the green key and move it to another place.

The next section is sorting. The function allows you to sort channels by name, ID or ONID.

Possible problems and solutions

Some configuration steps can cause problems. For example, common problems include:

  • The set-top box refuses to detect channels.
  • The remote control does not respond to commands.
  • Ohdpluginlibrary application encountered an error.
  • Can’t determine display mode.
  • Picture quality is poor.

What to do? Consider the reasons and solutions.

Ways to connect an Android set-top box to a TV

The hardware of many Android TV box models includes the following adapters, ports and connectors for connecting external devices.

Features of connecting a TV box to a TV

When a Smart TV set-top box is purchased, a less advanced electronics user has natural questions: how to connect the device to a TV and other peripheral devices, configure Internet access in order to fully use the functionality of a “smart” device. The article will discuss the differences and features, as well as all the main ways to connect and configure a Smart set-top box to a TV.

Internet access using a Smart-set-top box

To be able to watch Internet TV channels on your TV, you need to organize access to the Internet on a set-top box. There may be several options.

  • If an Internet cable from a provider is connected to the apartment specifically for a TV with a connected Smart set-top box, then the connection is made through the LAN port on the media device.
  • The option of connecting via a local network is possible. In this case, the set-top box and the Internet source should be connected with a network cable, and the provider’s cable should be connected to the router via the LAN port.
  • If the Smart-set-top box is equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter, then a wireless connection is possible through an organized point (router).

You will need to configure the appropriate Internet access mode for the connection method. In the case of a wired connection via the LAN port, you need to select the type of Ethernet (cable) in the setup menu of the set-top box and activate it.

As a rule, all network parameters are set automatically, otherwise you can use manual settings (the order depends on the device model and is spelled out in the instruction manual).

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When connecting via Wi-Fi, you must set the activation of the wireless type of Internet access. The operating system of the device will search for available points. In the proposed list, you need to select the name of your network to connect and enter the security code (password).

To the old TV

If the set-top box has an AV output, and the TV has multi-colored connectors for an RCA cable, then the connection is logical to be done using a cable, on one side of which there will be a 3.5 (AUX) plug, and on the other side there will be RCA plugs (tulips). If both the set-top box and the TV have RCA connectors, then the connection is made using a two-way RCA-RCA cable.

It is problematic when the set-top box does not have analog outputs. In this case, to connect the device to an old TV, a special HDMI-AV (RCA) adapter is suitable, which must be purchased additionally.

After the physical connection, you need to change the signal source to AV in the TV settings. Further, all manipulations to control the TV are performed from the remote control from the media set-top box.

To a modern TV

TV sets of the last few years of release necessarily have an HDMI connector in their arsenal. To connect such a TV to a Smart set-top box, it is logical to use the appropriate cable, which is provided by a number of manufacturers, such as LG, for example, in the kit. Otherwise, you can do without an HDMI cable using alternative methods, but it is advisable to purchase this interface.

After connecting the set-top box to the TV via HDMI, you need to change the signal source in the receiver settings: select the operation mode through the corresponding connection port. Further, all manipulations with the TV are performed from the remote control of the set-top box.

Differences in the purpose of TV boxes

The term “TV set-top boxes” summarizes devices with different purposes:

  • digital IPTV set-top boxes (receivers);
  • gaming consoles;
  • Smart boxes or flash consoles.

The functionality of these devices varies significantly. Receivers are needed to ensure high-quality viewing of digital television on old analog TV receivers. Game consoles, as a rule, provide a small selection of games that are flashed into the device’s memory. TV set-top box on Android or an alternative operating system allows you to expand the scope of the TV to the level of the computer screen.

Despite the target differences, the form factors of the devices listed above are similar, and the methods of physical connection to the TV receiver are common. Digital receivers are most often connected to TVs via scart connectors. It is a universal European standard for interconnecting consumer electronics devices. For example, to a Samsung TV, a satellite digital receiver is connected via a two-way cable of this universal standard.

Connecting other devices to a TV set-top box

Various plug-in peripherals are produced for media consoles. Especially the specialized television and radio equipment of the German Telefunken brand.

It makes no sense to connect a smartphone to the set-top box, because the mobile gadget freely communicates with the TV in several other ways.

Types and features of digital television

Digital television broadcasting, which Russia and Ukraine have switched to, differs from analogue in that the signal is additionally encoded during transmission and decoded upon receipt. As a result, brightness, color and sound are delivered to the consumer in an undistorted form. A digital set-top box is required to receive and decode.

Discrete television, like continuous television, is divided into 3 types. Signals on the territory of the Russian Federation are transmitted in the following formats: terrestrial. DVB-T2, satellite. DVB-S2, cable. DVB-C2. In the second and third cases, you do not need to buy a set-top box: the provider is responsible for decoding the signal. Also, there is no need for a receiver if the new TV receiver is equipped with an indoor unit that receives a DVB-T2 signal.

Tuning Channels and Checking Signal Quality

After connecting the digital set-top box, configure.

  • Turn on your TV and tuner.
  • On the remote control (RC), press the “Menu” button.
  • After the window that opens, select the “Settings” option.
  • Select the country (if it is not the default) and signal standard: for RF. DVB-T2.
  • Manual and automatic settings will be offered. Select “Automatic search” and on the remote control press “OK”.
  • The decoder, going through the frequencies, will find all the available channels.
  • If the detection was successful, fix the setting with the “Save” option.

After completing the set-top box setup, you can watch the channels.

Table. Standard connectors

A photo Name Designation Appointment
Antenna input RF IN
To connect a UHF antenna, provider cable or satellite dish
Antenna output RF OUT
To connect another receiver, receive local analog TV, connect an old TV receiver
Output for audio (2 pcs.) And video (1 pc.) RSA For transporting picture and sound from a digital receiver to a TV
High definition digital output HDMI The same: provides a higher quality of information transfer
USB flash drive connector USB For recording and watching TV programs, connecting the module for Wi-Fi
Power supply input DC 5V
Connector for external power supply

On the territory of Europe, in technology, including in TV-receivers and digital set-top boxes, the SCART connector is often used.

World Vision T64D

The set-top box is intended not only for on-air reception, but also for cable (from the provider). The first generation DVB-T standard is available. The image is transmitted in high quality: Full HD resolution is supported. both progressive (1080p format) and interlaced (1080i). The functionality is rich: there is a delayed viewing mode, a timer recording and teletext. The tuner is equipped with control buttons, which is practical in case of a breakdown of the remote control. A distinctive feature is support for the AC3 codec: thanks to the audio filter, the sound is processed in real time. Price on Yandex.Market. 700-740 rubles.

  • Stylish plastic case
  • Fast channel switching
  • Ability to connect to YouTube and MEGOGO
  • External power supply, which can be changed if necessary
  • Indirect advantage. high popularity
  • Not everyone has a convenient manual setting
  • Not always clear picture
  • Small range of the remote control

Oriel 403D

The tuner has a rectangular shape. On the front there are buttons for setting and switching channels: they duplicate the buttons of the remote control that comes with the kit. Also on the front panel is a USB connector for a flash drive: it is also on the back. There is a standard set of connectors on the back. An input is provided for connecting the antenna. There are two outputs for connection with a TV receiver. RSA (3 pcs.) And HDMI. There is a socket for an external power supply unit. The receiver supports Full HD resolution. Price on Yandex.Market. 720-760 rubles.

connect, set-top
  • Compact
  • Good image quality
  • Intuitive menu
  • Fast switching
  • Possibility of recording programs on a USB flash drive
  • suitable for both terrestrial (DVB-T2) and cable (DVB-C2) television
  • The case heats up
  • Flimsy power supply
  • Not all users are comfortable with the remote
  • No RSA cable included. you need to buy it

How to connect the receiver to an old TV

Soviet TV receivers “Electron”, “Rubin”, “Horizon” cannot be connected in the standard way: they do not have the required inputs. The connection is made through the antenna connectors. the input on the TV and the RF OUT output on the digital set-top box. If the receiver does not support such a mode, a TV modulator is additionally purchased, which converts a low-frequency signal into a high-frequency one. In this way, the digital format is converted to analog.