How To Connect A Tablet To A TV Via USB

Wire connection

Wired methods of connecting the tablet to the TV are convenient because the user does not have to download and install additional software. Wired sync is suitable for owners of devices that do not support Smart TV. To connect via a cord, use one of the following interfaces:

  • HDMI;
  • USB;
  • MHL;
  • RCA;
  • VGA.

How To Connect A Tablet To A TV Via USB

Now let’s analyze in detail the advantages and disadvantages of all methods.

How to tie a double cord with a technique? All the details of the connection are described in detail in the user manual. SIMply insert the cable plugs into the appropriate connectors. There is nothing difficult. Mostly the HDMI interface is located on the back of the TV, sometimes on the side.

  • Setting up the transmission of sound and is carried out automatically immediately after both devices are connected with a cable. If there are problems with the transfer, then debugging is done manually. Take your TV remote and then select the HDMI port as the signal source. In the settings, you also need to set the input value for this interface. Data output must be set in the tablet parameters via HDMI.
  • Developers are constantly improving HDMI in an effort to improve picture quality and increase data transfer rates. Therefore, the generations of the interface on TV and tablet may not coincide. In this case, you need to use the adapter, which we talked about earlier. This is the most practical solution to the compatibility problem.
  • The new HDMI 2.0 standard is enough to send 4K images to the big screen. The picture will be as natural and clear as possible. The channel capacity is increased to 18.2 Gb / s. This standard has appeared relatively recently. Therefore, it is extremely rare on devices.

When the connection is finally set up, the tablet desktop appears on the large screen. Management is carried out precisely with the help of a tablet. Another advantage of HDMI is that it provides SIMultaneous audio and. Therefore, there is no need to use additional cables.

The USB cable can also be used to set up sync. However, this interface will not allow duplicating an image. The connection is for using the tablet as a removable storage device. The user will be able to view photos, play and include any other content.

To configure the synchronization of the tablet and TV via USB, connect these devices with a cable. The cord is included in the basic package of all tablets, since the gadget is charged through it. Open the TV sources, and then select the USB port. With the help of the file manager, you can navigate between folders. Select the desired file and then play it. Controlled by a remote control.

What if the TV does not see the tablet via USB? This problem can appear for several reasons. First, check if the interface is damaged. It is possible that the connector pad has oxidized. Secondly, start the data transfer mode on the tablet. Third, the cable itself may be the cause of the problem. In this case, try a different USB cable.

The synchronization setting aLGorithm is not much different from the methods described earlier. It is necessary to insert the wires into the corresponding connectors, and then select the signal source on the TV.

The RCA interface is a familiar “tulip”. The main advantage of this connector is its versatility. Using RCA, even an old CRT TV can be connected to the tablet. “Tulip” is presented in the form of a coaxial cable. There are three plugs at one end: red, white and yellow. Each plug must be inserted into the corresponding color port on the TV panel.

Connection through the “tulip” allows you to use the tablet as a USB flash drive. This means you can watch photos, play and watch movies. You cannot duplicate the image. The RCI interface is an analog port, so in addition to the tablet, you need to connect a charger so that the battery of the device does not run out.

The tablets are not equipped with RCA connectors. This means that the user needs to purchase a special adapter in advance, which will convert the digital image to analog. When the adapter is connected and the devices are connected with a special cable. Take the remote control, and open the basic settings of the TV. Output device mode must be selected.

Older TVs are equipped with a VGA output, with which you can also set up synchronization with the tablet. This technology is significantly outdated, but in rare cases it is still used. First you need to get a special adapter, it will be connected via USB connector or HDMI interface.

Separately, you need to think about how you will output sound to TV. Since the VGA interface is only for signal transmission. Audio transmission can be carried out using a special cable or speakers. Mostly this method is used to connect a computer to a TV.

Wireless connection

The use of cords and cables creates additional complications. This is why wireless technology is considered the preferred option. Absolutely all modern TVs are equipped with Wi-Fi modules and Bluetooth chips. Therefore, there should be no problems with setting up the connection.

What is the principle of connecting a tablet to TV? There are several options. Each of them has certain advantages. Make the final choice based on your own preferences. Now let’s analyze in detail the most popular ways to wirelessly connect a tablet to TV.

Wi-Fi Miracast

Miracast technology is good in that it allows you to set up synchronization of two devices without using a router. It also allows the TV to be used as a second monitor. In other words, the image will be duplicated. The picture quality will be the highest. The technology supports 4K resolution. However, you will not be able to launch a resource-intensive game. This is because the picture will be delayed by about a few seconds.

Connection instructions:

  • Go to Smart TV settings to activate the “Wi-Fi Direct” option.
  • Open the tablet settings, go to the “mirroring display Miracast”.
  • Click on the “Start” button.
  • A list of devices available for synchronization will appear on the screen.
  • Select your TV from the list that appears.

When all these actions are completed, the second screen will start automatically.


This technology is designed to connect Apple tablets to a TV. It is supported by iPads and newer device models from a popular American manufacturer. The function allows you to set up mirroring of the tablet display. To set up screen sharing, connect your TV and tablet to your home wireless network. If the devices are compatible, then a window will appear in the iPad control panel to start the broadcast.

The technology only syncs with Apple devices. Therefore, in addition to the iPad, you also need a proprietary Apple TV set-top box. AirPlay is special in transferring data with minimal latency. Therefore, users will be able to run games and various applications on the big screen.

Wi-Fi Direct

Synchronization setting aLGorithm:

  • Open device settings. Switch to the “Wireless Networks” tab. Find the “Wi-Fi Direct” option, and then check the box next to it.
  • In the TV settings, you need to find the “Network” section. The path to it may differ depending on the TV model and manufacturer. Activate “Wi-Fi Direct” technology.
  • In the launched window with basic parameters, move the slider to the “Enable” position. Find your tablet device list, and then start syncing with your TV.
  • To use the tablet as a remote control, you will have to download a special application.

With this connection of the Android tablet to the TV, a wide range of additional options opens up for the user:

  • viewing photos;
  • listening to musical compositions;
  • playback (not streaming).

How to output from tablet to TV? This can be done using Wi-Fi Direct technology. Activate the “Screen Mirroring” option. It is available on devices running Android 4.0 and higher. To start screen mirroring, open “Settings”, and then from the list that appears on the “Screen Mirroring” tab, select your TV.


Allshare software is SIMilar to AirPlay technology, which was created by Apple. The Allshare function is implemented by the developers of the famous South Korean brand. Samsung. The devices are synchronized by connecting them to your home wireless network. Then the Allshare application must be launched on the tablet, it can also be called Samsung Smart View. The program is available for free download on Google Play.

The program is equipped with a built-in file manager. When your TV and tablet are connected to your home network, you need to go to the app to display the image on the big screen. However, this program is not very popular. This trend is largely due to the lack of screen mirroring option. You can only play previously downloaded files, but you won’t be able to run it online.

Tips before connecting

The choice of the optimal method for connecting the tablet to the TV depends on the specifications of the technology used. Conventionally, all available synchronization methods are divided into two groups: wireless and wired. Not all devices have wireless sync support. The advantages of wireless synchronization are obvious. there is no need to buy wires, adapters.

The wired connection type is suitable for owners of older TVs that do not support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. There shouldn’t be any difficulties with synchronization. However, not every cable is capable of providing high-resolution image transmission. Therefore, the picture quality can be poor.

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10 ways to connect your tablet to your TV from the experts

There are many different ways to connect your tablet to your TV. The synchronization of these devices will significantly expand the functionality of the technology. You don’t have to limit yourself to watching a movie on TV. The tablet can also be used to control TV, launch various applications.

Users often have difficulty setting up a connection. Especially for them, the instruction “How to connect the tablet to the TV” was developed. Let’s take a closer look at all existing synchronization methods to determine the most effective one. We will also analyze the problems that users often encounter during the connection process.


This technology is mainly used for wireless transmission of audio signals. Therefore, Bluetooth is supported by almost all headphones popular today. You can set up a Bluetooth transmission, but this requires special software. You can download the application without any problems from the iOS and Android markets.

Why is this technology used extremely rarely for signal transmission? She is not capable of broadcasting a picture in real time. The image quality is also poor. Therefore, it is more rational to connect the tablet to the TV via Wi-Fi. This is the most practical way to set up sync today.

HDMI is the best way to link two devices

Why the best? Because HDMI interface:

  • Allows you to transmit image and sound (including stereo) with just one cable. Thanks to this, you can get rid of the need to “hang” the TV set with a lot of cords and adapters;
  • Uses a digital signal transmission format, due to which its highest quality is achieved;
  • It is present in most modern TVs, as it is very popular with users.
  • Increasingly found on tablets from different manufacturers;
  • Supports “display mirroring” technology, in which the TV “copies” everything that happens on the tablet display;
  • Allows you to set up a connection in one or two clicks (often without them at all).

To connect this, connect one end of the cable of the same name to the tablet, and the other to the TV. This will be followed by automatic transmission. and audio signals. If this did not happen, visit the settings menu of both devices and select:

  • on the TV as source (input, input, source.) of the signal is the HDMI port (if there are several of them, do not be mistaken with the number);
  • in tablet pc as output. HDMI.

If your tablet has only “mini-HDMI” or “micro-HDMI”, you can establish a connection through a cable that has a plug of this sample at one end, or use an adapter.

Connection example on

All ways to connect a tablet to a TV

Modern tablet computers provide their owners with a lot of unique opportunities, acting not only as a device for high-speed Internet access, working in a variety of programs and watching movies in high quality, but also as a full-fledged game console. To take your work with your device to a whole new level, it will be useful to learn how to connect your tablet to your TV. This will allow the latter to “break free” from its body and fully “spread its wings” on the TV screen. But for this, the user must master the SIMple subtleties of this procedure, stock up on the necessary cords and, if necessary, adapters for them.

What you need to connect your tablet to your TV

First, you need to find out if your gadget supports this feature. If so, ask what connectors will be used to connect, whether the necessary cables are included with the device and whether it is possible to do without adapters. For those who are poorly versed in different types of connection, let’s dwell on each in more detail.

To begin with, a list of the methods available today:

  • Using the HDMI interface;
  • Using a composite (RCA) cable called a tulip;
  • Wireless Wi-Fi;
  • Via USB (mini USB);
  • Using a device that converts different types of signal. converter.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities, which means that almost any model is capable of it. The only differences are for what purposes you plan to combine these two devices: either for transmission. and audio information (for watching movies and running games), or for using the tablet as a storage device, information from which will be available to the TV and read unilaterally.

Let’s consider the features of each of the 5 above methods in more detail.

Composite RCA (cinch) connection

Does the TV have HDMI ports? Then the composite cable or, as it is also called, “tulip” will be able to connect the tablet to such a TV. Let the connection via RCA use the analog type of signal transmission (which is why the picture quality is a little “lame”), even though separate cables are needed to transmit the image and sound, but absolutely all modern (and not so) multimedia devices have the ability to connect in this way.

Use an HDMI-RCA converter, to which, on the one hand, you need to connect an HDMI-HDMI cable (its other end will “go” to the tablet), and on the other, three tulip cables (one yellow for signal transmission and red and white for sound ). The latter must be connected to special connectors on the TV, taking into account the color of the plugs.

This hi-tech connection method will be the best solution for users who have a Smart TV equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. Today, there are two ways to create a working tablet-TV system via Wi-Fi:

  • Wi-Fi Direct technology;
  • Organization of work with the help of third-party programs (selected individually for your equipment).

If your TV supports Wi-Fi Direct technology, you can entrust it with the connection: this method is the highest quality and most reliable, which makes it preferable.

Go to the wireless settings on the tablet, where you will find and start Wi-Fi. Some time after the successful launch of the function, go to the TV menu, where also look for the “Network” tab, and already in it. Wi-Fi Direct. After activating this connection, wait for the completion of the automatic configuration of both devices, upon completion of which the connection will be established, and they will work “in unison”.

Another method involves finding and installing software suitable for these purposes. It is necessary to find an application that meets all the requirements of the operating system that controls the tablet. Only in this case will its correct operation be guaranteed, and the connection will not torment you with constant failures. Install the program and follow the instructions of the settings wizard, after which the tablet will “inform” the TV about its readiness, and they will begin to work together.

  • Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network;
  • check if UPnP protocol is active (used for automatic discovery of new devices);
  • make sure that firewalls are not blocking traffic between both devices.

Alas, tablet manufacturers still have not figured out how to connect a tablet to a TV via USB in such a way as to use it as an additional display for watching movies and launching applications. But it’s not so sad.

By connecting both devices with a cable, you can use the TV interface to control the media files that the tablet stores in its memory. This method will allow you to turn the gadget into a home cinema library, a movie from which you can always quickly get it for viewing. The connection can also turn your TV into an impromptu whiteboard.

Functional converter

The basic, most common methods of connecting a tablet to a TV have been described above. However, it happens that one of the devices does not have the required connector. This is where a functional converter comes in handy, which passes different types of signals through itself, “adjusting” them to your needs. For example, it can be used to convert a digital signal from an HDMI connector to an analog one compatible with a VGA input. Converters are specially designed to solve such problems, and in most cases they successfully cope with them, you just need to know which one to choose for a specific type of signal (connector, interface).

USB connection

You cannot connect your tablet device via USB yet. True, in the near future this can be done with a usb-card, which today is already compatible with the MAC OS operating systems. The device connects to USB on the translator and converts the information into a stream. Has HDMI output.

Smart TV

When you have a tablet, you can fully transform your TV into a kind of “SMART TV” technology, using the device as a kind of set-top box. Of course, for this it is desirable to have high-speed Internet at home. In this case, there is no need for satellite or cable TV, DVD players and other equipment. From any application market, depending on what operating system you have, you can download programs for watching TV channels (IP or regular stream). With the help of the gadget, you can even control your TV, as easily as it is done with a computer.

Controlling your TV from your tablet

Today, you can control TV from a tablet only on models of the SMART TV series from Samsung. You will have to download the Samsung Smart View app on your tablet. Undoubtedly, in the near future this option will become available for other TV manufacturers as well. In addition to the fact that the tablet PC can be used as a remote control, you can also use it as a game controller and in DUAL-TV mode (not for all device models).

Connecting your tablet via Wi-Fi

Today, Wi-Fi connection is available only through DLNA and UPnP technologies. In this case, the TV must already have SMART TV technology. You need to download the translator program on the tablet itself. For example, such a program could be Media Server.

Connecting via hdmi cable

This is the most common way to connect your tablet to your TV. In this case, you can connect to any TV, up to the Soviet black and white. Before connecting a gadget, you need to know what interfaces your TV has. Then you need to find a cable with the same interface on one side and, basically, a mini-HDMI interface on the other. You can also use a TV-in adapter. By the way, when connecting, do not confuse the input and output interfaces. In most cases, they are in different groups and are surrounded by a small side. Each group is signed: IN-inputs, OUT-outputs.

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    Possible inputs to TV and cords (adapters) to them:

  • HDMI;
  • VGA;
  • S-Video;
  • DVI;
  • SCART;
  • RCA (tulips);
  • ANT (antenna input).

All modern TVs are equipped with an HDMI input. But, in most cases, you have to buy the cable separately from the tablets, because only expensive device models are equipped with it. Depending on the cord or adapter, its price can go up to 20. After connecting the tablet to the TV, on the latter you need to select the desired mode:

  • HDMI;
  • S-Video;
  • DVI;
  • VGA;
  • AV. when using SCART and RCA inputs;
  • use the channel search. when using antenna input.

In the tablet itself, you need to enable the HDMI output in the “Parameters (Settings)”.

How to connect a tablet to a TV

The tablet itself is a multimedia center, where you can comfortably watch movies, listen to music, and more. When is it important to know how to connect a tablet to a TV?

Despite the fact that all actions can be performed on a tablet PC, it is much more convenient to watch movies, photos, stream and play games on the big screen. The same goes for music, which sounds much louder when using the amplifier in the TV.

There are several ways to connect the tablet to the TV:

  • using Wi-Fi technology;
  • via HDMI output;
  • via USB output (coming soon).

Connecting a Tablet PC via Antenna Input

This is, of course, a “wild” way, but it still takes place here. To connect the device in this way, you need to have an old tape recorder or game console (DENDY, SEGA). The signal from the computer is fed to the above devices and from them. to the TV.

USB and RCA cables

The main advantage of USB is, first of all, its prevalence. the corresponding connector is present on almost any device. This means that the user is highly likely to be able to connect in this way. However, there is a small pitfall here: this cable does not provide a full connection. The same “reflection” of the screen, as when using HDMI, a person will not receive.

USB should be used if a person is satisfied that his device will act as a kind of storage device. But this is not so bad if the user just wants to watch some or a movie on the big screen. First, you have to download the required file to your tablet and play it on your TV. However, for a full screen broadcast, you need to choose other methods.

And also there is RCA, which is often called “tulip”. It can be suitable for connecting a gadget to old TVs. These models usually do not have any HDMI inputs, so this cable is a good alternative. At its end there must be a special connector suitable for the user’s device. The main disadvantage with this method of broadcasting the image will be a rather low picture quality and a large number of wires.

HDMI connection

The tablet can be connected to a TV if it has a dedicated HDMI connector. In addition, this method will be the best due to several factors. Connection features:

  • it transmits picture and sound with excellent quality using only one wire without the use of any other adapters;
  • thanks to Display Mirroring technology, you can fully synchronize the screen of two devices;
  • due to the popularity of HDMI, the corresponding connector can be found on almost all modern gadgets.

To connect, you just need to plug the cable into two devices. The connection is often carried out in a completely automatic mode. If nothing happened, then you need to go to the system settings and select the input source. HDMI.

Unfortunately, not all tablets have such a connector. If it is not on the device, then do not be upset: there are several more technologies that will allow you to establish a connection. It can be:

  • RCA;
  • Wi-Fi Direct;
  • MHL.

How to connect a tablet via USB to a TV

Watching movies or anything in high definition is much more convenient on the big screen. For these purposes, you can connect your tablet to your TV in several ways. The new models are equipped with special technologies that greatly SIMplify the connection between devices. But for old or budget devices, you will have to use different cables.

other methods

You can use a variety of adapters to connect your tablet to your TV. HDMI is best, but if there is no such connector on the device, then you should try using regular USB. However, when choosing this method, the person will not be able to access all the functions.

Devices with SmartTV technology have a special system called WI-FI Direct, which makes it much easier to create a connection. To use it, you need to open the settings of your tablet and find the tab with the same name. After activating it, you need to do this with the TV. Then the user must wait for a while until the two devices are connected. When they sync successfully, the entire contents of the tablet will be displayed on the screen.

Unfortunately, advanced SmartTV technology can only be found on new and expensive TVs, which means that this method of connection will not work for many people. Therefore, you can use various third-party programs. For owners of Android gadgets, there are many useful utilities that can be found on Google Play. You just need to find an application specifically for your model. For example, it could be “Panasonic TV Remote” or “Sony TV SideView”. From the name it is immediately clear for which manufacturer they should be used.

In addition, there are several technologies created for tablets that people can use to quickly pair their gadget with another device. One of the most famous is WI-FI Miracast, which makes it possible to broadcast the image directly to the TV screen without any intermediaries. Apple has a counterpart to this system called AirPlay. In any case, you should try several connection options and choose the best one.

So how to connect your tablet to your TV via USB

It should be noted that there are other ways to connect the tablet to a TV, for example, via the HDMI interface. In this case, the TV will be used as a monitor. Of course, for this, the TV and tablet must have an appropriate interface.

In contrast to this method, connecting the tablet via USB opens up other possibilities. In this case, the TV detects the tablet as a storage device (flash drive). In doing so, he will discover everything. photo and audio files on your tablet PC and will be able to play them. However, it’s worth noting that not every TV is capable of playing all formats and audio files. Therefore, before connecting, check the specifications of the TV and make sure that it can play the desired format.

Today, there are several ways to connect the tablet to a TV via USB:

  • Using a regular USB-microUSB cable that comes with any tablet;
  • Using an adapter, for example, from micro-USB to HDMI. This connection method allows you to use your tablet as a SIMple monitor. In this case, you can play any file formats, as well as play games. There are other options for adapters, for example, from micro-USB to composite input. This adapter allows you to connect the tablet to old TVs that do not have USB and HDMI inputs.

0.1. How to connect a tablet to a TV via USB

It should be noted that almost every modern TV has a USB port for connecting additional equipment, and absolutely any tablet has a USB output that is used to charge the battery and connect the device to a computer. Of course, this interface can also be used to connect a tablet to a TV. As mentioned above, this will allow you to enjoy high quality images on a large screen when viewing photos and or listening to music.

Connecting the tablet to a TV via USB

Modern technologies make everyday life of people brighter and easier. Every year, many different developments appear in the world, which not only allow solving a wide variety of tasks, but also fill people’s lives with entertainment. For example, tablets are an excellent assistant in the work and life of business people, as well as allow them to have fun with friends and family. They can be connected to a TV, which allows you to watch movies or photos of large companies on the big screen. In this regard, the question may arise, how to connect the tablet to the TV via USB?

Connecting a tablet to a TV:

In any of the options, the USB output of the tablet is used, but unlike the first method, the use of an adapter opens up a number of additional possibilities, although it also puts a load on the battery. But when using a micro-USB-HDMI adapter, it allows you to charge the tablet while connected. But with the composite, things are worse. Of course, this method has long been outdated and is hardly ever used.

If in the case of using adapters everything is clear. for this you just need to connect the adapter to the corresponding interfaces on the TV and tablet, then when connecting to the USB port of the TV, questions may arise.

Connecting your tablet to your TV via USB is easy and SIMple. To do this, you should also connect the wire to the corresponding interfaces on the TV and tablet (USB). Next, on the TV you need to select the signal source. As a rule, a special button is provided for this. In addition, you can select the signal source in the screen settings menu. As a rule, you do not need to configure anything in the tablet itself. After that, the TV should detect the files stored on the tablet and provide a list of them for selection.

Now you know how to connect your TV to your tablet via USB. over, if you have the necessary cables, you can use the TV as a monitor or a tablet as a flash drive.

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Connecting an old TV to a tablet

Almost all old TVs have a jack for connecting an external source. In addition to the above RCA and VGA, it can have a SCART connector. Connection to it is also possible, but for this you need to purchase two adapters. SCART-HDMI and HDMI-miniHDMI. If the TV is so old that it will not be able to play from an external source, then neither the tablet nor anything else can be connected to it.


This technology is newer than Wi-Fi Direct, moreover, it is based on it. It is mainly supported by smart TVs and devices running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean or older. Its main advantages are as follows:

  • Connection between devices is carried out without the participation of a router.
  • economical waste of battery power compared to Wi-Fi Direct.
  • The broadcast can take place both from the tablet screen to TV, and in the opposite direction.
  • WPA2 encryption for data protection.
  • Improved picture and sound quality.

The connection is easy to set up. In the TV settings, you need to activate the Miracast function, then on the tablet in the “Screen” settings section select the TV as the object of signal output.

Wireless connection

Lack of wires will come in handy for lovers of mobility. But such convenience will have to pay for possible signal instability and possible transmission delays. Everything here will depend on the quality of wireless communication in the house.

Wi-Fi Direct

Most modern TVs have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter for communicating with a wireless network. This is especially true for Smart TVs. Usually this network connectivity comes with Wi-Fi Direct.

This technology will allow you to quickly and efficiently broadcast a picture from a tablet directly to TV. To connect, you need to turn on the Wi-Fi module in the settings of both devices and connect to the network. After that, go to the Wi-Fi Direct settings on the TV, where to activate this function, and then find and select the desired tablet in the list of available devices.

Example for setting Wi-Fi Direct on LG TV

After a short time, communication between the devices will be established. Then you can safely use live streaming of everything that happens on the tablet display to the TV screen.

To establish a connection, the tablet and TV must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You also need to make sure that no software is blocking data transfer. If the connection is not activated, then you need to make sure that the UPnP protocol support is enabled in the router settings.


This technology uses a microUSB connector on tablets, but to display images on a TV, you will have to purchase a SlimPort microUSB-HDMI adapter. The output can be carried out not only to HDMI, but also to other TV ports. DVI, VGA and even DiplayPort.

It looks like a SlimPort adapter

You will first have to make sure that both the TV and the tablet support this technology. Connection is SIMilar to the above-described HDMI connection. you need to connect both devices via an adapter and a cable, and, if necessary, specify the appropriate ports for input and output in the settings.

This method is analogous to the previous one. But unlike SlimPort, MHL is able to output images only to the HDMI port of the TV. As in the previous case, the TV and tablet must support MHL technology. You will also have to purchase a microUSB to HDMI adapter.

If the TV supports MHL, then one or more of its HDMI ports will have the inscription “MHL”. It is in such ports that you need to connect the cable. After connecting the tablet, in the TV settings, you will need to select exactly MHL-HDMI as the input signal.

This technology has another significant plus. in addition to the transmission of high-quality sound and picture, the tablet will gradually be charged from the TV. This charging, although it will be quite slow, but it 100% guarantees that the device will not be discharged and will not turn off at the wrong time.

RCA is commonly known as “tulips”. RCA connectors can be found on almost all televisions produced in the 2000s. These are analog connectors, and therefore you will have to forget about good quality transmission.

To connect, you will have to get hold of an HDMI to AV (RCA) signal converter. With its help, the digital format of the tablet will be converted to analog, which will be able to recognize the old TV.

The converter will only have HDMI and RCA connectors. The first, as you might guess, will be designed to connect with a smartphone. The other three RCA cables connect to the TV.

It looks like HDMI to AV / RCA converter

It is necessary to connect all tulips according to the colors. The yellow cable is responsible for the transmission of the picture, the white and red ones. for the sounds. On the tablet, you need to turn on the output of the picture to HDMI, and on the TV switch to the AV channel responsible for the RCA jacks.

This connector is quite old, and although it can still be seen in laptops, tablets are not equipped with one now. But if it is on the TV, then using a mini / microUSB. VGA or miniHDMI. VGA adapter, you can still establish a connection. Connection is carried out in the same way as through normal HDMI.

Connecting the tablet to the TV. Wired and wireless methods

Powerful modern tablets give users many options. With their help, it is convenient to surf the Internet, play productive games or watch movies with high quality. But when a good TV is in the room, then a tandem of a powerful tablet with a large screen on the wall is an excellent choice. You just need to know how to connect a tablet to a TV, since there are many ways for this.


This technology is quite old, and it is not enough for a full-fledged broadcast of high-quality sound or from a tablet to a TV. But you can connect these devices, and thanks to the tablet, you can control the TV.

This can be done only with those TVs that are controlled by the Android TV operating system, or a set-top box controlled by this OS is connected to them. If the TV did not have a built-in Bluetooth module, then you will need to purchase a SIMple Bluetooth adapter for the TV.

You need to download a control application on your tablet. One of these is “Android TV Remote Control”. It is completely free and allows you to use your tablet or smartphone as a remote control. You can change channels, control the volume, control the screen using both the arrow buttons and the phone’s touch screen as a touchpad. You can also enter text using the onscreen keyboard and even use your phone’s microphone for voice prompts.

After launching the application (remembering to turn on Bluetooth on both devices), you need to accept the user agreement and click “Allow” in the next window. Then select TV in the list of devices. The TV screen will display a code that must be entered in the application. After that, the connection will be finally established.

Wired connection

Connecting with cables may not be very convenient. However, it is the wires that can provide the most comfortable data transfer, without packet loss and without signal delay.

This interface is capable of transmitting both picture and sound through just one cable. no adapters or additional devices. The transmission takes place in digital format, which ensures perfect transmission of quality. Probably, it is impossible to find a modern TV without this port, but HDMI is less common in tablets, although manufacturers are trying to build it everywhere.

HDMI allows streaming. directly capturing the tablet screen. everything that will be displayed on it will be transmitted to the TV in real time. And considering the SIMplicity and speed of connection, this port will be the best solution among other wired.

It looks like an adapter from microUSB to HDMI

To establish a connection, in most cases, SIMply connect the tablet and TV with a cable. The devices will automatically recognize each other and establish communication. If this does not happen, you need to specify the HDMI source as an input signal in the TV settings. Accordingly, in the tablet settings, select the signal output to HDMI.

This method is somewhat less functional than HDMI. Through USB, you will be able to use the tablet only as an external storage device. This will allow you to play music, photos, etc. on your TV. preloaded on the tablet. But streaming from the screen will no longer work.

An ordinary USB cable that comes with the device is enough for connection. Having connected both devices, you need to select the connection method “as a drive” in the USB tablet settings. The TV will “pick up” the device like an ordinary USB flash drive, after which it remains to go to the desired folder and run the desired files.

Google Chromecast box

Chromecast is a device that needs to be purchased separately. This set-top box connects to the TV via the HDMI interface, and allows you to display on the TV screen everything that is displayed on the tablet. In addition to connecting HDMI, the set-top box needs to be powered. By connecting it to an outlet via an adapter, or via USB to a TV. Then follow these instructions:

  • Make sure both devices are connected to the same network.
  • Launch the application. Select “Start”, then click the “Configure” button.
  • Log in to your Google account.
  • Wait until the application detects TV, then click “Next”.
  • The TV will display a digital code that must be entered in the application on the tablet.
  • The devices will connect and synchronize, after which it will be possible to use the connection.

Google Chromecast device