How To Connect A Smartphone To A TV Via Wi-Fi

Connection options

There are several of them. It all depends on the functionality of the TV box, the presence of certain interfaces. Ideally, it should be equipped with a USB connector and a Wi-Fi module. Now we will analyze several common methods.

Wi-Fi Direct

This method does not provide for real-time broadcasting, but is intended to view the file system (gallery) of the device on a large display.

  • First you need to set up your mobile gadget. In the Wi-Fi parameters, we find additional settings and turn on the Wi-Fi Direct function there:
  • We start the search and go to the TV configuration.
  • Press “Settings” on the remote control, go to the “Network” section (as in the previous instructions). Here we enter the corresponding menu to activate the mode.
  • When you see your gadget in the list, click on it. On the smart itself, a confirmation will be displayed. click OK.
  • It remains only to use the special utilities installed on the TV. It could be Smart Share or LG Remote. By running them, you can view all the content of the mobile device (photo,) on the TV screen.

All methods of connecting a smartphone to a TV. Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI

Modern mobile devices have long ceased to be a SIMple “dialer”. They are able to replace a camera, camera, play multimedia files and even interact with TVs and other devices of the Smart TV level. But many do not know how to connect a smartphone to a TV via Wi-Fi and other interfaces. I’ll talk about this in the article.


This name is the modern standard for transmitting information over a wireless channel. If the TV has support for this interface, then you can easily broadcast everything that happens on the screen (photos, games).

What should be done?

  • Turn on the TV and go to the settings by pressing the Menu, Setup or Settings buttons on the remote control (depending on the model). Then you should go to the “Network” section and turn on Miracast inside:
  • Now on your mobile device, “lower the curtain” and activate the broadcast:
  • The search for receivers starts. When your TV is found, click on it to pair, and a message will be displayed on the TV itself, where you need to confirm the connection.
  • Image transfer will start immediately after that. If the picture is not full screen, then the smartphone should be turned over so that it is in a horizontal position.

How to connect a smartphone to a TV via USB?

This is the SIMplest option available to most users who do not have a wireless module on their box, but have a USB port. You need to take the cable that you use to connect the smart to the computer, insert one end of it into the gadget, the other into the TV.

In the TV menu, select the source type. USB by pressing the Input or Source button on the remote control. You will immediately see the files of the smartphone, you can view them. This is the same if you connected a USB flash drive.

There is also such a wonderful cable “HDMI. micro USB”, with which you can also connect two devices:

We recommend:

This is a modern standard for transmitting audio and signal in digital, without conversion and loss of quality. I already talked about how you can pair laptop with TV in this way. Now you will learn how to connect a smartphone to a TV via HDMI.

It is very strange that the newest models of well-known brands were left without support for this interface, although it was previously present in many devices. For example, my friend had an HTC One X, which even came with a cable.

You could easily transfer high-definition sound and picture to a large monitor. For games or watching movies. the most it.

This method is distinguished by the absence of delays, “brakes” typical for wireless transmission over Wi-Fi. And the image quality is just perfect.

The setup procedure is outrageously SIMple:

  • With the TV off, you need to connect the two devices with a cable (see the screenshot above).
  • Turn on the TV receiver. Automatic tuning should occur. If this does not happen, then we select the HDMI source manually (there may be several of them in the TV set).

We figured out how to connect a smartphone to a TV via Wi-Fi, USB or HDMI. Agree, there is nothing complicated. You can complete these steps in a few minutes, even without experience.

Using a router

The router will also help you connect your phone to your TV. To use the router as a device for connection, perform the following procedure:

  • enter the TV menu;
  • redirected to the “Network” section and go to the “Network settings” subsection;
  • choose the type “Wireless network”.

They select their wireless network by name, click on it and enter the security code from Wi-Fi. After that, connect the smartphone to the home network.


Instructions for this technology are available in the format:

This is an interface that allows you to exchange data between devices over a wireless channel. You can connect Android to TV using Miracast as follows:

  • turn on TV and enter the device menu;
  • redirected to the “Network” section;
  • click on the Miracast label.

Next, go to the phone:

  • they lower the wings of the device and are redirected to the “Broadcast” section;
  • the search for devices for signal reception starts;
  • when a new model is found, click on its name;
  • using the remote control, confirm the connection on the TV;
  • when the procedure is completed, the corresponding image will appear, and the receiver will have access to all the data of the smartphone.

Wi-Fi Direct

This method helps to connect devices, but it can only be used to view the data that is stored in the gadget. Going online won’t work like that.

To connect a smartphone to a TV, you first configure the gadget. This requires the following actions:

  • enter the Wi-Fi menu;
  • redirected to the additional settings subsection;
  • click on the inscription Wi-Fi Direct.

Thanks to such actions, the technology is launched. After that, enter the TV menu.

How To Connect A Smartphone To A TV Via Wi-Fi

For your Philips appliance, do the following:

  • press the “Home” button;
  • redirected to the “Settings”;
  • select the “Wi-Fi Direct” section.

After that, using the remote control, go to the “Parameters”. Then select the sub-item “Guide”. Click on the inscription “Other methods”. Here you can find information about SSID and WPA. This data is recorded on a piece of paper, since they are needed to make a connection with a smartphone.

How to connect your phone to your LG TV:

  • enter the main menu;
  • redirected to the “Network” tab;
  • select Wi-Fi Direct and the LG TV starts searching for the phone.

To connect to a Samsung TV:

  • on the remote control press the “Menu” button;
  • redirected to the “Network” subsection;
  • click on the inscription “Prog. AP “and enable the option.

When these steps are completed, take the phone and select an access point. To do this, enter the “Available Connections” section. If required, enter identification information.

To open any file from a smartphone on a TV, select the desired folder on the phone and click on the “Share” button. After that, select the name of the receiver in the menu. No more action is required.

Why do you need a connection?

When an Android phone is connected to a TV, the gadget in such a bundle acts as a projector that transmits images to a large screen. This allows:

  • view images stored in the smartphone’s memory;
  • run various applications;
  • play phone games;
  • view;
  • go to sites and flip through pages on the Internet;
  • make presentations;
  • the smartphone can be a remote control to control the TV.

There are several ways to connect your phone to your TV. This allows users to choose the most appropriate option.

DLNA Server

In this method, we will use a third-party application with the Play Market DLNA Server. To connect a smartphone to a Smart TV receiver, you need both devices to be on the same home Wi-Fi network.

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If the conditions are met, the required application is installed, do the following:

  • open the software, make a new DLNA server and give it any name;
  • enter SSID. the name of your Wi-Fi network;
  • go to the Root section, select and mark the folder that you need to view;
  • return to the main menu, select the created server and turn it on with the “Start” button;
  • in the settings section on TV we are looking for the item “”, there we find our server, select it and see the folder that we marked earlier. In it, select any file and open.

Another application can be used. BubbleUPnP. See instructions here:

Via YouTube

This is a popular program that allows you not only to watch interestings, films and cartoons, but also offers various services for connecting devices.

To connect the receiver and transmitter, proceed as follows:

How to connect a smartphone to a TV via WI-FI: working methods

Hello! Now almost every family has a modern TV with Smart TV function. With it, you can go online and view the contents of your phone folders on the big screen. But for this, the device needs to be connected. This can be done with a cable and without wires.

Probably everyone already knows how to connect your phone to a TV via WI-FI. For those who do not know or have recently acquired a new TV, consider this topic. Getting started!

  • Why do you need a connection?
  • Miracast
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Via YouTube
  • Using a router
  • DLNA Server
  • Via USB
  • HDMI


This is the easiest way to connect your phone to a TV without Wi-Fi. Usually this method is used if the receiver is not equipped with a wireless module, but the device has a socket for a USB cable.

To connect devices in this way, one end of the cable is inserted into the socket of the device, the other into the socket of the smartphone. After that, the type of connection is selected on the TV. In this case, it is USB. All phone folders will appear on the TV screen at once.

This method allows you to transfer data from one device to another without loss of picture quality and sound. HDMI cable is compatible with any TV model. To pair, proceed as follows:

  • the TV is turned off;
  • the cable is connected at one end to the receiver, the other to the gadget (you need to use a special adapter);
  • the device is turned on and automatic adjustment occurs.

If the receiver does not see the phone and the gadget files are not displayed on the screen, you must select the HDMI option in the sources. After that, the screen will immediately display all the folders of the smartphone.

The following describes another method that does not require any technology or applications:

As you can see, there are many ways to connect TV to your phone. Write in the comments which method you use most often, and how is it convenient?

If you have any questions, I am waiting for messages! Always connected, your Wi-FiGid!

Benefits of connecting your phone to a TV wirelessly via Wi-Fi

But first, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of synchronization that you can enjoy by mastering one or more of the following methods. The first and main advantage of displaying images on TV is the ability to fully view data presented in any supported formats; in other cases, preliminary formatting may be required. Having figured out how to connect your phone to a TV via Wi-Fi, you can stream data without any problems, pause and then restart playback if necessary.

The technologies listed below will allow you to:

  • Watch movies, clips,s, own recordings on a wide diagonal.
  • Open photos saved in almost any format, as well as run a slideshow.
  • Listen to audio recordings saved in the gadget’s memory or, if possible, broadcast online.
  • Play games, including those requiring a continuous connection to the Internet.
  • Work in special programs, for example, for photo correction, design or projection.
  • Communicate in instant messengers, email clients, communication applications.
  • Open presentations, flip through digital books and magazines.

Note that most of the methods, which will be described below, allow you to use other equipment SIMultaneously with a smartphone, for example, mice, keyboards, joysticks. In fact, you can use a mobile gadget as a game console or mini-PC. and for all this, you just need to figure out how to connect your phone to a TV via Wi-Fi.

The transmission of the digital signal itself, carried out after the connection is established, occurs automatically. You don’t need to take any further action until you need to stop or restart the sync. In addition, in this mode, you can use the phone as a stand-alone TV remote control. The function will come in handy, in particular, if the original remote control breaks down.

From a practical point of view, the easiest way to connect a TV and a gadget is with cables. The technology eliminates signal loss, however, it is associated with the need to place the wire so that it does not interfere with movement, and also, in some cases, to purchase adapters, without which the connection will be impossible. Using a wireless network instead of a cord solves a number of problems. we recommend that you focus on this particular method.

In the following sections, we will consider several of the most popular options for displaying images on TV via Wi-Fi. These include:

  • Applying Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Broadcasting an online stream from hosting.
  • Setting up and running the internal server.
  • Using Miracast technology.
  • Transmission of. and audio signal through special third-party applications.

All these options assume that you already have Wi-Fi configured and working properly. It is not difficult to connect the phone to the TV via Wi-Fi using the instructions in the following sections; read. and choose the most suitable way!

Sony TV Wi-Fi connection

First of all, in order to be able to output a signal from a mobile gadget to the selected TV model, you will need:

  • Use the Home button by taking the remote control.
  • From the main section “Settings”, which will be displayed immediately after this action, open the subsection Advanced Setting.
  • Sequentially activate both functions required to start broadcasting: Built-in Wi-Fi, and then, when the initial setup is completed, Wi-Fi Direct.
  • After you complete the listed manipulations, the name of the internal network, as well as the password required to connect to it, will be displayed on the TV screen. It is this data that should be used to connect with a smartphone.

As a result of correct manipulations, the TV will automatically start synchronization. To start mirroring your phone screen to your TV over Wi-Fi, you need to give the appropriate permissions. In the process, it is possible to activate or deactivate attempts to communicate with any third-party devices detected in the access zone.

The TV does not always instantly respond to user attempts to navigate to Settings. If you notice that the model freezes, we advise you to either turn off the TV for a few minutes, and then turn it on, try again, or completely reset the current settings, returning to the factory settings.

Create DLNA network

Using this option, which is also SIMple, requires Smart TV to be available on the TV. You can get an idea of ​​the availability of the option by referring to the instructions, looking at the factory packaging or by asking a question on the manufacturer’s website.

In order to connect the phone to the TV via Wi-Fi, you will need to prepare in advance:

  • A router that sends a signal to at least one of the connected devices.
  • Smartphone connected to Wi-Fi.
  • TV on the same network and wired or wirelessly connected. The first option is recommended if you plan to play large files that might be difficult to transfer over Wi-Fi.

The next obligatory step is to download and install a special application for launching a multimedia server for Android (applications for iOS are discussed in the corresponding section of the article about broadcasting images from the phone screen to the TV). Before proceeding to further instructions, it should be noted that the technology allows you to broadcast only the data that is already in the gadget’s memory. Thus, duplicating the process of playing or using programs will not work; for this you will have to choose some other of the listed methods.

After making sure that the TV supports the use of Smart TV, as well as that both the TV and the mobile phone are located in a common network, you can proceed to the following manipulations:

  • Run the program that allows you to connect your smartphone to the TV via Wi-Fi, and then, without leaving the main page, create a new internal server.
  • For the name of the new server, select the name of the network where both devices are located.
  • Using the possibilities presented on the Root tab, select the directories from which the signal will subsequently be broadcast.
  • To start playback, go back to the main page of the application and then click “Start”. If all actions were performed correctly, after tap on the screen, the server will start working.
  • In the next step, after turning on the TV, select the recently launched server as the source from which the digital signal comes. Now you need to select a file (or several files) from the list that you would like to see on a wide screen. and start playback.
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Connecting LG TV to Wi-Fi

Connecting a phone to a TV from this manufacturer is not much different from the aLGorithm for Samsung. You will need:

  • After the function is activated, it will automatically start scanning for available equipment. At this stage, or even at the previous one, you will need to turn on TV.
  • Referring to the settings of the receiving device, find the “Network” subsection in the list. It will contain the Wi-Fi Direct parameter, which you will need to enable.
  • At the next stage, the access key will be displayed on the TV screen. It will need to be entered in a new window of the gadget; in addition, it is very likely that you will need to give permission to access the memory.
  • Now you should start syncing over Wi-Fi. How to connect a smartphone to a TV via Wi-Fi, we will tell in the final paragraphs of the instructions.
  • Select from the list displayed on the TV-screen to which smartphone the TV should be connected.
  • Once the connection is established, you can easily transfer data across a wide diagonal, play audio tracks or duplicate gameplay.

Organize a YouTube broadcast

Perhaps the most popular hosting today that allows you to broadcast. and audio streams from your smartphone to your TV. The advantages of the technology are obvious: you can watch your favorite channels on TV without damaging your eyes. and for this you just need to make a few SIMple settings.

In general, the connection process looks like this:

  • To start an online broadcast from your phone to your TV via Wi-Fi, you check if the mobile hosting client is running on the gadget. If necessary, you need to download and install it.
  • Activate the Watch on TV parameter by opening the list of options. In the next few seconds, you will see an interactive instruction that will help you with further settings.
  • In a SIMilar manner, after turning on the TV, activate the hosting application on it. Now you need to select “In manual mode” as the connection method.
  • Using a smartphone, choose a TV to broadcast.
  • Add the phone to the list of broadcast sources by clicking on the corresponding button. Before starting synchronization, you may need to enter a confirmation code on the gadget. After completing the listed manipulations, you can safely start streaming playback.

How to connect your phone to a TV via Wi-Fi: all popular connection methods

Using modern smartphones, you get access to almost the same set of options that are available on a desktop PC. and in some cases to a much wider range of possibilities. There is only one fatal drawback. the screen is not too wide, which does not allow you to fully enjoy the gameplay, work in specific applications or, for example, read e-books without harming your eyes. Hence the question: how to connect the phone to the TV via Wi-Fi. LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips and other TV manufacturers allow you to do this both without additional equipment and using all kinds of set-top boxes and external modules. In the article we will focus on the most popular options that do not require the purchase of cables and adapters.

Usually, the ability to connect a gadget to a TV is present by default, however, in order not to waste time, we recommend that you make sure in advance that the model you are using supports this option for signal output. Study the instructions below, choose the method that suits you best. and in a few minutes you will be able to transfer movies, photos to a wide screen, as well as duplicate a game or workflow.

How to connect iPhone via Wi-Fi using Sony Bravia TV as an example

Now let’s look at how the connection to the TV is performed if you use Apple products instead of smartphones. The aLGorithm of actions in this case does not differ in complexity:

  • After you turn on the Wi-Fi Direct function on your TV, you need to start syncing with your iPhone. To do this, you need to use a passkey. it is displayed on the TV screen. We recommend that you do not switch the screen until the process is complete.
  • The next step that you need to take in order to understand how to connect an iPhone to a TV via Wi-Fi is to go to the “Settings” of the phone and select the item of the same name in them, and then activate the reception of a wireless signal.
  • In the next step, you will need to select the name of the network to which you are going to connect. As in the previous example, the SSID is likely to be long enough to include the TV model name.
  • In the line intended for entering the access key, enter the password, not forgetting to first switch to the Latin alphabet. When you have entered all the characters displayed on the TV screen, press “Done / Join”.
  • If all the previous manipulations are performed correctly, you will find that a settings window is displayed on the iPhone screen. A check mark next to the network name will indicate a successful connection; at the same time, an icon will appear on the TV screen indicating the presence of a wireless connection.

It happens that the actions described earlier do not work, and synchronization does not start. In such a situation, you must first of all try again, entering the password as carefully as possible. perhaps the error was in it. If this does not help, you will need to start broadcasting from the phone to the TV via Wi-Fi, turn off both devices, and then, after turning on again, go through the entire described path from the very beginning. It is possible that TV and a gadget are, in principle, incompatible; then you have to look for some other option for transferring the picture to the TV. Otherwise, no difficulties are foreseen: if the synchronization is successful, any auxiliary programs can be used to broadcast the digital stream, in particular. iMediaShare.

Connecting Samsung TV to Wi-Fi

A very important issue, without which it will not be possible to establish a connection between the phone and TV, is the primary connection of the TV to the wireless network. First of all, we advise you to make sure that the receiving device works with a function such as Smart TV. If the requirement is met, this clearly indicates the possibility of using Wi-Fi Direct technology for duplication. There will be no such difficulties with the phone. absolutely all modern gadgets support data transfer via Wi-Fi.

In other cases, in particular, if you are a lucky owner of TV series F5300, H4203В, H5203, ES5500, ES5507, ES5530, ES5537, ES5550, ES5557, EH5300, EH5307, E550, E557, UE58J5200, you need to be able to connect your phone to a TV Samsung via Wi-Fi, you will need to purchase a removable WIS12 module. Today this is the best option: you can connect the device to any available USB port.

Owners of TVs belonging to the series LS, N, M, N, Q, R in order to start broadcasting, you will need to take the next few steps. For the rest of the TV series, the technique is almost the same:

  • Press the button with the house icon on the remote control supplied with the TV. It is usually located in the lower center sector of the panel.
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate to Settings.
  • Find and open a subsection, most often called “General”.
  • Go to the next item, which is necessarily contained in the “Settings” list. “Networks”.
  • By clicking on the header of the line that appears on the screen, open the settings of the network used for connection.
  • Specify “Wireless” as the preferred mode, which will be used during further synchronization.
  • When the list of SSIDs that you can connect to appears on the TV-screen, mark the one you need: the one from which you know the password.
  • After completing the steps listed, you will most likely be required to enter a password. unless the network is not secure. The access code must be entered in the corresponding line; to see what is happening on the screen, a checkmark in the “Show password” checkbox will help.
  • Now you have an idea how to connect your phone to your TV via Wi-Fi. It remains to click “OK”. your TV is ready to start broadcasting!

Wi-Fi Direct Connection

To use this, perhaps the easiest to learn option, you will need to check if the TV supports the option. Most likely, you are going to transmit a multimedia signal to a relatively new TV model, which means that there will be no problems. The technology under consideration has two significant advantages that are not available when using a number of other methods. Firstly, you don’t have to purchase any additional modules: everything is already built into your phone and TV. Secondly, there is no need to connect to a router and precede the authorization process. Basically, you create a separate network of just two devices.

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However, you will have to take a few preliminary steps, without which it will be impossible to establish a connection. In the most general terms, the procedure is as follows:

  • The first phase is an appeal to the smartphone settings. You will need to activate a wireless connection, without which signal transmission will be impossible.
  • The second phase. in order to transmit a stream via Wi-Fi Direct from your phone to an LG, Samsung or Sony TV, you enable the option of the same name on the gadget.
  • The third phase. after turning on the TV, you find the section named “Network”, and also enable the option considered in this section.
  • Next, synchronization will be launched, usually lasting from 5-10 seconds to a minute. Using the remote control or control buttons, you choose with which of the phones in the range the TV should be synchronized.
  • Now, depending on the manufacturer’s security policy, you will either need to enter the code on the smartphone required to complete the synchronization, or SIMply give the appropriate permissions.
  • After the previous manipulations have been completed, you will need to select the data that you would like to see on the TV screen and start broadcasting. Play can always be paused or interrupted and then started again.

How to connect a phone to a TV via Wi-Fi without a router

Consider two popular technologies:

    Wi-Fi Direct is a data transfer standard that allows you to organize a local network without a router between devices that support this standard. If you want to connect your TV to your phone via Direct. then both the gadget and the TV must support this standard.

Off wires. connect your phone to your TV via Wi-Fi

TV is an integral part of modern life and in order to use it to the maximum, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with this article. In the material, we will consider the options and analyze in detail how to connect a smartphone to a TV via wi-fi. Agree: it’s nice to watch pictures or movies, go online and watch movies online on a large TV screen in good resolution, because today your smartphone is not just a dialer, but a whole media center. Phone. smartphone to a TV set can be connected in the following ways:

Wireless connection:

  • The local network
  • Wi Fi direct technology
  • Wi Fi miracast technology

Wired connection:

The article will describe how you can connect your TV to your phone (or vice versa) using a wireless connection.

Connecting using wi-fi

In order to connect the phone to the TV via Wi-Fi, you need to make sure that the TV receiver supports this data transfer standard.

If you have a TV without SmartTV technology and a built-in wi-fi module, then you can establish a connection using an external wi fi adapter for the TV.

In the absence of a router, you can connect via Wi-Fi and synchronize devices with each other directly, provided that the devices support certain technologies. Modern television receivers and smartphones are equipped with all the necessary software to organize the pairing of devices with high data transfer rates without losing their quality.

Local network connection: via router

If a local network is configured in the room and wi-fi is distributed through a router, then:

    We need to connect the TV to a wi-fi network. Go to the section “Settings”, then “Network”, then “Network connections” and configure the network connection.

What to say

First of all, this information can help you when choosing devices: a smartphone or a TV. When you choose a device, carefully study the technical specifications, ask a consultant what technologies the gadget you want to purchase supports, and then you can easily set up the equipment for signal transmission via wi-fi and enjoy a high-quality picture on a widescreen TV screen, without using wires.

So which phone can be connected to the router via Wi-Fi?

Correct answer: a phone, the hardware of which includes a special Wi-Fi module.

The presence of such is indicated by the inscription Wi-Fi on the packaging of the device or the corresponding mention in the user manual.

Why Wi-Fi Internet on your phone is better than 4G connection?

  • – Benefit: why pay extra for mobile traffic when there is a “free” home Internet?
  • – “Unlimited”: with a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet, you do not have to “count” the spent megabytes.
  • – “Independence” from cellular operators: in the absence of a mobile signal, you can safely use the Internet (on some devices, even with no SIM card).
  • – Battery saving: Wi-Fi application is less power-consuming than working on LTE or 3G networks, therefore, when working with Wi-Fi, the battery drains more slowly.

Let’s take a closer look at how to connect the Internet on your phone through a router on the main mobile OS.

How to connect your phone to a router via Wi-Fi?

Of course, the mobile Internet is a pretty useful technology that allows you to connect to the World Wide Web almost anywhere in the world. But for home use, 4G communication standard is far from always convenient and profitable, especially if the subscriber has a high-quality modern router installed.

And in this article we will analyze how to connect a phone to a router, and how home Wi-Fi Internet is more profitable than a “classic” mobile connection.

At the same time, we will immediately “get rid” of several common misconceptions:

  • – firstly, almost any modern phone can be connected to the Wi-Fi network: the success of this operation in no way does not depend from the manufacturer of the gadget (whether it is Samsung, Nokia, fly, LG or a SIMple pusher) or its appearance (“classic” push-button phone or a modern sensor);
  • – secondly, the connection of “mobile” Wi-Fi also does not depend on the Internet provider: if a Wi-Fi access point exists, then you can connect to it. And who provides this resource: Rostelecom, MTS, BYFLY or a millionaire neighbor. does not matter.
  • – and finally, the operating system installed on the cell phone (Android, Windows Phone or iOS) only affects the way of setting up the connection to the local network.

How to connect Wi-Fi on Android phone?

Connecting Android devices is almost the same for all models of cell phones and smartphones: the differences are not significant.

To connect Wi-Fi, you first need to unlock the device and go to the main menu.

Next in the list of icons, look for “Settings” (the icon usually looks like a gear, or a panel with horizontal sliders) and go to the OS settings.

In this window, the main setting menu will appear in front of you: here (usually the first item) Wi-Fi settings are located. go to the Wi-Fi submenu.

(For “older” versions of Android, you first need to go to “Wireless networks” and select “Wi Fi Settings” there)

In the settings window:

  • – if the Wi-Fi adapter is enabled, the networks available for connection will be displayed;
  • – if the Wi-Fi module is off, the system will prompt you to turn on Wi-Fi to view the available network connections. You can connect the adapter with a slider (usually, in the upper right corner. see the picture).

Select the network you need from the list, and in the dialog box that appears, write the password to access this network.

If you entered the password incorrectly and the connection to the wireless network did not happen. click on this network again and in the dialog box that appears, specify “Forget”, after which you must enter the required authentication data again.

How to connect an iOS phone to a Wi-Fi modem?

To set up a connection to a Wi-Fi access point on iOS, you first need to go to the main menu and select the “Settings” subsection there.

Then select “General”. “Net”. “Wi Fi”.

Set the touch slider to “ON” to scan for available Wi-Fi hotspots.

Select your home network from the list of networks and enter your credentials.

If everything is specified correctly, in the future your phone will automatically connect to your home Wi-Fi network.

How you can connect Wi-Fi on your Windows Phone.

Connecting such phones is almost identical to setting up Wi-Fi on Android devices.

The only difference here is the visual design of the menu interface.

Find in the menu “Settings”, then go to the submenu “Wi-Fi” and select here the network you are interested in.

If necessary, enter the password to connect to Wi Fi. the phone is ready to work in the home network.