How To Connect A Smart Set-Top Box To A TV

Making Stupid Smart: How to Connect a Smart Set-Top Box to a TV

How To Connect A Smart Set-Top Box To A TV

We will tell you how to turn your ordinary TV into a Smart TV by connecting a set-top box to it.

Want a Smart TV, but don’t want to buy a new TV instead of a gorgeous LCD panel? Not a problem: just connect a Smart Box to your TV. This article will show you how to make Smart TV out of a regular TV. And here we have a good selection of Smart consoles for 2019. choose your taste and wallet.

How to set up a Smart set-top box to your TV?

Setting up a Smart-TV box is mainly about connecting it to the Internet. This can be done in two ways:

Via Wi-Fi

The advantage of this method is that it is supported by literally all Smart-TV set-top boxes, as it is a standard. The connection procedure may differ from device to device, but is generally SIMilar. To connect via Wi-Fi, do the following:

  • Enter the STB menu in any available way. For example, by pressing the Menu button on the remote control.
  • In any way available in the menu of your set-top box, go to the network settings and enable the wireless network. For example, move the Wi-Fi activation slider, or use the remote control buttons to select the type of connection (wireless).
  • After a while, a list of available Wi-Fi networks will appear. Select yours, using, for example, the “left-right” or “up-down” buttons on the remote control and press OK (the Connect button) to connect to it.
  • Next, you need to enter the network password. we hope you have it. Quite an annoying procedure if you use the remote control: you have to “run” with the “up-down” and “left-right” buttons on the on-screen keyboard, typing letters. By the way, for those who are especially nervous: many Smart-TV set-top boxes with USB input are compatible with a regular computer mouse. You can connect it to the set-top box and the setup process will go more fun.
  • Click Connect (OK, Finish, your option) and the set-top box will connect to your wireless network. After that, you can start working with it.

How to connect a Smart Box to a TV?

Connecting the set-top box should not cause any difficulties even for inexperienced users. After all, all you need to do is connect the box to the TV with a cable. To do this, do the following:

  • Turn off the power to both devices. If the set-top box does not have its own plug in the outlet, then disconnect only the TV. It is generally better to pull out the plug from the socket for reliability. The HDMI interface, through which the set-top box is connected to the TV, often burns out if you connect two devices, each of which has its own power source.
  • Take the HDMI cable that came with the set-top box and insert it one end into the corresponding connector on the set-top box, and the other into the HDMI connector on the TV. If the set-top box is connected via USB, insert the USB cable.
  • What if the TV is old and doesn’t have HDMI? An HDMI-AV converter can be purchased. Such a box costs about 1.5 thousand rubles, but even if you bought your box in the 90s, it allows you to make Smart-TV from a TV. In this case, you first need to connect the converter to the TV using “tulips”, and then connect the set-top box through it with an HDMI cable. The converter looks something like this: Look at Yulmart
  • Turn on both devices.

After that, you can start configuring the prefix.

How Smart TV Box Works?

Smart set-top boxes are designed for one purpose: to make a Smart-TV out of a SIMple TV. To do this, they all allow you to connect your old TV box to the Internet. They are divided into three types:

    Dongle for connecting a smartphone. This is a mini-device resembling an ordinary USB flash drive with a USB or HDMI connector. It supports one of the technologies for connecting a smartphone to a TV (Miracast, DLNA, Airplay). in this article we described in detail how to connect a smartphone to a TV. The principle of its work is that it broadcasts content that you find on your smartphone to the TV screen. through a special application or by screen mirroring.

Via Ethernet

A number of set-top boxes support cable connection. Thus, they can be connected to a router via a local network with an ordinary piece of RJ-45 cable. And this is a good way, because we will never get tired of repeating: no wireless connection can be more stable than a wired one. With the cable, you will have a guarantee that the picture on the TV will not be interrupted or, for example, lag behind the sound.

To connect via wire, if supported by your set-top box, do the following:

  • Insert the LAN cable with one end into the port on the set-top box, and the other into one of the ports on the router. Of course, it is better that they are located close to each other. read our material on how to properly install a router.
  • In any way, enter the set-top box menu and find the network settings. For example, you may have a menu item “Network”. “Network Settings”.
  • Select the type of network. Cable (Wired connection, your option).
  • Click Connect (OK, Done, your option).
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No password is required. As you can see, using a cable to turn a regular TV into a Smart TV is much easier.

However. this is only the beginning, then it’s up to you. How you will turn your TV into a “smart”. the choice is yours. Whether you connect it to a smartphone, as we recommend, install applications and games through the menu of the set-top box itself, or will you watch online TV through the built-in browser. there can be no universal instructions.

Smart TV connection methods

Connecting the set-top box to the TV is set up quite SIMply. Communication can be done via HDMI cable. Most modern TVs provide such a move, but, just in case, HDMI-AV is supplied with the set-top box (usually, but not in all models). The set-top box provides the ability to access the Internet from the TV.

You can provide Smart TV with network access by connecting the set-top box to a wireless Wi-Fi router, as well as using a LAN cable via the Ethernet port. The use of wireless communication allows you to create an entire home system, providing all devices with local access. So you will be able to view materials, files, films, photos on a large television screen. Most set-top boxes have a Card-Reader installed, which is necessary for reading information from SD cards, and a USB port.

It should be noted that set-top boxes differ in layout and format. For example, the Android Mini system provides one output for image output, a card reader connector, USB and MiniUSB ports. They do not have a separate audio input, not all have an additional antenna for receiving a Wi-Fi signal. Others, TV Boxes have a larger format and dimensions, equipped with multiple connectors, a jack for sound and microphone, ports (Ethernet) and an additional antenna for the network. Also, the package may include additional functions provided by the manufacturer. Large models are stationary, multifunctional TV systems.

How to connect a Smart Box to a TV

Smart TVs are an integral part of modern housing. They serve for entertainment, convenient Internet access, watching movies in 3D, education. Models with “smart” system capture the market, winning the primacy and attention of the consumer from conventional TVs.

It is noteworthy that many buyers who dream of a functional platform prefer the most expensive options. The functional capabilities of expensive models can hardly be called a disadvantage relative to TVs, inferior to them in performance. However, the “weak” options do an excellent job with most everyday tasks.

As a rule, in the middle segment there are TVs with good sound filling, high resolution and bright, detailed picture. The main advantage of such models is their cost. Before buying a TV, it is important to determine the size and find out how to connect a Smart TV set-top box to a TV.

For example, a customer has already selected the desired option and purchased a conventional, modern TV and wants to independently install a smart “brain”. There shouldn’t be any problems with this. To expand the functionality of the TV, Smart TV technology is used. She is a small computer. After purchasing the system, many are wondering how to connect a Smart set-top box?

Platform and model selection

There are only two systems for consoles. Android and Windows OS. Everyone should independently choose a convenient platform. Android has many benefits:

  • A large number of applications;
  • Continuous support;
  • Working with batches of documents.

In addition, a set-top box with SIMilar characteristics will cost less than on Window. However, you will not be able to run applications that were not developed for Android, the only way out is to search for an analogue on Google Play. Also, when buying a Smart TV, it is important to learn about codec support.

When choosing a model, you need to focus on cost and filling. For example, setting up an IPTV on an MXQ Smart TV set-top box is as easy as in analogs. It has good performance and low cost.

What is a set-top box on Android?

Typically, this is a small device that connects to the TV through a special connector. The power supply is a regular 220 V power supply. If the set-top box is connected to the Smart TV using a USB connector, it receives power directly from the TV. The device is designed with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This device can be compared to a modern tablet or phone.

How to use the console?

You bought “Smart TV”. How to use? If connected correctly, 6 tabs will appear on the main screen. First you need to enable the wireless network. This can be done by going to the “Settings” item. The settings are the same as on modern phones and tablets. Therefore, this will not be difficult to accomplish. All basic parameters have their own names. It should be noted that working with a wireless network does not cause problems.

In this situation, the only drawback is the operating system itself (Android).

If you have made an incorrect setting of the date and time, a notification will constantly pop up on the screen. Therefore, this issue must be resolved immediately.

How to set up a Smart TV?

After the set-top box is connected to the TV, you must select the appropriate operating mode. You should not immediately connect to the Internet, as you will not see the desired result. First you need to go to the HDMI section located in the menu. This procedure will make it possible to see the image. The active port is then selected. This procedure happens if there are many ports. If one, then everything happens by default. Next, the main menu will appear on the screen, where other functions are configured.

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Defender Smart TV

This is the most common model today, as it combines favorably, it connects freely to any TVs. Upon purchase, the user is provided with instructions, a warranty card, cables and extension cords. The connection is made directly through the adapter. In addition, it became possible to connect power supplies using USB, as well as embed microSD memory cards.

Device connection

First you need to connect the TV via “Smart TV”. Then the device is connected to the mains. If there is no USB connector for the power supply, you must use the special adapter that comes with.

This connector is used to connect a mouse to make settings, as well as to connect drives to save the necessary information or view.

TV set-top box “Smart TV”: how to connect and how to use

The Smart TV set-top box is very popular. It is able to turn an ordinary TV into a gaming platform or an Internet browser. Thanks to her, you can watch freely. photos, and also communicate on social networks. But there is one important question about “Smart TV”: “How to connect to a TV?”

Many people are interested in the question of the advantages of this device, since its cost is far from small.

The Smart TV set-top box has a great future. Therefore, it is necessary to become more familiar with this equipment.

Main sections

Among the main functions of the console are the following:

  • Media. This section contains programs thanks to which you can watch. listen to music and watch photos when the drive is connected. The section has already installed a special player. MX Player. It is the most common and suitable for this set-top box. After disconnecting the drive, all files can be played. If the built-in player is not suitable, you can install another.
  • A television. This section contains programs with which you can view files online. One of these utilities is YouTube.
  • Browsers. There are programs for accessing the Internet, thanks to which you can freely go to social networks, download. music, photographs and so on. What if the standard browser does not suit you? To do this, go to the Apps section and install a new one. If necessary, you can download it from the Internet.
  • Games. As a rule, this section contains several of the most popular games. To expand this list, you need to download games through certain applications.
  • Apps. In addition to many browsers, this section contains other programs that are aimed at SIMplifying your work. For example, maps, mail, etc. Also in the menu there is “Play Store”, where you can download a lot of useful applications and games. The action center is in the lower right corner.
  • Watching TV. If you are tired of all the programs and sections, then you can just watch your favorite TV shows on TV. Your attention will be presented with a variety of channels on which you can watch everything from movies to various sporting events.

The main screen displays the time and date, the state of the wireless network, and the connection statuses of the drives. On the right side of the screen, there is a menu where you can get acquainted with other functions of the operating system. For example, adjust the volume or turn off unnecessary devices. After pressing the shutdown button, the set-top box does not turn off completely, but goes into standby mode. You can activate it using mouse movement.

Automatic tuning

It should be noted that the set date and time settings can be reset. Therefore, it is best to use automatic ones. To do this, you need to specify the screen extension and set the refresh rate. Other settings will be the same as on Android devices.

general information

TV via Smart TV is far from perfect. Every year it will be modernized and made better. However, the advantages overlap all the disadvantages. Most people wanted a smart TV set-top box based on Android OS. Connecting and setting up this unit are two different things. In order for it to function better, it is necessary to configure all possible features and programs. Most of these devices run on the Android operating system.

Smart-TV set-top box specifications

When choosing a Smart-TV set-top box, it is customary to pay attention to a large number of different characteristics:

  • method of connecting to a TV. it is important that you can connect the set-top box to the device. It can be connected via HDMI-connector (provides the best image quality), the usual “tulip” or other means;
  • the number of processor cores. the power of the set-top box depends on the number of cores, therefore, the speed of its operation. A set-top box with a large number of cores will be able to play without brakes at 4K resolution or higher;
  • the amount of built-in memory. memory is needed to store information, for example, to record a program. The more memory in the console, the more convenient its use;
  • amount of RAM. RAM is required to store temporary files while the set-top box is running. It, like the number of cores, directly affects the performance of the device;
  • type of operating system. most Smart-TV set-top boxes use some version of Android, but there are exceptions. The new version of Android in the set-top box will reduce the number of crashes and provide a smoother work;
  • Supported formats. the more formats the set-top box supports, the more diverse files it can play. Of course, the most important thing is that it supports the main file formats: MKV, AVI, MPEG;
  • type of power supply. the power supply unit can be either built-in to the console or separate. In addition, some set-top boxes can be powered via USB. Set-top boxes with external power supply are less prone to overheating.
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As a result, choosing the right device is not so difficult. The quality of the image depends on the power of the set-top box (the number of cores, RAM). When you decide on it, you just have to make sure that connecting the set-top box to your TV will not be a problem. The rest of the characteristics rather expand the capabilities of the device and make it more convenient, for example, allowing you to play content of any format, and not a certain.

Configuring the STB connection to the network

The capabilities of a Smart-TV set-top box are extremely limited without Internet access. Therefore, it is important that the connection is configured correctly. There are two ways to connect the set-top box to the Internet:

  • via wi-fi, a remote connection for a set-top box is a fairly convenient solution;
  • using an internet cable.

In the first case, to establish a connection, you need to do the following:

  • In the settings, find the “Wireless networks” section and set the switch of the Wi-Fi item to the “On” position.
  • Choose the connection with the best signal available to you.

Choose a stable Wi-Fi connection to connect to it

Connecting via cable is even easier. For him, it is enough to do the following:

  • In the settings, activate the slider opposite the Ethernet item. It may not be there, then it is enabled by default.
  • Plug the Internet network cable into the corresponding connector on the set-top box.

Plug your network cable into the desired connector

We select a unique Smart-TV set-top box for your home. what difficulties you need to overcome

Despite the widespread adoption of digital television throughout the country, many users lack variety in the airwaves. The channels offered on the broadcasting network do not suit their tastes. Browsing the Internet can help here, for which a variety of Smart-TV set-top boxes are used.

Your Setevichok. Connecting Smart-TV set-top boxes to the Internet and TV

After choosing a set-top box, it remains to connect it to the TV and set up the equipment. To do this, take the following steps:

  • Connect the cable of the set-top box to the device. The cable used may differ depending on your TV, but it is best to use the HDMI port. Only then will you get the best high quality picture and will be able to fully realize all the possibilities of Smart-TV set-top boxes.
  • Select the desired channel on the device using the TV remote control (not to be confused with the remote control from the set-top box). Usually the source or input buttons are responsible for this, depending on the specific device model.

Press the Source or Input buttons to select the signal source

Specify the connector to which you connected the set-top box

And now you can proceed to setting up the device. You can often be content with the default settings. But what if these settings were inadvertently deleted or were not set at all? Then you can set up your Smart-TV set-top box on Android as follows:

    Go to the “Settings” section, which is among the main blocks of the main menu.

Go to the “Settings” section in the STB’s main menu

Select Language from the setup menu

Select your preferred language from the list on the right

Go to the “Date and time” section in the settings menu

Specify the date and time in the “Date and Time” menu

Enter the email address from your Google account and confirm the entry

Enter the password for your Google account and confirm the entry

Choosing the best Smart-TV set-top box

Smart TV set-top boxes can provide the functionality of a Smart TV to a regular one. This is quite beneficial, because smart TVs are quite expensive and their purchase is SIMply impractical if you already have a good device at home.

Possible problems when connecting or using the set-top box

Despite the fact that connecting a Smart-TV set-top box is quite a SIMple process, problems can still arise when connecting a device. Let’s consider the most common problems one by one.

General information about consoles

What exactly can Smart-TV set-top boxes do? Their main capabilities are as follows:

  • watching TV programs online. we are talking about full-fledged broadcasts of many TV channels;
  • watching movies and shows to choose from. you can choose what content from the network you want to watch;

You will get access to a lot of content on the web

Set-top boxes differ from each other in basic characteristics (such as power, operating system or method of connecting the set-top box to the device), as well as in the appearance and brand of the manufacturer. At the same time, for the most part, only its cost depends directly on the brand of the set-top box. most of the set-top boxes are made on the basis of the Rockchip processor and even have identical boards. Accordingly, the best manufacturer is the one that offers the highest quality with the lowest mark-up. You can highlight the following:

    Xiaomi. the famous manufacturer Xiaomi releases its own set-top box called Xiaomi Mi Box. The device looks stylish, has wide functionality and such rare features as voice search. The set-top box supports almost all modern formats and has a quad-core processor;

Xiaomi prefix can be controlled by voice

Ugoos software is more reliable than others