How to connect a phone to a TV without wi-fi

Wired connection

This method involves the use of cables with digital signal converters. With a wired connection, no additional steps are required besides connecting the corresponding connectors to the TV and smartphone.

Compatible with Android, connecting TV, monitors.

An adapter with MHL connects to a TV via HDMI, and to an Android smartphone via Micro USB or USB C. At the same time, MHL is not supported by all smartphones. Basically, these are Samsung phones up to 2015, as well as some Sony, Meizu, Huawei, HTC smartphones. The legacy MHL has been replaced by a USB-C to HDMI adapter, but it’s essentially the same technology.

What to do

  • Open the network settings on the TV and turn on the Wi-Fi Direct function.
  • On your smartphone, go to Settings → Wireless & networks → Wi-Fi → Wi-Fi Direct.
  • After scanning for available devices, select your TV.
  • Use the “Send” menu on your smartphone to transfer photos, videos and audio to TV.

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

Compatible with iOS, connecting TV, monitors.

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When it comes to wiring iPhone and iPad gadgets, the Lightning Digital AV adapter comes to the rescue. Smartphone or tablet connects to the adapter via the Lightning connector.

How to connect your phone to a TV via USB

  • Suitable phone: Android smartphone, regular mobile phone.
  • Which TV will work: Any with a USB port.
  • What else you need: USB cable.

The easiest way to connect, allowing you to use your mobile device as a flash drive. True, only media files stored in the phone’s memory can be played back: photo, video and audio.

How to connect your phone to a TV via HDMI

  • Suitable phone: Android smartphone, iPhone.
  • Which TV is Right: Any with HDMI.
  • What else you need: a phone-compatible HDMI cable or adapter.

This option allows you to use the TV as an external display while playing games, watching movies and surfing the Internet. The picture from the mobile device is mirrored, that is, everything that happens on the smartphone screen is displayed on the TV.

Depending on the phone connector, you will need an appropriate adapter or cable to connect. On the one hand, it will have an HDMI connector, and on the other, microUSB, Lightning or USB-C. In the mode of broadcasting the image, the device is quickly discharged, so usually adapters have a connector for charging.

Before purchasing a USB-C adapter, please make sure your smartphone supports video output.


This is another standard for smartphones on Android and Windows Phone, which is analogous to WiDi. Many TV models from Phillips, Samsung, and LG support this technology. At the same time, on the smartphone itself, Miracast is not marked in any way.

  • In the TV menu, activate the Miracast function;
  • In the smartphone menu, turn on the “wireless display” function.

How to connect your phone to a TV via Wi-Fi Direct

A wireless connection, in which a mobile device and a compatible TV are connected directly via Wi-Fi, without the need for a router. TV in this case acts as an access point to which the smartphone is connected. And you can transfer media files to the big screen using the standard Send menu.

How to connect a phone to a TV without WI-FI

USB, HDMI, Wi-Fi. choose what you like best and watch content on the big screen.

Wi-Fi connection

Immediately, we note that this method is suitable for the owners of modern models that are equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module. In addition, you need to have at your disposal a smartphone with an Android operating system of at least the fourth version or an Apple iPhone at least 4S.

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Step-by-step instructions for Wi-Fi Direct:

  • On your mobile phone, go to the “Settings” menu, and then to the “Wireless networks” section and select the “Wi-Fi” item. When the list of networks available for connection appears on the screen, click on the button that calls the drop-down list. in it you need to select “Wi-Fi Direct”. What if there is no such command? Just go to the “Advanced settings” tab.
  • Immediately after that, a search for available networks for connection via Wi-Fi Direct will start.
  • We take the remote control from the TV, open the main menu, and then start looking for the “Network” subsection. As practice shows, this menu can be called up by pressing a separate button on the remote control. This section will open a list of possible connection methods, as in the case of a smartphone, select “Wi-Fi Direct”.
  • This will start a search for available devices. To connect via TV, you must select the model of your smartphone from the list that appears. After that, a connection request will be sent to the phone. confirm it.

After a few seconds, the mobile phone will connect to the TV via Wi-Fi, respectively, signal transmission and image duplication will begin. You will be able to watch YouTube, movies, clips and other media files. You can also use your smartphone as a storage device. a flash drive.

If Wi-Fi Direct is not available on your smartphone or TV, try other methods. It is only necessary that the TV and the smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. over, the TV can be connected to the router not via Wi-Fi, but via a cable. Here are the ways:

  • applications with a name containing “DLNA Player”. For example, Bubble UPnP UPnPDLNA and others. The principle of operation in them is the same: select your TV, and then select the file you want to play;
  • using Miracast broadcasting or media server functions if available on your smartphone;
  • When watching a video in the YouTube app, a TV icon may appear at the top right. By clicking on it and selecting your TV, the YouTube application will open on it and this video will start playing;

The main advantages of connecting via Wi-Fi:

  • lack of wires;
  • the outputs are free, so the smartphone can be charged at any time;
  • the TV is used as a monitor for playing media content and all kinds of applications;
  • you can browse the web on the big screen.

Disadvantages of Wi-Fi Connection:

  • the charge of the mobile device is quickly drained;
  • not all TVs and cell phones support Wi-Fi Direct technology.

Only owners of expensive TVs from leading companies: Sony, Samsung, LG and other popular manufacturers will be able to connect in this way.

We connect the phone to the TV in 3 proven ways

There are several ways to connect your mobile phone to your TV. Some of the possible options are able to turn an ordinary smartphone into a full-fledged Smart set-top box. Some methods target the launch of specific media content. Let’s figure out how to connect a phone to a TV.

The connection features directly depend on the selected method. Consider the proven methods:

Let’s analyze their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, we will compose step-by-step instructions for each method so that users do not have any difficulties in the connection process.

Via HDMI cable

By far the HDMI cable is the easiest way to connect. The ideal option would be to have a special mini HDMI interface on your smartphone or tablet, which allows you to connect your cell phone to a TV. If there is no such connector, use an adapter.

How do I connect my phone to a TV without Wi-Fi? Optimal solution. HDMI connector.

  • On the TV, select HDMI in the source selection menu.
  • Connect your mobile device using this cable, or use a special adapter.
  • The system will automatically adjust the picture to the screen resolution. In the event that the picture has not adjusted, while it remains too flattened or stretched, then do your own adjustment.
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Now absolutely all actions performed on the smartphone will be automatically broadcast to the TV screen. To make the use of the large screen as comfortable as possible, connect a mouse, game joystick or keyboard to your phone. For this, it is better to choose an adapter with an existing USB-input. To save battery power, turn off the display of your cell phone immediately.

  • if there is a micro HDMI output, a charger can be connected to a free power connector to ensure uninterrupted operation of the mobile device;
  • the user will be able to connect additional devices: flash drives, game joysticks, computer mouse, keyboard;
  • the TV will function as a large screen.

There are also certain disadvantages:

  • not all smartphones are equipped with a micro HDMI interface;
  • for a correct connection, an adapter is most likely required.

Now you know how to connect your smartphone to a TV using an HDMI cable, just follow the simple step-by-step instructions.

What will connect the phone to the TV

  • view videos, photos and other content;
  • run games and all kinds of other applications;
  • engage in full-fledged Internet surfing;
  • arrange presentations, demonstrations.

For the most comfortable use of the TV through your phone, connect a keyboard or game joystick via Bluetooth. Play on TV will be even more convenient.

The mobile device can also be used as a remote control. To watch videos from your phone on TV, just select one of the available options. Now let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Via USB cable

By connecting the phone to the TV via USB, the smartphone will be used as a memory storage device. This means that the image is not duplicated on the screen, as is the case with HDMI, but you can still reproduce media content.

Brief step-by-step instructions:

  • Take the USB cable that comes with your mobile device, and then use it to connect your smartphone and TV. Absolutely all modern TV models are equipped with such connectors.
  • Open the “Signal Source” menu on the TV, if there is no Russian version, then this section will be called “Source”. Among all the proposed options, you must select “USB”. A similar principle should be followed when setting up the phone. Sync window pops up automatically.

As a result, the system interface of the smartphone will be displayed on the TV screen, you can move folders, files, as well as open and play them. In general, this interface is very much like a regular explorer on a computer. Control is carried out by an ordinary remote control.

Some TV models are equipped with functionality that allows you to run an automatic check of the device for the presence of media content. After that, the system will offer to play the available files. Therefore, you cannot switch between root directories.

  • the connection method is suitable for absolutely all devices;
  • there is no need to purchase additional cords;
  • mobile device is charged directly from TV.

We will also list the weaknesses of this method:

  • you can play only those files that are supported by the TV;
  • you cannot launch video games, mobile applications or display images on a large screen;
  • no internet access.

Problem situations

As practice shows, old models of television equipment have only a few external connectors, for example, tulips and SCART. Accordingly, in order to connect the phone to the TV, you will have to use additional adapters.

Now let’s talk about the methods discussed earlier. As noted above, extremely expensive models are equipped with wireless modules. In addition, only a few smartphones support Wi-Fi Direct technology. In this regard, the relevance of this method is in question.

USB connection is an extremely outdated method. Firstly, the user can play files that are supported by the TV: several video, photo and audio formats. Internet surfing is excluded.

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Based on this, in order to connect your cellular to a TV, it is most reasonable to use an HDMI cable. This interface is supported by absolutely all models of television equipment. Even if this connector is not there, you can always pick up an adapter.

Ways to connect your phone to a TV via WI-FI

For unlimited use of the connection, before connecting the phone to the TV via WI-FI, you need to install a special application on the communicator. It is easy to find it on the Internet for any device model and download it for free.

6 ways to connect your phone to TV via WI-FI:

  • connect both devices to the same WI-FI network through special programs on the TV. For example, allshare from Samsung or smartshare from LG;
  • cable connection of the TV to the Internet does not require WI-FI support on the latter to connect to the communicator.
  • smartphones with the Android operating system have the WI-FI Direct program, with which the connection is made directly to the TV signal receiver;
  • establish the connection of the TV and the phone to the same router. You will get a local network in which they will work together;
  • if the question is only in video playback, then you can use the player. But this is only possible for a TV with the Smart TV function and must be connected to the same network as the smartphone;
  • the YouTube mobile app allows you to watch videos on remote devices. Device requirements are the same as in the previous paragraph.

The specific method you choose depends largely on your TV options. Note that in almost all cases, a prerequisite is to connect to the same network.

You can connect the phone to the TV via WI-FI only in modern models and if this function is available on the TV.

Is it possible to connect a phone through a router? Many have a home network set up and when solving this problem, you need to connect your phone through a router. In this case, in two out of four methods, this is the case. All smartphones have the option of connecting to wireless networks in general and to WI-FI in particular. Through it, the smartphone is connected to the router, and with it to the devices of the local network.

TV manufacturers are interested in producing products that meet the needs of consumers. Communicators, in turn, are equipped with all the necessary options. As a result, it seems possible to combine the functions and advantages of the two technical means. And do it in a convenient way, without wires and additional funds.

Connecting the phone to the TV via WI-FI

Modern telephones have a huge number of useful functions besides calls and messages. Internet access, viewing videos and photos, games. an incomplete list of their capabilities. The only inconvenience is the screen size. But you can use your gadget and not strain your eyes if you know how to connect your phone to a TV via WI-FI.

Connection algorithm

Currently, one of the latest developments is the connection of the gadget to the TV via WI-FI. This technology has become popular with Internet users.

Next, we will consider the connection algorithm of the simplest and most reliable methods.

Wi-Fi Direct. Connecting the phone to the TV via WI-FI directly using the Wi-Fi Direct function. This is the most versatile method, it is based on the presence of the function on both devices. The connection will be made directly without using a router via WI-FI.

First of all, we set up the gadget: go to the settings folder, find the wireless network, where we activate the Wi-Fi Direct function. After that, an activation confirmation message appears.