How to connect a phone to a TV with a cord

Via Wi-Fi

Much easier and faster. you can connect to your TV via Wi-Fi Direct; This method is almost as safe as wired, and there is no need to be afraid of signal loss in the presence of a high-quality router. The main thing is to make sure that the option is supported on both the smartphone and the receiving device, be it Samsung, Philips or a model from any other manufacturer.

Connecting a TV and a phone via a wireless network is easier than choosing a receiver for digital terrestrial television; just follow the instructions:

  • Open the “Settings” of the smartphone and go to the section “Connections”, “Connection”, “Communication” or having a similar name. usually it is located in the first or second place in the general list.
  • Find the Wi-Fi Direct button and tap on it.
  • Enable the same option on the TV and wait for both devices to detect each other.
  • Press the “Connect” button on the phone screen.
  • Establishing a connection will take from a few seconds to a minute; if desired, the user can always stop the process by tapping on the same button.

Broadcasting movies and photos to the big screen using standard Wi-Fi Direct is usually not very convenient. A smartphone owner interested in the maximum level of comfort can download any mobile application for data transfer. for example, BubbleUPnP and then:

  • Run the program and go to the “Library” section.
connect, phone, cord
  • And the video for playback, and then tap on the three dots to the right of the title.
  • And choose a program to play a movie on your phone.

In this mode, the video will be simultaneously broadcast both on the smartphone and on the TV; perhaps, to solve the problem with duplicate sound, the user will need to choose the best media player or turn off the volume on one of the devices. in the end, this is easier to deal with than connecting a TV to a laptop as a monitor.

How to connect a smartphone to a TV?

The owner of a smartphone running Android OS can easily choose the best home theater and customize it according to his needs; but it cannot be guaranteed that the acquired equipment will fully meet expectations. So, a user may want to play an unusual file format on his LG or Samsung, or even play a mobile game in full screen. How to connect a phone to a TV. let’s try to figure it out.


A very good option for connecting a phone to a TV is with an HDMI cable. The use of new technologies allows you to increase the length of the cord without losing the quality of playback; no interruptions due to instability of the home wireless network will also occur. In addition, by connecting the smartphone and the receiving device in this way, the owner of the equipment will be able not only to watch movies on the big screen, but also to play mobile games or work in applications for the Android OS.

All that a smartphone owner needs to do is to connect the HDMI cable with one end to the mobile device, and the other to the TV, and then select HDMI as the signal source on the latter. If there are several connectors, you will have to act by brute force. or check the markings near each contact.

No more manipulations are required. as well as special software for the phone or special firmware for the TV. It’s simple. perhaps this method is best suited for beginners. The only drawback is the high cost of the cable: a high-quality HDMI cable of an acceptable length will cost significantly more than USB.

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The easiest and most ancient way to display an image on a large monitor, watch a video or admire family photos is to connect a smartphone to a TV via a USB connector. All the user needs is two pairing devices in working order and any cable with contacts for USB and micro-USB (USB-C) connectors. Next you need:

  • Connect the cord to the phone and select the “Data transfer” option in the notification area.
  • Connect the connector to the TV and mark the USB source as a device.

Done. now you can use all the possibilities of the USB connection: watch a movie on full screen or transfer files from your phone to the TV’s memory. it’s easier than downloading a video from VK.

Important: Connecting your phone to a TV via USB does not allow you to stream movies in real time. In fact, the user gains access to the file system of the smartphone and works with it as with a regular flash drive. this is both inconvenient and much more secure than direct transfer.

Another problem with connecting your phone to a TV via USB is the length of the cable. Cords that are too short are understandably unsuitable, and using long ones due to voltage drops can lead to signal loss. The optimal wire length is 1–1.2 meters; not very convenient if you plan to watch the video from another corner of the room, and you cannot switch between the folders of the smartphone using the remote control.


It is quite difficult to do this using regular means; a user who does not want to waste time on performing a simple task will need to download and install a special application on his smartphone; one of the best is called DLNA Server. You can use it as follows:

  • Run the program and, having read the brief information at the top, click on the “plus sign”.
  • Tap on the directory tree icon.
  • Go to the desired directory with media files and mark it by clicking on the checkmark.
  • Done; the folder is added to the list of files on the server. The user can add new directories or delete an existing one at any time by clicking on the oblique cross on the right.
  • To open data for other devices, tap on the Play button at the top of the screen.
  • And pair your smartphone and TV using the capabilities of the latter.

Tip: if your TV does not support DLNA technology, but has a built-in browser, you can try broadcasting video from your phone by launching the latter and going to the IP address indicated in the application. The open page will contain links to all media files found in the folder. to play a movie or view photos, just open the desired one.

Summing up

You can connect your phone to the TV using both wired and wireless connections. In the first case, the owner will need to use a USB or HDMI cable; the former is cheaper, but the latter provides better data transmission quality. In the second, you will have to pair the devices using the Wi-Fi Direct option or, by downloading the mobile application, turn the phone into a server with data and connect a TV to it using DLNA technology.

Let’s consider how to connect a phone to a TV via a USB cable

Before you connect your smartphone via a USB cable to the TV, and use it as an external storage device, you will have to prepare: a standard cable that should have come with the adapter, a telephone set, and check for the presence of a USB port.

How to connect a phone to a TV via USB or MHL, tell multiple Internet sites. If you want to figure it out, this problem should not confuse you.

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By connecting your phone to a TV in this way, you can watch high-quality images on the big screen.

  • We find a micro USB connector on the smartphone, connect the slimport;
  • The cable must be connected to the USB port of the TV;
  • We turn on the TV;

We connect the TV to the second cable connector in the smartphone. After that, the connection should take place. If the TV does not respond, then you have made the wrong connection. It is imperative that a request appears on the smartphone screen to select the options for working via USB. You must choose a storage mode. Using the remote control, you just have to select the USB adapter on the TV.

Let’s talk about how to watch movies on TV through your phone

If you have devices such as a phone and a TV at hand, and the desire to watch a movie on a screen larger than that of a regular smartphone, or maybe easily browse the Internet, but there is no computer nearby, then you should try a method that allows you to broadcast a video to the TV from the phone.

How do I watch movies on TV through my phone? Let’s start with the standard cable-based capabilities. Check if you have an HDMI connector on your TV, while your phone has a place for micro-HDMI, or even mini-HDMI, so it won’t be difficult for you to solve this problem.

You just need to connect the appropriate ports with a special cable, and then enjoy the work done and the added comfort. Homi is a very common standard, besides, external power supply is not required for this device connection.

If you don’t like messing with wires, then you can do this:

connect, phone, cord
  • Install a program on your phone that turns it into a UPnP / DLNA server;
  • Next, we simply broadcast files from the small display that the phone has to the TV over Wi-Fi;
  • For an Android phone, the BubbleUPnP program is perfect;
  • After launching it, go to Devices, in order to determine your TV model for the device;
  • Then set the Library function, and select the required file in the folder.

The options that involve broadcasting video from a mobile to a large TV screen without using cables have a couple of significant drawbacks. First, it is a significant load that drains the battery very quickly. The second is that a powerful main processor is needed to transmit high-quality video.

Learn how to connect your phone to a monitor

Modern TVs are endowed with many possibilities for interacting with mobile phones, smartphones and tablets based on iOS and Android. The only problem is to synchronize them and force them together. All that is needed to solve this problem is a Smart-phone, a Wi-Fi direct router, a mobile phone, a smartphone or iPhone, based on iOS or Android devices, and an application-program from the AppStore or Google-Play. First, you need to link the application and learn how to use the video output.

How do I connect my phone to a monitor? There is only one answer to this question. you can connect one device to another if both models are modern and support certain functions. Data transfer from a smartphone to an old TV is not possible.

After installing the required application, you need to set up your home network. All devices: both TV and smartphone or iphone, must be connected to the same Wi-Fi access device.

To be sure, it is worth checking some device settings:

  • The TV and the smartphone device must be located on the same subnet with each other;
  • You need to have the UPnP protocol enabled on your router, which is necessary to detect devices that will be paired in the future;
  • Let firewalls do not block the passing traffic between all network devices.

After all the manipulations, you just need to turn on the TV and launch the application on a modern Smart device. Once launched, it scans your home network and looks for available devices. In the case when the application for some reason does not recognize the TV, and the system does not connect, the problems most likely lie in the network. You need to check if the network settings are correct and enable everything again.

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Can I connect my phone to a TV: how to display an image on a big screen using Miracast

The Miracast connection, according to the principle of operation, resembles the well-known Bluetooth. For the action, you need to launch the search mode on both devices: on the phone and in the video player settings, and of course allow them to exchange data. All the following times, the connection will take place automatically when you select the appropriate item in the phone menu.

Can I connect my phone to a TV? Can. And for this, several methods are used. One of them is the well-known option. Bluetooth. It does not need an adapter or USB cable.

The main thing is that the devices support this function and be able to connect. Although it often happens that one device simply does not see another.

How to connect:

  • On a smartphone, for example Sony Xperia M4, go to the “Settings” menu;
  • Go to the Xperia Connections function;
  • We select the option “Screen mirroring.

After that, the connection of the two devices should take place, as a result of which you can view video files from the phone by pressing only one button.

We are learning how to connect a phone to a TV via WI-FI

Among other options for connecting to a TV phone, you can highlight a connection using a Wi-Fi network. This network allows you to duplicate an image from a small screen of a mobile device to a large TV screen. At what. You will not need a connecting cord with a plug, nor a set-top box. Synchronization takes place over an invisible network.

Many people know how to connect a phone to a TV via a Wi-Fi zone, but not all. The main condition for such a connection is the presence of the router itself.


The simplest mechanism for connecting a smartphone to a TV in this case is to purchase a suitable xBounds adapter.

Stages of connecting devices:

  • Ensure the presence of a wireless WI-FI network at home;
  • Connect a TV and a telephone to this network;
  • Activate the required function in them according to the model.

After the two devices are connected correctly, duplication begins, and a corresponding connection notification should appear on the screen.

Are smartphones compatible with Samsung TV: models suitable for connection

Today, no one is surprised that through a smartphone you can easily watch videos, surf the Internet, send and receive mail and do much more. Happy owners of such a device want to expand its capabilities even more, and are trying to find out with what and how you can connect a smartphone to the TV. This action will allow you to watch various films, videos, photos, and also listen to music not on the small screen of your phone, but in a wider format.

Smartphones with a TV are only compatible with a new one that supports the necessary functions. Old models are not suitable for this venture.

Wireless connection of a smartphone model phone to a TV today is the most promising connection, and in view of this, absolutely every TV manufacturer tries to include a special application in products that allows you to connect a TV to a smartphone via Wi-Fi Direct.

Which companies’ TVs can be connected to phones:

  • Samsung Smart;
  • Philips;
  • Sony Bravia;
  • LG TV Remote.

If your smartphone is an Apple model (or iPhone), then it is possible to connect it to the TV using AirPlay technology. The AirPlay style of operation is very similar to Miracast. With AirPlay, you can transfer images from your smartphone via Wi-Fi, or wirelessly.