How to connect a phone to a TV via wi-fi

How to connect iPhone to Samsung TV via WI-FI?

Most TVs use the Wi-Fi connection option. The connection is needed to display video from a smartphone on the “big screen”. The method is easy to use. There is no need for additional cables, plugs. Brief instruction:

How to Share & Use Phone Internet in TV.Wireless (Easy)

Another way is to purchase an adapter from Google. It plugs into a separate connector, allows you to change the parameters with a wireless connection.

How to Connect iPhone to Samsung TV via USB?

Connecting a TV with Apple flagship gadgets via USB is a common method. In addition to playback, after switching on the mobile will begin to receive a charge. It should be noted that regardless of the device model, with such a connection, the iPhone acts as an external data carrier. Based on the technical characteristics of the gadget, an individual wire is used. This method is popular for slideshows, images, or photographs. The option with the use of the Apple TV set-top box is also in demand. It is activated both wirelessly and with a cable.

Image output via HDMI

Many users resort to HDMI interface. It is necessary to connect various devices with each other. The cable allows you to transfer images with high fidelity. It is ideal for watching movies, TV series with maximum resolution. Apple mobiles have a unique connector that doesn’t match most devices. To solve the problem, it is recommended to use a special adapter. Now follow these steps:

  • Insert the wire into the IPhone.
  • The other end of the cable connects to the adapter and the TV. This connector is located on newer TV models.
  • We define the correct connector in the settings. Be careful! There are several identical inputs on the set-top box. Specify the required.
  • Wait until the mobile screen is duplicated on the TV. Turn on your favorite movie, watch it in good quality.

Connection features

Device owners connect gadgets to a monitor. With this, it is easy to play any video content on the big screen. When connected, users also play games and use social media. Functions are available depending on activation. The USB connection does not allow watching clips from the Internet. Mobile like a regular USB flash drive. Based on this, a popular method is a standard HDMI connection.

DLNA connection

Wireless synchronization to the network makes it possible to watch videos live. Thus, users listen to music online and watch various videos. The method is considered the most convenient. Since, the iPhone owner will need to press several keys. Despite this, not all TV models are suitable for such operations. If the device does not have a special module, then buy a separate adapter. To open your own network according to DLNA technology you need:

  • TV, on the displays of which video is displayed and it is equipped with a separate module or adapter;
  • Router and mobile phone that are connected via the same Internet line.

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After installing the software, complete the settings. Run the application and select the menu in the required line. Click next to the TV model. Most often, you need to press near the TV series.

Samsung Smart View

This utility is used to display video from the IPhone on all models of the Samsung brand. Plus, there is no need to buy additional plugs or cables.

  • Connect your gadget and TV to your home internet. Launch the “Settings” folder and go to the “General” section. Then click on “Network” and select “Internet network settings”. Activate in the system.
  • Download the Samsung Smart Vive program to your mobile phone. Run the widget.
  • Turn on search engine for Samsung.
  • Click and sync it to your TV.
  • Confirm the operation and enter the code.

Video TV Cast Samsung TV

  • Download the program of the same name for iPhone and Samsung TV;
  • Next, enable it on two devices;
  • Click on the “Cast” icon and wait for the window for entering the IP-address to appear;
  • Install this program on TV;
  • After connecting, find the desired movie and run it.

Apple TV

Apple TV is a standalone digital media player. Outwardly, it looks like a tuner, and has an infrared port. It connects to TV over the air and streams files up to 1080p.

Connection features

To connect a mobile device to a TV, you need the following tools:

  • the corresponding cable. if we are talking about a connection via HDMI;
  • special software. it can be downloaded from the official App Store resource;
  • analog cable;
  • USB.

Image output via HDMI

The classic way is to mirror your iPhone screen to your Sony Bravia TV via HDMI. Step by step guide:

  • take an HDMI adapter for iPhones;
  • connect your smartphone to TV through it;
  • wait for the automatic connection window to appear;
  • start the video sequence.

Analog cable connection

Analog cable is an outdated technology used on older televisions. The principle of operation is the same as for HDMI. just plug in and wait for the automatic connection window to appear.

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The downside is that this option does not support all formats of your videos.

How to connect iPhone to Sony TV via USB

Take the USB cable, plug it into the TV with one side, and plug it into the iPhone with the other through the adapter. You don’t have to enter or press anything, synchronization will be established automatically.

DLNA connection

The use of DLNA standards creates contact via Ethernet cable or wirelessly via Wi-Fi. To create a DLNA connection:

  • connect your phone via USB;
  • open the “Applications” section;
  • select “DLNA connection”;
  • check the box “Enable”;
  • then select “Add a shared folder”;
  • select files to sync via “Browse Files”;
  • save;
  • download AVPlayer or nPlayer to your phone;
  • start the media player;
  • select the DLNA internet center;
  • select components to play and run them.

Is it possible to duplicate the screen via Bluetooth?

How to connect to Sony TV with iPhone via Bluetooth? To do this, activate Bluetooth technology on both devices, turn on “Search for devices” on the phone and connect to Smart TV. Enter the lock key if required.

AirPay (screen replay)

AirPay is a technology found on almost all modern TVs. It is used to stream files and broadcast them to a third party device. Principle of use:

  • connect iOS and Apple TV / Smart TV to one Wi-Fi;
  • select the recording on your mobile device that you want to display via AirPlay;
  • click on the square icon with a triangle at the bottom;
  • among the proposed options, select the name of the device to which you are broadcasting the file;
  • wait 5-10 seconds before starting the launch;
  • to stop, click on the square icon with a triangle at the bottom.
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Wi-Fi Direct technology

This method is very convenient, there is no need to use wires or additional attachments, adapters, or a router. All you need is a wireless WI-Fi connection. However, it is important that both devices support the following configurations:

  • for the TV. the presence of a built-in adapter that allows wireless connections and supports Wi-Fi Direct technology;
  • for smartphone. Android version not lower than 4.0.

The scheme to start connecting will be as follows:

  • open in order in the cellular: “Settings”, then “Wi-Fi”, “Advanced settings”, and after “Wi-Fi Direct”. An automatic search for available networks will start, so you need to immediately proceed with the installation on Smart TV;
  • launch the menu using the remote control;
  • find the item “Network”;
  • select the “Wi-Fi Direct” section, activate it.

Next, you need to install the security code:

  • find the section “Security Key” in the program;
  • come up with a strong password, enter them;
  • in the phone, find the login of the access point created on the TV, start connecting to it (the specified password will be required).

Synchronization is the next step. When one of the devices finds another, you need to select the highlighted model on it and approve all confirmations.

After 5-10 seconds, the phone and TV will be connected. You can take on the necessary manipulations. To send files to the monitor, you need to go to the gallery, click on the required one, select “Send” in its settings, the TV data will appear in the list of applications, which you need to select.

connect, phone, wi-fi

Miracast program

The modern Miracast standard allows you to connect your phone to Smart TV using wireless data transfer as well. When the procedure is successfully completed, then on the TV screen you can broadcast all the content available in the smartphone (any media files, including your favorite applications).

  • Smart TV support for this interface;
  • one router for both devices;
  • support for Miracast functionality by smartphone. You can check as follows: search in normal settings or by lowering the shutter on the screen, finding the “Cast” (or “Miracast”) option. If this is not available, you can download it on Google Play by entering in the search bar. “Miracast WI-FI Display”.

If all the requirements are met, you can start connecting:

  • start the TV menu;
  • select: “Settings”;
  • activate “Network”;
  • in the Miracast menu, move the cursor to the ON value;
  • enable the found (or downloaded application) function in the smartphone.

After the final stage, the mobile phone will find the TV and all that remains is to confirm all actions for the final connection.

How to connect phone to TV via WI-FI: LG Smart TV and Samsung

Modern TV models have long surpassed their predecessors and now can offer a lot of new functions. Among these is the ability to connect your phone to your LG Smart TV via Wi-Fi. If before you knew nothing about this, then after reading this article you will find answers to all questions.

How to connect and set up on Samsung TVs

Consider how a similar sequence of connecting smartphones occurs via Wi-Fi data transfer from other Smart TVs using the example of a Samsung TV.

Wireless ways to connect mobile to TV

There are several ways to synchronize two devices with each other. Having dealt with each of them in more detail, the user can choose the most suitable for himself

Via iPhone

To use your TV as a monitor and open files on it, you need to prepare both devices:

Next, you need to open the AllShare program on your TV and mobile, and send the file to the big screen.

Features of connecting iPhone and smartphone on Android

Above, we discussed the main ways to wirelessly connect a TV and a smartphone based on the Android operating system. But not only the owners of such phones can appreciate the benefits of synchronization, because it is also available for Apple devices, in particular for the iPhone.

Just like on Android, the broadcast protocol can be applied to the iPhone. The actions will be similar:

  • install, activate the Smart Share widget on TV;
  • download the iMedia Share app from the App Store. run it on iPhone;
  • You can install a paid screen mirroring application specifically on your LG Smart TV

Both operating systems (Android and IOS) have a similar method of broadcasting over Wi-Fi, but for this they use applications developed specifically for each. Knowing the names and technology of working with them, it is easy to set up synchronization.

How to connect your phone to a TV using a wireless connection (WI-FI)

For me personally, the issue of wireless connection of devices is very interesting, and it is simply impossible to describe it in a few words. Most manufacturers have equipped their products with special Smart Share technology. this is the case with LG, thanks to which you can do all the same things as with a wired connection. Most likely, devices integrate Wi-Fi modules.

Why is it needed?

First, let’s figure out why you still need to connect the phone to the TV and what is the point. The need to connect your phone to a TV may arise if, for example, you need to watch any video and photo files with your family on a large screen. Or maybe you wanted to play an interesting application and connected your phone to the TV for a thrill. In general, there can be a lot of options.

How to connect a phone to a TV via WI-FI and USB connection?

Friends, hello! I continue to work out useful information, and today I will tell you how to connect the phone to the TV and whether it can be done at all. It’s no secret that modern phones have enormous potential, which is several times greater than the capabilities of the first computer machines. Therefore, many are interested in the question, but how to make the devices suddenly interact with a friend. We will talk about one of these topics today. You are interested? Then let’s go.

How to connect a phone to a TV and what will come of it

Before connecting a phone to a TV, it is important to know that a phone in tandem with a Samsung or Sony TV can do the following things:

  • Play multimedia files (video, music, etc.)
  • Using your phone as an external storage (like a USB flash drive)

As expected, in my articles I talk about all the ways to solve the problem, so that I can certainly help you. Connecting a phone to a TV depends only on one factor. the connectors. I.e,

  • The type and number of connectors available on your equipment
  • Connection cables

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How to connect your phone to a TV using USB

In this case, any connected device will be considered an external storage device. Simply put, so that you do not connect to the TV, it will see the USB flash drive. The connection can be established via a USB. micro-USB cable, such cables are mainly bundled with phones. And yet, with such a connection, it will not work to display the picture on the TV screen, the phone can only be used as a flash drive.

Connecting a phone using HDMI technology

I must say right away that of all, this one is the simplest. What is required for such a connection:

  • HDMI port on the TV and micro-HDMI on the phone, and, of course, a cable with such outputs.
  • Then you need to go to the TV settings and set as the signal source. HDMI.

In the event that your TV has several HDMI ports, then when setting up the TV, select the one where the cable with the phone is connected. Now you can listen to music, watch photos and videos, and do a whole bunch of different interesting and useful things.

Some TVs require manual setup of the HDMI signal. In a special window, we drive in the resolution and reception frequency. They can be found in the TV specifications.

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You can also use special converters that will give you the ability to use the existing inputs and outputs for signal transmission. For example, if there is no micro-HDMI connector, you can take a micro-USB-HDMI converter (adapter) and connect it using an HDMI-HDMI cable.


So, today I told you about three ways to connect your phone to your TV. Your task is to choose which one is right for you, or rather your technique. In this article, you are once again convinced that mastering new technologies is a very interesting activity, and the question of how to connect a phone to a TV will no longer bother you.

Finally, I would like to ask you to vote and like the article, and also do not forget to ask questions in the comments. I answer always and to everyone in the shortest possible time. Peace to you all, friends, and good health, my dear!

Connecting a smartphone to a TV

The whole process is carried out using a wireless connection. As a result, two devices must be connected to the same network. Set up synchronization between the equipment via a direct connection via Wi-Fi Direct (the function must be present in both devices) or a Wi-Fi router.

If you are using a TV device model without Wi-Fi, then you can connect it with a cable and control your TV without problems. this will not be an obstacle. Smart-TV will receive packets with information from a Wi-Fi router, and it can be controlled from a cellular wireless network.

This option is considered quite convenient in some situations. Since the transmission speed is much higher over a LAN cable than over Wi-Fi. As a result, if the user’s router gives a weak signal, then it is best to give preference to a direct connection. That is, the videos will be viewed on Smart-TV, and control is carried out from the cellular TV over a wireless connection.

In general, it is clear how to connect a phone to a TV. Let’s imagine that you already have a smartphone and Smart-TV connected to the router. If there are any problems, you need to study the features of connecting the gadget and TV to the router.

You may encounter problems when connecting a gadget to a television device. In this case, you need to check the parameters, for this make sure that:

  • Smart-TV and smartphone are on the same network.
  • UPnP is enabled (not disabled) on the router.
  • The firewall does not suspend traffic between these devices and the local network.

How to control a TV from an Android phone via apps

Not so long ago, controlling TV from your cell phone was considered a fantastic and impossible task. Modern technologies have stepped forward, and now control of the TV using an ordinary smartphone is quite possible. Since everyone has a mobile phone, why don’t they notice the remote control? Smartphone app developers and electronics companies have made this idea a reality. They did not limit themselves to the question of how to control the TV from the phone, but went even further. in addition to the remote control function, now on the TV you can completely duplicate the smartphone screen, as well as launch various content directly on the TV.

From the topic of the article, it is clear that a smartphone can fully replace a standard push-button remote control. How to do this and what is required for this? on this later in the article.

What do you need to control a TV from your phone? Developers of modern technology are trying to minimize instructions for setting up, connecting a device.

The task of the companies is to make the operation of various equipment as comfortable and simple as possible. There is no need for a long study of instructions, watching videos, chatting on forums to find the answer to the question “How to use the phone as a regular remote control for a TV device?”.

Smartphone, TV and app required. The most popular option is a Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to the presence of a wireless interface, the user will be able to install various applications, connect different devices to each other.

Today, even the cheapest mobile phones offer wireless connectivity, and televisions are no exception. Wi-Fi is supported only by Smart TV, “smart” operating systems, turn it into a device with advanced functionality.

You can control an outdated TV model without Wi-Fi support only if the smartphone has an IR transmitter. Next, let’s take a closer look at the guide for controlling the TV using applications.

Selecting an application to control your TV

Users know what it takes to control a TV from a tablet and a smartphone. Now we will look at the most popular applications, plus we will study the connection process.

The emphasis will be on software for Android devices, since more utilities are presented for this particular operating system. In most cases, the programs are universal, therefore they are suitable for any technique. Most of them are used for iPhone too.

often than not, annoying ads will haunt you in free apps. It is best to choose with the minimum amount of advertising for comfortable control of your TV. After all, constantly pop-up videos repel the user and overload the cell.

Such a decision of companies is considered quite practical, especially if a person prefers a particular brand. Also, companies build in such developments unique functions for maximum interaction of cellular with TV.

Let’s imagine that you are the owner of a TV and cell phone from the global brand Samsung. In such a situation, there is no need to use other applications to connect these devices.

In such a situation, Samsung SmarTView is the best option. The main competitor, also the Korean company LG, did not approach the development of the application so critically. Their LG TV Remote app can be used on any Android or iOS device, regardless of brand.

How exactly to switch channels on a TV using a cellular, we will consider further.

How to control an old TV from a tablet (smartphone)

A rather interesting solution was offered by Xiaomi, known in the gadget market as an organization that produces inexpensive, but high-quality smartphones with high performance and additional “chips”.

Through the built-in infrared port, Xiaomi smartphones have the ability to control old television devices that do not have Wi-Fi. This control method applies to air conditioners, projectors and other equipment. If you are the owner of a TV without Smart TV support, you can purchase a Xiaomi cell phone and control the device via infrared.

If we consider the features of connecting a phone to a TV, there are no difficult points in the software issue. Perhaps you thought that you have to connect the TV to the PC, thereby activating the program. Everything is much simpler. You will need to download the application to your mobile device, depending on the operating system, then connect your smartphone and TV, make adjustments to their work and that’s it.

The first step is to find the official applications for the correct operation of the television device. When buying a model from the LG brand, you will need to familiarize yourself with the company’s website. If the company is no less well-known, then you need to find universal software. Most often, such applications contain the phrases Remote Control or Remote TV. For example, consider the following applications:

When the user does not want to depend on the wireless Internet, plus he also bought a cell phone from Xiaomi with an infrared port, it may not be necessary to perform additional steps. The official Mi Remote app must be present on the mobile phone. The program is quite simple and easy to use.

We open the software, synchronize with the necessary TV, and you can simply forget about the control panel.

You can proceed to the study of applications that, in force majeure situations, can easily perform the functions of a real TV remote control after installation on the phone.

Samsung Universal Remote

The South Korean technology manufacturer Samsung is perhaps the most famous brand in the world. Of course, the company had no right to leave consumers without a proprietary application that would allow the phone to be used as a remote control.

The program is called Samsung SmarTView, it is presented as a practical and simple utility. The main feature is the function of broadcasting images, both from a smartphone to a TV, and vice versa. Therefore, you can watch your favorite TV shows even when you are away from your TV device.

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If we talk about the advantages, then it is worth highlighting the versatility. The application is tailored not only for TVs, but for any equipment from Samsung, which is equipped with a built-in infrared port.

For users who have several TVs in the house, there is an opportunity to create a special quick access tab for each model. If additional gadgets are connected to the TV device, for example, an audio system or a game console, then using Samsung SmarTView, you can quickly set up the operation of equipment within one menu.

Main functionality of the software:

  • Unique remote control. The user will be able to add custom buttons for various commands, as well as set their shape, color and size. You can also install an icon on each key.
  • Creation of macros. The ability to customize the list of actions with one click. This could be changing channels, changing the volume, or turning on the TV.
  • Create and save IR codes for various commands.
  • Scanning Models to Adjust Timing.
  • Backup. Absolutely all basic parameters and commands can be dropped onto another smartphone without any problems.
  • Widget for the main menu of an Android smartphone. TV-device can be controlled even without opening the program.

Easy Universal TV Remote

A program for mobile phones that makes the device a remote control. This software differs from analogs only in the interface. Accordingly, the set of commands remains practically unchanged. With the Easy Universal TV Remote, you can turn on the TV via your phone or change the sound, change the channel, etc.

To get started, just select one of the 3 proposed connection modes for your mobile device, as well as your TV model. Most of the free programs have one common drawback. there is no option to disable ads. Accordingly, it is impossible to get rid of annoying banners that overload the smartphone’s processor and interfere with the normal use of the application, as well as expand the functionality of the software.

TV Remote Control

Universal software that allows you to control television equipment using a smartphone. The application does not have a Russian-language version, but the intuitive and simple interface fully compensates for this flaw. Therefore, each user has to cope with the functionality of the main menu.

Set up a wireless Internet connection or synchronize the program and devices via IrDa interface. Then write down the IP address of the TV, and also select your own from the list of proposed models. The application developers have implemented support for popular models from leading manufacturers: LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Akai and many others.

The software has many useful commands for controlling Android TV: power on, numeric keypad, channel change and sound settings. There are no paid versions of the software with advanced functionality, so ads will periodically appear.

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How to connect a phone to a TV via WI-FI

The first setup is complete, the networks are connected, and then the next question arises: what next? How do I play a video? It all depends on the specific situation.

Let’s imagine a situation that you have filmed a video on your smartphone and now decide to watch it on the big screen. This can be done through a standard player. Launch it and play the video you want. On my smartphone, the streaming icon is located in the upper right corner (see picture).

After clicking on the button, you will need to select your TV from the list of those offered, after that confirming the connection of a third-party device on your TV. There is no need to make any settings on the TV, except for an Internet connection. Done.

Let’s say you found an interesting video blog on YouTube and now you want to watch it on your Smart TV TV. Here, everything can be made even easier: just open the video on your smartphone and click on the desired icon.

The first time you connect your phone to the TV, you will need to enter a verification code. Everything for your safety. In subsequent times, you will be spared from this precaution.

Through the media server

The most difficult option. But if you make a media server out of your smartphone, it means that any media files from your phone can be played on the TV. To set up this type of connection, you need to open “Settings” → “Sharing and Connection” → “Media Server”. Switch to the active mode the item “Content access mode”. In the next window select “Yes”.

After that, on the TV, select the phone as a signal source (like when you switch the source from a cable to a USB flash drive. Here you also need to change to a smartphone).

I hope this article will be useful to you, and now, when at a family dinner you suddenly want to revise old childhood photos, you will not run to the computer for a flash drive, but simply connect your smartphone to the TV. Now you know that the phone, via a wireless Wi-Fi network, can be connected not only to a personal computer, but also to a TV.

Some people use the phone, when connected to a TV, like a regular remote control, and there is nothing strange in this, because technology is striding by leaps and bounds. I hope this article was extremely useful to you, write your comments.

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How to connect a phone to a TV via WI-FI

How to connect a phone to a TV via WI-FI

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Wireless Internet technologies have rapidly burst into and firmly settled in the daily life of a modern person. But many people still do not enjoy all the conveniences that WI-FI provides us.

They use flash drives to watch movies, videos or photos on their Smart TV TV, although this can be done much easier.


First you need to decide on the requirements for your devices:

  • No matter how trite it may sound, your TV should have Smart TV options. So your granny’s TV won’t work. Jokes aside, TVs with similar functionality are already common. LG, Sony, Samsung. all of these companies have flooded the market with smart TVs. In the following setup steps, we will work with a Samsung TV as an example.
  • Connection to WI-FI, or at least the ability to connect a cable. In any case, you will need to connect your phone and TV via a router.
  • Connecting both devices to the same network.

It should also be noted that the layout of the interface elements on my smartphone may differ from others, but, in general, everything should be done this way.

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