How to connect a phone to a TV via miracast

Enabling Miracast on the TV.

Enabling this function on other TVs (Samsung, Philips, Sony, Toshiba, etc.) will be similar to.

connect, phone, miracast

Thus, you have enabled the Miracast function on the TV.

How to connect a phone to a TV via miracast

Modern TVs are not just large panels with the ability to view digital and analog television, they are mini computers with their own operating systems, the ability to access the Internet, install applications, etc. In this article I will talk about one of the possibilities of modern TVs. wireless connection of an Android tablet or smartphone to a TV.

Miracast is a wireless multimedia signal standard approved by the Wi-Fi Alliance on September 19, 2012. The standard is developed on the basis of Wi-Fi Direct technology: for signal transmission, only two compatible devices are required. a receiver and a transmitter (Wikipedia). According to this technology, in order to connect your Android tablet or smartphone to a TV, you need a TV that supports Miracast technology and a tablet or smartphone on Android version 4.2 and higher (4.4, 5.0, etc.), no additional devices. Wi-Fi routers and other devices are not required.

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I propose to demonstrate with an illustrative example how to connect a tablet or smartphone on Android to a TV, using the example of an LG TV on WebOS and an ASUS tablet on Android 5.0.

Enabling Miracast function on your Android tablet / smartphone.

The first step is to turn on Wi-Fi. To do this, go to “Settings” and slide the switch towards enabling Wi-Fi.

Now you can start turning on Miracast, to do this, open the “Settings” on the Android device.

Attention. Depending on the device (manufacturer, model, Android version, shell), the activation of this function may differ. Here is one example of how to enable Miracast: you need to go to “Settings”. “Screen”. “Wireless screen (Miracast)”. turn on and connect to the TV. Below is how it looked on the tested tablet.

Select “Play To” (wireless connection to the display).

After that, the search for your TV will start and after a few seconds the network name of the TV will appear.

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Clicking on it will start connecting your Android device to the TV.

After a few seconds, you will see the screen of your tablet or smartphone on the TV screen.

Thus, you have connected your Android smartphone / tablet to the TV.

It should be noted that when connected using Miracast technology, the sound is transmitted to the TV and controlled by the TV remote control.

Disable Miracast.

In my opinion, Miracast technology is one of the best ways to connect an Android tablet or smartphone to a TV, since it is extremely easy to connect, does not require any additional devices (only a tablet / smartphone and TV), the only drawback is a split second delay, play playing games is not convenient, but watching videos, photos, presentations. no problem. Miracast is a kind of wireless HDMI that I think will take its rightful place in wireless ways of connecting various devices to a TV.

Benefits of Wireless Connection with Miracast:

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1) Connection is carried out wirelessly.

2) No additional devices (routers, routers, etc.) are required to connect.

3) Easy to connect, just enable the Miracast function on your TV and tablet.

4) Protecting the data transmission channel between devices based on WPA2 technology.

Disadvantages of Miracast technology:

1) A slight delay, not critical for watching videos and photos, but playing games is not comfortable.