How To Connect A Phone To A TV Through A Wire

How to connect phone to TV via Android USB cable

Connection via USB cable is possible if LG has this connector, as well as a built-in player. You also need to purchase micro or mini USB cables. The wire is supplied with the purchase along with the gadget.

Step-by-step instructions on how to connect an Android phone to a TV:

  • Take the cord from the box and connect the device to the TV.
  • The display of the mobile gadget will display the message “Connect as an external drive”. The TV will display its default player or file manager. The system will automatically connect the phone as a storage device. You must agree with the notification in order to get to the required device files.
  • Open files via mob. device. They are played both from the internal memory of the device and from a memory card.
  • Play your favorite movie or music. Content will open on TV.

The method is the SIMplest, but less functional. The TV displays the device as a USB flash drive. So, it is recommended to watch recordings or listen to music.


It is a wireless media transport approved by the Wi-fi Alliance. To use this method, it is required that both TV and gadget have this standard.

To connect Android to a TV:

  • Go to file settings, visit the “Network” section. Find the inscription “Miracast” and enable the corresponding options.
  • Open the settings of the mob. zte gadget or tablet. Here click the sub-item “Screen”, then. “Wireless Monitor”.
  • In the new window, click “Enable”. You can also move the swipe to the “Enable” position. So, the procedure for searching for a device with a standard is activated From the list of available select the name of the required TV.
  • Next, you should see a message stating that the Android device is successfully connected. After a couple of minutes, the TV should display a display mob. gadget.

This mode is used to view multimedia content. It is also possible to surf the Internet, read e-books or listen to music. The method has a certain drawback: the image is displayed on the screen only after a few seconds.

It will not be possible to play action games through the standard. If you want to watch movies or listen to music, Miracast is the right way to connect.


The Clockworkmod Corporation’s third-party program answers the question of whether Android can be connected to a TV positively. The playback principle is significantly different from Miracast. No display dubbing here.

The application allows you to turn on music, watch multimedia content. The image is displayed on TV by pressing the corresponding key.

Setting up the program is easy: Streambels will find the TV to sync by itself. After establishing contact, you can use the application.

WiDi is a technology invented by Intel. Full name. Wireless Display (wireless display). The developers initially planned to create an analogue of the Miracast standard, but later this technology became compatible with it.

In terms of characteristics, the technology is SIMilar to Mirakast: it also reproduces Full HD and five-channel surround sound. The principle of operation is also SIMilar, but wireless technology is not as popular with mobs. devices. Typically used on Intel-enabled PCs.

How to connect an Android phone to a TV: all the ways

The article covers methods on how to connect Android to a TV. Many users need to know how to connect the device. So, Full HD formats are best played on a large screen with high-quality sound.

Connecting the phone to the vehicle’s on-board system

Gadgets are connected not only to TV, but also to the car’s on-board system. It is possible to connect an Android device to the on-board computer only using 2 technologies: Mirrorlink and Google Android Auto.

Via hdmi cable

HDMI was the first technology that allowed portable devices to be connected to TV. After the rapid development of gadgets, developers have implemented micro HDMI and mini HDMI.

This standard is being developed SIMultaneously by several companies. Among them: Sony, Philips, Hitachi. The 1st version of the standard transmitted high resolution, the frequency of which is 60 Hz. Maximum capacity was 4 GB / s.

Version 2.0 has been developed for 2018. Its difference: the ability to send pictures of the highest resolution. Ultra HD. Frame rate: 60 / sec. It is also possible to play Full HD in 3D. Significantly increased bandwidth. 18 Gb / s.

How to connect Android to TV for watching movies:

  • Insert the cable into the TV into the corresponding socket, from the 2nd side. into the mobile. device. Data setting is automatic.
  • If the cord is not identified, visit the installation. Here find the section. For login data, click on the image from the screen of the mob. device or tablet.
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Most users use this method. HDMI-input is installed in all modern television devices, so it is very easy to connect a smartphone or tablet on any OS.

How to connect an Android smartphone to an old TV through a tulip:

Below is a record of entering mob. android devices to analog TV:


This is the development of the American company Apple. If you have gadgets on the Android platform, then the only available function is listening to audio recordings.

The company is very jealous of its own inventions and does not allow competitors to play multimedia content from Android OS through their devices.

How to connect your tablet to your TV using HDMI:

A detailed of connecting a tablet to a TV via an HDMI cable is shown below:

The disadvantage of HDMI is that it is inconvenient for mobs. devices, because connection requires additional. port. Instead, you can use a micro usb to HDMI adapter. So, the user will not be able to SIMultaneously use the USB connector.

This problem was resolved with the creation of a new and improved standard. The technology is jointly developed by Toshiba Corporation and Sony. It combines USB cable and HDMI device options in one.

MHL adapter version 3.0. reproduces films in the Ultra HD format, the frequency of which reaches up to 30 Hz. Sound with True HD support.

In addition to the adapter, there is also an MHL wire: one plug is connected to the TV, the other to the mobile. Samsung gadget. It is more convenient to operate. A clear minus of MHL: it plugs into the USB connector. Accordingly, you will not be able to enter an additional device.

So, if you want to insert a hard disk with a recording into your smartphone that you want to play on the big screen, then this operation cannot be performed.

Displaying what is happening on the smartphone on the TV screen

Let’s say a person needs to visit some sites in order to get a good look at their content, or play on a wide screen, using only a mobile and TV source. Roughly speaking, a person wants to reproduce the contents of a phone display on a TV screen. Let’s assume that the phone has a microusb connector and the TV has an HDMI connector. This situation happens often. To solve the described problem, you need to use a microusb-hdmi cable or adapter, by the following sequence of actions:

  • we connect the cable to the TV hdmi connector;
  • turn on the TV;
  • a menu appears. We click the item of the media device;
  • choose a suitable hdmi output;
  • starting actions with the phone.

Thus, the owner of the smartphone performs the desired actions, and their result is shown on the TV screen.

When choosing an adapter, you should pay attention to such parameters as the type of signal, supported resolutions, surround and compressed sound channels, material of manufacture. Also, compare the number of contacts of the adapter and the phone cable. It is advisable to purchase an adapter with the MHL standard, specially adapted for connecting phones to equipment capable of operating in Full HD mode. A SIMilar adapter charges the device when it is transmitted.

over, some modern models support the new Mhl 3.0 standard. It allows you to transmit 4K images at 3840×2160 resolution and 30 frames per second. It supports True HD and DTS HD Ma audio formats used in Blu-ray.

Some brands have implemented the Slimport standard. Here are a number of models that support it:

  • LG G2;
  • LG G3;
  • LG g4;
  • Nexus 4;
  • Nexus 5;
  • Nexus 7 Tablet;

A complete list can be found here.

With this type of connection, there is no need to connect power and also do the Android setup. transmitted without decoding, and also without output delays. However, the standard assumes the use of quality wires. Therefore, it is better not to buy cheap options.

Transfer to TV with Vga connector

The second method involves using two adapters, the sockets of which are visible in the photo.

The microusb-hdmi adapter should be connected to the smartphone, connect it with the hdmi-vga adapter, insert the VGa end into a suitable socket on the TV. Thus, the result obtained will be due to the characteristics of the two cables.

Problem situations

When trying to connect, there are two kinds of basic problems. These are problems of recognizing devices or files.

They are usually caused by the following:

  • Incorrect connection. The solution is SIMple. The connected phone must be reconnected following the instructions.
  • Using MTP mode by Android system. Solved either by the described method, or by replacing the phone firmware.
  • The TV does not read files. This is because this type of technique does not support all file formats. The only way out is to copy the file to your computer, and then convert it to a supported format using special programs. The most commonly supported files are mp4 and avi. Sometimes re-filmed.

View files from mobile

Let’s say mobile or card store photos or. that you just need to look at. Then you need a microusb-usb adapter. The TV must have the specified connectors. In this section, you will learn how to connect a mobile phone to the TV using the USB port. You should act like this:

  • Plugs cord into microusb phone jack.
  • The smartphone will prompt you to select a connection mode. Drive mode selected.
  • Using the remote control, the TV is switched to media reading mode.
  • The “Multimedia”, “usb” or other button is pressed, depending on the TV model.
  • When there are no such buttons, press “Source”.
  • The Signal Source menu appears. The appropriate section is selected. See an approximate view below.
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The connection on the port in question may be interfered with by the file transfer mode settings called MTP. It is often used by default when the smartphone recognizes the connected device. Then you need to configure the boot in drive mode. For this, the following sequence of steps is performed;

  • download the Android terminal emulator program;
  • we launch it;
  • in the window that appears, enter su (superuser);
  • you will be prompted for master user rights. We confirm it;
  • type the line setprop persist.sys.usb.config mass_storage, adb;
  • press the enter key;
  • we type reboot, then click the same thing again;
  • the phone will restart.
How To Connect A Phone To A TV Through A Wire

When you need to put the download again through the above-mentioned mode, enter the Android commands:

  • Su (confirm);
  • Setprop persist.sys usb.config mtp.adb;
  • Reboot.

How to connect your phone to a TV using a USB cable

The phone and TV seem to be completely different, incompatible things. But, time is running forward, and technologies and techniques of communication and image transmission are changing. Today many people want to know how to connect a phone to a TV via usb for the following reasons:

  • the need to watchs when the user visits different sites, especially YouTube. Quality is best viewed on the big screen;
  • desire to view photographs. The small screen of the mobile phone does not allow to evaluate the contents of the picture;
  • the desire to get a good impression of colorful games launched from the cell;
  • mismatch between storage capabilities and playback capabilities of high-quality material on mobile phones.

The point is that the better the quality. the larger the file size. Modern phones are endowed with significant amounts of internal memory and support flash drives to increase it. They can store top quality movies. But, movies should not be watched on mobiles, since modern TVs use new technologies for processing frames and images. Screen size allows you to clearly see what is happening.

Compare the impressions after watching a Blu-ray movie if the diagonal is 70 and 3 cm, respectively. (See photo)

But TVs don’t have the ability to store files. Therefore, to enjoy the movie or recording you are watching, you need to show the file on a television screen. In this case, the smartphone must be connected to a suitable port.

Ports of this type are common, so the answer to the question. is it possible to connect the cell to the TV via USB. obvious. This is possible today. The main methods are described below.

The method of using the phone’s USB port is determined by the purpose of the connection. If you need the TV screen to show the phone screen, then either microusb-hdmi adapters are used, or their combination with hdmi-Vga. If you just need to look at the file, then a microusb-usb connection is made. The main problems are caused by incorrect file format or MTP settings. Choose the methods of connecting the communication device and television equipment, based on the needs.

For Apple

Apple has created the Lightning Digital Adapter. It allows you to connect iPad and iPhone with HDMI TV output for high quality picture.

USB with MHL function

To open from a smartphone, you need a USB port with MHL and HDMI function on the TV. The MHL specification allows audio and signals to be transmitted with a resolution of up to 1080p or 4K for MHL 3.0, whereas regular USB cannot do this. MHL support is needed in both devices: USB / MHL on mobile and HDMI / MHL on TV. If your TV cannot work in MHL mode, you will need an additional adapter.

How to connect a phone directly to a TV via USB: take a microUSB-HDMI cable and connect the devices. Latest generation Samsung mobile devices will require an 11-pin MHL cable, while others require a standard 5-pin cable. Set HDMI / MHL as the signal source on TV. If there is only regular HDMI, buy an adapter to convert the signal from the phone.

The MHL adapter is a small device or cable with 3 ends. It connects to TV via HDMI cable, insert microUSB into the smartphone, additionally connect the power cord to the outlet.

In addition to MHL, you can connect to SlimPort. an adapter of this standard knows how to connect a tablet to a TV with a standard cable via HDMI, DVI or VGA. The advantage of SlimPort is low power consumption, even broadcasting a full-length movie on the TV screen or playing for a long time will minimize the battery charge. The adapter supports Full HD and 3D.

No wire

Wireless connectivity provides maximum mobility. You don’t need to look for a cable and look at the ports, the main thing is that the TV is equipped with a Wi-Fi module. In its absence, streaming consoles will help you connect to the TV screen wirelessly.

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When connected via a regular USB connector, the smartphone will be used as an external drive. you can view the list of files on it and open photos. To connect, a standard microUSB cable that you use for charging is enough. If the TV does not see the phone, restart the device and update the firmware.

Apple TV box

Apple TV delivers 4K picture quality with true-to-life HDR color technology. You can transfer media files to the TV screen from your smartphone or from iCloud. How to connect iPhone to TV:

  • connect the power cord to Apple TV;
  • if you need a cable internet connection, insert the Ethernet wire;
  • connect the set-top box to the HDMI connector of the TV;
  • turn on TV, select HDMI in the list of sources;
  • set up the set-top box, establish a connection with your home Wi-Fi network.

To watch movies through your phone, in the player, click on the arrow icon in the bottom menu bar, set AirPlay as the source. On a smartphone, you can open the bottom panel by swiping, select AirPlay in it. If you need to completely duplicate the screen image, activate the next option “repeat”.


If your mobile device has a micro or miniHDMI connector, use the appropriate HDMI cable. The image from the smartphone display will be completely duplicated on the TV screen; in addition, you can attach a keyboard or gamepad.

How to connect Android via HDMI to TV:

  • Connect the devices with a wire.
  • On TV in the list of sources, set HDMI, if there are several ports of this type. indicate the number of the one into which you inserted the cord.
  • On your mobile device, confirm the transition to mass storage mode.

This connection gives a confidently clear picture with good resolution. The specific values ​​and range of connectivity functions depend on the characteristics of the mobile device. Please note that devices cannot be recharged via HDMI, during long-term operation, additionally connect power from the charger.


The easiest way is to connect to a TV that has a built-in Wi-Fi Direct module. In this case, the data transmission will go directly, bypassing the router. How to connect your phone to a TV via Wi-Fi:

  • in a mobile phone, select Wi-Fi Direct mode among networks, in Samsung devices, look for the Screen Mirroring function, on LG. Miracast;
  • activate “Screen mirroring” in the TV menu in the list of sources;
  • confirm on the smartphone the request to connect to the TV.

Now the entire image will be broadcast on the TV screen. To exit the mode, just select another input on the TV or turn off one of the devices. The connection is sensitive to the quality of the network; the picture quality suffers when the channel is loaded. Position your smartphone closer to the TV to stabilize the connection.

If the TV has only regular Wi-Fi, without the Direct set-top box, you will need to connect both devices to one router to transfer data. Data transfer will go through the DLNA server on the phone. this must be a built-in function or an additionally installed application. DLNA standard supports a limited list of file formats, but you can turn on music, watch and photos from your phone on TV.

How to connect a smartphone via Wi-Fi to a TV:

  • launch the menu on the TV, activate the network connection;
  • in the list of networks, select a router, enter the password to connect;
  • to connect your tablet, turn on Wi-Fi on it and connect it to the same network.

To transfer an image from your phone to your TV, while viewing or taking a photo, click on the arrow icon and select the transfer direction. For convenience, you can install applications for managing the DLNA connection, they will also be needed for Apple products that do not have built-in support for the standard. Install UPnP, PlugPlayer or My Remote. in addition to standard file transfer, they can control the TV from the phone.

How to connect your phone to your TV

By Anastasia Posted on December 9, 2017 Updated on December 27, 2017

It is convenient to view content from a smartphone on a wide TV screen. Show guests a vacation photo is again more comfortable on the TV screen. To send media content to TV with one click, you must first configure both devices. Let’s figure out how to connect the phone directly to the TV. depending on the models, you can use wired and wireless connections.


You can connect your smartphone to TV via HDMI or USB cable. In this case, the image quality does not depend on the stability of the signal from the router, and when connected via USB, the phone will also recharge.