How To Connect A Game Console To A TV

How to tune digital TV through a DVB-T2 set-top box for 20 channels

Hello everyone, and Borodach is in touch with you again! Today we will have a rather interesting question. how to properly connect a digital set-top box to a TV and tune all channels. I have prepared a detailed instruction for you with all the main steps. But if you have any questions, write in the comments.

Let me remind you that we need a set-top box with support for the DVB-T2 or DVB-C2 standard. They are used, as well as in many CIS countries and Europe. If you have not yet picked up a model for yourself, then I advise you to take it with Wi-Fi support so that you can connect to the network and the Internet. The best models have already been disassembled by my colleague Botan in another article.

I’ll tell you a little about standards. If you will be connecting to cable TV, then you need the DVB-C or DVB-C2 standard. If you will connect an antenna and catch terrestrial TV channels, then you need DVB-T2 or DVB-T. Just in case, I’ll write. for satellite TV you need the DVB-S2 standard.

Installing and connecting the console

In addition to the receiver, we also need some details to connect digital television. First of all, you need to think about how exactly the decoder will be connected, more precisely, through which port.

First, we look at the ports that are on the TV. Let’s explore the inputs that we can use in the future:

  • HDMI is the most preferred as the picture will be of the highest quality. We will be interested in “HDMI” with the “IN” prefix. Also, do not use the input for the adapter to “DVI”.
  • AV. has three multi-colored inputs :, audio-L, audio-R. If HDMI is not available, then you can use it.
  • VGA is rarely used, but you can try it too. We are interested in the input “IN”.
  • If there is nothing at all, then you can try using “SCART”. Present on very old TVs from the early 2000s.
How To Connect A Game Console To A TV

  • S-is also a good option for replacing AV bells.

It is on the basis of the inputs (IN) on the TV that it will be necessary to select a set-top box. Let’s take a look at my model as an example:

By entrances from left to right:

  • Antenna input. this is where we will connect our antenna.
  • Antenna output. required to connect another set-top box.
  • Digital audio. we don’t need it yet.
  • HDMI. ideally it is better to use it.
  • AV. the same bells that can be used if the TV does not have HDMI.

Some digital set-top boxes may have other outputs, which I wrote about earlier: SCART, S-Video, VGA, etc. and

There may be additional inputs and outputs:

  • LAN. needed to connect to your home router. Thus, you can go online from the console and watch movies from there.
  • USB. some people think that it can be used to connect to a TV, but this is not the case. This port performs the same function as on a TV and is intended only for connecting external media, flash drives and hard drives.

Once you’ve found the perfect ports, you need the appropriate cable to connect to your TV box. There are also these type of adapters:

  • S-– AV

They can also be easily connected in cases where there is no corresponding port on the TV or on the receiver.

On very ancient TVs, you can try using the same “RF OUT” antenna output. That is, we take and directly connect the coaxial cable to the old TV.

Now it remains to perform the usual connection: we connect the TV via tulips, HDMI or any other cable that I talked about earlier.

Now, a digital signal will go through the TV set-top box and send an impulse to the TV in analog or digital form. Also, do not forget to connect the set-top box itself to the outlet. We just have to turn on the receiver, TV and tune the channels.

  • To set up digital channels, turn on both devices.
  • Now on the TV you need to turn on the display from the input to which the set-top box is connected. To do this, take the remote control from the TV and find the button that turns on or switches the “Input ports”. It can be referred to as “Input” or “Sources”. May just have a square icon with an arrow inside.
  • Then you can see this menu. just select our port. On very old TVs, there is no such menu, so here you just need to flip through until you see the images of the set-top box menu.
  • We succeeded in installing the receiver, now we need to catch the necessary channels. The receiver’s systems are different, but the principle itself is the same. In the menu you need to find “Settings” and turn on “Channel Search”.
  • The system will automatically search for channels and tune them. You can also do manual configuration.

Connection problems

If, when searching for channels, you did not find any, then this means that there are some problems:

  • Make sure the antenna is pointing in the right direction. Let me remind you that there are towers in the Russian Federation that broadcast 20 free channels. The location of the antennas can be viewed at this link.
  • You are using antennas that are not suitable for digital TV reception. You can see the link to the required models at the beginning of the article.
  • If you are connected to a provider, you should call him by the hotline number or technical support.
  • You are using a receiver that does not accept a specific type of signal: DVB-T, DVB-C, or DVB-S. There are also second versions for reception: DVB-T2, DVB-C2, DVB-S2.
  • The cable is damaged or broken.
  • Check again that all wires are tightly connected to the ports.
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Feel free to ask your questions in the comments and I’ll try to help you. Just try to write in as much detail and detail as possible. I hope this article was helpful to you.


  • Connect the joystick to the main unit of the set-top box.
  • Insert one of the cartridges.
  • Before connecting the power supply (requires 7.5, 9 or 12 volts of power from any modern adapter) make sure the power switch is not turned on. Plug in the power adapter.

The set-top box has an antenna and a separate output. You can use either of both ways.

Connection features

On old TVs with a kinescope, as well as on LCD monitors and PCs equipped with a TV tuner, the connection is made via an antenna cable. Instead of an external antenna, a cable from the set-top box is connected. The antenna output uses a TV modulator operating on the 7th or 10th analogue VHF channel. Naturally, if you install a power amplifier, then such a set-top box will turn into a real TV transmitter, the signal from which will be received by an external antenna, however, independent increase in power is prohibited by law.

The power of up to 10 milliwatts, which the Dendy transmitter emits, is enough for the signal to be clear through the cable, the length of which does not exceed several meters, and does not overload the TV receiver in the TV, PC or monitor. and the sound is transmitted SIMultaneously. in the radio spectrum of the TV signal, as on conventional analog TV channels.

When connecting through a low-frequency audio output, the sound and image signals are transmitted separately. via separate lines. It does not have to be a coaxial cable. although it is recommended that you use it, the line can be telephone noodles or twisted-pair wires. Such a connection is often used in intercoms, for example, from the Commax brand, released in the 2000s, where not LCD displays were used as a TV monitor, but an analog TV camera on the outdoor panel and a cathode-ray tube in the “monitor” (in-house) part. The signal from the separate audio output can also be fed to a special adapter that digitizes the image. This allows you to protect the picture and sound from industrial noise.

To work in this mode, composite and S-inputs are used on a modern TV. But remember that, whatever the connection, the resolution on a modern monitor will be far from perfect. no more than 320 240 pixels in total. Move away from your monitor to reduce visual pixelation.

How to connect the Dendy game console to a modern TV?

Game consoles Dendy, Sega and Sony PlayStation of the first generation today are superseded by more advanced ones, starting with the Xbox and ending with the PlayStation 4. They are often bought by those whose children are still too young to have an iPhone or laptop. But there are also connoisseurs who want to remember the adolescence of the long gone 90s. Let’s figure out how to connect the Dendy game console to a modern TV.

How to connect?

To use the “teleantenna” method, do the following.

  • Switch the TV to the “TV reception” mode.
  • Select the desired channel (for example, the 10th) on which Dendy is running.
  • Connect the output of the set-top box to the antenna input of the TV and turn on any of the games. The picture and sound will immediately appear on the screen.

To connect the set-top box to a PC or laptop (although rare laptops are equipped with a TV tuner), connect its antenna output and the antenna input of a PC or laptop. For example, on most PCs, AverMedia tuner cards with the AverTV program were popular, it also allowed you to record TV and radio broadcasts in popular. and audio formats. Select a preset channel (still the same 10th). The monitor screen displays a menu of games recorded on the cartridge by the manufacturer.

To use analog transmission and sound, do the following.

  • Connect the audio and outputs of the set-top box to the corresponding inputs on the TV using a special cable. the connector is often marked with a yellow marker.
  • Turn on AV mode on the TV and start the game.

If the PC monitor is equipped with separate A / V connectors, there is no need to use the system unit. The fact is that a PC consumes more than one hundred watts, which cannot be said about a monitor. For the sake of the SIMplest game console, it makes no sense to keep the high performance of the PC on.

You will need an adapter that converts the analog signal from the TV antenna or AV-out to this format. It is powered separately and looks like a small device with appropriate connectors and an output cable.

The connection using a Scart adapter is SIMilar. It does not require a separate power supply from an external adapter. power is supplied via the Scart interface from a TV or monitor via separate contacts, and the built-in AV chip converts the analog signal format into digital, splitting it into separate media streams and transmitting it directly to the device itself. When using Scart or HDMI, the power of the set-top box is turned on last. this is necessary in order not to cause unnecessary failure of the digitizing system.

Despite several ways to connect Dendy to a TV or monitor, with the cancellation of analog TV broadcast, the analog antenna input disappeared. The rest of the ways to display the games of this console on the screen remained. analog communication with sound is still used in cameras and intercoms, this technology is not so outdated.

How to connect an old game console to a modern TV, see below.

The process of connecting a digital set-top box to a new TV step by step

Let’s describe the order of our actions:

  • It is necessary to select the interface for connecting the set-top box to the TV. It can be analog (tulips, D-SUB, SCART) or digital (HDMI, DVI). The choice is made depending on the specific TV model. Despite the fact that many Full HD television receivers have an analog input, it is better to feed them “digital”, since double conversion of the signal will negatively affect the quality of the “picture”.

HDMI input on TV

This interface allows signal and sound transmission, so the connection can be made with one cable.

If the TV does not have a digital input, it connects to any analog interface, the easiest way to do this is with tulips. In the event that the device has only a bulky SCART connector, you can purchase a tulip adapter for it. In this way, you can connect almost any model, except for the very ancient ones.

  • We check the availability of the cable necessary for connecting, it can be included in the set to the receiver or television receiver. If you cannot find one, you will need to purchase it.
  • We remove the protective film (if any) from the set-top box, install it in the chosen place and connect it to the TV. The cables are made in such a way that it is physically impossible to insert them into a connector not intended for this. The exception is tulips, they can be confused in places. But to prevent this, manufacturers make nests for them in the appropriate color.
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Standard colors of RCA connectors of the interface (tulips)

As you can see, the colors of the connectors match the colors of the jacks (4 in Fig. 3).

  • We connect power to the console. If the mains adapter is built-in, just plug the plug into the socket, pre-connect the external power supply to the corresponding socket of the receiver.
  • We connect the provider’s cable, decimeter antenna or satellite dish to the antenna input (2 Fig. 3).
  • We insert the batteries into the remote control, turn on the set-top box and the TV.

This completes the connection procedure, and you can start setting up channels. If your TV does not have the interfaces listed above, do not worry, we will tell you how to get out of this situation.

How to connect 2 TVs to a digital set-top box

Two television receivers can be connected via the antenna output, for this you need a special adapter from one to two cables (splitter).

Double splitter

Since the set-top box is intended only for one device, then two TVs will work synchronously, that is, show the same channel.

How to connect a digital set-top box to a TV?

The state program for the gradual transition to the digital TV broadcasting standard DVB T2 is approaching the final stage. a gradual reduction in the number of analogue repeaters. This suggests that the time has come to join new technologies and switch to digital. We will tell you about the equipment required to receive a television signal in a new format, as well as how to properly connect a digital set-top box (receiver) to a TV or monitor.

Necessary equipment

To watch digital broadcasting, in contrast to analogue, you need a receiver that decodes the signal. Many modern TV models (Philips, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, LG, Panasonic, etc.) are equipped with such a unit. To verify this, you should refer to the user manual, this quick guide is included with each product. At the same time, check if the built-in tuner supports the DVB-T2 format, if not, you will need to purchase a receiver.

Receiver Supra

Depending on the set of functionality. Note that many digital cable TV providers provide receivers for rent to subscribers.

In addition, we need to receive a digital signal. In cities and large settlements, this will not be a problem, it is enough to contact local providers. Residents of rural areas need to install a UHF antenna or satellite dish. The latter is preferable, since it is not a fact that your house is within the coverage area of ​​the nearest digital repeater. In addition, the option with a satellite dish provides a wider choice of TV channels.

Digital set-top box standard equipment

Consider what is included in the standard set for the receiver, this information can be useful when connecting it to a television receiver.

Digital set-top box standard equipment

Let’s list what is shown in the figure:

  • A. user manual, we recommend that you carefully read this manual in order to get a complete picture of all the functionality of the device and its connection to TV and antenna.
  • B. “Tulip” (RCA) cable with characteristic connectors, allows you to connect the set-top box to almost all modern models of television receivers.
  • C. a device for decrypting and converting a digital signal into an analog one (receiver).
  • D. packing box.
  • E. remote control for the device.
  • F. batteries for the remote control.
  • G. network adapter for connecting the device to a household power supply.
  • H. warranty service coupon.

The basic equipment may slightly differ from that shown in the photo (for example, “Tulip” is replaced by an HDMI cable).

Connecting to an old TV

The signal converter can work even with old models of television receivers when connected to the antenna output (1 in Fig. 3). To do this, you need a piece of antenna wire of the appropriate length and two antenna plugs. In order not to bother with soldering, you can take special F-connectors, the procedure for installing them on the cable is shown in Figure 8.

Installation on F-connector cable


  • We remove the insulation from the antenna cable, carefully so as not to damage the braid (it is enough to clean 15 mm).
  • Bend the braid as shown in the picture.
  • Carefully remove the insulation from the central core.
  • You need to strip 10 mm of center wire.
  • We screw the connector clockwise.
  • We do this until the central core protrudes 2 mm from the connector.

Using the manufactured cable, we connect the antenna input of the TV to the corresponding output of the set-top box. In this way, you can connect any TV, be it Horizon 101 or the legendary KVN.

Connectors and their purpose

There are various connectors on the back of the device, we will briefly tell you what they are for.

Fig 3. Connectors of the SDT-96 receiver from the SUPRA model range

Explanation for the figure:

  • Antenna output.
  • Connector for connecting a satellite dish, decimeter antenna or local provider cable.
  • HDMI cable jack, allows you to connect a monitor or TV equipped with such an input (digital output, can transmit sound and image).
  • Tulip sockets (transmits analog signal as well as stereo sound).

Some devices may be additionally equipped with a “SCART” connector, which connects to a TV, tape recorder or DVD-player with a recording function.

Receiver with SCART connector

In addition, there may be devices where instead of the HDMI jack, D-SUB (Fig. 5) or DVI outputs are installed.

Fig 5. Digital set-top box with standard VGA (D-SUB) output

Please note that such interfaces do not transmit sound, so an additional connection using “tulips” is required to transmit it.

Setting up

The set-top box is configured in the same way as the TV, namely:

  • The menu is called up using the button of the same name on the remote control.
  • We select the appropriate command that starts channel scanning.
  • When scanning is over, we save the list of detected channels, if desired, they can be grouped in a certain way, give a name, etc.

Detailed instructions and description of functionality can be found in the user manual. In most cases, the menu interface is intuitive, so setting up the receiver is as easy as connecting a set-top box to a TV.

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Ways to connect ps3 to a monitor or TV

So, let’s figure out how to connect a playstation 3 game console, be it to a TV or monitor in various ways, and at the same time prevent children’s mistakes.

Connection to TV via RCA cable (“tulips”)

If the TV is quite old, then it may not have HDMI support. Here the good old tulips that come with the console come to the rescue. The procedure is the same as with HDMI. insert tulips into the TV sockets by color, and the other end into multi out Playstation 3.

We turn on the AV channel on the TV, then we start the set-top box with the power button directly from the console and be sure to hold it until the second beep, otherwise nothing will work. You need to hold until the second signal only the very first time. If the TV is not broken, everything is in order with the connector on the console, and you did everything as described above, then there should be no questions. One problem. the image will be of lower quality (576p).

Connect the console to the TV via AV

This method also produces a high definition image. Everything is just as SIMple here. connect the cables to the TV by color, the other end to the set-top box, we find the av channel on the TV. At the very first start, hold the console start button until the second beep.

Connecting Playstation 3 to TV via SCART

The method is SIMilar to the above, the difference is that you additionally have to find an adapter, as in the image below. And, again, do not forget to hold the ps3 start button until the second beep on the first connection.

Connecting Playstation 3 to a TV via HDMI and what problems can be

The easiest way, the most common and the highest image quality. You will additionally need an HDMI cable, as it is not included with the Playstation 3. Everything is SIMple here: we insert one end of the cable into the game console, and the other into the free connector on the TV. We start the console and find the HDMI channel to which we are connected. What questions may arise:

  • There is no image. check if the connection is correct, if the HDMI port you selected, or try another HDMI cable
  • No sound. it is possible that a different method of sound output is selected on the TV or set-top box Rummage through the TV settings, but first reset the settings on the PS3: turn it off as standard, and when turned on, hold the power button on the console until the second beep, then release it. The console will ask you to specify the audio output method and. We are renting game consoles in Minsk and noticed the following thing: if after a modern LG TV you connect the console to a modern Samsung TV, then there is often no sound. Reset helps as described above. By the way, those who live in Minsk. you can rent a ps3 or ps4 from us with a 10% discount. Just say you read it in the article;). Prices, conditions and more. rental of consoles in Minsk.

How to connect to a monitor and output sound to speakers

Well, what if you don’t have a TV? What then? Then you can connect the ps3 to the monitor and if the monitor does not have built-in speakers, output the sound through tulips to regular speakers or an optical cable to better speakers.

Connecting via HDMI to a monitor is no different from the same connection to a TV. In addition to HDMI, you can connect to the monitor via DVI; you will need either an adapter, as in the picture below, or an HDMI cable. DVI.

And remember you won’t be able to connect to VGA, don’t even try. digital signal and analog signal are completely different things.

It remains to figure out the sound output if the monitor does not have speakers or a 3.5 mm jack output. There are two more ways to output audio separately:

  • through tulips. connect the cable to the multi out rca connector, as in the third picture, and the red and white tulips to the audio input on the speakers. picture below. Usually the output is located behind the speaker in which the amplifier is built. Next, you need to go to the settings on the console for the following points: settings. sound settings. audio output settings and select the most recent option, press X to confirm
  • via an optical cable. we connect one end of the optical cable to the console, the other to the speakers. If you have such speakers and cables, then you know where all this is. It remains only to go to the settings on the ps3 for the following points: settings. sound settings. audio output settings, and select the second option, press X to confirm.

These are the SIMplest and most understandable ways to output images from ps3 to various sources, which are available to almost everyone. Remember, it’s better to buy a cable or adapter than to break the set-top box.

There is no sound in the game, but there is a menu. What to do?

It happens that when you connect the Playstation 3 to a TV via HDMI, there is sound in the menu, but when you start games it disappears somewhere. This usually happens when changing TVs. Especially if they are from different manufacturers. This problem is solved very SIMply. turn off the console, then turn on the console with the power button on the ps3 itself and hold it until the second signal, then release the button. The set-top box will ask whether to output sound via HDMI as well, which we, of course, agree to. This problem occurs due to the conflict of audio formats played by different TVs.

If there is still no sound, then you can try another HDMI cable. If this does not help, then try to output sound through the “tulips” or digital output, as described above in the chapter “How to connect to a monitor and output sound to speakers”.

Thank you so much for your attention to the article. Unfortunately, the block for comments is not ready yet. Therefore, if you have any questions, then leave them under a SIMilar topic on my YouTube channel. I will be glad to answer all your questions.