How to connect a computer to a TV via wi-fi

Settings on TV

  • Open the settings menu by pressing the “Settings” button on the remote control.
  • Open “Network Connection” in the selected section “Network”.
  • After that, following the instructions displayed on the screen, set up the connection.
  • We choose from the proposed options what is needed. That is, it is your wireless network.
  • If you need to change any parameters, then on the right side of the screen you can select manual settings.
  • After that, we register the security code for your connection and click on the “Ok” button.
  • If you are not mistaken in the security code, the gadget will connect to the network and you can continue to work with it.
  • In some cases, devices may issue queries to enter the IP address and DNS server address. These settings should be left in automatic mode.
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What can be used as an access point

With a wireless connection, you can use a router as an access point (if there are capabilities built-in from the manufacturer), under certain conditions you can use a laptop, computer or even a smartphone. But there are also devices specially made for this.

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What devices are required for connection

Depending on the TV model and the presence of a built-in Wi-Fi module, the list of devices for connecting a computer to a TV is significantly expanding.

  • Wi-Fi repeater. This device will be a great help for TVs without a Wi-Fi module.

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  • Google Chromecast. A device designed specifically for relaying to TV.

Connecting PC and TV with Smart TV via a router

Let’s first figure out how connecting a TV to a computer via Wi-fi works. There is a network created by a router to which a TV and a PC / laptop are connected at the same time, and it is in this wireless connection that they interact. The connection itself on different models of individual manufacturers does not differ much and the principle of setting is almost the same for everyone.

Using the TV as a Wireless Monitor (WIDI / Miracast)

If we talk about this technology of connecting a TV with a computer wirelessly, then it allows you to display on the screen of the device everything that happens on your monitor. Approximately the same possibilities are provided by connecting a device via an HDMI cable.

  • If your TV is not equipped with a Miracast module, then you can purchase it separately and simply connect to the TV using a cable.
  • In the TV settings, in the same place where you chose “Network Connection“, open the “Miracast” section.
  • We install a special program on the computer to work with this technology.
  • We activate the mode we need (watching video, displaying the desktop, etc.) and enjoy the result.
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Connection via laptop (laptop as hotspot)

You can create an access point for connecting a TV to a computer via Wi-Fi using the command line.

  • We call the command line by simultaneously pressing the Win key and the R button, then write in the “cmd” window that pops up. Click “Ok”.
  • Enter the following: netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = ”” key = ”87654321 ″ keyUsage = persistent. where key = “87654321” is your network security code.
  • Next: netsh wlan start hostednetwork.
  • The virtual network has been created. Now you should open the public access.
  • Select the connection you created using the path indicated below.
  • Disable the distribution of the Internet will help the netsh wlan stop hostednetwork specified in the command line.
  • Setting up the connection of the TV to the laptop is carried out according to the above method (as well as to the router).

Settings on the computer

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