How to connect a computer to a Samsung TV

Using a VGA cable

This is another way to connect your TV to your computer without HDMI. This type of connection is quite ancient, but at the same time very widespread. It loses to other connection methods due to the relatively low data transfer rate.

connect, computer, samsung

On the other hand, the procedure for using this option is very simple. In order to connect in this way, you need to take the following steps:

  • It is necessary to insert the cable plugs into the corresponding connectors on both devices. This must be done at a time when the equipment is turned off.
  • Now TV and PC need to be turned on.
  • When setting up the TV, you need to mark VGA as the main interface of the received signal.
  • You need to configure your computer. To do this, right-click on the desktop. Then select “Screen Resolution”.
  • In the “Screen” menu, you need to select the broadcast parameters.

The connection procedure is now complete. If you experience problems with the broadcast. This means that it is required to correct the characteristics of the transmitted image.

HDMI cable connection

The easiest way to connect to modern TVs: LG, Sony, Samsung and others, is to use a cable. There are several options:

The first of them is of the highest quality. Usually this cord is not included in the package and must be purchased separately. Most modern computers and televisions have such a connector. To connect HDMI, you need to take the following steps:

  • Insert the cable into HDMI connectors, connecting the computer and TV. On the TV, they are located at the back. In a computer, such a connector is located on the system unit.

How to connect computer to samsung smart tv. samsung tv hdmi cable not working

  • Go to TV settings.
  • In the section on signal sources, you need to find HDMI and select it.
  • You need to go to the display settings on your computer. You must select the option “Multiple monitors”.
  • Check the option to duplicate the image on the display.

After that, the image will be fed through the cable to the big screen. By default, the image that is intended for the second display will be transmitted to the TV.

Before you start watching, you need to configure your video to best fit your new screen. HDMI input is usually found on most modern computers. However, the old ones may not have it. The situation can be corrected by using the “USB-HDMI” adapter. Other options can be used as well. For example, there are adapters “VGA-HDMI”.

Connecting using a router

This type of connection is more convenient than cable. It can be done at a greater distance. At the same time, wires will not interfere and there will be no need to look for a convenient way to position the television screen and computer.

However, it must be borne in mind that for this the wireless signal must be transmitted from the computer to the large screen. Usually, newer TV models have a module that allows you to work with Wi-Fi. If it is not available, you can purchase an adapter that connects via a USB connector.

Typically, Internet access is via a cable from the provider. Next, the cable is connected to the router. This device in most models has four inputs for network cables, and also provides the ability to transfer Wi-Fi.

Using a router, you can set up a connection as follows:

  • Connect the computer using a network cable or Wi-Fi.
  • Use a wired or wireless connection to connect the TV.

In addition to the physical connection, it is necessary to organize a DLNA server on the computer. which can be done using special applications or standard Windows tools. Therefore, we have a separate instruction about it and you can read it here.

It is necessary to download and install one of the programs presented in the article or similar programs. After starting, to connect the TV to a computer, you need to create a DLNA server in accordance with the supplied instructions.

The connection algorithm is as follows:

  • Connecting the computer to the router.
  • The TV is connected to the router using a network cable or via Wi-Fi.
  • In Windows, you need to set aside a special folder for video files and make it shared.
  • It is necessary to run the program on the computer to run the DLNA server. In it, you must specify the path to the shared folder. Inside this application, you need to select a file to play and give the command to do it on the TV.
  • When connecting a PC to a TV, you must select DLNA as the signal source.

In some cases, the command to view may be given not from the computer, but from the TV. For example, if you are using Samsung, then you need to click “Source”, then go to the catalog of media products and run the desired file.

How to connect a TV to a computer: via cable, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Users going online can view a lot of interesting material on their computer. These can be: TV shows, new movies, videos or individual images. Despite the progress in the development of electronic technology, the image quality on the display is inferior to that of television. By connecting them together, you can enjoy watching this video in high quality and resolution.

Another benefit of sharing is that the TV screen can be used as a monitor. This will enable you to: do your usual work, visit websites or play video games in a more comfortable environment. by connecting your computer to the TV.

Using S-Video

You can use an S-Video cable to connect your TV to your computer. This method is not of the highest quality, however, such connectors are very common. they are found on almost every device. Such a connection is especially important when the TV does not have the capabilities of a built-in Smart TV.

An important feature of this method is the ease of connection. Before proceeding with the procedure, the equipment must be turned off. The cable is inserted into the corresponding connectors on the TV and computer. First turn on the TV, then the computer.

Usually the screen starts to blink. this indicates that the TV has detected a new signal source. Now you need to properly configure “Windows”:

  • To do this, right-click on the desktop, select “Properties”, “Parameters” in the context menu, then go to the item “Advanced”.
  • It is necessary for the GPU to specify the “Clone” option.
  • For the display, mark our TV.

Now, using the remote control, they enter the TV settings and select S-Video as the signal source. This completes the connection process. It may be necessary to adjust the picture taking into account the characteristics of the TV screen.

Miracast technology

Another way to connect a computer to a TV is Miracast. This is a modern technology that requires a digital set-top box. It connects through the HDMI connector. The use of Miracast is based on the use of “Wi-Fi Direct”. This technology allows you to establish a direct wireless connection between the set-top box to the PC. To do this, the set-top box and the computer must have modules for working with Wi-Fi.

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For the connection, the TV selects the wireless signal source, and the computer specifies that the image should be transmitted to the wireless display. As a result, it will be possible not only to watch video files, but also to receive an image directly from the browser used on the computer. details about Mirakast can be found on Honor here.

How to connect a computer to a Samsung Smart TV?

A television can perform many more functions than broadcasting TV channels. One of the possible modes of operation is as a device for duplicating an image from a computer. This will allow you to quickly turn on any movie from the Internet, hard drive and simply display the picture from the monitor, improving the user’s gaming experience. There are many more situations for synchronizing TV with a PC, but our material is not devoted to researching the reasons, but how to connect a computer to a Samsung Smart TV.

How to connect PC to Samsung Smart TV via:

We can connect a computer to a TV in two main ways: wireless and wired. The advantage of the first is ease of use, since there is no need to buy a cable and conduct it. But in the wired version, the signal is more stable and reaches the TV faster. If response time is important, we recommend that you prefer this option.

All modern TVs from Samsung support DLNA, which makes it possible to set up PC synchronization with the TV. Of the necessary tools for the implementation of the idea: the All Share application (it is already preinstalled on the TV) and a high-quality Wi-Fi network.

How to connect Samsung Smart TV to computer via Wi-Fi:

  • Right-click (RMB) on the connection and go to “Network Control Center”.
  • Select additional parameters from the left menu.
  • We activate the sections “Enable Network Discovery” and “Enable Sharing”.
  • Click on the “Save changes” button.
  • Installing the All Share application.
  • We launch it and register the device (button on the main screen).
  • Turn on the TV and press the “Smart Hub” remote control button.
  • Launch the AllShare Play application (it should be available on the home screen).
  • Select a file from a computer or switch to wireless screen mode.

Important! All Share is currently not actively supported on PC, so it is appropriate to use alternative programs for creating DLNA servers. Here are some good options: Home Media Server, Plex. Serviio.

Another proprietary application has similar functions. Smart View. With its help, we can transfer the image from the work screen to the TV, as well as control TV from mobile devices.

This is a simpler in concept, but difficult to implement method, how to connect Samsung Smart TV to a computer. All there is to it. connect TV to PC via HDMI cable.

Tips on how to connect your computer to Smart TV:

  • The computer must have a free HDMI slot. Not all PCs have an additional port, if there is only one and you also need to connect a monitor, you will have to constantly rearrange the cables, which is very inconvenient.
  • Make sure the computer can handle image processing. The disadvantage of this method is that work with a picture is performed on a PC, and a ready signal comes to the TV. Thus, the TV hardware is practically not used, and the computer works under greater load.
  • A cable connection is inconvenient for a TV set in another room. Better to use the wireless option.
  • It is better not to buy a cable longer than 5-10 m, as the signal may be lost.

Smart TV control from a computer

The control method depends on how you connect your Samsung Smart TV to your computer. If we are talking about a wired connection, then all data from the PC monitor is automatically transmitted to the TV (if the playback mode is HDMI). In the case of a wireless connection, the algorithm is slightly different.

How to play a file on a TV from a computer:

  • We open the program in which the DNLA server was created.
  • Select the folder where movies or videos are stored.
  • Click RMB on a file of a suitable format and select “Play on”.
  • We indicate the TV, which should have previously been synchronized with the PC.

What is All Samsung TV?

We have already mentioned the All Share application, but now we will only tell you more about its functionality. The main task of the program is to provide easy interaction between smartphones, tablets, computers and TV. With its help, we can play video on a large screen, as well as include music. File exchange between a number of devices is also available.

The TV does not see the computer, what to do?

The question is how to connect Smart TV to a computer. there are pitfalls that can interfere with synchronization.

  • If a wired connection is established, we check the health of the cable and connector on the computer.
  • Switch the TV to HDMI playback mode. In the “Source” section, set “HDMI”, the option can also be moved to the main screen or available using the button on the remote control “Source”.
  • Updating drivers for your computer.
  • Install another DNLA server. Replacing a program often helps.

Unfortunately, sometimes the program for transferring the picture gets update curves that prevent communication between the PC and TV. For example, the crooked update from March 3, 2020 to Samsung Smart View broke many functions, including the detection of external devices.

Connecting a TV to a computer is not a difficult task, but you also need to figure it out, otherwise it is easy to make a mistake. We have shown the main methods for transferring images that really work and do not require unnecessary adjustment manipulations. The reader only needs to choose a wired or wireless connection option.

How to connect a computer to a TV?

We connect the computer (laptop) to the TV using an HDMI cable. Plug one end of the cord into the HDMI out of your computer and the other end of the cord into the HDMI in of your TV. To avoid degradation of the picture and sound quality, do not connect the DVI-out (via an adapter) of the computer to the TV HDMI-in, and vice versa.

How to Transfer Videos from Computer to Samsung TV?

We display video, photos and music on the TV screen from a computer or laptop All that needs to be done is to open the folder with the necessary files on the computer, right-click on the video file, audio, or photo and select “Transfer to device”. Our TV should appear on the list.

How to Cast PC Screen to TV?

  • On the computer, go to the folder with media content
  • Hover over the desired photo, video or audio.
  • By clicking on the right mouse button, we find the “Transfer to device” section (on the seven it will be displayed as “Play to”).
  • In the provided list, select the TV

How to connect a phone to a TV using WI-FI?

I offer you general instructions for displaying a smartphone screen on a TV:

  • Open “Settings” or “Options” (depending on the model)
  • Select network connection options
  • Click on “Wi-Fi Direct”
  • Select the TV name on your mobile device
  • Establish a wireless connection
  • Confirm connection

How to mirror your computer screen to your TV?

  • Turn on the Wi-Fi function on your compatible computer.
  • Press the Windows logo key and the C key at the same time.
  • Select the Devices icon.
  • Select Project.
  • Select Add a display.
  • Select Add a Device.
  • Select your TV model number.

How to watch movies from computer on TV?

The easiest way to do this is using an HDMI cable (of course, unless you have an old-fashioned grandmother’s TV set with “tulips”). After connecting, the video content from the computer can be played on the TV using the computer software. For example, right-click on a video file and find “Play to”.

How to connect a laptop to a TV

We connect the laptop to the TV via HDMI cable.

  • Connect the cable to the HDMI output of your laptop.
  • Insert the other end of the cable into the HDMI input of your TV.
  • On the remote control of your TV, press the button responsible for selecting the source of the displayed signal.

Modern flat panel TVs, like computers, are digital devices. Through HDMI, it became possible to transmit high quality video files simultaneously with audio transmission.

High-Definition Multimedia Interface or abbreviated. HDMI, in translation: high definition multimedia interface. Most video cards provide the ability to connect a computer to a TV via HDMI.

How to connect HDMI to TV

Shutdown. We turn off both devices so as not to burn the ports. We connect the computer (laptop) to the TV using an HDMI cable. Insert one end of the cord into the HDMI out of your computer and the other end of the cord into the HDMI in of your TV. To avoid degrading the picture and sound quality, do not connect the DVI output (via an adapter) of the computer to the TV HDMI input, and vice versa. The connectors must be the same.

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Loading. The cable is inserted. Turn on your TV and computer. Windows will boot on the connected computer. It will become clear that the TV is connected to an external source by the slight blinking of the screen. Do not forget to put the TV in AVI mode, it receives signals from an external source (connected computer), and not from an antenna. In AVI source mode, select the appropriate HDMI input of the TV.

Customization. Adjust the picture to connect your laptop or computer to the TV. On the computer desktop, open the context menu with the right mouse button.

In Windows XP, select Properties, click the Options button. Click the “Advanced” button, select the appropriate value. The TV screen displays the desktop of your computer.

With Windows 7 and Windows 8 installed on the computer, right-click on an empty space, select “Screen Resolution”. Find the line “Screen” and choose the appropriate option. The connected TV is not automatically detected? In the same window, click the “Find” button.

Wait for the TV search to finish. Set the maximum screen resolution by selecting “monitor” and “refresh the screen frequently” in the tab.

At the top in the “Screen Settings” we determine which screen we have the main (1st) and additional (2nd).

You must click “Define”. You will see the number “1” on the TV screen, the number “2” on the computer / laptop screen. To remedy the situation, in the “Screen Resolution” window, click on the screen “2”. Check the “Make the main monitor” checkbox and click the “Ok” button.

If necessary, in the properties of the video card, adjust the resolution of the desktop size, color correction.

Reboot. Reboot your computer. Changes to settings will happen automatically.

How to Connect Samsung Smart TV to Computer (Media Server)

If you do not know how to connect Samsung Smart TV to a computer to view multimedia content from a computer on a TV, then this article is written for you. We live in the age of information technology and today we have the opportunity to create a multimedia home network and open TV access to other devices (computer, phone, tablet) and to the films, photos and music stored on them.

You will probably agree with me that having a home network is very convenient, since you no longer need to upload a video file stored there from a device to a flash drive or DVD in order to watch it on TV. There are several ways to connect your Smart TV and computer to your home network, but in this article I will introduce two of them. Today, thanks to Samsung’s developers, it is easy and convenient to set up and connect at home to a common Smart TV network with a computer, and you will see this if you read the article to the end.

Connecting a computer to TV via WI-FI

Considering the fact that the connection of the TV to the computer via the WI-FI network occurs without any wires, it is worthwhile to understand that we need an access point. What it is? As a rule, for private purposes, budget wireless routers are used, which have a low cost, but at the same time allow you to easily and quickly organize a home network.

It is equipped with the same WI-FI adapter as the router. This suggests that it can also be used as an access point. In this case, all devices will connect to your laptop. It is worth noting that if it is connected to the Internet via a cable or USB modem, then all participants, including the TV, will be able to access the Internet.

How to connect a computer to a TV via Wi-Fi

In this article, we will analyze how to connect a computer to a TV via a WI-FI network. The fact is that such TV is widely used. But Smart TV technology is quite new and not everyone had time to study it and understand how it works.

Internet setup via WI-FI on LG Smart TVs

To enter the Smart TV settings menu for LG TVs, press the “Settings” button on the remote control. In the menu that appears, select the “Network” item. “Network connection”:

The following informational message will appear:

connect, computer, samsung

Click the “Configure connection” button. In the next window, click on the “List of networks” button:

A search for Wi-Fi networks will start, at the end of which you will see a list of available ones:

Attention! In cases when you need to manually set the parameters of the wireless network used (WPS, hidden SSID, etc.). click the “Manual setup” button

At the next stage, Smart TV LG TV will ask you to enter a password to connect to WI-FI:

After entering the security key, click “OK” and enter the configuration of the IP protocol parameters:

As a rule, if you connect to a home Wi-Fi router, the receipt of addresses is left in automatic mode. If you need to register a static IP address or specify a different DNS server, select the “Enter manually” option and enter your values. Press the “OK” button.

This information window indicates that the TV has successfully connected to the WI-FI network. Click on the “Finish” button and check access to the global web.

In the upper right corner, you should see a green wireless network icon, which indicates that LG Smart TV is successfully connected to the Internet via WI-FI.

How to connect a Smart TV to the Internet via WI-FI

Smart TVs are actually a transitional option between old boxes for watching terrestrial TV channels and a computer. The word Smart itself implies “smart”, but still a TV. Now on the market new generations of television receivers are appearing, in fact, already endowed with intelligence in the form of a full-fledged operating system. For example, Sony on Android TV. Against their background, Smart TVs are becoming cheaper, which means more affordable. One of the main “tricks” of any such devices is the ability to access the Internet through a home network to view video hosting sites such as YouTube or RuTube, visit social networks Odnoklassniki,. and other portals. Therefore, today we will consider a question that is very common among the owners of such devices. how to connect a Smart TV to the Internet via the WI-FI network of a home router. As part of this article, I will tell you about Samsung and LG TVs, which hold leading positions in sales in Russia. For Phillips TV owners, I recommend watching this article. link.

How to connect PC and Smart TV without a router

As you already know, you can create a home network without a router, using your laptop as an access point. This can be done in several ways:

  • By creating a connection in the PC control console.
  • Using the command line.
  • Using third party software such as Virtual Router Plus.

It is worth noting that the built-in Windows tools are more reliable and stable. over, you do not need to search for programs and install them on a PC, clogging up the registry. over, the second method is the easiest to configure and implement. It is about him that we will talk.

So, we run the command line with administrator rights. In Windows 8, you can do this using the WinX key combination. In the menu that appears, select “Command Prompt (Administrator)”. In the seven, simultaneously press the WinR keys, in the window that appears, write down CMD and press “Enter”.

Now we register the following command. netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = My_virtual_Wi-Fi key = 12345678 keyUsage = persistent. Press “Enter”. This completes the creation of the network. Now you need to start it. To do this, write netsh wlan start hostednetwork on the command line. It is worth noting that the creation of a virtual network is done once, but after each reboot or disconnection of the WI-FI module, you will have to write a command to start the network (netsh wlan start hostednetwork).

Setting up Samsung PC Share Manager.

Usually, a direct network is created through this program, that is, they connect Smart TV and PC via an Ethernet port (without the participation of a router). For communication, you must use a cross-crimped network cable (LAN). You can also create a Wi-Fi connection if the connected devices have built-in Wi-Fi adapters. If you will be connecting through a router and one of the devices will be connected with a network cable, then you need to crimp the RJ-45 (connector) in a direct way. So, download the application via a direct link and install it on your computer.

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Then turn on the TV and the computer and connect them together with a network cable in a crimped crossover method. Let me remind you that if you do not know how to crimp a network cable, then a link to detailed instructions is at the beginning of the article.

The next thing to do is assign IP addresses to the devices. To do this, on the computer, you need to enter “Network Connections”, click on the “Local Area Connections” icon and select “Properties” from the context menu. Next, select the radio button “Use the following IP address” and enter, and set the TV to the IP address The subnet mask of both devices must be the same

Now launch the Samsung PC Share Manager program and select the folder to which you want to give access to the TV to view multimedia content.

How to connect your PC to Samsung Smart TV through Screen Mirroring

Point (highlight) or create a folder to which you want to give access to the TV.

Click on the button with the image of the folder with a green checkmark (Share this folder).

In the drop-down menu, click on “Sharing” “Set device policy”.

Next, you need to set the device status “Accepted”.

Now it remains to click the “Set changed state” button and enjoy watching your favorite movie broadcasted from your computer to your TV.

Let me remind you that if there is no connection, then the first thing to check is whether the program is blocking the firewall and the correctness of the crimping of the network cable. To check whether it blocks the application or not, disable it completely for a while. If the Firewall blocked the application, then in the settings you need to create rules that determine how the firewall works with network connections. As you understand, there are a lot of firewalls and it is not possible to describe the configuration of each.

As you can see, there is nothing overly complicated in connecting Smart TV with a computer. By analogy, this instruction can be used to configure other devices. That’s all, I hope the material was useful to you and I did not work in vain. Until next time. Until!


Development-based Wi-Fi Direct Miracast is a great option for connecting Smart devices to a TV monitor wirelessly.

  • Wireless connection: if the TV does not have a Wi-Fi receiver, it is possible to use a separate adapter by connecting it via the HDMI port.
  • The threshold for video resolution is 1920×1200: if the quality of the transmitted image is higher, the system will “adjust” it to its own standard.
  • Dolby AC3 sound quality. for 5.1 multi-channel playback.

Bosch was not without its drawbacks: not every gadget supports miracast connections, besides, this standard does not have compatibility with 4K quality, while “smart” mobile phones are able to make such images.

MHL 3.0 (for 4K)

Adapters (as an option, DIGITUS MHL 3.0) have become available to users since 2013, expanding the horizons of smartphone owners:

  • 4K 30Hz image transmission.
  • High quality audio. Dolby TrueHD. for 7.1 and DTS-HD.
  • Battery charging up to 10W.

Interesting: the first gadgets to support the 3.0 standard were the technology produced by Sony: the Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone and the tablet PC of the same series.


If the smartphone or TV does not have an HDMI connector, the user can synchronize devices using the MiniDisplay-Port adapter.

Important: the adapter must be selected corresponding, for example, MiniDisplay-Port to HDMI.

In fact, it is an interface standard for outputting signals to monitors, known to the user as Display-Port. The prefix “mini” says that this is a miniature copy of it, which allows you to use the appropriate connector for mobile gadgets.

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

Two devices in one. as, for example, the Lightning Digital AV Adapter (adapter with cable). will suit the owners of Apple phones. This adapter allows you to synchronize your iPhone or iPad with almost any device that has an HDMI input: connect your mobile phone or tablet to the projector, as well as a monitor and TV. any device will be able to simultaneously broadcast everything that is happening on the user’s smartphone to an external source.
Watching videos, slideshows, surfing the web. these processes will not be limited by the size of the device display.

How to connect your phone to your TV: 10 ways

Do you want to show photos or video footage from your smartphone to friends and family, but do not want to huddle in front of the small screen of your mobile phone? Connect your Smart device to your TV and enjoy a high-quality picture on a large display. How to do this. read the article. We looked at 10 popular ways to connect a mobile phone to a TV screen.

Some methods are suitable for android gadgets, some for iPhones. Read on to find the one that suits you best. The article describes both connection methods that involve the use of cables and USB wires, and wireless options.


  • connect the phone to the HDMI connector located on the TV;
  • provide power supply through the network or USB port;
  • install the appropriate extension on the phone;
  • specify the code (it will appear on the screen after installing the extension);
  • allow network access.

The advantages of using a Chromecast service are to increase the speed of interaction with the host of smart TVs.

DLANA is a technology for exchanging media data (between devices supporting this technology), provided that the interacting devices are united by a network connection.

Attention! To owners of smartphones released by LG, DLNA is known as “Smart SHARE”. Samsung calls this technology AllShare, and SONY calls this shell VAIO Media Server.

How to synchronize a DLNA service with a smartphone (for example, HTC):
You need to make sure that all devices have an Internet signal Launch “Gallery” Select any of the available files Press “more” Select a player corresponding to the brand or specific model of the TV.

After the actions performed by the user, the selected photo will appear on the TV display automatically. This applies to any files stored in the smartphone gallery.

Note: if the task failed, then the user will need to download a shell that is compatible with the brand of the device. As a rule, the name of the shell is identical to the additional software.

MHL cable

This cord is another option that makes it possible to synchronize a smartphone with a TV screen. MHL is a combination of a function performed by HDMI (such as Dell DA200 USB-C), which is responsible for transferring high quality audio and video signals, and micro USB, which powers the smartphone battery.

  • Classic. involves the use of an adapter cord with three wires: HDMI-in. for connecting to a TV screen, USB-in in microformat. for connecting to a power source and USB-out of the “micro” type. for a mobile phone. The flaw in this synchronization method is the extra wire.
  • Direct Connecting. HDMI-out on TV MHL-out on mobile phone. This method of connection is convenient, however, it is not compatible with every TV.
  • Exclusive. created by Samsung, which is available to users as a separate adapter or as an add-on to some products. Exclusive. there are additional contacts with an indicator of 11 pins, while the standard has only five. It is important to take into account that the number of pins in devices must be the same, otherwise you will need an additional adapter to connect the devices.


MicroHDMI is one of three high definition multimedia interfaces. This “wire” facilitates the task of connecting smartphones to an external display (or TV), which allows you to display an image on it.

  • USB microformat remains “free”: some smartphones have “embedded” HDMI-input in “micro” format.
  • No additional “recharge” is needed.
  • Fully compatible with classic HDMI type.
  • Easy to connect: the user can use several connection methods using a combination cable (classic “full Size” “micro”) or a normal full-size HDMI adapter suitable for him. In the case of a mini-format HDMI cable, the option with an adapter is also relevant.