How to connect 2 TVs through a set-top box

How to connect a second TV to a receiver or digital TV set-top box

Many owners of satellite receivers and IPTV SetTopBox set-top boxes are wondering how to connect a second TV. The fact is that technologically this equipment (well, with very rare exceptions) does not provide for the connection of more than one TV set. For the second, you need to purchase an additional receiver or set-top box. In the case of digital television from Rostelecom, Beeline and HD TV from the correct connection diagram for the second TV looks like this:

To connect a second satellite receiver (for Tricolor, for example), you also need a special divider, from which each of the receivers is connected with a separate cable.

But the financial issue, unfortunately, often turns out to be decisive and people try to save in all possible ways. Therefore, looking at the presence of several connectors on the rear panel of the digital receiver, they come to the conclusion that you can still use one set for two TVs. Yes, in fact it is possible, but with some restrictions, which for many will turn out to be unacceptable.

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We connect through a free connector

As I said, there are usually multiple outputs on a receiver. One is busy, but the other is free. So let’s try to connect the second TV to the set-top box using it. We turn the device with the back towards us and see which of the ports is not occupied.

If connected via HDMI. normal RCA (tulips) is free and vice versa. Then we buy a cable for the desired port and attach a TV to it (it goes without saying that such a connector should also be present on the TV, and it should not be busy).

On some models of satellite receivers (as a rule, older ones) there is one more connector. RF OUT. If the TV to be connected is old and there is no HDMI port on it, and the tulips are already taken, connect through it.

Modulators and Dividers

You can connect two TVs to a set-top box or receiver using a pair of specialized devices. a high-frequency modulator and a special divider. The RF modulator is connected via RCA tulips to the receiver and then to the divider in the RF cable. And then we connect TVs to the divider.

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Some RF modulator models have more than one output. In this case, the divisor is not needed.

P.S. As a conclusion, I repeat. for comfortable work, I would still advise you to “strangle the toad in yourself” and splurge on a second equipment receiver or a special set for two TVs. You will save more nerves and time.

How to connect a second TV to a receiver or digital TV set-top box: 29 comments

Tell me on the adsl line you can connect a second set-top box, I just bought a second one, but they say only one is possible, how to be, is there any way out? This is Rostelecom

I put the second prefix writes enter the login and password where to get

Watch Two TV by One Set Top Box using IR extender repeater cable.1सेट टॉप बॉक्स से 2 टीवी कैसे चलाये

Gennady. In the subscriber department. One prefix. one login.

What brand of router, repeater, wi-fi adapter can be used when connecting to a Rostelecom access point? I have line of sight only from the apartment window and at an angle. Sincerely, Alexander.

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How to watch 2 tv from one setup box.

When two TVs are connected to one set-top box, the image turns green. Why does this happen? When one is connected, the image is normal

Most likely the receiver does not support this feature.

Please tell me what is the maximum allowable length of the cable between the modem and the IP set-top box ?

Depending on the quality of the cable, up to 150 meters. Above, the signal starts to disappear. There was a case the link went up 200 meters, but 1 megabit gave.

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