How to clear the cache memory on iPhone

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We clear memory from accumulated documents, multimedia files and other data

Some applications take up an impressive amount of memory for their “Documents and Data”. You may not even be aware of this. For example, or Flipboard, often “nibble” from the iPad memory tens and hundreds of megabytes.

The same can apply to applications for working with office documents or programs that download something from the Internet. For active readers, a lot of space is taken up by data from applications for reading books or magazines (Kindle, Kiosk, etc.). Google Chrome cache can exceed 100MB.

But the problem is that we cannot always delete these files directly. Therefore, you must either delete the application with all its data, and then install it again, or look for the function of deleting temporary files in the program itself. For example, you need to go to Settings and tap on Clear Downloaded Files. All articles loaded into the iPad or iPhone memory will be deleted. But not all programs have a similar button.

How To Clear Cache On iPhone

How to clear the Other section in iTunes and free up space on an iOS device

Many iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users have noticed a chart of the occupied space in iTunes. One of the categories on it is called “Other”. As this section begins to take up more and more space on the device over time, it becomes necessary to clean it up. What’s in this section and how to reduce its size?

All data on Apple mobile devices is divided into several categories. Audio, Photos, Programs, Books, Documents and Data. Any content that does not fall into these sections is designated “Other” by iTunes. What’s in this place? First of all. application files, game saves, caches, temporary files, program settings, and more. For example, if an error occurs as a result of syncing with iTunes, the “Other” size will increase. It also includes programs that were installed from third-party sources, tweaks and applications from Cydia, as well as files downloaded to an iOS device, bypassing iTunes.

At the same time, some program data may appear in the “Programs” section, it all depends on the developer. For example, you have uninstalled one of the games or an application. If the developers decide that the settings, cache and other information should not be considered their content, then all this content is defined as “trash” and ends up in iTunes in “Other”. Some mapping applications use the Other section to cache their maps.

Let’s see which application “eats” memory on the iPad or iPhone.

Launch the Settings application and go to the “Basic Settings” section. Here we tap on “Statistics”.

The right side of each application displays the amount of memory consumed by q files it creates or uses. It may come as a surprise to find out that a program or game that you hardly use is taking up half of the iPad’s memory.

Clearing the cache / cache of iPhone / iPhone and iPad / iPad applications

The ability to clear the cache of installed applications on the iPhone or iPad in most cases is absent, unless, of course, it was built into the settings by their developers. If, after carefully studying the available application settings options, you will not find clearing the cache memory, then there remains the option of using special programs for clearing the memory (cache / cache) of iPhone or iPad devices, of which there are already quite a few.

With prolonged use of the iPhone or iPad, a large number of installed applications can accumulate, which simply overwhelm the available sizes of the device’s memory and the question of finding settings and clearing the cache of individual applications already disappears. Here you just need to use special cleaning applications that clean not only temporary cache files, but also other accumulated garbage, in the form of currently unused fragments, previously installed programs and games, reaching quite impressive sizes up to several gigabytes.

How to clear cache of Safari / Safari browser (for iPhone, iPad with iOS)

Safari Browser is an application that needs to clear the cache in the first place, as this memory overflows constantly. In order to clear the cache (cache) of Safari / Safari on iPhone or iPad, you need:

  • Open “Settings” and go down below, until finding the Internet browser Safari.
  • By clicking on it, a menu of its settings appears, where below we find the line “Clear history and site data”.
  • After clicking on cleanup, you will be asked to confirm the action, with a proposal to clean the application.
  • After that, the browser will return to its original state with the missing history of browsing Internet pages and saved information from them.

How to clear cache (cache) of iPhone / iPhone and iPad / iPad

A large number of users of Apple devices sooner or later face the question: How to clear the cache (cache) on iPhone / iPhone (4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus. SE) and iPad / iPad (2, 3, 4, 5 G) in iOS 7, 8, 9? The problem associated with clearing the temporary memory of device applications does not come immediately, but only after some time of use.

How to clear cache / cache of Chrome / Chrome browser on iPhone or iPad

The Chrome browser is not a system application of the device, therefore, the principle of cleaning it differs from clearing the Safari cache, since here it must be done in the browser itself. In order to clear the cache (cache) of Chrome / Chrome on an iPhone or iPad with iOS, you need:

  • Open the Chrome web browser and go to the Menu and then the settings “Settings”.
  • After that, select “Personal data”.
  • We find the line “Cash”
  • We confirm the action “Clear cache”.

How to clear app cache using iFunBox?

One of my site visitors asked, “I’ve noticed that some apps like Instagram take up a lot of space under the Usage setting on my iPhone. And they don’t have a cache limit, so they keep getting bigger and bigger! What can you advise? “

Don’t worry, you can use iFunBox to clear the cache on your iPhone for each individual application. Just follow these steps:

  • Connect the device and open the iFunBox program
  • Find the app you want in the Custom Apps section, for example Instagram
  • Go to the / Library / Caches folder
  • Remove all items from the folder.

Done! Clearing the cache on iPhone is a pretty useful feature for most users.

Source: http: // iphonich. ru / 7902-kak-ochistit-kesh-prilozheniy-s-pomoschyu-ifunbox. html

How to clear browser cache on iPhone

Apple has installed the Safari browser on its equipment. So the cleanup procedure should start with this object, because we use browsers quite often. Cleaning it up is quite simple:

  • go to the smartphone settings;
  • find the software you want. Safari columnist;
  • after activation, scroll down to the menu with parameters;
  • choose cleaning;
  • confirm the action in the appropriate window.

If you know exactly how to clear the cache, you can control this process at any time, if necessary. All active sections of the menu will change color to gray from blue, this indicates that the space in the device is freed.

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How to clean on iPhone 6S or other via software reinstallation?

There are several steps in this procedure, they will be as follows:

  • find in the settings “Basic parameters”;
  • in the “Statistics” subsection, click on “Storage”;
  • in the window that appears, you should view the application catalog, near each there is data on the amount of physical memory it occupies.

After selecting the program you are interested in, you can view the space that it took on the disk. If you want, you can delete some application, and then download it again. This way you can erase everything you don’t need in the app.

You use everything that is installed?

I note right away that all basic data is located in the social media identifier. If Honor, that Instagram, Odnoklassniki and other similar resources are constantly increasing the number of their users, this fact is important. On such services, users do not just write, they listen to music, watch videos, photos, download some content.

So the storage accumulates a lot of information that sooner or later no powerful system will be able to process. So you should check which programs you are using and which ones you update without doing. If necessary, you should delete everything unnecessary in order to clutter up your iPhone.

Method to remove junk from apps on iPhone

Some applications have a specialized function that allows you to clean everything at once in the settings. With its help, you can clear the memory of the gadget without deleting the program itself. You can activate the option like this:

  • open the “Settings” of a particular utility;
  • find “Clear cache”.

In multimedia players there is an excellent opportunity to eliminate unnecessary information directly from the desktop interface.

We use specialized software

Another option that will help you clear the cache on any iPhone is using utilities. They are specially designed for this purpose. Now you can find both free options on the network, and those for which you have to pay.

And there is a more perfect version. PhoneClean Pro. Install on a PC (Windows or MacOS), pair the iPhone and computer, activate the program through the system scan window (“Scan”. Scan). The utility checks and finds unnecessary objects to be deleted.

clear, cache, memory, iphone

There is one more product worth talking about. Clean Doctor. The program is free to download and does an excellent job. After activating the utility, go to the tab that allows you to clear the cache.

Make a confirmation, and all unnecessary objects will be eliminated in automatic mode. It should be noted that sometimes it deletes files containing information about updates in some applications, games, so that gamers have to start all over again. When you don’t want to lose your gaming achievements, you need to approach the issue of cleansing individually, do not clear the cache in the appropriate software.

This utility stands out for helping to control memory usage, marking applications that have been loaded for a long time, as well as not used.

What is memory cleaning for??

Not necessarily freezing and slow execution of commands is a sign of technical problems, most often the reason is a banal cache overflow. The longer the phone operates, the more unnecessary “junk” accumulates in the memory. If you do not clear it in time, then the space will gradually fill up, the number of free gigabytes will decrease. You can easily clear the cache on your own.

Naturally, the fast loading of pages cannot but rejoice, only constant filling leads to a reduction in free space. Over time, the operating system ceases to cope with volumes and cannot function as quickly as before.

Many users of iPhones and other devices, including Androids, try to completely clear the cache. In fact, experts do not advise doing this too often, because in some cases it can help significantly, will allow you to quickly get to some pages of different sites, or even just cope with the tasks set by the user.

If the memory on the iPhone is shrinking at a terrible speed, for the reason that the smartphone has not been cleared of unnecessary for a long time, it is necessary to immediately solve such a problem, because otherwise you will not be able to save even some multimedia files to the phone.

The OS storage is filled with caching objects for various applications used on the iPhone. iOS immediately saves information about the processes that took place on the device, this includes downloads, updates, and more. So the more software you have installed, the more often the iPhone will be used, the higher the number of cached files stored in memory will be. Memory is loading. the speed of work decreases.

Removing previous system updates

If the iPhone is updated via iTunes, no extra data is left on the device; when a new firmware is received directly on the phone, the original data will most likely be saved in memory. and, since it is no longer needed, it will become another “garbage”. You can delete them by going to the “Storage” subsection, then to “Management”; by pressing the button and confirming his intention to clear the iPhone memory, the user will receive up to several gigabytes of free space.

Deleting Messages

It is worth saying right away: text messages, i.e. SMS, do not take up much space. Nevertheless, over several years of storage, they can accumulate up to a hundred or two megabytes, which, given the impossibility of expanding the iPhone’s memory, is sometimes critical. The user can easily delete unnecessary SMS, as well as set the storage period in the “Messages” subsection of the same iPhone “Settings”.

System update

As already mentioned, during the operation of iOS, like any other operating system, a lot of “junk” accumulates, and a great way to clean the memory of an iPhone or iPad without deleting music, photos and videos is to update the software. The benefits are obvious: the owner of the device not only updates the phone, but also gets rid of a large amount of unnecessary data. however, it will not work to prevent the emergence of new ones either in this way or in any other way.

To update your system without connecting your iPhone to your computer, you should:

  • From the main menu, go to the “Settings” section by tapping on the gear icon.
  • Find the “General” subsection and enter it.

The update process can take up to several hours; it is strongly recommended that you do not work on the iPhone and do not create new files on the device at this time. In addition, you should charge the iPhone up to one hundred percent in advance. downloading new data drains the battery.

Manually uninstall apps and data

The easiest way to free up iPhone memory without having to “automate” the process is to manually delete media files and programs. Some of the system “junk” will remain intact. if you plan to clean the iPhone before selling, you should use the first described method or reset the device to factory settings.

  • You can see how much space is occupied by certain categories of data by going to the “Settings” of the iPhone or iPad and going to the subsection “Storage”.
  • You can delete programs and files that take up the most space in memory using the capabilities of the built-in explorer (usually located in the Utilities shared folder) and the application manager.

Tip: in order to slightly slow down the accumulation of “junk” files in the iPhone memory in the future, the user can in the iTunes Store section move the “Download unused” slider to the “Enabled” position. then unclaimed applications will be deleted from the device automatically.

Safari cleaning

The most popular browser on iOS, like any other program for viewing web pages, accumulates a lot of unnecessary data during its operation. in a couple of months of intensive use, their total volume can reach a gigabyte. You can free up phone memory using the browser by sequentially selecting the options “Clear history” and “Delete cookies and data” in the Safari subsection of the “Settings” iPhone.

Disable iCloud sync

Apple’s “cloud” allows the user to upload and store photographs, images and other graphic materials in a single virtual space. This is useful, but for the sake of saving space, it would be wiser to disable automatic syncing of iPhone or iPad with iCloud, and download the necessary data manually and one by one.

To turn off iPhone cloud syncing, you should:

  • Go to the “Settings” section, and then. to the “Photos” subsection.
  • Move the “Sharing” slider to the “Off” position.

Tip: it will be equally useful, following the same algorithm, to turn off automatic downloading of photos taken on other devices in the “Camera” section.

Disable automatic data download

Backing up your iPhone or iPad on your computer or in the cloud is undoubtedly important and useful. But downloading everything that is downloaded or purchased from iTunes on other connected devices is optional. most likely, some of the files being synced on the iPhone are simply not needed.

To prevent automatic downloading of data on iPhone, you need to:

  • By moving the sliders, select which categories of files should (or should not) be automatically downloaded to the phone. The more sliders the user puts in the “Off” position, the more memory space he will be able to save in the future.
  • Scrolling down the page in the same subsection below, the iPhone owner can turn off the “Autoplay video” option. it’s easy to guess that it takes up a significant portion of the iPhone’s memory.
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Tip: to prevent downloading a large amount of data on the road or in other circumstances, when the availability of free memory is especially important, you can move to the “Off” position the “Cellular data” slider located in the same subsection.

Hard reset iPhone

You can clear the iPhone memory without connecting the device to a computer by dropping files and system “trash” right on the phone, by going to the “Settings” section in the “General” and selecting the “Reset” option there. by agreeing with all the system warnings, the user will be able to release up to several gigabytes.

How to Clean iPhone Before Selling

Let’s figure out what information needs to be removed from the iPhone before selling.

So, you decided to sell your gadget, but you absolutely do not want to share personal information with its future owner. At the same time, you also don’t want to delete all data irrevocably. there are new iPhones ahead, and calendars with reminders will still come in handy.

In order to delete personal data from an iPhone upon sale, you need to:

Back up data on your device via Settings.

Sign out of iCloud, iTunes Store, and App Store. Then log out. To do this, on devices with a system older than 10.3 in the Settings menu, find the “Exit” button. Enter your password and click Turn Off. For older OS versions, look for this button in the Settings. iCloud section. Double-click Sign Out and enter your Apple ID. Then click “Sign Out” in the “Settings. iTunes Store & App Store”

In the “General” section of the “Settings” menu, press reset, and then select “Erase content and settings”.

Sell ​​a clean phone without worry. Completely erasing data disables Activation Lock in Find My iPhone

How to clear Safari history

This can be done right on the iPhone itself. To do this, go to the “General” section, select the “Storage” tab. Here click “Manage”. We select the Safari program, click on “documents and data” and then you will be offered a Resert account cache. Agree. You can also do this through Settings: here find the web browser, click on the line and select the option: “Clear history and site data”.

If you have another browser, for example, Chrome, you will have to clear the cache from the application: here you need to select Menu, settings, personal data and the function. clear the cache. You can also delete data for autocomplete. This is also useful if you do not want to reveal your interests and search history to others.

What to do to save iPhone storage


  • Siri makes a lot of cache. To erase it, enable and disable the function every few days.
  • Check the album with deleted photos and delete them completely.
  • Disable background refresh for most apps.
  • Remove video and photo attachments in Messages. Prevent your phone from saving originals of photos and videos.

How to Clear Cache on iPhone via iTunes Losslessly

The easiest way to clear iPhone cached data (the information that browsers and many applications save on the phone for performance) is to use iTunes. To do this, you must have the gadget itself, a Windows or Macos computer and a special wire for connecting the Lightening device.

Step 1. In the “Settings” menu in the “Device Name. iCloud. Find iPhone” section, disable this function.

Step 2. We connect the device to the computer, turn on iTunes.

Step 3. In the “Overview” section, create a backup of your device, or rather, its contents. Only the main application files are saved in this copy, but all accompanying garbage will disappear.

Step 4. In the same section, select the function “Restore from backup”

Step 5. You can estimate the amount of free space on your smartphone. You can see how much space you have left in the section “Settings. General. Storage”.

Clearing the cache in applications

The most junk apps on your phone. these are various messengers. The easiest way to get rid of their cache. just uninstall and then reinstall the program. In this case, all photos, sounds and videos that the phone loaded before will be deleted from the hidden folders. It can be several gigabytes of information.!

If you do not want to uninstall the application, and there is no cache clearing function inside it, use the cache clearing program. Among the useful ones. Magic Phone Cleaner, Battery Saver. These apps allow you to clear your cache with one click, and then you can keep track of how full your memory is.

Clearing the cache of other applications

Here, as mentioned above, everything is much more complicated, because there are applications that provide such a function. And here or Instagram are protected from this.

In order to check the list of applications you will have to:

  • Go to the “Settings” application
  • Select “Applications” or “Application Management”
  • Click on the application you are interested in
  • Go down and see if there is “Clear data / cache” in the list

Unfortunately, in applications that do not provide access to cleaning, the only option is to completely delete them and restart from the App Store. It’s not very convenient because it takes a lot of time, but there’s nothing you can do about it.

How to clear the cache of the Safari app on iPhone and iPad

The Safari browser is, in fact, the real storehouse of your cache, because part of some use of your smartphone you either search for something on the Internet, or spend it in social applications, which (by the way) are also accumulators of unnecessary cache.

To clear the cache in the Safari app you need:

  • Unlock Smartphone
  • Open the Settings app
  • Go down and find the “Safari” app
  • Now you need to find the line “Clear history and website data”
  • Confirm your choice

The cache and history should be cleared. But keep in mind that some passwords may disappear on the sites where you entered. Personally, I did not have such a problem, but if you do it for the first time, everything is possible. Therefore, I advise you to play it safe.

You can also configure additional cleaning options next to the panel.

What is cache and why should you clean it

Cash is a word that we come across today much more than the same iPhone. Open your browser, and there is a cache. You open applications, there is also a cache. And what is this cache of such and such?

Cache is data that is stored in the memory of your iPhone, iPad, Mac, MacBook or any other device that has memory to make it easier for you to enter an application or some page of a web service. In fact, these are small pointers for the computer, which allow you to quickly understand what you want from it when you press a button.

You need to clear the cache in order to free up memory. You need to free up memory in order for a computer or smartphone to work faster. a bit paradoxical, but true. Because the cache can store data that you absolutely do not need. For example, you have viewed many pages on. suddenly something caught your interest and you went to a place where you had never visited before, and then from page to page, as usually happens. The phone remembered all this and saved data particles on your device, because it does not understand what exactly you are interested in.

Over time, this cache accumulates and it is simply impossible to use the smartphone: everything slows down, sometimes bugs appear, and maybe the phone overheats or turns off altogether. To protect yourself from such troubles, you need to clean the cache. And our simple guide will help you with this.

How to clear cache on iPhone / iOS

In this simple guide, we will show you how to clear the cache on your iPhone and iPad, as well as recommend an application for cleaning your smartphone from all sorts of internal junk.

Finding and clearing the junk hidden in the cache on iPhone and iPad is very difficult. Because, unlike Android, these operating systems do not have such a simple but desirable “Clear cache” button in the settings. Today we are going to tell you why you need to clear your cache and how to do it on your iPhone or iPad.

Using third-party apps to clear the cache

Nowadays, for iOS, they came up with applications that make our life easier and allow us to clear the cache without deleting applications and reinstalling them again. But finding them in the App Store is not easy.

But here is the Quick Heal Optimizer program, which will not only help you “clean up” your smartphone, but will also monitor its workload and tell you when it’s time to get rid of the junk inside the phone.

Also, do not forget that you can always contact the specialized iLab service center for help.

How to clear cache and storage on iPhone or iPad

Physical memory is one of the most valuable resources for every iPhone and iPad owner. It is not possible to expand disk space without using third-party devices and services, so any way to save “disk” space can be recommended for use. Especially if this method is simple, reliable and effective.

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So, we will talk about clearing the cache memory of the iPhone and iPad, which can sometimes store up to 5 GB of software junk, which will never be useful to the user.

How to delete history and cache in Safari

As in the case of a computer, the network activity of a user of a mobile device does not disappear without a trace. the regular Safari browser carefully stores all your ins and outs, while taking up space on the built-in iPhone or iPad storage. Removing this data is quite simple:

Go to the web browser settings (Settings → Safari);

Press the button “Clear history and data”;

How much space can you free up by deleting cache on iPhone or iPad

Practice shows that even not the most active iPhone or iPad user can regularly free up to 1 GB of memory from the cache, and a cluttered gadget that has not been flashed for a long time can have 5 or more gigabytes of ballast.

How to clear cache with data loss in apps on iPhone or iPad

Some programs (again, in the overwhelming majority of cases, these are instant messengers and social network clients, such as: Instagram,. Viber, WhatsApp, etc.) can independently make a significant contribution to clogging up the device’s memory, which means it makes sense to limit the cleaning of the cache of everything just reinstalling a few specific applications. To do this, you should:

Go to Settings → General → iPhone Storage;

Select the required application in the list (the most “heavy” ones will be located at the top) and estimate the amount of cache in it (displayed in the “Documents and Data” section);

Use the “Delete program” button;

Go to the App Store and install the application again without the attached files;

The method, of course, is barbaric, but in practice, a similar procedure, done every few months with the most gluttonous applications, does not take much time and allows you to free up a decent amount of memory.

How to clean the RAM of an iPhone or iPad

In addition to the function to clear the cache on iPhone and iPad, the Battery Saver app has the ability to clear RAM. The corresponding option is in the Memory tab. Here you can clear the memory of your smartphone / tablet from old programs that have been opened a long time ago and have not been used for a long time. There is no sense from them. but they can occupy RAM. In theory, iOS knows what to do in such cases. but sometimes it makes sense to enable “manual” control.

After clicking on the Memory tab, the application immediately calculates the amount of memory used. Press the green Boost Memory button to clear the memory.

Programs to remove cache on iPhone and iPad from the App Store (not recommended)

Unfortunately, due to the existing limitations of iOS, such applications cannot cope with clearing the cache as efficiently as, for example, in the case of iTunes. However, in some cases it can be quite useful. We recommend using the Battery Saver app or its equivalent. The principle of operation of these applications is largely identical.

How to Delete Cache Without Losing Data on iPhone or iPad (Recommended)

The most commonly used method to remove the cache on an iOS device as efficiently as possible. A feature of this cache clearing is saving data on iPhone and iPad. For example, attachments from instant messengers (usually photos and screenshots from Viber, WhatsApp, other programs) will still be available.

This method is also used to reduce the size of the Other storage section of iPhone or iPad (details).

Note: The cleaning procedure requires a computer (Windows or Mac) and a Lightning cable

Disable the iOS Find iPhone function in Settings → Device Name → iCloud → Find iPhone. This is necessary for further data recovery from a backup copy;

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and select it in the iTunes desktop client (you can download iTunes for your computer here);

Go to the “Overview” section, if necessary, indicate the encryption of the backup copy with a “tick”, create a password for it and click “Create a copy now”;

We are waiting for the backup to be created (this may take several minutes). At the top of iTunes, you can follow the process.

Now we restore the content of the device from the backup by pressing the corresponding button and entering the password;

Go to iPhone or iPad in Settings → General → iPhone Storage and evaluate the result.

How to clear cache on iPhone

You can delete the cache on iPhone 11, 10, 8, 7 and its other versions through the device settings, in rare cases, individual applications offer this function, you need to look for it in their settings.

How to clear cache of Safari browser on iPhone

Open your device preferences and go to the “Safari” menu. Scroll to “Clear history and data” and click on it.

The cache and history will be deleted and, by reopening a site, you will see its current version, and not the one that was stored in the cached files.

How to clean iPhone. about other methods and applications

I do not recommend installing special programs for cleaning the iPhone on a PC. They are mostly paid and can only harm your device.

Therefore, look in the repository how much space is occupied by which software. If possible, go to its settings and delete cached files from there. Most of the space is usually consumed by instant messengers. Pictures that are sent to you are saved in the device’s memory, they can be deleted immediately from the gallery. just switch to albums and you will see them right away.

In any case, the function. Upload unused to storage helps to significantly free up space on the iPhone.

Also, I highly discourage using the method of saving a backup to iTunes and then restoring it. It’s like shooting at a fly with a cannon. IOS does not like such manipulations and everything is done much easier from the storage or settings of a specific application.

How to remove the application cache

After you have seen how long it takes for a particular program or game, you can try to clear it. To do this, open it and in the settings find the function of clearing temporary files or other used.

But, it may simply not be there. Therefore, in the same place in the device settings. “Basic”. “IPhone storage”, you can delete the application, and then just install it again. So, when you delete and clean all the data and tails from the program or game, along with the cached data.

How to see the place occupied by the cache

Open the settings and go to “Basic”, here we need the item “IPhone Storage”. go to it.

Here is a list of applications and system utilities with information about how much space their data takes up. You can click on any and erase them. For example, to free up space, you can uninstall the IOS update.

The total space occupied by the cache is located in the “Other” section. You won’t be able to clear it from here, but you can see how much space it takes for certain applications. Open a specific one, in the “Documents and data” section you will see how many MB it weighs. Also, here you can “Download application”. In this case, the program will be deleted, space will be freed up, and the data with the settings will remain.

Interesting! By clicking on the link. download unused, you can significantly free up space on your device.

How to Clear Cache on iPhone: Apps and Safari

The iPhones are equipped with the IOS operating system, which is distinguished by excellent optimization, security, and stability. Unlike phones with other operating systems, you do not need to constantly clear the cache here, everything happens automatically.

But, in rare cases, you still need to do it yourself, for example, when you need to load a website page in the browser not from the cache, but with new data.

The previous article was devoted to how to cancel an iPhone subscription to a paid program. Now you will learn how to delete cache on iPhone quickly and easily to make apps run faster and more stable.

Interesting! The IOS operating system automatically removes cached data from the device and installed applications automatically. So, no user participation is required. Only occasionally does this need appear, for example, for the Safari browser.

Now you have learned how to clear cache on iPhone 7, 8, 11, 10, SE, XS, XR and other models. As you can see, everything is quite simple and done very quickly. Thus, memory can be freed up, for example, for updating the system.