How to clear memory on ipad

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Delete temporary files

Many applications leave temporary files behind even after you uninstall them. You can solve the problem using the PhoneExpander application. This is a free solution designed to clean up unnecessary data on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The utility is simple and straightforward to operate and removes unused and temporary files, unnecessary applications, music and photos, providing faster operation of the mobile device and freeing up space on its internal flash memory.

Delete tracks and listen to music streaming

Apple allows you to stream music downloaded from iTunes via iCloud. you don’t need to download and store it on your device. Delete unnecessary tracks from iPhone and listen to them online. You can also save space by using streaming services like Yandex.Music or Zvooq.

Tips to Free Up Space on iPhone and iPad

IPhone and iPad users sooner or later face a situation when at the most unexpected moment the free space on the device runs out and they have to delete the necessary content or applications. Looking at the contents of the gadget, we see files and folders unfamiliar to us, which we are afraid to touch. what if they are needed to operate a smartphone or tablet.

In fact, you can free up space on your mobile device without deleting important data. MacDigger offers 10 tips on how to free up storage on iPhone and iPad.

Turn on iCloud Music Library

The mechanism of the iCloud Media Library service provides the ability to synchronize an unlimited amount of content through the cloud. With the launch of the service, images and videos in full can be uploaded to Apple’s cloud storage. The originals of these files will no longer reside on iPhones and iPads, saving space. You can activate the iCloud Music Library service in the iCloud Settings Photo section.

Disable Photo Stream

The Photo Stream service collects the last 1000 photos from your library and distributes them to all devices. The technology is actively consuming valuable megabytes, so in case of insufficient memory, it should be disabled. You can do this in the iCloud Photo Settings section.

Delete screenshots

IPhone and iPad users often take screenshots. As a rule, screenshots take up no more than 300 KB in the device’s memory, but most often forget to delete unnecessary images. So they gradually “multiply” in the photo gallery, taking up more and more space. In such situations, Screeny comes to the rescue. The app for iPhone and iPad is specially optimized to recognize screenshots and also delete them from the device.

Clear Safari History and Website Data

The first step in cleaning up your i-device is deleting the temporary Safari files. You can clear your browsing history and cookies from Safari by going to Settings Safari Clear History and Site Data. To remove all saved information from your browser, choose Preferences Safari Add-ons Site Data Clear All Data.

Upgrade to the latest iOS

If you don’t have the newest version of iOS and don’t practice jailbreak, it’s time to upgrade to the current version of iOS. In recent releases, Apple has fixed bugs, improved system stability and increased performance on older devices. In addition, the latest updates free up space on iPhone and iPad. Go to Major Software Updates to check for new versions.

Uninstall and Reinstall Apps on iPhone

With prolonged use, programs on smart and tablet “overgrow” the cache, which takes up a lot of free memory gigs. With a fresh installation, the application will be freed from temporary files.

  • Touch the application icon.
  • Hold until the program icons begin to “wiggle”.
  • Click on the cross in the left corner of the program you want to delete.
  • Confirm the action in the window that appears with a question from the system to delete the application or not.
  • Press Home or “Done” in the upper right corner of the display, or swipe across the screen (depending on the device model).

The algorithm of actions is suitable for mobile phones and Apple tablets.

clear, memory, ipad

In gadgets running on the brand new iOS 14, there is another way to free up space on the iPhone on the twelfth or another by removing unnecessary programs from the application library. You can get there by going to the Home screen → swipe left across all pages. The programs are sorted by category here. To get rid of an application, just touch and hold its icon, press “Delete”.

You can re-download the necessary programs from the App Store.

Delete screenshots from iPhone

If Apple’s gadget stores not 1-2, but dozens or hundreds of already unnecessary screenshots, then deleting them manually is a tedious and long task, since they are mixed with other pictures. It is much faster to clear iPhone memory from screenshots using special. utilities such as Screeny, Screenshots, Smart Cleaner. They can be found, downloaded and installed from the App Store.

After starting the utility, they scan the section with the photo and show the users a list of screenshots, offering:

  • select and delete all at once,
  • mark unnecessary,
  • remove screenshots for a certain period.

The programs also support other functionality, for example, Screeny can change the capture time of a screenshot, disable location detection. Screenshots extracts text from screenshots, though only in English. Smart Cleaner searches and removes similar pictures and videos, sorts pictures, allows you to remove duplicate contacts.

Delete temporary files from iPhone

Going to the settings and selecting “iPhone or iPad storage”, on a multi-colored plate you can see how much space the programs, media and photos take. The volume of the “Other” section is also displayed here, which is filled with cache, software updates, data about iOS, not downloaded files, etc.

Apple’s operating system automatically removes digital junk from the “Other” section only when necessary, for example, if there is not enough space to download the utility. But not the entire volume, but only those files that the system considered absolutely useless or recoverable. The user cannot clear “Other” on his own.

Clear Safari History and Site Data

The history of visits, search queries, browser cache can be erased from the memory of a mobile gadget by doing the following:

  • Go to smart settings.
  • Scroll down to “Safari”.
  • Click “Clear history and data”.

Note: you can activate “Private Access”, then the browser will not remember the web pages visited by the user and the search history.

tips on how to free up memory on iPhone, iPad

Overflowing data storage in gadgets on iOS leads to sad consequences: the operating system “hangs”, resource-intensive programs slow down, it is impossible to download new applications.

Considering that it is impossible to increase the amount of memory in iPhones and iPads using flash cards, you have to squeeze the maximum out of the available gigabytes. Let’s take a look at a few simple ways to free up the memory of Apple devices without deleting important files.

How to clear cache on iPhone and iPad

I’ll try to tell you about the cache in an accessible language. What it is eaten with and how to clean it in iOS. This will free up hundreds of megabytes (or even several gigabytes) of memory space. I will tell you how to clear the cache in Safari, the general cache of the system, as well as application data.

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What is cache? Let’s take a look at the definition:

Cash (from English. cache). a special area on the disk or in the computer’s operating memory intended for temporary storage of information and for frequently used data and commands for faster access.

That is, the system (or applications in the system) saves some of the data to disk in order to get faster access to them in the future. Even our site uses a cache system. over, the cache is used twice.

  • The first user opens the article. The page is formed and added to a special file on the server. Then all other users no longer load the database and, when accessing the same article, receive the generated file.
  • Also, some of the files (which are constantly loaded: for example, a CSS file with styles) from our site are saved on your computer, iPad, iPhone. It is your browser that stores this data in order to load it faster in the future. Such caching allows, firstly, to open the site faster, and secondly, to save traffic.

Most sites on the Internet work on the same principles. How many do you visit them? How many of them do you return to? But the data is still stored on your disk (maybe half a year, maybe a year, maybe indefinitely).

This is why the Safari cache gets clogged in the iPhone and iPad in the first place. If you haven’t cleaned it for a long time and the browser slows down:

How to clear cache on iPad in Safari?

  • Go to Preferences-Safari.
  • Find the item “Clear history and site data”. Click on this button.
  • In the new window, read the message and click “Clear”

How to clear cache with Battery Doctor

I am skeptical about many of these utilities. But what cannot be taken away from Battery Doctor is that it cleans memory, it is quite noticeable to itself.

Before cleaning, there was 6.8 gigabytes of free space, and after 8.3. Wonders?

The app is absolutely free. Monetized by advertising that appears at the bottom of the screen.

We go into the program. Go to the Junk section. We see the amount of free space on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Click the Clean Up Cache button.

The program warns that the program deletes some temporary files, which may include game progress and some cached data. In fact, you should not be afraid of deleting the progress of games. all normal toys have progress stored inside the application folder and Battery Doctor will not affect it.

After a while, the program shows you the final result. As a rule, the bill goes to hundreds of megabytes, and even to gigabytes.

I do not recommend overusing the program. It is just one way to free up memory and optimize system performance. The greatest effect is seen when you have not used the program for a long time or never.

But Battery Doctor can be said to be a radical remedy. It should be used if you like one-click solutions and your system slows down. But that’s not all

How to clear program data

Even Battery Doctor does not touch, and cannot touch program data.

Settings-General-Storage and iCloud. Click Manage in the Storage section. Now we manually view how much the data of various applications is taking.

You don’t have to go far. Instagram and I use almost 500 megabytes. Previously, flash drives 256 megabytes were considered happiness, but here What for is this cached data to me now?

What can be done? Remove the program and reinstall. Documents and data will accumulate again over time, but it will be later, and we cleared the application cache here and now.

Have a nice day everyone and a lot of memory in your iPhone and iPad!

How to clear cache on iPhone and iPad: 45 Комментарии и мнения владельцев

I always clear the cache and stuff, resetting and restoring from a backup. 20 minutes and the iPad is clean 🙂

This is the most radical way, and not suitable for everyone)

There is another way: go to iTunes and rent a movie in HD. which takes up more space than you have left. For example Godfather 2 (6-7 Gb). The money will not be withdrawn then, but you will be offered to be transferred to the settings to free up memory. This can be repeated several times, and eventually clean up to several gigabytes. ONLY! You need to make sure that memory is always NOT enough

I mean, you don’t delete anything yourself, everything happens by itself

How to clear iPad memory completely and permanently

What’s the best way to clear iPad storage? You might be able to format your iPad with one tap, or clear the contents of your iPad one at a time. However, no matter which path you choose, the memory cleared by these two methods can be recovered with a specific data recovery tool. Well, if you are planning to sell your old iPad1 or iPad2 on eBay and want to erase their memory to protect your privacy, the best way is to use FoneEraser by Aiseesoft.

Aiseesoft FoneEraser can be used to clear iPad memory. It is the most powerful utility for permanent and thorough cleaning of all iPad content and settings. Plus, it allows you to wipe multiple iOS devices at the same time. Clean interface, simple operations and powerful functions offer you more fun. So, follow the steps below to use FoneEraser to clear your iPad’s memory.

Steps to clean up iPad storage with FoneEraser

After downloading and installing FoneEraser on your computer, open it.

Step 2 Connect iPad to Computer via USB Cable

Connect your device and follow the instructions at the top of the interface.

Connect your iPad to your computer “style =” max-width: 600px; width: 100%; “

Step 3 Select Devices and Erase Level

After connecting to a computer, a table is displayed on the left side of the interface. Choose your iPad and erase level (Low, Medium and High).

After selecting iPad and erasing level, click the Start button on the right side of the interface to clear iPad memory.

Maybe you can watch the video below to learn the steps:

If you have numbers of photos and pictures you want to delete, here you can learn: How to delete photos from iPad.

If you want to restore a disabled iPad but don’t use iTunes, read this article and learn how to restore iPad in other ways.

This article will show you how to clear your iPhone search, browsing history, or personal cookies.

Want to make room for more popular songs? So, how to delete these old songs on iPhone to delete them individually? Not. Just delete songs on your iPhone, iPad, iPod with FoneEraser.

How to clear memory in Viber on iPhone?

  • Go to “Settings”;
  • Select “Applications”;
  • Tap on “Viber”;
  • “Clear cache”;

How to clear the RAM on the phone?

There are several main ways to free up memory on Android:

  • The first option is to use the internal tools of the system.
  • The second way to clear RAM on Android is through the settings menu.
  • The third is to use a special utility that can be found on Google Play. Clean master.

How to Clear iPhone Memory from Photos?

Select Settings [your name] iCloud Photos. Turn on iCloud Photos. Select “Optimize Storage” to free up extra space on your device.

How to free up space on your phone without deleting anything?

For 4-5 times, you can free from 1 to 2 GB. Why this is happening is not entirely clear, perhaps iOS in this situation deletes temporary files and cache. Android

  • Clear your cache
  • Download the dedicated application
  • Purchase a MicroSD card.
  • Take advantage of cloud services
  • Delete SMS and Emails

How to clear memory on iPhone SE?

MacDigger offers 10 tips on how to free up storage on iPhone and iPad.

  • Clear Safari History and Website Data
  • Disable Photo Stream
  • Turn on iCloud Music Library.
  • Uninstall and reinstall applications
  • Delete tracks and stream music
  • Delete large messages in iMessage.
  • Upgrade to the latest iOS.

How to clear RAM on iPad?

How to clear RAM on iOS

Start the device shutdown menu. To do this, quickly press the volume up and down buttons in sequence, and then hold down the lock button. Or go to Settings → General and at the very bottom select “Disable”.

Remove attachments in Messages (iMessage)

Attachments in messages can also take up a lot of device space. In order to get rid of excess cargo, you should go to the Messages application, open any conversation and click on the “Details” button, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen. Then you need to click on any attachment and hold until the “” menu item appears. select it and decide on the materials to be deleted. After that we press “Remove attachment“And all unnecessary files will be erased from the gadget’s memory.

Set storage times for SMS and iMessage

You can also set how long text messages are stored. To do this, open the “Settings”, go to “Messages”, then go to “Leave messages” and mark the item “30 days”. After these steps, text messages in the Messages application will be deleted after 30 days. That is, only messages for the last month will remain in the memory of the iPhone or iPad.

Delete unnecessary books from iBooks

Even the contents of a standard iBooks reader can negatively affect the free memory space of the gadget. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to check if there are any materials in the application to be removed. To do this, start the reader, click on the “Change” button in the window that opens, look for unnecessary books and magazines, mark them and erase them from the database.

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How to clear memory on iPhone or iPad: 40 ways

With the release of the iPhone 7, Apple finally ditched the production of mobile devices with 16GB of storage on board. Modern realities say that the use of gadgets with so much free space (and in fact it is even less, and that’s why) is not life, but some kind of existence. If you are the owner of such an iPhone or iPad or just want to free up disk space to the maximum, then we will tell you how to do it as efficiently as possible.

Disable automatic download of media files in WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, etc.

The popular messenger WhatsApp (also applies to Viber, Telegram, etc.) by default saves all multimedia content from correspondence to the standard iOS media library. Not only does it take up free disk space, but the “Camera Roll” will be filled with mostly unnecessary junk.

To disable automatic upload, go to the client settings → Chats and turn the switch next to “Save media” to the inactive position. We wrote more about this here.

Removing music, photos, games and other information

The advantage is that this is the simplest and most understandable way, for the implementation of which you do not need to get lost in the settings and look for special utilities. over, this method suits a huge number of users of “apple” technology as well as possible. The principle of deletion is similar to what is advised to do with annoying clothes gathering dust in the closet: games that you do not want to play, boring music tracks, random, unsuccessful pictures and photographs are deleted. It is also worth looking into the memory of messages and voice recorder.

If all the information falls into the necessary section, or even after removing unnecessary space, the memory is still not enough, then you need to take into account other methods.

The main directions of virtual “cleaning

There are several ways to win back the right place:

  • Remove unnecessary information, boring music and pictures.
  • Delete cache on iPad.
  • Eliminate some applications that are taking up much more space than they seemed at first glance.
  • Use a utility called Phone Clean.

It is worth dwelling on each method, considering their advantages and disadvantages.

How to clear the cache on iPad competently and without losing the necessary information?

Almost every owner of an “apple” gadget sooner or later states that the memory of a device is by no means an endless resource. Then the question arises of how to clear the memory on the iPad so as not to lose important information and applications? Build a rating of the necessary information, and delete the rest, reluctantly? Delete randomly? Not worth it. In the battle for memory, you can do without unnecessary sacrifices.

Removing applications

Often, device owners do not even suspect how much resources are consumed by applications and games that are rarely used or not used at all. If the user in an accessible form receives information about the volumes that the programs occupy, then he will be able to assess the ratio of the need for the application and its “weight”. You can get such data in the same settings.

  • Settings.
  • The main.
  • Statistics.
  • View all programs.

You can free up memory on iPad by uninstalling unnecessary apps

In fact, many applications, even visually “small”, take up much more space due to the “Documents and Data” files. Even if the application is necessary, then it is worth reinstalling it. After that, the “Documents and Data” section will “weigh” hardly a couple of megabytes. However, some programs allow you to delete temporary files. In the program, this function is implemented by the Clear Downloaded Files button in the settings. It is not clear why there is no such button in all programs.?

If clearing the cache on iPad seems to you not the best option, then you should try the last method.

Clearing the cache

If the Internet on the device is used frequently (or constantly, which is more likely), then the cache has probably already accumulated a lot of all kinds of virtual garbage that takes up valuable memory resource. You can clear the cache yourself by looking at the iPad settings.

Clearing the cache of the Safari browser

There is a Safari item in the device settings. After finding it and opening it, you need to click the “Clean Cache” button. In the case of active use of the iMessage service, a lot of information that is not important can accumulate in the user’s correspondence history. IMessage history needs to be cleaned from time to time.

For cleaning it is possible to use the iFunBox utility. Using it, you can delete unnecessary files from the system, however, there is a high probability that the deleted files are related to ensuring the correct operation of the iOS system.

iFunBox in the hands of an ordinary user can be compared to Russian roulette. Effective memory cleaning should not lead to a complete reinstallation of the system.

Cleaning with Phone Clean

The program provides the easiest way to free up memory after deleting music and other content. When launched, the utility analyzes the device’s memory, determining the exact amount of unnecessary information (this will include data, files, cache, and much more). Since usually an iOS device is actively used to communicate, exchange information and download files, the cleaning program should be run at least twice a month. After all, one or two gigabytes of memory is more needed by a user than dozens of “virtual gluttons”.

The analysis process takes several minutes, and after it the utility displays the exact value of the “weight” of unnecessary files in the application window. There is also a Clean Up button, with which they are deleted.

Such cleaning does not take much time, and the result can be quite surprising.

None of the paths is a panacea for running out of memory resources. You can effectively clean the device only by combining the described methods. For example, you can use the Phone Clean utility in combination with the first, most commonplace, cleaning method. However, why not try them all?

Free up RAM on iPhone via Tenorshare iCareFone

Since the guide tip might not help much, here’s the perfect replacement for you to free up RAM in iOS 11. Tenorshare iCareFone. great cleaner for iPhone / iPad. Boost performance that promises to cleanse all sensitive and congested data. This allows you to get rid of unwanted files so that your device can have more free space and applications can run faster.

How to clean random access memory (RAM) on iPhone and iPad

RAM is virtual random access memory. It is effectively a digital tabletop where the iOS system puts the running apps and dominates the data, so the more RAM your iOS has, the faster your device will be. Everyone is interested in any method that will improve the speed of the device. How to clear the random access memory (RAM) of iPhone / iPad to keep performance at its peak? In this article, we are going to show you two simple methods to help you quickly remove RAM memory.

How to quickly clean up RAM in iOS 11 ?

Manually clear RAM on your iPhone and iPad

To make your iOS system run faster, you can speed up iOS on iPhone by following simple steps.

Press and hold the Sleep / Wake button until the Power Off message appears on the screen. Then you can release the Sleep / Wake button.

Press and hold the HOME button. until the home screen reappears (5-20 seconds).

After the two simple steps above, the performance of your device can be improved and they will run faster. However, you are not advised to use the first method often as it will damage the battery of your iOS device. So, is there an app to free up RAM on iPhone X / 8/7 / 6s / 6 / 5s? Sure!

How to use the program to free up RAM on iPhone / iPad for free ?

To clean up RAM and speed up your device, you can easily complete this via focussing.

Connect your iOS device to your computer via a USB cable. When the program detects your device, go to “Clean Up and Speed ​​Up” on the main interface.

Click the “Quick Search” button to start a new scan.

Select the types you want to clear and click the “Clear” button in the window to remove targets.

After completing the three steps, you can amazingly see your iPhone and iPad run faster and smoother. If you think it is a good idea to free up RAM in iPhone / iPad, please share it with your friends.

How to clear Other on iPhone and iPad

When a gadget is connected to a computer in iTunes or in the Finder on a Mac with macOS Catalina, the memory usage histogram, in addition to categories with clear names (Applications, Photos), also displays the “Other” section, which sometimes reaches impressive sizes. This includes the fact that the system itself does not belong to a specific data type.

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This is mainly the system cache, the application cache that did not appear in the Applications category, the data left after an unsuccessful sync with iTunes or the Finder on a PC or Mac, respectively, temporary files that were not deleted, and so on. You should start cleaning this section by analyzing applications and their cache in Settings.

Others can cause a lot of inconvenience

Gluttonous applications should be removed and reinstalled if necessary. You also need to reboot the gadget regularly. After the next reboot, I somehow freed up almost half a gigabyte from the Other section. Sometimes the most dramatic and effective option for cleaning this area of ​​the drive will be to reset the gadget to factory settings and restore from a backup. I have also tried special utilities, in particular, Phone Clean. With the help of this software, it was also possible to free up to 300-400 Mb of space on the device.

With the help of such simple manipulations, I manage to keep my apple gadgets in a not very cluttered state. How do you fight for every megabyte on your devices and what would you advise me and our readers? As always, we are waiting for your Комментарии и мнения владельцев and are ready to discuss all this in our Telegram chat.

What’s different about the iPhone

IOS has built-in tools for monitoring the contents of a device’s flash drive. General information can be found in the settings along the General-About this device path. And more detailed on the way Basic-iPhone Storage. For the tablet, there will be, respectively, the iPad Storage. A visual bar graph will show how much space the applications, photos and videos, other media files, the system itself and the section called Other take up. Below are guidelines on how to increase free space by downloading unused apps and optimizing the storage of high-resolution photos in iCloud. And even lower. the most important thing: in descending order of their “gluttony” are all applications that take up the precious volume of the built-in storage. Going into each item, you can see how much the application “weighs” and how much space its data takes.

How do I clear memory on my iPhone and iPad

Our iPhones and iPads are designed to make our lives better. We gladly fill them with music, videos, games, books, podcasts. We photograph and post hundreds of photos on Instagram, post interesting posts on social networks, share media content in instant messengers, and suddenly the very moment comes when the system informs us about the lack of free space on the gadget. What to do in this case?

The memory of modern gadgets requires periodic cleaning

It is especially hard for users of old gadgets with 16 Gb of storage on board, but even owners of devices with 64 Gb and even 128 Gb in 2020 do not always feel comfortable. After all, iOS and iPadOS work quickly when there is at least 10% of free space on the flash drive.

How to optimize photos and videos on iPhone and iPad

IOS and iPadOS have a great feature that allows you to store originals of photos and videos in iCloud, and leave smaller versions of files on your device. Those 5 Gb of storage in the cloud that Apple gives for free are practically not enough for anyone, so I almost immediately bought a 200 Gb tariff plan for 149 rubles per month. This is quite enough for everyone who uses apple devices in our family and in the Photo settings on devices we have the corresponding option enabled. Now a good mobile Internet is available almost everywhere, so there are no problems with downloading the desired photo if necessary.

Turn on the iCloud photo library for storing photos in the cloud

If you delete photos and videos manually from the Photos application, then to actually free up space on the drive after cleaning, you need to additionally go to Albums-Recently Deleted-Select-Delete All.

Since I use Microsoft Office 365, the subscription provides 1Tb of OneDrive storage, so I have the corresponding application installed on mobile gadgets, which immediately uploads all my photos to the cloud from Microsoft, so I only store the most valuable and the newest in iCloud.

OneDrive automatically saves photos taken on your device to the cloud

For those who don’t use OneDrive, I highly recommend Google Photos. The service, developed by the “corporation of good”, allows you to upload from devices and store in the cloud absolutely free photos with a resolution of up to 16 megapixels. and video resolutions up to 1080p. This is enough for most users, including me. The original video in 4K cannot be stored like this, you will either need to agree to convert it to FullHD, or fit in 15 Gb, which Google gives for free, and for everything else, subscribe. By the way, Google Photo, after uploading your creativity to the cloud, offers to delete the originals from the gadget and thereby frees up space.

No photo will be lost with Google Photo

Another thing that owners of iPhone 7 and newer need to do is go to the camera settings and select the “Formats” section. Here you need to enable the “High Efficiency” option to save photos to the heic container instead of jpeg and compress the video with the H.265 codec instead of H.264.

We include new formats of photo and video files on the gadget

How to free up space on your iPhone or iPad

I also recommend disabling the saving of original HDR images.

Disable saving original HDR images

What else can be removed from iPhone and iPad

First of all, you need to remove the downloaded music. I listen to Apple Music, I have a family subscription for all members of our family. But, given the presence of WI-FI at home and at work, as well as the sufficient volume of mobile Internet traffic, I do not download tracks to the device, but listen to them online. In the settings, you can specify how much of the downloaded music should be left on the device. We pass along the path Settings-Music-Storage Optimization. Turn on the toggle switch and indicate the desired size. You can get rid of the music already downloaded for listening offline by going to Settings-General-iPhone Storage. Here we find “Music”, go in and delete albums and songs.

For those who buy movies on iTunes and watch them on their favorite gadget, you need to periodically open the Apple TV app, go to the “Library” section and clear the content. Similarly, you need to delete the podcasts you listened to in the application of the same name. And in the podcast settings, it also does not hurt to keep the “Delete played” toggle on.

How to clean Viber

Continuing research into iPhone storage shows that messenger data is eating up a huge place. The fighting technique is very simple. You need to go to WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram, and then watch conversations and delete unnecessary media files. For example, in Viber I open the desired group, tap on its name at the top and tap “Show All” in the Media Gallery section. Found objects are subject to merciless removal.

Viber allows you to delete all attachments or individually

In the Viber settings, it will be useful to go to the “Multimedia” section and in the “Store media files” subsection instead of Indefinitely specify, say, 1 month.

What takes up space on the iPhone

First of all, a lot of precious space is consumed by videos and photographs taken with a gadget. Every year the cameras in the iPhone are improving, and, accordingly, the quality of shooting. However, as the resolution increases, so does the file size. It’s no surprise that a video shot in 4K will be almost twice the size of the same video, but in FullHD.

Also, a lot of space is occupied by the media accumulated in the correspondence of messengers. videos, voice messages, images, gifs, pdf files, and so on. We constantly share such attachments, but we very rarely delete messages or entire conversations, as a result, over several months, a significant amount of unnecessary data can accumulate in the same Telegram, Viber or email client.

How to Free Up Space on your iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro, iPad Air

Similarly, the cache of social networking applications accumulates. The same and Instagram among active users can take up a very impressive place on the drive. Although the size of the apps themselves in the App Store is small.

Fans of mobile gaming should be prepared for the fact that the size of games with decent graphics is sometimes measured in gigabytes, and over time, as the game progresses, it also grows solidly on the drive.

How to download unused apps on iPhone and iPad

First, you need to find out yourself which programs have not been launched for a long time on the gadget, while brazenly taking up precious space. I always delete those apps that I haven’t accessed for over a month. Any application that has been removed can usually be downloaded again from the App Store without any problems if necessary.

Let iOS decide which apps we no longer need