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How to clear cache on Android Samsung yourself

Smartphones and tablets tend to clog up files over time. This entails a number of other problems. braking, overheating, lack of space. To avoid this, you need to regularly clean the operating system.

There are many ways to clear the system of debris using a utility or manually. We recommend that you do the following from time to time to prevent unnecessary buffer files from clogging up the internal storage.

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Clearing temporary files and cache on Android should be done periodically

The second way is to delete the buffer data of specific applications

It happens that a lot of space is taken up by a specific software. It is useless to delete the cache of all programs. The following guide will help you to delete the data of selected applications so as not to clean the rest:

  • First you need to go to the settings in any convenient way.
  • Then go to the section with internal memory.
  • Next, you need to open a list of all programs. In new firmware versions, the item is in the menu. “Applications”.
  • In the list, you must click on the application whose cache files you want to delete. Samsung devices have search to make the task easier.
  • A window with detailed information about the program will open. There you can see how much memory the buffer files are occupying. To delete them, you need to click “Erase data” (“Clear cache”).
  • A warning message will appear. You need to confirm the cleaning.

To delete thumbnails of images, you need to repeat these steps for the gallery.

Important! After deleting the cache files, the program will ask you to re-enter your account. To do this, you need to remember the login information.

Using programs to clear cache on Samsung

The above instructions are effective, but frequent such procedures are time consuming. To do this, the developers have created many applications that clean the device in a few minutes. The most common program for the Android operating system. Clean Master.

Smartphone cleaning utility Clean Master

With this software, you can optimize your Android device. Step by step instructions:

The main advantage of the program is a convenient and understandable menu.

Note! The app also offers anti-malware protection, device acceleration, battery saving mode, granular cleaning (uninstall programs, media).

What is cache on Android devices

Before you clear the cache data on Android Samsung, you need to know what the cache files are on smartphones and tablets. Cache are small pieces of data that are generated by different applications. On the one hand, they speed up the launch of programs, loading, etc.

For your information! The software creates the cache only once, using it later.

To make it easier to understand what a cache is, you should pay attention to the following example. Media viewing applications (photo, video) create thumbnails of files (previews, small preview icons). These thumbnails are saved in internal memory so that the software can use them later. This in turn reduces the load on the processor. When the owner of the smartphone has taken new pictures or videos, the gallery program creates additional files.

Thumbnails in gallery for photo and video preview

In general, cache data stores information for reuse. When the application needs to display something, cache is used. If these files did not exist, the program would create them, open them, and then delete them every time. It slows down your smartphone or tablet.

On the other hand, the software is constantly being updated. Some files are no longer needed, and the system does not always delete them. Sometimes you have to do it manually or using special utilities.

Note! Settings vary by device model and operating system version.

How to Clear Cache on Android Samsung

There are two ways to delete cache files on Android. The first is the use of system functions, settings. The second is installing third-party applications from Google Play or downloaded files. The following instructions are for all Samsung J and A line phones.

It is believed that the safest way is to use built-in functions. With their help, you can free up memory in minutes. Manufacturers have foreseen that some files are needed for the system to work correctly, so the built-in tools only delete what they can. System cache data will be safe.

Note! Another advantage is that there is no chance of malware infecting the device.

What is cache?

Cache. these are temporary files that speed up your smartphone. They are stored in memory for later use by the operating system and applications. As you might have guessed, there are two types of cache: system cache and application cache. While its purpose is to make your Galaxy smartphone faster, it can also cause various software problems. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean.

How to clear cache on Samsung Galaxy smartphone

If you are completely unfamiliar with how to clear the cache on a Samsung Galaxy, then today we will go through the basic principles: what is the cache, what it is, and how to clear the data cache on an Android device.

How to Clear System Cache on Samsung Galaxy

If it is the Android operating system that is behaving strangely and not one or two apps, you might want to try clearing the system cache. We recommend doing this every time you update your smartphone to a newer OS version. This helps prevent all sorts of software problems.

    Turn off your phone via the power menu. Press and hold the “Volume Up”, “Home” and “Power” buttons at the same time.

  • After that, you should see a blue screen, and then automatically go to recovery.
  • Use the volume control buttons to move up and down. So select “Wipe Cache Partition” and then press the “Power” button to confirm.
  • Upon completion of the process, a yellow inscription “Cache wipe complete” will appear at the bottom of the screen.

    You can now reboot your Samsung Galaxy by selecting “Reboot system now” from the menu. Then press the “Power” button to confirm.

  • The reboot may take a while, so please be patient.
  • Now you know how to clear the cache on your smartphone. If you have any questions. write to us!

    How to delete cookies samsung 7

    How to clear memory on Samsung phone

    Having bought a new Samsung smartphone, for the first time we enjoy its speed and stable operation. But over time, the speed of our device decreases. Applications start to work more and more slowly, and sometimes they simply crash. A common cause of dysfunction is lack of free space in the device, which can be clogged to capacity. Below we will analyze in what ways you can clear the memory on your Samsung mobile phone. And also what tools will help us with this.

    How to clear unnecessary applications and files in the smartphone’s memory

    Usually the most resource-intensive games are those with inflated budgets that can take up gigabytes even on mobile devices. If you no longer play such games, and they are installed with good memory, then it would be better to delete them. This is an easy and quick way to clear storage on Samsung by increasing the amount of free space on your device.

    We also recommend that you visit the Downloads folder on your phone and view its contents. It is possible that most of the files located there are no longer needed, and you can easily get rid of them, thereby freeing up free space on Samsung.

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    Deleting Temporary Files on Samsung Phone

    As you know, the system and applications installed on the phone store their temporary files in the device’s memory. Over time, the number of such files becomes more and more, and their total size can be calculated in gigabytes. Samsung recommends having at least 500 megabytes of free space in the memory of its phones. But many devices, due to the huge number of temporary files, cannot boast of this.

    Accordingly, you need to clear the system of temporary files on your Samsung phone to get a lot of free space. For this, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices are equipped with Smart Manager functionality that allows you to manage storage. And it is easy to delete unnecessary data at the touch of a button with “Clean Master”. If Smart Manager is not available on your phone, you can easily download the Clean Master app from the Play Store. And use it to erase unnecessary files from your phone.

    On the Galaxy Note 4 and a range of other devices, you can:

    • Go to “Settings”, then select “System” (Device maintenance).
    • Then “Storage”, and then “Cached data”.
    • It remains to tap on this option to delete unnecessary files from memory.

    Clearing the memory of individual applications on your Samsung, in particular Google applications, can also help:

    • To do this, go to the phone settings, select there “Applications”.
    • Then tap on “Application Manager”. And in the list that opens, find the pre-installed apps from Google.
    • Tap on them, and after entering their settings screen, click on “Delete data” (“Clear cache”).

    Using an external SD card for Samsung

    The undoubted advantage of Samsung phones is the presence in their hardware of space for a micro SD card. Such a card can act as an external hard drive for your smartphone, allowing you to move photos, videos and even applications to it instead of occupying the internal memory of the device.

    You can move a folder to your Samsung phone memory card using the system application “My Files”.

      Find the My Files folder on your phone’s desktop. It is often found in the Samsung folder on your desktop;

    Cookies: what they are

    There is a widespread belief that cookies are spies that track the user and their actions. In fact, everything is practically the opposite. Cookies are text files that store information about a person’s visit to a particular site and his behavior on it.

    note! These files do not contain any code that can harm the software, computer or personal data of the user.

    In fact, this is the most banal HTTP request that the browser sends to the server, the site. For example, there is a mailbox registered to you and which you have already used. When you re-enter, you do not need to enter a login, you just need to enter a password. And sometimes you don’t even need to enter a password. It is for the safety of this information for the convenience of users that cookies are responsible.

    The cookies store the necessary information about the user:

    • credentials;
    • sites visited;
    • behavior on site pages.

    By the way! I want to remind you that if you have long dreamed of your website as source of income, but do not know where to start, I invite you to take part in my training “How to create a website from scratch.” It’s free. Held online. Lasts only 4 days. After completing it, you will have a personal project, made with your own hands and ready to be promoted. I will also tell you how to prepare content, promote the site, attract users and monetize the project.

    How to clear cookies of any browser

    Hello, friends! I am glad to present to your court another useful instruction article. It tells you how to clear the cookies of any browser. This material will be useful to absolutely everyone who uses the Internet.

    Cookies are also cookies. a mandatory component of all sites. Many myths soar around them. Let’s see what they are, whether you need to delete them and why, how to clear cookies in Chrome and other browsers.

    How to clear cookies: Mozilla

    In this, another common browser among Internet users, the situation is somewhat different. This is because finding the right place to clean up is relatively difficult. You have to go along a rather long path. First, open the menu, and then sequentially select the sections:

    • Instruments;
    • Settings;
    • Privacy;
    • Clear recent history;
    • Details.

    Already in the “Details” it will be necessary to mark the elements that should be deleted, and then click on the corresponding button.

    The essence and effect are identical, but to achieve the goal, you will need to go a little longer.

    How to clear cookies using specialized software

    There is specialized software that can be used to delete cookies and cache in one click. The programs are easy to use, they have a clear interface, so I will not describe them in detail. I will list only the names of the software:

    • Ashampoo WinOptimizer;
    • CCleaner;
    • Glary utilities.

    There are other programs of this type, but I noted the most effective and reliable, personally tested.

    How to clear cookies: Opera

    There will be no problem with how to clear cookies in such a popular browser as Opera. Open the menu again and find the “Delete personal data” section. Opening it, you will see a notification that when you confirm the action, the forms will be deleted. It remains only to mark the checkboxes of what exactly you want to get rid of and click on the “Delete” button.

    If you need to get rid of certain files, use the “Manage cookies” button, and then tick the checkboxes what exactly and how you want to clear. Everything!

    How to clear cookies and cache on Android phone in different browsers

    You can clear the browser cache from your phone in the application itself. Different search engines do this differently, but the process is very similar. Below will be shown how to clear Cookies on Android in various programs:

    • Google Chrome. Open the application and click on the menu icon. It looks like three vertical dots. In the menu that opens, select the “History” item and the “Clear history” sub-item. Here they select the time range for which all data should be deleted, and put a tick in front of the “Cookies” item. Then they just click “Delete data” and wait for the process to complete;
    • “Yandex browser”. There is also an icon of three vertical dots that you need to click on. Then go to the section “Settings”. “Privacy”. “Clear data”. The function “Clearing the data of web pages” is activated, where the cookies are selected. After that, press the “Clear data” button and wait for a while;
    • Opera Mini. Everything is simpler here. You should click on the “Opera” icon at the top left and select the “Settings” item and the “Clear browsing history” sub-item from the drop-down menu. After marking the required data, click on “Delete”;
    • Firefox. Similar actions are performed in the FireFox browser. You should go to “Menu”. “Options”. “Delete my data”. “Select the parameter” Cache “and” Cookies “, and then click” Delete “.

    How to disable cookies on Android in different browsers

    For personal safety, some people want to completely prevent the storage of cookies. This can be done in almost any search engine. The general instruction looks like this:

    • Open browser.
    • Go to its settings in any way.
    • Select “Site Settings” or “Privacy Settings”.
    • Find the sub-item “Cookies”.
    • Set the toggle switch to “Off”.

    Why delete cookies on Android and how often do you need to do it

    Before figuring out how to delete cookies on Android, you need to understand why. These files are needed primarily for the convenience and comfort of users when entering a particular resource. For example, a person has registered on the forum, and so that each time he or she does not enter a username and password, the data is stored in cookies, and the visitor goes to his account automatically. In addition, they are used to store data that advertisers need to display targeted ads.

    Despite all this, files need to be cleaned from time to time. This is done primarily to improve your security and optimize the operation of your personal computer or Android phone. The reasons for deletion are as follows:

    • measures against clogging the internal memory of the phone or tablet with unnecessary files for those sites that a person has not used for a long time;
    • preventing files from falling into the wrong hands. Cookies store information about transitions and clicks, which means they can be used by intruders for espionage or blackmail;
    • prohibiting other people who enter popular sites (social networks and instant messengers) from a person’s phone from accessing someone else’s account or account.

    For your information! Most web browsers offer a function to clear cookies and an option to disable their storage. This can negatively affect the work in various services and authorization in them, but it will maintain an increased level of confidentiality.

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    What happens after deleting data

    After the files are cleaned up, a few important things will happen:

    • some settings of websites will be deleted: logins and passwords. You will have to log into your account again;
    • some resources will work slower and open at first. This happens due to the fact that you will have to download all the images and data again;
    • most of the user’s sensitive data will be deleted.

    Important! If the user is logged into Google account on the phone, then he will not need to enter data from him on other Google sites (for example, on g or

    How to clear cookies on Android in different browsers

    It so happens that a person actively uses social networks or other services for a long time and forgets his login information. This is due to the fact that he does not have to enter the login and password for each site, even if he needs to visit them several times a day. Perhaps this is due to cookies. This is a very useful technology, but sometimes the data needs to be deleted. This article will explain how to clear cookies on Android, why you need to do this and what kind of files they are.

    What are cookies and why are they needed?

    Cookies are small text files that are stored on computers, tablets or smartphones. Gadgets based on the Android operating system are not without this. They save some specific actions and information about them on various sites for ease of use.

    Cookies are very important for the usability of resources

    Note! Cookies can contain a lot of other information about a person and his actions on a particular site. In addition, this data may be deleted after the browser is closed, or it may be permanently stored on disk.

    How to clear Google Play cache

    Besides the question of how to clear cookies on Android, many are looking for a solution to the cache problem on Google Play. To clear the cache of the Play Market application and get rid of errors, you should follow the following step-by-step instructions:

    Thus, it was described how to delete cookies from an Android phone and in what ways it can be done. The instructions are suitable for most androids: Samsung, Alcatel, ASUS, Xiaomi, etc. Resetting the parameters manually is quite easy, the main thing is to follow the instructions.

    How to clear cookies on Samsung

    A new smartphone always flies like a rocket, the interface is smart, applications open and work without delay. But after a while, problems often begin, then it slows down, then it gets stuck there, and there seem to be no obvious physical problems, but it became uncomfortable to use. Well, problems can arise due to littering of the system with temporary files, residual fragments of remote applications and other software debris. In addition, it can be embedded adware modules or viruses. How to clean Android so that it does not slow down and work as before?

    Why clear cookies and cache

    Harmless files that allow us not to re-enter logins and passwords, see advertisements tailored to our interests, such data, automatically recorded in the memory of our browser, are intended for a more convenient use of Internet sites.

    Neither cookies nor cache harm your smartphone, but in large quantities they clog up memory and reduce it. If you need to clear the cache or cookies (cookies) on your smartphone, use our instructions for Google Chrome, created on the example of an Android smartphone.

    Cache cleaning applications

    You can also install a special application that will provide more options for cleaning up memory. Among the popular utilities on Google Play, the following are highlighted:

    • SD Maid. The app will delete unnecessary files and clear the device cache. The developers have provided a wide list of features and an intuitive interface. To get access to all the functionality, you will have to pay 3.5.
    • The utility is free, and with its help you can get rid of unnecessary information on your phone. The user can run a scan of the cache, smartphone memory, browser history, etc. Upon completion of the procedure, CCleaner will show some recommendations and offer to perform cleaning. It will also show installed applications that take up too much space in the cache storage.

    Thus, the described programs provide the ability to manage Samsung applications.

    How to manually clean Android

    Now, to free up space for the free operation of the system (and we know that during operation, the system constantly creates and deletes temporary files, and if the memory is busy, the drive is cramped, then the system slows down, because it has to move files to temporarily free up space under system). We move the files, some directly into trash, that is, we delete, others we transfer to a flash drive. Here the rules are the same: do not touch files that you do not know, so as not to harm the system. Start with the biggest ones, they obviously cannot be systemic.

    It is inconvenient to do this inside a smartphone, so it is better to connect it to a laptop or computer with the supplied charging cable. We configure the connection as a media device, then the phone will appear on the computer as a separate disk, which you can view, record and delete files. We immediately pay attention to the following folders in the smartphone:

    • DCIM (there are photos and video materials, it is better to transfer them to a USB flash drive, or even better, immediately upload them to the cloud, and delete them in the local folder);
    • Download (usually there are saved files automatically downloaded or from applications not from the official store. Delete everything);
    • Media (music and so on, see what you need, but it’s still better to store playlists than whole tracks, because the Internet is always available);
    • Movies or Video, Sounds or Music (there, in fact, nothing should be there, if you need them, move to a USB flash drive.

    It is also worth checking all the folders that are created by the applications you have installed, for example, messengers, maps, editors, and more. We search for and delete all media files. Yes, everything looks simple, but manual cleaning takes some time and perseverance. If you do not know what kind of file it is, it is better not to move or delete it, it is better then on the Internet ask for each.

    How to clear cookies in Android

    That’s it, the browser will be cleared of all temporary files. Sometimes this procedure frees up quite a lot of storage space.

    How to clear browser history on Android

    Browser Andriod. Click on the button with 3 dots, select “Personal data”, and then. “Clear history”.

    Google Chrome. In the menu, select “History” and click on the button below “Clear history”, since you can clear the browser history on Android not only in the “native” browser.

    Opera (for Andriod). Press the “O” icon, then. “History”, then. “Remove all”.

    Opera Classic. Press the “O” icon, go to “Settings” and clear the history.

    How to Delete Cookies & Cache on Android phone. Very Easy

    Mozilla Firefox. Open the “Parameters”, in them. the “Privacy” tab and click “Delete data”. We mark the inscriptions “Journal”: by deleting it, we delete the history.

    Dolphin browser. At the bottom there is an image of a dolphin, when you click on it, a button with three stripes will appear, click on them, then. “Settings”, and in them select “Privacy”.

    Boat. Pull out the settings panel (from right to left). Press the button with three dots and three horizontal lines. In the panel that appears, click “Settings”, then. “Personal data” and complete the cleaning (“Clear data”).

    UC. In the “Settings” we find “Clear records” and click there.

    YouTube. Open “Settings” in the application, select “Search” in the list and click “Clear history”.

    Skype and QIP. To delete Skype history, you need to delete the data of the entire application. Go to Andriod settings, click on “Applications”, select “Skype” (“QIP”) and in it click “Erase Data”.

    The hint on how to clean Android completely (not in just one messenger or browser) is relevant for those users who like to quickly get rid of unnecessary “garbage” in the phone. To do this, you need to download a special application, for example, “Android System Cleaner” or “Clean Master”. Launch the application, click “Clear” (you can choose what you want to keep).

    How to delete cookies Mozilla Firefox

    • Click “Open Menu”
    • Select “Settings”
    • Go to the “Privacy” section
    • In the block “History” in the field “Firefox” you need to select “will remember the history” and click the link “delete individual cookies
    • Click “Delete all cookies”

    How to delete Internet Explorer cookies

    • Click “Service”
    • Select “Browser Options”
    • In the “Browser history” menu, click on the “Delete” button
    • In the window that opens, check the box “Cookies and website data”
    • Click on the “Delete” button

    How to clear cache memory on Android

    Knowing how to clear the cache memory on Android is necessary in order to fix the malfunctioning application, as well as to speed up the smartphone.

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    How to clear the explorer cache

    Hello dear site visitor! The longer we open and navigate different sites, the faster the temporary files on our computer fill up, which makes our computer sluggish. To avoid this problem, we need to clear the cache after long-term work with the internet explorer browser.

    Please note: if you are using Windows 7, Windows 8 on your computer, then clearing the cache in the explorer browser will look like this. And so to clear the cache in explorer, you need to launch the internet explorer browser on your computer, then hover the mouse cursor over the settings button located on the right side of the browser and press the left mouse button once. After that, a context menu will open in your browser, in which you need to select the “Internet Options” item. If you have the operating system Windows 8, then you will need to select the “Browser options”.

    When you select the “Browser Options” item, the “Browser Options” window will open on your computer, in this window, you will need to move the mouse cursor over the “General” tab and press the left mouse button once. After that, a section will open in which you will see a special button with which you can clear the cache in the Internet explorer browser. And so in the “Browser history” item, you will need to click on the “Delete” button.

    When you click on the delete button, a special window will open on your computer in which you can delete the browser cache, download history, saved passwords, web form data, temporary Internet files and websites. If you put a tick next to the item “Temporary files of the Internet and websites”, then the cache will be cleared in the internet explorer browser. If you check the box next to “Cookies and website data”, cookies will be deleted in the internet explorer browser. If you put a tick next to the “Log” item, then the entire history log for the entire time will be cleared in the internet explorer browser. If you check the box next to the “Download log” item, then all information of downloaded files from the Internet, such as videos, music, photos, and so on, will be cleared in the internet explorer browser. We do not check the box in the item “Web Form Data”. If you put a tick next to the “Passwords” item, then all saved passwords that you saved when you entered the previously visited sites will be deleted in the internet explorer browser. And in the last point “ActiveX filtering data and anti-tracking protection” we also do not check the box. After you have set the checkboxes in the items you need, you just have to click on the “Delete” button. When you click on the “Delete” button, the process of deleting the selected partitions will begin on your computer. The process of clearing the functions you have selected may take some time, everything will depend on how much information has been collected in your browser.

    Please note: If you are using the Windows Xp operating system on your computer, then in your browser you need to hover the mouse cursor over the “Service” tab and press the left mouse button once, after which an additional menu will open in your browser, in which you need to select item “Internet Options”.

    When you select “Internet Options”, the “Internet Options” window will open on your computer, in this window you need to select the “General” tab and click on the “Delete” button.

    When you click on the “Delete” button, a window will open on your computer, in which you can delete the cache in the internet explorer. Please note: here you can also clear internet explorer cookies, clear internet explorer history log, clear saved passwords and much more. If you check the box next to the item “Temporary Internet files”, then the cache will be cleared in the internet explorer browser. If you check the box next to the “Cookies” item, cookies will be deleted in the internet explorer browser. If you check the box next to the “Log” item, then the entire history log will be deleted in the internet explorer browser. We do not check the box in the item “Web Form Data”. If you check the box next to “Passwords”, then all saved passwords that you saved when you entered a previously visited site will be deleted in the internet explorer browser. And in the last paragraph “InPrivate filtering data” we also do not check the box. After you have set the checkboxes in the items you need, you just have to click on the “Delete” button. When you click on the “Delete” button, the process of deleting the selected partitions will begin on your computer. If this method is inconvenient for you, then you can view another way to clear the cache, cookies and history log of internet explorer. how to clean your computer from unnecessary files.

    How to clear cookies in PC and Android browsers?

    Cookies are most often used by search engines such as Google, Explorer, Mozilla, Yandex. They determine by cookies the topics that the user was interested in earlier in order to advertise their products or services on other sources. For example, if a car page was visited, and then a site with the technical characteristics of a mobile phone was opened, then the search engines form an advertising offer in such a way as to remind of early requests.

    To clear cookies on Google Chrome, you need to:

    • Open “Menu”.
    • Select the “Tools” button, and then “Delete browsing data”.
    • Mark the time period for which you want to delete information.

    Google recommends several types of cookie management. It:

    • save all data when reopening tabs;
    • automatically delete information when you close your browser;
    • block data and files of third-party sites;
    • do not allow Internet resources to save information.

    These actions will hide all material that cannot be used against you.

    To clear data on Android, follow the same steps: “Menu”. “Settings”. “Privacy”. “Advanced options”. “Clear browsing data”. Or in the Google Chrome browser itself: “Menu ⇒ Settings ⇒ Personal data ⇒ Clear history”

    It will not be difficult to clear the Yandex cookie. This requires:

    • Go to the “Menu” section.
    • Open the item “Tinctures”.
    • Select the section “Delete personal data”.
    • Mark items that do not need to be saved.

    If you want to delete a file of only one source, you need to open the “Manage cookies” section, where you can select an Internet resource, the data of which should be removed.

    Cleaning Yandex browser

    To clean Yandex, you need to follow the same steps as with previous browsers:

    • Open “Menu”.
    • Select the “Tools” section and then “Delete browsing data” (Clear browsing history)
    • Mark items to be erased.

    You can also press the key combination CtrlShiftDelete. This action will save time by instantly deleting the entire history.

    Deleting cookies in PC and Android browsers

    Cookies in Mozilla or Firefox

    To clear the cookie file in Mozila, you should:

    • Open “Menu”.
    • Select the section “Tools”.
    • Open the “Privacy” tab and “Clear your recent history”.
    • Then open the “Details” window.
    • Mark sites to hide.
    • Select the operation “Clear now”.

    How to delete cookies in PC and Android browsers?

    We are talking about cookies, because they save all information, including secret data, such as login and password, which, once in untrustworthy hands, can cause a lot of trouble and trouble. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to clear cookies, we will talk about this on the website!

    In a short period of time, a huge amount of information can accumulate, and therefore, if you do not clean the cookie from the browser in time, Internet services begin to haunt you on all pages.

    There is also a browser cache, which is a copy of previously loaded content: images, video, audio. All this information is stored on the computer for a long time. Sometimes it is necessary to clear the cache so that the material of previously visited sites is no longer displayed.

    Our “favorite” Internet Explorer

    To delete cookies in Explorer, you must perform the following steps. which will allow you to hide files not for general viewing:

    • Click the “Properties” button.
    • Select “Delete Browsing History”.
    • Open “Delete browsing history”.

    In this browser, you can select the information you want to delete first, as well as get rid of all materials with one click “Delete All”.

    That’s all, as you can see. cleaning cookies is not difficult. Having performed this operation, you can be sure that no one will find out your private information. All beaver, goodness and happiness!