How to clear cache on Smart TV

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How to clear cache on LG TV?

The webOS operating system works in a similar way to computer and mobile platforms, where applications require a cache to run. It is designed to speed up the work of programs, storing intermediate data of calculations, pictures and other content. If the memory on the device is not enough for the TV set to generate such files, errors may appear and applications will not start. Next, we will see how to clear the cache on an LG TV, which means free up the necessary space in memory.

How to clear cache on LG TV set: Instructions

It is important to note that this procedure has no potential risk for either the application or the entire operating system. The cache includes temporary data that can be painlessly deleted, and then the most needed data from here will be re-generated at the time of the next launch. The only unnecessary consequence is that you have to log into your account again.

The best method to free up memory on your LG TV:

  • Open the main TV menu with the button on the Smart remote.
  • On one of the sides of the main menu is the “Change” key, and press on it.
  • Select one of the applications in the list and click on the active item “Delete”.

After starting the application, you will have to enter a username and password, if required. But, some programs are allowed to go by another method, in particular. browsers. They have an integrated cache deletion tool that can be launched from its interface.

How to clear the memory of the LG Smart TV by clearing the cache in the browser:

  • Click on the Smart button and launch the often used web browser.
  • In the corner on the right, click on the gear-shaped key.
  • Click on the “Clear cache” option and confirm the start of the manipulation.

Both methods on how to clear memory on a LG TV are applicable in different situations. If the tasks concern only the browser, cleaning the cache in it will be enough. For the most complex problems, for example, when Smart TV slows down, it is worth deleting temporary data immediately from a couple or all programs.

Reasons for the memory overflow error

Unsurprisingly, a software violation alert is lit on the TV screen only when you go to the web. That is, regular TV viewing will be available. An integrated TV browser is used to play multimedia content. From time to time, an error occurs when you try to start an audio track or enter the game.

Please remember that this error for us is in no way related to the malfunctioning of a particular website. In addition, the software error code may seem far from right away. For example, you first started a video, but after a few minutes it is interrupted and an alert appears on the LG Smart TV screen that there is not enough memory for the TV.

A banal reload of the page will allow you to eliminate the error for a certain time, but completely quickly. After a few minutes, the code will appear again.

The error occurs when the user tries to play the streaming video. The uniformly free space for storing temporary files becomes smaller, because of this, the picture will take much longer to load. To avoid a software crash, try to use web portals where files are saved in blocks. As a result, it will be possible to avoid cache overflow in Smart TV.

There are several methods to solve the problem. As noted earlier, expanding the internal memory is unrealistic. Therefore, you need to install additional software that will prevent the error from occurring. As a result, the content will be played specifically through such programs.

The second method is updating webOS (smart TV operating system). It is possible that in the most recent versions, such failures will be eliminated. Since the software is constantly being improved by the developers of the equipment manufacturer.

How to clear the cache

The system asks the user to clear the cache in order to reduce the load on the RAM. But it is not at all necessary to delete temporary files of all applications completely, it will be enough to clear the cache of the browser you are using.

Remember that deleting temporary files completely of all applications will cause the options set in their options to be reset to their default characteristics. You will need to log in to your account again.

How do I clear the memory on my LG TV? It is enough to have a remote control handy. Follow the usual step-by-step instructions:

  • First you need to go to the main menu of Smart TV. To do this, press the “Smart” button on the remote control.
  • On the right or left (depending on the version of the installed OS) click on the “Change” button.
  • Select the software you are using and click on the “Uninstall” command, which will appear in the window that opens.

This is how the memory of the LG TV is cleared. Therefore, temporary files of all applications will be deleted completely.

If you would prefer to clear the cache only of the built-in browser, which you are using specifically for playing content, then follow this step-by-step instruction:

  • Press the “Smart” key to switch to Smart TV mode.
  • Launch the integrated browser, and then in the right corner click on the settings menu icon.
  • Select the command “Clear cache”, and later again confirm the performed action.

After a short period of time, the files saved by the browser will still be deleted. After completing the cleaning, all video and audio will start playing correctly, and the error will disappear. It is better to reboot TV immediately after cleaning.

Is it possible to increase the memory of Smart TV LG?

In order to avoid similar problems in the future, it would be reasonable to ask the question of how to increase memory on LG Smart TVs. Unfortunately, this cannot be done. Yes, we can connect an external drive, but this will not give the expected effect, since the internal memory is used to run applications. It does not seem likely to expand it. You just have to clean the cache, but from time to time users are required to abandon certain applications by deleting them.

That’s all you need to know to free up memory on your LG TV. Deleting the cache is the safest, most common and effective method of creating free space in the integrated memory of the TV. We can also reset the TV options to the factory state, but this is much more radical and will lead to the loss of some personal data.

When you need to clear the cache on the TV?

There are a number of situations in which it is recommended to perform cleaning, but they all have the same reason. imperfect browser, online cinema or other application. If we do not use the web, but simply watch TV channels on TV, then there is no need for cleaning. But, active users of the network may need a frequent procedure for deleting the cache.

In what situations do we recommend clearing the cache:

  • The web browser does not start. Most often, after a click, the initialization process begins, but it ends abruptly and the message “Not enough memory” is displayed. May be thrown out of the program without notice.
  • Smart TV does not play video in the browser. There are many circumstances, but one of them is the cache. And in general, creators often block the function of watching videos on the web through web browsers.
  • The message “The application will be restarted to free up memory” appears by LG. The TV set will perform the function of automatic cleaning, but only for a specific program. If the error persists, we advise you to delete manually for a couple or all applications.
  • In the browser, the page is reloaded due to lack of memory. There is not enough space to complete the download and the web browser decides to reload the tab. This helps with problem sites.
  • Slows down video online or freezes the web, as well as other similar random crashes in applications.

In each of these cases, the discrepancy may be not only a lack of memory. But since clearing the cache on an LG TV is the easiest way, we recommend starting the fix with this action.

How easy and simple to clear the cache on your LG TV

Without any hesitation, owners of LG TVs were faced with the problem of lack of memory. An error code appears on the screen as soon as the user tries to play some media content. At the same time, regardless of the type of Internet connection: cable or wireless.

How to clear the memory on the LG TV, thereby restoring the correct operation of Smart TV? There are several proven methods, in fact, which at the moment will be discussed. If you have an “Not enough memory” error on your LG TV, you first need to find out what was the prerequisite for the software failure.

How else can you increase your memory

It is impossible to increase the memory capacity of the Smart TV receiver by installing an additional hard disk inside. But as a solution to the problem, you can use a regular flash drive with a large capacity. The TV will recognize it as an additional storage device and will use it to swap data when loading web pages or launching online videos from an Internet browser. Also, widgets and programs can be installed on a USB-drive.

On a note! You need to understand that when you remove the flash drive, the content loaded on it on the TV receiver will not be available.

There are a number of ways to prevent memory overflows.

So, if, when downloading multimedia content via a web browser, the Smart TV receiver notifies of insufficient memory, this indicates that the internal storage of the device is full of temporary files. They accumulate when running applications, playing photos or music in the Internet browser, etc. To fix the problem, you need to clear the occupied space from garbage by deleting the browser cache (you can also use applications), as well as unused software.

How to clear cache on TV

Timely cleaning of temporary files saved by the TV will significantly reduce the load on the RAM. Naturally, this will have a beneficial effect on the performance of the device as a whole. However, users do not have to manually delete the temporary files for each application. Try to just clear your browser cache.

Users who do not know how to clear cache on LG TV. delete temporary files in all applications. Because of this, the settings that were set are lost. All parameters take the “default” value.

To delete the cache, follow a simple step-by-step algorithm:

  • Go to the main menu of the operating system. To do this, press the “Smart” button on the remote control.
  • Click on the “Change” button. Its location directly depends on the installed firmware version.
  • Select the device you are using, and then click on the “Remove” button that appears in the dialog box that opens.

Now you know how to clear the cache of your LG TV. Unnecessary files will be deleted.

Some users prefer to clear the cache of the browser through which the content is streamed. To do this, you must adhere to the following instructions:

  • On the control panel, you need to press the “Smart” button to open this mode.
  • Launch your browser and then open the settings. The corresponding section is in the upper right corner.
  • Use the “Clear cache” command. Then confirm again that you want to delete the temporary files.
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When the cleaning is complete, the content will start playing correctly again, and the error text will disappear from the TV screen. Be sure to restart your TV immediately after uninstalling temporary files.

Why Memory Overflow Errors Appear

The system notification about the lack of free memory appears on the TV screen when the user tries to open the browser. This means that you can watch terrestrial or satellite channels even with a full memory. However, streaming content requires a corresponding resource. Sometimes an error indicating the need to clear the memory of the LG Smart TV. appears when starting a game or playing music.

The appearance of this error is caused precisely by the lack of free space on the built-in hard drive, and not by problems in the operation of the browser or a specific site. Practice shows that the error text may appear far from the moment the browser is launched. For example, a user opened a website, launched a video, and only then a notification will appear on the screen that it is necessary to clear the memory of the LG Smart TV.

The most effective workaround is to simply refresh the web page. However, the software glitch will make itself felt again, possibly after a couple of minutes. What exactly triggered the error when streaming content? This is due to the lack of memory for storing temporary files. Therefore, movies, clips take longer to load than usual.

To avoid this error, use sites that store files in block. This memory layout prevents the cache from overflowing. The TV’s internal memory cannot be expanded. Therefore, users have to solve the problem in order to fully use the technique in the future.

Of course, there are preventive measures to avoid this software glitch. Try to clean your browser and TV cache in a timely manner. Be sure to install the latest updates for your Smart TV operating system. Outdated firmware version may cause performance degradation.

Ways to solve the problem

  • First of all, you can try to update the software, due to the possibility that the memory allocation in the new version is more correct than in the old one.
  • You can install special applications and watch videos with their help, or install applications that will help clear memory faster, or slow down the download speed.
  • Perform a factory reset, there are several schemes:

Steps to follow for LG TV:

Press the “Home” button. go to “Settings”. go to “Advanced settings”. go to “General settings”. find “Factory reset”. confirm action.

Steps for Samsung TV:

Turn off the TV. press the Info, Menu, Mute, Power buttons at the same time and in this sequence. press the Mute, 1, 8, 2, Power buttons also simultaneously, without changing the sequence. the TV will boot into service mode. go to “Settings”. press the “Reset” button (Smart Hub settings will be reset as well, or they can be reset separately). confirm action.

You can insert a USB flash drive into the TV, the cache from the browser will be written to it, this method does not help everyone, however, it is worth trying.

Contact Support, a specialist, thanks to remote access, will change the firmware to a newer one, reset the settings to factory settings on his own, or try to find the essence of the problem and fix it in another way, you will only need to confirm the remote access.

Why does the device memory overflow error appear?

The problem is revealed when the user once again decides to access the Internet. Such a simple action becomes unavailable due to lack of memory.

This is due to the fact that browsers for TV do not have limitless possibilities. If the owner of the device downloads a movie for viewing, then it does not start immediately, but is first loaded into the TV’s memory. Then unnecessary information is deleted, but this does not always happen in a timely manner. As a result, data received from the Internet accumulates, interfering with the normal functioning of the device.

  • if free space runs out, launching any application becomes impossible;
  • if there is a self-cleaning function, errors will not occur;
  • it is impossible to increase the volume with the help of additional devices and a hard disk, as on a personal computer;
  • if you watch ordinary TV channels, then the lack of free space will not affect their work;
  • the error is not affected by certain applications or sites.

Lack of memory can occur on any device. Samsung Smart TV, LG, etc. There is only one way out of the situation. removing unnecessary information and unnecessary information.

Removing apps and unnecessary junk

The internal memory stores not only temporary files, but also the applications installed by the user. In this regard, try to prepare an empty seat in advance. In order to clear the memory of your LG TV, you need to uninstall programs, applications, widgets and services that you do not use.

Uninstalling software can be done in two ways. First, you need to hover over the program that you plan to uninstall. After that, a context menu will appear on the screen, from which you should select the “Delete” command. Again, the uninstall should be approved. It is on this principle that video games, films, additional services and extensions are removed.

If you don’t know how to clear memory on LG TV. but the above option does not suit you, use an alternative method. Open the My Applications folder, and then drag all unnecessary programs and files to the right corner of the screen. Move them until the uninstall process begins. To complete the deletion, simply confirm the originally selected action.

Ways to solve the problem

There are several ways to solve the problem:

  • Update your software. If you install the latest version, then the memory will be allocated here more efficiently than in the old version. Thanks to this, the error will not appear.
  • Install apps that let you watch videos directly without downloading them to your device. Such sites allow you to enjoy watching the same films and videos that through a browser.
  • Install apps that will clean up memory quickly. You can also find programs that will reduce the speed at which memory is filled. Both options will save the device from the appearance of an error when accessing the Internet.

If the previous steps do not help solve the problem, you can choose a radical method. resetting the settings to the factory settings. The procedure algorithm depends on the brand of the TV.

  • click “Home”;
  • go to the settings menu;
  • go to the subsection of advanced settings;
  • go to the general settings menu;
  • select the inscription “Reset to factory settings” and click on it;
  • confirm actions.

To reset your Samsung Smart TV model, you need to follow these instructions:

  • deactivate the device;
  • simultaneously, without breaking the sequence, press Info, Menu, Mute, Power;
  • simultaneously, without breaking the sequence, press Mute, 1, 8, 2, Power;
  • after such your actions, the TV will load in service mode;
  • then immediately go to the settings menu;
  • click on reset;
  • confirm actions.

You can reset the settings for any device. If you need to perform manipulation for Sony Bravia and another model, see the instructions on how to do it correctly.

Removing applications

It happens that clearing the memory on the Samsung Smart TV is not enough for the normal functioning of the device. Often, memory is clogged with numerous applications that we all like to install for the convenience of downloading and watching videos. A series of such installations can lead to severe disk space clogging.

You need to move to Smart TV (home page) and open the menu with installed programs. An icon with settings will be found in the upper corner of the screen. Click there and view the list of opened applications. Destroy the excess by pressing the “Delete” key. Confirm your actions traditionally. For prevention, adhere to the following rules:

  • periodically review the menu for unnecessary software;
  • do not overload the TV with useless programs;
  • watch out for virus threats;
  • refuse to download applications from unverified and questionable sources.

There are security programs available to keep your TV safe from malware. But you won’t be able to install these “utilities” without hacking the device. You can clear the memory on your Samsung Smart TV and take it easy. Or you can install an antivirus, but such an operation is fraught with risks. We forget about the manufacturer’s warranty obligations, and the system may freeze. Think ten times before interfering with the normal operation of a factory OS.

How to clear memory on Samsung Smart TV

You may need to clear the memory on your Samsung Smart TV for various reasons, the main one being viruses. People don’t think about the problem of viral infection of digital TVs often enough. Meanwhile, this trouble is gaining momentum. And it also happens that the internal memory is sorely lacking. it is overwhelmed with unknown information. Will have to clean.

The main causes of the memory overflow error

Often memory does not overflow, you just have a specific error in the cache. Problems are observed whenever the owner of the TV wants to use the browser. Watching movies or listening to music tracks is made impossible. The reason lies in the limited browser memory, which does not always have time to be cleared.

Sometimes you see warning messages about restarting the application. The program crashes and restarts many times. All this is due to the lack of built-in memory, which has a number of specific features:

  • if the storage capacity is full, you will not be able to download the latest information;
  • when content is loading slowly, self-cleaning occurs;
  • a flash drive and an external hard drive do not solve the issue;
  • the error does not affect the viewing of TV channels;
  • there is no link to sites and applications.

Clearing the cache

Clearing the cache is another option for solving the problem. You will need the main menu, through which the entrance to the browser and its settings are opened. The column titled “Clear cache” will be brought out separately. Confirm the action and rest for a few minutes, observing the process. If the matter is in the cache, after these manipulations you will be able to watch videos as usual.

How to clear memory on Samsung Smart TV

Updating software is where experienced users start. Watching online videos is not necessary through a browser. there are many applications for this. These programs reduce boot speed and quickly free up disk space from junk. And also, in order to clear the memory on the Samsung Smart TV, experts recommend resetting the current settings.

The forums say: to clean Samsung, you have to press several function keys (Info, Menu, Mute and Power) at the same time. Consistency matters. The second chain is Mute, One, Eight, Two, and Power. These manipulations will activate your TV in service mode. Then proceed like this:

  • Move to “Settings”.
  • Press the “Reset” key.
  • Confirm this action.

An easier way is to contact Samsung technical support. The support employee will remotely edit the firmware, reset the fresh settings and will not calm down until the problem is solved. All you need to do is allow remote access.

Smart TV has enough minuses, but all of them are more than covered by a wide range of advantages. Errors are eliminated by the methods described above. We recommend starting by monitoring unnecessary applications and clearing the cluttered cache. If these steps did not lead to the desired result, connect heavy artillery. rollback settings. As for the installation of anti-virus programs, it is better to refuse unauthorized hacking of the “operating system”. A professional will certainly cope with the task, but an ordinary user will only ruin everything. be careful.

Factory reset

This function exists in all modern TVs. The procedure may differ depending on the model. But usually it all comes down to going to the advanced settings section, and choosing the appropriate option.

This is the easiest and fastest method. But it also has a significant drawback. you cannot selectively get rid of temporary files. They will all be deleted completely. And some of them might be helpful. For example, the aforementioned passwords. It is also possible that you will have to update some applications again, because they will roll back to the version that was when you purchased the device.

clear, cache, smart

How to clear the cache

There are two types of cache. The first is systemic. This is the one that accumulates in the TV OS as a result of applications running. For example, update data, your passwords, search history, and so on. The more applications you use, the more the cache will take up memory.

The second is browser-based. As you might guess, this is the one that accumulates in the program for browsing the Internet. The situation here is similar to that of a computer. Browsing history, bookmarks, extensions. all this will be stored in RAM. Although the browser is also a system application, it still has its own temporary files.

We clean the browser

The process is no different from cleaning a computer browser. We go into the settings and go to the section for deleting history. We select the necessary items and start the process. We recommend that you first delete cookies, form and search history, and visit history. The advantage of this method is that the built-in applications will save all the necessary data. Only the browser will be affected.

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What causes the error

When watching TV channels, you are guaranteed not to encounter this problem. The error appears only when playing video content on the Internet. And not necessarily immediately after the launch of the film or video. It is likely that this will happen in a few minutes or even hours.

The reason is always a lack of RAM, which is not enough even for premium modern TVs. Initially, the video is loaded into RAM and only then played. And when the memory is full of temporary files, there is simply not enough space for other functions. If you are using the built-in web browser, then reloading the page helps, but only for a few minutes.

The option with an increase in the amount of RAM is not available to the average user. All TV manufacturers exclude this possibility. Therefore, all that remains is to delete the temporary files. There are several ways to do this.

How to clear cache on TV with Smart TV

If you notice that your Smart TV starts to freeze and slow down, do it first. Most likely clearing the cache will get rid of the problem.

We all regularly clean our computer, both from dust and from system debris. This procedure is necessary for fast PC operation. But few people know that the cache exists in TVs with Smart TVs. Over time, it becomes clogged with unnecessary information. If you do not get rid of it, from time to time an error will occur, due to which the operating system will not have enough RAM. As a result, the open application will close or restart. We tell you how to deal with it.

Uninstalling Applications

Surely you have once visited each application to understand what functionality your TV has. And after that, they forgot about most of the utilities and used only the most necessary ones. Seemingly harmless action. Only many services immediately require updates, registration, settings, and so on at the first start. All this useless information remains in the system and takes up RAM.

How to clear cache and memory on smart TVs

Operating systems installed on modern Smart TVs significantly expand their available functionality. Now, through TV, you can go online, watch videos on YouTube, manage your content library, use IPTV. But at the same time, a lot of temporary data is stored in the TV’s memory in the so-called “cache”. And it needs to be cleaned periodically to prevent programming errors.

Steps to clear the memory of your LG TV

Smart TVs from LG are based on the webOS operating system, which is based on the Linux kernel. And the function built into the OS for quickly deleting the cache of all applications is not provided here. If an “Out of memory” error occurs, it is recommended to reset the software to factory settings. Before clearing the memory and deleting the cache on the LG TV, it is recommended to create and activate an online user account (for this, you need to register with an E-mail confirmation). Then the basic application settings will be copied “to the cloud” and this data can be restored after resetting the TV to factory settings (passwords for applications, Desktop settings, list of saved playlists).

  • press “Home” or “Menu” on the remote control (depending on the installed version of WebOS);
  • go to the “Settings” section;
  • select “Advanced settings” and select “General” in the subcategory;
  • activate the item “Reset to factory settings”;
  • enter your account password (or factory reset password, by default: 12345678);
  • confirm the operation and wait for the device to reboot.

Sometimes error E561 occurs when trying to reset. This means that a webOS update is available for this model. First, you need to perform an Update and only then reset the settings to factory defaults.

You can also use a solution such as clearing the browser cache on an LG TV: this functionality is provided by the manufacturer and allows you to free up 1-2 gigabytes of data. The settings of other applications are not affected. Before clearing the browser cache on your LG TV, you should bookmark frequently used pages. Next, you need to run:

  • press “Menu” or “Home” on the remote control, go to “Settings”;
  • open the “Network Settings” category;
  • select the item “Clear Internet data storage”, sometimes after selecting on the display, it writes a request with a password. you need to confirm it.

At the same time, cookies are also deleted from the browser, therefore, when entering some sites, you will need to manually enter your username / password (when clearing, auto-login is deactivated).

How else can you increase memory

To increase the amount of free memory, you can use the following tips:

  • Remove all unused applications. Most memory is occupied by games, web browsers, streaming music and video services.
  • Update firmware. In the same Android TV, with each update, Google releases 150-200 megabytes.
  • Connect external storage and combine it with internal storage. The function is available for Samsung and Philips TVs (based on Android TV). It is necessary for Honor that you cannot remove a USB flash drive or hard drive, since some of the installed applications will simply stop running.
  • Delete already unclaimed video, music, photo files from the built-in memory (via the built-in explorer).

Reasons for the memory overflow error

The TV’s memory quickly fills up with active use of the Internet browser (caches the contents of all visited pages), applications for streaming video and listening to music (some of the data also remains in permanent memory). At the same time, many games take 1.5–3 gigabytes each. At the same time, there is relatively little internal memory in many TVs: from 2 to 16 gigabytes, some of which are occupied by the operating system itself and update files.

With active use of Smart-functions, the application cache takes about 6 gigabytes in just 2-3 months. The manufacturer himself recommends removing it regularly (indicated in the instructions).

How to clear the cache on Philips Smart TVs

All Philips TVs manufactured after 2014 have the Android TV operating system. It has a built-in function to delete the cache of all installed applications (including the system one) in a couple of clicks. For this you need:

  • open the settings and select “Storage” (in some models the menu item is called “Storage” or “Memory”);
  • click on the bar indicating the amount of free memory;
  • select “Clear data store”.

Clearing cache on Samsung TV

In Samsung TVs, the manufacturer installs the Tizen OS operating system. Its distinguishing feature is the automatic deletion of the application cache. The operation is performed independently when the internal memory is low. But this does not clear the browser data cache, and the user has to do it manually. The procedure does not affect cookies, saved passwords will also remain. To clear the cache on your Samsung TV in your browser, you will need:

  • go to the list of installed applications;
  • open a browser (web browser);
  • open the browser menu and select “Delete all history”;
  • in the dialog box, mark the items “Cache”, “Active sessions”, “History of visits and settings”, select “OK”;
  • restart browser.

The procedure will free up from 500 megabytes to 2 gigabytes. If clearing the memory does not solve the problem with the lack of space, then you will have to perform a full factory reset. This removes all installed applications and their data. Before clearing the Samsung TV memory via reset, it is recommended to activate an online account and enable data synchronization with cloud storage in the “Network settings”. Then data such as passwords, logins and basic settings of installed programs will be saved.

To reset the settings to factory settings, you will need:

  • turn off the TV (use the button on the remote control to put it into “sleep” mode);
  • alternately press the following buttons: INFO, MTNU, MUTE, POWER or MUTE 1, 8, 2, Power (the exact sequence depends on the “generation” of the TV);
  • after the service menu appears, select “Option”;
  • click on “Factory Reset” and confirm the operation.

On Smart-TV Samsung, starting from the 4th generation, it is also possible to connect an external storage (via USB) and transfer the application cache to it. If an error occurs regularly, indicating a lack of memory, it is recommended to purchase a flash drive and, after connecting it, format it and combine it with the internal memory. By the way, if the speed of the flash drive is at least 20 megabytes per second, then this will additionally have a positive effect on the performance of TV.

How to avoid memory overflow

Follow these tips:

  • do not install applications that are not planned to be actively used (even after deleting them, some of the data remains, which clutters up the memory);
  • regularly clear the application data cache;
  • Perform a full factory reset at least once every 6 months, having previously updated the firmware to the latest version;
  • do not use internal memory for storing media content (for this it is better to connect an external drive or network storage).

How to clear the cache on Android TV box

If all these recommendations do not give the desired result (relevant for Smart TVs released before 2015, where there is very little built-in memory), then you should consider purchasing an external Android set-top box. They are also more functional (due to the support of Google services), and the built-in memory there can be easily increased by using a flash drive or memory card. Modern models of such set-top boxes cost up to 100, and they are connected via HDMI. With their help, you can turn a regular TV into a Smart TV.

In total, the built-in memory of Smart TV should be regularly cleared from the data cache of installed applications. Otherwise, an “Out of memory” error occurs, due to which some programs stop running altogether, while others begin to slow down strongly.

How does the error appear?

The software crash message appears on the TV screen only when trying to establish an Internet connection. At the same time, the broadcasting of standard television programs works as usual.

Difficulties can arise when using the following services:

  • built-in browser;
  • playback of audio and video content;
  • launching video games.

The complexity does not depend on the operation of the web resource or application. The error appears when playing streaming video. Over time, the space for storing temporary files fills up, which increases the loading time of the picture.

Sometimes the error notification does not appear immediately. After starting, the video may play for several minutes, and a message will appear on the LG Smart TV display stating that there is not enough memory. You can refresh the page, but it will only help for a while.

Since there is no possibility of expanding the TV’s internal memory, you need to clear the cache on your LG TV.

How to clear cache on LG Smart TV: our guide

With the advent of Wi-Fi technology for TVs and the use of online services, it became necessary to clear the device’s memory due to the accumulation of a large amount of unnecessary information in it. If you do not do this, you may face the inability to play media content and display a typical error on the screen due to lack of memory. To free up space, you need to clear the cache on the TV, and how to do this, we will look at the example of LG.


In LG TVs, it is recommended to clear the cache not only to be able to start services, but also to reduce the load on RAM. After deleting temporary files and unused applications, the device will run significantly faster.

If, when clearing the cache, you delete the files of absolutely all installed programs, you may need to sign in to your LG account again.

How do I clear the browser cache on my LG TV? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Switch the device to Smart TV mode by pressing the “Smart” button on the remote control.
  • Launch browser.
  • Select “Settings” at the top right.
  • In the window that opens, click “Clear cache”.
  • To confirm, click on the “OK” or “Finish” button.

To remove unused software, you will need to do the following:

  • Press the “Smart” button on the remote control.
  • In the window that appears, select “Change”.
  • Wait for the list of applications to appear on the screen.
  • Mark irrelevant and click the “Delete” button.

How to uninstall unnecessary applications is described in the following

You will have to wait and complete the memory cleanup. Normal playback will return, the receiver’s memory will be cleared of unnecessary files. As a result, the error will disappear.

If the problem persists, try restarting your LG Smart TV, i.e. resetting its settings. To do this, press the Home button on the remote control, go to the settings. Select the “General” tab and “Factory data reset”.

TV cannot be turned off during reboot!

How to avoid memory overflow?

Measures can be taken to help prevent this difficulty without cleaning up. One of the ways to use the functionality of the TV is to install additional software that will solve the problem of memory overload and allow you to watch and listen to any content without interruption.

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Using web portals, where files are saved in blocks, also helps to avoid cache overflow.

Another way is to update the Web OS. Perhaps, in later versions, such failures will be eliminated, as the software for the TV is constantly being improved by the equipment manufacturing factories.

If you have another TV or have any questions, write in the comments. Our team is always happy to help readers!

Consequences of insufficient internal memory

The accumulation of a data array in the built-in storage device can ultimately lead to an overflow of the usable volume of the TV receiver’s internal memory. At the same time, viewing the content stops, and a corresponding message appears on the screen. In some cases, the application may spontaneously start overloading. In addition, the message about insufficient memory size can appear completely unexpected for the user at any time when:

  • connecting the TV to a computer;
  • using a USB flash drive;
  • listening to audio files;
  • watching movies, etc.

In practice, the internal memory of Samsung SmartTVs fills up when the owner uses the built-in browser to view video content. After full filling of its volume, the TV “freezes” and / or disconnects from the Internet. In this case, it becomes impossible to install widgets and / or applications, as well as view video content. The problem can be eliminated only by freeing the internal memory of the TV receiver from unnecessary data.

Freeing up the built-in memory of Samsung Smart TVs

You can free up the internal memory of Samsung SmartTV TV receivers by performing such simple operations as deleting unused applications and clearing the cache of the built-in browser. If these actions did not lead to a positive result, then the owner of the TV will have to contact Samsung’s Unified Support Service or, at your own risk, try to reset the TV settings to the factory level.

Clearing the built-in browser cache

You can free up the TV’s internal memory by clearing the cache of the built-in browser. They do it as follows:

  • go to the main menu of Smart-TV;
  • launch a browser;
  • open the “Settings” menu;
  • in the section “Deleting history” find the item “Cache”;
  • click “Delete now” to confirm the action.

The process of clearing the cache may take several minutes, after which video viewing should resume.

Contacting Samsung Electronics Unified Support Service

The unified support service for Samsung Electronics has been operating in Russia since 1994. The remote service, thanks to which the owners of TV equipment of this brand, without leaving their homes, receive not only qualified advice, but also operational technical support, has allowed the company to significantly increase public confidence in its products. By calling the hotline 88005555555 or by leaving a message on the website (Online Live Chat), the owner of the TV can notify the operator of the problem.

To provide service specialists with remote access to your TV receiver, you must:

  • open the TV menu;
  • enter the “Support” section;
  • select the item “Remote control”;
  • provide the security PIN to the service technician.

In this case, the work is carried out online, and the service operator sees on the screen of his device only what is displayed on the faulty TV receiver. You should be aware that the company guarantees complete security of data that may be stored on the TV.

System reset of the TV

If all of the above methods did not lead to the expected result, and the owner of the TV does not have the opportunity to contact the service specialists, then he can take a risk and carry out an engineering reset of the TV settings on his own. To do this, it is necessary to carry out a number of actions in the following order:

  • turn off the TV;
  • on the remote control (RC), strictly observing the specified sequence, quickly press the buttons: INFO. MTNU. MUTE. POWER or MUTE. 1. 8. 2. Power, while the TV turns on, and the service menu in English appears on the screen;
  • use the Up and Down arrow buttons to select Option and press the OK key;
  • in the window that opens, select the Factory Reset item and press the OK button on the remote control twice.

The TV will then turn off and then on, and the initial general settings (menu language, country, network settings, etc.) will begin. Then you need to do the usual TV customization (channels, etc.). When accessing the Smart-menu, it turns out that all the widgets and previously made settings are missing. They will have to be installed again. In more detail, the process of performing a system reset of the TV settings is shown on

Removing unused applications

Removing unused or unnecessary applications is one of the most effective ways to free up the internal memory of the TV receiver. To do this, you will need:

  • enter the main page of SmartTV;
  • open the applications menu (APPS panel);
  • go to settings (icon in one of the upper corners);
  • in the window that opens, find unnecessary (unnecessary) applications and sequentially click on each of them, pressing the “Delete” key;
  • confirm the actions performed and close the window.

You can get the same result if you reset all Smart Hub settings. This will remove all downloaded applications and fix any existing errors. This will reboot and install all factory applications in automatic mode.

Resetting Smart Hub settings can be done through the “Settings” menu, following the route “Support. Self-diagnosis. Reset Smart Hub “. There you will need to enter in the corresponding line the security PIN code “0000” (by default). After the message “Reset completed” appears, you need to go to the APPS panel, wait for the notification of the initial setup and, following the prompts on the TV-receiver screen, enter the menu. There you will need to select the applications required to use and press the “Finish” button.

In the event that resetting the Smart Hub parameters to the factory state did not lead to a positive result, you can carry out a similar procedure for the entire TV. How to do this is shown in detail in

At the same time, on all Samsung Smart TV receivers (series 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.), the settings are reset in the same way. The only possible difference is a slight difference in the names of the menu items.

Features of the built-in memory

The lack of built-in memory for Smart TV sets of any brand, including Samsung, is due to the fact that first the selected video file is loaded into the internal storage device and only then is broadcast on the screen. Memory is freed up during playback, but if the process of cleaning it is slower than loading the content, then it may become full. In turn, this causes an error message to appear on the TV screen and the inability to continue watching. It is interesting that even the specialists of the Samsung Group, which is considered the leader of this market segment, have not yet been able to solve the existing problem at a constructive level.

Thus, the browser of any Samsung Smart-TV receiver (for example, models Ue46f6400ak, Ue43m5500, etc.) has limited capabilities due to insufficient internal memory, without which downloading video content is impossible. Its main features:

  • self-cleaning is carried out only if the content download is slower than the speed of video playback on the screen;
  • the amount of memory cannot be increased by using an external storage device (hard disk, flash drive, etc.);
  • the memory overflow is not tied to any specific application, site or Internet page and can manifest itself at any time.

Ways to solve the problem

  • First of all, you can try to update the software, due to the possibility that the memory allocation in the new version is more correct than in the old one.
  • You can install special applications and watch videos with their help, or install applications that will help clear memory faster, or slow down the download speed.
  • Perform a factory reset, there are several schemes:

Steps to follow for LG TV:

Press the “Home” button. go to “Settings”. go to “Advanced settings”. go to “General settings”. find “Factory reset”. confirm action.

Steps for Samsung TV:

Turn off the TV. press the Info, Menu, Mute, Power buttons at the same time and in this sequence. press the Mute, 1, 8, 2, Power buttons also simultaneously, without changing the sequence. the TV will boot into service mode. go to “Settings”. press the “Reset” button (Smart Hub settings will be reset as well, or they can be reset separately). confirm action.

You can insert a USB flash drive into the TV, the cache from the browser will be written to it, this method does not help everyone, however, it is worth trying.

Contact Support, a specialist, thanks to remote access, will change the firmware to a newer one, reset the settings to factory settings on his own, or try to find the essence of the problem and fix it in another way, you will only need to confirm the remote access.

Memory features

  • Without its presence, loading any information would have been impossible, except that the manufacturers miscalculated a little with quantitative characteristics.
  • Self-cleaning (if content loading is slower than clearing the memory on the TV, then the error will not pop up)
  • Cannot be increased by installing or using an additional one using a hard disk / flash drive, like on a PC.
  • When viewing regular channels, an error does not occur, only when using Internet resources.
  • The error has no attachment to certain applications, pages, sites.

Clearing the memory of Smart TV: how to solve the problem and what is its cause

Every year “smart” TVs conquer users more and more. Undoubtedly, because they have many advantages compared to the standard ones: recording and playback of only the content that is of interest to you, the ability not to limit yourself only to movies, but also access to YouTube, social networks, full-fledged work with the browser, and much more.

An additional plus is the ability to connect such additional equipment as a keyboard and mouse. But even perfection has its flaws. Recently, many began to face the problem of lack of memory. What to do with this and where does it come from. we will consider in this article.

How to clear the cache

Memory congestion can also be removed by clearing the browser cache. To do this, go to the main menu of Smart TV, open the browser, select the settings function, find it in the “Clear cache” column, confirm. It is worth waiting for a few minutes, and this process will be completed, and the TV will begin to function as it should.

Removing applications

Another simple but effective way to clean up memory is to remove unnecessary or unused applications. To do this, go to the main page of Smart TV, open the applications menu, go to the settings through the icon in one of the upper corners, find the applications that you think are unnecessary, click “Delete” and confirm.

Reasons for the memory overflow error

The problem is that when you once again want to use the built-in browser, an error occurs that it is impossible to watch videos or listen to music online due to lack of memory.

TV browsers have limited capabilities, so when watching, for example, a video, it is initially loaded into the device’s memory, and only then has the ability to play. Then the memory is cleared, but, unfortunately, it does not always have time to be freed in the required number, because of this, the problem of its overflow arises. Until it is overfilled, then everything will function as it should, in this regard, the film can be played up to half, and only then an error will appear.

Sometimes it may be preceded by an inscription on the screen “the application will be restarted to free up memory”, then the application or the site crashes and reloads again, this can be repeated several times in a row.

Smart TV: How to clear cache and reset factory settings to fix commmon TV issues.

That is, the basis of the disadvantage is the unintelligently small amount of initially built-in memory.

The memory of Smart TVs has its drawbacks, but this does not override the main advantages, fortunately, there are many ways to eliminate this error: from resetting all factory settings to clearing the cache and uninstalling applications. It is better to try a few, not despairing at the first failure, because here are presented as many as basic 9 ways to solve this problem, some of them will definitely work and show the correct result, the more new and new firmware are coming out, perhaps one of them will be perfect.

Of course, the developers made a mistake, making such a flaw, but with a little effort, you can easily get rid of it. The technique is improving, new features appear, rest assured: some of the new versions will be perfect and without any flaws.