How to clean a Samsung phone completely

Delete files from explorer

This option is suitable for those who understand in which folder which files are located. For example, Download usually stores all downloaded documents. Sometimes there are files for installing the utilities. Perhaps there were photos from the Internet that you needed to quickly download, and then you forgot to delete them.

All this must be quickly disposed of. It is enough to understand what is important to you and what is not. How to clear memory on Samsung Galaxy? To do this, just go to the file properties and select the “Delete” item, or hold down the file and select several at once, and then click on the basket icon.

Use cloud storage

If you often face a lack of memory, and there is no opportunity to purchase a memory card, you can install the mobile version of the cloud storage. For example, Google Disk. The utility will help to automatically synchronize files and send them to the server.

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This option is perfect for those who work from several devices at once, including a smartphone. You can edit files if possible, corrections will be automatically saved.

Clear messenger data

How to clear memory on Android? Samsung and other smartphones usually store almost all of the information that goes to the device. Not many people know that photos from instant messengers and other files can be automatically downloaded to the smartphone’s memory.

This leads to the fact that even if you delete all your photos that were stored in the corresponding folder, you cannot completely free up memory. And all because at the root of the system there are files that were downloaded by one or several instant messengers.

This problem can be easily fixed. It is enough to find a folder in the explorer called the name of the messenger and clear it.

Check apps on your phone

How do I clear the memory on my Samsung phone? Try to get rid of all games and applications. It so happens that many of them were installed on a smartphone, but later they were forgotten. Such programs continue to receive updates, respectively, and upload their files to the archive.

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It is also worth understanding that there are some games that, in the process of passing, write data and statistics into memory. Sometimes they can take up more than 1 GB of free space. If you have stopped playing the game, it is better to uninstall it.

How to clear memory on “Samsung”: methods, instructions, recommendations

Phones often suffer from memory deficits. Even if the buyer chooses the most capacious version, sooner or later he will still face a similar problem. Most often this is due to the fact that along with programs and games, system files are installed, which require additional space. Therefore, it is useful to know how to clear memory on “Samsung” in order not to allow drastic measures.

External memory

How to clear memory on Samsung in this case? Having a memory card, this issue is much easier to deal with. Usually, a card reader is offered with it, which allows you to connect it to a computer. In this case, a smartphone is not required. It is enough to put a memory card in such an adapter and connect it to a laptop or PC.

The system will detect the presence of the drive. It will open it in a separate dialog box, from where it will be possible to delete files. Usually, pay attention to the Download folders and your personal data. The information is stored there that can be deleted without harm to the system.

If there are important files among the files, you can transfer them to an external hard drive or PC.

What is the problem?

All Samsung smartphones have the Android operating system. This, in turn, leads to a number of troubles.

The fact is that the system memory of devices on “Android”. the most vulnerable place. Many smartphones suffer from errors related to a full archive.

Sometimes the problem is the improper use of the smartphone, sometimes viruses and other malware can be the cause. Sometimes it is impossible to prevent this, but sometimes careful use can help avoid such problems.

Removing unnecessary files

Open the My Files app on your smartphone. This is where you find all the folders and files that you have on your phone. All music, photos, cache and others.

See what is taking up the most space and delete what you don’t need. See these directories first:

  • DCIM. folder with photos
  • Documents. documents
  • Download. downloads
  • Music. music
  • Movies. movies

Especially in downloads, you can often find a lot of unnecessary garbage, all the elements that you download from various sites are saved there. They themselves are not removed from there.

Interesting! Photos, music and other files. everything can be moved to an SD card, transferred to a computer or uploaded to cloud storage such as Google Drive.

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How to clear memory on Samsung phone

There are a number of ways you can clean up memory on your Samsung phone to free up more free space. We will use both the tools built into the system and additional tools.

These methods will help you anytime when there is not enough free space. quickly clear junk from your Samsung smartphone, transfer important files to the cloud and free up several gigabytes of storage.

From the past material, you learned how to put music on a call on Samsung. Now we will take a closer look at how to make a little more free space on a Samsung smartphone or tablet.

We look at how much space there is and clean the trash

First you need to see what and how much space is on the phone. This data will help us understand what can and even need to be removed and what kind of garbage is in the system.

Open the smartphone settings, go to the “Optimization” section and open the “Memory” group. Click on the “Analyze storage” button, if there is one.

So we will see information about what content takes up how much space on the phone. Click on the “CLEAN” button to remove the trash.

How to clear memory on Samsung phone

These things are worth paying attention to first of all, since they take up the most space in a smartphone. By deleting them, you can significantly increase the free space.

  • Applications and their cache
  • Files in the device memory: photos, music, downloads and others
  • It will also show what is on the SD card.

Install an SD card in your phone and set up your smartphone so that all photos go exactly to it. Also, save all downloads and other files there. This is a sure way to prevent internal memory from getting clogged and messages that it needs to be urgently cleaned up.

Remove applications and their cache

Open your smartphone settings and go to the section with applications. Here you will see a list of installed programs and games. How much do they take up space in kilobytes and megabytes.

Once you open the app, you can uninstall it completely, or only clear the cache. Often it is the cache that takes up a lot of free space.

Interesting! You can also use special applications like CCleaner that help in removing garbage from the device. But, all the same actions that they offer, you can do it yourself, in the ways described above.

So you can always keep track of what and how much space is taking up on your mobile or tablet and, if possible, free it up. After all, it may always be needed at the most unexpected moment.

How to reset to factory settings

If you want to delete all files, applications and other saved data, then the easiest way is to reset your phone to factory settings. Instructions:

Attention! This procedure will completely delete all user information and settings from the smartphone (including saved passwords, autofill data, credit cards). Make sure to back up if necessary.

In the settings, find the item “Google” and in the page that opens, select “Backup”.

If you want to delete data not only from your smartphone, but also from Google Drive, then move the slider to the “Off” state. After that click on “Disable and uninstall”. Be careful, after that you will not be able to access the backup copy of the device.

Samsung Galaxy S10 How To Completely Delete Everything Factory Reset

Go back to the settings and here find “Backup and reset” (depending on the version of Android, this item may be hidden in different subsections). Click Erase All Data to perform a factory reset. Confirm the action if necessary.

After that, the phone will reboot and when turned on, it can be configured as a new device. For more information on how to reset to factory settings, read our guide: How to format an Android phone.

How to securely delete data from a smartphone before selling it

Many users regularly update smartphones selling outdated models. This can be done on ad sites or through the trade-in program. exchange of an old gadget for a new one with a decent discount.

In any case, you need to clean the old device so that files, logins and passwords do not fall into the wrong hands. A complete cleaning of important data is performed by rolling back the smartphone to factory settings. Owners of iPhone and Android gadgets can perform this procedure both using system settings and remotely.

How to Delete All Data from Phone on Andro

If you are preparing a smartphone for resale, if you want to give it for temporary use to another person, then it is best to delete all personal files and information from it.

To do this, just do a factory reset, get rid of any data manually, or use special software. Next, we’ll show you how to remove everything from your Android phone.

How to manually clean your smartphone

If necessary, you can clear the memory and delete unnecessary files, cache and account data from your phone without uninstalling applications. This is convenient if you want to leave some information. Instructions:

Go to settings and find the “Applications” item here. In the list that opens, select the application whose data you want to delete.

Detailed information about the application will open. Here you can either completely delete it from your phone, or clear data, cache. Depending on the version of Android, the buttons may be positioned differently and have different names.

You can delete all user data through the explorer. Open it and then sort by file type. After that, delete unnecessary images, music or documents.

Some smartphone manufacturers pre-install special software on the device to clean up junk files and other unnecessary user data. For example, the “Cleaning” application for Xiaomi devices.

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If you want to delete all data from your Android smartphone, it is best to do a factory reset. This is useful if you are preparing your phone for resale. But if you want to clean your phone from junk files and improve its performance, then check out our guide.

If you want to clean Android completely, then the best thing to do is to do a factory reset. If you plan to clear memory of certain types of files (for example, images or music), then it is better to do it manually. Especially if you do not want to lose installed applications and saved passwords.

As you can see, the largest number of actions are performed by the owners of Android devices. The procedure is easiest to perform on gadgets running iOS.

Below you can see the thematic video instructions.

Hard reset

We recommend using this method if the first one did not help.

Important! You need to fully charge your smartphone before this procedure.

Turn off your phone. Now you need a combination of control keys. There are some of the most common variations:

  • Volume up or down key Power key.
  • Both volume keys Power key.
  • Volume up or down key Home key Power key.

Important! The combination should bring up the Recovery menu, control in it is carried out by the volume keys, and the selection. by the power button.

You need to find the factory reset item and select it. We agree with the choice and wait for the start of the smartphone cleaning procedure.

It is believed that standard device cleaning tools are not as effective as the data deletion tools offered by different companies. How to completely clean your phone in other ways?

How to completely clean Android

All modern portable digital devices under Android control are linked to a personal mail or social media profile. Therefore, if you decide to sell a smartphone or tablet on Android that has served faithfully and truly beloved, but do not want personal data, photos or videos to become available to the buyer, then in such cases you need to quickly and simply clear it. It will also help if, after downloading a whole bunch of unknown applications, a virus was installed. This can be done in several ways, without resorting to using any programs:

  • Return to factory settings
  • Make a hard reset

How to reset Android to factory settings

This method is quite simple and we recommend using it. To do this, you need to enter the “settings” menu. Further, the choice depends on the version of Android. For Android 4.x and higher “Restore and Reset”. For older Android 2.x. “Privacy”. In the available menu, with one click, select “Reset settings”.

After that, the system will notify you once again that all data, as well as linked profiles, will be deleted from the phone. You need to confirm the action by clicking “Reset phone settings”. After restarting your phone, Android will be completely cleaned up. It’s so simple and fast, unlike the following method.

How to perform a factory reset on Android (hard reset)

Attention, using this method may cause the Android system to malfunction. Use only if the first one did not help.

This Android cleaning technique is really effective when, after installing the application, a message appears about the paid unlocking of the device, or you forgot the pattern.

First you need to fully charge, and then turn off the phone. Next, you need to enter the “Recovery” mode. It is necessary to hold and hold a certain key combination. Each manufacturer has its own set of keys. We will give the most common options and consider using the example of a Samsung Galaxy phone.

  • Volume key up (or down) power key
  • Both volume keys (up and down) power key
  • Volume up (or down) key home key Power key

It is necessary to keep them pressed until a dark screen with text in the upper left is displayed. This is the Recovery menu. Moving around it is carried out, also with the up and down keys, and the choice is the power button.

We move down to the item “wipe data / factory reset” and confirm by pressing the power key. On the next screen, we confirm the choice “Yes. delete all user data” in the same way. The procedure will start to clear the phone and return to factory settings. You will return to the initial menu, where you will need to select the “Reboot system” item to reboot the phone.

We hope the material on complete cleaning of Android devices was useful to you. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Cleaning options

There are several ways to clear cache on Android Samsung. The options below apply to most Samsung Galaxy phones, including:

  • J3;
  • J4;
  • J5;
  • J6;
  • J7 and newer;
  • A5;
  • A6;
  • A8;
  • A10;
  • A20;
  • A30;
  • A40;
  • A50;
  • A51 and newer;
  • S5;
  • S6;
  • S7;
  • S8 and newer.

Manual cleaning

The bulk of the cache is collected in messengers, video hosting and other applications that we often use (for example, VK, Viber, etc.). Therefore, further on how to delete files manually:

  • in the settings, open the “Application Manager”;
  • select the required application;
  • a page will open with information about how much memory the program takes up;
  • then open “Memory” and click on the “Clear cache” button.

This was a selective cleaning method. If you need to delete the cache from all applications, you can also do it manually:

  • in the phone settings, go to the item with optimization;
  • at the bottom of the screen, click “Memory” (or “Storage”);
  • click on the ellipsis in the upper right corner, then go to “Memory settings”;
  • on the page that opens, find “Cached data” and clear it.

Clearing the cache will start, after which there will be a lot of free space on the phone.

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Clearing the browser cache

As you use the device, the cache is accumulated in Internet browsers. You can clear it in a couple of clicks (take Google Chrome as an example):

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  • open the desired browser and click on the ellipsis located at the top of the screen;
  • in the section that opens, click on the “History” button;
  • click “Clear history”;
  • further in the “Basic settings” section, check the boxes next to all the items (history, cache, cookie);
  • it remains to adjust the “Time range”. You can clear the cache for the last 24 hours or completely. Click on the value “All the time”, then tap on the button “Delete data”.

Upon completion of the procedure, the browser cache will be cleared. In addition to the actions performed, you can clear information about the operation of the application, including saved logins and passwords. For this:

  • click on the “Additional” button;
  • put a checkmark in front of all the items;
  • click on the blue button “Delete data”.

Attention! After clearing the cache in the browser, some pages will take a little longer to launch. This problem will disappear after the first boot.

Cleaning through apps

  • run Clean Master (or any other similar utility);
  • click on the “Start” button;
  • check the boxes next to “Unnecessary cache”. The system will start scanning and identify files that can be deleted without affecting the device’s performance;
  • click “Clean up trash”;
  • in addition to these actions, you can expand the “Clear ” tab and select “Sketches”;
  • press “Empty trash” again.

Garbage cleaning allows you not only to get rid of unnecessary cache, but also to keep all programs in an optimal state. As with the browser, some applications may take longer to turn on when launched for the first time.

Return to factory settings

How to completely wipe a Samsung phone back to factory settings? The method is very simple, so we recommend it in the first place:

  • Go to “Settings”, find the item “Restore and reset” and select it.
  • In the menu that opens, select “Reset settings”.
  • The system will notify you for the last time that all data and profiles will disappear from the device.

After restarting your phone, you will be presented with a clean Android.

Hard reset

We recommend using this method if the first one did not help.

Important! You need to fully charge your smartphone before this procedure.

Turn off your phone. Now you need a combination of control keys. There are several of the most common variations:

  • Volume up or down key Power key.
  • Both volume keys Power key.
  • Volume up or down key Home key Power key.

Important! The combination should bring up the Recovery menu, control in it is carried out by the volume keys, and the selection. by the power button.

You need to find the factory reset item and select it. We agree with the choice and wait for the start of the smartphone cleaning procedure.

It is believed that standard device cleaning tools are not as effective as the data deletion tools offered by different companies. How to completely clean your phone in other ways?

Tips for cleaning your device:

Important! All instructions above are relevant for newer versions of Android and may differ slightly on different devices.

If you need a “clean” phone for sale, then in order to speed up the performance of the device, it is not always necessary to demolish everything “to the root”. There are many programs available to keep your system clean.

Android Apps

You can get rid of lags and freezes. What is needed for this? Most often, it is enough to install special applications that will help clean up and speed up the system.

There is a list of tips to get rid of the “brakes”:

  • Clean your cache regularly.
  • Don’t be afraid to do a hard reset.
  • Keep your firmware up to date and update software as needed.
  • Don’t clutter up your phone’s internal memory.
  • Do not connect the synchronization of services you do not need.

If these tips did not help, then we recommend resorting to the help of special applications. For example:

  • Clean master. It has many functions and is ideal for cleaning up accumulated “debris”. Equipped with its own antivirus (works online).
  • 360 security. Has a similar functionality, but is famous for its energy saving.
  • DU speed booster. Ideal for “speeding up” work.
  • Power Clean. Equipped with an excellent task manager.
  • CM security. Keeps up with other applications and has a special antivirus with multi-layered protection.

Getting rid of “garbage”

You don’t have to set up your phone as often as you get rid of the trash on it. The cache from surfing the Internet, the consequences of the background work of applications. this is only a small part of the sources of the so-called “pollution”. Let’s try to analyze the cleaning process in more detail using the example of using the Clean Master program.

Clean Master is a very convenient, intuitive and functional application for cleaning the internal memory of your phone, which can also speed up and optimize the performance of Android devices. In order to carry out the procedure, you need to launch the application itself, select “Trash” and “Clean”.

Important! The application will offer to do an extended cleaning and notify you that this section may contain important data. be careful!

Using the Clean Master program as an example, you learned about keeping your mobile devices clean. Nobody forbids the use of other software. The interface on such programs will not let you get confused and will help you finish the job.