How to choose a Smart Android TV box

How to choose a Smart TV set-top box?

In order not to get lost in the multitude of models that the market is saturated with, you need to pay attention to such key parameters as the type of processor, operating system (OS), form factor, packaging, connection method and power supply. Smart TV set-top boxes based on Android are most in demand, but recently devices with Windows operating systems are also gaining popularity.

Most of these gadgets are made on the basis of Rockchip or Amlogic processors and are equipped with the same printed circuit boards. The difference is in the housings. One manufacturer can raise the price by 10 for their brand, and another. by 50. They can be with identical cases, but with different logos and different prices. It happens that a new firmware can be applied to different manufacturers, which means that the manufacturer and brand name of the gadget is not important.

By form factor, they can be divided into 2 types: a sticker and a box, with an external or internal antenna. But recently “sticks” have lost popularity giving way to TV boxes. For a long time, the main OS for such devices was Android. A huge number of applications have already been created for this OS, you can listen to the radio, watch TV, use your usual browsers and your favorite social networks. And on Google Play, you can download many free apps. Android TV box performance will be higher.

Minimum hardware requirements

Android Box should be chosen depending on the processor: two, four, eight cores. For medium-quality video, a dual-core one is suitable, for higher-quality HD 1080p video, 3D games. a set-top box based on a processor with four cores. Smart-box based on an eight-core processor is suitable for watching 4K quality video.

For today, the amount of RAM should be at least 1GB of RAM and built-in from 8GB. Lack of RAM will lead to slow work under load, and lack of flash memory, to the inability to install applications that take up enough space. A TV set-top box can be equipped with a camera, but it is more convenient to use a separate.

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Setting up the connection between the TV and the Android box is carried out using an HDMI cable. The Smart device comes with an HDMI-AV cable, in case your TV does not have the required connector. By connecting the Smart box, the TV receives the Smart TV function. A more convenient way is to connect via Wi-Fi. If you have a Wi-Fi router, it’s easy to create a home network for yourself and watch movies on your TV.

Windows TV Smart Box

Windows OS is more demanding on resources, it can work differently on the same Smart-box. Windows will slow down slightly, and you will need to purchase a faster, and therefore more expensive Smart-box. It should be noted that more various programs have been created for Android, plus there is a familiar and convenient interface specially designed for Smart TV.

The advantage of Windows TV is that this mini computer can be used like a regular PC. It has office applications and browsers installed. Disadvantage. won’t handle 3D graphics and large databases.

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Choosing a Smart TV set-top box

Smart TV box is a great alternative to expensive Smart TV. It will give your old TV a new life. You will have access to online films, programs, Internet TV, and you will also have the opportunity to use social networks and video hosting.

If you are looking for an inexpensive and reliable TV box for your TV, then first of all pay attention to the characteristics. You should not buy TV boxes with a memory capacity of 1/8 GB, since this is not enough for comfortable viewing of video, such models can slow down and freeze.

Android TV Specifications

All existing Smart TV set-top boxes are very similar to each other in their technical parameters. All of them have a two or four-core Rockchip processor with Cortex A9 architecture, as well as a Mail 400 graphics accelerator. The only difference is the clock speed of the processor in one model or another.

Also, the Android Smart TV box has 2-4 gigabytes of DDR3 RAM, as well as built-in flash memory of 8-16 gigabytes. Its volume depends on the cost of the device and the class of the set-top box. If desired, it can be increased using a memory card. In addition, the Android Smart TV set-top box has a built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi adapter, thanks to which you can connect a TV to a wireless network.

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Some Android Boxes are also equipped with a wireless pointer remote control, which makes it much easier to use all the functions. Smart TV Box has good performance, so the video will not freeze even when viewed in high quality. True, when watching videos from the Internet in Full HD format, some brakes were still observed.

Also, when choosing a device of this kind, you should pay attention to the build quality and test as many functions as possible. It is best to pre-record a few heavy videos and applications onto the memory card. This will allow you to find out what are the weaknesses of the media player. However, this is not the only thing that you need to pay attention to when choosing a Smart TV set-top box.

What is Android TV Box?

Not all people have managed to switch to modern multifunctional TVs with a convenient digital media player, Internet access, and other innovative technologies. Many people today have TVs of fairly good quality, but they do not support Smart TV technology and do not have the necessary software and hardware.

If you do not want to change your TV to a newer model and spend a lot of money at the same time, or if you cannot afford buying a modern TV at the moment, but you still want to try Smart TV, then you need to turn your attention to Android TV Box. This device is a special set-top box with high performance. By connecting it to your TV, you will discover a large number of new possibilities that were previously inaccessible.

Many Android TVs call it a media player, but this is not entirely true. It is rather a multi-functional player with more features than a regular media player. In the modern market, you can find several manufacturing companies whose products are very similar to each other and run on Android. Today we will look at what Smart TV Box is, what advantages it has and how to choose it correctly.

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Smart TV set-top box features

Let’s consider the main features of the Android TV set-top box:

  • Media player. And with the help of Android TV Box, you can watch videos in absolutely any format and quality, both via the Internet and from a memory card. In addition, you can view photos, presentations, or simply listen to your favorite music and other media. You can also access IPTV, but for this you need to download a special application from Google Play.
  • Large selection of games. Thanks to this console, you can install any game for Android and enjoy it on the big screen. Don’t think that Android games are just fun games with simple graphics for phones or tablets. There are also a large number of games created specifically for Smart TVs. You can also connect a gamepad to this console and enjoy the game as much as possible.

How to choose Android TV

When choosing a set-top box for a TV, you need to start from the same thing as when choosing a smartphone. Android TV Box should be versatile and have good performance indicators. To do this, it must meet the following parameters:

  • The more cores a processor has and the higher its frequency, the faster data is processed.
  • The same applies to the graphics accelerator of the media player.
  • RAM should be at least 1 gigabyte, or even more. Less volume modern TV will miss.
  • The amount of built-in memory for media player programs is also desirable to have more.
  • Android TV should have ports and slots for connecting flash drives, keyboard, mouse, SD-cards, tulip-type connectors, HDMI, as well as a network connector for connecting an Internet cable.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi adapter and Bluetooth.
  • Remote control support.
  • Operating system not older than Android 4.2.

It is also better to choose TV Box models that support the use of special additional remote controls, or you can install applications on your smartphone and control the set-top box with it.