How to check your phone for iPhone originality

Check IMEI of iPhone Apple

In order to check the status of your phone (Locked / Unlocked), you must enter the IMEI number (15 digits). This request is processed automatically by Apple’s activation server. To find out the iPhone IMEI dial # or go to “Settings. General. About this device”. IMEI is entered without spaces. Example of correct IMEI: 013031002443984 At the moment there are problems with the Apple server, the checker may not work correctly!

If you failed to check your IMEI through the verification form Above, then your phone can be checked only on a paid checker. The cost of the service is only 150 rubles, after which you can get the necessary information!

Why is it important to check iPhone by IMEI?

This check must be carried out by IMEI, which is in the device’s memory (to do this, just dial # or go settings. basic. about this device), not on the tray, not on the box, or on the case of the device. these elements are easy to replace. On this page, you can quickly and conveniently check the iPhone by name.

Free iPhone check by IMEI

On this page, you can check iPhone IMEI. If, as a result of the check, the field “SIM blocking” shows “Locked / LOCKED”, then your iPhone is tied to a foreign telecom operator and does not have support for working with your SIM card. For such an iPhone to work with any SIM card from any country in the world, you need to unlock the iPhone. This checker is designed to check iPhone / iPad. It can be used to pierce iPhone by IMEI. Phones from other manufacturers cannot be verified.

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Decryption of iPhone IMEI check results:

1.— Shows IMEI. unique number of each mobile device;
2.— Shows the Serial Number of your iPhone;
3.— Activation status shows whether the iPhone has been activated at least once.
4.— Shows if the Apple Care Additional Warranty is available and how long it will last;
5.— Shows whether this phone has a warranty and its expiration date;
6.— Expiration date of contractual terms
7.— Shows whether your phone has a lock for a foreign operator.
8.— Shows your iPhone model, color and memory size;
9.— Shows which cellular operator your iPhone is locked to. This information is not always available in automatic mode.

Note: (point 3). You cannot start unlocking the iPhone if it has never been activated! If this field is absent when checking the IMEI of your iPhone, then the iPhone is NOT ACTIVATED! (clause 6). This clause is relevant for iPhones that were sold under a contract, i.e. I have a binding to the operator. The checker shows the date of the end of the contract, and if it is over, then the value “Expired”. If your iPhone’s contract has expired. this does not mean that this phone will be automatically unlocked! (point 7). “Locked” value. locked, work with your operator is impossible; “Unlocked / Unlocked”. this phone can work with any SIM card in the world.

What is IMEI (“AIMEY”) of your iPhone and what is it used for?

International Mobile Equipment Identity. translation from English: “International Mobile Equipment Identity.” IMEI is a Number (15-digit decimal) unique to each iPhone. Aimei is assigned to the iPhone at the factory. It is used to identify the device on the network and is stored in the phone software. There are no two phones with the same IMEI.

Check iPhone by IMEI serial number for originality

An effective device authentication tool invented by the manufacturer. serial number and IMEI code. The data is indicated on the box in which the iPhone is sold. But the packaging should not be trusted, as it may belong to a completely different device. It is better to check this data using the capabilities of the phone itself. For this you need:

  • Turn on the device and open the settings section.
  • Go to the additional section of the main settings.
  • Go to the additional menu “About this device”.
  • Read the information provided. If they do not match those indicated on the box, there is a reason to think about the seller’s honesty.

You can also see the IMEI and CH of the device on the back of the case. detailed information about the device is provided by the services:

To check the iPhone by IMEI, it is enough to enter this code into an electronic form on any of these websites. It is recommended to compare the information obtained with that provided by the seller and that received by the buyer himself, studying the iPhone.

How to find out if your iPhone is locked

Apple smartphones for interaction with telecom operators are divided into several types:

  • Devices that work with a specific telecom operator (lock). By purchasing this device, the buyer enters into an agreement with the company, according to which he must use the services of only one telecom operator.
  • Devices that work with any telecom operators (neverlock). This is the usual way of interacting with operators. Such devices are sold by most official Apple retailers.
  • Devices that were previously locked (softunlock). Some Apple smartphones, which have been locked, get rid of this limitation by service center workers by flashing. Device unlocked by software gets neverlock parameters.

Locked devices are cheaper than conventional devices, but this limitation will cause many problems for the user in the future. You can find out if a particular iPhone is locked at To do this, the IMEI of the device is entered in electronic form on the service page. After processing the entered data, the service will give a detailed response to the request.

If the device has been flashed, it can also cause communication problems. The fact that the iPhone belongs to the softunlock category is indicated by the strong recommendation of the seller not to update iOS and the long process of connecting to the network after a reboot.

Checking the operation of cameras

First of all, the camera should be checked for external damage: scratches and chips. Then you need to take some photos with the front and main cameras. If the colors of the captured images are not accurate, this indicates damage to the camera sensor.

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Checking sensors and sensors on the iPhone

The screen sensor is tested by moving the application icons across the display, moving from vertical to horizontal position and vice versa. The sensor is faulty if it cannot perform these simple tasks.

How to check iPhone recovered or not

Apple provides its customers with a service to restore a mobile device if its functionality has been lost. But a mobile phone that has undergone the restoration procedure should cost significantly less than a device that has always worked without failures. The customer will need the iPhone serial number to obtain this device information. This number is entered in the appropriate electronic form on the official Apple website.

100% way. iTunes

Just bring your laptop with you to the meeting with iTunes installed on it and connect your smartphone. If he is determined, then this is definitely the original.

How To Check Your iphone is Fake or Real ? kaise pata kare iphone real hai ya fake

Important! I highly recommend reading the material about the refurbished iPhone. There you will learn how to find out if the device has been repaired.

See IMEY and serial number

Look IMEY and the serial on the box and in the settings of the phone itself. Compare them. they must match exactly. It is often for this reason that fake phones are sold without boxes. HAVE in the phone you can interrupt, but on the box. no.

If they match, then you need to check the iPhone by name on the site or similar. Whether it is blocked or not, when it was activated, how old is it. Compare this data with what the seller says.

Interesting! Check the iPhone in general by all parameters described in the material, and not just by the serial number. Some craftsmen have learned to interrupt, especially on older models.

Checking the interface

When I bought the second iPhone 7, I came across as many as two devices with a normal body, IMEY and a box, but there was one huge drawback that does not immediately catch the eye. I don’t know if it is original or not, but the interface was very slow there.

Apps took a long time to load, and so did the camera. I just took out my iPhone 7 and ran the same features, they took twice as long to load. I don’t know if it was a glitch or not, the App Store did not work, like there is no Internet.

Be sure to walk around the menu, launch programs, make a few calls, take a lot of photos. Check the work.

Important! Also, there should not be any Play Market or similar applications from Android, look at this.

How to check iPhone for originality: instructions

It’s real to check the iPhone for originality, so as not to make a mistake when buying and buy an exactly normal device, and not a Chinese fake.

This can be done both by the serial number and by indirect signs. In any case, after reading this material, you cannot go wrong when looking at a fake.

In the past, you learned how to add music to video on iPhone. Now we will take a closer look at how to check the iPhone for authenticity to be sure that you have an Apple device in front of you.

Important! I highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the material on how to check if a refurbished iPhone is or not. From it you will learn the signs by which you can determine whether the device has undergone repair at all.

How to check iPhone for originality

App Store

We are looking for the App Store in the smartphone and open it, see what applications are there and download. We check them for work. If the seller says that there is no Internet, we put our SIM card.

Asking for a box and a receipt

This is generally the main condition when buying an iPhone. The box must be mandatory, if it is not there, then the likelihood that in front of you a fake device is extremely high.

Also, the device can be sold to you by scammers. They will say that there is no box and no receipt. like lost or thrown away, why is it needed? When you have already paid and go home, they will go to the police and write a statement on theft on you. The check is actually with the box they have. Plus, they can remotely lock the device this way.

In any case, if you don’t know the person or you have suspicions, don’t give him a chance to sell you a device without a box and a receipt. It’s too risky a lottery.

Plus, we will definitely need the information from the box further. We will compare it with what is indicated in the settings of the device itself.

check, your, phone, iphone, originality

We look at the appearance

If you have a friend with the same model, then go watch the device with him. When I bought an iPhone 10 from my hands, among the options I examined. 4 fake / refurbished ones were calculated by the display and 2 by the speaker.

First of all, look at the maximum brightness on the display, if it is lower than it should be, then either there is a cheap Chinese screen, or it is a fake. We check the same with the speaker volume. In general, it is worth examining the entire body of the device and comparing it with the original for differences.

How to check a gadget using iTunes

If all other options, how to check the iPhone for originality, have shown a positive result, it is recommended to apply an additional method. Chinese manufacturers have learned to fake even information about the serial number and have it. Therefore, additional verification will not be superfluous when buying a gadget. It is possible that the manufacturers copied the existing Name and batch number. The online application iTunes allows you to determine the originality of the device with an accuracy of 100%. To do this, you must follow these instructions:

  • the latest version of iTunes is being installed on your computer;
  • then you will need to connect the purchased smartphone to the PC using a cable;
  • it will take 1-2 seconds for the computer to detect the new connected device;
  • when all the drivers are installed, the smartphone icon will appear in the program.

If after connecting the device to the computer, the gadget icon does not appear in iTunes, you should reconnect using a different port. When reconnecting does not work, it can be assumed that the customer did not buy the original phone.

  • note
  • When the user connects the gadget to the program, he must verify all the data on the device. The serial number must match the one indicated in the documents for the iPhone.

How can a user find the series number of a gadget

To determine the authenticity of an iPhone, you need to find its series number. It is located on the box from under the gadget. To check it, you need to turn the box over and find the inscription “Serial No”. This item will contain a twelve-digit number. But if it was lost, you can get the data in another way. To find out the number, you need to perform a number of such actions:

  • a section with settings opens on the gadget;
  • then the user selects the “General” tab;
  • select the section “About this device” from the list;
  • the page scrolls down;
  • at the very bottom of the screen there is a subsection “Serial number”.

After going to the section, the user will be provided with information about the series number of the gadget. After that, the client will be able to check the device through the official portal of the company.

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When the verification procedure is completed, the owner of the vehicle may be faced with different options:

  • The smartphone is registered in the service database. If so, the client will be able to find out the date of purchase of the gadget, which model is released under the specified code, and whether it is possible to get technical support for the model.
  • No information available. When the specified number is entered incorrectly or does not exist, the buyer will not receive the data of interest. In this case, it is recommended to repeat the entry again to eliminate the error. If an error is excluded, then the device is considered not original. It is better to refuse such a purchase.
  • note
  • After entering the data on the series number, the screen may display the information “Activation required”. This will indicate that the smartphone is original.

Using the official IMEI portal

The iPhone is authenticated through a dedicated website. In the browser, you must specify a link to the portal When the transition is completed, you should enter the number in the empty window and check. This resource stores all the data on the released iPhone models. After the numbers are entered into the window, click on the “Check” button. If the data is entered correctly and such exists, then the screen will display full information by phone. The client will be able to find out the release date, mobile model and additional parameters.

Checking through the official portal of the company

  • the user opens a browser on a tablet, smartphone or computer;
  • then the link is entered into the address bar;
  • a menu will be displayed on the screen, in it you should select the item “Customer support”;
  • the user should now scroll down the page;
  • there will be an item for checking the device for the right to service;
  • you must press the button;
  • a form will be displayed on the screen, in which the system asks to indicate the serial number of the gadget;
  • after entering the parameters, you will need to additionally specify a captcha without errors;
  • now the “Continue” button is pressed.

After loading the data, the page will display the phone model that is being checked. Also here the user will see the technical characteristics of the smartphone. The client can receive data on the availability of a warranty for the gadget.

How to check iPhone for originality

The cutting edge technology, as well as the impeccable quality of Apple products, along with the highly professional work of marketers, have made the iPhone the most popular smartphone in the world. It is in great demand among users from all over the world.

This success was the reason for the emergence of pirated copies on the market. The counterfeit Apple manufacturing companies have done their best to create obstacles to verification of originality. Doubt the authenticity of your device?

Then use the instructions to check it.

How to check an iPhone for Apple originality

Every smartphone that was not manufactured at the Apple factory is considered a fake. Due to the fact that the original products are made from expensive materials, counterfeits are not completely copied, which makes them quite easy to recognize.

This can be done according to the following criteria:

  • The first step is to find the serial number. It must be 11 or 12 digits long. It is located at the bottom of the package and on the body of the smartphone. The number can also be found in the smartphone menu (“Settings”. “Basic settings”. “Device information”). Make sure all numbers are present and consistent with each other.
  • Original smartphones only have one SIM card slot, while Chinese counterparts can support two or more cards. The slot is located at the top of the case on the 1st generation iPhone, on the side of the more recent models. Also, the slot only fits micro-SIM, the size of which is much smaller than classic cards.
  • You can check the size of the screen by measuring it. Then they should be compared with the characteristics indicated on the official website of Apple.
  • You can check your smartphone for authenticity using the special SNDeepinfo service. If this software cannot determine the serial number, or does not establish a discrepancy with the smartphone, then it is a copy.
  • The presence of an Android system instead of iOS is a guaranteed Chinese fake.
  • Google Play should not start when you open the App Store.
  • The original iPhone has a non-removable battery.
  • The SIM card must be inserted externally, while the installation of flash memory is not provided at all.
  • The envelope containing the instructions (attached to the purchase) has a colored flyer with two stickers, each in the form of a company logo.
  • The body must be solid, monolithic and made of quality materials.

How to check an iPhone for originality in appearance: The original Apple logo has a bitten apple. The bite is on the right Check the model name Genuine products do not provide for the ability to remove the back cover The body of the smartphone should not have fake shades. Today, the iPhone is available in gold, white, or black.

One of the most effective ways to determine the authenticity of your device is to check the IMEI code. It is a unique identifier that the manufacturer assigns to each phone. The code is located on the SIM card slot, as well as on the back cover of the smartphone. It is also located in the settings and on the barcode. To check your phone by IMEI, you need to go to the official website of international mobile device identifiers. There you should enter the number in a special line. Next, the user will be given information about the phone.

First of all, you should pay attention to the presence of an interface in Russian when the smartphone is first turned on. The complete set of the branded iPhone consists of:

  • Genuine packaging (no hieroglyphs, third-party labels and defects)
  • Data cable
  • Set of documents
  • Headphones with remote control and microphone
  • Installed Apple Store and iTunes software
  • Power device
  • Operator warranty card.

There should be no additional accessories and other things in the package.

The original packaging is made of thick cardboard, which in its structure resembles high-quality plastic. The bottom of the box has a sticker that provides all the data about the smartphone. Make sure the charger and headset are soft. They are also rubberized at the factory.

Cost plays a big role. It is important to research the pricing policy carefully before purchasing. The cost of the device should not be significantly lower than the average. If the discount is too high, then it is a reason to think about the authenticity of the device.

When buying, try to find out from the seller where the phone was brought from, as well as when it was purchased (all this data can be easily checked on the official Apple website).

[warning] Note: iPhone copies often work using a stylus. This is cause for concern, as the original Apple products are operated exclusively with your fingers. [/ Warning]

In addition, even the best quality copies often show translation and localization problems. It can be erroneous or inaccurate, there are often misprints in words.

The copies never install the original iOS. This operating system is also faked. It can be given by menu items and interface.

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Only genuine products make it possible to feel and fully appreciate all the benefits, as well as the functionality of a smartphone. A copy, even the highest quality one, is a waste of money, so everyone needs to know the methods of checking the iPhone for the original.

How to check iPhone for originality: 3 Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Very good advice on how to check iPhone for originality. Using them, you can easily identify the copy in front of you or the original. There are a lot of fakes now in China.

Anyuta, drop me a wallet in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I’ll delete it later, that’s all.


This service allows you to check how high-quality the hardware of the tested smartphone is. as a rule, “underground” manufacturers use the lowest-grade components. CNDeepInfo service is universal and suitable for checking not only iPhones, but also gadgets of other brands.

Enter the IMEI number in the window and click the “Check” button. The result of the check will consist of several parts. First part. certificate.

The certificate confirms that the Apple iPhone is not stolen or lost by the original owner.

How to know if iPhone is original or not

If you want to know more about what information the certificate gives, click on the round button with the letter “i”. in the picture it is circled in red.

A certificate in the form of a banner can be inserted into other resources. Click the button “HTML-code to embed on sites and forums”, and you will have access to all kinds of links and codes:

For example, a link to an image of a certificate can be placed by an iPhone seller in an advertisement for a sale. this will increase the level of trust of potential buyers.

The second block. “IMEI decryption”.

From this block, it becomes clear that the entire IMEY can be divided into 3 components:

    TAC number. describes the model and origin of the phone (8 first digits) Sequential number of the gadget. is unique for each device (6 subsequent digits) Check digit. the 15th digit that allows you to check the correctness of all the previous ones. The check digit is calculated using the “Moon” algorithm. you can learn more about this algorithm here.

There are no two phones with the same IMEI numbers.

The third block. “Detailed information”.

Alas, detailed information is not available during a free check. after clicking on the “Get information” button, you will be faced with an offer to pay.

How to Check if iPhone is REAL!

If you scroll down the page with the results of the check, you will find the button “Add to the list of lost or stolen”.

If you lose a gadget, you should use this particular button. this way you complicate the task of selling the phone for the attacker.

How to check iPhone for authenticity?

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI).

Actually, the site of the international identifier itself is available at To check, you need to enter a 15-digit number in the “Enter IMEI” window.

After entering the number, press “Check”. IPhone information appears on the screen.

If this information is not enough for you, click the “Read” button. a full description of the device’s functionality will appear, accompanied by a photo and 3D animation.

If the iPhone is found in the database by the IMEY number, the gadget is original.

Important: when registering on the website through your mailbox, check the “Spam” folder. most likely, a letter with a proposal to activate your account will be there.

How to check if iPhone is original or not by IMEI?

Check for originality is also carried out through the IMEY iPhone. You can find out the IMEI number in several ways:

Find on the packaging with a barcode. IMEI is lower than the serial number.

Through the “Settings” of the gadget. The path that the user needs to go through. “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”.

Through a combination. It is enough to dial # and the IMEI number will appear on the screen.

IMEY consists of 15 digits. alphabetic characters do not occur.

It is possible to check the authenticity of the gadget by IMEI using two services:

How to check an iPhone for authenticity on the Apple website?

This method is the most suitable, because to use it you don’t even need to open the box and take out the device itself. Follow the instructions:

Look on the packaging for the serial number of the device. it should be located on the back of the box between the IMEI and the Part No. Serial number consists of 11 or 12 characters (numbers and letters).

If the iPhone is printed and activated, check the “serial numbers” on the package and in the device settings (path “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”).

Go to the website and in the upper right corner select the “Support” tab.

Scroll down and find the Warranty & Repair section. Here you need to follow the link “Check warranty status”.

Enter the serial number of the device in the special window, then enter the captcha code.

After entering the data, click “Continue”. If you entered the number incorrectly, the system will display the following message:

Recheck the serial number. If there are no errors, then the iPhone is “gray”, and you need to refuse to buy it.

After correctly entering the “serial” of the activated iPhone, you will see the following screen:

Pay attention to the checkmark in the green field opposite the item “Actual date of purchase”. it is this that confirms that the gadget is original. The rest of the points are devoted to the international warranty for the device, which has a duration of 1 year from the date of purchase, and the right to a free consultation by phone. the owner of the iPhone can exercise this right within 3 months. As you can see, using the service, you can establish not only the authenticity of the device, but also the approximate period of use of the gadget (more than 3 months, more than a year). In our case, the warranty has already expired, so the system offers only paid appeal.

If the iPhone is not yet activated, you will see an exclamation point in the yellow box and the caption “You must confirm the date of purchase of the product.”.

The very fact that the service found this device in the database, and did not give an error, confirms the originality of the gadget.

Please note: if the serial number of the gadget begins with a combination of “5K”, then you are looking at an iPhone of the Refurbished category, that is, refurbished by the manufacturer or seller. Refurbished iPhone cannot be called completely new, despite the fact that the repair is usually of high quality and that Apple gives a full guarantee for such a device.

It is better to check the iPhone by serial number and IMEI if you buy a sealed gadget. the seller is unlikely to agree to open the package just for you to look at the smartphone. But when buying an iPhone from hands without a box and documents, it is very important to pay attention to visual inspection. the typical signs of Chinese counterfeits are described here.