How to charge iPhone without cord

What to do if iPhone won’t charge

It also happens that the phone simply refuses to charge, even with the original charging or through a connection to a third-party battery or personal computer. There may be a lot of reasons for this. The main ones are:

  • Breakdown of the socket. You should check the outlet with other electrical appliances or move the phone to another room for charging.
  • Failure of the power supply or cable. Even original and high-quality Apple accessories can be broken and no one is safe from this. It is necessary to try to recharge the gadget in other ways in order to exclude internal damage.
  • Faults in the power connector on the phone. If dust, dirt or water got into it, then this could cause poor contact and the inability to receive electricity.
  • The controller is burnt out or out of order. Power management and charging are controlled by a special chip that could be damaged mechanically or by moisture getting into the device case. In the latter case, corrosive processes could occur that prevent the electric current from passing freely through the board to the battery.

Important! There can be a huge number of reasons for a malfunction. To solve the problem, it is recommended to contact the service centers for the repair of iPhones.

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If the phone does not charge, then there are obvious problems.

Using third party chargers

It is believed that third-party chargers can harm equipment, disable it and even lead to a battery fire. In most cases, this is a myth, since modern power supplies and USB cables have good characteristics of reliability and durability, regardless of the manufacturer and purpose.

Naturally, it is worth avoiding chargers that are frankly cheap and of poor quality, even in appearance. They are usually passed off as originals from companies such as Apple or Samsung. Unfortunately, these manufacturers do not make or sell budgetary charges anywhere.

Unoriginal charging can damage your phone even more

How to charge iPhone without charging at home

Modern gadgets are almost always portable devices that are not permanently connected to the electrical network. The batteries installed in them allow such devices to work autonomously for some time. Sometimes it happens that these elements or chargers fail, and the phone needs to be urgently used. It is at such moments that the thought of how to charge an iPhone without charging comes.

Charge iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7 without charger

If you need to charge your iPhone, but you don’t have a working charger or outlet at hand, then you don’t need to panic. The best solution would be to repair the original charger and use it normally. You can charge your phone without a power supply and even without an outlet using a wind generator and even a battery made of fruits or vegetables, but these are completely exotic methods that involve partial disassembly of the device and can cause irreparable harm to it. It is much safer to use standard methods if the power supply or charger suddenly breaks.

If the wired charging is broken, then you can use the wireless

  • USB port of a personal computer or laptop;
  • wireless charging;
  • battery case;
  • some other possible options.

Charging with a USB cable requires the use of an original wire or cord from any other manufacturer that matches the iPhone connector. The cable connects one side to the phone and the other to any working port on a PC or laptop. Charging in this way is carried out more slowly than from a regular outlet. The thing is that the port capacity is usually not enough.

3 easy ways to charge a phone without a charger

The second method, how to charge your iPhone without charging at home, is to use a dedicated wireless device. It is not suitable for all phone models. The official website gives the following list of supported gadgets: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The Smart Battery Case also enables successful battery recharge. Before using this method, you need to update your iPhone’s iOS firmware to the latest version. Simply put, the case is a regular power bank.

Important! There are several other options as well. One of them is based on the use of solar-powered charging. You can also purchase a dynamo charger that will power the phone by rotating its handle and generating an electric current.

What to avoid while charging iPhone

There are several points that not everyone knows. For example, some people think that the phone should not be left on charge for a long time. In fact, this applies to very old models and these are not iPhones. Any Apple gadget, like other modern smartphones, has an internal chip that controls the entire charging process. When the cycle reaches its limit, it automatically stops supplying power and does not allow overcharging. The battery simply stays idle, and the phone itself runs on mains power.

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It is better not to use the gadget while charging and let it go through the entire cycle. Of course, this will not bring any damage, but the process itself may take a long time. This is especially true when a person plays demanding games and simultaneously charges the iPhone.

Important! It is recommended not to use unstable or problematic devices while the iPhone is charging. They can cause short circuits or voltage surges in the home that the controller chip is sometimes unable to withstand.

Therefore, it is possible to charge the iPhone using other devices, but it is important to remember that sometimes it can be unsafe for both the phone and the person.

How to fix the situation?

It is worth noting that there are not so many options for fixing this problem. Each can be tied to one of the reasons:

Now you can figure out how to charge your iPhone if there is no charging.

Why is it not charging?

To begin with, it is worthwhile to figure out why replenishing the volume of the battery may sometimes be impossible. The list of reasons is rather small and is given below:

  • the charging cable is damaged;
  • the connector into which the cord is connected is either dirty or out of order;
  • the wire used is a substandard fake.

Before dealing with the question of how you can charge an iPhone without charging, you should pay attention to solving the above reasons.

Solar battery

  • Place the battery directly in direct sunlight.
  • Connect your smartphone via cord.
  • Wait for the end of the battery replenishment.

This method is perfect in situations where you have a cord with you, but there are no sockets or a special adapter for them.

Special case

Recently, this accessory has become quite popular. It eliminates the need to carry a separate battery and cables. It also helps out in situations when there is no outlet at hand or the cord does not work. To charge the device, you must:

  • Place the phone inside the case by placing it with the charging connector on the adapter.
  • After making sure that the smartphone is firmly in place, press the power button of the accessory. So you get the first answer to the question of how to charge an iPhone without a cord.

It is worth noting that the charging case can be used in the same way as a simple way to protect the device case from damage. Such accessories are made of dense materials with a fairly wide back wall and sides, which allows you not to reach the apple smartphone too often, washing the sides.

To charge the case with an iPhone connected, simply plug the cord into the charging port and turn on the accessory. Thus, it will be he who will be charged, and not the phone.

Battery Chargers

This method is suitable only when you need to charge the device once before solving the problem with the cable or port, and only for those who are able to disassemble and assemble the iPhone without any problems. Previously, such devices were often called “frogs” because of the vaguely similar shape. The principle of operation is as follows:

  • disassemble the phone and carefully disconnect the battery;
  • lift the cover of the charger and place the battery so that the contacts are in contact with the special “adapters”;
  • connect the accessory to the outlet and watch the indicators, as soon as they are all full, the battery can be inserted back into the smartphone.

IQi Mobile charger

This ability to charge your iPhone without charging is relatively new. It is suitable for models from the 5th to the 6 Plus. This accessory will be very convenient when working at the table.

It is a small plate that is connected via a cord to a computer or an outlet. Then you just put your smartphone on it and wait until the battery is fully replenished.

It is worth noting that literally a year ago, the Cupertinians presented the newest wireless charger for their company, which can now simultaneously charge a smartphone, smart watch, and wireless headphones.

How to charge iPhone if the cable is broken?

If iPhone won’t charge from a wall outlet, the problem is most likely with the adapter. Disconnect the cable from it, insert it into the USB port of your laptop or PC. Connect the back of the cord to the phone. Turn on your computer and put your smartphone into charging mode.

How to charge iPhone through headphones?

To wired charge the case, connect the Lightning cable that came with your Airpods to the Lightning connector on the case. You can use a Lightning to USB-C or Lightning to USB cable. Then connect the other end of the cable to a charger or USB port.

How to charge iPhone while it is off?

Try to fix the problem in the following ways:

  • turn off and reconnect iPhone to power source
  • If iPhone is completely discharged, leave it off and recharge for about half an hour
  • put your smartphone on charge from another outlet or USB port

What to do if the phone charging jack does not work?

What to do if your phone / tablet won’t charge?

  • Check that the cord and the charging unit are in good condition. The advice is banal, but often they are the problem.
  • Clean the charging connector from dust. Often, dirt accumulates in the Lightning socket (iPhone and iPad) or micro USB (Android phones), due to which there is no lanyard contact and the phone does not charge.

How to charge the battery on the tablet if the socket is broken?

Here are instructions on how to charge the tablet if the charging socket is broken:

  • Remove the battery from the case.
  • Prepare the Frog.
  • Open it and place the battery so that its contacts are connected to the terminals on the cover.
  • Close the cover and fix the battery in it.
  • Plug the device into a power outlet.
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At what percentage to complete charging?

How long the charger will last depends largely on how correct it will be used. Many have heard that a new phone needs to be recharged for three days before use. It should be noted that this statement is true only for nickel batteries. How much do you need to charge lithium-ion devices at home??

Experts say that you cannot bring the energy indicator to 100%. the battery is damaged if it is charged frequently. A full circle of discharging and charging should be carried out no more than once a month.

It is advisable to recharge more than 50%. The maximum safety of the charger is ensured at a charge level of 40-80%. The reason lies in the voltage generated in the lithium polymer cells. The higher the charge, the higher the voltage, which significantly damages the device. Excessive loading can reduce the number of charging cycles. Batteries charged to 100% withstand from 300 to 500 cycles, and up to 70%. from 1200 to 2000.

A lithium battery works well if the electrons in it periodically move. With a constant connection to the network, this result cannot be achieved.

How to Charge Your iPhone without a Charger? | New

How to properly charge your iPhone?

Many people who switched from old phone models to the iPhone and using it for the first time were surprised at how quickly the gadget’s battery drains. This is due to the large number of power-hungry applications.

For some, recharging the battery has become a daily ritual akin to brushing your teeth. Often the device is connected to a power source while going to bed. Some users wait until the smartphone is completely discharged.

In any case, everyone would like to spend as little time as possible on charging and change the used battery less often.

What is the best way to charge your iPhone?

There are many ways to charge a smartphone, each of which has its own positive and negative features.

When purchasing a gadget, many use the included European or Chinese charger. It connects to the device via USB. It is advisable to choose charging with a low current, since this will reduce the load on the battery. The problem does not arise on modern phones, where a charge controller is installed, which automatically lowers the voltage to an optimal level.

Another way to recharge is from a computer. The same USB is used. To recover the charge faster, pay attention to the type of socket on your PC or laptop. There are three types of equipment, numbered 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. The first two types give a current of 2.5 W, the last one. as much as 5 W. That is, it is the third option that should be preferred. Finding the connector is easy enough. it is colored blue.

Can I charge my iPhone with an iPad? For a long time, there was a myth about the dangers of this method. On its website, Apple developers, on the other hand, claim that it will not cause any damage. In this case, a more powerful charger is used, which will more than cover the needs of the phone. However, numerous users claim that after a year they notice a dramatic change in the battery life without recharging, if you use the iPad device regularly.

Some users manage to connect the gadget to the car power supply. Most experts unanimously talk about the dangers of this method, so it’s best not to use it. The voltage in such a network is unstable, so it is possible to spoil the power controller in a short time. Cheap car charger just can’t keep the smartphone from the next leap.

Without a cord, the iPhone can be charged using the slip-on case. Its rear panel is a signal transmitter. Apple does not release such models, but there are many compatible options on the market. Also, a convenient wireless method is the LED lamp, which is a platform for the phone. The mount is secure, so if the device vibrates from an incoming call, it will not fall on the table or floor. There is every reason to believe that the future lies in wireless charging, since manufacturers of mobile accessories are actively working in this direction. In particular, a special acrylic disc with a built-in energy transmitter was made.

In addition to the charging method, the storage temperature of the phone also plays an important role. The battery works best at 15-45 ° C. Despite the convenience of wireless devices, they have significant disadvantages. Additional heating is created, which causes the battery to fail faster. We should expect more secure models to appear on the market.

Also, the battery will be “grateful” to the owner for lowering the screen brightness, turning off unnecessary applications, GPS. Use airplane mode in areas with poor connectivity.

Modern devices are so well thought out and equipped with protective mechanisms that you just have to not expose them to additional risks. Then the battery will serve for a long time and reliably.

Charging with a case

No matter how amazing it may sound, now it’s very easy to find a case that not only protects your phone from scratches and bumps, but also charges it. This charging option appeared just a few years ago, but at the same time it quickly gained its popularity. The whole point is that the case, which contains the iPhone, is equipped with an additional battery, with a capacity of 1500 to 3200 Mac, that is, it can be an excellent alternative to a charger. The bottom line is that the case does not actually charge the phone, but simply maintains energy in it, due to which, the smartphone can be used much longer.

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This method often saves when you have to go to nature or to the village, where there are problems with finding a suitable power outlet. In addition to the function of charging the phone, the case is also shockproof, and just has a beautiful and pleasant appearance. When using a cover instead of a charger on the device, it displays the degree of discharge of the secondary battery.

Looking for an innovative solution

How to charge iPhone 4 without charging if the charger is suddenly broken or there is no electrified network nearby? Today this question torments many people, because without electricity, a mobile phone, and any other gadget, is simply doomed to “starvation”. Naturally, manufacturers are fighting to increase the energy capacity of the iPhone battery or change the design of the charger for charging even without an electrical network, but so far this is only experimental.

There are quite a few portable devices that can help charge the phone, but in practice they cannot be compared with conventional chargers, but when there are simply no options left, you have to look for an alternative. There are several solutions to the problem that are related to charging the phone and they really work.

Modern Ways to Charge iPhone Without Regular Charging

The reality of modern times is such that now there is not a single person without a mobile phone. This is normal, because all kinds of smartphones and all kinds of gadgets make life much easier. If earlier you could only make calls, now a mobile phone is just a computer that fits in your You can call, play, listen to music, go online or watch a movie, and all this is possible thanks to gadgets. But such a potential of technology requires constant charging of devices, and the charger can fail at any time. What to do in this case?

For example, take one of the most popular brands of mobile phones, the iPhone. What to do when it is simply impossible to charge it with a charger.

IQ technologies

Among all the alternative methods of charging a mobile phone, the innovative iQ technology can be called the most popular on the market. The charging system is similar to when the phone is powered by a case, but here the power transfer rate is significantly increased. The iQ charger is best used only at home, because it is quite large, although it looks attractive from the outside.

This wireless charging method for iPhone has one very interesting feature. The bottom line is that there is no need to constantly connect the cable, and, thus, you do not have to worry about injury to the charging pad. Many have faced the problem when the connector fell off after a long use of the phone and this problem is inevitable. I have to constantly charge my iPhone due to heavy use, but the iQ wireless system easily solves this problem and prevents damage to the charger input.

In today’s market, these wireless charging platforms come in a variety of shapes, colors, and materials, so there won’t be any problem with the choice. In addition, it is also important to consider the ease of use of the charging platform.

The perfect way to charge your mobile phone

Using the method with the help of iQ charging is, of course, convenient, but nevertheless, plastic spoils the appearance of the phone quite a lot. Despite this, the method became the most popular, so manufacturers began not only to work on wireless charging of the iPhone, but also to think about the appearance of the plate. Today we can already say for sure that iQi Mobile has no worthy analogues.

This innovative way to charge your phone combines a silicone case that contains the charging plastic. If its thickness used to confuse device owners, now it is about 1.5 mm, which is almost imperceptible under the silicone case. In addition, if you use a wireless charging method, then it remains possible to simultaneously use the charger. Even so, the alternative charger has advantages and disadvantages.

  • comfortable use;
  • no need to use a mechanical connection;
  • safe operation in high humidity.
  • you cannot use the phone while the battery is charging;
  • the weight and thickness of the phone is increasing;
  • the high cost of a wireless charger.

USB charging

Manufacturers have only recently begun to make an alternative way to charge the phone, and now when buying an iPhone, not only a charger is available, but also a USB cable, which can be a good replacement for a charger.

If the main box of the charger is out of order, you can disconnect the USB and connect it to any power source that has an appropriate input. It can be a stationary computer, laptop, tablet or other device. This method easily solves the problem with charging the iPhone, but we must not forget that the rate of power supply is significantly reduced. If using the charger the smartphone could be charged no more than 2-3 hours, then using USB, this time is doubled.

Everyone can charge the phone from a computer using USB, but this is not always possible. Sometimes, when you go to nature or to another place where there is no electricity, the phone is simply doomed to be completely discharged, but in our time it is destructive for a person, because communication with the outside world is completely lost. Alternative charging methods can be an excellent solution to problems in this case. Many innovative technologies help to charge the phone by converting thermal, kinetic and mechanical energy into a charge for the phone, and even despite the large number of disadvantages, sometimes such options simply cannot be dispensed with.