How to change user on iPhone

Lost password

How do you change your account password if you’ve forgotten it? To do this, you need to reset the encryption. It can be performed in different ways. It all depends on the type of protection.

With two-factor authentication, you need to go to the smartphone settings. Next, you need to enter your account and section “Password and Security”. After the device will indicate the instructions for recovery.

If you are not signed in to iCloud while doing this, it can be difficult. The account will need to indicate that you forgot your password, and then follow the instructions again.

If email is selected for protection, then you need to use the official website to recover your password. You need to go to the account page. Next, you need to enter the identifier and click “Continue”. The system will recognize that you have forgotten your password and will prompt you to answer your security question, use an email message, or request a recovery key.

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Two-step verification is also slightly different. The initial stages of the procedure are similar. You must indicate in your account that you have forgotten your password. Next, you need to enter the two-step verification key. To do this, the user specifies a trusted device. The system sends a message with a code to it. You need to enter it to continue changing your password.

Problems with mail

How to change the account to “iPhone-5S” if the set name ends in @, @ or @ Change the current address to a new one, but with the same extension. In this case, mail must be associated with accounting.

How do I change my account to iPhone-5? You need to go to the official website and find your Apple ID profile. It has an item with account editing, in which you can enter new parameters for entering.

Apple ID will be displayed below. Under it you can edit the data. The user will have access to a list of addresses that are allowed to be used as a replacement. It will be possible to take only the address that is already associated with the account.

After selecting the appropriate mail, you need to wait for the ID change.

Profile change via PC

So, you need to open the official resource of the company. There we are looking for a section with an Apple ID profile. We log into the account using an account name, which can be a phone or email, and a cipher.

The page will be able to manage account data. You need to switch to it to continue the process.

On the right is a username that can be changed. Below you can change the e-mail: just click on the “Change” button. The system will ask you to enter a new email address. The site sends a message to the mailbox, in which it requires you to confirm the changes: just click on the corresponding link. After that, another Apple ID will be linked to the “iPhone”.

Disconnect your Apple ID account

Also no less important may be the question of how to change the account to “iPhone-6″ or any other model through Apple ID.

You should immediately know that the process will be successful if the account name is mail from Google, Yandex or any other service. If you use mail ending with @, @, or @, the owner is in for a fiasco.

How do I change my account to iPhone-7? You can use a computer or smartphone. You can also apply iTunes.

Change Apple Music Profile

Apple Music account may also require a data change. But getting to her is even more difficult. To do this, you need to go to the application. Then select its settings and the “Music” section. It contains the item “Home collection”. Thanks to him, you can try to change your account.

How To Change Name On iPhone!

Change password on smartphone

A smartphone can be used for this task. If it works on iOS 10.3 and later, you need to go to device settings and choose a name. Next, you need to go to the “Password and Security” section. It is in it that you can change the data. During the change, you need to enter not only the old, but also the new password, as well as indicate the unlock code of the device.

Working with iTunes

How do I change my iPhone account? We use the iTunes application. We launch it and go to the “Store” section. The app will ask for login details. We enter them in order to get to the management of the account profile.

In the dialog box with the account, you can edit the data. You should click on the appropriate section, and then specify a new email. The program will send a letter to the address requiring identification. Click on the link.

On iPhone

How to change your nickname on Insta on an iOS device:

  • Open an application or website through any browser.
  • Go to the main profile page.
  • Select “Edit Profile”.
  • Change the data in the line “Username” or “Username”.

In the section, you can also change other information that is indicated in the profile.

How to change your Instagram nickname from your phone and computer

How to change your Instagram username is a question of interest to the owners of profiles on the Instagram social network. Edited personal data can be found in the profile settings. However, before making an operation, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the information about the difference between a nickname and a username:

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You can change your username in the browser version of the site or in the mobile application. Data changes instantly. It should be noted that the account login must be unique. If the user already uses, for example, the nickname “Alex”, the other participant will no longer be able to use this login. However, he has the ability to diversify the nickname using numbers or underscores (1_Alex_1).

On Android

How to change your Instagram nickname on your Android device:

  • Open an application or website through any browser.
  • Go to the main profile page.
  • Select “Edit Profile”.
  • Change the data in the line “Uwername” or “Username”.

In the section, you can also change other information that is indicated in the profile.

How to change your Instagram username on a computer

To change a nickname via a computer, you need to do the following:

  • Open browser.
  • Go to the official website of the service.
  • Go through authorization.
  • Go to the main profile page.
  • Click on “Edit Profile”.
  • Change the data in the line “Username” or “Username”.

You can also change other personal data on the page.

How to change your Instagram nickname on your phone

You can change the nickname in Intagram on iOS or Android. To do this, you can use any browser or mobile utility.

What you need to know before changing your Instagram nickname

What you need to know before changing your nickname:

  • Subscriptions and subscribers remain.
  • All marks on posts remain, but the name of the profile is changed.
  • All Комментарии и мнения владельцев will remain, but the name of the profile is changed.
  • It will be problematic for users to find your account by the old nickname.
  • You can return your previous login within 2 weeks.

It is also worth noting that to fill out a nickname, the following requirements must be met:

  • The maximum number of characters is 30.
  • You can use numbers, Latin letters, underscores and periods.
  • Login must be unique and not be used by another user.
  • Obscene words cannot be used.
  • It is not recommended to use the words follow and like.

If all points are observed, the nickname will immediately change to a new one.

Change Apple ID Password on iPhone

To change the Apple ID password on the iPhone and access Apple services, the new owner of the gadget should take the following steps:

  • Go to the “Settings” folder, go to the “Username” tab, and then to “Password and Security”. Activate the command “Change password”.
  • Enter the current or code password for access to the device, specify a new password and confirm the changes using the “Change” or “Change password” command.

Preparing iPhone to change Apple ID

The need to delete the information stored in the Apple ID, in most cases, is associated with the sale of an outdated version of the iPhone. All information about the previous owner is deleted from the phone’s memory.

Note! Without deleting information about himself, the former owner of the iPhone will be tactless towards his successor and incur an avalanche of written warnings about the activities that the new iPhone user is conducting.

Before you change user to iPhone, you need to back up your device’s memory. There are two ways to achieve this.

What is Apple ID and what is it for

Apple ID is the account of the person who uses the electronic device created by Apple. Apple ID stores the following information:

  • the user‘s first and last name;
  • the e-mail address to which the account is registered and the password to access it;
  • the address of the backup mailbox and other information required to regain control over the account;
  • date of birth and geographic address of Apple owner id.

Having received a personal ID, the user gets the opportunity to:

Before you start changing your Apple ID, you need to sign out of all service accounts on all Apple-designed devices that use the same ID code. If a user plans to replace only one gadget, he leaves the Apple ID only on a specific device.

Via iCloud

Open “Settings”, go to “iCloud”, find the column “Details” and, having found the item “Backup”, activate the command “Create a backup copy”. The backup files will be saved at: Libraries / Application Support / MobileSync / Backup /.

How to Change a User Account on an iPhone : Tech Yeah!

Via iTunes

Log in to iTunes by first connecting your iPhone to your personal computer or iPad. Then, after finding the name of the gadget in the list of devices connected to the service, go to the “Details” tab. After activating the “This computer” checkbox and clicking on the “Create a copy now” button, start the program that creates backups.

In Windows XP, the backup files will be saved at: \ Documents and Settings \ (username) \ Application Data \ Apple Computer \ MobileSync \ Backup \, in Windows 7-10. in the \ Users \ (nickname or username) \ AppData folder \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ MobileSync \ Backup \.

How to change Apple ID on iPhone in the App Store

This article is intended for users who want to know how to change Apple ID on iPhone. Spontaneous actions “by typing” often end up with a breakdown of the gadget or irreparable changes in the system. The instructions below will help the user to make the necessary changes correctly and without serious losses.

Via iPhone

In most cases, the need to change the identification number on the iPhone arises after purchasing a not new, already used phone. The procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Having found the App Store icon on the display, go to the corresponding folder and, going down to the bottom of the page, initiate the launch of the “Authorized Apple ID” command.
  • Once in the new menu, click on “Exit”.
  • Select Sign In and then With Existing Apple ID. Enter the data that should open an account.

Sometimes a message with a confirmation code comes from the Apple website on the iPhone.

Note! After responding to the letter from the developer, the user confirms that he really is the new owner of the device.

Via iTunes

First you need to make sure that the given application is updated to the final version. The whole process consists of simple steps:

  • After logging into the “Store”, go to the user page.
  • After selecting “Account”, click on the menu line “Account Information”, and then. on “Edit”.
  • In the field that opens, specify the email address with which the new ID will be associated.
  • Wait for a letter with a link to activate a new account.
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To save the new identification code, you need to confirm all the actions taken. The old code will be canceled.

Why you need a VPN and which one is better

It happens that you need to not just change the current IP address, but simply hide it. In such cases, the best assistant is a VPN. You can choose absolutely any service that suits you in terms of functionality and price, but I would not recommend choosing free services. Almost all of them, as practice shows, analyze your traffic, and then sell it to the side.

I personally use Windscribe. This is a paid VPN service, which, however, provides many opportunities to get from 10 to 50 GB of traffic for free by simply inviting friends to register using your link.

With a VPN, you can not only change your IP address, but also hide your actual location. Every time someone decides to check, the VPN will give out the IP of the region or country to which servers you are connected at the moment. So you can bypass the blocking of various sites and services that have restrictions on the geography of use.

How to Renew IP on iPhone

How to change IP on iPhone

iPhone, like any computer, uses an IP address when connecting to the Internet. It allows sites and providers to identify the user who is using the connection. The first is necessary in order to know where to transfer the requested information, and the second. to provide access to the Network and track all our manipulations. Despite the fact that, as a rule, the IP is dynamic, which means it changes with each reconnection, it happens that there is a sharp need to change it forcibly. We will tell you how.

Instead of disconnecting and reconnecting, there is a way to get things done much faster.

Longreads for you

Have you noticed that Google hasn’t been updating its iPhone and iPad apps for a month now? No, no one went on vacation. just under the new rules, Google is obliged to report what data its applications collect. And the list of these data is very impressive.

The CEO of WhatsApp believes Apple fears users will move to Android if they realize that WhatsApp is better than iMessage. This is allegedly why privacy labels appeared in the App Store, which expose the applications of the company’s competitors in an unfavorable light.

Widgets in iOS 14 gave us the ability to not launch applications to get more or less meaningful information. Thanks to them, everything you need can be found right on the desktop without unnecessary manipulations.

Cool! Now I can trick my home router by requesting a new IP from it


After changing your Apple ID, you must use the new sign-in information with all Apple services you use.

Use of an email address ending

If you turn on the iCloud email client and select an email address that ends in @, it will be assigned an alias to sign in to your Apple ID. To view the email addresses that are used as aliases for your Apple ID, sign in to your Apple ID account page and click the Edit button in the Account section. Hover your cursor over the question mark icon next to the desired email address. If the message “This is your Apple ID” appears, this email address is legal.

Replacement with PC

You need to go to the Apple ID management page from your PC. After logging out, log in using your account details. A section titled “Manage name, ID and e-mail address” will appear in the workspace. Additional features will be displayed below. Opposite the column titled “Apple ID and main e-mail”, click the “change” button. Next, enter your current email address, and an email with instructions will be sent to it. Next, open the letter and follow the link to confirm the changed data. After these steps, the account information will be changed.

How to change an Apple ID ending in @, @, or @

If you use an email address that ends in @, @, or @ as your Apple ID, you can’t change it to a third-party email address. However, it can be changed to an email alias for your Apple ID. For example, if you use the email address as your Apple ID, which is also registered with your account, you can change your Apple ID to Changing your email address also changes the Apple ID shown to people who share data with you.

To find a valid email address that you can use to sign in to your Apple ID account, sign in to your Apple ID account page and click Edit in the Account section. You will see “Contact Information” and a login alias, with a question mark icon displayed next to it. If you hover over it, the message “This is your Apple ID” will appear.

Sign in to Apple ID on a clean iPhone

If you plan to “move” to another account at all and do not plan to change it in the future, it is rational to erase the old information on the phone, and then log in under another account.

  • First of all, you will need to factory reset iPhone.

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When the welcome window appears on the screen, complete the initial setup, specifying the details of the new Apple ID. If this account has a created backup, use it to restore information on iPhone.

Use either of the two methods provided in the article to change your current Apple ID to another.

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To change your Apple ID email or phone number, follow these steps.

Change Apple ID from phone

If you bought a used smartphone, it may turn out that the previous owner left his account ID. To replace, you need to do the following: open the AppStore application icon on one of the desktops. In the working window of the application, at the very bottom of the main page, click “Authorized Apple ID” (it will be displayed as an email address).

A menu will pop up, click “exit”. You will again find yourself on the main page, click “enter” (the item is located in the same place where the newly authorized address was). Select “With an existing Apple ID” from the menu provided. Enter your login details. The change was successful, you can use the gadget further.

On your Apple ID account page

  • Go to and sign in.
  • Click the “Change” button in the “Account” section.
  • Under your Apple ID, click Edit Apple ID. If you want to change your Apple ID to an @ email address created within the last 30 days, you may be prompted to try again later.
  • Enter the Apple ID you want to use.
  • Click the “Continue” button.
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If you enter an email address that is already an alias or alternate Apple ID and ends with @, @, or @, a confirmation message appears. After you change your Apple ID to an @, @, or @ account, you won’t be able to select a third-party email account again. The previous Apple ID, which was a third-party email address, will become the alternate email address for your Apple ID account.

Quick way to change username in Apple app

So, if the user of the device purchased a previously used device and knows the ID of the previous owner, but wants to change the old ID to his own in his iPhone, follow the instructions below.

Some iPhone users may for a long time neglect their direct advantages, which lie in the ability to download and install new software products located in the AppStore on the gadget.

In order for the purchased device to bring not only joy, but also benefit, you should understand the principle of changing the username in the program of the manufacturer.

Today we’ll talk about how to change account on iPhone

Good afternoon, dear readers of my blog and not only! I, Rostislav, recommend reading articles that describe sometimes interesting ideas for eliminating troubles with technology in your home. The iOS operating system installed in Apple smartphones cannot work without an account. You can turn on the device without entering data, but you won’t be able to use it fully. After entering the login and password, iOS services and services are tied to a specific user through an account, and it is entered for a specific device. Sometimes it happens that you need to change the user. the phone is sold, given for temporary use to relatives, or you bought a new device, and the old one will wait for a decision on what to do with it. To prevent someone from accidentally gaining access to your information, you should disconnect from the office before “conservation” of the mobile phone. How to change account on iPhone, I’ll tell you today.

Sign out of your account

It was mentioned above that the iPhone is linked to an account. It works directly with iCloud cloud storage, where user data is uploaded. photos, videos, notes and other information. To prevent the iPhone from receiving this information, it must be unlinked from the account and, as a result, from the cloud reserve.

Step-by-step instructions on how to do this will help solve the problem:

  • In the iPhone settings, you need to find the item “iCloud”. Click on your profile at the top. Go to backups. Either just click on them or click the “Create Backup” button.
  • Leaving it in the “Settings”, you can see the “Exit” button at the bottom of the list.
  • After clicking on it, the “Apple ID Password” action will appear. Entering and logging out of your account.
  • A new window says that data deleted from this iPhone will be available in iCloud. And offers to save a copy of (Stocks, Contacts, Keychain and Safari). And all documents, photos and videos and data will be deleted from iPhone (data from iCloud Drive).
  • If you agree, click “Exit” finally.
  • After that, for a few minutes, the data will be deleted from iCloud.

Change Apple ID

After exiting iCloud, the device cannot be fully used. If you transfer the device temporarily and want to keep applications, music on it, you just need to change the Apple ID record to a new one. To do this, you need to find “iTunes Store and App Store” in the settings. Click on this item and find the “Apple ID”, click “log out” to deactivate the old account and click on “log in” to open a window to enter the new one. enter your username and password. Now the device is linked to the new account.

If you plan to sell a smartphone and want a new user to receive a gadget in a state as if it had just been taken out of the box, then the phone should first be reset.

  • We enter the settings on the smartphone.
  • We find the item “basic”.
  • Scroll to the end of the page and click on “reset”.
  • We select “erase content and settings”. performing this action will lead to a complete cleaning of the device.

It remains to wait until the end of the procedure. The phone is now reset to factory state and can be transferred to a new user. The described reset procedure is relevant if the iPhone has not been Jailbroken. This is a kind of device jailbreak that allows you to install paid apps for free. If such manipulations with a mobile phone were carried out, then a PC with iTunes installed will be required to reset.

  • Before performing the reset procedure, iTunes should be updated to the latest version.
  • By connecting the gadget to a PC via a USB cable and launching iTunes, the user will see the “overview” window, which will display the connected device. Select “restore iPhone“.
  • Now we enter the login and password from Apple ID, wait for the end of the procedure and get a clean gadget.

Changing an account on an iPhone is an absolutely legal procedure and, in general, a feasible task even for not the most savvy users. However, before performing it, you should make sure that all data is uploaded to the cloud storage, in other words, the iPhone is synchronized with iCloud and, if necessary, you can find your photos, videos and other information through the site. It is important to understand that it is impossible to change the account without exiting the existing account, that is, you need to know the login and password from it. It may seem inconvenient, but the reason is that in this way Apple protects users from theft of devices. even if the device falls into the hands of an intruder, he simply cannot use the phone. If you lose your login information, then an Apple Authorized Service Center will come to the rescue, but you will have to prove ownership of the device. this may require a check, loan agreement and passport.

How to Change Apple ID on iPhone

Thanks for attention! See you soon with other articles from me! Best regards, Rostislav Kuzmin.