How to change the app icon on iPhone

Change the icons of the main desktop shortcuts

The main desktop shortcuts include links such as “This PC”, “Control Panel”, “Trash”. To change these icons, you need to go to the “Options” panel on the links “PERSONALIZATION / Themes”.

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In the window that opens, open the “Desktop icon settings” link. This link will open an additional window where you can make changes.

Now let’s try to change the “Trash” label. To do this, select the basket and click on the Change icon button.

How to change icons in Windows 10

With the release of the new Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft has given it many new features and has significantly redesigned the system. The desktop icons were also changed. A lot of users got used to the old icons that were present on Windows 7. Therefore, non-standard icons after the transition to the new Windows 10 did not like many PC users. In the new Windows 10, they can be easily changed for any shortcut on the desktop. In this article, we will describe all the ways to change icons in Windows 10. In addition, we will describe the process of creating new icons.

What shortcuts on the Windows 10 desktop can be changed

The main desktop elements for which you can change icons are shortcuts (links to programs, files, and folders) and folders. Let’s describe an example of changing an icon in Google Chrome. To do this, go to the properties of the browser shortcut.

From the example you can see that when we get to the icon selection list box, the same window appears in front of us as in the first example. The only difference is that all icons are taken not from the system library, but from the “chrome.exe” executable file. In this window, just like in the first example, you can select an icon from the “Open Icon Library” or any other.

Now let’s look at changing the icon for folders on the desktop. As an example, we will create a folder named “Icon” on the desktop. After its creation, we will go to its properties on the “Settings” tab.

On this tab, click on the already familiar button Change icon After this action, the same window will appear in front of us, as in the previous examples.

The principle of replacing the folder icon with a third-party one, and not from the “shell32.dll” library, is the same as in the previous examples.

Customizing Label Sizes

Resizing desktop shortcuts is easy enough. To do this, go to the active desktop and right-click on it. After this action, a context menu will open, in which you need to go to the line “View”.

In the image above, you can see that you can make the size large, regular and small. This setting allows you to adjust the size for monitors with different resolutions and diagonal. For example, for large monitors, you can reduce the size of the labels, and for small diagonals, make them larger. It is also worth noting that in the “View” item, you can pin shortcuts to the grid and pin them automatically to the desktop.

Create icons yourself

For this example, we will use the IcoFX program. This program can easily create various icons from bitmaps. For this example, we’ll take a free photo from Thousands of free images can be found on this site.

We will also download and install the IcoFX program. After that, open the IcoFX program, and also open our image in it.

When you open an image, the utility prompts us to make a choice. We will focus on the “Create an icon from the image” option. This option will open our image at a reduced resolution, which can be saved for use as an icon.

Once you have selected a suitable icon size, you can save it. In our case, the size is 256 × 256. It is saved in the “ico” file format. Below is an example of a “Shortcut” user shortcut with our icon.

After reading this article, you will learn how easy it is to change icons in Windows 10. In addition, the article shows how you can create icons yourself from bitmaps. We hope the material will help our readers change icons in Windows 10, as well as create new ones.

Tutorial video on widgets and app icons

We also made a video that explores the theme of widgets, home screens, and custom app icons.

If you’d like to skip to the section where we walk you step by step on how to customize the app icon, it’s the 3:58 timestamp. But before you start with this plan, you must understand that this method has two main limitations.

How to change application icon on iPhone (iphone)

As the trend of home screen customization becomes popular after the release of iOS 14, some users are choosing to add custom app icons to their home screen using the Shortcuts app.

Replacing the default app icons with images of your choice allows you to freely customize the look of your home screen. Before following this guide, you will need to find or create an image for your new home screen app icon, and there are many alternative images available for download online.

The following steps explain how to add a custom icon for any app of your choice to the home screen. The actual process involves creating a shortcut to open the application and then adding an image to that shortcut on the home screen.


If you feel annoyed when you open a custom icon app, when you open a custom icon app, and from there, it might be better to create shortcuts only for apps you rarely use, or not create at all.

Shortcuts can be tricky to use as they allow users to create multi-step processes to run on their devices, but in this case the shortcut only includes one basic component.

  • Launch the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap the icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Tap Add Action.
  • Use the text box to search Open App.
  • Select Open Application.
  • Tap Select.
  • Search for the app you want to change the icon for and select it.
  • Tap the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Tap Add to Home Screen.
  • Tap the placeholder app icon.
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Take Photo”, “Select Photo” or “Select File”, depending on where your replacement app icon image is located.
  • Select a replacement image.
  • In the text box, rename the app as you want it to appear on the home screen.
  • Tap Add.
  • Tap Done. Your shortcut is created.
  • Return to home screen.

If you already had an app on your home screen, you will now have two icons. To keep only the newly created icon, simply move the old icon to the Application Library. You shouldn’t uninstall the original app.

Since this process can be quite time consuming, especially if it involves searching or creating custom icons, you most likely don’t want to do this for every application.


Today I would like to decorate my iPhone and show you how the design of ios 14 is done. I hope the information about iOS 14 Phone Design will be useful and you will understand how to Change Icons on iPhone, How to Add Application Widgets. Leave your questions if something doesn’t work out for you.

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Think with your head Designers at Apple: develop original bright design of application icons and the entire OS as a whole. People in Russia:
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Someone unknown Question, and if you delete the original application, then the other that you made will be deleted with it?
ksuklui Jamil Gashumov, it will not be deleted, it will simply go into the commands, and not into the application. Therefore, you cannot delete! I advise you to just hide
Danil Bibin thank you very much
Jamilya Gashumova Danil Bibin and how to hide?
Danil Bibin Yara Oorzhak well, for example, transfer to the application library
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Danil Bibin Danil Bibin “Move to application library” there is no such function, only “Delete”, what to do?
Yara oorzhak Yara Oorzhak good I’ll explain in more detail click “Delete application” then click “Delete application” again there the very first inscription will be (red) then there will be a choice of “Delete application”, “Move to application library” and “Cancel”. But if it still does not work out, then probably you have not updated your iPhone to iOS 14, or you have Android at all
Danil Bibin Danil Bibin hasn’t updated, okay thanks, I’ll try in other ways
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Ksenia Maximova Usually, you hold up the icon and it will be written “delete bookmark” press and the icon is deleted)
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Ayaulym Turmysbek Ekaterina Ryasnaya unfortunately not
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ASOS Vire @AvA Legend I have the same question
Daria Boginskaya Dianka.Dinka I found out) precisely, you just need to swipe all the installed folders with applications to the right there with your finger and you just insert these old non-updated applications there) I really hope that they understand me
So everyone. Yes, at first it is not very convenient, but then you can get used to it)
Wot so wot _ @Nastya Meow I better find a different way
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Ava legend 2:15 widgets 3:26 photo widgets
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Maxim mixed Thank you very much for the video ️Such a question, but how to make sure that there is no inscription “widgets” at the bottom under the widget?
Sharafat Yusifli Thank you very much ️ I explained everything very clearly
Olesya Thank you very much) I have been looking for it for a long time, you helped a lot
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Varvara Kunchenko Let’s take
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just people Pasibki is huge :)) helped a lot;
amari pubg Lizo4ka _n is happy to help
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Thank youoooooo
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Mari na Hi) what is your topic?
Valentina Lebedeva I made very comfortable, beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing
Amali Suleimen Olzhaskyzy I sat for 2 hours and made the application means! And then it turned out not to work! thank!
God, you are the best, thank you very much, everything is gorgeous explained
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iamzeyneb b you need to edit it yourself. I thought the application itself selects the right way. and there you need to choose a color, etc.
Anastasia Timofeeva Sabina İskender ahah well you thought the phone knows what you want?
Sonya_ Roblox Lily with ukulele it’s just really, very long time there. I thought there would be a choice of colors, etc.
Baldari baurzhan Sabina İskender I just installed iOS 14 yesterday and tomorrow I will sit to make a design
Arina ruus @Sabina İskender this is a very long time, for the third day I have been trying to do everything beautifully
Marina Zharova Sorry, but what to do if when you click on a thing to add a photo, it comes out like a color and a glyph. I have been unable to deal with this problem for an hour
Alexandra Gavryukova Hey! which program are you asking about?
Sabina İskender Click on three dots, then click on select in the main screen, then you clamp a small photo and there will be an inscription to upload a photo. litter if not clear
liliya ukulele @ 7E Tursunbaeva Aisulu Thank you very much
Sabina İskender iamsasha about teams
liliya ukulele 7E Tursunbaeva Aisulu the problem is that I can’t “upload a photo” there is only “color / glyph” 🙁
Liya Khudoeva Akerke Kanatkyzy Well, well, I have it too
Akerke Kanatkyzy Click on “add to home screen” and hold the icon there
you need to click on “add to the screen home”
7E Tursunbaeva Aisulu Sorry, this is that, a melody from the game “Winx”?
9G Sovetova Aiana I can’t add my photo to the icon splash screen, only the color can be selected ((
Akerke Kanatkyzy Most likely you click on “next”. If three dots do not go out, swipe down a little, then they will appear. Next, click on “add to home screen”, not immediately on the icon. Then everything will appear the same as in the video. Try it)
Akerke Kanatkyzy I have a video on the channel about it
Karla Asanova Aisha Urusova thank you very much)))
Yana Popova Aisha Urusova everything worked out))
Sonya Andrienko Kate Tsyupko is happy to hear from you. You’re welcome)
K_kk You need to hold and not click
Kate tsyupko @ dima milenin when I hold nothing happens
Aisha Urusova And how back. on the contrary, remove widgets ?
World slaim I don’t have
Kate tsyupko And you chose to open the application, and then you chose. or you stumbled a little and immediately started looking for open ?
Kate tsyupko You explained so well THANKS
Aisha Urusova YOU ARE NOT AN ANGEL, BUT FOR ME YOU BECAME A HOLY. Thanks for this wonderful video
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Bayramova Diana Rashidova Oh my God! music from the game Winx from 2005. I’m crying. by the way, what is it called?
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qwq 404 Polino4ka 24 and thank you
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Keewee Why am I watching this if I don’t have an iPhone
Solomia. Rblx beggar
Polino4ka 24 @lil marceline understand maybe she doesn’t like iPhones \ and if you have an iPhone it doesn’t mean that you are rich and thanks to your parents you have an iPhone, let’s see what kind of RICH you will be in the future \
@lil marceline Typical Five Year Plan
Polino4ka 24 @lil marceline beggar in the future will be you \
-Sonya shiber What is the name of the application?
Nadya Grupskaya Why am I watching this if I have Android?
lil marceline I have an iPhone 7 phone I want iOS 14 it’s not dangerous yes?
lil marceline if i delete the application, will the icon remain? please answer
mom Mamul Ka How to make titles dark, not white?
mom Mamul Ka I wanted to ask, I can insert a beautiful widget with a photo in medium format, but I cannot in a small one, what do I need to do?
mom Mamul Ka How to put it back? I did. but I didn’t like How to do it. as usual?
Kuralai Isenbaeva And these programs need to be downloaded, I just don’t have them ?
Sangwoo bit Why am I watching this if I have iOS 12 ?! And 14 does not support
Anelyuinicorn Baktiyar I did everything in a sex magical theme. And icons and widgets
Olya Olya How to do it on another phone?
Sitora Ariphodzhaeva I didn’t succeed. since I don’t know how to save the widget
Nastya Bell Hi, thanks, I did everything one question, I want to make Color Widgets yet, but if I make a new one, the last one will delete what to do, tell me
Aytaj Musaeva I myself faced this problem for an hour I don’t understand what to do
Vera Yaroshenko Already
Yasminka _10 @ Liya Khudoeva better you have to make a new one
Olga Kusch And how to configure that the widgets change, for example, every 10 minutes.
Lina dark Please recommend my channel every time I like and have been subscribed to you for a long time there is simply no asset please recommend me
Alisa Longinova How necessary was such a video, thank you!!
Zhanar Erlikova Arina Vauuu contact
Liya Khudoeva And you can do it like that on Redmi Note 8T ??
Liya Khudoeva Yes. throw out Ximi) and buy a normal phone
Zhanar Erlikova And what to do if there is no Smith Widget ?
Ksyusha Kotova HOW TO PUT WIDGETS ON iPad.
World slaim If you delete the command app, it will not look like an iPhone?
Arina Vauuu Damn, but now it does not change for me (the picture is my own)
How to survive? I tried everything, but there is NO button to save? Or should they be saved in a different way?
Alena star thank you very much
flipchoppa Wow i have 6s but ios 14
Gacha mioko nuuu why the clone is added?
mashka_medS How do I make more widgets? I have 3 programs for them. I only get one to do (((
Kakasi What if I added an icon, but now I have both an icon with a photo and an icon for a regular application on the screen?
Best girls It pisses me off when I want to go to the program and I first scroll through all the programs and then it’s already
s e j o n a And what to do if there is no plus sign in the upper left corner?
Cutie girl I will do in the style of the romance club
Iulchik Kostomarova And if there is no plus sign? (And you have version 14.0.1
SainaKry: When I change the photo of the application, just color photos are displayed there and not the ones I want
Diana Yefimenko I don’t have one to put a photo?
Sophia Shevchuk-Shliuieva On Android, it’s much easier to just download and install do whatever you want and then go through all the icons. Oh, how good it was with the android
alislowe winx music?: 000
Lisa Lemon4ik Lord, this is the only understandable tutorial from all that I watched, everything is detailed and understandable, without unnecessary water
Girl power For some reason, I do not have applications in the section editing widgets ((although everything is downloaded) Blinn help ((((
chocolate late but how to make the fourteenth ios ?
Angelica NN Should applications remain? Type I get dubbing, but the application itself does not disappear (where to put it?
Kobylanovna Aruzhan Cool. I can not
Mars Ildarovich I managed to make an icon, but now there is an icon and without, how to make it only with an icon?
CLUB OF ROMANCE Hello, I have a really big problem. I don’t have this plus sign. please help me
Alena Pechenkina The image is not put on the widget, what to do
Seryozha Pavlov And apps for widgets are paid ?
Ignat Novoselov How to update ios14.
Liza vev I have one when I click on the change of the economy, just glyphs appear glyphs and that’s it
Yana live How do you make the font black on the desktop? I do not understand(
Amina Ospanova I changed the icon as a YouTube, but I have two YouTube, one with a picture that I put and the second as a regular YouTube to delete it or something?
Eva Trotsenko I have already installed other icons for a long time?
Renata Latypova How to save the widget? I just try but nothing works
Yana Hrul And what to do if you cannot add a picture widget to the desktop itself. Only on the panel that opens on the left
Umar Seitaliev I can’t put my photo on the icon, I can only choose a color, what to do. It seems that I did everything like this (((
Megan black I can not install version 14 of ios I have 6s iPhone and I have version 12.4.9 and it writes to me in the media widget or whatever it is necessary to install these updates (
Yaroslav Nesterov And they take up the memory of new icons?
KittenSafinochka Meow And if applications are duplicated?
Kira Vasilevskaya A terrible update for the tablet, there is no plus sign in the corner, and then in general it can be done in a hidden place.!
SHiRa UwU I did everything, but after I changed the icons, I tried to go into these applications, but I always have in absolutely everyone, why.
Dimka PUBG MOBILE Aigerim Olzhabayeva means you have chosen in each, i.e. did something wrong follow the instructions in the video
Paris Mylnikov But what if I accidentally deleted WidgetSmith? ((
ItsArina PTS Music from the game Winx, what nostalgia.
Miscellaneous_ Shit And then you can return it back?
Alexandra shandruk I can’t download one
oldoviy 4elik It’s funny I’m a boy with Ay pad, but it’s a pity you can’t download pictures through. but okay, then I’ll take some place to thank you for the lesson
Aigerim Olzhabayeva I have one, when I click on the screen to change the widget, I just don’t have an application and I can’t change my photo?
Why can’t I move my widgets? If I move them it returns to its place
Sati Kerimova Like for Winx song)
Sosha Kristina Gronvald
Moon horses And then how to return the original application icon?
myrzabekova That’s why I sit with my six and cry, because I also want these widgets, but I do not have these photo widgets
Verstachek Buy Android hosppad
Sofia Svzova Sashchulya fellow!
habaz I have version 14.0.1 of the plus sign on my desktop, what should I do?
Kristina gronvald People and on the iPhone 6 there is an update?
Only for 6s
Dasha and what to do if you made icons, but the application itself remains the same and does not disappear even if you made ?
borelignat but how, for example, to return the usual application icon back?
Valentina Nikolaevna Aronova but what if on iPad 2018 I updated to version 14 and the widgets do not work (
Aesthetics of lina I have an iPad, but the widgets only work from the side
Guzelyaa Mamatova How to put two small widgets ?
flipchoppa Tell me how to remove from?
ksuklui Hi) Maybe any of you canceled these commands? Could you tell me how to return the original icons?) Thanks.
arirai Juls, the original icons do not need to be returned, they always remain on the screen, the commands are simply added to the original icons)
Irina iamsasha means to delete the command and return the original widget from the library?
Whoopsen And pupsen Then why is it necessary at all, if such stupidity (commands are opened). I thought so
ulyline And if there is no plus sign
MiHa ʕᴥʔ Why doesn’t this bullshit work for me?
Stranger things stop what? is this a winx melody, bloom games? OAAOOAOA ️ ️ ️ ️ ️
Juls Alina Alina yes, that’s right
I get not to open the application, but to open the file
Juls I didn’t understand, but on the iPad also? I just don’t get this picture, where are the attachments?
darinius It’s sooooo cool
Tertychny Timofey 1:18 why don’t I have three points? Pancake
Sasha Agapova I have no sign to add widgets, I have an iPad pro 2020
Alina alina kira baisheva swipe right
where to change the icon it offers colors and not a photo what to do?
mashk0 goof Oops, winx soundtrack
sonya 12
Candy world thank you
Oasis Beach Do you want a joke? Then get it, In short, I downloaded it, as if two sentences, one sentence with my icon and the second with the one in the original
Ainur Bauzhanova Why am I watching this with android?
kira baisheva I do everything as you said, but nothing changes for me
With milanee I still have iOS 13: I want to cry
Shrimp Delicious You can upgrade your phone.
SG. Daisy I want to change the YouTube icon but it is not in the list
Ksen Nurzada Like without looking
Uali abdolla you are welcome!
Just Account Eh, I have an andoid
Victoria Panova Shortcuts
xynya kkkolvjopy Oh, all I have been trying for 1 month to make this stupid update does not work out.
Hanna kobets That is, there will be two applications
soft baby And then the icons can be changed to ordinary ones.?
Miss_Brawl_Stars_ The question of the year, what to do with those remaining applications that are without these beautiful icons?
ZLATKA BUN And how to add applications removed from the “home” screen back?
Channel peter And what if I write that you need IOS 13 or more?
Sho with ios done, Jobs help
Caxarok Ukonka Ivan tastes and colors, everything suits me;)
CRUSH Why do I have a duplicate application?
Dalamalalalala _ And how to make different wallpapers for different pictures ?
SAFINA But it works on iPad too?
lia moon I have a pancake application without a beautiful icon remains on the work table, where to put it away
ᴍᴏʟʟʏ ᴛʏᴀɴ And at 6 you can.
Dilnaz Yusupova I only have my own paintings, but they are not put from the gallery
vladislava Barishok And how or where to find such pictures?
Ivan Aaa those applications that used to be where to put? Or they will go away by themselves
The music from the Winx game made me go look for it and download it)))))
Sergei Stankevich And it is fashionable to remove the old tick or where to put it?
Melissa stieger And this can be done on all phones
ッ Kurilin And how to remove remove vidos
Michelle koamy How to change the wallpaper so that it is different on the “home” screen?
Mila Kataeva When you set the wallpaper, a choice appears, on the lock screen, on the home screen, or on both, what you want to lock, click on the lock screen, and then separately the background on the home screen
Alina Aitmukhambetova Christina Sulimskaya, she means that when you turn over the page, the photo also changes, but it does not work that way, if you put it on home, it means on all pages (except for blocking)
Riana Odijie Please help I don’t have that plus sign in my desktop Only widgets are added to where they usually stand Help (
Monstrik Kick when they answer
Sell ​​saturn help me please. I’m trying to download the app widget, but it gives me an error. ostensibly, I do not have iOS 14. although, I have 14.01. what to do?
Yana Koroleva I don’t understand how to say widget
Ulyana Ushakova But what if the usual widget is still installed
Bad boy And how to remove a photo on the application
Liza Kondratishina In the background a melody from the game Winx
Christina Sulimskaya Please tell me. After you replaced the icon, what to do with the application itself? (Can I delete)
Alena Bersan And what to do if, instead of the word SCRIPTS, he writes documents, and below it is written to open the file in the “Select” application?
Mini Star V Can you tell me how to remove widgets from the application itself? I just made a few extra ones and how to remove them?
Defne Omerievna and sat down to delete applications that all pictures will be deleted?
ⲙⲟⲟⲛ ⲥⲏⲓⳑⲇ How do you think to update iOS 14?
Naruto Uzumake I can somehow change under the photo on the Widgetsmith screen to my own inscription?
equestrian Girl How are these widgets in Russian? I do not have
Aisa Medina I can’t, write (show in the “open in” menu) plz help
Alpen gold And then how to remove the picture from the application icon, and do everything as it was?
_ coffees _ just remove this icon, it’s just a command, not the application itself
Katya Shako I have a question (not quite to the video), what to do if I am told that I have the latest software, but there is somewhere 12.8?
ntrrpv Roblox iOS 14 is not released yet, you need to download it
milky _way Ruslan Taraskin iOS 14 has already been released as an official update on all supporting devices, it does not need to be downloaded from anywhere
Ava Ksyusha Privet Lol what is your iPhone model? Perhaps this software is no longer supported 🙁
Timur Bondarenko iamsasha I have a question, what should I do if I do not have a square in the lower left corner of the mute to understand how to change the icon
Micah Micah Efficiency 0%
Amelia Belkevich It’s a pity that I have Android
Milana Bogovich I have the same eh \
mbbsh Is it an iPhone or android phone
Privet lol I have a problem on my iPhone
Ruslan Taraskin Emily Korinsky what?
Where is this function, open the application ”.
Like “open an app on Apple TV”.
I am a cloud How to save a widget in the first program.
Yurok Yurok Why can’t I do it on 5se?
Nezuko_-chan iOS 14 is not installed on 5se, so all functions are unavailable)
mom Mamul Ka @iamsasha sorry
Alina Malina damn, I have one so I click on Add and it does not click, please tell me how this can be fixed
Emily Korinsky After the change gives
It’s free?
Nastyaha Nid Is the 3D touch screen squeezed? Or sawed out?
Nastyaha Nid Katherine M in my opinion everything is in place;)
Mil’OK TV What to do if applications do not open, but only open several times?
Azalea gareeva How to save the widget?
How to remove now ?
Azalea gareeva Su_yong bi_ just delete)
Lyov_ PGSO iamsasha thanks
Liza Burmistrova Karishka Karshmk was so conceived!
Katherine M Widgetsmith
Aynel oserbay How to save widgets?
Clown likee I have an iPad and I don’t have a plus sign on the screen, what to do?
Su_yong bi_ Answer how to withdraw plus? I click on home comes out siri
Defne Omerievna is not at home, but you need to press the screen, just hold down an empty space on the screen
Su_yong bi_ hexago hossade live long
Karishka Karshmk How to remove the original application??
Motion Cream Hello, please explain what to do if there is no plus sign on the desktop? Pliiiz answer ️
Dmitriy Chernyak you definitely have iOS 14?
Gacha Films @mbbsh yes i have the same problem. Updated today, so updated.
ibaranobara Well, because you need to squeeze from scratch
Defne Omerievna What if I have iOS 13
hexago Upgrade Imaniyaz Inayat to 14
Defne Omerievna Update iOS 1. Put the device on charge and connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. 2. Go to Settings General and then click Software Update. 3. Click Download and Install.
Đéɱǿή 01 iamsasha wants to update you so that you don’t know how to write, otherwise fools are not allowed
CRUSH Nargiza Dauletbekova thanks
Defne Omerievna @ Imaniyaz Inayat no reason
mbbsh @iamsasha people, you are ok?
Khurem Sultan But how can I change the icons back? so that it is supposedly not through commands, but as before?
Elizabeth You just delete those applications that you made through the commands. And you return all the hidden applications (they are in the application library)
Where do you edit the video??
Nargiza Dauletbekova soft girl Adobe premier pro
Imaniyaz Inayat How to save
Nargiza Dauletbekova this is music……. she is from the game Winx
Natural rat Where to find such pink pictures for applications??
tired of love And where did you put the video on your phone?
Vlada Snezhkova soft girl just overlaid the iPhone “contour” png on the screen recording;)
Erza Dmitrevskaya I didn’t understand.
Aliya Bokova Why can’t my picture work? All black is there
Macmillan k please answer, why can’t I insert a photo into shortcuts? I do exactly the same. but it doesn’t work
PUTIN_ POWER_2024! well, I kind of like this feature is not available on some iPhone models
valeria premudraya And if I have not yet installed Ios 14?
Elzata Khamirova Polinka princesska this update may not be available for your model, the official release was already a couple of weeks ago
Aliya Bokova iamsasha thanks already updated
And how to find different backgrounds for the application, such as black Instagram
Masha M You can search Tanzila Arapieva on 😉
Evelina Kharitonova How do I save a photo to widgetsmith? help me please
Just Ainur can’t slow down
qwerxzn what if the widget is not saved?
aisha gizat what do you mean “not saved”? Not in any program?
Polina angels I don’t understand what the problem is, but I can’t install all applications with widgets, writes that IOS 14 or higher is needed, but I have the 14.2 update installed, strange
how to install this 14ios
Polina angels Merey Alimkerei update the operating system as you always do
Hwang De Lin PHAHAH
Polka. exe Help
Alexander Ivanov Prompt a site with purple icons
aisha gizat What to do if you can’t put photos and you can only change the color of the icons? (
Hello. Such a question: I created a folder, it included “photos” and “watches”, accidentally deleted the folder, how can I add or restore these icons on the main screen? I found and did everything
ava freestyle Please answer, you can delete the application that was originally and leave the same application but with a different picture
Merey Alimkerei riannna53 yes, you can send it to the archive
@iamsasha like?
Green Delin For some reason, this application does not show for me. when i click on
Hey! you are talking about the desktop?
Evelina Kharitonova try after “” in the search bar to drive in the name 🙂
Christina Sviryakina iamsasha yes
Horima mey @Dasha Tsareva try to do, as I wrote above) which program, by the way, does not show?
pleer797 iamsasha tried it, doesn’t show it at all
riannna53 iamsasha widgetsmith
@Dasha Tsareva hmm, very strange, maybe some kind of incompatibility with phones 🙁
ulyline ?
Dasha Tsareva
say the same application pzh for 10iPhone iks ses max pzh zalikate I just really want n0 can not
Em. These apps are for all iPhones
Dasha Tsareva And how to download on Android Widgetsmith?
Cherry: 3 for Android has its own programs with widgets, and these are exclusively for iOS 14
Dasha Tsareva @iamsasha Can you please tell me? what are good programs with widgets for android
Dasha Tsareva Cherry: 3 I don’t know, to be honest, I don’t have an android just write widgets in the playmarket and install the ones you like)
@iamsasha Thank you
Tertychny Timofey I am pleased to! since I removed the commands and could not download back. but then I realized that I had to enter not “commands” but “shortcuts”
Vasilisa Kyhalskaya I CAN’T CHANGE ICONS
Vic Bury The whole iPhone messed up with one color. Add white and there will be more menie
Elizabeth DEE I didn’t ruin your iPhone, but I’ll deal with mine myself
Cherry: 3 @iamsasha Why so rude? read it as a joke
DEE I was joking too;)
Cherry: 3 And this app is free. ️ ️ ️
Yes, it was originally downloaded on your iPhone
Cherry: 3 Lol kek cheburek Thank you
No Name Satenik Davtyan all applications in the video are free ✨
Karla Asanova on Android you can download the ‘ios launcher’ attachment, there you can also change icons and add widgets, I like it, I use if anyone is interested, I can help you figure it out
DEE On Android, all this has been available for about seven years and is better implemented in the development.
So what?)
DEE @iamsasha nothing, just a fact.
Bliin, and what to do if when you have already set everything up on the icon, but when you press add to the screen home, you are thrown to the instructions on how to do this, and in all ways it throws you out ?
I am a cloud And I don’t have the “Add” function next to “Open”
Satenik Davtyan You can’t do something like that. to make apps open without command app ?! Very uncomfortable
Alexandra Dmitrievna no, you can’t)
asa akira music from the game Winx
Hika baio Sonya Kolcheva yeah
would like to manage time
Hika baio I would very much like
Arina Kozienko Guys, my applications stopped opening. I click on the icon, transfers it to the commands, and that’s it. Did anyone have this? How to fix ? If anything, everything worked before
lil barbie I cannot download Win. Well, this is a proposition
Black Cherry Varvara Korotkova what application?
Alexandra Dmitrievna It is possible on Redmi
What if I have an iPhone with five es and I don’t even have iOS 13 in my settings?
Sonya Kolcheva it means, unfortunately, these updates are no longer available to you 🙁
@iamsasha sorry (
Just EDITH You’re just an angel SUBSCRIBE
Just EDITH This music in the background brings me into deep nostalgia
Keeree swem 08:29 pm glad to everyone who recognized the music ✨ it is in almost every video, a certain feature of the channel
Varvara Korotkova Music from the game winx. What nostalgia
And on the iPhone SE 2020 it will turn out?
Azaliya mey Rouse Jung of course)
Asina. fantasia And what if I don’t have a plus at the top when you pinch the screen? I have if that iPhone X
mb update 14 iOS?
Asina. fantasia Frutella I understood long ago
RUI Commands only on ios are available
08:29 pm CaXoPok 25 yes
What to do with the original icons? Just to another table?
gelmorx x Olga Olga in IOS 14 there was a function to hide any desktop, you can familiarize yourself with this more closely in the general characteristics of updates, there you can close all original applications
Rouse jung iamsasha oo, by the way, I saw and forgot, thanks
I can’t change the application icon. When you click in the commands, you can select only colors and a glyph, or whatever, but not put a photo? (
dunkiwerx Dasha Kondrashova means you are clicking in the wrong place, take a closer look in sequence in the video. Add to the desktop. write the name. and on the left side there is a small icon. If you click on the icon in the main menu, then it gives only color, because it does not go to the desktop, but in the list of commands of the application itself.
Frutella And I don’t add widgets, why ?? They do not appear in the search for widgets
dunkiwerx Diana Bystrova try restarting your phone 🙂
I didn’t understand kaaaak to put them
Olga Olga Elina Chulkova desktop. “”. click on the desired widget
and if there is no plus sign.
Olga Olga Tatyana Senchenko means you don’t have iOS 14
Dasha Kondrashova iamsasha I installed it everything is written installed) maybe I’m doing something wrong?
and all thanks ooo))) I really looked it was not iOS 14)))
Diana Bystrova iamsasha sorry to bother but it should be 14.1.
Please tell me how to return regular icons
Darja Rozhkova Julia Prokhotskaya they remain on the desktop, they do not need to be returned in any way
Elina Chulkova and if I click on the application (after I changed the photo and the name) and another application comes out, it must be so or it’s me a sucker?
LITTLE STAR you are definitely not a sucker, but it shouldn’t be like that
Tatiana Senchenko @iamsasha and how to fix it then?
@iamsasha like, I open for example tik tok, instagram, youtube, safari gets out
Tatiana Senchenko LITTLE STAR you have probably made several applications in one command. there is one command for each application
Tatiana Senchenko .
Tatiana Senchenko The music in the background reminds me of the music from the old Winx game, am I right? As far as I remember this melody from there, aaav, nastolgiya
Yulia Prokhotskaya yes you are right ✨
From the bottom of my heart, I thought I wouldn’t find a video on this topic
LITTLE STAR IOS sos is happy to help
LITTLE STAR Tonya Ziabko
LITTLE STAR Where can you hide apps without icons? And how can I fix the fact that when I click on the application with the icon, it first shows me the “Commands” application? Please answer who knows
Sasha Lototskaya Alexandra Rekaid Girl you can simply close all programs in one folder, move them to a separate desktop, whatever;) if you do an operation through the “commands” application, then it is logical that the icons will open through it, this does not change
anastasiya tahtina If you change the application icon, then the number of notifications is no longer displayed on it?
Kiyuru UwU Alina Nadtochey, you do not change the application icon, but create a command that transfers you to the application, so there are no notifications;)
However, I changed the instagram icon to my own, and everything went out of the old instagram because of the old instagram, but I only needed it, but I just needed it.
IOS sos Guys, please help me, I can change the application of the picture. But when I pinch the screen or click on the application, I don’t get a plus sign. I have been faced with such a problem for a long time, no one talks about it anywhere. Who faced such a situation or knows how to solve it, please write if anything, iPad 2017. iOS 14.2 is present. Hope at least someone will help
Strange, I have no way to insert my photo, maybe I’m doing something wrong?
Tonya Ziabko I can’t either
Valeria Kuzmina, I already understood. There you need to click on “add home to the screen” or something like this is written there and there you will need to set the same avatar and there will be several options, but we need to “add a photo” or something like this should be written there. And export the photo there, save and you’re done
Alexandra rekaid girl aa, thanks to you, I finally understood how to cope with this problem! thank you very much !
bby annie 愛, please)
Alina Nadtochey You are just super awesome, the best! I reviewed all the videos that only exist and did not understand nothing. And here you are! Briefly and clearly. Thank you very much, you are just a miracle
Anel Gubasheva is always happy to help
Marina Pjonsak And how to make 6 ohms on the iPhone
dinomittka 081 Ibrohim Usmonov not sure if the six supports iOS 14
kokchi. te. iamsasha supports, but just like on 7, you can only make a colored icon on the application command, i.e. you can’t put your picture
Valeria Kuzmina Marina Bibikina means for older models there is a limitation of possibilities
kokchi. te. Marina Bibikina, you can, I did it from 7
bby annie 愛 anya plum you put the icons?
kokchi. te. NaSTYa, well, yes, their own
Anel Gubasheva Doesn’t it slow down the process of opening the application itself due to the fact that all the changed icons are opened through quick commands? Nice of course, but it seems to me that in stressful situations it can infuriate
Hate chan inner harmony will help you not to rage
Ibrohim Usmonov iamsasha ahahah hopefully
Well, I don’t understand why it was impossible to explain how to save this widget
Marina Bibikina just click on the word save
@iamsasha thanks, how can I translate it into Russian then
anya plum Why do I get 2 applications? The original and which I made with the icon how to fix? Or is it the way it should be
NaSTYa this is as it should be, but you can delete the original application by submitting it to the library. you clamp it as if you want to delete and there will be garbage like add to the library
anya plum Katarina Yashina I Pinch And Nothing
Hate chan Katarina Yashina, I threw it into the library and all the same, the commands are opened first and then the application, this will always be so?
Katarina Yashina, figured it out
Hate chan look, the application that needs to be removed (which is the original), you clamp it, and then you drag it to the side where the library is, and you release it on the screen, but it works (:
Erokhina dasha Alena Bersan I also have, I just can’t fix it
so that no commands open when you open the app, go to google reddit icon themer! there the system is a little more complicated, but everything is very clear, the only drawback is that with system applications it still throws through commands, but VK, instu, etc. opens perfectly) and there are no these nasty throws
Erokhina dasha Hello everyone, I have a problem, I change the picture on the widget in the color widgets application, then I click on set widget, add a new widget to the screen. and then I go back to add a new widget with a different picture, and I do the same thing for me that the first widget is the same picture and the second widget with the same picture. help me please
Katarina Yashina jonkuk pie and from the commands does not transfer further into the application itself?
anya plum @iamsasha Already all the rules
Alena Bersan iamsasha translates but very infuriates
anya plum iamsasha the way it should be?
anya plum @adigine alkadyrov yes, I’m used to it)
Mariana H And how to return back to the original icons?
reetoq Delete command
Feride Zhumagaliyeva Anya Asyutina you do not need to return them, the original icons always remain on the desktop, and what you see in the video is additional commands, like shortcuts
chanks. iamsasha what if I deleted them into the archive
Julia Prokhotskaya go to eppstor and download from the archive 🙂
chanks. Who loves aesthetics and Vlogs! Then you are on my channel, Come and subscribe If you are active subscribers on my YouTube, you write comments and like, I will subscribe to you
adigine alkadyrov Can I have a link? Please can’t find
adigine alkadyrov Question: what to do with well, if I did everything as you said, but I have two of them, what to do with the real one, I have two of them stupidly
ADRIANA BARABAN, hold down the icon, click delete and the “add to library” function will appear, the application will remain in the phone, but will leave the desktop)
Anya Asyutina I can’t do it alone?! I’ve been sitting for two hours
THEHORRORGAMES what exactly does not work? 🙁
iamsasha and I get one photo and the second one does not rub in any way (
Yulia Prokhotskaya @iamsasha please answer on Android will it work with these applications?))
Yulia Prokhotskaya 『CC』 aŠtØn I think not, but Android has its own wonderful applications for phone design;)
When you change the “icons”, you get two applications, can you do this? To have one?
Katyusha life The arrangement that came before. you can just drop it into the library
diana pluta Liliya Klenina already understood it herself, but thanks
ADRIANA BARABAN sour cream in IOS 14 there is a function to “hide” any desktop, you can watch individual videos on this topic, you can put all the original icons there and “hide”
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Hello everyone a few days ago there was an official release of ios 14 which pleased us with the opportunity to improve and decorate the desktop of our phone one of the new functions is the ability to add and customize and gd in a cube with which the trend of my youth to replace icons was revived, which is why in today’s video I will show how and where you can decorate the working panel of your phone and without unnecessary prefaces, let’s start and we will just start customizing the icons to change the appearance, you will need the command program that is in the basic set of the background program, if previously removed from my phone, then I will leave the link in description, so go to the command or as in the original name shortcuts and click on the plus sign in the upper right corner then add an action to the line search by action enter the words open scroll the page down and see the function opened the application click on it and then next to the word open we see the function select is he o and makes it possible to choose exactly that application; I feel the icon we want to customize; choose from the list and as soon as the application is fixed, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner after the function to add to the home screen appears and here our creative task begins, you can either create your own name or repeat the classic name of the application and by clicking on the square on the left side of this line you will be able to select any photo in your gallery to set it for the future icon like this and miracles of the desktop design happen to consolidate all our work, click add, duplicate the command name for the application itself to it was possible to customize this application without any problems and after we press the year stupidly and everyone congratulates you on the first successful step now let’s chat and the widgets are running and the iPhone functions have become stitched and of course private applications appeared immediately developing author’s widgets about which I will tell you I’ll tell you the first application one of the most diverse in my opinion the smith widget in this program there are three options for the size of widgets, as well as those with whom we will get acquainted later small medium and large having decided on the size, click on the widget itself and see an extensive settings window, you can choose the classic clock and calendar and their light and so on, or how can I put a regular image to decorate the desktop for this, you need to scroll down the window a little and see the custom section through which you can load a photo at the bottom of the screen, click on the selected photo and select any image from the gallery again, then save this widget and move to the desktop, hold down the screen to enable the editing function in the upper left corner, click on the plus sign and see all kinds of widgets available to us, absolutely all programs with widgets are added to this section by default, we naturally look for the one we need in this case, it sees smith, select the size, click add a widget and and voila, the first widget is ready to learn a photo widget application that is created exclusively for fixing a photo on the desktop by clicking on the plus sign, you can select up to 30 photos with, I’m not mistaken, which slideshow format will automatically change at the intervals you specified this function can be adjusted by clicking on the gear in the right corner for such purposes, we select a monotonous photo of pink silk that will suit the aesthetics of my desktop; further, as promised earlier, we simply select the desired widget in the section and edit the desktop and finally the third program color which its in which you can simultaneously customize both the background and the inscriptions themselves in fact, the main function of the widgets of the main menu is ready-made models of widgets from which you can choose the shaft you like, but we do not stop at this and go to create further, select any of the proposed widgets, click on it, these blooms and see the full editing panel, as always, first select once measures of the widget further we are offered a theme in the application there are three available, you can choose the font color the font itself and the photo for the background so that you can click from the odds and look for a suitable photo, I naturally put the logo of my beloved juicy haute couture let them save again, return to the desktop and add runs of the desired application, we will rejoice at our beautiful phone, what and this is the whole uncomplicated lesson for today, write in the comments if it turned out to be useful to you or ask questions if there are any, thank you very much for watching and for now

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How to change icons on iPhone using commands

Smartphones open up a huge number of different possibilities for us. And if many get used to the stable appearance of the interface, and do not even update the phone with the release of a new shell, others are just waiting for the update with new “buns”. This happened in iOS 12 with the advent of such a “chip” as Teams. Apple decided to make changes to the interface familiar to everyone, and added the ability to change application icons on iPhone with iOS 14.

How to install the Teams app

With the help of such a function, great opportunities open up before the user, thanks to which you can significantly save time. To clarify how to use, read the article at the link.

How to change application icons

Those who want to change the interface of their smartphone will be delighted with the Teams app. With their help, the user will be able to change the application icons if their standard appearance has already become boring.

How to do it? The process itself will not take much time. Step-by-step instruction:

  • First, you need to go to the Teams app;
  • Secondly, you need to click on the “” icon and then “Add action”;
  • Thirdly, a search bar will appear in front of you, where you need to enter “Open application“;
  • Fourth, choose the program, the icon on which you want to change;
  • At the top on the right side there will be three dots on which you should click, and then write the name of the team and add to the home screen.
  • In the window that appears, you need to click on the icon image and select the desired file.
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In other words, the same sequence can be performed with any application, and as a result, the smartphone seems to be completely transformed. This is important for those who are tired of looking at the same thing every day, and there is a desire to embellish something.

How the Teams app works

After that Apple noticed interest in this application and bought it in 2017, and also made it completely free.

If your iPhone has been updated to iOS 12, and you have installed this application, then the Teams will arrive as an update.

You can launch and work with the Commands application either manually or using Siri, a voice assistant.

When you enter the application, the first thing that catches your eye is two large, main sections:

  • Library. here are the created and loaded ready-made scripts.
  • Gallery. where you can search and add different scripts.

Many will find this update very convenient, because now the phone can be customized even more for themselves.

How to Change iPhone Ringtone Easily?

As it turned out, the simplest things to do on the iPhone are simple, but not so obvious. For example, changing the ringtone on a smartphone is not so easy. In this text, I will break down three possible ways to replace the ringtone on your iPhone.

Using iTunes

I’ll tell you right away: this method does not work with songs purchased from iTunes. But if you purchased a track on Bandcamp or SoundCloud, then quite.

Open iTunes and drop the song of your choice there. After that, right-click on the track and select “Song Details”. After that, in the “Options” section, select any piece of the song no longer than 30 seconds:

Click OK and convert this song to AAC. You can do this along the path “File” “Conversion”:

After that, you will have a shortened version of your song. Click on it with the right mouse button and select “Show in Finder” (“Show in Explorer” if you are using Windows).

Then go back to iTunes and remove this “stub” of the song from it, but leave the file in place. Open the Finder folder where you have the converted, shortened version of your favorite song. It will be in.m4a format. Rename it so that the track resolution is m4r:

After that, connect your iPhone to your computer and in iTunes go to the device sync menu. On the left you will find the item “Sounds”. Just drag and drop your.m4r file there:

Buying a ringtone

It’s okay to buy content. Including buying ringtones. At least that’s what Apple thinks. This can be done in the settings of your iPhone:

But there is a problem: you can not make a ringtone from all songs. What to do if your favorite track isn’t there?

Method without a computer

To do this, you need some kind of cloud storage, where you upload the song and the GarageBand program installed on the iPhone.

Download a track from the cloud to the GarageBand File Transfers folder in Files:

Then open GarageBand and create a new track. You can choose absolutely any tool. there is no difference.

Make an automatic number of measures right away by clicking on the plus in the upper right corner of the screen:

Then open the list of loops and in the “Files” section select the track you downloaded:

With a long tap, transfer it to the automatically created track:

Here you can trim the song however you like.

Then return to the list of GarageBand projects (upper left button) and with a long tap on the project with the future ringtone, call the context menu:

Click on Share. This window will open:

Click on “Ringtone” and call it what you want. Next, GarageBand will offer you to use it as a ringtone for all calls, only for a specific contact, or even for messages.

But if you want to change the ringtone, then you can do this along the path “Settings” “Sounds, tactile signals” “Ringtone”, where the song you created will be.

Bonus: how to turn off the flash on a call

I add, because it infuriates all the people around. Especially in the cinema:

This function is needed for visually impaired people who can see the flash. And only in this case, its use is justified.

Create Apple ID

Next, you will be asked to fill in the fields with personal data and answer security questions. Answers will allow you to regain access to your account if you forget your password. It is recommended that you write down the answers to your security questions and save them somewhere in a safe place so that in case of anything you can restore access. Please enter only real data. After entering, click “next”.

On the page indicating payment, indicate the card number. If you do not want to use the card, then you need to start registration by choosing some free application. When it is downloaded, it will ask for authorization and you need to select the “create Apple ID” item in the menu. Further steps will be identical. When you get to the registration of the card, select the item “no” and click “next”. Further steps are identical. A letter with instructions will be sent to the specified email address. Check your email and follow the link in the letter. This will complete the registration.

How to Customize App Icons on iPhone (iOS 14) | Kayla’s World

If you are under 13, you will not be able to create an account. Because there are age restrictions. Apple ID password must be at least 8 characters long and not have three repeating characters in a row. Must contain numbers. The password must not match the characters with the login. Consider these points, and you will register easily.

How to change Apple ID on iPhone?

Many people do not use their own account, because they believe that with a change in ID, they will lose all their personal data. This is not true. You can change your iPhone account without losing your personal information. Another misconception is that you must use a credit card to register an account. No, not required. Registration can be done for free.

To replace data, you do not need to use authorization on the site, you can do it directly from your phone. It is good if you have already changed data before, if not, then there are several ways of replacement: using a PC, through iTunes and directly from the device.

Create and change Apple ID on iPhone

In this article, we will show you how to set up an iOS device account.

There may be several reasons why an iPhone owner wants to change their ID. often than not, users have to change their username after purchasing a used device. when the new owner simply does not know the unique name previously assigned to the gadget. It is not at all difficult to create a new ID, it is only important to remember a few fundamental subtleties, on which the success of the venture directly depends.

First of all, an iPhone or iPad consumer should know that it is possible to change Apple ID directly from the device, which significantly reduces the time spent on the procedure. The user does not need to additionally register on the manufacturer’s website. The data in the phone or tablet memory will not disappear anywhere, photos, contacts and previously installed applications will be saved. In addition, the owner’s credit card is not required to create a new ID.

Change Apple ID from phone

If you bought a used smartphone, it may turn out that the previous owner left his account ID. To replace, you need to do the following: open the AppStore application icon on one of the desktops. In the working window of the application, at the very bottom of the main page, click “Authorized Apple ID” (it will be displayed as an email address).

A menu will pop up, click “exit”. You will again find yourself on the main page, click “enter” (the item is located in the same place where the newly authorized address was). Select “With an existing Apple ID” from the menu provided. Enter your login details. The change was successful, you can use the gadget further.

ICloud App Benefits

An Apple ID will provide many useful features for your device.

In view of this circumstance, the user has the opportunity to enter in the iCloud program not only his own personal data, but also other people’s. To some, this behavior may seem strange and illegal, because the introduction of someone else’s username makes it possible to download for free everything that was previously acquired by the previous owner. Today, on the vastness of the World Wide Web, you can find many services that, for a certain fee (relatively small), allow everyone to use specialized general accounts, in particular, accounts that have an impressive base of various purchased programs.

Replacement with PC

You need to go to the Apple ID management page from your PC. After logging out, log in using your account details. A section titled “Manage name, ID and e-mail address” will appear in the workspace. Additional features will be displayed below. Opposite the column titled “Apple ID and main e-mail”, click the “change” button. Next, enter your current email address, and an email with instructions will be sent to it. Next, open the letter and follow the link to confirm the changed data. After these steps, the account information will be changed.

Downloaded apps are displayed in iOS search.

Swipe down anywhere on the display to access the search function.

Enter the first letters of the app name, then select it from the search results. iOS will automatically reload the selected app from the App Store, and then the app will automatically sync with the saved data.

Remove or Unload. Advantages and Disadvantages

Unloading. Uploading removes the original application file, but retains all associated documents and data. Also, the program icon remains on the home screen, so it will not be difficult to restore it. Compared to deleting, unloading is not as efficient in terms of freeing up space, but the data associated with the unloaded application is saved on the device.

Removal. When you uninstall apps from your device, the app file, associated data and documents are completely deleted, allowing you to free up more space. The app icon will also be removed from the home screen, and if you want to reinstall it, you will need to download the app from the App Store and configure it again.

The main benefit of offloading is to save time — you don’t need to reconfigure the application. This functionality will be useful for owners of iOS devices who do not use iCloud Drive to organize files or use applications with the ability to store documents in the Apple cloud.

Click the icon of the unloaded application.

What’s the difference between deleting and unloading?

First, let’s note that deleting and unloading are slightly different processes. Uninstalling a program deletes all associated data, while unloading application-related information, settings, and documents remains on the device. An uploaded app can be easily restored if available in the App Store. Offloading is available in iOS 11 and later.

Data associated with uploaded apps is also backed up, which users automatically or manually save to iCloud or iTunes. Restoring a device from a backup will also restore settings and data. In some cases, when restoring from a backup, iOS may require you to enter an Apple ID that has not been used for a long time if the user has switched from an earlier device model to the current one. This may mean that the backup includes unloaded applications tied to the old ID.

Download unused apps, or how to set up automatic removal of unnecessary apps on iPhone and iPad

Surely every iPhone or iPad owner knows the problem when unused applications take up invaluable space on the phone. Fortunately, it will be practically “you can forget about it”. starting with iOS 11, a function appeared in the Apple mobile operating system that will automatically delete unused programs.

How to manually download unneeded apps on iOS

As mentioned above, the upload process is different from the uninstall process. In order to uninstall an application from your iPhone or iPad, you need to press and hold its icon on the home screen until it vibrates, and then click on the “x” in the upper left corner of the icon.

To unload the application, follow the instructions below:

Click on the application you want to upload.

Hint: For better user convenience, the apps are listed in order of decreasing size.

Confirm the action by choosing “Download program” from the pop-up menu.

Tip: If an application is marked as “Not used”, you can safely delete it without worrying about losing data as it was never created.

As an unwritten rule, it is recommended to delete applications that have not been used for more than six months or never at all.

App Store / Siri

Finally, it is possible to reinstall the application directly through the App Store.

Tap on the app and then tap on the pause icon.

Hint: Just ask Siri to download the app. If you ask the assistant to open the program, an error will be displayed on the screen.