How to change mail password on iPhone

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Control questions

How can I recover my password if I forgot to add a backup email address during registration or lost access to it? In this case, you will have to use the second option. the answer to security questions.

  • Go to iCloud Password Recovery.
  • Write Apple ID.
  • Select the “Security Questions” option.
  • Enter the date of birth that you wrote when registering an account.
  • Answer the questions you saved when you created your account.

After two correct answers, a password reset page will appear, where you need to set a new security key.

Backup mail

iCloud on iPhone is password protected by Apple ID. Therefore, figuring out how to recover iCloud password, we are talking about the security key from the identifier. The easiest way to reset it is to send the link by mail.

  • Connect iPhone to the Internet.
  • Open the settings. In the “iCloud” section, click on the “Forgot Apple ID or Password” link?
  • Specify the identifier. it is the mail address of Aycloud.
  • Select reset by e-mail.

If you linked a mailbox to your iCloud account on another service, an email will be sent to it with a link to reset your password. The email may end up in your Spam folder, so be sure to check it. After clicking on the link, you will be taken to the password reset page. Restoring access to iCloud:

  • Enter a new password.
  • Confirm it by typing a second time.
  • Click “Reset”.

After the reset, you can log into iCloud with your new ID. Be careful when recovering your password: an email with a link should come from appleid@ID.Apple. If the message contains a different addressee, do not open it and, moreover, do not follow the link.

Recover password and access to iCloud mail

How to recover iCloud mail and get back access to your account if you forgot your password? Reset iCloud password via mail or security questions answers and Apple ID recovery.

Two-step verification

If you turned on two-step verification when setting up your Apple ID, then use it to regain access to your mail.

  • Enter the code generated when you enable two-factor authentication.
  • Select the second device to receive the recovery code.
  • Enter the sent code on the first device.

Two-factor authentication is a scary thing. If you turned it on, and then forgot the code or lost a trusted device, then even the support service will not help restore access.

Identifier recovery

In both cases, password recovery requires entering an identifier. an address from the iCloud mail. If you have forgotten it, then a special form will help you remember:

  • Open the password recovery page in settings.
  • At the stage of entering the ID, click “Forgot Apple ID?”.
  • Enter first name, last name and backup e-mail.

If that doesn’t help you remember your Apple ID, call Support. Get ready to prove that you are the rightful owner of the device. The best confirmation of this will be a purchase receipt.

Can’t recover password

If you can’t recover your password, turn off iCloud services on your phone.

  • Open the “iCloud” section in the settings.
  • Slide all switches to off position.

All you have to do is leave the Find My iPhone feature on — you can’t deactivate it without a security key. If you bought the phone hand-held, and the seller has access to iCloud, then he will be able to remotely lock the device. Therefore, it is important when purchasing to check if the previous owner’s iCloud profile has been deleted.

If you created an account yourself, and then forgot the password, then nothing bad will happen. you just will no longer be able to use some of the useful functions of the iPhone until you find a way to restore your iCloud mail.

If you forgot your iPhone password, read how to quickly restore access here.

Try to recover Apple ID through Apple websites

If nothing works (you don’t even remember the first letter of your mail, which the Apple ID was registered with), then there’s nothing to do, go to one of the official Apple sites. or Apple ID and click the Forgot Apple ID button or password?

change, mail, password, iphone

On the next screen, you can try to enter the email address that is most suitable for the role of “correct”. Also, the Apple website will offer to find your ID. for this you need to click on a special link.

Go to the iCloud website

Visit one of the official pages. or Apple ID. If you have previously saved information about your E-mail, it will be displayed in the window. The main thing is to type the first letters.

If you are currently signed in to, click your name in the upper right corner and select iCloud Settings. Apple ID will be displayed at the top of the screen.

In the Find iPhone app on another iPhone or iPad

If you only have a friend’s or family’s smartphone at hand, open the Find My iPhone app (download link) and do the following:

Make sure the device owner is signed out of their account.

Click the link button Forgot Apple ID or password?

Enter your Apple ID and follow Apple’s instructions to reset your password.

How to remember (reset) your Apple ID password?

If you remember your Apple ID, but you forgot your password, you will have to reset it and set a new one. There are several ways to do this:

Forgot Apple ID and password, what to do, how to reset or recover

Apple ID is a key element of all Apple services. We use it on iOS devices and on Mac, with its help we enter iCloud, FaceTime, Calendar, iTunes, App Store But what if the username or password from your “ID” has not been used for a long time and has been safely forgotten?

On an iPhone or iPad with two-factor authentication

Click on your name at the top of the screen.

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Tap Password & Security.

Enter a new password, confirm it and click Change.

iCloud for Windows

It is worth making a reservation right away: there are no password recovery procedures for owners of iPhones, iPads and other Apple products. The user can only reset a forgotten access code and come up with a new one. preferably easier to remember.

Important: although there are no restrictions on the number of resets, this procedure should not be abused: sooner or later the developer will consider the actions of the account owner suspicious and will block him until clarification is received.

Recovering access to iCloud if you’ve forgotten your password is only slightly more difficult than putting a ringtone on your iPhone. The user will need:

  • Find the application icon. usually it is hidden in the “Hidden icons” of the quick access panel.
  • Click on it with the left or right mouse button and click on the “Login” button.

How to Update Your Email Password on iPhone

  • In the new window, use the link “Forgot Apple ID or password” located under the fields for login and password.
  • As a result, the user will be redirected to the Apple official website page. Finding out your access code here, as already mentioned, will not work; besides, with some degree of probability the user will have to deal with the English interface. To switch to Russian, click on the round flag icon in the lower right part of the browser window.
  • And choose your region and your country.
  • Now, to restore access to iCloud, you need to enter your username in the Apple ID field. if the iPhone owner has forgotten it too, you will have to use the corresponding link.
  • Having selected the option “I want to reset the password” on the new page (it is impossible to restore the access code), click the “Continue” button again.
  • And indicate exactly how you plan to restore the ability to authorize in iCloud. By choosing the first (letter to the email address specified during registration), the owner of the iPhone.
  • Will see a message about sending a letter.
  • In a few seconds it will come too; by clicking on the link contained in the text, the user is obliged.
  • Create and enter a new password twice. it must be different from the old one, be longer than seven characters and contain at least one number.
  • By clicking on the “Reset password” button, the user will see a message stating that the changes have taken effect, and an offer to log into their iCloud account; now it will be easier than downloading music to iPhone.
  • If the second option is chosen to reset the password, that is, using security questions.
  • The user will have to indicate the date of birth. the one that was entered during registration.
  • And answer the questions selected by the system. two out of three.
  • If all the data is entered correctly, the owner of the iCloud account will be able to proceed to creating a new password. the process is no different from the one described earlier.
  • Done! Now you should call the iCloud application window again and enter new data to access your account. no problems with authorization should arise.

You can also access iCloud from another popular application. iTunes; you do not need to sync your iPhone with your computer. The recovery process is as follows:

  • The iPhone owner launches the program, and then calls the drop-down menu “Account”.
  • In the window that opens, clicks on the link “Forgot your Apple ID or password?”.
  • Now it will be redirected to the already familiar page “Having problems logging into your account?”; what to do next is described in detail in the previous section.

If you failed to recover your password

If you can’t remember the password, the backup mail was not specified in the settings, and the support operator says that they cannot help, because you have not proven that you own the device, then the only option is to disable all iCloud functions on the iPhone.

  • Open the settings and go to the “iCloud” section.
  • Move the switches of all services to the “Off” position.
  • Leave only Find My iPhone enabled. It cannot be deactivated without a password from Iclaud.

If you do not disable iCloud on your phone, then the person who has the password will be able to view contacts, photos, messages and other information synchronized with the cloud storage through the web interface. If you registered an Apple ID yourself and you simply cannot recover a forgotten password, then you can do nothing. no one will gain access to your personal data.

Two-factor authentication

Another convenient option for how to correctly set a new password and reset iCloud, if you forgot the old one, is to use two-factor authentication. However, you will be able to do this only if this procedure has already been installed in your account.

If so, then on your smartphone you need to open the application on a trusted device and go to the personal section in the settings, and then open the “Security” subsection and start recovery. All that is required of you further is to follow the prompts of the system and enter the code at the right time.

On older systems, you can also reset your password using two-factor authentication, but here this is done through the “Account” section in iCloud.

If you have selected a Mac as a trusted device, then you will need to do the following:

  • First, open system preferences.
  • There you need to open the section “iCloud” and go to the subsection “Accounts”.
  • If after that the system asks you to log in, select the option “Data lost”.
  • Then select “Reset” from the menu.

Contacting Support Apple

If you don’t want to act on your own, but you need to restore access to your iCloud account, the owner of the Apple equipment can contact Support:

  • Going to the website, click on the “Support” button.
  • On the page that opens, find the link “Contact Support” and click on it.
  • Next. click on the Apple ID button.
  • Select the problem “I forgot my Apple ID password” in the new window.
  • If the user can chat right now. click on the “Talk to Apple Support”.
  • And in a new window, enter your account details and a cell number by which the consultant can contact the client.
  • As a rule, the specialist calls within five to ten minutes after the application is made. You may have to wait up to half an hour; if after this time there is no incoming call, you should make the request again. or try one of the previously described options.

Can’t Update or Change Email Password on iPhone or iPad?

Advice: if you don’t want to talk now or you don’t have an opportunity, you should schedule a call by clicking on the next box and choosing a suitable day and time.

Via iCloud

The data will be changed through the official website in the desktop version of the browser. Therefore, the procedure is as follows:

  • Go to the website in your computer browser and log in with your Apple ID, on which you need to change the password;
  • After authorization, click on the “Account Settings” tab;
  • In the next window, click “Manage” under the Apple ID tab;
  • You will be redirected to another page, where you will again need to specify the data from your account (log in again);
  • In some cases, additional authentication is required, so a request may be sent to your smartphone with the same account. Confirm it and enter the verification code in the browser;
  • In the “Security” tab, click “Change password”;
  • Next, specify the old version, and come up with a new one, confirming it again, and then confirm the operation.

At this point, the procedure for changing the combination will be carried out and on your devices using the current Apple ID, you will need to authorize again.

Change your Apple ID password

An Apple ID account is required on every iOS smartphone. There are several ways to change it.

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How to change password on iPhone

There are a lot of possibilities on modern devices, so phones are a thing that accompanies most of the users always and everywhere, because confidential information, photos, videos, messages and many other data are stored there. Confidentiality is very important in this case, so on all smartphones, by default, you can set up a password to enter, there is a password when entering an account and other security measures.

And if you are reading this material, then you need to change the password on the iPhone. But what kind of password are we talking about? There are several sections that use their own login system in iOS, but we’ve covered all of them. Choose the option that you need and follow the steps step by step.

iPhone: How to Change Your Email Password

Via iTunes

iTunes is the official app from Apple, with which you can manage devices and purchases on them, as well as perform a large number of other operations, including changing your account password. Most importantly, you don’t have to connect your phone to do this. This is done like this:

  • Open iTunes and click on “Account”;
  • If you are already logged in, then click the “View” item, if not, then log in with your Apple ID and then go to this section;
  • In some cases, additional password entry may be required, so specify it;
  • The next window will display your account information. Here you need to click on the item “Change on the site”;
  • You will be redirected to the Apple page where you will need to select your region. In our case, this is Russia;
  • You will most likely need to log in again. After that you will be redirected to the page where you can click “Change password” and change it. This will be the same page as in the case of iCloud.

Change the lock screen password

The lock code or, as it is called in another way, the security key is used to prevent unauthorized persons if other persons take possession of your smartphones. They will not be able to unlock the iPhone without entering control characters. So, if you need to change the installed code, you can do this through the iPhone settings:

  • Go to the “Settings” of your device and click on the item “Touch-ID and passcode”;
  • Enter the lock code that is set on your phone. Entering this menu requires entering it;
  • Scroll down the list until you find the item “Change password code”;
  • Click on this item, specify the old code and enter the new one.

This completes the procedure for changing the lock code on the iPhone. But at the same time, your Touch ID will still use the same fingerprint, regardless of the code change.

What passwords are on the iPhone?

At the moment, there are three types of passwords in the iPhone, namely:

  • Apple ID account. When registering an account with Apple, you must specify a password, since without it you will not even be able to download the application in the App Store;
  • Lock screen. Used when unlocking the device. It can be set as a simple code, consisting of 4-6 digits, and a complex one of various characters;
  • Limitations. The password is set in the restrictions section, so you can block access to certain sites, for example, 18 or restrict the launch of certain applications.

Below we have considered for each case the possibility of changing the password on the iPhone, so if necessary, you can change it at any time.

Apple Store

This method involves changing the password also on your device, just not through the settings, but in the App Store, right in your account:

  • Open the App Store on iPhone and click on the account in the upper right corner;
  • Click on your account again to go to its settings. In some cases, you need to re-enter your Apple ID password, so enter it;
  • In the next window you will be asked to go to a separate page to change your password. Click on it;
  • If you use Touch ID or Face ID, you won’t have to enter your Apple ID password in the browser version. Just look at the screen or tap with your finger;
  • Then click the “Security” item to go to the security settings;
  • Here click on the item “Change password” and specify a new one.

This completes the process of changing the password for your account. Thus, you can change it at any time, even without having access to your smartphone.

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How to set up mail on iPhone

Today every modern person has an electronic mailbox. Every day he goes to the global web to check mail or send a letter to a business partner, friends or acquaintances. Undoubtedly, an e-mail box provides a lot of advantages: at any time you can share any media information with people, be it a video or a photo.

In this manual you will find the answer to the question “How to set up mail on an iPhone (iPhone)” of any model. Follow the steps and everything will work out.

Everything you need for this. it is Internet access. Owners of iPhone mobile phones often ask themselves the question: how to set up mail on their gadget? In this article, we will try to give you step-by-step instructions for setting up mail on iPhone.

If you have any difficulties with setting up mail on your iPhone and you are a resident of St. Petersburg, you can contact the staff of our service center for help. We work daily and without interruption. We can also repair iPhone using original spare parts.

To become a mobile mail user, you need to do the following:

  • Open the “Settings” section (for English versions. “Settings”);
  • We select the item “Mail, addresses, calendars”;
  • In the item “Accounts” select the item “Add” (AddAcount);
  • From the list of suggested mail sites, select the required one, or click “Other” (Other);
  • In the window that appears, select “New Account” and then enter your name. The entered name will be displayed for those to whom you will send letters;
  • In the next field “E-mail” enter your email address. It can be a box wound on., and so on. Be extremely careful when entering the address. It must be recorded in the same format as on the website;
  • In the “Password” field, enter the password from your e-mail;
  • In the “Decription” box, enter a name for the configured mail to easily distinguish one customized mailbox from another;
  • And finally, click “Save”;
  • After the performed operations, exit the settings menu, and on the screen, click on Pop.
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In this section, you need to configure the incoming mail server (for English-speaking iPhone phones. Incoming mail server):

  • In the “Hostname” column, enter or pop., Or another site on which the email account is created;
  • In the “Username” column, we again very carefully enter the mailing address, without errors;
  • You do not need to enter the password, because you have already written it down.

Next, you need to configure the outgoing mail server:

  • In the “Host name” column, enter or;
  • In the “Username” column, again very carefully enter the full email address, for example;
  • Enter the mailbox password.
  • We save the changes, and your mail is ready to use!

How to set up mail updates on iPhone?

How to set up mail delivery (e-mail) on iPhone or iPad

  • On iPhone or iPad, open Settings → Passwords & Accounts.
  • Select the “Load Data” menu.
  • Specify a Push, Sample, or Manual schedule for the required mailboxes. You will find a description of each mode below.

What is an Incoming Mail Server Hostname?

Outgoing mail server: hostname:; username: email address (eg [email protected]) ;; password: password from email.

How to change mail password on iPhone?

Automatic email account setup

  • Go to the “Settings” menu “Passwords and accounts”.
  • Click “Add Account” and select a mail service.
  • Enter your email and password.
  • Click “Next” and wait until the account is checked by the “Mail” application.

Sign out of your Gmail inbox?

  • Open Gmail.
  • In the upper right corner, click on your photo.
  • Click Sign Out.

How to sign out of your Gmail inbox on iPhone?

  • Open the Gmail app. on iPhone or iPad.
  • In the upper right corner, click on your profile photo.
  • Click Manage Accounts.
  • Select the account you want.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap Delete account.

How to change mail password on iPhone?

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open the Gmail app. Click the Settings menu icon and select your account Manage your Google account.
  • At the top of the screen, click Personal Information.
  • In the “Profile” section, select Password.
  • Enter your new password and click Change Password.

How to change your iCloud account name?

Everything about Mac, iPhone, iPad, iOS, macOS and Apple TV. On Mac

  • Open the Mail app, from the top menu, select Mail, then Settings.
  • Go to the Accounts tab and select the desired email account.
  • If you want to change your iCloud address information, under Alias, select Custom.

How to find out the password from mail on iPhone?

Passwords saved in the Keychain (iCloud Keychain) can also be viewed through the Settings of the iOS device.

  • Launch iOS Settings;
  • Go to the Passwords & Accounts section and select Site & Software Passwords.
  • Enter your lock passcode or use Face ID (Touch ID) to sign in;

How to change mail account on iPhone?

Go to Settings, Passwords & Accounts. Click New Account, Other, and New Account. Enter your name, email address, password, and account description. Click “Next”.

How to remove the old owner’s Apple ID?

  • Sign in to with your Apple ID.
  • Open Find My iPhone.
  • Click “All devices” at the top of the screen.
  • Select the device you want to remove from iCloud.
  • Click Erase [device].
  • Click “Remove from Account”.

How to reset iCloud account without password?

Go to the Apple () System Preferences and click iCloud. Select “Account”. If you need to enter your Apple ID password, click Forgot Apple ID or Password? and follow the instructions on the screen. … Select “Security” “Reset Password” or “Change Password“.

Gmail (Google mail)

Mail from Google, also called Gmail, is used by almost every owner of a tablet or smartphone on Android. Firstly, without it, you will not be able to install any application from the Play Store. And secondly, access to all Google services is provided through this e-mail box. So, to change your Gmail password, follow these steps:

  • Open the Gmail app on your smartphone. It is usually located in the Google theme folder on your desktop.
  • Click on three points located in the upper left corner of the screen. In the side menu, select “Settings”.
  • We mark the account, the password for which you want to change. Then click “Manage Google Account”.
  • Go to the “Personal Information” tab and find the “Password” item. Click on it and enter the current password from email.

Change password in Google email

Now you can safely close this application. All changes have already been successfully saved. You will receive a notification on the password change by e-mail.

How to change your email password on your phone

Every person uses e-mail in one way or another in the modern world. Someone uses it to send all sorts of files, and someone simply registers on the sites via email. The scope of the e-mail box is extensive, and in all cases, you need to enter a password to gain access to your account. Each user comes up with it independently. Experts recommend periodically changing your login information to improve the security of your personal information. Therefore, many are interested in how to change the email password on the phone. You will find the answer to this question with detailed instructions below.

The principle of changing your email password from Mail is quite simple. But for clarity, we have compiled step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to the site and perform authorization in the e-mail box.
  • Click on the icon of three stripes in the corner of the screen, then select “Settings”.

The system notifies that after changing the password, the account will be automatically logged out on all devices. Keep this in mind.

Yandex Mail

So, to change the password in Yandex mail from your phone, you first need to open your mobile browser and enter your email account. To do this, simply go to the official website of the platform and enter the data from your account. Then we do the following:

  • Click on the profile icon located in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Here we click on the name of our mail again. As a result, a small menu will appear, in which we select “Passport”.
  • In the text we find the words “Change password” and click on them. A page will open with a change in registration data.
  • In the appropriate column, enter the current data from the account, and then specify the new password twice. Please note that a strong password must be at least eight characters long and include capital letters and special characters. To save the changes, enter the verification code and select “Continue”.

After that, the current password from the mail will be reset and replaced with a new one. It will also automatically log out of your account on all devices. This is necessary to increase the safety level of the procedure.

How to change your email password on your phone

Depending on the e-mail used, the principle of changing the password may differ. Now the most popular are mails from Yandex, Google and Mail. Let’s just look at the instructions for each of these services.

What can be said at the end? And the fact that changing the email password on the phone is no more difficult than installing some kind of application. Everything is intuitive and simple. If you have any questions, please write them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. We will be happy to answer each of them.!