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White spot on iPhone screen

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If you notice a white spot on the iPhone screen, this indicates a problem in its operation. Defects in the image signal the breakdown of internal assemblies and components. To determine the nature of the malfunction, you need to find out the causes of the spot on the screen.

External examination and detailed diagnostics of the smartphone will determine the performance of the iPhone. If you are familiar with the device of modern smartphones, you can do it yourself. If spots appear immediately after purchasing the phone, contact the service center to carry out warranty repairs or replace the mobile device.

Causes of Image Defects

If white dots, black spots, or white streaks appear on the iPhone screen, it means that the smartphone was affected by negative factors. These include:

  • software glitches
  • mechanical damage (dropping the phone, pressing the touch screen hard)
  • moisture ingress (contact with any liquid)
  • factory defects (damaged pixels, stuck sensor and display, illiterate LED assembly)

If cracks appear on the iPhone screen after a fall, particles of dust, sand, and moisture can get inside the case through them. This will inevitably lead to defects in the operation of the backlight, and if the cause is not eliminated in a timely manner, such important parts as the matrix, touchscreen, display will fail.

Ingress of moisture inevitably leads to oxidation of parts. Problems with the screen may not appear immediately, but over time, not only stains will appear, but also more serious deviations.

Software glitches that appear in the form of spots indicate a failure of the microcircuit responsible for controlling the screen.

How to fix problems yourself?

If the iPhone screen is white, you can try to do certain actions yourself. First of all, you need:

  • inspect the device for external damage to the screen (cracks, scratches, stains)
  • clean the glass from dust and sand
  • overload the phone
  • turn the backlight on and off

If these steps did not help, and the iPhone screen is purple, you need to contact a specialist. As practice shows, methods of self-troubleshooting give a temporary effect; in the future, you need to resort to the help of masters. Once you’ve identified the damage to your device, you can figure out how to recover it.

If you ignore minor deviations in the smartphone, it will be fraught with more expensive repairs.

Signs of a gadget malfunction

A white spot on the iPhone screen is one of the signs of breakage. If you see dark spots or light spots, then one of the parts is out of order:

  • the matrix
  • plume
  • touchscreen
  • backlight

Owners of Apple technology often encounter similar problems, and not many people know how to remove a stain, white background or dots on the screen. Knowing the reason, it is much easier to fix the breakdown. To do this, you need to change the screen module, install the protective glass yourself or with the help of specialists.

Benefits of qualified assistance

If a stain appears on the display, this significantly affects the operation of the smartphone, so this problem cannot be ignored. If the iPhone screen is dark after being dropped, or moisture has entered the case through cracks, or spots are visible, contact a professional who will repair your phones as quickly as possible.

Internal parts (loop, pixels, backlighting) of Apple technology are very fragile and easily damaged. Specialists use high-precision equipment and tools to remove stains and restore the backlight on the iPhone screen.

Turning to the specialists, immediately discuss with them:

  • repair cost
  • terms of work
  • duration of the guarantee

If you are satisfied with the terms of cooperation, then you can trust your mobile device to a specialist.

Where to find qualified craftsmen?

Finding experienced professionals who provide low-cost services is not easy. Masters who repair smartphones, remove stains and change any non-working part at an affordable price are registered on the Yudu website.

The masters presented at Yuda will perform all the necessary actions within an hour and return you a fully working smartphone with a quality guarantee. The cost of the repair will depend on whether the mobile has stopped working completely or only some functions are missing.

Performers work around the clock and will be able to fix the iPhone at your home or office.

Order the services of Yuda specialists, and the white spot on the iРhone screen will disappear, as your phone will be fully restored.

Why does the iPhone screen turn white?

The symptoms described above can have different initial causes. Let’s consider the probable causes of breakage and methods of “curing” the white screen on the iPhone:

  • software errors. “treated” by connecting to iTunes
  • breakage of the LCD panel. it needs to be replaced
  • breakdown of the digitizer (the device responsible for touch functions). replacement of the panel and digitizer is required
  • mechanical damage. diagnostics and restoration or replacement of parts is required

Fortunately, in all cases, except for the last one, the white display can be “cured” without going to the service, which means that long waiting times can be avoided.

White screen on Iphone

And get the best deals from trusted masters.

  • Compare and choose the best conditions
  • Feedback from interested professionals only
  • Don’t waste time communicating with intermediaries

Despite the fact that Apple produces fairly high-quality electronics, fans of gadgets with the apple logo are still not immune from problems, and one of them is the white screen on the iPhone. Sooner or later, such a nuisance can happen to every owner of a gadget, therefore it is better to immediately arm yourself with the knowledge of what to do in this situation.

How to understand that your gadget has this particular malfunction

The “white screen of death”, as iPhone users often call this problem, can be easily distinguished from any other malfunctions. The main signs of a breakdown:

  • the white screen on the iPhone is on, and the smartphone does not perform any further actions
  • a white screen and a black apple are on (as when loading the device), but the desktop does not turn on

In this case, the gadget usually turns off normally, but when turned on does not load the desktop. Both of these signs indicate that an error has occurred in the program, or the iPhone screen turns white due to hardware problems. As a rule, it is impossible to get rid of a white monitor using the usual methods. the gadget turns off, but when turned on it does not load the desktop, and the screen just continues to glow.

In some cases, getting rid of the “white screen of death” is quite simple, without even resorting to the help of specialists. However, if a gadget with an apple logo falls from a height, most likely the white monitor lights up due to mechanical damage, and it is far from always possible to get rid of it on your own.

If the screen is white due to digitizer failure

The third option, why the screen is white when you turn on the iPhone, is the failure of the touch panel. It is easy to distinguish it from the previous one: if the LCD breaks down, the phone will receive calls even if you see only a white screen in front of you. To answer a call, you just need to swipe across the screen where the call acceptance slider should be. If you cannot answer, then the reason is precisely the inoperative touch panel (digitizer). What to do next:

  • open the gadget as described above
  • take off the old digitizer
  • install new
  • after assembling the white screen should not appear

It should be noted that you can independently repair a smartphone even if it is under warranty. Neither the digitizer nor the LCD panel is factory sealed, so you will not violate your warranty claims.

When iPhone screen turns white due to software errors

The most common reason a white screen comes on is a software error. If the display turns white for this very reason, then you’re in luck. Fixing your phone is easy, and you don’t need to take it to a service center. To get rid of the “glitch” when the iPhone screen turns white due to errors in applications or iOS, it is enough to adhere to the following algorithm:

  • hold down the Home button and the shutdown button
  • hold the buttons until the device reboots
  • make sure the iPhone is working

If the reboot does not occur, you can try another option. hold down Home, then press the volume up and off keys. If the problem was in the software, the iPhone should work fine. However, it is possible that the white display will reappear after some time, because software errors rarely disappear on their own. The options for getting out of the situation are a new firmware or the delivery of the gadget under warranty. In Apple branded services, such problem devices are easily repaired or replaced with new ones.

IPhone screen and LCD panel

A broken LCD panel is a more serious problem. As a rule, this part cannot be repaired. However, a simpler outcome is also possible. if the panel itself is in order, and the contact simply disconnected. In this case, it is enough to do the following:

  • remove the back cover of your iPhone. arm yourself with small screwdrivers and a suction cup to gently remove the back cover
  • inspect all contacts (they are numbered). you should be interested in contact number 1
  • if it does not “sit” in the right slot. just gently insert it into place
  • assemble the device

If it was an LCD panel, then the white screen should stop glowing. After turning on the iPhone, it should boot normally.

When to contact a specialist

The most problematic option is mechanical damage to the device. If the gadget falls and you have a white screen and a black apple, or vice versa. the iPhone’s apple turns white, and the screen itself becomes black (depending on the color of the case), it is rather difficult to identify the cause of the breakdown without special diagnostics. often than not, if you drop your iPhone, the screen turns white if the ribbon cable comes off. However, the fall of the device can lead to other unpleasant consequences that will entail the need to repair the iPhone:

  • breakdown of the touchscreen
  • breakage of the glass of the iPhone screen (a strip or “cobweb” appeared on the display)
  • disconnecting the loop from the touchscreen

If the screen glows white due to mechanical failure, it is best to contact an Apple Service Center. However, diagnostics and repairs can take a long time. If you are not ready to spend long weeks without your gadget, it is better to turn to private certified Yuda specialists. If you dropped your iPhone, leave a request on and experienced performers will respond to it, ready to resolve the issue of the white monitor of the gadget in a short time. They only use original parts, so after troubleshooting, you can forget about the white screen on your iPhone.

If you have already encountered such a nuisance as a white screen on the iPhone, and your attempts to fix the malfunction yourself were unsuccessful, or the unpleasant situation repeats, it is best to immediately contact the specialists.

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Options Dialog Box

You can change the AutoCAD color theme in the Options dialog box by:

    As trite as it may be, open the Options dialog box; Opening the Options dialog box: 1. From the Application Menu; 2. Using the OPTIONS command; 3. From the command line menu

change, iphone, background, white

COLORTHEME system variable

The COLORTHEME system variable is responsible for the color theme in AutoCAD 2020. which can take the following values:

  • “1”. the color theme “Dark” is working;
  • “0”. the color theme “Light” is working.

Accordingly, to change the current “Dark” color theme to the second. “Light”, you need to set this system variable to “0”, for which:

    In the command line, enter COLORTHEME and press [Enter];
    When prompted for a new value for COLORTHEME, enter “0”;
    Confirm the change in the value of the system variable by pressing the [Enter] key. Change AutoCAD Color Theme Using the COLORTHEME System Variable

Change theme and background or how to make white AutoCAD 2020

By default, AutoCAD® 2020 has a dark gray interface. However, not all users are fans of Fifty Shades of Gray [1]. Some people prefer to draw on a white background. And in this article on how to make AutoCAD white.

To completely repaint AutoCAD white, you need to: first, change the color theme; secondly, change the background of the drawing area. And in addition to this, you can choose custom colors for other elements of the workspace

Change color theme

The appearance of the ribbon, palettes, panels, status bar and some other elements of the AutoCAD user interface is determined by the color theme specified in the program settings. By default, the active color theme with the self-explanatory name “Dark” (Dark). It is she who makes the above elements of the AutoCAD environment dark gray. But there is an alternative color theme in AutoCAD. “Light”, when selected, the program window (except for the drawing area) will turn light gray, almost white.

Change the background and other colors

After changing the color theme, AutoCAD is only half white: the background of the drawing area is still dark gray. By default, there is only one 2D-Wireframe viewport in the AutoCAD workspace. In this case, to change the AutoCAD background to white, just follow these steps:

    Open the “Drawing Window Colors” dialog box; Opening the Drawing Window Colors Dialog Box

In the same way, you can not only make the background of AutoCAD white, but also change the colors of other elements of the workspace: crosshairs, grid lines, auto-snap markers, and others. over, the user is not limited in the choice of color for these elements. So, to set an arbitrary color to any interface element, you need:

  • Open the “Drawing Window Colors” dialog box;
  • In the “Context” box, select the environment whose element color you want to change;
    In the “Interface Element” box, mark the name of the element of the selected environment, the color of which should be changed;
    From the drop-down list “Color” select the item “Select Color”, a dialog box of the same name will open;
    In the “Select Color” dialog select the appropriate color for the marked element and press the “OK” button;
    In the Drawing Window Colors dialog box, click the Apply Close button. Freehand Color Selection for Crosshairs in 2D Model Space

Thus, you can repaint AutoCAD not only in white, but in any color

AutoCAD 2020 interface after changing colors of drawing area elements

In the above image, the following colors are assigned to the visible elements of the drawing area:

  • Uniform background. RGB: 230, 230, 230;
  • Crosshairs. RGB: 102, 102, 102;
  • Viewport control. RGB: 102, 102, 102;
  • Grid major lines. RGB: 150, 156, 182;
  • Grid minor lines. RGB: 180, 185, 203.

In conclusion. a video that shows all the main points outlined above.


In my opinion, he described everything that is possible on this topic. I hope some of my readers find the information useful.

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But what if I don’t have these buttons like Light and Dark?

Settings. Personalization. Colors. Scroll down the settings page, there is a dark-light switch (if you have Windows 10 1703 or newer).

Tell me how to change the pale blue background color of the selection of files and folders in Windows 10 Explorer? Which parameter in the registry is responsible for this color?

I don’t know.
On google wrote that here: HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelColors parameter HotTrackingColor but this is not accurate

Yes, I’ve already tried to change it in this thread. It looks like HotTrackingColor is responsible for the text color of links in windows. To understand what the parameter is responsible for, put red. Now in the window of the copying process, the folders from where and where the copying is going is written in red.

If you find a solution, write an article about it. Judging by Google, the issue is in demand and unresolved.

In general, you have a great site. I find all the hacks for Windows.

You only change the color of the window title. How do you change the background color from white, say, to gray? Preferably through the registry.

Now I won’t give a clear algorithm (there is nowhere to look), but this is done through high-contrast design themes, there these options are available.

These topics have only prepared profiles, and this is overkill. I just want to change the background of the window. I tried Classic Color Panel, there seems to be this parameter, but it does not work, which is strange.

These themes are customizable (as opposed to the standard ones). I don’t remember exactly how (until tomorrow without a Windows computer nearby), but you can definitely set your own colors. True, they still remain “not the same” as the eye is accustomed to.
But some extra. I can’t suggest ways (I don’t rule out that there is third-party software for this, but I won’t suggest it right away).

Guys! How to change the color of the tooltip in win 10?

In Classic Color Panel. Info Background

What is happening with flowers (and with everything else) in Windows 10 can not be called anything other than a diversion against users (slightly different from the housewife mother of some Microsoft manager). Rest in peace, Windows, once you were almost sane, but those years are long gone.

I understood you correctly that the background color inside the window does not change (by default it is white everywhere, regardless of the theme and other colors)

High contrast themes also change color inside windows, although not very convenient, I would say.

Unfortunately, this method does not allow
10 is only regrettable. You cannot do that, you cannot do that. Why before it was possible to do everything without help on the Internet?
Shove the window color setting into the section for disabled people. increased contrast.

Hello Dmitry! I would like to ask you for help also on the issue of personalization. In Windows 10 1809 it is very poorly implemented. On a site page with text, when you open Explorer, the top border of the window merges with the white background, and the inscription This computer merges with the text, and the Explorer window is “difficult to grab” with the mouse to move. We have to look closely. Yes. you can turn on the color of the title bar of the Explorer window. along with it, the color of the window borders is included. But I would like to clearly see only the boundaries of the Explorer window, without the colored title. To somehow see the top border of the window, I changed the color of the text of the title “This computer”. Disabled the window title color first. In the registry
HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelColors changed two string parameters TitleText and InactiveTitleText. By default, there are zeros. Launched classic Paint, clicked the Change Colors button on the toolbar and selected red. The values ​​of the red code 242 0 0 were displayed on the right. I entered them into the string parameters TitleText and InactiveTitleText, re-logged into the system and the inscription This computer changed to red. And here’s the actual question. Is there a parameter in the registry. the manager only for the selection of the window borders and can it be changed the same way? Here’s how it happened:

It seems that in Windows 10 1809 the ability to separately change the color of the window border was removed, at least I did not succeed. Previously, it was done either by choosing the main color, or in the section

AccentColorMenu parameter.
It is still there, but it only works when “apply for borders and titles” is checked and affects both of these colors at once.

Good day! In Windows 7 it is possible to select the “Rime” color scheme, after choosing it, the color of the windows has a gradient and goes from dark on the left edge to light on the right edge. How to do it also on W 10? I can not find a setting that would allow me to make the color of the windows with a gradient

Olga, hello.
Gradient window titles can no longer be made (

I try to change the colors of the window titles as described and shown in the video, I do everything the same, but there are no changes, the titles also remain white

The video was made when only 10 appeared. In new versions: Options. Personalization. Colors. check the box “Show color for titles and borders of windows”. This method is in the article, goes first.

And it is possible to remove the “File” fill in the folders. This is where the line “File”, “Home”, “Share” is. By default, “File” is always uploaded. If possible, how? Thank you in advance.

Hello. No, in any case I don’t know such a way.

The AccentColor parameter in the registry is set to ABGR, as opposed to standard Photoshop RGB

One program (my development) ran on Windows XP, 7, 95, Vista and the background in its window was blue. Now I run the same program in Windows 10 and the background is black. I tried to run the program in compatibility mode with other versions of Windows. the color is still black. Played around with Personalization color options. nothing helps. I don’t know where to dig anymore ((. I even tried to use the Disable color scheme checkboxes in the properties of this program. Or something like that. In short, I put all the jackdaws, removed them. Nothing helps.

I’m afraid I can’t give an answer. I think it may depend on what exactly you did the program and what properties you used to set the blue background.

It’s no secret that Dark Mode is very handy when working in low light conditions. Operating systems, smartphones and popular apps already have a dark theme or night mode to help users use their devices without straining their eyes in low light conditions.

Windows 10 is no exception, and not too long ago it also provided users with the option to enable dark mode, the dark theme is not only available for apps. You can apply dark theme to Windows Explorer.

Starting with Windows 10 version 1809 (October 2018 Update), you can enable Dark Theme for File Explorer. In short, you can now change the color of the explorer to black, without using third-party apps. For many users, it would be nice if Microsoft offered a dark gray instead of (or in addition to) the current black.

Change the color of an inactive window

By default, inactive windows in Windows 10 remain white, even if you change the colors. However, you can also make your own color for them. Go to the registry editor, as described above, in the same section HKEY_CURRENT_USER SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows DWM

How to Get DARK MODE on your iPhone!

Click on the right side with the right mouse button and select “New”. “Parameter DWORD 32 bits”, then name it AccentColorInactive and double-click on it. In the value field, specify a color for an inactive window in the same way as described in the first method for choosing custom colors for Windows 10 windows.

Customizing custom color for decoration

Despite the fact that the list of colors available in the setting is quite wide, it does not cover all possible options and it is likely that someone will want to choose their own window color (black, for example, which is not in the list).

This can be done in one and a half ways (since the second one works very strangely). First of all. using the Windows 10 Registry Editor.

  • Start the registry editor by pressing the keys, typing regedit in the search and clicking on it in the results (or using the WinR keys, typing regedit in the Run window).
  • In Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows DWM
  • Pay attention to the AccentColor (DWORD32) parameter, double click on it.
  • In the Value field, enter the color code in hexadecimal notation. Where can I get such a code? For example, the palettes of many graphic editors show it, or you can use the online service, although Honor needs some nuances here (below).

In a strange way, not all colors work: for example, black does not work, the code for which is 0 (or 000000), you have to use something like 010000. And this is not the only option that I could not get to work.

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over, as far as I could understand, BGR is used as the color encoding, not RGB. it does not matter if you use black or grayscale, but if it is something “colored”, then you will have to swap two extreme numbers. That is, if the palette program shows you the color code FAA005, then in order to get the orange color of the window, you will need to enter 05A0FA (I also tried to show this in the picture).

Color changes are applied immediately. just remove focus (click on the desktop, for example) from the window and then return to it again (if it didn’t work, log out and log back in).

The second method, which changes colors is not always predictable and sometimes not for what is needed (for example, black color is applied only to the borders of the window), plus everything that causes the computer to slow down. using the control panel applet hidden in Windows 10 (apparently, its use in new OS is not recommended).

You can start it by pressing the WinR keys on your keyboard and entering rundll32.exe shell32.dll, Control_RunDLL desk.cpl, Advanced, @ Advanced and then press Enter.

After that, adjust the color in the way you want and click “Save Changes”. As I said, the result may differ from what you expected.

Change the background color of a window using high contrast options

The first option is to use the built-in high contrast skin settings. To access them, you can go to Options. Accessibility. High Contrast (or click “High Contrast Options” on the color settings page discussed above).

In the High Contrast Theme Options window, by clicking on the “Background” color, you can choose your own background color for Windows 10 windows, which will be applied after clicking the “Apply” button. An approximate possible result is in the screenshot below.

Unfortunately, this method does not allow you to affect only the background without changing the appearance of the rest of the window elements.

Change window background in Windows 10

Another question that is often asked is how to change the background of a window (its background color). In particular, some users find it difficult to work in Word and other office programs on a white background.

There are no convenient built-in tools for changing the background in Windows 10, but if necessary, you can use the following methods.

How to change the background of Windows 10 Explorer

In the initial versions of Windows 10, there were no functions that allow you to change the background color or title of the window (but this could be done using the registry editor), at the current time, in the Windows 10 Creators Update such functions are present, but rather limited. Also, there are third-party programs for working with window colors in the new OS (however, they are also quite limited).

Below is a detailed description of how to change the color of the window title and the background color of windows in several ways. See also: Windows 10 Themes, How to Change Windows 10 Font Size, How to Change Folder Colors in Windows 10.

Change the color of the Windows 10 window title

In order to change the color of active windows (the setting does not apply to inactive ones, but we will win this further), as well as their borders, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Windows 10 settings (Start. gear icon or WinI keys)
  • Select “Personalization”. “Colors”.
  • Select the desired color (to use your own, click in the color selection on the plus sign next to “Additional color”, and below enable the item “Show color in the window title”, you can also apply a color to the taskbar, start menu and notification area.

Done. now all selected Windows 10 items, including window titles, will have the color of your choice.

Note: if in the same settings window at the top you enable the item “Automatic selection of the main background color”, then the system will select the averaged main color of your wallpaper as the color for the decoration of windows and other elements.

Using the Classic Color Panel program

Another way to change the background color of the window (and other colors) is the third-party Classic Color Panel utility available for download on the developer’s site

After starting the program (at the first start, you will be prompted to save the current settings, I recommend doing this), change the color in the “Window” item and click Apply in the program menu: the system will be exited, and after the next login the parameters will be applied.

The disadvantage of this method is that the color of not all windows changes (changing other colors in the program also works selectively).

Important: the methods described below worked in Windows 10 version 1511 (and were the only ones), functionality in the latest versions has not been tested.

How to make a classic interface in AutoCAD

Those who previously worked in older versions of the program often ask the question “How to make a classic AutoCAD?” The workspace is responsible for the appearance of the interface. It is a collection of tabs, tool palettes and panels that are located in graphics space.

During installation and the first launch of the program, the workspace “2D drawing and annotation” is selected by default, which is designed to create flat drawings and design technical documentation. All commands are on the ribbon menu.

2D Drawing and Annotation workspace

In AutoCAD, the classic view means that all tools are located on panels, and the menu has a pull-down view.

Command Layout in Classic AutoCAD View

Do not forget to accept the changes, then click “OK”.

Setting up the workspace settings. To do this, click on the gear in the lower right corner of the program and select “Workspace Settings”.

AutoCAD workspace options

In the dialog box that opens, you need to put the switch “Automatically save changes” and click “OK”. This will make it possible to customize the program interface and save it immediately.

Additional customization of the AutoCAD workspace

We set as the current workspace, just created. To do this, click on the gear and simply select it from the list. All that remains to be done is to disable unnecessary panels and set the usual location for the tools.

Customizing the classic AutoCAD interface

After you have closed the extra panels, turn off the ribbon using the “RIBBONCLOSE” command (or “_RIBBONCLOSE”), and also turn on the menu tabs. To do this, set the “MENUBAR” system variable to “1”.

How to make a classic look in Autocoad 2016 | 2017

In AutoCAD 2016, the classic interface cannot be installed in a standard way, because there is no such workspace. This innovation appeared in the 2015 version of the program and became a problem for fans of the “classic look”.

The developers have removed this setting in the latest versions of the program, so the “Classic AutoCAD” workspace simply does not exist. Let’s take a closer look at how to make a classic look in AutoCAD 2017. To do this, we will create a new workspace.

NOTE: The steps described below should be performed only if there is no already configured classic program interface in the list of AutoCAD workspaces.

Through the command line, open the AutoCAD Customization dialog box. To do this, we will write “_CUI”.

Adaptation of the workspace in AutoCAD

We create a new workspace. To do this, select the line “Workspaces” and right-click. Next, select “New workspace”. Don’t forget to include your name. In our example, this is “Classic NEW”.

Setting up the workspace. On the right side of the dialog box, click “Adapt the workspace”

AutoCAD. user interface adaptation

For a guarantee, we connect all menus and all toolbars. To do this, check the boxes, as shown in the figure:

Connecting commands and toolbars for the AutoCAD workspace


You can also download the instructions for configuring the AutoCAD 2016 interface. At the very beginning of this article there is a button “No time to read?”. It is enough to click on it and indicate your e-mail and we will send this article to you by mail, so that it is always at your fingertips.

Now you know how to switch to classic AutoCAD. However, keep in mind that the developers of the program are constantly updating and improving it. If you have not worked in this software product before, then it is impractical to put the classic view in AutoCAD 2016 or 2017 (however, just as it is illogical to install the classic view of AutoCAD 2013). The classic view of AutoCAD is a matter of habit!

The main thing is to specify the picture on your computer or phone, and then click the OK button at the bottom of this page. By default, the plain background of the picture is replaced with a transparent one. The background color of the original image is determined automatically, you just need to specify in the settings what color to replace it with. The main parameter affecting the quality of replacement is “Intensity of replacement” and for each picture it can be different.

An example of a photo of a pink rose without changes and after replacing the plain background with transparent, white and green:

The first example with a rose flower on a transparent background was made with the following settings:
1) The intensity of replacement. 38;
2) Anti-aliasing along the edges. 5;
3) Replace the plain background with transparent;
4) Cropping (0) at the edges. “-70”;
5) Invert. disabled (do not checkbox).

To create the second example, with a white background, the same settings were used as in the first example, except for the parameter: “Replace plain background with”. white. In the third example, with a green background, the settings are also used, as in the first example, except for the parameter: “color in hex”. # 245a2d.

The original image does not change in any way. You will be provided with another processed picture with a transparent or specified background.

Many people have a question “How to make a white background in AutoCAD?” In fact, everything is very simple. At initial settings, the model space is black. And despite the fact that the brightness of the screen with a black color of the workspace is much less, and thus less strain on the eyes, for many, the white background in AutoCAD is more familiar. It is associated with a drawing sheet.

We will show you how to change the background in AutoCAD in 3 clicks! If you are a beginner. be sure to take the free lessons “AutoCAD for Dummies”!

How to change the background in AutoCAD

Many people have a question “How to change the background color in AutoCAD?”. In AutoCAD, changing the background is easy. At initial settings, the model space is black. And despite the fact that the brightness of the screen with a black color of the workspace is much less, and thus less strain on the eyes, for many, the white background in the AutoCAD is more familiar. It is associated with a drawing sheet.

Now on the Sample you can see how the white background will look in AutoCAD.

Be sure to click the “Accept” button to save all settings.

Drawing Window Colors Dialog Box in AutoCAD

Now you know how to change the background in AutoCAD. We strongly advise you to consider on your own other color options for various interface elements. However, be aware that the default background colors in AutoCAD are quite acceptable and convenient for working in the program. How to make a white background in AutoCAD or any other. now it’s not a problem for you!

How to make a white background (remove / change) on a photo in iPhone in the PhotoRoom app

Today, the field of mobile photography is developing at an unprecedented pace. The capabilities of cameras are being improved and improved, including through software tools. There are also applications that can easily implement certain tasks, for example, automatically remove the background from a photo right on the iPhone.

In this article, we will tell you about the French startup PhotoRoom, which specializes in the development of mobile software for removing and editing backgrounds.

The company’s co-founder and CEO Mathieu Ruif says:

“The idea for this project was formed while I was working at GoPro. I often needed to manually remove the background from images. And when the designer was not in the office, I wasted a lot of time doing it by hand. “.

It turned out that many people were looking for a simple application that would allow them to edit a photo from the gallery as quickly as possible and work with it further.

How to remove the background (make it white) from a photo in the PhotoRoom app on iPhone or iPad?

Download the PhotoRoom app (link at the end of the article).

PhotoRoom recognizes the main object in the photo (it can be not only a person, but also objects) and removes the background with high quality. PhotoRoom uses machine learning models to identify objects in a photograph. And the overall vision of the project goes beyond just removing the background.

Select (if necessary) a suitable template from the list of proposed.

Add a caption, another photo, animation effects, apply filters or use color correction tools. Although the app relies heavily on templates, you can customize the images by adding objects, moving them around, adding some shadows, and editing elements individually. Image composition is 100% user-dependent.

After you finish setting up a photo, you can save it on your device, open it in another application, or post it on social networks.

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PhotoRoom will appeal to all selfie lovers, and will also prove to be very useful to people selling clothes and other items on e-commerce sites.

And if you are a professional who uses the program regularly, you can purchase a subscription. It costs 499 rubles a month or 2 850 rubles a year. In-app purchase will remove the watermark and unlock additional features.

Like VSCO, Darkroom, PicsArt, Filmic Pro and Halide, PhotoRoom belongs to a group of prosumer apps that handle photo and video editing in a variety of ways. The generation of users who grew up using visual social media tools are now pushing the boundaries of these apps. they look simple when you first use them, but they also offer a ton of possibilities when you get to know them better. Apps like these prove smartphones can be great computers, not content consumption tools.

How to make a white background in a photo

Our photos don’t always come out perfect. Sometimes the lighting “jams”, sometimes everything is spoiled by an unsuccessful angle. Agree, strangers and objects in the frame are unlikely to allow you to put an image on your profile picture.

Surely you have repeatedly wondered how to make a white background in a photo? Today, you can edit a picture in just a few minutes. All you need is Home Photo Studio photo processing software. By following the instructions below, you can easily learn how to process any photo.

Recolor the background white in the photo today!
Install Home Photo Studio:


The first stage of working with a photo is retouching. This refers to color correction, wrinkle smoothing and much more. You can start by removing the red-eye effect. To do this, it is recommended to go to the “Defect elimination” section. If you click on the pupils one by one, you can recolor them to an acceptable color. Use the Clone Stamp tool to remove wrinkles and pimples. You can find it in the panel on the left.

And if you want to improve the quality of the image, then take a look at the presets of the “Catalog of Enhancements” (Section “Image”). Choose among the proposed options the preset that you need. for example, saturation enhancement or highlight correction. Then just apply the template with a double click.

In the catalog of improvements, you can choose the appropriate processing style

Change the background to white

It’s time to figure out how to make a white background in a photo. For this, the program has a special tool. To get to it, click Effects Background Swap. In the background selection box, put white. Next, you need to select the object in the photo using the dotted mowing line. Once you succeed, close the selection with a double click. The area around the object will automatically turn white. After this manipulation of the background, you can apply masks or photo frames.

Circle the shape you want and then replace the background with white

Save the photo

It remains only to save the photo in the format you need. To do this, click “File” “Save”. Choose an image format from the list: it can be JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc. Come up with a name and save the file in one of the folders on your PC. Also, the picture can be printed on paper of any size by choosing one of the options for placing the photo on the sheet.

Save the result to a PC or print

Change the background on any photo to white now! The whole procedure will take no more than 5 minutes. To do this, you just need to download the program “Home Photo Studio” and install it on your computer, and then repeat the steps from the instructions above.

Download software

Before starting work, you need to download the photo editor from our website. Wait for the distribution to download completely. Next, unpack the downloaded archive. The Installation Wizard will start. Based on its instructions, install the program components on your computer. For easy access to the editor, create a Home Photo Studio shortcut on your desktop. Run the software and go to the second step.

Upload a photo

Now you need to add the photo that you are going to edit. Click the “Open Photo” button. Find the snapshot through the explorer and double-click on it with the mouse. As soon as it appears in the main window, you can start working. To learn how to make a white background in your photo, read on.

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How to turn off dark theme on iPhone

Perhaps a person can get used to everything, even the new dark iPhone theme, which until recently seemed incredibly stylish and laconic, can get sick of it and stop bringing its former joy. As already mentioned, it can be turned off, and it is not at all difficult to do this.

One of the most convenient and simple ways is using the built-in settings:

  • Open “Tinctures”.
  • Select the sub-item “Basic”.
  • Go to “Accessibility”. “Display adaptation”.
  • Click on “Inversion”. “Classic inversion”, moving the slider towards off.

In this section, you can enable the “Smart Inversion” function so that the iPhone can independently turn off the dark version in the daytime and turn it on in the evening.

Note! All existing objects will change color, return to the previous classic.

How to turn off black and white screen on iPhone

Relatively recently, studies have appeared on the Web, suggesting that it would be nice for every phone owner to change the color screen of a mobile phone, replace it with black and white. Scientists attributed this to the following reasons:

  • a person spends less time on the phone, since dull images do not bring joy, as a result, the user is not drawn to the device;
  • the load on the organs of vision is reduced by reducing the effect of light from the monitor on them;
  • general well-being improves, the level of anxiety decreases, insomnia disappears.

This kind of research really puzzled users, but the majority rushed to fix the look of their phone. As time went on, many had an irresistible desire to return everything back. And if you can enable monochrome mode in several ways, then the easiest way to disable it is just one. How to change the black background on iPhone to another? How to remove a black and white screen:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select the column “Basic”.
  • Open the “Accessibility” tab. “Display adaptation”.
  • Select “Light filters” and use the slider to adjust the eye-pleasing ratio of white, gray and black, return them to their original position.

After that, the colors on the screen will return, become as bright and saturated as before.

How to make Instagram black on iPhone: changing iOS theme to dark

Apple phones are wildly popular among buyers. They are distinguished by high quality, stylish laconic design, wide functionality. In addition, manufacturers offer more and more new features that help make the device even better and more convenient. One of the latest and most popular is the black theme on iPhone. How to enable dark theme on iPhone will be discussed below.

Which iOS version supports the dark theme

Updates for the iOS operating system are released regularly. Each new version is better than the previous one, since it takes into account all the bugs and errors of the previous one. In this regard, it can be difficult or even impossible to install a new update on an old version.

Black background option on iPhone is set in two clicks

For your information! By now, users of iPhone versions 6 S, SE, XR and 12 can put the dark mode. The dark theme of iOS 13 is supported by the software and all subsequent.

How to find out what version of the operating system is on the phone? There are two ways. The first is using the phone. You need to do the following:

  • Select in the main menu “Settings”.
  • Open the column “Basic”.
  • Click on the line “About device”.

All information about the phone, including the current version of the iOS software, is presented here.

The second way is using a computer. This requires:

  • Connect the device to a computer using a USB adapter.
  • Open iTunes.
  • Select the connected device and click “Browse”.

As in the previous case, information on the device will open, where the version of the operating system will also be indicated.

Dark Whatsapp Theme

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messengers in the modern information space. Work, home, hobbies. everything is discussed here. Even in kindergartens and schools, they create conversations for students and parents on this social network. Therefore, users who come across this application on a daily basis want it to be stylish and fashionable.

For your information! For a long time, the creators of the messenger did not release new products in terms of design. The tipping point was 2018.Since 2019, WhatsApp can be turned black using internal device settings, not phone properties.

How to customize WhatsApp dark theme on iOS:

  • Open WhatsApp app.
  • Login or log in, if this was not done in advance.
  • Click on the ellipsis sign in the upper right menu to open the “Settings Menu”.
  • Open the section “Chats”. “Wallpapers”.

A wide palette of colors will open, where the user can independently choose the color of the design, including rich dark shades. Stickers, emoticons and fonts will also change slightly according to the selected color gamut.

How to change the theme on iPhone

The new unusual theme attracted the attention of a huge number of users, since the old options no longer seem so fashionable and interesting. There are several ways to change the default theme to dark.

How to make a dark theme on iPhone? The first method is the simplest and fastest. It is done using the “Control Center” tab:

  • Hold the screen brightness level indicator.
  • A window will open where you need to select “Switch theme”.
  • Open the main menu tab “Display and brightness”.
  • Choose the theme that you like the most.

This method allows you to make the design any, not necessarily dark.

The third method is immediately after purchasing a new device from Apple or after a factory reset.

Themes can be configured so that they change depending on the time of day: during the day. light, in the evening. dark. Automatic activation is based on the Night Shift principle, through which the user can independently set certain time intervals. This will significantly reduce eye strain, calm the central nervous system before bedtime, which is especially important for students and people whose work and life are inherently connected with technology.

Note! You can create an automatic update through the “Screen and brightness” in the “Settings”.

The question of how to change the theme on the iPhone has generally been addressed. Now you need to understand in more detail the nuances of the main, frequently used applications, the rules for enabling and disabling this design.

How to make Instagram black on iPhone

It is not at all necessary to completely change the interior design of the smartphone. You can only change the interface of some applications, for example, Instagram.

Instagram has long become not just an entertainment resource, but also a good platform for advertising, promotion, business. Therefore, the work of a huge number of people is associated with this resource. And many people want the visual image to be perceived better and easier, which the dark theme can certainly help with. How to make Instagram black on iPhone? Follow three easy steps:

  • Open “Tinctures”.
  • Select the sub-item “Basic”.
  • Go to “Accessibility”. “Display adaptation”.
  • Click on “Inversion”. “Classic Inversion”. Select, by moving the slider, the desired color, in this case. dark.

Like any other function, inversion, or dark version, can be turned off. How to remove black background on iPhone will be discussed in a separate paragraph.

How to remove negative on iPhone

Another problem that iPhone owners often face is changing colors to others that resemble negative. Usually the reason for this is accidentally clicking in the wrong place. Very often people, trying to solve some problem with the device, go to all the menu items in a row and click everything that they think is suitable for the given situation. Therefore, the first step to take is to check the “Settings”:

  • Open “Tinctures”.
  • Select the sub-item “Basic”.
  • Go to “Accessibility”. “Display adaptation”.
  • See if Inversion or Smart Inversion is enabled.

Important! If there is nothing suspicious in the settings, all additional features are disabled, it is better to transfer the phone to the service to specialists.

There are several reasons for screen breakage, and only a specialist can determine them:

  • hitting a hard surface;
  • falling from height;
  • moisture penetration;
  • a strong temperature difference (and for the iPhone this is a particularly painful topic, because it can easily turn off on the street at negative air temperatures);
  • mechanical defects: dents, scratches, cracks;
  • incorrectly glued protective glass.

It is possible to establish the true cause of the screen color change only in the service center.

The dark theme is a really fun and unique way to style your own iPhone. Do not be afraid of changes, because it turns on and off in a matter of seconds.