How to change ID on iPhone

How to change the mail to which the Apple ID is registered?

Hey! As we all know, when registering a new Apple ID, it is imperative to indicate the mailbox, which will subsequently be your login in the system. All Apple services will be tied to it. “Find iPhone“, iCloud, iTunes, App Store, etc. True, at first this is not given much attention. After all, the main thing is to start using the device as quickly as possible. And what kind of e-mail account the account is registered to yes, no difference!

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How to Change Apple id Email Address on iPhone

But then the realization comes that too much is connected with this particular Apple ID (purchases, downloads, backups), but no one remembers the mail to which the identifier was originally registered. So you urgently need to change it to another. How can I do this? This is what we will talk about today.

How to change the e-mail associated with Apple ID?

From the computer, go to this page. manage Apple ID. Enter your Apple ID and password.

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The main account management menu opens. In the right corner we see the button. change.

In the window that opens, select. change the email address.

In a pop-up form, indicate the mail that you would like to use as a new one for your Apple ID.

Everything! Your Apple ID is now linked to your new email. Please note that after this procedure, all devices will automatically log out of your account. you will have to log in again.

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When to change your Apple ID email and what you need to do?

To begin with, what can motivate you to this procedure:

To change your Apple ID email address, you need to:

  • Know your Apple ID password (what to do if you forgot it?).
  • Know the answers to security questions (ideally, if you don’t know, you will have to call technical support 8-800-555-67-34).
  • Access to old mail. not needed.

Why you may not be able to change your Apple ID email account?

In some cases, when changing mail, problems may arise, here are the main reasons why this happens:

  • On all devices where the account is activated, you need to sign out of it.
  • You can’t change a mailbox to one that’s already in use as an Apple ID.
  • If your identifier looks like. @, @, @, then you cannot change it!
  • Apple’s server problems cannot be ruled out either. Various Apple services may not work for a while. how to find out their status?
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Finally, I would like to remind you that in order to avoid various problems, it is very important to constantly have access to the mail to which your Apple ID is linked.

over, it is highly desirable that you and only you know it. Otherwise, with an unfavorable development of the situation, an outsider can easily:

  • Read the correspondence.
  • View the phone book.
  • View photos, and indeed absolutely all your data.
  • Well, or “just” to block the device.

How to Change Apple ID on iPhone and iPad

Therefore, be careful and careful. As I already advised, the best option would be to create a separate email account for your Apple ID and not use it anywhere else. Because safety comes first!