How to Change Channels on Samsung TV

How to tune digital channels on a Samsung TV

How to tune in free digital terrestrial channels or customize your TV when connected to cable TV operators on a Samsung TV

Many people ask themselves this question and seeing the latest TV model in front of them and going into the TV settings can get confused.

Next, we will tell you how to set up your Samsung TV.In order to start the TV setup, we need to find auto setup
And for your TV to start showing channels, you just need to start auto tuning.

How to run auto tuning on M, Q LS-series and other Samsung TVs. The tuning in new models is not much different from older TVs. Basics are the same, but the menus of some TVs have become more extensive.
First you need to connect the wire from the antenna to the “AIR / CABLE” connector.

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  • Find and press the “Home” button on the remote control, select
  • . “Source”, then “TV”
  • press the “Home” button and select the “Settings” item on the TV screen.
  • We select the item “Broadcast”.
  • We select the item “Auto-tuning”.
  • Choose “Start”.
  • select ANTENNA if you want to find free terrestrial channels and use an indoor or communal antenna. The CABLE must be selected if you are connected to a local cable TV operator. There is also a SATELLITE item if you have a satellite dish. Selecting the desired item if you have selected ANTENNA, then the item “Channel type”
  • Select the item “Type of channels” “Digital and analogue if you want to view only Digital TV channels, then you need to select DIGITAL or ANALOGUE if you want to tune only analogue channels. If you are setting up cable TV, then by choosing an operator, find your operator if it is not in the list, then click” Other ”
  • “The search mode is best to select Full if you do not know the frequencies of your operator, click on” Scan “and wait until the TV channels are tuned in, wait until the end of the setup when your TV shows that the setup is complete.
  • Click “Close”. To exit the setup menu, press the “Return” button; exit the setup
  • Checking tuned TV channels
  • If your TV did not find more than one channel, then check the cable, whether the plug fits snugly to the TV jack
  • Also make sure that your TV supports DVB-T2 digital TV standard if tuned in ANTENNA mode
  • If you are connected to a Cable TV operator and you have poor quality of the tuned channels, you can contact them for troubleshooting
  • How to set up digital channels on Samsung Smart TV

    The latest models of receivers receive and display the highest quality TV signal. Almost every recent TV model has Smart features. However, many people still cannot figure out the parameters of Smart TV on their own. Tuning digital channels on a Samsung TV does not require serious skills. any user can handle.

    How to set up your Samsung TV yourself?

    Setting up a Samsung TV is quite easy, but the user should know that this brand, like any other, has its own characteristics, for example, setting up TV channels, pictures, sound. Setting up your Samsung TV is a three-step process:

  • Equipment connection.
  • Setting up TV channels.
  • Adjusting sound, image.
  • The first stage is equipment switching. The wires are connected, the CAM module is inserted into a special slot connector. This is necessary in order for the Tuneable LCD TV to broadcast digital TV channels. The tuner is connected for this, RCA, НDMI or SCART connectors are used. The final step is connecting to the network.

    Tuning Channels on a Smart TV

    This method also applies to the newest Samsung 32k5500 series.

  • MENU.
  • Section “CHANNEL”, then “COUNTRY”.
  • Enter password 1234.
  • Item “OTHER”.
  • Go to the “Cable parameters” tab
  • Enter the required data.
  • Enable “Auto tuning”
  • Specify signal type: cable.
  • Select “Digital”
  • Go to “NETWORK” and start search.
  • LCD setup complete.
  • If all steps were correct, then all TV channels will become available to the user. Also read how to tune channels on your Samsung Smart TV.

    This option is activated as follows:

    • section “MENU”;
    • 3D image;
    • key “ENTER”;
    • option is activated;

    In order to use this function, you need to purchase special glasses, which are sold separately from the plasma panel.

    Also read how to choose the right 3D glasses for Samsung.

    How to adjust TV channels on Smart TV

    Press the “Menu” button on the remote control.

  • Select “Broadcast”.
  • Two windows will open sequentially, in each of which you need to select “Auto-tuning”.
  • Click “Start”, select the search mode. “Full”.
  • The program itself will select the available digital channels into a single list.
  • If at the end of auto-tuning the digital TV channels have poor quality or are not displayed at all, you need to check the correctness of the equipment connection and go through all the points from the very beginning.

    These methods are universal for setting up a pool of TV channels on Samsung TVs of different versions. If you have any difficulty, contact Samsung Service Centers for assistance.

    How to tune your Samsung TV to receive digital TV channels?

    How to tune your Samsung TV to receive digital TV channels?

    • Samsung TV has a built-in decoder for digital DVB-C signals. This feature can find you additional channels in digital quality DVB-C is a standard for digital television broadcasting via cable. Go to the TV menu, select the channel item, in the Antenna tab, select the cable item, Select the auto setup item, in which you select the signal source. then click Search. All settings are done,
    • In the video below you can see detailed instructions for setting up digital TV channels for Samsung TV (model ES5557). As the description says, a similar setup guide will work for other models from this manufacturer.
    • Samsung TV has a built-in decoder for digital DVB-C signals. It was this advantage that allowed me to find shared digital channels in the cable, but for this I had to make a number of settings. Go to the channel settings item and select “cable search parameters”. Fill in the values. The beginning of the range is 442Mhz. The end of the range is 586Mhz. Modulation is 256 QAM. Transfer rate is 6750Kb. Then we start a full search for digital channels from the cable source. Here are all the manipulations thanks to which I found 5 HD channels, 40 programs in the cable. 10 radio stations and a lot of fun with the results.
    • It is not very difficult to set up digital TV reception on your Samsung TV. The most important thing is that your TV is capable of this. To get started, go to “Menu”, “Channel”, “Auto tuning” and select the source “Cable” and the type of channels “Digital” (or “Digital and analog”. Click “Next” Select the search mode “Fast”, Network “Auto” and start the search. As a result of the search, you will find channels. All.
    • Let’s first figure out what the DVB-C standard is, which a Samsung TV has, what it is for, what functions it has, how it can please us, what are the advantages.
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    As a result of the search, we already see 219 television channels and 49 radio channels found in this picture.

    Here is a short video on how to set up your Samsung UE40F6400 TV to receive digital channels. There is no soundtrack in the video. Just a sequence of actions on the screen. When watching a video, you may need to expand it to full screen so that the labels are normally visible. By the way, the maximum resolution of the video is 1080p (HD).

    For TVs that were released in 2013-14, Samsung provides the following guidelines for setting up digital channels on its official website. But it should be borne in mind that for different modifications the order may differ slightly, therefore, in case of difficulties, it is suggested to contact with questions via chat or e-mail. So:

    and when connecting via an antenna, you need to enter the frequency and country?

    In general, the question is correct and necessary, because not everyone understands the TV settings. And already in digital television, connecting a TV to it, there are also difficult moments.

    On the other hand, usually employees of the company should help to set up the reception of satellite TV channels.

    Now it became clear to everyone how to set up channels on a Samsung TV. If the programs are not displayed on the screen, then all steps should be repeated again. If you have any difficulties, you need to contact the master.

    Sound and picture

    In the third step, the user needs to adjust the sound and picture of the Samsung TV. This action is performed in the “SERVICE MENU”, in which there are special sections “PICTURE” and “SOUND”.

    Setting up an LCD TV always starts with adjusting the picture. Having set the desired values ​​in the “IMAGES” section, you can proceed to adjusting the acoustics.

    This is the standard guide on how to set up your Samsung TV.

    Checking your TV model

    This raises another question. how to find out the model of the device used? Naturally, the owners do not try to memorize a series of numbers and letters, they simply do not need this information. Where to find a specific model designation?

    • On the TV case. The model designation can be found on the front or back. Usually, the sticker with the main information is placed on the back side so that it does not interfere with the owner when watching TV.
    • In the warranty card. You need to find it, carefully study and find the name of the model.
    • In passport. It also lists the characteristics and specifies the model.

    It is better to rewrite the detected data on a piece of paper in order to further check the presence of DVB-T2 on them.

    Setting up digital channels

    How do I tune with a cable or when receiving a signal through an antenna? You can carry out this operation manually, but it is better to use the automatic search to save your own time.

    • Connect TV initially.
    • Open the menu.
    • Select the “Channel” section.
    • Then click on the item “Country”.
    • Need an access code? You must enter 1234, 0000 or 1111.
    • Open the “Cable Search Options” section.
    • The start frequency is 290,000 kHz, if you need the end, then 362,000 kHz, leave the rest of the parameters by default.
    • Go to the automatic configuration section.
    • Specify the type of channels “Digital”, as the source. cable.
    • Find “Network” through the search, start automatic configuration using the “Login” button.

    The procedure was completed successfully. Initial automatic tuning has been carried out, and the user receives a list of detected available TV channels for viewing.

    How to tune digital channels on a Samsung TV

    How to tune digital channels on a Samsung TV? DTV in Russia did not appear yesterday; it has been actively used in recent years. Previously, signal transmission took place only by cable, and digital cable television was gaining momentum in the Russian Federation.

    Now broadcasting has been implemented via wireless signal transmission. Of course, this option is somewhat inferior in quality. This is especially noticeable in small cities and in remote areas.

    But how do you set up DTV on your TV? Our article will carefully analyze this issue and provide information of interest to users.

    Which Samsung TVs support digital TV?

    Analog television is a thing of the past. In 2021, it is planned to completely abandon it on the territory of Russia and stop broadcasting. All transmitting devices are already prepared to broadcast the digital signal.

    This decision came as an unpleasant surprise for many people. Now the owners of old TVs have to purchase additional equipment to receive a digital signal. It is necessary to understand that the Russian Federation has abandoned not only SECAM, but also the old DVB-T. It was disconnected back in 2012.

    The current standard is DVB-T2. It is planned to be used for an extended period until a more advanced technology appears and a transition to it is required. But how do you know if your Samsung device supports this standard??

    According to the manufacturer, DVB-T2 technology is present in all Samsung models that appeared after 2012. These are TVs from the series E, H, J, K, LS, M, N, Q, etc. Therefore, all new devices support this standard.

    Find your TV in the displayed list. Open his card, go to the characteristics. They must contain the “DVB-T2” column and confirmation of the existence of the standard.

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    Auto tuning channels

    How to set up digital channels on Samsung? On the latest models from the Korean manufacturer, this procedure takes even less time. You do not have to specify the parameters yourself, the device will perform all preparatory operations for the user.

    • Launch the menu.
    • Open the “Broadcast” section.
    • Click on the item for automatic setting.
    • Now choose “Start”.
    • Activate full search mode.
    • Open the Scanner menu.

    It remains to wait for the TV to find the channels. After completing the procedure, close the window, study the options that appear. You can check the correctness of the automatic setup yourself. Samsung’s models usually do the job well and are not wrong. If receiving through an antenna, the device may not include channels with poor signal strength in the list.

    How to Organize Channels on Samsung TV

    What needs to be done to swap the channels on a Samsung TV, this question is often asked by those who reconfigured their TV, because after that the location of their favorite TV channels may change.

    After all, after performing auto-tuning of TVs, you may not be satisfied with the sorting of channels that your Samsung TV produced

    Many Samsung TVs have this channel sort function.

    To do this, you need to find the corresponding item Channel List.

    In other Samsung TV models, to sort channels, you will need to go to the task manager by pressing the corresponding button on the remote.

    Next, at the top, find the item Channel Changes

    Choose to change the channel number and put a tick on the channel you need by moving it to a new position

    Confirm the new position for the channel by pressing OK

    In this way, move all channels to the positions you need.

    Remember, if you start the autosearch of TV channels, then after its completion the list and location of the channels may change and it will take a lot of time to return the channels to their places, since the channels can completely swap places.

    The TV sets the channels itself, or receives their order from the satellite TV and cable operators, and sometimes the order of the channels may differ greatly from the way they are declared by your provider, it depends on your TV.

    Also, if you have auto-update of channels in the TV settings and you arrange the channels at your discretion, then after updating from your operator, the channels may get lost again, so if you are going to sort the channels, then turn off the auto-update function.

    Samsung UE32F6540AB

    This article is a general guide, so the menu items may vary. If you have any additional questions, please contact us by clicking on the Chat Online or E-Mail icons below.

    After automatic or manual channel search, the TV generates a list of found channels. Sequential numbers of channels in this list are assigned automatically, in accordance with the broadcasting frequency or information contained in the signal. Therefore, it may be necessary to manually sort the channels in the order that is convenient for you.

    How to program Tv Channels on Samsung 4K HDR smart tv, tips and tricks

    Note: Sorting of digital and analogue channels is done separately and has different logic. It is possible to connect digital and analogue channels, but only in the favorites list.

    Enter the Broadcast Menu Change Channel.

    Select one channel from the list in the frame that you want to move Press the red button A on the TV remote control.

    Move the channel to a new position (using the arrows on the remote control or touch panel (for the Smart Touch Control), or enter the number corresponding to the item to which you want to move the channel).

    Press Enter on the remote control to lock the channel to the new position.

    The issue of editing the list of channels, of course, can be sorted out using the “typing” method. Banal attempts to figure it out. There is, of course, this point in the instructions for the TV itself. But our mentality is such that we look into the instructions in the last place, and where, as often as possible, we simply lose it or do not remember where it lies. Therefore, sometimes you just need recommendations on how to make the same setting.

    I will note right away that I will not consider old TVs. their settings are obvious, but more modern TVs raise a lot of questions, and not the most obvious ones. It’s hard to believe, but one of the most popular requests from service centers is an application for setting up a channel list. Many of my former colleagues even made a separate, albeit small, but business on this.

    How to set up?

    So, modern smart TVs are pretty obvious to set up. But channel sorting on Samsung TV is not in the obvious place, which makes it difficult for users. You can deal with this problem simply by clearly following the instructions. By analogy, you can customize any Samsung TV.

    • We enter the TV Menu. Button of the same name on the remote control.
    • We select the item “Broadcast” in this menu.
    • Scroll down the list using the navigation buttons. It is important to remember that you can only change the channel number after automatic channel tuning. At this point, click on “Change channel number” and activate this function.
    • Now we select the item “Change channels”. Before us opens a menu that allows you to move channels. In it, select the channel of interest and press the button “Change. Rooms “.
    • Now we can move this channel to a different location. It is important to know that channels that have a name are digital and when you move one to another, they just change places. And if the channel does not have a name, it is analog and moving it will move the remaining channels down.

    So, it’s not hard to see that rearranging channels on Samsung TVs is not a difficult task. It is enough to show this procedure to a person a couple of times, and he can easily repeat it.

    Think it doesn’t work with grandparents? Ha, in my experience of working for a provider, it was this category that wrote down the order of actions on a piece of paper least of all repeated calls. But younger people paid twice, and sometimes three times. And with the instructions on hand, many figured out on their own. Special knowledge is not needed here, it is enough to know that all this can be found and done.

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    Set up digital TV channels on your Samsung TV

    How to set up Samsung manually

    The manual method is used for older Samsung models. To do this, you need to do the following:

    • Select the “Menu” button on the control panel.
    • Now you need to click “Channel”, select “Antenna” and change it to “Cable”.
    • The Country submenu will be available. Here you will need to enter a password, pin code, whatever you want to call. It will be different for each TV. For example, the code is four zeros. Now you need to put the country of residence. Select “Russia” from the list, if not, then you need to select others or “Eastern Europe”.
    • Now you need to go to the “Cable parameters” section. It is usually found in the main menu. If it is not there, then you need to look in autotuning. In some Samsung models, the developers decided to do just that.
    • After you have found the desired section, you need to open it and insert the parameters: start. 298000 KHz, end. 362000 KHz. All other parameters are already there.
    • Now you need to open autotuning. If only digital TV is used, then this item must be selected. You can also install analogue channels or digital TV plus analogue. Then click “Next”.
    • Now you need to open the search mode and drive in “Network”. Click on the “Search” button. We are waiting for a few minutes. This is the time for the search and tuning of the necessary channels to end automatically. Then click “Ok”.

    After the system performs a search, all the channels that the cable TV managed to find will be automatically saved. But, only those that you have selected will be shown.

    Setting up channels

    To enjoy high quality picture on your new Samsung TV, you need to properly tune in the available TV channels. Usually, the Russian interface in the menu should be installed automatically, and therefore you do not have to waste time changing the language.

    • Go to the main menu from the remote control.
    • Select settings section.
    • Click on the “Tuning and Searching for Channels” tab.
    • Select manual or automatic search type.
    • Wait for the TV equipment to scan the available frequencies and show a list of channels available for viewing.

    It is advisable to use the automatic search for available TV programs, since the operation can be carried out in just a few minutes. The device will automatically start searching, and then assign numerical values ​​to the found channels, which can then be independently changed at will.

    As soon as the search for channels on the Samsung TV is completed, the unit will automatically turn on the first channel in the created list.

    It is advisable to learn more about the features of automatic and manual configuration in order not to make mistakes.

    How to auto-tune broadcasting on Samsung

    Configuration can be done automatically or manually. Everything will depend on what year your TV was produced. Newer models have a special tuner that helps you quickly tune your TV. You just need to connect the antenna to the TV. If you have a Samsung TV with the new Smart TV feature, then you can do auto-tuning. To do this, follow these steps:

    • We go to the Samsung menu and select “Broadcast”.
    • A window will open, in it you need to select “Auto-tuning”.
    • Click on the “Start” button.
    • Now select the “Full” search mode and start the scanning process.
    • This completes the television setup. Now it remains to wait for the Samsung TV to independently search for available channels and store them in memory.

    It so happens that the channels disappear. In this case, you will have to configure special modules that will become available in the TV menu. After setting all the items, you need to check the quality of the transmitted signal. If the channel has not been activated, you must go through all the steps for setting up again.

    Samsung TV settings

    In nature, there are no exact settings. It all depends on the individual qualities of a person, his color perception. The TV must transmit such a clear picture that the user wants to see. The display is carried out in several modes and the most suitable for the human eye is “cinema”, in which there is no anti-aliasing, brightness improvement. According to the degree of illumination of the room in which the TV is installed, the method of viewing the channels and their color rendition is selected. You can make the broadcast brighter or, conversely, add a dark shade.

    Follow the tips for setting up TV

    For starters, you should try the automatic setting with an economical mode of operation, which will not only protect your eyesight, but also slightly reduce your energy costs. Then you can adjust the contrast and clarity of the image at your discretion and adjust the balance of dark and light. If you are not satisfied with the saturation of the color gamut, you can increase or decrease it. Also experiment with sound.

    How to tune digital channels on a Samsung TV

    High quality television has long been included in our lives. Almost every house and apartment has a new TV system, and some of the brands of TVs have a Smart function (for example, Samsung).

    At the same time, smart technology requires a smart user for itself. Since it will take some skills to set up digital TV. There is nothing complicated in setting up television, but you still need to be very careful and know how to connect a TV to a TV. Many Samsung TV users often ask questions about how to set up TV on a Korean TV.

    General instruction

    We give a general diagram for all models, for your specific device, we recommend that you study the instructions attached to the kit.

    • Samsung TV. LCD, LED, Plasma, Smart TV or others.
    • If you have an old device, you should definitely purchase a receiver (tuner) to support digital TV.
    • Antenna or attachment, cable.

    The setup process is about the same for any member of the Samsung family:

    • First, make sure a set-top box or antenna (outdoor, indoor or analogue) is connected to the device. The cable must go to a special socket on the back panel.
    • From the “Menu” select the option “Channel Setup”.
    • The program will offer you two options. set up analogue channels or DTV (digital).
    • Then you need to decide on the method. automatic or manual.