How To Cast Pc Screen To TV


It is a universal application for showing phone screen on computer. It does not require additional knowledge to operate and is quickly installed.

  • Download the program to your computer and open the utility.
  • Select connection type.
  • After connecting in the settings, select the option to display a screenshot.

With this program, you can control your smartphone and even bring out the keyboard. Another feature is the use of the mouse cursor. But how effective this function is, you decide.

Application use

If you need to synchronize your phone screen with your computer, you can use one of the programs offered by the developers. There are a lot of them on the Internet, each of them has its own method of work and connection.

Preparing your smartphone

There are several ways to transfer the screen from your phone to Android OS. But before that you need to prepare the device.

  • Go to settings and select the “About phone” section.
  • Press 7 times on the build or firmware version until the notification about entering developer mode appears.
  • Under accessibility, select Developers.
  • Allow USB debugging by checking the box next to the corresponding item.
  • Finally, restart the gadget.

To display the smartphone screen, you must use a special utility that is installed in the computer browser.

Apowersoft Phone Manager

This tool is suitable for those who have broken the phone screen and do not know how to connect their gadget to the computer. It not only transfers data, but also restores content, manages files, and more.

The program displays the display of smartphones on Android, iOS. It allows you to take screenshots and records with sound.

How to view the smartphone screen

  • Download the program and install it.
  • Connect your phone via usb and open the app.
  • In the left pane, you will see the smartphone screen in real time.

With this utility, screen management will be easy and SIMple. You can stretch it to the full diagonal, make it more or less.

Droid @ Screen

The program helps you manage your phone with a broken screen from your computer. The tool is easy to use and can be downloaded freely. But, along with this, you need to try to use it correctly.

  • Download the Android SDK Tool to your computer.
  • Install the Droid @ app.
  • Install the latest Java.
  • Launch Droid @ Screen.
  • Next, write the adb.exe address in the command line of the computer: C: \ Users \ Your account name \ AppData \ Local \ Android \ android-sdk / platform-tools \ adb.exe. Press “Enter”.
  • Connect your smartphone to your computer using a cord.
How To Cast Pc Screen To TV

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To display and manage your phone screen, you will have to run two different utilities. Also, the problem can arise when entering the address in the search bar, since it will be difficult for non-technical users to do this.

The application is a kind of mirror and does not provide any more functions, except for connecting and displaying the screen.

Browser output

To control an Android phone from a computer when the screen is broken, a browser is often used. It replaces the need to download third-party applications and makes it as easy as possible to start streaming.

Next, you need to configure your browser

After that, the program will be able to independently transfer the screen of the gadget to the monitor and give access to it. It is noteworthy that you can display an image, control the display and perform other functions.

Output from device to Windows Phone

For smartphones on Windows Phone 8.1, displaying a picture is somewhat easier. If you are using a computer with Windows 7 or later, you need to follow these steps:

  • Install the official Screen Projector software on your computer.
  • Connect the phone using USB.
  • Confirm permission for the app to work with your smartphone.

After that it will be possible to connect the screen to view its contents.

Displaying the smartphone screen via a computer

It is more convenient to view or images from smartphones on large monitors. It’s easy to do. just broadcast content from the gadget to disPlay. Below we will look at methods on how to bring the phone screen to a computer via USB. There are several options for demonstrating the contents of the device.

To transfer the smartphone screen to a computer, special applications or plugins in the browser are used. Utilities help you quickly set up and manage content streaming.

Mirroring your computer screen to your TV

There are often situations when the monitor size is not enough for comfortable work with a computer. In this case, the computer is connected to a TV or projector and the image is displayed on it. But what if you want the picture to be displayed both on the main computer screen and on an additional TV connected to it? In this article, we will show you how to duplicate a screen from a computer to a TV in windows 10. This will require:

  • Computer with an unused VGA or HDMI connector
  • Cable connecting computer and TV
  • TV with the above connectors

Connecting a TV to a Computer

The first thing to start with is choosing a cable. It is required to inspect the back of the system unit and determine which free outputs are present on it.

Description of connectors on the PC card

Then the same thing needs to be checked on the TV. It is required that the same connectors are free on the computer and on the TV. If both ports are free, then it is better to give priority in favor of the HDMI connector, since it has a higher bandwidth, and, therefore, better quality. Plus, HDMI connects not only image but also sound.

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If the computer will be connected to the TV through the VGA connector, you should note that on most modern TVs when connected through this output, the screen resolution will be significantly lower than the “native” TV resolution, which will negatively affect the image quality. In the characteristics of the TV, the screen resolution is always indicated separately when connected via the VGA connector.

After the computer and TV are connected with a cable, it remains only to indicate on the TV from which connector to receive the image (usually the source button).

Configuring Windows 10

Unlike older versions of the operating system, Windows 10 is the most convenient for working with multiple displays. There are three ways to mirror your computer screen to TV in windows 10.

The first way is the easiest. With the computer turned on, SIMultaneously press the “Windows” “P” keys. This combination allows you to switch between dual-screen computer modes. It remains only to select the desired mode.

If keyboard shortcuts are confusing to the user, you can use the Windows Action Center. In the lower right corner of the screen, you need to click on the corresponding icon. A window will open in which you need to select the “Send to screen” item. In the appeared menu “Project” select the item “Repeating”.

Activating Screen Mirroring in Windows 10

If the TV screen resolution is higher than the monitor screen resolution, the picture on the TV display will be centered, surrounded by black borders. In this case, you need to use the following method.

On the desktop, in an unoccupied space, click the right mouse button. A context menu will open, in which you need to select the “Display settings” item. In the window that opens, you need to find the item “multiple displays” and click on the pop-up menu. In it, select the item “Duplicate screen”. After that, be sure to select a TV (screen 2) and check the box “make it the main display”.

From all of the above, we can conclude that connecting a computer to a TV is not so difficult. The main thing is to follow the instructions and everything will work out. This manual is also relevant for connecting projectors and other devices for displaying images from the computer screen.

Limitation of Wi-Fi operation (miracast)

On Android, miracast support was added starting with version 4.2 on October 29, 2012. The first certified consumer devices to support Miracast were LG Optimus G, Pantech Vega iRon, Samsung Galaxy S III, Google Nexus 5 smartphones. This means that not all mobile devices support this feature.

In Windows 10, this function appeared with the Aniversary update, in earlier versions this function also does not work.

If we talk about Wi-Fi adapters, these are devices supporting the 802.11n standard. Devices that previously did not support, now (after a firmware update, for example) will already support this technology.

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How to broadcast a phone screen to a PC

In order to display the phone screen on a PC, you need both of these devices to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

After making sure that the devices are connected to the same network, you need to click on the notification icon and click “Connect” in the window that opens.

If you don’t see the Connect icon, most likely you haven’t installed the Anniversary update. After clicking, the next window will open in which you need to click “Projecting to this computer”. Next, you need to set the settings to “Available everywhere” and “Every time you need to connect”, if you wish, you can also enable the PIN code for additional protection.

Next, go to the phone. Open “Settings / Network and Connection” in it, click ” / Wireless display”.

We turn it on. After that you will see a list of available devices to which you can transfer an image of your phone’s screen. Select a device and connect.

On the computer screen you will see a pop-up window asking permission to connect the device, click yes.

Next, you should see a projection preparation window.

After that, the image of your phone screen should appear on the computer display. Protected content will not be viewable, and we will not be able to use our PC’s mouse to control the device’s screen.

You can see more about this on our Hetman Software Youtube channel.

How to display Android phone or tablet screen on Windows PC (miracast)

Read how to broadcast a phone screen to a computer monitor using standard Windows functions. How to do it from another Windows 10 PC The Anniversary update in Windows 10 brings an interesting new feature. Any PC can now work as a wireless receiver, allowing you to view the display from your smartphone, Android tablet or other computer, laptop and Windows phone.

How to do it from another Windows 10 PC

To connect from another computer running Windows 10, you just need to search for devices not from your phone, but from your computer. Click on the notification icon, click “Connect”. The PC with this feature enabled should appear in the list. Click on it to connect.

Once connected, you will see a few more settings. You can check “Allow keyboard or mouse input connected to this display”.

You can also connect Miracast in Windows 10 by pressing the WinP key. There are different options for the displayed image on the screen.

To change the mode, you just need to select another. By default, it works in Loop mode and duplicates your screen image. Instead, you can expand the screen or choose as a second monitor or use only the second screen.