How to Broadcast WhatsApp on iPhone

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Customize emoji keyboard

For iPhones, emoticons are not provided, not only in WhatsApp, but also in many other applications. For Apple fans, this is upsetting, but not stopping, because ios has a built-in emoji keyboard. But to start using it, you need to configure it. To do this, you need to open the phone settings.

  • Select “basic”.
  • Go to “keyboard”.
  • When the preferences window opens find the “new keyboards” tab.
  • There are many different languages ​​presented here, along with emojis. By adding such a keyboard, you can safely use emoticons.

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To be able to add emoticons, you just need to periodically change the layout from Russian to emoji. This can be done by clicking on the globe, that is, in the same way as changing the layout to any other language.

In order to switch between emoji themes (emotions, sports, flags, and any others), separate gray icons are provided under the emoji. Recently used emoticons have been moved to a separate topic marked with a clock icon. You can also change the skin color of the emoticon (if it is an emotion or an image of a person) by holding it down with a long touch. And to add a smiley to the set field, just click on it.

How to enable emoji

To activate the Emoji keyboard, go to the iPhone Settings Menu, then select the “General” tab, then “Keyboard”, then “Keyboards”, then “New Keyboards” and then select Emoji. Immediately after these actions, the keyboard with emoticons will be activated, and the user will have free access to it. But before that, do not forget to click on the globe icon, which is located in the lower left corner of the display.

Please note that Apple is constantly releasing new emojis with updated versions of iOS. So if you want to access new emojis, make sure you are using the latest version of iOS first.

Additional emoticons

Today, hardly anyone can be surprised by the use of emoticons in WhatsApp. But not everyone knows about additional emoticons. If you look closely, there is a small triangle in the corner of the image of some emoticons, which is hardly noticeable. It denotes that there is an additional choice under this image.

With the help of a long press on such an emoticon, you can open an additional menu in which you can select exactly the same emoticons of men, but with a different skin color.

Message information

After sending the message, you can see a couple of checkmarks near the sending time. It’s no secret that gray check marks mean “delivered”, and blue “read”. But when exactly was this or that message delivered and read by the recipient? After all, your interlocutor could easily receive a message at one time, and about Honor at another. And if you are interested in this information, then select the desired message with a long press and click on the button with the letter (i) in a circle at the top of the screen.

In the new screen, you can see at what time the message was delivered, as well as at what time it was read by the interlocutor. Very convenient and simple.

How to send an emoticon to WhatsApp on iPhone

Communication with WhatsApp has become much easier and faster. You can not only send familiar SMS messages, but also share photos, videos, audio materials, and also participate in various groups. To make the text in the SMS more fun, you can insert an interesting smile into it. Today we are going to talk about how to enable emoticons in WhatsApp messenger for iPhone devices.

Where are the WhatsApp emojis on the iPhone?

WhatsApp lacks built-in emoji for iPhone. But this problem can be solved by using the Emoji keyboard. With its help, the user will be able to use emoticons on any iPhone device.

Text formatting

Another useful thing that distinguishes an experienced user from a simple one is the visual design of the text of messages. With the help of simple steps, you can easily make text bold, italicized or strikethrough.

_Italic text_

If you surround the text of the message or part of it with asterisks, then the highlighted part will be in bold. If you put an underscore instead of asterisks, then the font will be italic (italic). If you use a wavy stroke, the font will be strikethrough. Everything is very simple.

How to change the ringtone?

How to change incoming ringtone on Android?

How to create broadcast list in whatsapp iPhone or iOS app | Broadcast message

  • Go to the settings in the smartphone;
  • Click on the “Sound” section;
  • Go to the “Ringtone” section;
  • A menu will open with a choice of an incoming call melody.
  • To change other sounds, including notification sounds, you must click on “Advanced settings”;

How to set Android 9 ringtone?

To do this, hold and hold your finger on the audio file until additional options appear. Click on the “Copy” item, go to the “Ringtones” folder and click on the “Paste” button in the lower left corner. Now the melody will be displayed in the menu “Settings” → “Sound” → “Ringtone” → “Media storage” and you can select it.

Where WhatsApp is backed up?

To do this, go to the folder on the memory card of your device in which WhatsApp stores backup copies of the user’s chats: / sdcard / WhatsApp / Databases. If you go to this folder, you will see in it one file called msgstore.

How to set up the sound in Watsap?

  • Go to the messenger
  • Click on the menu button and select Settings
  • In Settings, go to the Notifications section In this section, you can: Completely turn off all sounds Change the sounds of notifications and calls, separately for chats and groups Set up or turn off vibration

How to turn on ringtone in WhatsApp?

To turn these sounds on or off:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Tap options Settings Notifications turn chat sounds on or off.

Change WhatsApp Background on Android: Methods

Let’s dot the i right away: there is no concept of a background in WhatsApp. Use the term “wallpaper” instead of this word, then you will quickly figure out how to make a background in WhatsApp. You can make communication more enjoyable with colors, photos or drawings. After all, a colored screen looks much more attractive than a boring gray.

Exclusive! Whatsapp dark theme. how to enable? Read the link.

First, let’s take a look at how to change the background in WhatsApp on Android. There are several options for the operation.

Instruction 1. Through the settings of the messenger:

  • Go to WhatsApp.
  • Click on the menu (three dots at the top and right).

Choose how you would like to change the background in WhatsApp. You can make it default by tapping the appropriate option. Or download a package of wallpapers from the messenger itself by clicking on “Library”. You can make the fill with a solid color, there are 27 shades to choose from.

If you decide to put a photo on the background on WhatsApp, choose the word “Gallery”. After that mark the picture or picture from the memory of your phone. You can refuse to decorate the screen altogether, for this there is a position “No wallpaper”.

The main thing, having made your choice, do not forget to save it. At the bottom of the screen on the right, click on the “Install” button.

Instruction 2. How to change the background in WhatsApp, acting in the chat:

  • Open the app.
  • Go to any chat.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner to open the menu.
  • Click on “Wallpaper” to select a picture or color. You will have the same choice as in the first instruction.
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If two options are not enough, try another way, how to change the background in WhatsApp. Download the additional application. For Android, look for its Play Market:

Also see the author’s selection of pictures for WhatsApp, download with 1 button.

How to change the background in WhatsApp: fresh instructions

Read below how to change the background in WhatsApp. Follow our instructions and chat your color, picture or photo on iPhone, Android. Change the screen in all chats and find out if it can be set in individual messages and correspondence.

Change WhatsApp Background on iPhone. 3 Ways That Work

If your device has an iOS operating system, changing the wallpaper in WhatsApp is just as easy. You can apply any methods, as for Android, but there are minor differences.

Let’s take a look at how to change the background in WhatsApp on iPhone in the application settings:

  • Opening the messenger.
  • Go to the settings (the “gear” icon or the word “more” at the bottom)
  • Selecting the chat section.
  • The possibilities will be the same: take a standard wallpaper, something from the “Library” of the messenger, from the memory of your iPhone, by clicking on “Photo”, make a solid color fill or select the default.
  • Let’s save our choice.
  • The second way to change the wallpaper is to act through a chat:

    • You should go to the “Chats” tab (search below).
    • Then in some dialog, press and hold it until a menu appears.
    • Select the option “Wallpaper”.
    • Then everything, as in the previous instructions, set the background you like and save.

    Now you can easily change the background in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android using one of the instructions above. But there is another popular question, how to change the background in messages in WhatsApp. Is it possible to set a different wallpaper for each chat or even a separate message? Unfortunately, this feature does not yet exist in WhatsApp. It doesn’t matter where you change the background: in the settings or in the chat. the changes will affect the entire correspondence. So if you want to separate work and friendly chats by color, it won’t work. But WhatsApp is working on it. See all settings on Android Whatsapp in another review.

    Why do you need status?

    Much of the interface of instant messengers and social networks is based on user experience research. Similar features in other products. for example, on the social network itself and on Instagram, it turned out to be extremely popular. Therefore, the developers of Vatsap decided to implement it in their product.

    If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

    The status allows you to share important information, emotions and impressions. This option is suitable for notifying the entire contact list about business innovations or posting details if the profile is used to communicate with clients. Others can share their creativity, jokes they like, music or show off their photos. This will help diversify the use of the messenger and brighten up the pastime in it.

    How to set a status in WhatsApp

    Sometimes you want the whole world to know about our mood, plans or achievements. Today we’ll talk about how to set a status in WhatsApp. This tool just helps you to place your favorite phrase, photo, song or even video on your profile.

    How to take a photo

    You can immediately take a photo using the built-in tool that is synchronized with the camera, or load it from the phone’s memory. For the first case, you need to point the phone camera at the object and click on the round button at the bottom of the window. If you liked the received photo, click the button in the form of an arrow in the lower right part of the screen. the photo will automatically go to the status.

    Also, a photo or picture can be downloaded directly from the phone memory or memory card. To do this, simply swipe up on the editor screen and select the desired file from the previously saved ones. Further actions do not differ from the publication of a fresh photo.

    How to put a song

    A musical composition or a funny audio trick can be loaded into the status from the phone memory or SD card. Just select the file you want in the explorer that opens. Users will immediately hear music when they open your status.

    On Android

    If your phone uses the Android operating system, the setup mechanism will be as follows:

    • Open the application, find the Status line in the menu;
    • Click on the round icon at the top of the screen on the right. The mechanism for processing the status may slightly resemble the interface for processing stories familiar to us on Instagram.
    • Here you can shoot a video by holding the round button at the bottom of the screen, as well as take a regular photo. After you finish shooting, you can apply several built-in effects. Video length cannot exceed 30 seconds.
    • Don’t want to shine with your personal life and face? Create a neutral background in your favorite color and write a quote of the day or general impressions of it on it.
    • Don’t want to think and create? Download a previously taken photo or video from the gallery.

    Remember that the status will disappear after 24 hours (remember the similarity with stories?). Therefore, every day you can create new colorful entries.

    How to set WhatsApp status?

    In the latest updates of the messenger, a special separate option has been added called Status. If earlier this option included only the ability to enter a phrase with a limited number of characters and modestly decorate it with an emoticon. Now there is a full-fledged editor, where you can change the background, write your favorite quotes and jokes, add GIFs, photos, videos and songs. Not all users have had time to fully assess the capabilities of the new option due to a lack of understanding of the mechanism of its operation. But our instructions will correct the situation and help you start using the messenger to the fullest.

    How to make a WhatsApp status from multiple photos

    Did you know that you can create several statuses at the same time? Just add the necessary files one by one. the user will see them in the order configured by the account owner.

    How to set an unusual WhatsApp status?

    Want to stand out? This is now very easy to do with WhatsApp’s status feature. In the new editor, you can embody almost all your creative fantasies, because each element of the recording can be edited manually.

    How to hide WhatsApp on your phone?

    Is it possible to hide the “WhatsApp” application on an Android phone

    • Tap on the “Desktop” on the menu icon in the bottom center (a circle with two rows of dots inside).
    • Select “Hide Programs” from the menu.
    • Highlight “WhatsApp” and other applications that you want to remove from the general list.

    How to find out who visited my WhatsApp page?

    The only way to find out about guests in your account

    • We write any message to the contact, you can even just send a smiley.
    • Pay attention to the check marks at the bottom of the message.
    • When the checkmarks turn blue, it means the contact entered your WhatsApp account and read the message.

    How to prevent WhatsApp from showing online?

    How to hide your online WhatsApp status

    • Open WhatsApp = click on the three dots in the upper right and select “Settings”.
    • Go to “Account”.
    • Open “Privacy”.
    • Click on “Visiting time” and in the next window on “Nobody”.

    How to hide that you read a message in Votsap?

    For this purpose, there is a special option in the settings of the WhatsApp mobile application. Open the section “Settings” → “Account” (“Account”) → “Privacy” (“Confidentiality”) and turn off the toggle switch “Read reports”. After that, the messenger will stop marking messages with blue checkmarks.

    How to avoid being seen on WhatsApp?

    • Launch the WhatsApp app and open “Settings”.
    • Tap the “Account” item and select the “Privacy” section.
    • Enter the “Visiting time” subsection and select the “Nobody” option. If this setting is enabled, none of your WhatsApp contacts will be able to see when you were last online.

    Why shows online in WhatsApp?

    Online status means that on the user’s device, the WhatsApp application is open in the foreground and connected to the Internet. However, this does not mean that your messages have been read. control who can see the time of your last visit.

    How to prevent Instagram from showing online?

    How to hide your online status on Instagram

    • Go to the application.
    • Go to your profile tab.
    • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
    • Scroll down the menu to “Show online status”.
    • Flip the switch to the left.

    How to take a screenshot in WhatsApp on iPhone

    Taking a screenshot on iPhone is easy. The smartphone itself already has this option, and the screen photo can be taken in 2 ways: by pressing the buttons and using the additional menu (the menu itself will not be visible in the finished screenshot).

    Screenshots on the iPhone can be taken for almost any task: viewing SMS messages, on the main screen with application icons, and even during photo / video shooting.

    On the computer

    On computers there is a special Print Screen (PrtSc) key, thanks to which you can make a screenshot of the screen.

    When you click Print Screen, the image is saved to the clipboard. Then you need to open the editor and paste the snapshot by pressing the CtrlV keys. Then it is saved to the PC via the “Save As” menu item.

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    How to know if a screenshot has been taken

    On smartphones, after a snapshot, information appears at the top of the screen that a screenshot has been taken. It can be opened immediately by clicking on the notification. By default, it is saved to the gallery in the “Screenshot” folder.

    On a computer, it depends on the programs you are using. With the standard method, when the Print Screen key is used, you can find out if a screenshot has been taken in a text and photo editor. You should go into it and press CtrlV. If the screen was captured correctly, an image will appear in the editor.

    When using special programs on a PC, the screenshots are in the folder, which is indicated in the settings. The utilities ask where to save the image. If this is not the case, then the picture will be sent by default to the folder created on the PC, which bears the name of the application.

    On iPhone

    For Apple phones, there is a universal combination that allows you to take a screenshot of messages in Watsap. You need to simultaneously press “Power” and “Home”.

    Screenshot by pressing 2 buttons

    You just need to press the lock key and “HOME” at the same time:

    Screenshot via OSD

    To display the menu, follow the steps:

    7 Now we go to the place that needs to be filmed (for me, for example, it will be just the main screen with icons), then click on the menu icon, after which an additional menu will open.

    For ready-made screenshots, you can make a beautiful frame in the shape of an iPhone. For this there is a free application called “Screenshot. Frame Maker”.

    On Android

    There is no universal keyboard shortcut for Android. modified versions of the operating system are often released. Finding the right combination will not take long.

    On Android devices, screen capture is done by simultaneously pressing keys such as:

    • “Power” and volume reduction;
    • “Power” and volume increase;
    • Power and Home (on many Samsung devices).

    When you press the desired combination, you will hear the characteristic clicking sound of the camera. In the header of the screen, information will appear that the picture has been taken. An important condition. the buttons must be pressed simultaneously and held for 1-2 seconds.

    On Android

    You can take a screenshot in WhatsApp on Android using several combinations of buttons on the phone panel:

    • Power key and volume up.
    • Power key and volume down.

    To take a screenshot of the screen in WhatsApp, you need to simultaneously hold down the buttons for a few seconds. The user will be notified about the creation of a picture by the sound of a click of the camera, and an alert in the form of a miniature photo will appear on the screen.
    Samsung devices typically use a combination of “Power” and “Home”. Making a screenshot of messages in Watsap on Android Xiaomi is even easier:

    • Open the page.
    • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the context menu.
    • Select “Screenshot”. You will hear a click and a thumbnail photo will appear at the top. You can click on it and start editing.

    How to take a photo

    How you can take a screenshot of a chat in W hats A pp depends on the brand of the phone. There are no options for taking a snapshot in the messenger, and phone developers do not use single key combinations for fixing. Consider the basic algorithms used to create a photo of correspondence.

    How to take a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation on your phone

    In early 2019, it became known that the developers of WhatsApp are working on a new feature that will not allow users to take photos of their correspondence even after confirming their identity. However, a year and a half has passed and nothing is known about how the beta testing of screen captures is progressing. Therefore, while this option has not yet been launched, you should figure out how to take a screenshot in WhatsApp on your phone.

    What can be photographed

    The user can take a photo of absolutely any place in the messenger: in the chat list, personal or group correspondence, from the status of any user or from an avatar. It is enough to fix the desired fragment on the screen and hold down the key combination. Files are saved in the phone gallery in the “Screenshots” folder.

    On iPhone

    How to take a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation on an iPhone? To save a snippet of the screen on iPhone, use the combination of the Power and Home keys. It is necessary to simultaneously clamp them for a few seconds. Fixing a fragment is accompanied by a characteristic click and the appearance of a notification on the screen. The same goes for iPads. Here’s how to install WhatsApp on Huawei. it’s not easy!

    Special programs

    You can take a photo of a WhatsApp conversation on iPhone by capturing multiple pictures using the Tailor app. It allows you to glue different photos into a continuous correspondence. The user does not need to do anything, the program will automatically connect the photos. At the same time, the utility is free.

    For Android phones, the LongShot app is fine. In it, you can combine several or make one long fragment. In phones of Xiaomi brands. Huawei. Samsung can take long shots without additional software.

    Notification to the interlocutor

    Does the other person display a screenshot in WhatsApp? The answer is definitely no. The interlocutor does not know that the fragment of the correspondence was photographed. Unlike other messengers that had this feature or have it, this app did not use it. And knowing about the beta testing of the lock screenshots, it can be assumed that the developers do not plan to introduce notifications at all.

    Here we will share information on how to remove a business account if it is no longer needed.

    How to Download and Add New Stickers to WhatsApp on iPhone

    To add more variety to WhatsApp stickers on iPhone, you need to use third-party software.

    To make sure that the sticker packs have been added to the whatsapp collection, you need to go to any chat in the messenger. Click on the sticker attachment in the message entry line and see the new sticker sets.

    There is a second way to download new stickers on WhatsApp. from chat. When, during a conversation, the interlocutor sends a sticker that is not included in the standard set from vatsap. By adding a sticker from a chat, you do the following:

    • Open WhatsApp, go to the chat (private or group), from which you need to save the sticker.
    • And click the picture in the correspondence. In the opened menu of tools. select the item labeled: ‘add to favorites’.

    From now on, the saved sticker is used for correspondence. The new sticker can be found in the stickers menu under the ‘favorites’ tab. A tab in the menu, looks like an asterisk.

    How to Add Standard Stickers to WhatsApp on iPhone

    You need to open the messenger and go to a group or private chat. The next step is to find the ‘stickers’ icon. It is located in the right corner of the line where the message text is entered.

    After finding the desired button, you must click on it. A window will come out with a picture in the middle. In the right corner of the window that appears, you must click on the circle, inside which there is a cross.

    After that, a list of groups of stickers that can be downloaded to the iphone will be displayed. After selecting the stickers you like, you need to click on the arrow on the right in the group row.

    How to Create Stickers in WhatsApp on iPhone

    It took quite a long time before the messenger developers finally decided to add support for stickers to the application. Users appreciated this decision, because there are times when it is easier to use a sticker than to type text with your nose while standing in a cramped bus. Or quickly peel off the sticker while in meetings or walking down the street.

    How to make your own sticker for WhatsApp right on your iPhone

    The WhatsApp messenger allows you to use not only standard stickers, but also create them yourself. When creating a unique sticker, you will first have to download and install a special application. There are many applications, the principle of their work is approximately the same. There are paid and free versions of the programs. There are applications that allow you to create at least three and no more than five stickers.

    Before the stage of creating stickers, the user must decide on the image. If there is no suitable image, it is downloaded from the Internet.

    To create stickers in WhatsApp on iPhone, follow these steps:

    • The sticker maker app opens first.
    • Next, the button is pressed, where there is an inscription ‘add a new kit’.
    • Then the plus button is pressed, some of them have the inscription ‘add a photo’.
    • The next is to select a suitable image from the gallery.
    • After selecting a picture, the eraser tool is taken, unnecessary details on the background of the picture are erased. Some applications use selection tools instead of the eraser. In this case, an area on the image is selected and the ‘crop’ button is pressed. The resulting image is saved, after. the size of the sticker is edited, and saved.
    • The created sticker sets will appear in the WhatApp menu.

    The described methods of adding new sticker packs to WhatsApp on iPhone are simple and do not require special skills and abilities from the user. When the old sets of stickers are no longer pleasing, you can delete them and create new ones. If you want, you can create stickers every day. The main thing is to have free time and suitable pictures.

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    Use cases

    For beauty salons, dentistry and other service enterprises, this can be a form with a reminder of the time of appointment, for ticket agencies. a template with sending a link to the electronic version of an air or railway ticket.

    In addition to the most common options that we have listed above, you can definitely send:

    • reminders of events and activities (trainings, seminars, master classes, buffets, etc.);
    • responding to customer inquiries in Support;
    • confirmation of transactions (receipt of payment).

    In any case, such a modifiable template must be previously approved by the WhatsApp Business API staff. And only then you can start forming specific items and a list of recipients.

    WhatsApp Distribution via Third Party Organizations

    If the number of contacts in your own phone book does not satisfy and you are looking for an answer to the question: “How to make a really mass mailing in WhatsApp?”. Special agencies will come to the rescue, which are engaged in promotion in social networks and instant messengers.

    They can provide their own customer base who have already agreed to receive advertising. For example, replenishing the balance of phones through payment kiosks, etc.

    Some of these companies provide access to software developed by them, where you, as a client, can do all the work yourself based on the provided templates and step-by-step instructions. Sending messages through programs for WhatsApp is quite simple, and the sequence of actions is intuitive. If necessary, the support service or the section for answers to frequently asked questions will always come to the rescue.

    Another part of the agencies undertakes the whole range of work. they provide a full-fledged WhatsApp mailing service: from developing layouts and a schedule to issuing performance reports. The process of interacting with them is as follows:

    Communication with potential customers can be carried out through a special bot for sending WhatsApp. This is an answering machine that masquerades as a real person in the process of correspondence. It is capable of withstanding significant loads and allows you to achieve the best possible result in terms of the amount of data sent and received.

    Benefits of working through third-party organizations:

    • assistance of experienced designers and marketers in drawing up a high-quality layout;
    • access to additional audiences;
    • regularity and repeatability of shipments;
    • receiving performance reports.

    Databases of third-party organizations almost always provide the opportunity to target (sample) by place of residence, gender and telecom operator of potential customers. In more rare cases. also according to their place of work and interests.

    Disadvantages: payment for use, low response rate in cases where the client base is outdated or poorly selected.

    Benefits of working through the WhatsApp Business API

    As a company representative, you will be completely confident in the legality of the actions performed, and also significantly reduce the risk of possible claims from the administration of the messenger and account blocking.

    When developing templates, it will be possible to fully comply with the corporate identity, to make this format of communication with clients permanent and recognizable. You will also have access to reports on the effectiveness of the mailing, provided not by a third-party organization, but directly by the messenger.

    Official mailings via WhatsApp Business API

    The company launched the service for business clients a year ago, and from August 1, 2018, it opened the opportunity to send official mailings through it.

    Let’s make a reservation right away, the service is paid and does not allow mailings of an openly advertising nature. In order to start working with the Business API, you need to download the application, register, go through authorization and create a company profile, where you can display your contact information, activity profile, etc.

    The verified company account differs from the regular version for an individual by the presence of a special badge with a green checkmark. If registration and authorization has not yet been completed, the badge will be gray and with a question mark. At the time of this writing, only one account has a confirmed status. “Alfa-Bank”.

    After the end of the moderation, a special WhatsApp direct link icon can be placed on the website, in social networks and in emails. the client himself can contact a representative of your company using WhatsApp (this is free for both the client and the business).

    If the initiator of communication is a company, then correspondence is possible only through forms previously agreed with the messenger, where part of the information is fixed, while the other changes depending on the situation. Templates that contain ad content may be rejected.

    In the future, the messenger plans to significantly expand its functionality, supplementing it with new opportunities for organizing interaction between the business and its customers.

    WhatsApp messaging: from simple to complex

    February 16, 2018 Posted in Sections: Internet Marketing for Business. 27630

    Businesses are actively using social networks and instant messengers to quickly connect with their current and potential customers. Messages attract attention, remind, inform about new products and promotions, about the amount of accumulated points, etc.

    This service is no longer unusual. However, the policy of the WhatsApp company itself changes regularly: old methods are blocked or limited and new ones appear.

    In this review, you will learn how to do bulk messaging on WhatsApp on your own, through third-party organizations or through the official messenger platform called Business API.

    We act independently

    This is an economical option and will work for a small number of messages. The sender will need to manually collect a list of recipients from contacts in their phone, develop a text, add a photo or video, send and track delivery statistics.

    The process of creating a newsletter through WhatsApp is simple and intuitive. Step-by-step instruction:

    • Press the three dots in the upper right corner of the messenger screen to access the menu.
    • Select the line “New mailing”.
    • Click on the names of the recipients who need to be included in the list. they are marked with a small green checkmark next to the photo.
    • Press the big green checkmark at the bottom right of the screen to go to the information window.
    • Write and edit the text, attach a photo or video to it (if necessary).
    • Click on the send button.

    At its core, this is already a mass mailing on WhatsApp. the number of recipients is limited only by the size of your phone book. Such poisoning can be done by ordinary people for all family members or colleagues in the department at work. Business representatives can form different groups of customers, based on the volume of purchases, status, age and other indicators.

    Separate blocks can be made for personnel. sales managers, accounting, couriers, etc. Once created, the list is saved forever. It can be adjusted: add new contacts and delete outdated ones.
    The advantages of independent work: the ability to edit the text and visuals with each submission and the absence of any service fee. The main disadvantage: you can send something only to those recipients who are already in the contact list.

    In addition, the sending of messages in WhatsApp can be blocked at any time if the person is not interested in the information provided. This is equally true for any options and methods of sending in the messenger.

    Please note: the company’s management has recently introduced serious restrictions on the forwarding of other people’s messages. This is due to a series of outbreaks of violence recorded in India and other countries, which were provoked by the mass sending of fakes about child abduction. The administration of the messenger is now experimenting with restrictions on sending via the forwarding function. In most cases, no more than 20 people can be informed in this way.

    Which phone number can I use

    Any business account in the messenger requires binding a real phone number. They can be of two formats:

    • City (for example: 7 (495)). to connect it, you will need to take a special call from a company specialist during the account setup procedure.
    • Mobile (for example: 7 (911). it must be new, i.e. not used before when registering in the messenger or inactive for at least 6 last months.

    If you have a toll-free number in the 8-800 format, unfortunately you will not be able to connect it. Similar numbers without a country code can be identical to numbers in some other country, which is a problem with the international nature of WhatsApp.

    Disadvantages of working through the WhatsApp Business API

    Paid service. Since the official start of the service was given only on August 1, 2018, there is still no reliable information about the specifics of pricing. Preliminary for 1 shipment in terms of rubles will be from 30 kopecks to 5 rubles 60 kopecks. In this case, only delivered messages will be paid.

    How to make a Watsapp broadcast list on iphone

    In addition to being paid, the key disadvantage here is the ability to block communication from the client’s side with one click of a button. Even if the service is official and paid. The company positions this as caring for customers who need to feel protected from the uncontrolled flow of spam. Business representatives can only make sure that the information in the mailings is really useful for its specific recipient.

    We hope that we were able to answer the question: “How to make a newsletter in WhatsApp?”, And you. to choose the most suitable option to achieve your goals.